Will The Bucs Target Garcon Immediately?

March 11th, 2012

FOX NFL writer and NFL Radio talking head Alex Marvez envisions the Bucs making a play for Pierre Garcon

Bucs fans remember Pierre Garcon. He’s the guy that embarassed Aqib Talib last season with two receptions for 146 yards and two touchdowns on Monday Night Football in Tampa.

“Pierre Garcon ain’t no slouch,” Talib told eye-RAH! Kaufman of The Tampa Tribune after the Bucs beat the Colts that night.

Well, Alex Marvez, the FOXSports.com analyst who seems to have been the first to know everything the Bucs have done this offseason says he sees Garcon as a prime target for the Bucs in free agency.

Marvez, also an SiriusXM NFL Radio host, was asked on The End Zone today what he thought the Bucs would do out of the gate when the free agency bell rings Tuesday.

“Pierre Garcon to me makes a lot of sense,” Marvez said quickly. ” He provides a speed element of what they don’t have down in Tampa.”

Now whether Marvez has some insider info., Joe has no clue. But Marvez was way ahead of the curve on the Bucs coaching hires over the past several weeks.

Of course, Garcon, entering his fifth season, also seems to fit the Bucs’ yungry goals. Plus he’s got playoff experience, and if he could have a strong season with Curtis Painter throwing him the ball, that says something good to Joe.

Interestingly, Marvez said if Ronde Barber and Aqib Talib return, and the Bucs grab a good free agent cornerback, that the team would have to strongly consider Trent Richardson with the fifth overall pick. Marvez likened LeGarrette Blount to Brandon Jacobs and said there’s no reason Blount and Richardson couldn’t co-exist and be very successful in the offense Greg Schiano will install.

To further a theme Joe put out earlier, Marvez thinks QB Ryan Tannehill will rocket up the draft board and make things interesting at the top of the draft.

75 Responses to “Will The Bucs Target Garcon Immediately?”

  1. Have A Nice Day Says:

    Garcon makes sense and he comes on the relative cheap. I’d like him more the Vincent Jackson.

  2. bucbelevr Says:

    Speed, speed, speed….amen, Garcon would be good, some talk about drops though? Or trade down, then sign Mike Wallace, give lower pick. Likin Martellus Bennett at TE…any other fans of that?..

  3. Jacko101 Says:

    We can’t trade down and sign Wallace it has to be your original 1st round pick.

  4. Patrick Says:

    Garcon would be good, but I don’t see how the Colts will let him go. They’ll have no good receivers left if he leaves, with Clark and Wayne already departing.

  5. bucbelevr Says:

    Hmmm, Jacko101, where did u see that?…First I’ve heard of that, (or maybe trading 2013’s 1st rounder instead) anywhere, in 2 months reading and following all this???…

  6. tonytwocents Says:

    I’d have no problem with Garcon. He did make Talib his b!tch that night. I always thought it comes down to coaching. And poor WR coaching the past three seasons have stunted Williams and Benn’s growth. Our WRs have the potential, we just need the right guy to bring it out of them.

    (regarding pic, is anyone else sick of seeing pink spandex on grown a$$ NFL players? I mean I’m all for the fight for breast cancer, but is wearing pink jock straps the best way to combat it? also, I heard that the color pink inhibits aggressiveness. hmmm, prob goodell’s idea)

  7. RastaMon Says:

    any of these proven names would would be good…Dear Santa…Tooth Fairy…Easter Bunny…G’Boyz…

  8. ClayBURN94 Says:

    I hope we get Garcon just so we can see Taliban get burned in practice everyday, it will be intresting to see because he dosen’t know how to act when he gets angry but pop a cap in your ass. LOL

  9. Lion Says:

    If if you can trade down and use that pick to sign Wallace, it won’t happen. Simply because free agency begins long before the draft, and no team is going to trade up in to the #5 spot before draft day. That much should be obvious.

  10. BOb Says:

    I really hope alex marvez is wrong on this one. If your gonna spend $ on a free agent WR, why buy a clone of what you already have ( mike williams)? Garcon is a number 2. We already have a number 2. Actually, we already have 2 # 2s. Buy a #1 or dont waste your $.

  11. ClayBURN94 Says:

    Wtf is wrong with you people??? WE ARE NOT GETTING MIKE WALLACE!!! Stfu already!!

