Tebow To Bucs “Makes Absolutely No Sense”

March 20th, 2012

Joe figured this subject may just blow away, but alas, it has not.

Yesterday, Joe explained why Bucs/Gators fans should forget about Tim Tebow in Tampa other than to give support to wounded vets, or to troll the trendy hot spots in south Tampa packed with nubile twentysomething lasses.

But today word leaked that the soon-to-be Broncos expatriate quarterback wants to continue his NFL career for a team in Florida.

Uh, oh.

So Joe will turn to Pat Yasinskas of ESPN who broke down why Tebow on the Bucs roster is a horrible idea, from a football standpoint.

From a business standpoint, it might make some sense for a franchise that struggles to sell tickets to bring Tebow back to Florida. From a football standpoint, it makes absolutely no sense. New coach Greg Schiano and offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan plan to run a conventional offense. They’ve already got a drop-back passer in Josh Freeman and they don’t want to cause any headaches for a player who needs to bounce back from a rough 2011 season if he really is going to be their franchise quarterback.

Joe can just imagine the first time Bucs quarterback Josh Freeman, who is the Bucs franchise quarterback unlike a stop-gap guy like Kyle Orton was with Denver, forces an incomplete pass into traffic aiming for Kellen Winslow, Jr. Roughly three-fourths of the crowd at the stadium on Dale Mabry Highway would be screaming for Tebow.

Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik doesn’t need that, new Bucs coach Greg Schiano doesn’t need that and, least of all, Freeman doesn’t have to put up with that nonsense with people in his ear that he should be benched.

The time now is to right Freeman, not turn him into a headcase.

123 Responses to “Tebow To Bucs “Makes Absolutely No Sense””

  1. JS1506 Says:

    Stop this!! No tim tebow in a bucs uniform

  2. Eric Says:

    The only headache will be the severe migraine with a lost season if Free goes down or if he sucks it up like last year.

    Tebow solves both issues and if freeman is that mentally fragile he can’t take some competition then get out of pro football.

  3. ScottB Says:

    I think he has really good odds of playing pro football in Florida this year…for the Tampa Bay Strom or Orlando Predators.

  4. tylund Says:

    stop this no tebow in tampa it ruins freemans career. makes schianos job a pain in the ass

  5. OptimisTroll Says:

    If Tebow became the Buc’s quarterback, I would prefer the games to remain blacked out, so I could avoid watching his terrible passing.

  6. Meh Says:

    I can’t believe we even have to talk about this.

    No to Tebow. Just no.

  7. OptimisTroll Says:

    Plus, Tebow is like the reverse Lebron. Tebow takes the first 3 quarters off.

  8. Eric Says:

    316 yds passing 2tds 50 yards rushing 1td.

    Vs. the STEELERS a grown man team in the playoffs.

    Give me some of that terrible play please.

    In only his second year…………..we’re still making excuses for free after three years.

  9. MikeNice Says:

    Eric you just don’t like Free. Stop posting about Tebow being a good idea. It is a horrible idea and only you and a few other people are convinced the man is an elite QB that will win championships! That is idiotic! Show me proof! Any proof! Numbers, highlights? There is none. He is a bad QB. And outside of being a good story like that of Jeremy Lin, he can’t play football at a pro level. Get over it. I’m just glad Eric isn’t our GM. He would clearly sign Vincent Jackson and then and Tim Tebow into the mix. Why so he can attempt horrible passes to him all game long and run around in the backfield getting sacked for ten yard losses like he is in high school? Way to think that one threw. Go Tebow! Jacksonville would rather develop Blaine Gabbert rather than bring in Tebow. But you prefer him over Freeman. Go back to school.

  10. OptimisTroll Says:

    In Free’s second year, none of were making excuses. He was even more clutch than Tebow.

    It is easy to come back from 3-10 points down compared to having to come back from 42 points down in the first half.

    And against the Steelers – One of the Passing TD’s and 80 of those yards came in essentially a trick play in overtime.

    Adjusted for that 236 yards 1 td passing.

    And then look at what he did the following week against the Patriots, the worst defense in the league.

    9 of 26 for 136 yards 0 TDs.

    Tebow’s play is all over the place.

  11. OptimisTroll Says:

    And the only way he better play in Tampa is in a road game.

  12. Eric Says:


    The playoff game against the steelers isn’t proof?

    How about taking over a 1-4 team and leading them to playoffs.

    The national championship?

    Where is your proof on free? Where is his playoff win stats? His latest claim to fame is a ten game losing streak.

  13. bucfanjeff Says:

    Tebow is NOT a good QB. Broncos won with defense. You can’t run a gimmick offense too long or you will get killed. Just ask Tebow how is ribs and lung is after the beatings he took. You guys kill me that want Tebow…and I’m a Gator fan at that.
    If you think Tebow is a good QB, you deserve to have your man card revoked.

  14. Meh Says:

    Their defense led them to the playoffs not Tebow.

