Consider Justin Blackmon Off The Board

April 6th, 2012

Before Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik went on a spending spree when free agency began not quite a month ago, landing among other players wide receiver Vincent Jackson, it was thought the Bucs were in the mix to land stud wide receiver Justin Blackmon out of Oklahoma State.

Since, Blackmon’s name hasn’t been tossed about much, and for good reason claims eye-RAH! Kaufman of the Tampa Tribune. Kaufman is of the mind that Blackmon is off the board on the Bucs’ war room mock draft, which Kaufman wrote on a recent Bucs TBO Q&A.

Q: Do you think it would be a bad idea, if available, to draft Blackmon at number 5? Then if LaMichael James is still there in the second round to grab him also? That would make our offense explosive for the first time, maybe even a top 5. I don’t believe our offense has ever been a top 5.

Bryan, Riverview

A: It’s been a long time since the Bucs were blessed with an offense that kept coordinators up until the wee hours. Your Blackmon scenario sounded plausible until the Bucs signed Vincent Jackson as a free agent to provide a deep threat. With Mike Williams and former second-round pick Arrelious Benn on the roster, I don’t see Tampa Bay going for Blackmon at No. 5. The thinking is Jackson will open things up for the other WRs and TE Kellen Winslow to do some damage over the middle.

— eye-RAH! Kaufman

Wow, with a three-wide set of Jackson, Blackmon and Mike Williams, with tight end Kellen Winslow involved, you are talking about a truly frightening passing attack.

Throw in LeGarrette Blount abusing linebackers for playing soft due to the passing threat, damn, talk about putting points on the board.

If LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne is selected before the Bucs are on the clock, Joe wouldn’t be so dismissive about selecting Blackmon.

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  1. raphael Says:

    agreed , bpa might be Blackmon.

  2. raphael Says:

    after Claiborne

  3. Sensiblebuc Says:

    How many receivers does one team need?!?! Lol

    Plus, Blackmon (unlike Kalil, T-Rich & Mo Claiborne) isnt an elite prospect. He physical tools don’t jump out at you like the others and he produced in a craptastical defensive conference. He and Michael Floyd are neck and neck to me.

  4. Capt. Tim Says:

    Joe, you have been so spot on for so long now, it’s mind boggling!
    IF one were to ignore our gaping needs on Defense, Blackmon is the smart money- not Richardson! In the Pass happy NFL- WRs have more value, much longer shelf life, and impact the defense far more.

    TonyTwotimes and I had this discussion a week ago.
    You put V. Jackson, J. Blackmon, K. Winslow, and M.Williams on the field- you just created more mismatches than a defense could accommodate!

    Now that’s a senerio I could see as being worth ignoring the D for- IF Claiborne is gone

    SteveK and Hawaiian are all puppy live with Trent “moooocow” Richarson, but the last thing we need is a slow power back with bad knees! They’ll be hurt if we don’t draft him, but it’s their own fault- I didn’t tell them to get romantically involved!

    So, yeah, for my Vote- if Claiborne is gone, we try to trade down. If that’s not an option- I’d be happy to see BLackmon and Jackson tearing up Secondaries for the next ten years!

  5. David Says:

    Yeah a frightening passing attack with an historically bad defense. So we’d be losing games 35-30 instead of 35-14. Let’s look at defense. I’m ok with TR at #5, but then they must go heavy for CB and LB after that.

    Also, WR isn’t really a big need on a team full of giant holes. CB,LB, TE, OL depth, S are much more pressing. Not sure that BPA works in every scenario.

  6. Mr Lucky Says:

    Joe your assumption is great BUT you’re assuming that the 2010 Freeman shows up…what happens if the Bucs draft Blackmon and the 2011 Freeman shows up? What’s the end result…….6-10 ugh!

  7. jvato24 Says:

    LeMichael James in rd 2?? Is it little kids asking these questions??

  8. Capt. Tim Says:

    SensibleBuc- how many? Ask Atlanta and New Orleans- the teams we can’t catch.
    The magic number for those two teams seems to be 2 elite, 2 excellent
    4. 4 is the number to have.

    And we have?

    We have a great one, a good one. A bunch of question marks!!
    Every team in this division runs constant 3 WR sets, and frequent 4 WR sets. We gotta have the horses to run with them!

  9. bucfanjeff Says:

    Pass on Blackmon. VJax, Williams, Benn, Parker, Winslow, Briscoe….we’re set at WR. Don’t expect Kalil either if available.

    I suspect Cleveland will take T Rich, they have not addressed the RB position and lost Hillis. That said, if he’s available at 5, I still think the Bucs take him.

    However it plays out, I think it’s a safe bet we take Claiborne or T Rich – I’m ok with either. (Trading back is possible but I don’t see that happening. Money isn’t a big deal anymore with the rookie cap, so unless somebody offers a slew of picks, we stay at 5.)

  10. kaput Says:

    People keep looking at this pick as a one year prospect, but people need to think long term. I would be fine with Blackmond or Richardson, getting either would likely result in the Bucs having a tremendous offense for several years and ensuring the Freeman reaches his full potential. Defense can be addressed later in the draft, through free agency, next year and the year after – this doesn’t have to be a one year project.

    The truly great NFL teams any more are offense-first dynamos, and we could easily have one of those by getting the right play maker.

    Again, this is a long term project.

  11. J 2.0 Says:

    Good coaching might be able to repair the attitudes of our defensive players that gave up last season. That alone will help. My point is Morris Claiborne isn’t the best CB prospect in the last 5 years nor is he the best CB prospect for the next 5 years. Trent Richardson is the best RB prospect in both directions. Add Claiborne to the defense, you still have holes to fill on defense. Add Richardson to the offense, it’s set. Ready to roll for the future. There will be a CB with comparable talent next year. Also, I would love for the Bucs to make the playoffs and make a deep run. Possibly win the Super Bowl. But come on guys, do you really think the Bucs will do much better than 8-8 by drafting Claiborne. We will have a top 15 pick most likely. And I believe Revis was taken in the 20’s. We are not romantically involved with Richardson, it is quite the other way around. You guys are blinded by Claiborne so much that making excuses for a guy who tweets:

    “Well talking to NFL teams the test do not seem to be a issues for them. So why is it a issues for you people. You guys don’t no me #Top10”

    Learning disabilities aside, that is down right idiotic to even think that is a good response to critics of your intelligence. Wonderlic question: How many gramatical errors were made in that post? Is that English? a) true b) false c) uncertain.