  12. Ruggyup Says:

    Ahhhh, come on lads, keeping Talib would lead you to pick Richardson with the 5 rather than Claiborne. Think it through with all the hazards possible. Please Bucs, don’t make an historical Glazer choice.

  13. GurS Says:


    even if we wanted mike wallace, it would be impossible to do what you’re suggesting. tenders don’t work like that. when a player gets slapped with a tender above the lowest level, any team who signs him away needs to give in return a draft pick of a certain value. HOWEVER, this HAS to be done before a deadline, normally (IIRC) a week before the draft. Therefore, if we wanted to sign Mike Wallace, we would HAVE to do so one week before the draft. After that deadline passes, restricted free agents CANNOT sign with another team, but only their original team, unless the original team decided to release them (in which case they are like any other unrestricted free agent).

    So, to do what you have suggested, we would need to agree a deal with a team to move down & receive extra picks more than week before the draft. The only way we move down in the draft will be on draft day, if we don’t like who’s on the board at that time – at which point, the deadline to sign Wallace away from the Steelers will have long expired.

  14. FlBoy84 Says:

    @Patrick, Garcon already rejected a 5-yr deal from the Colts, seems he really wants to test FA. He does make sense, and if Schiano and staff really looked at all the big play film (20+ yds) that the defense gave up last yr like they said they did, they surely got a good look at him. Garcon, along with guys like Robinson and Meachem would add that stretch-the-field element that the team has lacked since Galloway left. Don’t think the team a #1 necessarily, 4 complimentary WR’s like Garcon, Williams, Benn and Briscoe should be able to get it done.

  15. FlBoy84 Says:

    *needs a #1

  16. Jampersands Says:

    Umm, since when is Garcon a speed receiver? He blew up our secondary because of blown coverages, not because he’s amazingly fast.

    Don’t get me wrong, the guy could still help, but he’s no Mike Wallace, Desean Jackson, etc.

    Plus he’s been known to drop some very catch-able balls.

  17. Jampersands Says:

    He would be a classic example of taking one team’s #2 wide receiver and trying to make him your #1. Classic mistake, and one the Bucs should have learned from in the past.

    Like I said, he could help, but not as a #1 wide receiver. Don’t pay him that kind of money.

  18. bucbelevr Says:

    When a RFA is tendered with a First Round Tender, IT IS any first round tender, much like Patriots would have option to sign and trade for Wallace. It may have to be an original pick, perhaps, but it is any First Round Pick exchanged, when Bucs offer a contract to them. Second, other than us all having a J.D. behind our name, like Florio from PFT, to interpret the CBA in intricate detail,….let the lawyers be the experts.

    Not to belabor the point, but if the Bucs were willing perhaps to draft Blackmon at #5, why not trade pick signing Wallace, stretch the field. Stay positive, pewter people.

  19. GurS Says:


    I’m afraid you’re missing my point. Regardless of whether it’s a team’s original first round pick, or one received from another team as part of a trade, this fact still remains: the deadline for a team signing another team’s RFA is a full week BEFORE the draft. So, for example, the Patriots might be able to give the Steelers the 31st pick OR the 27th pick, but in EITHER case, they would have to do so ONE WEEK BEFORE the draft.

    In the case of the Bucs, therefore, if we want Wallace, we’d need to give the Steelers the #5 overall pick before the 19th of April (or whenever the deadline is; the point is, we would have to pull the trigger on that deal before the draft). Unless you can see some way we acquire a second 1st round pick over a week before the draft, I don’t see how you can suggest trading away the #5 overall pick when you can have no idea who will still be on the board a full week after we have given away that pick :/

  20. Patrick Says:

    Another good lower cost receiver, who would probably make a better #1 is Stevie Johnson from the Bills. He’s only 25 too.

  21. GurS Says:


    Already signed a contract extension with the bills about 2 weeks ago.

  22. Kujolw84 Says:

    He’d be nice to have, But any WR thats speedy would be nice.

  23. Yar Says:

    Garcon sounds good youngry doesn’t. Please don’t use that term anymore, youngry is in DC now.

  24. Patrick Says:

    Didn’t know that. Oh well.

    I wouldn’t mind Garcon, he just isn’t exactly a #1 receiver.

