Are The Bucs Keeping Tabs On Matt Forte?

April 13th, 2012

It’s officially the silly season, when NFL Draft lovers and rabid fans of teams meld into one twitching mess and start spewing all kinds of crazy talk.

It’s healthy. It’s good. It’s fun. Much of it is pie-in-the-sky nonsense, but it’s glorious.

Nobody around these parts covers the draft like It’s where draft guru Justin “The Commish” Pawlowski has moved the written portion of his award-winning draft analysis. The rest comes on the radio from noon to 3 p.m. daily on WQYK-AM 1010.

The Commish has his eye on the cluster of a situation in Chicago with all-around stud running back Matt Forte. He’s that second round star running back the Bears snagged in 2008. Speculating with the rest of us, The Commish says the Bucs potentially could swap No. 1 picks with Chicago for Forte and pick up an extra third-round pick. It’s a fun read. Click on through above.

The Buccaneers could then focus on a number of possibilities with the 19th pick while already acquiring Matt Forte and an extra 3rd round selection.  Luke Kuechly, Mark Barron, Dre Kirkpatrick, or a defensive lineman could all make sense for the Buccaneers with the 19th selection, while also not having to worry about drafting a running back with their 2nd or 3rd round selections.

It is the time of speculation, and as long as we see issues with Matt Forte in Chicago, I think it would be safe to assume that the Bears would be interested in moving him for the right price.  I don’t think there are many scenarios that would make a trade down by the Buccaneers seem like a good move, but something like this would make a ton of sense.

This is a good one to kick around the water cooler, especially remembering how rockstar general manager absolutely fleeced the Bears in 2009, trading them the late Gaines Adams for a second-round pick. (Yeah, Joe knows Jerry Angelo has left the building.)

Would Joe make this hypothetical deal? Tough call.

Essentially giving up on LeGarrette Blount plus passing on Morris Claiborne would make Joe queasy. There’s not another Claiborne-like cornerback in this draft.

56 Responses to “Are The Bucs Keeping Tabs On Matt Forte?”

  1. Garv Says:

    If the Bucs are going to get a RB in the first or second round, why not just do it and get a younger, fresher and cheaper one in the draft as it stands now?
    I don’t think Forte makes sense, huge money to a used RB, a position with the same risk of injury as a drafted player. And one of the arguments against Richardson is the risk of injury being too great and ending up with another Cadillac.
    Oh and yes, I know Michael Turner worked out for the Falcons……
    I’d still go with Claiborne if he’s there, and he might be considering the negative publicity of late (*tweet tweet) and Richardson if he’s not there. We’d still get a good RB later in the draft or another BPA in the second.

  2. REDDMAN Says:

    I have also thought about this trade, but in mine we trade our 2nd rd pick for Forte straight up. We keep our 1st which i think we will trade out of to select L. Keuchly LB from BC plus get a 4th and something else back.

  3. deminion Says:

    I only do it if they are giving up there 2nd if not stand pat and Draft Claiborne!!!!!!!!!!

  4. jfgobucs Says:

    I’m beginning to think we/they are scared of the 5th pick…

  5. deminion Says:

    your thoughts?

  6. Mikeck Says:

    From what I here from the draft gurus at NFL and ESPN, Claiborne is the best corner prospect since Revis. Why would we give up on a possible star corner for the next 12 years so we can have a star running back with 2 years left. If that all we needed for a superbowl run this year fine…but comeone, he- like most RBs- has a short shelf life.

  7. Have A Nice Day Says:

    Tough call. I like the idea of picking up an extra third and still having the 19th pick in the first round. Matt Forte is far more valuable than Blount and the two are polar opposites in running back style(raging war beast vs ninja assassin).

    I wouldn’t be upset if this happened, but as Joe pointed out, we would lose Caliborne…. Well, Forte is proven and fits a want so I’d have to give the nod to this deal. Having the extra pick is too much to pass up….. though I doubt we would get a third AND Forte. That seems like giving up an awful lot just to move up 14 spots.

  8. the buc realist Says:

    Personally, I hope Matt Kalil slips to us and we trade Penn for a high second rounder and conditional pick for 2013.