  12. Meh Says:

    Kalil, Claiborne, Richardson. In that order. One of those 3 will be available.

  13. Meh Says:

    And yes, Claiborne is the best CB prospect in the last 5 years.

  14. Patrick Says:

    If we drafted Blackmon, that would probably mean Arrelious Benn is no longer part of our plans.

  15. bucfanjeff Says:

    @Meh, funny, I thought that was Peterson last year?

    @J 2.0 – Completely agree with you. (Thought I wouldn’t mind either one)

    I also think people are quick to forget about Gaitor. Nobody talks about him, but in his limited experience, I saw a baller. Give him some coaching and reps, I think he’ll be good. (I’m not trying to dismiss Claiborne, just saying Gaitor is forgotten).

  16. Bricen Says:

    lol “…if LaMichael James is still there in the second round”

  17. Patrick Says:


    sorry, not a good enough chance that’ll work out. draft Claiborne.

    Or if the judge in TX would quit his delaying sh_t, maybe we would know Talib’s fate BEFORE the draft!

  18. Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Claiborne is untested against any big time receivers. He likes to play press coverage, is 188 lbs, and has 4.5 speed. There are plenty of 200 plus pound NFL receivers who run 4.4 40’s, so that may not work too well in the NFL.
    I think he will be a decent NFL Player for a long time, just not a dominant one.
    I think because he has never faced a Julio Jones or a Megatron at while at LSU. he is untested, and a risky pick at number 5.
    Then (besides the wonderlic) his true colors have come out on Twitter lately!

  19. thegregwitul Says:

    In my opinion, the best players available after the two QB’s are selected 1 and 2 would be Morris Claiborne, Trent Richardson, Matt Kahil and Justin Blackmon. The Bucs pick #5. Regardless of what happens with picks #3 and #4, two of those four players will be available, allowing the team options between two guys and possibly trading down for an extra pick or two.

    So let’s consider what the two teams who pick before us will do:

    Minnesota: Matt Kahil or Morris Claiborne. With the only other option trading the pick for a QB hungry team who will be making a huge reach.

    Cleveland: Trent Richardson, Justin Blackmon, Ryan Tannehill. They can consider trading the pick for someone interested in any of the mentioned three players.

    Tampa Bay: If we go by the first player listed for the last two teams as the prospects drafted that leaves us in position to select Morris Claiborne. The option to select Justin Blackmon will be there, but he isn’t a need at this point, especially when a player like Claiborne is available. If Claiborne and Richardson are gone by pick #5, then it makes sense to select Kahil and play him at RT for a season or two and have what would be the best offensive line (at least on paper) in the NFL. The Bucs could also entertain trade options and depending on the partner they may still have the chance to grab someone like Claiborne or Luke Kuechly or maybe even Blackmon later in the draft.

    I think we are in a very good spot picking at number five, and we’ll either land our guy (Claiborne or Richardson) or be in a spot to take a player that has no business dropping that low (Kahil) or trade the pick to a desperate team who can’t risk letting someone like Kahil fall any further. Bring on the draft!

  20. Meh Says:

    @bucfanjeff, funny, I thought Ingram was that guy last year?

    Claiborne is MUCH better than Peterson as a pure cover corner. MUCH better.

  21. Joe Says:


    Claiborne is untested against any big time receivers.

    Sorry man, that’s just grossly inaccurate. Claiborne faced both Julio Jones and A. J. Green in college, not to mention Alshon Jeffery, Stephen Hill and Chris Rainey. THAT is as tested as you can get in college.

    Patrick Peterson never faced Calvin Johnson in college either. Did that make him a subpar corner?

  22. thegregwitul Says:

    And enough about Claiborne’s ‘true colors’ coming out on twitter. I’m not worried about a young man who is upset at embarrassing information leaking to the media and becoming a national story. He vented and blew off some steam and if I recall correctly, his twitter feed has now been set to private.

    I’m not sure what Bus Cook was doing pre-Wonderlic and what kind of advice he’s providing his client, but Claiborne will be just fine in the NFL, and in my option, he has more upside than Justin Blackmon.

  23. Josh Says:

    If they are sticking to their draft plan they will simply pick the best available player at five. That’s how great teams are made. Drafting for need with pick five just doesn’t make sense when an unaccounted for injury takes place later in the season.

  24. J 2.0 Says:

    Meh Says:
    April 6th, 2012 at 9:05 am

    And yes, Claiborne is the best CB prospect in the last 5 years.


    Really? He’s good, but he isn’t a cover corner. We need a cover corner and Claiborne plays off the ball and will sacrifice the big play in attempt to get an interception. Sound familiar?

    Also, how much will Claiborne improve with the same coach he has had for the past 3 years? Listen, Claiborne could end up being a great player, but is he the only CB in this draft that will be? No. Is Trent Richardson the only RB that will be a great NFL player? Most likely, there are always Arian Foster type players out there, but those are few and far between and much more difficult to find than just drafting a guarantee. Besides I think Schiano WANTS Richardson, he would probably like CLaiborne too if Richardson is off the board, but he wants Richardson.

  25. Stevek Says:

    Richardson> Blackmon > Claiourne, and all are < Kalil.


  26. J 2.0 Says:

    @ Everyone

    Why is everyone here saying that Claiborne is a cover corner? You must not be watching him play. As an avid Auburn and SEC football fan, I have seen a lot of Morris Claiborne. He plays off the ball and he doesn’t tackle well.