    But Galloway wasn’t a #1 receiver either when we got him. Look how well he did here. Three straight 1,000 seasons.

  25. Big Marlon B Says:

    everyone is getting wayyyyy too caught up on this “#1 WR vs #2 WR” nonsense. just because a guy would be signing here doesn’t automatically make him a #1 WR, demanding 90 catches a year. yes i understand the $ involved will also come into play….a guy like Vincent Jackson wouldn’t get roughly $10 mil a year to catch 40 passes. but look at a team like New Orleans. yes, they have a ton of talented receivers. but i dont think any of them (including Colston) are a true “#1 WR”. like FlBoy said, complementary receivers will work just as well as a dominant go to guy, and a bunch of average to sub par guys around him. i’d rather have 3 guys who catch 50-60 passes and a few TDs each than one guy who catches 90 passes and a bunch of nobodies on the other side of the field.

    each of these guys (Williams, Benn, Briscoe, and to a certain degree Parker) have proven they have talent and can be effective in the right situations if coached up and used properly. bring in another guy with a different skillset, yes the speed everyone discusses, and after an offseason of effective coaching and development, this offense can be very good.

  26. Lion Says:

    Bucs won’t give the #5 pick for Wallace, no way in hell the Bucs give the #5 pick and dish out a massive contract at the dame time. It’s not happening, get over it. Nor will they trade out and use that pick because like GurS and I have been telling you, that would have to be done prior to the draft and no way in hell a team is trading up into the 5th pick unless it occurs “ON” draft day.

  27. GenocideD Says:

    6 days ago

  28. bucbelevr Says:


    🙂 Some people, just need to find their place don’t they. Just like PFT just suggested in “Sunday’s One-liners”–WR for Bucs…., …your point, is NOT a point, at all.

    Here’s why. AT #5 all pundits, discourage taking a RB, wear and tear, later rounds. The Bucs don’t need OL (in draft), DL, LB, QB, TE (in draft)…so that ONLY leaves CB (Claiborne) or WR. If the Bucs were entertaining Blackmon at #5, and they signed CB or CB’s in Free Agency……..MAKES GOOD SENSE, to ensure the proven commodity with proven speed, in Mike Wallace, sign, trade the pick…6 years at least of speed and downfield threat for Freeman, offense.


  29. MTM Says:

    Garcon would be a great addition. Overpay slightly and don’t loose your 1st round pick. Wallace for the Bucs 1st is a disaster.

  30. Patrick Says:

    Giving up the 1st rounder for Wallace isn’t worth it. We need that extra pick, plus we can get someone just as good in Vincent Jackson and keep the pick.

  31. Sam Says:

    Vincent Jackson makes so much more sense. He’s a true number one and he has proved that every season. It also gives josh a tall 6’5″ wr to throw too.

  32. aj Says:

    Here’s the rules. Draft is on 4/26-28. All offers to restricted free agents must be made by 4/21. So no, unless the Bucs were lucky to trade down before 4/21 they could not trade down and get him.

    Theoretically, they could try and trade for him. Work out compensation with Steelers, work out contract details with Wallace, then Wallace signs his tender, gets traded, signs new contract with Bucs.

    It seems to me, if this was pick #25 instead of #5, most people would be on board. It’s terrible PR to get rid of such a high pick, people cringe just at the thought of it.

    At the same time, I don’t think there is someone at #5 this year, that could come in and help the team right now like Mike Wallace could.

  33. K2theSoldier Says:

    Garcon is a good, young and wicked fast wide receiver that’s made spectacular catches over his career. He was Painters go to guy last year (Not Wayne) and I would love to have him here. But I’d also love V Jax more.

  34. bucbelevr Says:

    HELLLLOOOO….Redskins, absolutely, hellooo, will outbid us for Vincent Jackson, watch!! Then, grovel. For everyone….this is no “extra pick”. If the Bucs use #5 to select Blackmon, then sign him, ITS THE SAME (little more money) BUT PROVEN COMMODITY on Superbowl team, to send pick early–proactive, hello–to Steelers, sign Wallace, Tuesday, the 13th at 4:00, just send the pick…there’s no asking, NO EXTRA PICK. ITS…..sign Wallace, if Bucs want, more money…instead of picking Blackmon. No extra picks……everyone.

    🙂 Go Bucs!