  9. deminion Says:


    great point
    also u have to pay him a new deal, rb’s son last long, was in contract yr last yr(something to play for) how many good yrs does he have left?

  10. orlandobucfan Says:

    @ Joe
    Not much has been said about Janoris Jenkins here, but some have said he is the best cover corner in the draft. I know about all his off field issues but doesn’t coach Schiano want to give everyone a try at the new buccaneers way. Do you think he is worth a second round pick and draft Luke Kuechly in the first round, if we trade down. That would give us a good and smart LB and hopefully a productive Corner.

  11. Alex Says:

    What kind of sense would this make though? Trading for an unhappy running back that wants a new contract when we already have a running back that stated he would be unhappy if we drafted Richardson. Plus Forte was injured last year and the bears use him a lot. His tires are getting worn fast

  12. kh Says:

    As I said on his site, what about swapping 2nds and Bears giving us a 4th or 5th round pick?

  13. Sensiblebuc Says:

    T Jax to the Skins as of this morning. Eh. Hope cutting him was worth it.

  14. princespanky Says:

    This would be too good to be true. Can you imagine Forte running behind our road paving O line? Or Josh going to audible and Forte splitting out on some poor linebacker.

    It would be too good to pass up. You then wait at #19 for the BPA at LB or CB and grab some depth with the extra pick. Done deal.

  15. Bobby C Says:

    Looking at all the facts, it does seem that this staff is not happy with going forth with Blount, So if we could get a back we can count on, and still fill a need with Luke Kuechly, why would we not do this, There are too many holes on this team, not to try to make this deal. The old saying is if there is smoke there is fire, Seems Dom wants out of the spot, which i think has been confirmed by more than one source.

  16. Raymond Says:

    What facts????? @Bobby C — Schiano said he wants to protect the football first and foremost. Everyone says that. Dominik never said he wants out of the No. 5 spot. You guys are all nutes.

  17. princespanky Says:

    Kuechly won’t be there at #19 but Dont’a Hightower will be…. just saying… the guy is a serious hitter and has the leadership ability.

  18. bucbelevr Says:

    Congratulations to the Commish!! (if he came up with the proposal). I think it’s a fantastic idea, on many fronts for the Bucs, and alleviates the Bears’ headaches.

    1) Brings in a proven, multi-facted RB (similar to Richardson mold) that can play right away and adds so many dimensions to our offensive gameplan, and a RB that is thrilled to play with his long-term deal in place!

    2) #19 is still a respectable pick, for Luke Kuechly perhaps, or another good press cover CB. Plenty of good cover corners, from what experts say. Worst, case, we could trade back up a few spots with extra 3rd pick, only if needed.

    Great idea, IMO, someone in Bucs’ media, like Commish to Cummings, or Kaufman should see to it, that this idea at least crosses Dominik’s desk before draft day!!

  19. bucbelevr Says:

    Could still pick up a Safety in 3rd round, and back-up RB in 5th maybe..

  20. Bobby C Says:

    New Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano has a message for starting running back LeGarrette Blount: Protect the ball, or you won’t play.

    Schiano, speaking Wednesday morning at the NFL’s owners meetings in Palm Beach, Fla., praised the running back’s ability, but also put him on notice.

    Yasinskas: Blount Put On Notice
    Greg Schiano likes to say everyone is getting a fresh start with him but the new coach obviously already has formed an opinion of LeGarrette Blount. Blog

    “I think LeGarrette has tons of ability,” Schiano said. “No one who touches the football will get touches if they don’t protect the football. That is one of our core covenants — the ball. It’s so important they named the game after it. We make a big deal about it.”

    Dre Kirkpatrick, would still be there at 19. Just saying

  21. princespanky Says:


    There are a lot of good quality picks who will still be there at 19… maybe Barron and Gilmore too. It makes so much sense to get this deal going if there is an appetite for it.

  22. jvato24 Says:

    Well the Bucs better clear some cap room … This guy wants like 10 million a year and he cries like a bitch to the media

  23. Matt Says:

    How about blount and our second rounder for him so we can still pick up claiborne?

