Dezmon Briscoe Promises To Return To Bucs

April 18th, 2012

OK, this is just getting weird for Joe.

There have been all sorts of rumors claiming why Bucs wide receiver Dezmon Briscoe went AWOL on the Bucs this week, which doesn’t appear to have won him many favors with new law-and-order Bucs coach Greg Schiano.

The Bucs classified Briscoe’s absence, after the team investigated why he was not at One Buc Palace this week, as “personal issues.”

Well, if one has enough time to piece together all the Internet rumors, it’s a helluva lot more detailed than “personal issues.”

Apparently realizing that by his absence he jeopardized his tenure with the team (since the signing of Vincent Jackson, Briscoe is likely No. 5 on the depth chart), Briscoe took to Twitter tonight to try to explain himself to Bucs fans.

@DezBriscoe89: As far as me not being at camp. There are personal reasons. I love my teammates and I’ll be back at workouts Monday #bucnation … I could of handled the situation better. I’m still wrong and I wanna apologize to @Roycelr because she don’t deserve that. Love you … I’m done now. Looking forward to being with my teammates Monday. Everyone that knows me know I’ma team player till I die. No individuals

As to the details of Briscoe’s absense, from best Joe can tell Briscoe is in the middle of a sordid love triangle involving his baby mama, NBA player Dwight Howard’s baby mama, some NBA groupie, a reality show on VH1, and a quickie marriage.

At this point, Joe is just simply confused and hopes Briscoe makes it back to One Buc Palace ASAP rather than AWOL.

47 Responses to “Dezmon Briscoe Promises To Return To Bucs”

  1. BigMacAttack Says:

    Uh……Bye bye Brisco & baggage.

  2. canadianbuc Says:

    whaaaaatttttt???? Wow very confusing tweet……..What is that an apology to the team, fans, and his girlfriend???? Very confusing he better show up if he wants to play.

  3. canadianbuc Says:

    And also if hes done with well whatever he was doing…….Then why is he coming back Monday not tomorrow??

  4. Garv Says:

    It’s nuts, more to the story obviously.
    It’s as if he’s unaware of how small an NFL player’s
    window is. And in his position n the roster?

    Right now I’d have to seriously question his judgement and it’s too bad, kid can play.

  5. the buc realist Says:

    Trade bait. If no takers he will be gone during roster cuts.

  6. Travis Says:

    You people are idiots, Briscoe has outplayed Benn every chance hes had. And your all acting like hes camp fodder. He has family issues during a VOLUNTARY camp. Relax hes one of the better receivers on the team (certainly top 4). Get off his ass

  7. Eric Says:

    Baby mama issues?

    Lover boy might wanna put his pants on and report.

    A little insight Briscoe – the fancy nfl career goes bye bye the baby mamas go bye bye……after they clean out what you have now.

  8. Macabee Says:

    This is an act of immaturity and given the circumstances under which the new administration is trying to get things off to a good start, Briscoe should have definitely been there.

    Now having said that, nothing is going to happen to Briscoe as a result of not showing up for a voluntary practice. In the end, he may not make the team because he didn’t measure up, but it will not be because he didn’t fit the Schiano way. There is no Schiano way, there is an NFL way and it is documented in and governed by the CBA. Schiano and Dominik can’t even call and encourage him to attend. And better not show any overt signs of punishment, isolation, or retaliation because he did not attend.

    Many of you seem to forget that players have a union and each team has union representatives that report any intimidation or violation of the CBA to the Union and league office. Any action taken against a player under contract must be reported to and approved by the NFL Office. GMs and coaches cannot act in an arbitrary and capricious way as they see fit with a player under contract.

    The players gave up money for a CBA that gives them more rights and benefits short of getting someone else to play for them on Sunday. I don’t personally agree with the structure and limitations on practices the player’s insisted on, but they’re there. If Briscoe feels in any way that the team is trying to make an example of him for missing a voluntary practice, he can file a grievance, the union can take it to arbitration and if the team is found at fault, there can be fines for coaches, teams and even loss of draft picks.