  35. Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Talib is no ones Bitch. Any decent NFL QB and receiver are going to shred defences, if there is no pass rush.
    I think Garcon could help us, but he is no Vincent Jackson.
    Stephan Hill of Georgia Tech may be there for us in round two, if we are unable to land a number one receiver in free agency.
    He is nearly 6 ft 5 with 4.33 speed.

  36. SensibleBuc Says:

    Not enthralled about Garcon at all.

    He’s never cracked the top 40 in DYAR he’s hovered around a 52% catch rate throughout his entire career and he’s shopping for a 5 year 40 million dollar deal (8 million/year) like the one Sidney Rice received last year from the Seahawks.

    While he does have 4.3 speed he’s never been THE guy, he’s had substantial problems with drops (like all of our current receivers except Briscoe), and he’d be paid (and probably have balls thrown his way) like a #1 wide receiver. I won’t whine if he’s signed 8 million per is alot to spend on a one-dimensional guy.

    We need to pool all of our resources into VJax, Finnegan and Curtis Lofton.

  37. GurS Says:


    Dude? SERIOUSLY? We have NO need for LB? Um, are we even talking about the same football team here? Did you notice how appalling Quincy Black was? How ridiculously inconsistent Geno Hayes (who, need I remind you, is an unrestricted free agent himself) was? How lost Mason Foster got? Just going off what we have on the roster at the moment, our starting linebackers would be the horrendously overpaid, underperforming Black, the entirely overwhelmed Foster (not that I have anything against Foster, I think he will be a good linebacker, but he either needs to move outside, or sit behind a vet for a year or two to learn how to play Mike backer), and career backup Adam Hayward.

    As for no need for OL, um, you really like Jeremy Trueblood that much? And don’t get me wrong, I absolutely do NOT want Richardson. Drafting Richardson would be an even more stupid waste of our pick than giving it up for Wallace. If our options were Wallace or Richardson, I’m picking Wallace every time.

    But that’s not the case now, is it. We have so many holes ALL over the roster that there is no way you can possibly say that, if Claiborne is gone, that Blackmon or Richardson are our only options. But lets run through the permutations first, shall we? In all scenarios, we shall assume that the first three picks are set in stone as Luck, Griffin, Kalil.

    Firstly, the scenario we’re all hoping for: Browns take Blackmon, leaving Claiborne to us. Best scenario, agreed? Good.

    Secondly: Browns take Claiborne. What do we do? We look at our needs. Receiver? Only if we failed to sign one in FA. If Dominik’s promise to spend is true, then we should already have the receiver we need on our roster. We won’t leave it solely to the draft, as there is such a talented and, more importantly, deep WR FA class, that we’ll not only be able to pick up a speed guy to add the missing dimension from our receiving corps, but with so many WRs on the market, don’t be surprised if some of the guys who don’t get considerable interest from the second free agency begins, decide to lower their asking price, in an attempt to undercut the other receivers out there in order to land with a more preferable team.

    So, in this instance, if we assume we will take care of wide receiver in free agency, what should we use the #5 pick on? Well, as I mentioned quite clearly above, there are several positions were we need upgrades. But we don’t want to reach particularly on any prospect; in which case, we draft Riley Reiff. This immediately solidifies the offensive line, allows us to cut ties with Trueblood, and gives us a pair of high quality tackles. This will give Freeman more time and better confidence in the pocket, open up running lanes on sweeps, powers, off-tackle and stretch running plays, and in general allow us to improve in the most important position in all of football – the trenches, where games are truly won or lost.

    Reiff not doing anything for you? OK, we look at what else is going on in the draft. The Rams have, many assumed, moved back to 6th in the draft order with the hope of landing Blackmon. But suppose a team falls in love with Blackmon, and wants them on their roster? It could happen – this time last year, Julio Jones was considered to be a mid-first round pick. He ended up going 6th. Say a team believes Blackmon is the missing piece to their playoff puzzle, like the Falcons did with Jones last year? Don’t you think they would want to try and move in front of the Rams so that they can secure him for themselves? Of course they would. So we trade down, get some extra picks, and place ourselves in a position to draft many players who can be immediate upgrades on our roster – how about Luke Kuechly to take over at Mike, and slide Foster over to Will? If you buy my need to replace Trueblood, we can draft Jonathan Martin? Or if we feel like we need another beast in the middle of the O-line, take David DeCastro, slide Zuttah over to center, and immediately give us a huge upgrade in the middle of the line? If we trade down to, say, the 20s, then we can start looking at Dont’a Hightower as well as a linebacker, or take Mark Barron to replace the outgoing Sean Jones? Maybe, if Schiano is feeling particularly cocky about how good a disciplinarian he is, we can even risk flirting with Janoris Jenkins? It’s not my preferred move, but, hey, it fills a need, especially if Schiano can straighten him out – and if we have moved that far down, we’ll have received a king’s ransom in picks to do so.

