Blount Busy With NFL Modeling Duties

April 3rd, 2012

Hopefully LeGarrette Blount won’t be seen later today on a catwalk wearing a new Nike Bucs jersey and no pants. (Joe apologizes for the morning visual).

That written, Joe has learned that Blount missed Day 1 of the Greg Schiano offseason yesterday because he’ll be participating in this morning’s Nike-NFL rollout of new game jerseys, as Nike plants its flag on its new deal with the league in New York City. Joe can suspect Blount was summoned, in part, because he’s a former member of Team Nike as an Oregon Duck. 

Obviously, this qualifies as an acceptable previous engagement, as Greg Schiano referred to Blount’s absence last night on NFL Network.

What a sigh of relief for Joe, and a swift kick in the groin for all the Blount-bashers in the Bucs fan base. 

26 Responses to “Blount Busy With NFL Modeling Duties”

  1. kaput Says:

    He must have scored of a five on the Wonderlic.

  2. Vince Says:

    Does he go if the Bucs plan to draft Richardson? More for the speculation crowd.

  3. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Heck no, Vince. Because the Bucs will not take Richardson.

    They will still take either Mo or Dre.

  4. BigBear Says:

    Dre Kirkpatrick with the 5th pick??? I would rather draft Tannehill and line him up at receiver than take Kirkpatrick at that pick. He’s a first round corner, but he is not in any way close to being a top five pick.

  5. kaput Says:

    And Dre got busted for pot in Palmetto not so long ago, do we want more of that?

  6. Timbuc Says:

    @Kaput, actually, Blount got a 16.

  7. NickinMelbourne Says:

    Great to hear Joe, you had me worried. It seemed out of character after he was there at Schianos introduction. I predict Blount will be a new focused beast this year but still hope we get Richardson and pound the rock all year behind Nicks and Joseph. If we pound the rock repeatedly we will keep Brees, and the rest of the NFC South QB’s on the bench!!!! POUND THE ROCK BABY!!! Sorry for my Grudenism heh heh heh……

  8. Sensiblebuc Says:

    The Internet: Where Overreation Happens

  9. Tylund Says:

    Actually Joe every team had to send a player as they will show all 32 teams jersets

  10. Capt. Tim Says:

    Can we PLEASE stop finding ways of keeping Blount out of OneBuc Place!!!
    Nobody needs to be there more, and is allowed to be there less!!!
    Really?? The NFL thinks him modeling is more important than learning Pass protection??

  11. Eric Says:

    Glad that Gerald wasn’t sent, he might have got hurt.

  12. ClayBURN94 Says:

    A friend told me they spotted Blount at the bowling alley wearing a Dolphins hat!! NOT COOL…

  13. Dreambig Says:

    I am still holding out hope that GMC is going to be just fine but Eric that was just damn funny!

  14. Meh Says:

    Clayburn, pic or it didn’t happen. You guys are just bashing Blount for anything no matter how ridiculous.

  15. TrueBlue Says:

    Still waiting for the apologies owed from the Blount bashers. Come on, be men. The change will do you good. Crow is a bitter bird, but oh so nutritious.

  16. BigMacAttack Says:

    I hope he did something with that nappy head of his.

    Don Imus

  17. thibs5599 Says:

    Blount can’t really work on his pass protection yet anyway, coaches are not allowed to have them on the field yet. Not sure about watching film either, but either way the Bucs have plenty of time to work with Blount, he already knows how to pass block anyway he was never given a chance. Byner will have Blount blocking in no time.

  18. aep1717 Says:

    kaput Says:
    April 3rd, 2012 at 10:06 am
    He must have scored of a five on the Wonderlic.

    FAIL. It appears that you would have scored less than “of a five” on the Wonderlic.

  19. raphael Says:

    dang! looks like blumpkin signed with Seattle! they must be desperate

  20. Meh Says:

    The seahawks converted another of our failed RBs (Bradford) to linebacker. Maybe they’ll convert Lumpkin to water boy.

  21. Vince Says:

    @Tylund, I think it’s pretty fair to assume Nike had some influence in picking Blount, otherwise why wouldn’t the Bucs send someone else they want to market more?

  22. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I’m not really concerned about Blount missing, but I wasn’t aware that these modeling gigs were mandatory. I wonder what Freeman or Ronde would have done had they had the choice between modeling or attending team workouts?

    Seriously, this is a legit excuse, so perhaps we did jump the gun a little. I like Blount, but I’m of the belief that he needs to be one of the first to show up and the last to leave, because he really is one of the most important members of our team (especially if we don’t draft TR).

  23. GenocideD Says:

    Here he is:

  24. bucfat Says:

    Buc fans make it easy to take Blounts side. Worst bunch of football fans.

  25. Paul Says:

    Why didn’t anyone report that Jackson is “in San Diego with his wife”, per Freeman.

  26. hamilton Says:

    joe you are the real blount busher.