Bucs Won Day 1

April 27th, 2012

The man channel, that’s NFL Network for you Outhouse Network slaves, is going wild over the Bucs’ moves on Day 1 of the draft.

In this video, the usually mild mannered Charlie Casserly gets his cardiologist nervous explaining why he gives the Bucs an A+. Then Kurt Warner says if he really has to pick a draft winner outside of the Bucs, then he’ll go with Minnesota.

Tis the season of optimism as the Bucs win another draft under rockstar general manager Mark Dominik. If only they didn’t play the game on the field.

25 Responses to “Bucs Won Day 1”

  1. bucfanjeff Says:

    We’ve done well. Curious to see how we follow up on day 2.

  2. Marques Says:

    Dallas is now shopping Mike Jenkins.

    I know he has a sholder injury but if we could pick him up for a late round pick. It would add depth to the secondary.

    He has 4 years of experience under his belt to.

    I say take a chance on him.

    He is better then any corner on the board.

    Just remember where you heard it first

  3. Garv Says:

    We DID get an A+, instantly upgrading our team with two potential Pro Bowlers.
    These guys have character, smarts, talent and play HARD!
    Barron TACKLES! Martin RUNS!

    I am very happy and even the embarrassing, ridiculous, drunken rantings we read here last night from various fools seem like a distant memory to those of us who understand what took place.

    Well OK, I’m still a little disturbed by some of the posts ripping MD, including some wishing him dead. Whew…..

  4. Have A Nice Day Says:

    Dom may still pick up a quality CB after the draft. I’d expect a LB most certainly in the draft as well as afterwards.

  5. Paul Says:

    I was hoping for Zach Brown on day 2.. I don’t think he’ll last past round 2 though

  6. T in Orlando Says:

    Just read Claiborne’s comments on the wonderlic; he only completed 15-18 questions (out of 40 or 50 if I remember correctly), and didn’t feel the need since there were no questions about football. He has a point, and I get that the Wonderlic sometimes gets over valued, but that is a poor attitude for a test that EVERYONE at the combine takes.

    I was on the Claiborne bandwagon, but after a comment like that, I’m glad we didn’t pick him up (and I was already happy with the result).

  7. Josh Says:

    Anyone?? I know the Bucs don’t have a pick in the second, but what number are they in the third round?

    Oh yeah. Awesome round 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe Dom actually used a first rounder on offense. What a great way to send a message to the players on both sides of the line.

  8. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    And here all I heard was the T Rich fans would be crying after the draft and all I hear now are the Claiborn fans crying like little girls cuz we didnt draft who they wanted…. Some fans are just pathetic. Anyways I think it is a great start to the draft. Defense got a upgrad along with the offense. Now I’m hoping for Wagner myself to pair with Foster… and maybe if were lucky Janoris Jenkins falls to the bottom of the 2nd round and bucs may trade back up to get him

  9. Thomas2.2 Says:

    Win another draft under Dom?

    Where was the other?

    Oh yea, it was the Gerald, Price, Benn draft – we sure spent those 3 picks wisely as viewed today.

    Dom got punked by Dallas – he can spin it all he wants.

    Getting Martin was necessary, not sure he needed to trade up but I like getting the extra year – bc he will make Blount a forgotten man.

    As for only getting a 4th to drop back – that was idiotic. There could have been much more – Jax was desperate.

    Other analysts have given the Bucs a failing grade. I give them a C. Horrible job with the #5 but good job with the second round/1st round pick on Martin.

  10. Thomas2.2 Says:

    AJ Smith gave the Bucs a B-, pretty fair and objective.

  11. Thomas2.2 Says:

    Sorry it was not AJ Smith’s opinion – the Bucs were in the AJ Smith B- category.

  12. ElioT Says:

    Less Saftey depth than any position in this year’s draft. Glad we got the Red Barron! He provides an instant starter and leader who will “lay the wood” and greatly assist the CBs on pass plays.

    Still have huge needs at LB, and CB (unless the Bucs are confident that Talib will be on field from week 1). Would like to see the Bucs trade back into the 2nd round without giving up their 3rd round pick (maybe give up that 4th rounder and a pick next year?)…

    LB in the 2nd, CB in the third, camp bodies/depth in the 5th-7th rounds… I would be happy with that.

  13. Thomas2.2 Says:

    Scott Schroeder wrote a nice article about how the Vikes used the Bucs and Dom’s anxiousness to trade up to leverage more out of Cleveland – the very clear message:

    Dom wanted to trade up, but Min never intended to move back more than 1 spot for fear of losing Kalil. So Min flirted with a giddy Dom all day yesterday and leveraged more out of Cleve.

    It does sound like the Bucs did not rate Claiborne very highly however – bc Min says the Bucs didnt want to get “left” with Claiborne at #5.

    Sorry Joe, your Claiborne sales pitch was all for not – now you have a safety with #5 overall.

  14. Thomas2.2 Says:

    We have no 2nd.

  15. BucFan20 Says:

    @ T in Orlando.
    If he was dumb enough to tell all the teams if asked in the interviews that is why the Cowgirls got him. They never interviewed him!!

  16. lakeland bob Says:

    What a total loser.Most NFL analysts are praising the bucs selections and this moron continues to whine and thinks they deserve a C.
    My grade for your analysis P=Pathetic.

  17. OAR Says:

    “We have no 2nd”…….But TWO 1sts! Besides that late 1st is only two spots out of a second! It was like getting a higher 2nd!

    “Other analysts have given the Bucs a failing grade.”………..Yet other analysts, you ignore, give us a great grade.

    Better bring the Wah-mbulance!

  18. jfgobucs Says:

    What up with those Crazy A$$ Hats

  19. bucoooobruceAlstott Says:

    2.2 is a saints fan

  20. Steve From Oregon Says:

    It was a great day one……Everybody has an opinion which is fine. For those of you who think we got screwed by Dallas trading up and snatching Claiborne before us…..you have to think, if Tampa “really” wanted him, they would have stayed put. They have his DB coach on staff, they knew more about the kid then any other team, with this information they decided to grab Barron.

    The only thing is I think they may have been able to get a little higher compensation for the trade back, ultimately, who cares really.

    They got the players the wanted!

  21. Bill Says:

    I look at it this way. We went into the draft with a First rounder, a Second rounder, and a third rounder. We ended day 1 with 2 firsts and a third. So basically we gave up a second round pick for a first.round pick. I’ll take that trade any day.

  22. Lion Says:

    @ Bill

    We also still have a 4th because we never gave the pick to the Broncos to move up and pick Martin, we merely swapped 4th rounders. They took our early 4th rounder and we got their late 4th rounder. What a bargain!!

  23. Lion Says:

    If you think about it drafting Mark Barron makes loads more sense than drafting Claiborne. Barron can make splash plays in the run defense, pass defense, and can blitz. Claiborne is more of a one dimensional player. Great pick up.

  24. Jglazer Says:

    Not bad but could we have done better. Don’t hear anyone mentioning it but could we have gotten the second pick from Dallas and Barron.

    I think Barron was a good call. He looks awesome. RB however, looks slow on replay. Wonder if we will be as happy in December.

  25. Jglazer Says:

    ….wonder what Dallas offerred the Bucs if anything.