    So, my friends, as you can see, there are a whole host of possibilities as to what we can do with the #5 pick if Claiborne is off the board, WITHOUT ‘having’ to take either Blackmon or Richardson.

    But no. You want to throw ALL this world of possibility away, a week before we can even begin to know all the opportunities that might lie before us on draft day.

    There is one, and ONLY one, situation in which giving away our #5 overall pick for Wallace makes sense: and that is if Schiano and Domink are only, ONLY, considering Blackmon, and NO-ONE ELSE WHATSOEVER. If they have even the SLIGHTEST design towards ANY SINGLE OTHER DRAFT PROSPECT CONSIDERED GOOD ENOUGH TO BE DRAFTED IN THE FIRST ROUND, then they must not, CANNOT, give away the #5 overall pick for Wallace.

    As you so glibly put, I believe the word “crickets” is appropriate here…

    Thanks for playing.

  38. GurS Says:


    Agree with most of what you’re saying, just want to add that Preston Parker, according to ESPN Stats & Info, actually had the best catch % of all receivers in the NFC South who qualified for the stat (i.e. those who caught over ‘x’ amount of passes, though I can’t remember the exact number).

    So, basically, I’d add Parker to your statement about Briscoe, but aside from that, agree wholeheartedly

  39. 911bucs Says:

    I bet Garcon will follow Peyton Manning.

  40. stevegmora@yahoo.com Says:

    I agree with what most people are saying, I see Garcon as a very similar receiver to what we already have. We need something different, whether it be a true speed receiver like Meachem, or somebody tall and fast like Jackson.

    Only a few more days…..

  41. Rickster Says:

    Lol, well said gurS!!

  42. NJBuc Says:


    Off the topic but have you heard of the Bucs interest in Hutchinson, which finally moves Zuttah to center, dumps Faine and bridges us until we replace Sears?

  43. bucbelevr Says:

    IF………………………AND IF……………there are any females, near GurS, with a novel like that…she must be so proud, so proud.

    Those of use sure wanted, (like your 12-steps friend in Rickster)….to NOT SIGN Stephen Tulloch, MLB in FREE AGENCY…instead of at #5, way too expensive for a LB, and…..yeah, Riley Reiff…?!?!?…(how much time do you spend on your novels, grinding?!?!?….LB, is FREE AGENCY, Tulloch, maybe, Lofton, Ernie Sims Outside also, at worst.

    NO ONE takes a LB at #5… Nicely done, nor Riley Reiff, at #5, nicely done.

    SO…, in a colossal waste of time, take Rickster……….with ya.

    Go luck with those novels you write. She must be proud, and ignored.

    No team, takes LB’s or marginal OL at #5.

    Maybe, SKILL POSITIONS. Maybe, as I was ONLY writing on before, does any team take a QB, WR, RB at ANY #5 pick, rare exception, LT. Bucs don’t need, QB, LT. Stephen Tulloch (LB), free agency. Maybe RT, Max Starks, free agency.

    Soo, take Rickster, cuddle each other…then realize, what any team, IN THE DRAFT………..takes at #5, and, IN THE BUCS CIRCUMSTANCES.

    But in the end, you sure are the man….what was I thinkin.

  44. aj Says:

    Parker had fumbling issues, not catching issues. But a lot of those were on kicks, he should be able to fix that.

  45. bucbelevr Says:

    AJ at 3:52, seems to see the light, in rationally what’s best for our Bucs. If we have to spend bigtime, by 2013, of the cap, in actual cash, we mine as well, lock in people, at #5 that THE BUCS NEED, and ensure, as much as a team can, by signing them on 3/13….to a long-term contract to get to a cap number by 2013, that is somehwere around 90-95% of 121 million dollars.?… We have 67 million (around) of cap space this year, wayy too much by 2013, according to reported CBA numbers.