    Also I don’t have a problem with Claiborne taking to Twitter to blow off some steam. I have a problem he decided to defend his intelligence with his absolutely unintelligible grammar. “It isnt a issues for them, U dont no me.” Come on, anyone who even passed remedial english knows better than that.

  27. NJBucsFan Says:

    Just say that Allen Bradford is being moved to LB…

  28. J 2.0 Says:


    You are once again on point.

  29. ClayBURN94 Says:

    I wanna wonderlic rachel watson…

  30. Meh Says:

    J 2.0 – you have no idea what you’re talking about. You’re just making crap up about Claiborne to bash him. He is, without a doubt, the best cover corner to come out in years. he plays excellent press coverage. He doesn’t play even close to the way you describe it.

    So, just stop. We know you want Richardson. That doesn’t mean you have to make up lies about Claiborne.

  31. J 2.0 Says:


    Is your post about yourself? Listen, I’m not the only person saying this about Claiborne. Chris Landry was on the radio yesterday backing me up. It was nice to hear a voice of reason backing up what I have said about Claiborne all along. Landry even said that Talib is a better cover corner than Claiborne. That was coming out of college. So look in the mirror buddy.

  32. Ian P. Says:

    Forget Claiborne and Richardson. I’d trade down a spot or two and grab Luke Kuechly, a stud middle linebacker which upgrades both our MLB and OLB because Mason Foster can move to OLB.

  33. Meh Says:

    You have no idea what you’re talking about J.

  34. J 2.0 Says:

    @ Meh

    Is that the best you can come back with? I hit you up with facts. Go listen to the podcast if you don’t believe me. Actually watch some Claiborne highlights instead of drinking the kool-aid.

  35. thegregwitul Says:

    @J 2.0; “I have a problem he decided to defend his intelligence with his absolutely unintelligible grammar.”

    C’mon man, it’s twitter. With the character limit in place, that’s one website where the grammar police have no jurisdiction.

  36. Meh Says:

    Like I give a crap about a single podcast. Just go do a google search on “Claiborne cover corner”. You’ll find page after page of posts backing me up, including from most of the biggest names and sites in draft analysis.

    You are either lying or don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. And finding a single misguided podcast that agrees with your obviously totally flawed opinion is hardly ‘evidence’.

    You are just making up BS about him. Like ‘he never faced good receivers’ or ‘he isn’t a man cover corner’. And your ludicrous crap about his twitter posts of all things.

    Just stop.

  37. Meh Says:

    And I’ve seen every single one of Claiborne’s games in their entirety. EVERY SINGLE ONE.

  38. Meh Says:

    McShay: “Hands-down the top cover corner in the nation.”

    Walter football: “Claiborne projects to be a shutdown corner at the next level. He is an excellent man cover corner who blankets receivers in their routes.”

    Kiper: “He’s one of the most fluid and natural cover corners I’ve ever seen.”

    I could go on all day.

  39. kaput Says:

    You guys may not want to hear it, but Janoris Jenkins is the best corner in the draft. In 2010 at Florida, he dominated Julio Jones, AJ Green and Alshon Jeffrey. He’s a tremendous corner prospect.

    Claiborne is not the best corner prospect of the last five years, he’s not even the best of his own class.

  40. deminion Says:

    If Claiborne is gone i wudnt mind basically BPA

  41. BigBear Says:

    @J 2.0 “Claiborne could end up being a great player, but is he the only CB in this draft that will be? No. Is Trent Richardson the only RB that will be a great NFL player? Most likely, there are always Arian Foster type players out there, but those are few and far between and much more difficult to find than just drafting a guarantee.”

    Are you kidding me? Really? Undrafted and late round running backs make much more of an impact than undrafted and late round corners. LEts use examples: Undrafted running backs who are pretty damn good/had great years lately: Blount :), BenJarvis GreenEllis, Fred Jackson, Ryan Grant, Arian Foster, Chris Ivory (The worst of this bunch and he ripped it up as a rookie) Priest Holmes and Willie Parker. Now all the undrafted corners who are tearing it up: Brent Grimes, Tramon Williams, and Kyle Arrington….Yep thats all i could find in the lately category for corners. It would stand to reason that there is a better chance of a late round or undrafted runner becoming a star in this league than a corner. In today’s NFL Running backs are easily found in the later rounds of the draft.

  42. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Mr Lucky Says: April 6th, 2012 at 8:22 am

    Joe your assumption is great BUT you’re assuming that the 2010 Freeman shows up…what happens if the Bucs draft Blackmon and the 2011 Freeman shows up? What’s the end result…….6-10 ugh!
    Anything is possible, but I think thats unlikely. Last years Freeman was the result of trying to force things to happen with players that had given up. It’s a common flaw in young quarterbacks. Drew Brees has already counciled Freeman on the matter and it shows. Freeman as much as aafmitted he made those mistakes.

    Another reason it won’t happen is Sullivan.

  43. J 2.0 Says:

    @ Meh

    I never said he didn’t face premier WR, that was someone else. Though Peterson was on Jones and A.J. Green. When Claiborne was #1 those guys factually were in the NFL. And yes he did cover them in 2010, but not as much as Peterson. Also, it isn’t just some misguided podcast. It was our beloved afternoon drive primtime radio show. We all know what show Chris Landry frequently visits. And I have a lot of respect for Chris Landry.

    Also, the talking head Kiper and McShay are frequently wrong. Not to mention that it is obvious that Kiper will pimp anyone who lines his pockets. How has Jimmy Clausen panned out?


    My point wasn’t to say it is easier to find undrafted CB’s than undrafted RB’s. My point was Arian Foster is playing at the level of a 1st rd RB pick and finding guys like that isn’t easy. At any position. You can get a great CB at #4 in the 2nd rd. Josh Robinson doesn’t have the cache of a Morris Claiborne, but he will be a nice NFL player that we can count on towards the future, and if necessary, we can draft our premier CB next year in the 1st rd.