    Don’t take my word for it. One weekend when you’ve got lots time to kill, rent a U-Haul truck and pick up a copy of the CBA and read it for yourself!

  9. chrisfwc. :) Says:

    Dezma Dezmon+drama

  10. GenocideD Says:

    His coach, teammates and fans don’t care about his personal drama. An NFL professional on a losing team with a new playbook, a new head coach and when nobody’s position is currently safe…he really needs to evaluate his decision-making.

  11. knucknbuc Says:

    Its called voluntary workout people for a reason. Geez get off your high horses. These is still the offseason you know? If at your job they gave you a voluntary day off would you go in? I doubt it. It’s not like he got arrested or beat up some girl in the club.

  12. GenocideD Says:

    High horses? You sound like the old, chest-bump regime. If I had a chance to earn millions of dollars at my job and 100’s of thousands of people were analyzing my every move…pretty sure I’d go in on that voluntary day.

  13. raphael Says:

    save the drama for your mama…Dez

  14. bucfat Says:

    Pimp or Football player?

  15. MikeWilliamsLiver Says:

    He’s only age 22 <——- he gets a break on this one. but has a real short leash. How would all u guys act in a public break up @ age 22 (if he learns from this, he'll be better for it)

  16. BigMacAttack Says:

    Whether Schiano keeps him around for a little while as a Camp Body is hard to say, but no way he makes the team after this garbage. I guarantee if he can’t make the first mini camp, he probably has been to any other activities yet either. I’d bet money he is out of shape bad, been laid up with a hoe for months, drinking, hitting the pipe and basically doing nothing. All Speculation, all my BS opinion, and this dude is history.

    Hey Marvin, you can have your guy back now.

  17. Matt B Says:

    I killed some brain cells last night and saw Dez on Basketball Wives to my surprise. I don’t want him on my team if he is stupid enough to see that jersey-chasing gold digger. After she tricked Dwight Howard to get her pregnant I saw her at the Bucs kick-off party one year (Basketball Wives didn’t even exist yet). She doesn’t spent her time in Orlando and Miami. What is she doing at the Bucs kick-off party in Tampa? My guess is she was looking for another pay day. You’ve got to be stupid to be an athete dating that chick. He’ll find out the hard way soon enough…and if he doesn’t have an NFL job she’ll be long gone.

  18. Wade Says:

    Pretty funny how so many of you all “look up” to athletes. They are laughing all the way to the bank.

  19. BigMacAttack Says:

    Raheem may be behind this. More conspiracy tampering theories.

  20. patrickbucs Says:

    GenocideD Says:

    April 18th, 2012 at 10:19 pm
    His coach, teammates and fans don’t care about his personal drama. An NFL professional on a losing team with a new playbook, a new head coach and when nobody’s position is currently safe…he really needs to evaluate his decision-making.

    (nodding my head)

  21. gotbbucs Says:

    @ knucknbuc

    Notice how he’s the only player under contract who’s not there? Maybe you haven’t ever played sports, but when a coach has a “voluntary” practice in a team sport like football, everybody is expected to show up. Especially when all the schemes are new. I don’t imagine Schiano is the type of guy that will forget this when final cuts come around.

    @ Dez Briscoe

    Not a smart move with a new sheriff in town. Pull your head out of your a$$ young man.

  22. NJBucsFan Says:

    He’s young. Coach Schiano is used to dealing with young and immature choices. He has talent and was worth a rookie deal to be one our practice squad a couple yrs ago.

    I love how everyone is down on Blount…down on Briscoe because there’s a new coach while last yr they were the best thing since sliced bread. I admit they are both somewhere in the middle but neither should be dumped and neither should have their talents minimized because of a coaching change.

  23. Al Says:

    We want prenup. We want prenup. It’s something that you need to have cause when she leave your ass she gonna leave with half!!!

  24. bucfat Says:



    @Al – Nice Kanye refrence. Well played.

    I like briscoe, I think he’s a better receiving option then benn. It seemed like when we needed a person to catch the damn ball last year, it was briscoe and not williams/benn. I hope he turns his ish around, cause I think he could develop into a good complementary receiver to vjax.