    @ AJsays….nailed it. Too.

  46. 941-Bucs Says:

    I’m ok with this. He has Speed, Hands, and blocks well. He also comes at half the price of V-Jacks, which would also allow us to obtain more players (whether for depth or starting caliber).

    Just like most people i would love to have the number 1 over all player every single year on my team. But i am also realistic, and believe we can spend wisely and fix this team as a whole rather then grabbing 1 or 2 “Seat Filler” names.

  47. Patrick Says:

    I would sign Tulloch but still draft a LB high in the 2nd round maybe. Groom a young guy and Tulloch can give us some fair talent, experience, and depth.

  48. Cmurda Says:

    The choice between Trent and MO Claiborne will not end up being a choice on Draft Day. It is all but guaranteed that the first 3 picks will go Luck, RG3, and Kalil in that order. The X Factor is the Browns at 4. They could really use a shutdown corner like MO and they could really use an RB like Trent. Chances are very good they get one of those 2. Unless we land 2 stud CB’s in FA then I still prefer MO as I believe he’s the greatest slam dunk of the whole draft. Considering I believe CLE will take Claiborne, I think we can’t let Trent go and Blackmon doesn’t seem a sexy option either.

  49. ClayBURN94 Says:

    I still dont know why we are talking about Mike Wallace. This isn’t Madden and he is NOT COMING HERE. Please no more Wallace talk…

  50. Patrick Says:

    OMG, get over Richardson!! That would be the stupidest choice we could make. If we didn’t even have Blount, then yes I could understand it. But RB is not a big enough need for us right now to take one in the 1st! We can sign one in free agency to complement Blount. Would not be a good value pick.

  51. Teacherman777 Says:

    Pierre Garcon would be a great pickup.

    He could help our ‘Junior Class’ (Williams, Benn, Parker, and Briscoe) develop and he would fill our need for a speedster WR.

    He would also be affordable. So we can sign 4 or 5 good FA’s instead of just 2 or 3.

    Mike Williams, Benn, and Garcon would make a great trio.

  52. Bucsfansince1997 Says:

    It is weird how when people talk about getting a number 1 receiver for the Bucs on this site, they constantly only bring up top 10 receivers. The Bucs don’t need a top 10 receiver, sure it would be nice to have, but there are other more inportant holes. It is way more important to find a receiver that complement the Buc’s current receiving core and unlock a new dynamic to the Buc’s passing game. Overspending on this would be a mistake.

  53. Brian Says:

    Bucs dont 100% need a top 10 receiver. If you look at scheme. Look what the Pats did. They don’t have a true number 1 or 2 receiver, and their “top 10 receiver” is a slot scheme guy. You just have to have some imagination and coaching to get a great offense apparently.

  54. Big Picture Guy Says:

    A lot of people living in fantasy land over trading the #5 pick for Wallace, or trading down, etc. I can’t recall it ever been done before. This isn’t a video game, where u can just do whatever u darn well please. Teams aren’t stupid, there are 31 others competing against the bucs, and no one is gunna help the other just for kicks and grins.

    Garcon plays a position. #1, #2, #3 is ignorant speak. You have different primary options every play, depending on how the play is designed. Positions are flanker (Z), split-end (X) and slot receiver (Y). People need to stop saying “oh i dont wanna make a #2 from someone else’s team a #1” because it simply just doesnt work out that way.

    Players either thrive or fall in new/different roles or teams. You never know how its gunna fare until you try them out.

  55. this guy Says:

    @ brian: yeah imagination or maybe……….hhmmmm Tom Brady????
    josh freeman needs a #1 for them to be successful in this new QB league.

    just read that chicago and especially washington are ready to seriously break the bank for v jax so its not gonna be easy to land him. that bums me out cuz my thinking is the bucs will fold their hand once the heat gets turned up. but actually, didnt they offer more to haynesworth a couple years ago. he just chose to sign with the redskins instead. maybe they will outid them again and actually land their guy this time.

    my realistic side tells me im gonna be reading lots of comments that say, “hey, you cant make them sign here and play for the bucs!” sigh

  56. Capt.Tim Says:

    Garçon Brings the element we need on offense- speed!
    V. Jackson brings that, with an all pro skill level!
    I will be happy to welcome either one here! I think we have great young WRs, they are just all similar- big, physical, Quick. That’s good- but a speed element will spred the field.

