Selling 10-6

March 6th, 2012

Assuming the Bucs pursue an elite tier free agent with multiple suitors, such as No. 1 wideout Vincent Jackson, Joe knows the Bucs’ brass will have to sell the Tampa Bay franchise in a huge way.

Yes, Joe’s not naive to think money doesn’t speak loudest. But the elite free agents likely will have plenty of fat offers and want to see more than cash. Luring these guys is a wacky, frenetic process. Hell, Albert Haynesworth didn’t come here in 2009 because he didn’t want to do too much boating. That brings Joe to how the Bucs will be sold to a prospective acquisition.

Obviously, the Bucs can sell great weather and training facilities, no state income tax, and plenty of Super Bowl rings on the coaching staff. Joe also assumes the Bucs will pitch any potential cornerbacks or linebackers with the presence of four top draft picks on the young defensive line. And, of course, Team Schiano will talk all about character and the new “Buccaneer Way.”

But what’s interesting to Joe is that the Bucs no doubt will be selling the 10-6 record of 2010 and the Josh Freeman of 2010. Essentially pitching that the talent is already here and now the right coaching staff is in charge.

While many Bucs fans think 2010 was a mirage — Joe’s not in that camp — top free agents will be asked to believe otherwise. And a strong case will be made.

Now, of course, Joe is simply performing logical speculation. But if this part of the sales pitch proves true, then one might have to wonder why the Bucs didn’t go after top free agents last year on the heels of that 10-6 season. Was it overconfidence in the roster, or underconfidence in the coaching staff?

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  1. stevek Says:

    Buc’s Defense needs a mean streak, enter Cortland Finnegan/ Brandon Carr.

    Buc’s Offense needs a play maker, enter Vincent Jackson.

    Buc’s need to spend $8 Million less on Faine, and put that money towards the addition of Carl Nicks/Ben Grubbs.

    Buc’s Defense could us a Middle Line Backer, enter Stephen Tulloch/ Curtis Lofton.

    Buc’s Defense needs a Safety and DT for depth/competition.

  2. George Says:

    The other selling point is that the guys they sign get to be guys that help turn things around. If they can pitch that, it will appeal to the kind of players they really want — prideful players who play with a purpose and an attitude. Of course, the money has to be there, but they need to get Schiano on the phone and have him sell his vision. I think this is how Wyche convinced Nickerson to join the Bucs.

  3. eric Says:

    Those 3-13 and 4-12 seasons were mere mirages, especially the worst defensive performance in franchise history.

    Hiding the magnificent talent building efforts of our ownership and GM.

    Easter Bunny appearance with the great pumkin to follow.

    Heaven help us if Dom and the Glazer Boys actually believe this nonsense.

  4. thomas 2.2 Says:

    Joe dont be a homer. Your genius head coach called 2010 “smoke and mirrors.” Did you forget that?

    Like Eric said and I told Tim: If you par one hole in golf and triple bogey or worse 17 others – you are not a good golfer. If a baseball player hits .300 one season and .210 the other 2 seasons – I guess you would be arguing that he should be considered a .300 career hitter – nope.

    Why not go ahead and sell that we were super bowl champs in 2002? The entire coaching staff (thank god!) and 35-40% of the roster will be different in 2012 (thank god!) than 2010 – people aren’t dumb enough to believe the 2 senseless notions that you are selling:

    1) that this team was really a 10-6 quality team 2 years ago after being surrounded by 3-13 and 4-12;
    2) that if even they did buy that foolish idea, that the same team will be in place 2 years later under a completely different coaching staff, system etc.


    Thomas 2.2, how bout actually reading what’s written in this post. That might help you, versus reading what’s not here. –Joe

  5. Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Tampa is a nice place to live, compared to some Towns.
    One can argue that San Diego blows Tampa away though, so it will have to be Money that lures Jackson.
    Especially with the Run First Offense Schiano intends to install here.

  6. George Says:

    Eric, I think Dom and the Glazers probably got a better picture, a more realistic picture, of the team during the HC interview process. With decent coaching and the current talent, they’re better than 4-12, but probably not as good as 10-6. I think Schiano and his experienced staff can probably evaluate things more effectively than the previous staff and that alone will inform Dominik better about where the team really stands. Dominik, even before the Schiano hiring, admitted that he had overestimated the talent level after the 10-6 year. I really believe they now have a realistic view of where their strengths and weaknesses lie.

  7. Steve From Oregon Says:

    Steve K…im with you.

    Carr or Finnegan would be great additions.

    Take Grubbs over Nicks, you can get him cheaper and his level of play is right there.

    Tulloch of Lofton can also be had for decent money.

    I would also add another safety or DT for depth.

    Joe…..I think it was overconfidence in the players that we had previously not the coaching.

  8. stevek Says:

    Agree with Steve from Oregon,

    Overconfidence in the current roster is the problem.

    We play like a half @$$ team, and our budget is 50% of what it COULD be…..

    What do you think the chances that the Buc’s ownership goes out there and spends some darn cap?

    Money buys talent, and the Bucs sorely need both.