  44. OAR Says:

    Undrafted/lower drafted vs top/high drafted players, which are better?
    Im not sure but it’s funny to think its the crappy teams that get those top draft picks! By no means am I saying all top/high draft picks are great, but they certainly have thier work cut out for them going to a crappy team.
    Oh well Im not so much a college/draft freak, so what do I know?

  45. Pete Dutcher Says:

    @ Meh
    I find myself very close to total agreement with you.

    Though…I think the best player available in the draft is Matt Kalil. And though we could certainly use him, the best player available the meets our largest need is Claiborne.

    So my ranking is Claiborne, Kalil, Dre and then Blackmon and Richardson.

    One thing on Blackmon though…the Bucs sometimes like to avoid mentioning the player they plan to draft. So there is a slight case to be made that they are targetting Blackmon. They also usually don’t bring their target in for a visit…yet they brought in Claiborne.

    That makes me a little nervous…but we DO have a former college coach so the way things are done might be changing up.

  46. deminion Says:

    @j 2.0

    Claiborne 4.5 spd? naw bruh try 4.39 @ proday and 4.4 at combine

  47. J 2.0 Says:

    Why are people putting words in my mouth? I never said Claiborne had 4.5 speed.

  48. J 2.0 Says:

    Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:
    April 6th, 2012 at 9:20 am

    Claiborne is untested against any big time receivers. He likes to play press coverage, is 188 lbs, and has 4.5 speed.

    Does that say posted by J 2.0?

  49. BigBear Says:

    @Peter Dutcher – No Dre in there please….not even close to being worth the fifth pick even if Dick LeBeau and Herm Edwards were our starting corners at their age today. He is a good trade down option but only then.

    @J 2.0 So youre saying that while one of the best CB prospects in a number of years is on the board we should wait till the second round and take Robinson who enjoyed a nice career covering non-nfl bound receivers in whatever conference UCF plays in?

    When arguably our biggest need meets arguably the BPA we would be wise to take that prospect…… P.S. Read prospect as if i were saying Claiborne

  50. Bvert38 Says:

    Thank god I have some people who agree with me. Claiborne is not a good enough corner to be drafted in the top 5 plain and simple. The fact that he is going to have to be pigeon holed into playing some really basic coverages also hurts his versatility and the creativity of the defense. And I really don’t know what the love affair is with drafting a corner in the first round in this draft.

    How many times are we going to be in a Dime defense where we will NEED 4 corners on the field vs. how many times we are going to be in a base defense or nickel???????? Seriously, we have our three corners we have some interesting guys behind them with the proper coaching could step up.

    You guys want to talk about passing league blah blah blah. These coaches aren’t dumb they know they don’t have to pass the ball to beat us the simply have to hand it off and run right up the gut. Carolina and Atlanta will do it to us all game long if they have to. Plus I do remember Schiano when he was hired saying that all the big plays against us were fixable it was about blown assignments and accountability.

    You want to fix this defense, trade down and get Kuechly. Grab an OLB with a pick in the 2nd or 3rd and grab a safety too while your at it. But don’t draft Claiborne top 5.

    I watched some highlights on the different RB’s coming out and I’ll tell you who impressed me was LaMichael James. He is a Warrick Dunn type RB. Super small, isn’t going to hit much but much tougher than people will give him credit for. He runs north-south with plus speed. He just has a knack for escaping and not getting hit. Great vision, follows his blocks downfield. Catches the ball out of the backfield well. He will give good effort in pass protection and can cut block. If you ask me what RB I want, this is the kid. He will fit in this offense perfectly. Martin played against poor competition and isn’t that good in the passing game. David Wilson might be the best RB in this class but he fumbles way too much, has character issues, and his running style to me could lead to a short career. I don’t really like Lamar Miller. I just don’t see the vision or power out of him that I should. He also runs to upright to me to break tackles at the next level.

  51. barton1017 Says:

    if Shiano had Ray Rice in college and talks about being a run heavy team then i expect a trade with the Vikings on draft day, we move up to 3 and grab T-Rich and the Vikings still get their guy Kalil @ 5. could cost a 2nd rounder this year but if we sweetin the deal with a 3rd this year and give them a 2nd next year i would be all for it! i wanna win this year not stock pile pix for the future. if we have a great year then that 2nd (next year) becomes almost a 3rd. crazy i know but its ALL just speculation. now feel free to criticize my thoughts. BUC IT IM OUT!!!!!!!!

  52. Fish Says:

    Wide receiver is the deepest and one of the most talented positions on the roster. There is no way in HELL we take Blackmon with the no. 5 overall pick. That would just be – how do you put the selecting of Richardson, Joe – irresponsible.

    At least Richardson would make more sense than Blackmon.

  53. CharlieB Says:

    For those discussing Claiborne, some film from 2010. He definitely plays a mix of press and off coverage. Tackling seems hit or miss, though most people sucked at trying to tackle Newton in college.

  54. bucbelevr Says:

    From the sound of it, Bucs would be fortunate to have Martin there still at top of round 2–think Giants nab him end of round 1. Wilson fumbles. James will still be there in round 3. I personally like Lamar Miller alot, think he makes a good NFL RB.

    Someone up above posted that the decision on Blackmon at #5, would be more of a longer-term choice, and I agree. Too many people are looking at just 2012 season, Blackmon would be a great building block, VJax could tutor him, and without Benn proving himself, and Vjax good for another 4-5 years, Blackmon could actually turn out to be more important in a few years than people think.

  55. Macabee Says:

    Not that I have any inclination to come to J2.0’s defense after that less-than- thoughtful diatribe regarding Claiborne’s wonderlic score last evening, he is correct – Claiborne ran a disappointing 4.50 40 at the combine, but he did rehabilitate himself with a 4.39 40 on his pro day. How fast is he really? By all evaluations, fast enough to cover the best wideouts in the NFL and that’s all that matters.