  26. GenocideD Says:

    I need to clarify that I don’t think he should be cut or will be cut. He’s got some talent and we’ll see if that talent is enough to be here in the coming weeks but what a way to flop an incredible opportunity. His texts going public would be an embarrassment for anybody but man up, realize the blessing you’ve been given, and keep your career your no.1 priority.
    As sucky as we were last year, be a part of the solution.

  27. j lynch Says:

    Grow up you punk

  28. Fritz50 Says:

    “And better not show any overt signs of punishment, isolation, or retaliation because he did not attend.”

    As a 30 Yr union member, I agree with these comments, up to a point. If Management wants to retaliate, they can and will. All it entails is the patience to wait for the inevitabe mistakes that every human makes, document them well, and strike when they have enough. It’s not rocket science, and companies do it all the time. If it goes to arbitration & they lose, they’ll pay a settlement & move on.
    That said, it would be stupid to let your ego drive you to take actions that hurt the team (and by extension you). My guess is that Coach will talk to the kid, and base further action on the results of that & what happens when he returns to practice. I think coach is too smart to let a knee-jerk reaction hurt his team.

  29. Josh Says:

    He led the team in receiving touchdowns. He is better than WR#5.


    That guy needs someone….parent….mentor….older player, to give him some guidance.

    Dude is stuck in the trees, and the forest is staring him in the face.

  31. Matthew Says:

    Personal issues not criminal related are no one’s business but his own. He hasn’t done anything illegal, no one has said he is a “bad character or locker room guy”, nor has anyone ever stated Briscoe doesn’t work hard. As long as he shows up to “required” practices & the coaching staff have no issues with his absence then that should be good enough for us Bucs fans!?

    The audacity of some of the internet trolls on these boards is ridiculous. The Buc’s should fire & cut him for missing VOLUNTARY workouts?! I’m sure all of you would be cool with your boss canning you for not showing up to a “VOLUNTARY” team building work function. He’s a young kid learning the hard way to not get tangled up with crazy women. Get him a veteran to help him V-Jax; and as long as he meets the Bucs standards & plays hard get off his back.

  32. MikeWilliamsLiver Says:

    some of you people are full of HATE (i really feel sorry for you)
    Go Bucs

  33. Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I like Briscoe, but he needs to place that baby mama drama behind him, and concentrate on making Tampa roster.

  34. Matthew Says:

    He’s going to make the roster; he’s arguably our 3rd most talented WR on the team. Nothing in his past performance would indicate otherwise. I hate that people extrapolate & become pop psychiatrists simply because they got some TMZ information on a man’s personal life.

    Also, to the tired arguments “well if I got paid millions of dollars I’d be everywhere”; newsflash, you don’t get that money and there is a legitimate reason why. The reason Briscoe gets paid a high six figure salary is because he’s in the top .00001% in his profession at what he does. Briscoe is better at his chosen job than all us msg board posters (myself included) will be at our professions throughout our entire lives. It may sound cold or callous but it’s true. I’m not saying he has a better life; just merely based on merit, talent, and skill compared to tiny number of humans who can do what he does for a living vs what any of our professions are. So let’s calm down the CUT HIM rhetoric, and embrace a potentially fun Bucs season under a new regime.



    I generally agree with your sentiments. Unfortunately, unless he finds someone who can help with his life skills, that top .00001% of talent could wind up not meaning as much as it should down the road.

    It just a shame how many guy’s get wrapped up in the off the field BS (babies…baby mommas, and all the ancillary things) which all to often leads to bankruptcy, eventually.

    His immaturity is nothing new for someone his age. However, his success is much different than most at that age, and the immaturity all too often interferes with the success.

    I’d love for someone like Jackson to pull him aside. Some guys will listen. Others won’t.

  36. Matthew Says:

    ALSTOTTSMART! I agree wholeheartedly. Someone to steer him straight could be a real big help. I have no idea of his upbringing but statistically speaking many NFL players come from not ideal backgrounds to downright horrific (Check out Antonio Brown Pitt WR story of being abandoned & homeless at 16 yrs old!!).