    I don’t want the tebow circus anywhere near this team.

  15. MikeNice Says:

    We aren’t making excuses for Freeman. He had a poor year, and that is all. In 2010 nobody was making any excuses for him. Everyone was simply cheering for him. Tebow can’t throw a football accurately to save his life. Defenses will humble his option offense nonsense and then he will be a faint memory in the annals of football history. Having a gimic QB doesn’t create long term revenue by way of ticket sales. Creating a great product that provides spectators with entertaining football and championship trophies creates long term revenue. Ticket sales. Merchandise. I can’t wait until Tebow is put in his place by defenses this season.

  16. Tommy Boy Says:

    Gator fans and Tebow maniacs make me laugh. The man love for Tebow is astounding!

  17. OptimisTroll Says:

    MikeNice +1 ( example: The Steelers)

    Tommy Boy +1

  18. MikeNice Says:

    The playoff game against the Steelers was luck! He got lucky on a trick play that went for an 80 yd TD! Are you kidding me? Do you watch football? That play doesn’t make someone a good QB! Any backup QB in the league could have made that throw you moron! Freeman has the SKILL to play at a high level, the entire 2010 season is proof of that. Skill Eric, do you know what that is? That is a rhetorical question because you clearly don’t understand what skill is. You think Tebow has any. He can scramble. Wow.

  19. Eric Says:

    Oh yeah losing to patriots on road in playoffs is disgraceful.

    Our guy got schooled by cam newton twice. And jags qb.

    Didn’t u guys read carlson’s analysis freeman has mechanics issues just like tebow – or maybe u missed last season.

    And how was the winning td in steelers game a trick play? It was a Freaking slant! Earlier he threw perfect 30 yd td to royal.

    His qb rating in fourth quarter over 100. He possesses a lot of skills.

    I see limited downside huge upside.

  20. Macabee Says:

    Nice kid, poor QB and always will be. Next major US televangelist on the scale of Joel Osteen. You read it here first!

  21. Dave Says:


    Don’t even bother printing anything on this subject. It is irrelevant. he is NOT coming to TB and he should not.

    I like Tebow and hope someone gives him a legitimate shot to develop for 2 years, but not the Bucs.

    They would gain nothing unless he completely switched to TE/H-Back and was NEVER asked to be a QB because there is no reason for Freeman to ever come off the field for him (as of right now).

    The only argument is for him to take some snaps in a form of wildcat…. to which I say “no reason”. Freeman could simply run it.

    Regardless, it is not gong to happen. All signs say they are building an old school pound the rock take, some shots style offense. Tebow, at this point is gimmicky and it won’t last and it does not fit in with Schiano.

  22. Rob in Orlando Says:

    Every player in the NFL is one hit away from retirement, having a quality back up at every position is vital but not always possible. I know one thing about Tebow (I’m not a Gator fan). He is a winner period. To have him here would be great, if Freeman can’t handle some competition that’s on him. I love the flashes Freeman showed two years ago but last year he completely fell apart, just like the rest of the team. Coach Schiano could make this Freeman/Tebow thing a friendly competition and I would welcome the move but Tebow is going to the Jags anyway. Go Bucs!

  23. Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    One thing you can say about Tebow is He will put more fans in Tampa Stadium then a Billy Grahm Crusade.
    Then, we will have Tebow Fans stopping at Mons Venus on their way out of Tampa Stadium to “Tebow”
    Heck, we might all have To “Tebow” in Ybor at the Night Parade to get beads.

    Pinellas County has long had a stupid law on the books where police can stop and arrest someone for appearing despondent.
    Now, if Tebow comes to the Bucs’ , the criminal defense lawyers can simply claim, “My Client was not despondent your honor, he was simply “Tebowing”.

  24. Chris FWC Says:


  25. MikeNice Says:

    Eric I am done with this debate. You are clearly biased and incapable of thinking about the big picture. And from Florida. Freeman has a a few mechanics issues but he has arm strength and accuracy. He stares down receivers and that is about it. We will pick this up at the end of next season when Tebow is warming a bench somewhere and the Bucs are a serious threat in the NFL.

  26. J 2.0 Says:

    Tebow actually makes sense for the 49ers. With their offense designed the way it currently is and their defense, if Tebow just improved a little bit you could have a dangerous team for a long time. There was once a left handed QB who sucked his 1st few years in the league, now he is a Hall of Famer from the 49ers. Obviously Tebow will never be that good, but it isnt out of the realm. I’d like to see him in SF. Definately not in Tampa though, I got high hopes for Freeman.

  27. Dave Says:

    “Didn’t u guys read carlson’s analysis freeman has mechanics issues just like tebow – or maybe u missed last season.”

    Well, then, Carlson said it so it must be true? Sorry, but ANYONE who knows football knows that not a single QB in the NFL has mechanical issues on the scale of Tebow’s.
    Those are not even “issues”, it is simply a lack of understanding of how to throw the ball.