  56. Sensiblebuc Says:

    @Capt. Tim

    Whoa whoa whoa Tim easy on the hyperbole!

    The Saints have never had an elite top 5 receiver until Jimmy Graham this year. They beat people with a plethora of GOOD receivers w/Brees putting them in position to succeed. If Julio Jones (54 catches 959 yards 8 TDs) is elite…then so is Mike Williams (rookie year – 64 catches 964 yards 11 TDs). 

    Lastly, look at how much we’ve already invested in the receiving position btw VJax’s contract and the draft picks for Benn, Mike, & Sammy , not to mention two kids with excellent potential in Briscoe and PP. Now cast your gaze over to the RB position. Blount and Madu are collectively making like $800k this year! Not too hard to project which position they would choose to infuse with more cash.

  57. KJ Says:

    The NFL is now an offense-driven league, especially favoring high-octane passing attacks. I would be all about drafting Justin Blackmon, spreading defenses out, and allowing Josh Freeman to have a Green Bay-esque receiving core. Plus, offenses fill stadiums. Fans want points!

  58. deminion Says:

    @Bvert38You want to fix this defense, trade down and get Kuechly. Grab an OLB with a pick in the 2nd or 3rd and grab a safety too while your at it. But don’t draft Claiborne top 5.

    Sarcasm yea lets trade down and draft a MLB who is just good at tackling nothing else he is just a solid player thats it he cnt blitz he is nt stout against the run he not gunna make a splash play he is not gunna change the game offenses arent gunna game plan for him he is not a thumper im all for draft a solid guy like that

  59. Stevek Says:

    Goal of the Bucs:

    Win the next damn game.

    Trent Richardson. You are the guy for the Bucs @ #5.

    Pick the BPA, for today and tomorrow.

    All you little girls need to tune into SEC Football.

    Richardson is durable, beastly, team oriented, and a marvelous talent.

    Pull the trigger on this one Dom, don’t be a pu$$y

  60. J 2.0 Says:

    @ BigBear

    So you’re suggesting that while one of the best RB prospect in a number of years is on the boards, we wait until later rounds to take another RB who didn’t face future NFL players?

    It goes both ways. Josh Robinson is a lot close to Morris Claiborne than, let’s see what RB is about 5-8 picks separated from Richardson? I don’t even think I have to answer that question.

    @ Claiborne Lovers

    Again, it is sad I have to point this out. Our team will not be fixed this year. Passing on Morris Claiborne is not going to be a detriment. Passing on Trent Richardson won’t be a detriment. Let’s be honest here boys, we have a lot of holes on defense, supposedly, right? We have two holes on offense. RB and RT. We get Richardson this draft our offense is damn near complete. And Trueblood isn’t a major problem at this time.

    Anyways, I’m not going to resort to name calling on here and I would hope that those of who haven’t yet would do the same. Those that do want to calll each other and myself childish names, I don’t take it personally, and we’ll raise an ice cold refreshment together in support of the Bucs at Joe and the Commish’s draft party.

  61. Alex Says:

    Here’s the problem with an elite offense and a below average defense. 1. We do not have Tom Brady and the NE Patriots coaching staff. 2. Even the Patriots couldn’t over come a team that played good defense with a good offense. This may be an offensive league, but in the end, like a good pitching staff, defense wins out.

    SF beat NO
    NY beat NE

  62. J 2.0 Says:

    @ Alex

    NYG is a team that is complete. They have an above average offense and above average defense. That equals a complete team. You don’t build that in one offseason. Let’s all be patient.

  63. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    God I hope we get LaMichael James in either the 2nd or 3rd. Either way…and I would rather have Kalil over Blackmon. Kalil solidifies our Offensive Line. And drafting Blackmon says Benn can’t do it. I’m not sold on giving up on him. With Benn in the slot with VJax and Mike on the outside and KW2 at TE, our passing attack will be insane already. If Josh gets Kalil as well watch out. We will have the #1 OLine in Football!!!

    I still want to copy the Patriots plan and trade down atleast once and would prefer twice to pick up 2 extra 2nd rounds. We could then get a LB, CB, RB, and a TE with those picks!!! And in no certain order. Can you imagine 4 picks in the first 2 rounds!!!!!!!

  64. mister V Says:

    Sensible,are you ok ? You seem so …..well , sensible in comparison to some of the others . How many receivers are enough? I agree with you totally. This team is a run first team ,run to set up the passing game. Dominick has said it. Schiano made it or tried to make it clear and no one seems to hear them…HELLO. This team was and still is built around the concept of run first,unlike N.O & G.B., they have chosen to pass in order to run and it’s worked for them, but there’s more than one way of playing football and because that’s how they chose to play,does that mean everyone else has to do likewise? I think not,the NYG were more balanced and a much better run team than either of those teams and still have a top rated passer. This will resemble the NYG far more than the packers or the saints. The old football coach John Mckay said 3 things can happen when passing the football and two of them are bad. Everyone applaud when describing schiano as a discipline football coach,but what about the discipline it take to stand by your own beliefs that running teams are tough,hard nose teams.Running the football,means better clock management,running the football, means giving your opponent less opportunities to score,running the football means dominating the man in front of you,mano Y mano. Running the football,means imposing your will on your opponent .It means forcing the other team to bring more men in the box. And now there should be more and bigger passing lane for the receivers. Run the football ; stop the run, it’s never going away and it’s always has been a winning formula and will continue to be. Football is football,no matter how much the Commish tries to change it. Might not look pretty ,but it wins. You gotta love it !!!!

  65. CharlieB Says:

    Mark Ingram, CJ Spiller, Knowshown Moreno, Darren McFadden, Adrian Peterson.

    Of the top drafted RBs in the past 5 years, Only one had any impact in their rookie season. Only two have become elite backs. The others aren’t even starters.

