Giant NFL Draft Parties

April 3rd, 2012

Joe is jacked up to soon roll out all the details of his blowout NFL Draft parties at Pete & Shorty’s in Pinellas Park, just one mile west of I-275.

The action will kick off at 6 p.m. on Thursday, April 26.

This is going to be intense. Not only will Joe be there with jersey giveaways and screaming for the Bucs to draft Morris Claiborne, but Joe will be joined by a high-profile media partner that will turn the first night of the draft into an intense draft lovers paradise. Plus, Joe expects to be flanked by former Buccaneers and maybe even some current Bucs.

There will be beer girls, glorious girls, and a lot more. Beer specials, food specials, indoor and outdoor seating. Joe can’t wait.

And then Joe gets to do it all over again on Saturday afternoon, April 28, for Rounds 4-7 of the draft.

Save the dates! All the exciting details should be here very soon.

6 Responses to “Giant NFL Draft Parties”

  1. Bucnnole Says:

    Joe, c’mon man. Is it the Commish?

  2. Bareriino Says:

    A draft party for the TAMPA BAY Bucs in pinellas?

  3. Vince Says:

    Save me a seat Joe.

  4. J 2.0 Says:

    Listen, Morris Claiborne is obviously an idiot. He coasted through all levels of school and decided to not retain any knowledge. Regardless of how great of a football player everyone but myself thinks he is and is going to be, he is stupid. Stupid people make bad decisions. Stupid people get in trouble. Stupid people willingly cheat on tests and cut corners to get through school. Stupid people are immature and think that school is only about playing sports and not learning. Stupid people get caught in bad situations.

    Some people might say wonderlic scores aren’t important or relevant. To that I say. time and time again these score continously get brought up with a lot of media coverage. So if you are smart, why tank the test knowing the likely results?

    Some people may say that he suffers from text anxiety. To that I say, do you want a player that gets anxious in high pressure situations being the new leader of your NFL defense?

    Some people may say that Morris Claiborne never intended to learn at college and was playing the system to get to the NFL. To that I have several questions. Do you trust a guy who will knowingly cut corners, at the expense of his own education, to get ahead in life? Do you think that a man has an adequate level of maturity that will risk serious injury with absolutely no back up plan, by playing football and not committing to bettering himself academically? Do you think a normal studetn, with no athletic ability, that cheats their way through school to obtain a degree is a good person?

    What would you do if you child was caught cheating their way throught school?

    This is a big deal. Claiborne has major character flaws. I thought all the Talib basshing, Winslow hating, Bucs fans were all about “high character.”

    We can’t add this arrogance to our team. To flaunt the system for so long and think that you are above the rules. No thanks. We don’t need anymore idiots to our team!

    My draft wishlist, if available, is as follows:

    1. Kalil
    2. Richardson
    3. Blackmon (Come on guys Jackson, Blackmon, and Williams would be sick)
    4. trade down and get Keuchly

    Claiborne is a risk, this score is a big deal. Please stop defending this guy.

  5. J 2.0 Says:

    Joe, I apologize. Whereas I standby my post, please feel free to delete it as it doesn’t pertain to the topic at hand. Again I am sorry.

  6. Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Claiborne has a learning disability, and this is well known.