    I like the guy and hopes he proves his critics wrong, but he is a 2-3 year project AT BEST and should, at this point, seriously consider becoming a TE/H-Back

  28. BILL Says:

    Tebow to the BUCS….Sure as a fullback, why not? He has shown the ablity to run the ball!

  29. tylund Says:

    all the tebow maniacs are essentially ruining his career. because no one is even going to want him as a back up.

  30. stevek Says:


  31. Chris FWC Says:

    @ J 2.0 I like that. 9ers makes sence.

  32. stevek Says:

    I can arguue that Tebow could be a LB for the Bucs… Anyone is better than Jane Black, and Barretta Ruud.

  33. BucsFan76 Says:

    Tebow to the Fins! Let Freeman go = Steve Young 2.0!

  34. stevek Says:


    Tebow could back up Vick in Philly. Going off of J2.0, Vick and Tebow are both left handed “run first” guys.

    Plus, Vick plays about 8-9 games out of 16 per season. This would give Tebow a chance to step up.

    Also, Andy Reid could do something with him.

  35. Eric Says:

    I hope josh plays well but basing decisions on what fans in the stands might do is ridiculous.

    We’re gonna be unhappy campers if josh goes down.

    If the qb in the steelers game wasn’t named tebow everyone would acknowledge he played a hell of a game. And he did.

    But because it was tebow people come up with “one lucky play” nonsense which ain’t true. He played well the whole game. Only a blind hater would say otherwise.

    Can’t take that away and until josh does it in a playoff game he’s got nothing but alleged potential.

  36. passthebuc Says:

    anyone that would consider Tebow acknowledges their limitations in the understanding of professional football. Or for that matter, business.

  37. tylund Says:

    passthebuc i would have to say any team that takes him is doing it from a business standpoint

  38. Eric Says:

    Kinda like folks that watch a ten game losing streak and proclaim the team is talented……………….

  39. Garv Says:

    It makes no sense, won’t happen and only gives “fans” like Eric an excuse to ramble.
    Leave it alone.
    That typed, I wish Tim the best in Jacksonville or wherever else he may land.
    More importantly, we can look forward to a fresh start for our young franchise QB with strong coaching and more options to go to.

    And then there’s the DRAFT!!!!

  40. thegregwitul Says:

    I think the team who just paid Vincent Jackson 5,555,555.55 to be the number one wideout for #5 is the last team in the league with interest in Tim Tebow. A signing like that can cause too much tension with a fragile fanbase that’s just starting to come around now that this team is spending money on elite free agents.

  41. MTM Says:

    The Bucs could use a back up QB if Josh Johnson leaves. The Bucs could use a short yardage/ goal line play maker. The next thing you know the Bucs game will be nationally televised. Just saying.

  42. OptimisTroll Says:

    MTM : Dan Orlovsky signed to be a backup qb.

  43. Chris FWC Says:

    We have a Vet QB backing up Free, Orlovsky. He will be a fine backup QB. Dominik Starship and the Gfunk Allstars are paying attention to what LBer gets signed next.

  44. Kujolw Says:

    Come on Bucs Take him not to play QB but to play FB. He’ll help sale tickets and who knows could be the next Mike Alstott lol

  45. MikeNice Says:

    Eric the team is talented. Ask anyone who knows football. Our coaching killed is last year.

  46. Eric Says:


    That’s ok garv I’ve been accused of being a bad fan before, like when I pointed out we were wasting our time with rah. Pretty sure I’m on the right side of history on that one.

    Putting all our eggs in the freeman basket is bad idea. Dude got worse not better. Bad sign IMO.

    He may rebound or he may not. hope for the best but have plan b just in case.

  47. Maskaveli Says:

    Eric you should seriously be banned from any website or conversation discussing football if you even remotely think this is a good idea. Tebow while a good guy is not and NFL QB. He’s not, seriously get over it.

  48. adam from ny Says:

    i would get tebow….the thing to do is develop him and freeman together and create a new type of 2 qb system…..you need a belichick type or some innovative coach to do it….but it can be done….let tebow line up as a running back a lot with freeman at qb and run a really freaky system…it can be done and could change the nfl like the wildcat did for a bit….a real genius coaching staff could make it into one of the most unpredictable offenses in the nfl…it is possible…not sure the likes of a rah or schiano can do it though…get tebow in a bucs uni asap…adam from ny

  49. adam from ny Says:

    i would get tebow….the thing to do is develop him and freeman together and create a new type of 2 qb system…..you need a belichick type or some innovative coach to do it….but it can be done….let tebow line up as a running back a lot with freeman at qb and run a really freaky system…it can be done and could change the nfl like the wildcat did for a bit….a real genius coaching staff could make it into one of the most unpredictable offenses in the nfl…it is possible…not sure the likes of a rah or schiano can do it though…get tebow in a bucs uni asap…adam from ny

  50. adam from ny Says:

    tebow equals sellouts as well………..bring on baby jesus right f’in now!!

    adam from ny

  51. Noleriff Says:

    I can’t stand this Tebow circus crap !! He is a BAD quarterback…plain and simple….now, if he wants to come here as a TE or FB, maybe I’ll think about it….