    Darrelle Revis, Leodis McKelvin, Malcolm Jenkins, Joe Haden, Patrick Peterson

    Of the top 5 drafted CBs, all are starters, two are pro bowlers, and 3 are elite.

    Based on history, CB is the safer pick for consistency and elite players.

  66. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:


    Thank you for posting that. TR3 makes no sense to me!! If Mo’ is there then he has to be the pick. That means Kalil is gone to Minnesota. So we can get an all pro talented CB that we desperatly need or a RB that is very similiar to our current RB except he holds on to the ball better.

    If we give Blount 20-25 carries a game. Watch out!! This 5 and 10 carries a game like last season is one of many things that killed our season.

  67. Stevek Says:


    We are not elite on either side of the ball. Add TRich, become elite, and the rest of the draft goes to D

  68. Stevek Says:

    TRich is twice the back Blount COULD be.

  69. Stevek Says:

    I like Bruce Carter from WVU in round 3

  70. Lion Says:

    No way in hell we go WR at #5, we are guaranteed to land one of the three; Claiborne, Richardson, or Kalil. Wouldn’t make any sense to even think about drafting Blackmon.

  71. Macabee Says:

    I think SteveK meant Bruce Irvin!

  72. BigMacAttack Says:

    So what, we got like 3 weeks until this is decided, and then we can all argue the same crap, after the fact. We only have one Lightning game left, really like the pick up of JT Brown. I hope they get healthy and should go on a tear next season. Congrats to Stamkos on 59, get 60 on Saturday. I guess I can leisten to a few Rays game on the Radio to get through the off season. Jonesing hard, not a big baseball fan. I needs me’s um foosball. Come On September, and I’ll settle for August, or even 3 weeks from now Draft.

    You’re all freaking wrong! Every last one of you have no freaking Clue!

    Haha, not really. Thanks for the entertainment.

  73. Bvert38 Says:


    You want to build a foundamentally sound defense you start in the middle with the best tackler in the draft. He is smart, can actually make the calls, you plug him in and fill a huge hole. How many missed tackles did we have last year? I don’t know what games you were watching but having an actual middle linebacker in there that can tackle will be a huge upgrade over what we have right now. His talents aren’t blitzing and being a “thumper” but he’s great in pass protection, fundamentally sound, and great at tackling, three things that used to mean something around these parts. Put his measurables against anyone in the draft and you will see he stacks up as a very good athlete.

    This defense used to be great because they were fundamentally sound, they were coached well, ran to the football, made tackles, and were in the right positions to make plays. I don’t know about you, but I would love for us to get back to where we used to be and trading down, grabbing Kuechly, and stockpiling some picks would be a step towards that direction.

    But hey we can draft a corner to add to our list of CB’s instead. We might as stay in the dime the whole time as well. We can have Foster make all the calls at mike and be confused all season again too! Then we can play tag again all year with the opposing teams RB’s yay!

  74. Capt. Tim Says:

    Damn! Marquis Colston is one of the Elite Wrs in the NFL?
    News to me and the rest of the world!

    I realize many of you still think we are in the 80s, and Franci Harris reigns supreme!

    It ain’t so

    Most teams go with an empty backfield, and 3 – 4 Wrs, about ten times as often as you’ll see a Rb and FB together .

    Your 3rd WR sees more field time than your Starting RB! That’s the NFL today- a passing league! Your 3rd string WR impacts the game more than your Rb.

    So why waste a pick on A slow power back? We already have a fast one! Richardson will spent his time on the bench- just like his buddy Mark Ingram did in New Orleans! Ingram is a better back, and actually has a top gear!!! ( and a Heisman!)! But he was a wasted pick, sitting all season on the bench.

    Claiborne is the pick. If he’s gone, then Blackmon.
    Blackmon will be on the field every play, right acoss from Vincent. He would be on the field more than Moooo Richardson- even if Blount wasn’t here!!

    With Blount the faster, superior back- the Cow-boy wont get much more than glances at the field- just like Ingram

  75. Capt. Tim Says:

    Because ,of course, he is

  76. deminion Says:


    your reasons for Kuechly are valid but how does he change the game just with smarts? we cn be taught how to tackle and cn get a vet to run the D but if were trading down for just a mediocre LB tht does make sense to me

  77. jarrett Says:

    tim your an idiot , TR is faster than mark Ingram, it is documented. Stop talking out your ass and actually research something. Next week you will be calling him fast and loving him, You will also probably try to take credit for inventing the rb position. YOu are the biggest joke ever. Still waiting for the day you go away.

  78. Capt. Tim Says:

    Jarrett- you ignorant ass! As usual, you are wrong, and just sucking up to the “hey! Let’s waste a pick on something we already have ” crowd- hoping they are dumb enough to be friends with you!

    The only thing slower than that poor cow Richardson- is yer thought processor!

    I ain’t going anywhere- I’m the one that’s ALWAYS right! If being an incorrect ass EVERY SINGLE POST doesn’t embarrass you into leaving- why would the guy Sitting you straight every Time be troubled?

  79. Capt. Tim Says:

    Lol at Jarrett- ya, you thought we were drafting Ingram last year! Couldnt live without him!!
    Who did I say- from February on
    Adrian Clayborn!


  80. BigMacAttack Says:

    “Jane, you ignorant slut…..”

    T Rich will make whatever team that picks him very happy. As will Blackmon and Kalil. For me I think the jury is still out on Claiborne. The few times I saw him play last year, I didn’t personally see greatness, but I’ll admit it when I’m wrong. I’d rather have Janoris Jenkins.

  81. Lion Says:


    I agree Claiborne makes the most sense and will most likely be the pick if he is still there. But you are an idiot if you think we are going to waste the pick on Blackmon if Claiborne is gone. I am glad you are not GM, my goodness. We don’t need any more receivers, especially with the 5th overall pick. Why do you think Giants let Manningham leave? If no Claiborne then it will be Richardson or Kalil, mentioning Blackmon with our high pick is retarded so stop!!