  24. rdbucfan Says:


    It’s been said by some of the experts that Claiborne isn’t even the best cover corner in the draft.

    Why would you be sick over not using the #5 overall draft pick on the 2nd best cover corner in the draft that is allergic to tackling?

    You say that using the #5 pick on a RB is a waste, isn’t that the same thing?

  25. Raymond Says:

    Thanks for posting that Bobby. It proves the point that there is no “fact” that the Bucs aren’t happy with going forward with Blount.

  26. Lion Says:

    I don’t think it will happen just because the fact he is due for a big pay day. Like you said yesterday we can pick up Martin or another back in the second or 3rd to compliment Blount, and they will be cheap for 3-4 years.

    Also, if we do trade back it better be to select Kuechly, that will be in the minds of the Bucs brass as well. Keuchly won’t make it past the Seahawks at #12 and might even go sooner than that. If a trade back were to occur, Miami would be the ideal target.

  27. Lion Says:


    That is because the acclaimed best cover corner in the draft is Jenkins and he makes Talib look like a catholic school boy.

    Claiborne is the best play making CB to come out in a good while and elite CB’s in the draft are always considered top 10 picks. RB’s are very rarely considered top 10 picks.

    Go back and look at the last 5 or 6 drafts and look at the RB’s who have been picked in the top 10 in recent years and you will understand why taking one so high is a gamble. Look around the league at the top running backs in the NFL, outside of Peterson none of them were drafted in the top 10.

  28. deminion Says:

    once again just say no to Kuechly!!! why is there an infactuation with him with Hightower is a stud

  29. Snook Says:

    No thanks.

    A 26 year old RB coming off injury who’s been rode hard for 4 years?

    I’ll pass.

  30. Lion Says:


    Here is a simple answer to that question.

    Kuechly- better 4-3 linebacker
    Hightower- better 3-4 linebacker

  31. ColoradoBuc Says:

    Somebody on here said draft Kalil(unproven rookie)and trade Penn(Proven Pro Bowl caliber Tackle) for a second round pick…Bwahahahaha seriously! Thats all I can say to that.

    about this post, I say why not. Forte is not some broken down over the hill tail back. He is 26 years old and in his prime. This would take the guess work out of drafting #5 and we could still end up with an elite positional player in an area of NEED. If Kuechly is not available, Barron should be. We won’t be tempted to draft this years Knowshon Moreno, and all is well. Honestly the Bucs could set it up and execute when/if Claiborne is off the board at #5 appeasing the diehard Claiborners. Forte is proven, TR could easily be a one hit wonder.

    I honestly don’t see this trade presenting itself, but if it did in the format presented…go for it. Take Nigel Bradham with the extra 3rd pick!!

  32. deminion Says:

    I believe u cn plug Hightower in a 4-3 with ease either way cuz he played MLB in college so whts whts yur nxt reason?

  33. Josh Says:

    WTF?? Blount isn’t going anywhere. He is a beast. The team needs another one or two RB’s to compliment his style. The team upgraded the O-line with another beast and a fresh coach. Blount will have to prove to the team and the fans that he is for real this year. Personally I can’t wait to see him try. That run in Greenbay is enough proof for me that he isn’t lazy. His new coaches just have to teach him to hold on to that ball when he turns into the hulk at the end of runs.

  34. BigBear Says:

    @deminion You believe it doesn’t mean it true…

    But I would actually like Hightower a bit more because he would fit a more hybrid scheme that I think you will see more from the bucs. He can play different positions and has more power especially in his hands when taking on blocks. That is where i see his biggest advantage over Kuechly.

  35. Josh Says:

    I think the more valid point us fans should be focusing on this off-season in regard to the backfield is why is the team still using a converted late round D-lineman as a fullback? Works great in goal line sometimes, but seriously? I know Lorig used to play TE, but look what Carolina just did with their FB spot. Talk about weapons. I have an idea let’s see what he can do in the D-line rotation.