    If we stay at 5, and Claiborne is there- it’s gotta be him.
    If we can trade down, and grab more picks- then that works too

  57. BOb Says:

    Big? Physical? Quick? You cant be serious! big picture guy points out that labeling #1 #2 #3 is ignorant speak. Well let me speak in a non ignorant manner. Does 6’4-6’5 = big? Does being able to consistantly find seperation from the defender 30-40 yards downfield and beyond = quick and physical? I happen to believe it does? crazy ignorant #1 speak right? And another question, do any of our recievers posess the kind of skill set v jax does? Not even close!
    Adding someone like garcon is like adding another mike williams. Does that really make sense? To me it does not. If your gonna sign a free agent WR. Make it for somebody who can out physical, out seperate and out jump the defender. Thats v jax to me. If it means paying 3 or so more million a year to him so be it. I just cant get why people would be hyped about garcon. If your gonna do it, do it right.

  58. bucthis Says:

    Patrick, what’s this ” get over Trent Richardson” stuff about? Do you realize the Bucs top RB’s are FA’s. That Blount who you feel is the reason not to draft TR is a BIG question mark. He is supposedly one of Freemans main weapons, pretty sad indeed. I believe RB is the Bucs main focus cuz without skill at that position Freeman is screwed and so the Buc;s no matter how they add here and there the secondary, LB and so on. This guy TR is not your ordinary good RB, he is something special Easily the fourth best talent on the board. He will be the highest rated player on the board when the bucs pick…if he is there of course. He is a talent which will make everyone around him better on offense including #5. To me, Mark,s main focus this off season is maximize qb Josh Freeman’s talents…

  59. BOb Says:

    Maximizing freemans talents should start with a real WR core. And also with a real OL. Im doubting along with most others that they will address the OL with any signifigance. Adding a real WR would make our WR core a real unit I believe. Mike williams would be a great #2. Benn in the slot sounds great as he is known to be a run after the catch kinda reciever. And then you got your go to stud in v jax. To me thats a real reciving threat in this qb league. Gotta get freeman going this year and hopefully dom is able to make it happen with a real set of WRs.

  60. Dave Says:

    I would take Garcon in a minute. He would be a great signing, just not sure if the Colts let him go. He might be the WR they build off of because Wayne and Clark are gone.

    What about Clark at TE? How old is he? He might be a good complement to Stocker for development over the next couple years.

  61. BOb Says:

    Freeman does need help by way of his RB group as well but I gotta believe they will either go after a veteran third down back to cover blount’s supposed downfall of not being able to pass block or catch consistantly, or use a 2nd or 3rd round pick on that Boise st. or VT RB. Usinh that 2nd rpund pick on the RB Would be my choice even with knowing that pass blocking is a rookies worst enemy. That would mean your starting out the year with blount who supposedly couldnt block for his own mother and a true rookie. Thats kinda scary. Thats what makes me think they could go after a veteran 3rd down back. I.e. ryan grant, LT someone like that

  62. Pete Dutcher Says:

    bucbelevr Says: March 11th, 2012 at 3:31 pm

    The Bucs don’t need OL (in draft)

    This is 100% untrue.

    The Bucs need to draft a good center this year, unless they can sign a good young one in free agency. Zuttah moving to center will not happen except for injury…and he is not great at the position…just acceptable. The Bucs want to keep him as a floater, otherwise he would have gotten starting money.

  63. BigMacAttack Says:

    Pete, I have disagree with you about Zuttah at center. He is very good at center and rarely gets beat there. But the key to a line, any line, is the line. It’s all or nothing. If you breakdowns on one side or the other, the whole line is weakened. If the Bucs can somehow sign Carl Nicks, and they do move Zuttah to center, the entire line will be immensely stronger. I would like to see them draft a new right tackle and I liked when they let Dotson play TE. Don’t underestimate Zuttah’s abilities.

  64. Capt.Tim Says:

    Bob- big quick and physical is exactly how to discursive our WR 6’2″, 220 to to thirty is larger than the NFl average- which is 6’0″, 190.
    And despite your love for V. Jackson- why don’t you go compare his first two seasons with Mike Williams, or Benn, or even Briscoe.