  52. BILL Says:


  53. Snook Says:

    No clue why people are so obsessed with this guy. If he weren’t religious, he’d be just another failed Gator QB in the pros.

  54. OptimisTroll Says:

    Snook – He is a failed gator quarterback in the pros. He took his team to the playoffs and won a game and still was replaced.

    I know he was replaced by an all-time great, but if he was up to par, the Broncos would not have gone shopping.

  55. Eric Says:

    If tebow is a failure how exactly is freeman a success?

  56. OptimisTroll Says:


    Don’t forget, Freeman won more games than Tebow in their best seasons.

    Tebow got into the playoffs because the Broncos were in the AFC West, a division which blew. If the Broncos were in the NFC South, they would not have made the playoffs either.

    2010 Bucs: 10-6 (missed playoffs)
    2011 Broncos: 8-8 (made playoffs)

  57. OptimisTroll Says:

    The only truly successful QB last season was Eli Manning.

  58. OptimisTroll Says:

    our chances with Freeman > our chances with Tebow

  59. Buc Fan South Tampa Says:

    I can see him staying in Denver. BTW, I hear the Bucs are hosting a watch party at Raymond James for when the Saints “Bounty-Gate” punishment is announced. Who else is going?

  60. stevek Says:


    Tebow inherited a 1-4 Team.

    Josh has led the way to 10 straight losses, and his 16 TD’s to 22 picks.

    Josh is our guy, and that is that.

    Tebow was 8-5 (counting playoff

    2010 Bucs were 10-6, but that was against a DOGSH!T schedule.

    Didn’t the 2010 Steelers crush the Bucs 38-13? Tebow beat those mighty Steelers in the playoffs.

  61. Bucfan34 Says:

    we can’t “ruin” Josh? If he’s that much of a mental midget, I don’t want him leading this team either way.

  62. OptimisTroll Says:

    stevek – I agree with your earlier comment how Tebow would be a good fit for the Eagles.

    But in the NFL, a win is a win, no matter who the opponent is.

    This is not college anymore, which is why Tebow is of no use.

  63. stevek Says:


    C’mon man!!!! Only “truly successful QB” last year was Eli… From a championship perspective, agreed.

    What about Drew Brees setting records, and breaking some of Marinos?

    What about Tom Brady taking a Defense that may be worse than ours to the Superbowl?

    Tebow took over and led his tem to victories.

  64. stevek Says:

    Put Tebow on Philly,

    Jesus and Dog Satan combine forces in 2012.

  65. stevek Says:

    Question for anyone and everyone,

    Tebow would be a better roster spot then some of our lazy/quitting back 7?

    I would rather watch the guy with limited potential, and a heart of a lion over the moron with Million $$ talent that can’t keep his sh!t together.

  66. rdbucfan Says:

    Pass, you know that Tebow will increase ticket and merchandise sales right. So I guess that any good business man that passes up on Tebow acknowledges that they don’t know anything about running a business.

    As far as their limitations of professional football, you do know that Mike McCarthy the Green Bay coach has said publicly that he would love the chance to develop Tim Tebow right?

    I guess Mike McCarthy doesn’t know anything about football right?

    I’m just an armchair QB like most of you so called experts commenting here. I’ve seen this kid play football for several years now and yes he does have some issues with accuracy but it’s nothing like you think. He throws one of the best deep balls as anybody. Freeman has some accuracy issues himself. I saw a lot of overthrown passes last year from Free.

    And the defense won every game for Denver is a joke they were horrible for the 1st 5 games and Tebow almost brought them back in the 5th game against the Chargers.

    I like how you anti Tebow people are picking and choosing, if he didn’t make that final through in OT then he would have only had. Come on man.

    Freeman had many mediocre games last year, many.

  67. jvato24 Says:

    Dont get the obsession with the Kid. Good or Bad.

  68. Eric Says:

    If I’m banned for my position on tebow I hereby call forward for banning all you football geniuses who said Raheem Morris was the next Chuck Noll.

    Don’t make me go to the archives!


  69. stevek Says:

    Adding Tebow wouldn’t even be the “dumbest possible” move.

    That move was done last year, when we chose to sit out of Free Agency and were forced to have Hayneswurf on the team bc of a lack of depth.

    Yeah, we have already had Hayneswurf on this team, and I am ok with the addition of Tebow.

    Freeman is a big boy, and if he is shy of competition, then maybe he should take his talents to the USFL.

  70. bucfanlostiniowa Says:

    Freeman is a bust in waiting, c’mon joe just admit you were right in the first place.

  71. Chris FWC Says:

    or the MVP of the league…Discount Double Check?

