Watch For Michael Robinson

March 13th, 2012

One of the most unique players in the NFL, 2012 Pro Bowl fullback Michael Robinson for the Seahawks, is one guy on Joe’s watch list when the free agency bell rings this afternoon.

Robinson is the former starting quarterback at Penn State when he led them to the Big Ten title in 2005. Then the guy came into the NFL and was placed at running back, before transforming himself into a stud fullback and a top special teams player.

With his ability to be a third quarterback, the Bucs landing this guy would almost be like adding a cross between Earnest Graham and Micheal Spurlock.

Speaking on The Opening Drive on SiriusXM NFL Radio this morning, the well spoken Robinson said he can handle third-down back assignments and there are “two or three heavy hitters” after him in free agency, referring to teams that will make a quick play for his services.

Given Greg Schiano’s connections to Penn State and he and rockstar general manager Mark Dominik’s focus on special teams, Joe would not be surprised if Robinson is wearing red and pewter.

13 Responses to “Watch For Michael Robinson”

  1. Meh Says:

    I’m thinking we’re going to grab Tolbert.

  2. NJBucsFan Says:

    I like this idea. Not 100% sold on Tolbert.

  3. Travis Says:

    Tolbert would be much more valuable than this guy.

    Tolbert is equally as good special team player
    Tolbert is a better powerback
    Tolbert is a better blocker

  4. Dave Says:

    Him, Tolbert… does not matter to me. They both add depth and special teams and I fully expect them to draft a speedy RB in rounds 2-3 (or even round 4-5 if several fall).

    I just want to wake up by Saturday and see a CB, a MLB, and a WR all in Bucs uniforms!

  5. Pete Dutcher Says:

    A good fullback would be great…but its not a position I would overspend on. Really, I wish Lorenzo Neal were young and available. He was an awesome lead blocker.

  6. Bobby Says:

    What Dave said…..

  7. Brain Says:

    Meh, but at least he’s a huge upgrade over Lumpy.

  8. thibs5599 Says:

    I am a big fan of Tolbert, but if we can’t have him I would take Robinson. I think Lorig is pretty decent but Robinson is an upgrade and would provide more versatility than him.


    @Brian, let’s play a game shall we? Put ANY word onto the line.

    _____ is a huge upgrade over Lumpy.

  10. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    Vickers is a free man. He’d be an improvement as well.

  11. Oahubuc Says:

    Wouldn’t cry about this move. Probably a great value.

  12. Jeff78280z Says:

    When Earnest Grahm went down last year Josh Freeman lost his dump off receiver. How many times did we see all receivers covered and nowhere to throw the ball. So he would force a pass to Winslow. When he normally would have dumped it off to Grahm for a few yards after the catch. 2nd and 5 is a lot better than 2nd and 10. A fullback would be a great signing for Freeman. Give him a place to throw the ball when the receivers are covered and that would cut down on plenty of Int’s. Plus a good blocking fullback in front of Blount on short yardage and goal line will allow Blount to get passed the first tackler without him being touched. How many times did we watch Blount get hit at the hole only to break the first tackle. Which slowed him down enough that the line backers would have an easier time making the play. A true Fullback has been a need on this team for years. Grahm was a good fit cause he was versatile. But he never was a true Fullback. I love Grahm he is the one hell of a team player. And I am sad to see him go which will happen if we sign a Fullback. But we definantly need a real Fullback.

  13. Derek Says:

    With his ability to be a third quarterback, the Bucs landing this guy would almost be like adding a cross between Earnest Graham and Micheal Spurlock.

    sounds good to me