    Think you might be surprised to learn he caught 3 passes his first year- wanna compare that to our guys? Next season was 28 passes, and 6 TDs

    OlV.Jackson is a great WR. I said that. If you think he strolled in and dominated- well, you might wanna try watching a lil Foitball. Players typically take 3-4 years to hit their stride.

    Mike Williams and Benn are much futher ahead of where Jackson was at year two.

    Do we need speed at WR- absolutely!
    Do our young guys suck- absolutely not!
    You just can’t compare a 2nd year guy to a 7 year guy

    Otherwise, someone might think you are talking in an ignorant manner

    Ok, there -Bob?

  65. Capt.Tim Says:

    BigMacAttack- that’s my thoughts on the Line! Nicks or Grubvs would fill the hole we have had at LG since Sears unfortunate issues.

    Zuttah plays well there- but always looks a lil small. He is great at Center- that upgrades two spots. And I think Larsen is a capable backup at center.

    Rt may upgrade internally. I think Demarr Dotson, Derek Hardman, or Chris Riley may be ready to push Trueblood. Trueblood can add depth at Rt and RG.

    That would, IMO, improve the line dramatically.

  66. bucbelevr Says:

    PFT just said the Bucs only have 42 million cap spacem including rollover from last year??…weren’t ESPN, Peter King, and NFL.com saying for weeks, plus St. Pete Times..we would have around 67 million cap space??…what happened..

  67. Anthony Says:

    Come on Joe, show some respect to the French language. The name is Pierre Garçon. You forgot the cédille.

  68. HolyBuc Says:


    Escalators and resigning Zuttah, Barth and Bennett tenders ate up 20+M.

  69. J 2.0 Says:

    Pierre Garcon’s yards per reception past two seasons: 2010 11.7 and 2011 13.5. Those aren’t the #’s of a break away receiver. Whoever says trading #5 for Wallace would be a disaster is not very bright. Disaster is a strong word that isn’t true, like describing Saturday Night Live as hillarious, when its just awful. The Bucs are obviously not going to sign Wallace for #5, and all these people posting “the Bucs won’t sign Wallace get over it” so they can pound their chest when it doesn’t happen would be the same ones posting what a great move it is if it did happen. Why is it human nature to want to be an a-hole?

  70. ClayBURN94 Says:

    Its not being an A hole, its called being realistic. I just don’t want to hear about something thats not gonna happen over and over… The definition of insanity right?

  71. J 2.0 Says:

    I’m not bringing it up anymore because it definately won’t happen, but speculations will always be made. It’s going to be awesome if the Bucs sign some good players, if any at all. Is Cato June available? =)

  72. Pete Dutcher Says:

    BigMacAttack & Capt. Tim
    I think you are dreaming on Zuttah moving to center this year. I think it’s clear they intend to keep Faine for at least one more year. If they wanted Zuttah at center, they would have given him starting center money. It’s not going to happen.

    They’ve already stated they resigned Zuttah because of his versatility at two positions. They would not lose that by pigeon-holing him into one position unless given no choice (injury).

    Whereas, if they draft a guy like Kook, they get a true center with a chip on his shoulder.

    @Capt. Tim
    I agree 100% about our WRs. I think we MIGHT see a stretch the field guy brought in, but I would not be surprised if they stayed pat either. Benn has the ability to stretch the field, but Olson never gave him the chance.

    I think, barring the signing of an established guy, Benn could earn the #1 spot down the road. Williams at #2 and Stroughter in the slot.

    But I also think we’ll see a lot of 4 WR packages once Sullivan feels comfortable with Freeman.

    I’m guessing Freeman’s first lessons will be on protecting the ball and reacting quicker to various scenarios.

  73. BigMacAttack Says:

    Cato June??? Now that’s funny!

  74. bucbelevr Says:


    $25 million consumed in 1 year, for first year of those contracts?..(maybe 10 million for those 3, and who do we have getting significant escalators, like big-time players elsewhere?…not as if a RB, or QB did unusually better than expected, or WR catches/yards, right?? 25 million seems like alot..no?

  75. deminion Says:

    I say bring him in young and nt as costly as VJax is going to b but we will know tomorrow