  72. OptimisTroll Says:

    I’ll bet if you ask Brees whether he would choose to hold the league record for passing or another ring, he will choose the ring.

    Like Tom Brady is just satisfied just going to the Super Bowl.

    And I am sure Tim Tebow is grateful that he made it to the playoffs (sarcasm, he is disappointed it wasn’t him hoisting the Lombardi trophy ).

    In the game of football, at every level, the goal of the players is to someday win a Super Bowl ring, and if they have won one already, to win another.

    In the Pee-wee leagues, players want to go on an play high school ball, so they can go to a good school, and then get drafted, and then get on a team that will win the Super Bowl. It all leads to the Super Bowl.

    Teams are set up to have the best chance of winning the Super Bowl that they can. Getting only to the Playoffs every year gets coaches fired and Quarterbacks cut or traded.

  73. bucs76 Says:


  74. BigMacAttack Says:

    I have to disagree with Joe here. I think Tebow would bring great value to the Bucs. As stated above, I’d play him as Fullback, and he can get a yard when Blount can’t. The kid is a bruiser and I know he will block his butt off. He could also play some tight end and be the 3’rd string QB in a pinch. His best value might even come in running the scout team against the defense and teaching the CB’s how to catch, because he throws as many int’s as Freeman. Tebow is a winner and will sell more tickets. He is a great kid and giving up a 5’th round pick for him is nothing. 5’th round picks are less valuable than 7’th rounders to the Bucs, because they blow it on most of their 5’th round picks. The 5’th rounder Josh Johnson should be playing for Harbaugh in a few more days anyway. I’m a Tebow fan and he brings good karma and a very competitive spirit, which is something the Bucs are trying regain. I don’t think the Bucs can or will get Tebow, because someone smart like Belichick will give up more for him than anyone else.

  75. BigMacAttack Says:

    As Bucs’ fans, we’re smarter than to call for Tebow to start if Josh has a bad game. Give us a little more credit than that.

  76. Eric Says:

    I can just imagine chucky coaching tebow – how long would it take for the first thermo-nuclear profanity laced explosion?

  77. Bucfan34 Says:

    Eric, probably less time than it would coaching Freeman

    “Who the hell was open there you dumb f*ck? Are you out of your damn mind???”

  78. bucbelevr Says:

    Lovely….like this Bucs fan was dreading and predicting, Lions just nailed down 5 year contract with Tulloch! Now….watch, they’ll start dropping like flies in next 48 hours, once Adam Schefter does everyone’s work for them, and breaks down the numbers for all of us.

  79. ClayBURN94 Says:

    Lol Tulloch resigns with detroit. We still are missing 2 starting LB’s and I heard Biggers had more tackles than Black… Wow.

  80. OAR Says:

    All I can say is, if Tebow doesn’t start for the Broncos last year they NEVER make the playoffs, period! He is a leader and made that whole team better. It is, what it is!
    And agree, if his name wasn’t Tebow, some of you would have a different opinion! He’s young and didn’t have an offseason with a new head coach and new offensive coordinator.
    BTW he had a lot of passes dropped, like Freeman.
    Patriots might be where he ends up? They were going to draft him in the second round that year.

  81. OAR Says:

    Also, the Broncos did NOTHING to help him succeed. Like trading their number one reciever the week Tebow starts!
    I think its funny how Peyton thinks they’re a SB ready team, yet they’re brining in new players left and right.

  82. Capt.Tim Says:

    None of my comments are posting . .

  83. Eric Says:

    If Raheem didn’t make josh a nutcase nothing will!

  84. Thomas2.2 Says:

    I would love for Tebow to come here and his work ethic would set a great example for this team.

    Free is a question mark right now, hardly a sure-fire franchise player. Franchise qbs like Brady, Manning, Brees did not have huge regression years in year 3 or later.


    [Thomas, you know you got run once for putting words in Joe’s mouth. History should tell you that you have zero room for error any longer. Next time you get bounced there won’t be a reprieve. — Joe]

    I guess they really meant – days to come.

    Now they expect to have credibility on other issues, like Tebow.

    Who would you rather have backup anc challenge free? Tebow or Dan Orlov-I-N-T. I, and 99% of the community would say Tebow.

    Who cares if Free’s egos would be bruised? He needs a wakeup call and humbling.

  85. Thomas2.2 Says:

    BTW: I think you can have Tebow for a 4th-6th rounder. There is no better value available.

  86. #1bucfan Says:

    Eric – Let’s look at some facts here and stop speaking from the heart. Tim Tebow completed only 46.5 percent of his passes. He led the offense to the 31st ranked passing offense last year. Next, let’s look at Denver’s defense. Denver’s defense allowed 28 points per game during the 1-4 stretch but after their bye week they allowed 18 points a game. Their average margin of victory during his starts was 3.71 points. Clearly, HE wasn’t winning games in Denver, the defense was.