  36. ColoradoBuc Says:

    My post was under the assumption that the regime wants to replace Blount. I personally think dude should get a chance to receive the instruction of the new staff, most specifically Earnest Byner. My preference would be to get depth in the later rounds and go Claiborne, then LB round 2.

  37. deminion Says:

    Kuechly best trait is tackling and smarts he is alrdy at his ceiling however hightower cn blitz which i suspect the bucs will be doing more of

  38. thibs5599 Says:

    2011 Rushing Yard leaders

    MJD – 2nd Round
    Ray Rice – 2nd Round
    Michael Turner – 5th Round
    Lesean McCoy – 2nd Round
    Arian Foster – Undrafted
    Frank Gore – 3rd Round
    Marshawn Lynch – 1st Round
    Willis McGahee – 1st Round
    Steven Jackson – 1st Round
    Ryan Mathews – 1st Round

    Mix in guys like Forte (2nd) and Peterson (1st) who would have been up in the top 10 if not for injuries.

    Doing that exact trade that the Commish says would be great, but other than that wait on a back, this list right here which is the top 10 backs of 2011 just goes to show that you do not need a top 5 back. Yea Richardson could be in the top 5 every year which would be great, however we need SOOO MUCCCHHHH help and Claiborne is as much of a CAN’T MISS pick as Richardson if not more. If i were to draw up a list on here the majority of the top corners are all going to come form the first round.

  39. @eric Says:

    ColoradoBuc Says:
    Penn(Proven Pro Bowl caliber Tackle)….hahahha..seriously dude….hahaha

    Penn is sloppy and lazy, he gets beat like a drum…if you ever watch tape or review past games you will see he is VERY hard to watch… bowl caliber only because guys in front of him couldnt play because of an injury..he had no business being in that game….

  40. deminion Says:


  41. Lion Says:


    Keuchly can cover more of the field and make play more plays in the passing game. Hightower is more of the stay in the box type linebacker. Keuchly is the better prospect overall as well, he proved he is more athletic at the combine than Hightower. Hightower’s would be better at getting a sack, while Keuchly is more suited to make the big play in coverage and make some interceptions. Keuchly fits the mold of a Buc more than Hightower. I would be happy with either one, but Keuchly is the better prostpect/fit for sure.

  42. Lion Says:


    Can’t go wrong with Claiborne!!

  43. Lion Says:


    That is exactly right!! I was saying this earlier in the post. Thanks for the breakdown, that was nice.

  44. ColoradoBuc Says:


    Are you saying you would ignore all of the holes on our roster, draft an unproven tackle, and trade a top ten tackle? Tackle is not a position of need. I do not sit in a film room and breakdown game tape if that’s what you mean. I do watch every game and certainly do not see Penn as a glaring need to replace. Certainly not more glaring then the need for a dominant corner, linebacker, safety, or even D-Tackle. I concur he is not the best in the league, but hard to dispute a top ten guy.

    Let me reword the post by realist to allow it to make more sense(to me).

    “It would be great if we got Kallil so we could gain more depth at tackle. IF he wound up being the best on the roster we could shift Penn to the right and look at trading Trueblood for a late round pick.”

    I see that if Claiborne and TR are gone, but our line is set. We also pay them a ton of cash, so adding 1st round talent to the O-line does not seem feasible(to me).

  45. BOb Says:

    hes gonna demand a big payday which the bucs cant afford to do anymore. nice thought though…….. end of story!

  46. 941-Bucs Says:

    I think they are keeping a close eye on him and Ray Rice.

    @BOb. I think they would get rid of K2 or Q. Black to allow the cap space for either Rice or Forte.

  47. 941-Bucs Says:

    I would take Forte over Richardson and i think the Bucs would too. Plus i believe Chicago would Want Richardson more.. could be a situation to keep an eye on!

  48. teacherman777 Says:

    @Have a Nice Day- You made a perfect analogy. Matt Forte is a ninja!

    Are you people serious?

    Matt Forte would be sooo worth it! He is ELITE. He is so smooth. I woukd be happy to sign him for 4 years. Then we’d be set.

    And I think LB is a bigger need than CB.

    Dontaa Hightower is the run stuffer we need 260 pound BEAST!
    Then get Mychal Kendricks in the 2nd.