  82. Lion Says:

    Oh and saying Trent Richardson is slow is pretty stupid as well. Mid 4’s is slow for an RB, wow dude. Oh and Arian Foster ran a 4.6, what a terrible running back he must be in your eyes lol.

  83. bucfat Says:

    MLB is just as important as a QB. We need a captain to run our defense. Maybe pick up the best MLB in the draft?

  84. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:


    Look at the 40 times. TR3 is def faster than Ingram. That is proven. Not a guess or what you “think” is right. I still don’t want him on our team. Claiborne or Kalil would be my pick if we can’t trade down.

  85. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:


    I don’t know what games you were watching. But everyone I saw showed him very little on the TV. Thats a GREAT thing if your a CB. That means your WR isn’t doing anything. Then if the QB actually does throw his way he either picks it or deflects it. He is a “true” shutdown corner. He loves playing man and excels in zone as well!! Just watch the National Championship game. He shut down every WR he covered. The guy is far above anyother CB in this draft or in the past several years for that matter. And all the scouts had his 40 time in the low 4.4s. Only the combine had him at high 4.5s. But their times were off for many players this year.

  86. BigMacAttack Says:

    Yea Funky, I agree he’s played well but I still have some doubts. Not saying you’re wrong and I hope you’re right, but I personally like Jenkins more and I did watch the BCS game, plus all the Gator games Jenkins played in. It’s just a preference for me and I don’t know how well Claiborne will be able to stop backs like T-Rich coming around the end, especially when he has an NFL TE pushing him 20 yds down field. I hope Claiborne does well if he becomes a Buc, but I believe the Vikings will draft him #3.

    As far as 40’s and Combine go, I think all drills should be run in full pads to get a true reading on ability. Some players are fast in panties and not so much with pads on. I am a big Blackmon fan but think the T-Rich will help the Bucs more than any other pick at 5 if still available. If not, I’m hoping for trade back.

  87. TopDoggie Says:

    I love having a high draft pick. We can have this grat debate. Late in the round like last year you have no clue who will be available. I myself would like Khali. Ummm or Claiborne or TR. Most of all I hope some dumb butt team trades us the farm for our number 5.

  88. Capt. Tim Says:

    Nope. If Claiborne is gone, we still have an elite back signed and in camp. What we will still not have is a dangerous 2 WR.

    According to Vinnie Lyer- “The Sporting News” draft expert, Blackmon could likely be our Pick- and is badly needed. To” Finally give Josh Freeman a fair chance against stocked NFC south opponenents!”

    That was in his mock draft posted today. While he picked Claibourne, and listed Richardson, he said he could easily see the Bucs drafting Blackmon- as a need!

    Not exactly a ringing endorsement of Williams- but it is what it is! Last season no WR could get separation. Blackmon and Jackson won’t have that problem!

    If not Claibourne- then Blackmon. If both gone- then Richardson. But that is really expensive for a guy who – at his prime- wont see the field half of our offensive snaps!

  89. Capt. Tim Says:

    Funkey- I watched Richardson’s proday. While no times were listed as official- the time they put on the screen was 4.53.
    They then showed tapes of Richardson getting ran down from behind, and not turning the corner.

    They did say, that his knee wasn’t 100%. They said on air that if Tampa wanted him- they should have him rerun the 40- closer to draft day.

    AS I HAVE SAID REPEATEDLY- even though it still sends the idiotic ” gay for Trent” crowd in a panic, – it is the only noticeable weakness the guy has. I think he will be a great back in the NFL

    My point is – who cares! This league isn’t about great backs anymore. It’s about great QBs, and great passing attacks! Great backs sit on the bench in today’s pass happy game. What team wins with a grind and pound offense today?
    Giants, Packers, Patriots, Niners, Saints, Steelers, etc win with Great QBs.
    You rarely see a fullback on the field more than 5 plays a game( goal line abd short yardage.)
    You see far more 3 WR sets( no RB), or 4 WR( no RB or TE), then you’ll see the old power run formations.
    It’s not an opinion of mine. It is a verifiable fact. The RBs listed as starters for their teams- league wide- plated less than 50% of the snaps they were available for.
    This is Due to a) specialized 3rd down only backs B)the current platoon system used by all NFL teams- in an attempt to keep backs rested/healthy
    C) the biggest reason! Teams run a 3 WR set frequently. It is Atlanta’s base offense. Yeah- the 13-3 guys. Teams often go empty backfield with 3(or4) Wrs.
    They sit the RB more often than the TE- because the TE is frequently a specialized reciever- who doesnt block anyway!
    It’s not as important for you TE to block- because nobody is running the ball much anyway, nowadays!!!!

    Do any of you get it?
    You don’t draft RBs high- cause you don’t use them much. It ain’t the Walter Payton era anymore.
    This team will win if Freeman leads a successful passing attack.
    Richardson wouldn’t ever get the Ball enough to take over a game. All new rules are designed to promote Passing, and punish running. That’s why there are virtually endless holding calls on every running play! The league and the network think passing us sexy, and running is ugly.
    So your team’s ass better be passing!

  90. Lion Says:

    @ capttim

    You must be high or something. Who the hell is Vinnie Lyer and why should any Bucs fan care what the hell he thinks? He is a nobody.

    You say we don’t have a dangerous number 2 receiver? Wow just when I thought you couldn’t say anything more stupid then you already have, you go an say something like that. I guess if you knew a thing or two about football, you would have realized Bucs didn’t have a crap for a number 2 last year, so Mike Williams was constantly facing double coverages. That is why he couldn’t get any separation. Williams being a #2 receiver now instantly makes him one the the best #2 in the NFL.

    Now that we have a a dominate #1 in V-Jax, they won’t be able to double cover him and Mike Williams. Along with some damn good slot receivers in Parker, Briscoe and Benn. We are pretty much set a WR, and no way in hell we use our 5th overall pick on a receiver. Talk about a waste of a high pick, my goodness.