  87. eric Says:


    Ill accept those facts if u acknowledge he played an excellent game vs steelers and was a big part of that playoff victory.

    That impresses the heck out of me for a second year player. Everyone uses 2010 to set frees potential so tebow ought to be cut the same slack.

    Btw i am a FSU fan who witnessed first hand the guy beating us.

    I just think the guy is unfairly bashed when he did some good things sfter being thrown in the fire.

  88. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    Tim Tebow is the current Brian Bosworth.

  89. thegregwitul Says:

    Let’s stop with knocking the schedule the Bucs played when they won ten games. Be an adult and not a child, the last time I checked the Bucs played other NFL teams and not Akron and Bowling Green, they earned those wins having a young team picked to do nothing by the ‘experts’ as much as they earned those ten straight losses with the same young team picked to surprise people by those same ‘experts’.

    As for Tebow, he led his team to an 8-8 record coming in when the Broncos were 1-4 and made the playoffs in a very weak division. He even shocked the Steelers and won a playoff game. But he has a long way to go, and if you switched him with Freeman last year, maybe Josh doesn’t get Denver in the playoffs but Tebow would have won two games at most, especially with our former coaching staff.

    It was an ugly year, but guess what; it’s over. The focus is on 2012 and the Bucs are serious about winning, Freeman has some more weapons, the draft is coming up and there are still a few more holes likely to be filled in free agency. A lot to look forward to as a fan, and Tebow is not needed at this time. This team belongs to Josh Freeman and now he has to prove he’s up for the task.

  90. BigMacAttack Says:

    I am just so freakin elated that I agree with Eric and Thomas for a change. This is awesome! Someone please call me a Hater, quick. I love Tebow and any team in the NFL could find a spot for him, and in a few years he may be ready to be a starting QB. Look how much time Aaron Rogers got before he took snaps. I think the Broncos are idiots for trading him. He’s a cash cow and I’d let him learn under Peyton while he plays fullback and use him at QB on situational plays as well. Tebow is pretty awesome at the defense’s 2 or 3 yard line. He will score TD’s.

    I guarantee that if the Bucs signed Tebow, got him on the field in some capacity, they would start selling out the Stadium. Economy or Not, Tebow Sells!!! Not to mention jersey sales through the roof.

  91. #1bucsfan Says:

    Eric – there is no denying Tebows athletic talent but as an NFL QB he is terrible. If Tebow played on the Bucs, the result would have been the same, his stats even worse. 2011 is not a good depiction of Freeman’s ability. The system was terrible, coaching was terrible, thus the product on the field was terrible. Tebow did nothing last year to prove he has what it takes to be an NFL caliber QB, the defense did. That’s why he’ll be traded for nothing more than a 4th rounder.

  92. Mark Says:

    @Kujolw Says:

    “Come on Bucs Take him not to play QB but to play FB. He’ll help sale tickets and who knows could be the next Mike Alstott lol.”

    I would love to here Gene say, “TEBOW, UP THE GUT!!!”

  93. Mark Says:

    And the stadium would sellout with all the male gator groupies. Wearing thongs and half cut off gator 15 jerseys. Some of them hoping to be his first. OMG!!! We don’t need that in Tampa!

  94. me Says:

    thegregwitful – you say “let’s stop knocking the schedule the Bucs played” and then proceed to knock the schedule the Broncos played (i.e.- “made the playoffs in a very weak division”). Didn’t the Broncos play other NFL teams also and not Akron and Bowling Green?

  95. Thomas2.2 Says:

    I just will never understand how any human being would be so critical of Tim Tebow, and Grandmas and at the same time repeatedly knee-jerk to the defense of a thug like Talib.

    What is going on in society? Who wouldnt want Tebow on this team and in this community over Talib?

  96. gotbbucs Says:

    Isn’t going to happen, not worth talking about anymore.

  97. #1bucsfan Says:

    Thomas2.2 – who said anything about Talib over Tebow? You sound desperate now. It is irritating to hear people like you want a terrible QB (Tebow) on a team that already has a plan (bucs). Tebow would be a distraction. Let him play for another team so they can figure that out in their own. We don’t need him here.

  98. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Eric you and I must be the only two Bucs fans with vision. The Bucs could get Tebow for Benn and come out ahead. If Freeman really IS the “elite” QB that most posts believe he is then having Tebow around would just motivate Freeman to return to his 2010 form. However if Freeman continues as the bust-in-waiting form that he was at Kansas St the yeah it would be distracting.

    To all those who harp on Tebows terrible stats I have to ask this question did you actually watch Denver play last season or are you parroting ESPN Sportscenter?

    Tebow has a winners attitude. Hes a hard worker (read any of his coaches comments) meanwhile all I read about Freeman is excuses and reminiscing about the 2010 season, meanwhile completely ignoring the 10 game losing streak.

    Poor coaching? That’s what Denver did for Tebow in quarters 1-3. In the 4th quarter Tebow ran the no huddle, called the offense and guess what he won.