    If the Bucs GM/Glazer’s go out there and try to justify “adding a 4th round weapon” at TE again, I will undoubtedly throw up in my own mouth.

    Show some interest GlazerNik, please!

  9. espo Says:

    Sold me on it

  10. jvato24 Says:

    I agree with both Steves … Its pretty clear to me what makes us better .. Hopefully its clear to the Bucs too

    Just add Mike TOlbert to bruise other teams defenders and help keep Freeman clean and Im on board.

  11. BucFan20 Says:

    I would also remember some of these players played the Bucs last year. What do they think already about the talent they played. And 1. How easy they were to score on. 2. How they could not score. Do they think they saw the Bucs have the talent. I would think that would be in their mind also. Along with money and wanting a ring now not 2 or 3 years from now.

  12. Dave Says:

    I don’t think the sales job is as tough as some make it seem.

    1. Players historically go where the money is…. THAT is the toughest part….. getting the Glazers to pony up a little extra to get 2-4 big signings (Carr, Jackson, a LB)

    2. On offense they have Sullivan and Josh Freeman as part of the sales pitch for a WR like VJax

    3. On defense they sell the Brooks/Sapp/Lynch decade and the fact that they have Schiano and Butch Davis going to that defensive mindset again.

    4. Whether some posting here believe it or not, they can also sell McCoy, Price, Bowers, & Clayborne to show the committment they have in trying to create a dominating defense again.

    5. Plus they have great facilities in a great area with beaches and awesome weather.

    But, all that is very minor if the Glazers don’t pony up a little more than the next guy to get someone like VJax or Carr.

  13. stevek Says:

    Preach on Dave,

    Message from Buc Fans to Ownership:

    Give a crap, spend that cap!


    At the end of day, talk is cheap. Mgmt and ownership can preach as much as they want about improving the roster, but, I’m simply waiting to see what they actually do.

    Maybe I’m looking at a different team than some of you, Joe included. There are many holes that need to be filled. There are starters who on many other teams would be back-ups, as well as back-ups who would be in street clothes if on other teams.

    We also have a front office who spent a high draft pick on a kicker, then cut him (who then flourished elsewhere and is now franchised), signed a TE with the knees of a 60 year old, signed a terribly unproven LB to a huge payday and got ZERO in return, offered huge money deals to headcases (Haynesworth) and over the hill’ers (Favre), failed to resign the defensive playcaller and replaced him with a friggin rookie, replaced the experienced third-down back with a guy who should be a fed-ex driver or anything but a pro running back…..need I go on?

  15. northend Says:

    Florida girls,Great Night life,Perfect weather,The Water and beaches,No taxes,Florida girls,Football hotbed in the High School and College ranks(for those with children)Great training and playing facilities,Florida girls,Bucs cheerleaders and oh yeah we are not cold grey sh%& heap cities like Cleveland,Detroit,Cincy,buffalo,etc. We got kick a$$ uniforms,a new piss and vinegar coaching staff where players can be part of something new,Florida girls,and of course part of a championship tradition.

  16. Bobby Says:

    All I know is San Francisco absolutely sucked until they got the proper coaching and they instantly turned things around. They DID NOT replace the entire team and they didn’t spend like crazy drunken sailors in FA. They simply had better coaching and better defensive and offensive game plans. Don’t think we can’t have a quick turnaround here too. Yes, we need to fill some holes but not nearly as many as some think.


    Maybe San Fran has a better front office. Is that not possible? San Fran also had a much higher payroll to begin with.

    What works for one team, does not work for the next.

  18. eric Says:


    I hope your right. Schiano ought to be in great position to help with the draft given he just left the college ranks. I am pleased and impressed with him so far.

    Im just saying unrealistic expectations that we really have 10-6 talent after last seasons fiasco is ludicrous. Wasnt like we were losing tight games.

    Need lots of help and the previous premium draftees to come through.

  19. jvato24 Says:

    Dont overlook Finnegans teammate McCourty who is a vocal supporter of coach Schiano. There is even a video clip of Jason McCourty and Ray Rice talking about Schiano.

    If Finnegan asks what to expect in Tampa .. He will hear good things.

    The Rams were a front runner for Finnegan … Still think they are now that they wont have a D-Coordinator ??

  20. Bobby Says:

    @ALSTOTTSMART!…..what you just said makes absolutely no sense at all. Mayber they had a ‘better front office or higher payroll’????? What the heck does that have to do with hiring a new coach and seeing a dramatic turnaround with basically the same players that looked absolutely terrible the year before??
    The front office doesn’t play football and a higher payroll doesn’t mean higher performance (Quincy Black).

  21. eric Says:

    This san fran comparison is way off. No way did their 2010 team approach the ineptitude of the 2011 bucs.

    For example, their defense ranked 16th and they had a points differential of -21

    Our defense gave up a franchise record 405 points, finished 32nd in that category, with a -207 differential.

    If that’s talent then I am brer rabbit.



    I’m sorry what I wrote does not make sense to you. My point is, we apparently see different levels of talent on this team.