    Mike Williams had 964 yards and 11 touchdowns as a rookie and you say the Bucs don’t have a dangerous #2 receiver? Man you really crack me up, you have no idea how stupid you sound.

  91. Capt. Tim Says:

    BigMac- lol at the Jane call- that’s where I was going with that!

    But Dude!!Janoris Jenkins ? I haven’t kept up on him since he crashed and burned- but aren’t we trying to get rid of one uncivilized CB?
    Why would we come the planet to draft one of the few other CBs on earth too stupid to appreciate million dollar paydays??
    Their aren’t that many stupid guys left anymore- yet you wanna have two of them here??
    Nah, Alphonso Dennard will be a great starter – and a good guy with good work ethics. Let Janoris go to Cinncy or Oakland

  92. mister V Says:

    cap, that will just fine as long as richardson is on the field more than that softy donn’t… blount,sorry. At least richardson would bring toughness,what does donn’ blount bring?

  93. Jonny 3.3 Says:

    Joe Says:
    April 6th, 2012 at 9:25 am
    Sorry man, that’s just grossly inaccurate. Claiborne faced both Julio Jones and A. J. Green in college, not to mention Alshon Jeffery, Stephen Hill and Chris Rainey. THAT is as tested as you can get in college.

    Patrick Peterson never faced Calvin Johnson in college either. Did that make him a subpar corner?

    Sigh Joe, what the hell are you talking about? Since the time Claiborne has been at LSU, they haven’t played South Carolina or GA Tech. So cross Hill and Jeffery from your list. Patrick Peterson covered Julio Jones and AJ Green in 2009 and 2010, you will never be able to find any film of Claiborne covering them. Chris Rainey is a RB who lines up at slot rarely. I don’t know if he was covered by Claiborne, but does it matter?

    Before you throw out anything as facts, better do some research Joe. You are a sports reporter and the host of this site, not some random poster.

  94. jarrett Says:

    cspt i never said we were drafting ingram ,once again no clue what your talking about. You fat must be seeping in to your thought process

  95. jarrett Says:

    Tim i am still holding out hope that someday you find a woman so that you can stop trolling joebucs fan posting 100 times daily.Since your fat and dumb i know it is a longshot, but maybe

  96. Capt. Tim Says:

    Have a lovely post fer you LIon( really? Lion!- lol)
    Waiting for it to post. .

  97. Miguel Grande Says:

    The best, can’t miss, only Hall of Fame player in the draft is Matt Kalil. If he is available, we must pick him. He will effect our team’s success for the next decade. When I look at our offense, one glaring weakness is Trueblood. The definition of a successful draft is turning weakness into our greatest strength.

    Luck and RG3 are a crapshoot. Claiborne, Blackmon and Richardson are not even the best at their position in the draft.

  98. bucfat Says:

    Any of you have friends to talk too? Holy!
    Write me a 5000 word essay.

  99. BigMacAttack Says:

    Jonny boy going after Joe, huh……..

    better think twice.

  100. Jonny 3.3 Says:

    @BigMacAttack: Sometimes you need not think twice to point out lies.

  101. Capt. Tim Says:

    Hey my response to Lion didn’t post!
    And Jarrett- again- when everything you post is wrong, don’t you get tired of being town fool on here.
    I’d give you a really good thrashing, but honestly( yawn) yer boring
    Nothing I write could be more humiliating to you, than the clueless stuff you pound out daily

  102. BigMacAttack Says:

    Jonny, I hope you have enjoyed your time on JBF, because I have never seen anyone call Joe a liar and not get bounced. It’s Easter Sunday and the Joes are probably busy, so post up all you can while you can. Seeya

  103. J 2.0 Says:

    Johnny is not completely erroneous. Peterson cover Jones and Green more than Claiborne. Claiborne did cover them at times, but the majority of the time Peterson was lined up on them.

  104. BigMacAttack Says:

    Not saying Jonny is, just more tactful ways to make your point with Joe, and calling him a liar in his house, is not smart, or appreciated.


  105. Jonny 3.3 Says:

    @BigMacAttack: A liar is a liar, no matter whose house it is. The word liar in these debates though does not have a serious meaning like you make it out to be. We all from time to time make up certain things to support our point. My point is that Joe being the host should hold himself more accountable to what he posts.

    I think Joe(s) see almost every comment posted here and I would have already been banned from posting if they found anything wrong with my response to Joe’s post. Banning a poster without even making an attempt to challenge his post would be cowardice, and I do not think or hope Joe is a coward.

  106. BigMacAttack Says:

    I’m not saying Joe is wright or wrong, but not being correct about something does not a liar make. Calling someone a liar means they would intentionally provide information that they knew was false at the time. That is where you are clearly wrong in your assumption and your statement. Joe does not lie on this blog, and you are directly attacking his integrity, which is wrong. I’m no angel but I have enough manners to not spread lies about my host. Joe didn’t lie as you say and you should apologize. I believe in pretty much open game on posters in the threads but not Joe. It is not the same, anyway you spin it.

  107. BigMacAttack Says:

    You’re a liar for saying he’s a liar.

  108. BigMacAttack Says:

    You lie

  109. BigMacAttack Says:

    Not the same thing all BS

  110. BigMacAttack Says:

    How could anyone see every shot of every play of every game to know exactly who covered every receiver every time? What if it is zone coverage and the WR runs a crossing route, doesn’t the coverage switch? Your statement is inaccurate based on probability alone.

    I think that liar in Jonny, not Joe.

  111. Jonny 3.3 Says:

    @BigMacAttack: Wow, I cannot believe I’ve wasted my time on a moron like you. Read my first post again. And did you even friggin watch the Bama/GA vs LSU games in 2010? Bring me footage of Claiborne covering JJ or AJ Green please. Ask any LSU fan about how many times MC had to cover them, they will give you a big zero.

    I have not yet mentioned the fact about LSU never playing GATech and USCar in MC’s 3 years.