    Tebow can only HELP the Bucs – ticket sales, national interest and most importantly a winning attitude

  99. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Someone wrote that this is Freeman’s team….why? Just because the Bucs went 10-6 two years ago? Tebow may not have the mechanics that Freeman has but when you look at lifetime wins/losses from college to now I’ll take the QB who knows how to win and who is a proven leader.

    Why are you all afraid to make Freeman actually compete and prove himself? Peyton Manning has proven himself by his body of work Freeman hasn’t even come close to that level

  100. Eric Says:

    Tebow galvanized that team and they played their butts off for him.

    Did the bucs do that for Freeman? Helllllll nooooooooooo. Quit like dogs.

    So, who is the leader?

  101. Nick Says:

    The Bucs are not worthy of Tebow

  102. #1bucsfan Says:

    Mr Lucky – I watched Denver, I watched Tebow repeatedly throw into the sidelines, throwing at receivers’ feet ultimately missing 53 percent of his passes. If it wasn’t for the clutch 10 yard pass that lead to an 80 yard TD, he would have been run out of town. But because the guy could complete a 10 yard pass and have his receiver run the other 70 yards in the 4th qtr and OT paired with a defense that suddenly could stop opposing teams, he became a hero. And people like you jump in his sack like he is a hall of fame QB. No one said Freeman is an elite QB, but he has more potential than Tebow…period.

  103. Capt.Tim Says:

    What? Am I banned on making Tebow post?
    Geez, I musta tried ten times ta post here- not one posted.
    It’s cause they were perfect points- right?
    It woulda left everybody stunned!!!

  104. Mr. Lucky Says:

    So you’re saying that you’d rather have Freeman throw INTs rather than having Tebow throw the ball away?

    I watched Tebow get better as the 2011 season progressed and I watched Freeman regress as the 2011 season went on

  105. Cmurda Says:

    For the “experts” out there talking about how it had been Denver’s defense that carried them clearly don’t get the concept of what Tebow does. He not only adds another dimension that teams have to plan for a.k.a load the box, but he also runs time consuming drives that do what to a defense? Hmmm. Now, what benefit would a defense get when not on the field? Yup, the same thing that our defense got exactly none of. If you added up all of our 3 and outs last year, I guarantee we had to be in the top 3. Whether Tebow would fit in here or not is a different story but let’s not shortchange a guy that took a team that had no business making the playoffs and then beat the 5-time SB winning Steelers in thrilling fashion. I personally say Freeman deserves at least one year of opportunity without distraction and the timing is not right. Another repeat of his 2011 performance and we have to at least think of other options.

  106. #1bucsfan Says:

    Tebow wasn’t throwing the ball away, he missed targets, did you really just ask that question??? Wow.

    And yes, I’d rather stick with Freeman than Tebow. The picks were a product of play calling an being down by 21 at halftime. Tebow had the luxury of the #1 rushing offense last year and a defense that stepped it up. The bucs allowed 30 points a game and were always playing from behind…put Tebow in that situation and you would see a much worse display.

  107. Tristan Berry Says:

    I think Tebow is awesome, I really do. I love the way he plays the position and I think that with a couple years of seasoning he could potentially be a star in this league in an offense designed to take advantage of his strengths. But that’s not the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ offense. I love Tebow. I wish him well wherever he goes, but bringing him here is just stupid.

  108. Cmurda Says:

    6 time. Damn you Steelers.

  109. #1bucsfan Says:

    Cmurda – great point. But u are not asking him to be the QB, u are asking him to be a short yardage option. Different argument. These guys think Tebow is some elite QB to be worth the distraction that comes with him. Give Freeman a chance with a new offense and some real offensive weapons. VJax is gonna be a godsend for Freeman. Unless Tebow wants to be a TE, let him be a “godsend” for another team desperate for a QB…

  110. Tristan Berry Says:

    FYI: The Broncos and the Bucs were both horrible with 3 & outs. Tebow didn’t really help Denver in that regard. Sorry.

  111. Cmurda Says:


    It’s much more to do with the time consuming drives prototypical of a Tebow offense.

  112. OptimisTroll Says:

    The Saints, Falcons, and Panthers would love it if we traded for Tebow. They would have better attention payed to their games when they played the Bucs, and would be able to write off the Bucs as uncompetitive, putting a W on the schedule as soon as it is published.

  113. Jeremy Says:

    Tebow would be great for the community as well. Why not develop him we know the kid will bust his butt to get better. Let him play goal line like eagles did when they had Vicky backing up mcnabb. There is no cons to bringing in tebow

  114. OptimisTroll Says:

    Except for the roster spot he would take up.

  115. OptimisTroll Says:

    Away from a player that would actually help the team.