    Life is hard enough as it is with good family & friends to help you along the way, sans that it only become harder. All my point was for people to give a young kid a break & let’s see if he’s able to learn from a youthful mistake (getting involved with crazy/money hungry women). He is absolutely talented & so far has done nothing in mine or the organizations opinion (the only one that matters) to merit critique/discipline. Here’s hoping to a great season by Briscoe contributing to a great Buc’s season.

  37. Bobby Says:

    The CBA doesn’t have #@!% to do with whether a player makes a team for WHATEVER reason. The Bucs can cut Briscoe with no explanation and he can’t go crying to the CBA about it. As long as they pay him what they promised him he has zero recourse. How is he any different than Tanard Jackson? Did they give Jackson any explanation? Can Jackson go to the CBA and claim that it’s over him being gone from voluntary workouts? C’mon! Get a clue. If Schiano doesn’t like the way Briscoe cuts his hair he can cut him. This isn’t the AFL-CIO. There is no job security in this league.

  38. Bobby Says:

    THis is the NFL people…not daycare. It isn’t the job of an NFL organization to babysit. Briscoe is an adult, not a child. If he want to act like a child then he should get treated like a child, not coddled. Let some other team deal with immature athletes who place more importance on Reality Shows and anal sex than football. Cut him!

  39. Bobby Says:

    @Matthew…football is more than just being skilled. Why do you think the saying “Nothing in the world will take away persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than an unsuccessful man with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.” If Briscoe doesn’t demonstrate that he is determined to be the best football player he can be and he can’t leave the distractions behind then he ultimately does us no good and becomes a cancer to the team.

  40. Matthew Says:

    Bobby let’s go easy on the clichés & hyperbole, and instead focus on the facts. It’s asinine to think that Briscoe to get to where he is today, the pinnacle of his chosen profession THE NFL has not busted his butt & known the value of hard work. To assume otherwise is ridiculous, so let’s can this “he isn’t working hard or doesn’t care enough” nonsense right now.

    He’s not asking for the Buc’s to babysit him. He is not asking for special treatment, these accusations are only coming from msg board posters. I repeat there has not been a SINGLE incident from an unnamed, named, player or coach that has stated that Briscoe doesn’t work hard, isn’t a good teammate, is a cancer, or is a distraction. Anyone saying so is merely fabricating things out of thin air.

    If his private life doesn’t interfere with his job performance, which to this very day it hasn’t; then it is nobody’s business & stupid to even worry about. Go Bucs!

  41. Bobby Says:

    @Matthew….just your opinion and worth nothing as is mine. The only one who’s opinion matters is Schiano’s and I’m betting Briscoe isn’t scoring any points.

  42. Matthew Says:

    @Bobby My opinion is that he’s a young kid & hopefully he’ll learn to avoid relationships that cause him headaches. I don’t think we as fans should worry about him missing a voluntary workout. I have also already stated that Schiano/The Organization are the only opinions that matter and to date they haven’t said a bad word about Briscoe…

  43. Matthew Says:

    @Bobby The things I stated called FACTS were: he is a NFL WR, empirical statistical data demonstrates very few football players ever make it to the NFL, even for a year, let alone make it for multiple. Thus, it is reasonable to extrapolate that making it as a professional football player is one of the most incredibly difficult career fields to get into.

  44. Matthew Says:

    @Bobby Brizcoe also caught the most TDs on the team last year. Your opinion was derived entirely from a cliché. I think we can both agree with…Go Bucs!

  45. bucfat Says:

    His GF and EX-GF are at war on twitter, this seem like a reason to miss camp? NOPE. He will be cut.

  46. Matthew Says:

    bucfat except your wrong, because he’s not cut & the team issued no statements regarding the missing of a voluntary workout that he’s allowed to miss. Good job though Knee-Jerk reaction guy!

  47. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    He’s probably filming more episodes of “Basketball Wives” with Royce. That ish was so funny!!