    And Boom, we have our three LB’s for the next 5 years. Let Black finish the last year of his guaranteed money. While the rookies develop. Then cut him next year.

    And with the extra third rounder, we could get 2 corners like Ron Brooks and Chase Minnifield. Or even 1 corner and maybe LaMichael James.

    Matt Forte, Legarrette Blount, and LaMichael James? Now THAT is the ideal backfield!

  49. teacherman777 Says:

    When comparing Kuechly and Hightower.

    Sure, Hightower is more of a runstuffer who probably is not a 3rd down backer. But, that is why we have someone like Mason. Who can shift back to Mike backer for our nickel amd dime packages. And thats why we should draft someone like Kendricks, who played MLB in college but is more suited for WLB in the NFL. Considering his size and ridiculous speed!!

    Keuchly is great. But not what we need. We need a way to stop the run or Carolina is gonna destroy us again and again and again.

    I dont know about you guys. But I think EJ Biggers is a hard workin man. I think he will back come this year a better corner.

    And Gaitor could also surprise people.

    Dont forget Cortland Finnegan was a 7th rounder also. NFL players take time develop. Just ask Ronde.

    Corner is not as glaring of a need as you guys think. Yes of course, Morris Claiborne is the real deal. But this is one of the deepest drafts for corners in a long time. And I feel that if, just if, Talib is suspended, we could easily survive with Eric Wright and Ronde Barber as our starters and EJ as our nickle.

    For our saftey situation? I am still pretty concerned. But this team is just 1 more draft away from building a young, good defense.

    I am all about the D these days. I want defensive draft picks for the next 3 years!!!

    Our offense is set besides for depth at TE and RB. Yet, we could use one more O-lineman like Zuttah. A dude who can play center and guard. Hopefully, Demar Dotson is ready to step up this year. He was signed as a project, and we just resigned him, so I guess that means Dominik is seeing some of that much respected “growth.”

  50. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Matt Forte is entering his 5th year in the NFL. Most of you who want him are the same ones who are saying RB’s have a short shelf life and are easily replaceable. By your standards, his career is pretty much over right? But you would be willing to give up a premium draft pick to get him? You might want to decide which side of the fence you are on. (for the record, I would be all for bringing in Forte)

  51. Miguel Grande Says:

    I think Kalil is the best OL in the last 5 drafts, if we don’t have an opportunity to draft him, then I would make this deal. Dontae Hightower might be the best defensive player in this draft. If someone grabs Hightower, Janoris Jenkins is the best cornerback in the draft.

    The only way you could make this move would be to agree in advance with the Bears and Forte’s agent to a new deal. That’s a lot of work for nothing if the Vikes don’t select Kalil. After the Brownies pick TR, we will have only a few minutes to pull the trigger on the trade. I would not do it without Forte’s signature on a new contract in advance.

    It would make for some real high drama on prime time TV, just what an ambitious, up and coming GM dreams about. NFL draft day glory. Next thing that happens, Dominik’s phone starts ringing, Jerry Jones on the line.

  52. Mr Lucky Says:

    OMG! That would be like Christmas in April. I was be so stoked if the Bucs landed Forte!!!!!!!

  53. Garv Says:

    Forte will not be a Buccaneer. Neither will Roman Gabriel or Peyton Manning.
    The Bears won’t trade him to the Buccaneers and the Buccaneers would NEVER, read again, NEVER give up a first or second round pick for him. They are not that stupid.

    It will not happen, watch and see.

  54. Nate Says:

    I love blount but i think i would do this trade in a second.. if they offered there second round pick as well. maybe draft kiechly and zach brown?

  55. BOb Says:

    yes, do this trade!!!!! because we have an endless amount of cap space to work with and nothing to plan for in the future………..oh wait!!

    dont you people even realize how much $$ forte is going to take up? and not just this year…..multiple years. bad idea!! if you want ANOTHER starting tailback then draft one and keep him for (roughly) 4 years on the cheap. its not rocket surgery folks…….

  56. CannuckBuc Says:

    Amen Bob