  116. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Wow, this guy apparently is a big deal, huh? lol. Before I give a Pete Dutcher type post, let me make it clear that Tebow is by far my favorite non-Buccaneer in the league. I’ve defended him time and time again to anyone I know that is a doubter. I totally believe that he brings leadership and determination that is hard to match, and he has that “it” factor that very few possess. However, I do have some doubts. I, like everyone (and I know most of us hate to even think this), has major doubts as to whether Tebow can keep this up. He’s not a QB-type that we have ever seen before, and you have to wonder how long his magic will last. He makes some horrible throws, often looking like me (which FYI, is very bad). He has moments where he looks like the worst QB I have ever seen in the NFL. But then the 4th quarter comes around. I do know one thing: he proves people wrong time and time again, and in this case I truly hope I am wrong. I love nothing more than to stick it to all the Tebow haters.

    I agree with you Eric about Tebow. I don’t consider last year a fluke, and I do believe he can have success in this league (but again, I have major doubts, even though I don’t want to). If he were a normal guy, I would be all for bringing him in to either challenge or backup Freeman (I love Free, but I wish I could say that I was 100% certain he is the real deal, but I just can’t). However, Tebow is not a normal guy. The attention he brings has the potential to be a major distraction. Let’s say he comes into training camp and stinks it up (like he supposedly did at last year’s training camp). This is highly likely (almost a guarantee), as he is just not a great passer and his skills are best suited for a game environment (pounding the ball down people’s throats). Obviously the coaches would start Josh. However, what’s going to happen the first time Free throws a couple picks? Everyone and their mother will be screaming for Tebow. I don’t care what it does to Freeman (like you said, he should be able to deal with that), but it could create a divide amongst the locker room. Every player will get hit with question after question about Tebow, and that’s where the problem starts. That will get old really quick. Unless he has the same type of success here (which is less likely since our defense is horrendous), things will start to get ugly (in my opinion). Granted it didn’t get ugly in Denver, but they have a great defense and Kyle Orton and Brady Quinn were there other QB’s (not exactly cream of the crop). I just don’t think the risk is worth it, especially since I am of the belief that most of the team gets a mulligan from last year.

    I just feel like if they believe Freeman really is the guy, then we have to say no to Tebow. I don’t know how to break down film, nor do I know Freeman or work with him every day, so my opinion is ignorant. I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that he is the real deal.

  117. MTM Says:

    Tebow in Tampa would bring the media circus to town and that is the biggest downfall for teams picking up Tebow. It’s kind of shame that the critics run him off so quickly. Then you look at someone like Alex Smith who has played aweful for the majority of his 5 yrs in the NFL and he also was one game from the Superbowl.

  118. Mr Lucky Says:

    @#1 – First I NEVER claimed Tebow was an elite QB, saying that about ANY QB who has only been in the league for 3 years of less.

    Given the choice between starting Peyton Manning and Tebow I would choose Manning.

    Given the choice between Freeman and Tebow…..Based on 2011 I would choose Tebow. The best stat, in my opinion is winning and I believe that Tebow has a certain ‘it’ factor that elevates his fellow players and team mates.

    A media circus can get out of hand, especially in markets like NY, LA, Boston or Chicago but come on TAMPA???? That’s really lame people.

    As for Tebow ‘taking up a spot’ on the roster that is super lame especially when you consider the players that the Bucs had on the roster last year. Do you Freeman apologists really believe that Josh Johnson is a better backup QB than Tebow?

  119. BigMacAttack Says:

    So how many games has Tebow actually played in the NFL now? Everyone wants to judge him as if he’s played for 5 or 6 years. Everyone gave Freeman a mulligan for his first season when he only played 9 games. I’m still a Freeman fan and think he will play better with Sullivan as the OC, but Tebow would help the Bucs in numerous ways.

  120. #1bucfan Says:

    Mr Lucky – I’m ready to agree to disagree. I don’t think you have made any valid points with your argument, at least enough to warrant him a roster spot on the Bucs as a QB. Unless Tebow can play middle linebacker, I’m not interested. Bringing in Tebow as a QB would disrupt everything we have going for us…create a new wave of fans that are sitting, waiting for Freeman to stumble and scream for Tebow, with billboards and protests. We don’t need that in Tampa…and for some reason people still want him here. You will continue to refuse to look at stats and I refuse to look at this “it” factor that you speak of that “elevates” his teamates. I give more credit to the coaching staff of the Denver defense last year that made the necessary adjustments from a 1-4 start to shave 10 points allowed a game. Meanwhile here in Tampa, after a 4-2 start, our coaches manage to make the adjusments leading us to the worst defense in Bucs history. No QB could win in that $%^& storm.

  121. Eric Says:

    I want disruption of that ten game losing streak!

  122. #1bucfan Says:

    Eric – you did! the season ended! lol

    We already have hope for 2012: new coaches, a true #1 WR, the best O-line in the NFL. (we just need linebackers)

  123. Nate Says:

    IF tebow comes as a running back and the stadium sells out and i can watch games from home im all for this.. but as a QB no! unless somehow freeman gets hurt id give the kid a chance…