    Just because one team (San Fran) replaces their coaches and has success immediately, does not mean the same thing will happen to another team (Tampa). There are all sorts of other factors besides coaching that go into success.

    Maybe San Fran had all other the other pieces in place (as I alluded to, a superior front office/GM), in comparison to the job Dominick has done.

    Also, San Fran has had a much higher payroll recently, meaning, they have been spending money on getting talent onto their team. Tampa has not.

    So, sure, in some cases where the front office does a good job, and they spend money on talent, all it takes is the one last piece of the puzzle (coaching). That is what seems to be happening in San Fran.

    In other cases, you have a team with multiple mistakes by the front office (see earlier post about all the screwups already by Dominick), and have been riding the bottom tier of salary since 2006, leading to a mediocre roster.

    So, I don’t San Fran and Tampa is the same situations, where simply adding a coaching staff will make all the difference in the world.

    It will take much more here. That’s my opinion.


    And, of course, throwing huge money at terrible players (Black) is no guarantee of success. That’s why you hire a competent GM who DOES NOT waste money on bad players. You hire the right GM who knows who to spend the $$ on. It’s joke that Dominick paid Black, and I would fire him for that alone.

  24. Pinnacl3 Says:


  25. jvato24 Says:

    AlstottSmart says
    We also have a front office who spent a high draft pick on a kicker, then cut him (who then flourished elsewhere and is now franchised), signed a TE with the knees of a 60 year old, signed a terribly unproven LB to a huge payday and got ZERO in return, offered huge money deals to headcases (Haynesworth) and over the hill’ers (Favre), failed to resign the defensive playcaller and replaced him with a friggin rookie, replaced the experienced third-down back with a guy who should be a fed-ex driver or anything but a pro running back…..need I go on?

    WTF ?!??! High draft pick on a kicker who flourished ??? When you say things like that maybe you should go with AlstottDUMB

    Kellen Winslow has been one of the most productive TEs in Buc History .. Pro Bowl no … But good and hasnt missed many games at all

    Huge money deal to Brett Favre ??? WTH ??

  26. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    Just be honest and tell them Ra filled certain positions with players that didn’t deserve or need to be there. Also tell them that is why we want you on our team to fill those few mistakes he made. You can also sell them on our young core of talent and tell them we are only a few good players away from being back at that 10-6 mark!! I just don’t see VJ coming here though. He will get a monster contract and the Glazers aren’t to big on those. But our D is our biggest problem. Along with two new Offensive Linemen. Trueblood and Faine have worn out their welcome in Tampa.

    Also, our new coaching staff MUST figure out which players quit and for what reasons. Their is always “bad apples” in any group. Whether is be sports teams or groups of work collegues, or even just friends. But those guys who were responsible for this abomination either need to be replaced or see how certain players, ala Mike Williams,react with the new staff. You must remove them from your organization to move foward at the best possible pace.

  27. ALSOTTSMART! Says:

    I was wrong the Nugent draft pick. But, I stick by the rest. Nugent was franshised by Cincy this week.

    I’m going to disagree with you about Winslow. The Bucs signed him to the biggest TE deal in history…HISTORY. Has he ever approached that financial commitment? He is nowhere near worth the biggest deal in history. He can’t even practice. Would you like to go through all the superior TE’s in the league? And Tampa has never had a history of great tight ends, so, to put him on top of the mantel is not that impressive to me. Better than who? Jackie Harris? Tyji Armstrong? I’ll take Jimmy Giles over Winslow all day.

    And, yes, Favre. Don’t you hear Joe pointing to offers to Favre and Haynesworth as examples of Dominick and the Glazers being willing spenders? I’m saying, even the times they have tried to do big dollar deals, they were BAD offers. Favre to TB would have been terrible. Just a $ grab for season ticket sales. Not only do you need to spend $, but, it has to be for great players in their prime.

    Again, I was wrong about the Nugent draft pick.

  28. Bobby Says:

    @ALSTOTTSMART!….Dude….have you been drinking or over medicating??

  29. Bobby Says:

    @ALSTOTTSMART!…Your analogies are just like Thomas’. It’s like saying a GM sucked because he failed to take Tom Brady in the 6th round of the draft the year he was drafted. Hind sight is always 20/20. You are just brilliant after the fact aren’t you?

  30. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    I really hope our Front Office says screw it and spends a lot of money this offseason. I would love to get Pierre Garcon and Laurent Robinson at WR. Brandon Carr and Cortland Finnegan at CB. And I would like us to sign Dan Connor at LB. Those guys right there could be had for around 30-35 million at most. Thats only half of our Cap. Then look at Nicks. That will push it over 40-45 million range. That leaves us with around 25-30 million to resign our younger guys over the next couple seasons. And that money would roll over to next season to go with the new cap space!!! Imagine our team with those guys on it!!! Laron Landry would be nice too!!!!!

  31. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    Brandon Lloyd would be awesome to pair with Garcon. Both guys score deep TDs and also do the possesion WR work as well. Laurent Robinson works out just fine as well. Any 2 of those guys would fit great with our team and be a ton cheaper than Vincent Jackson. Probably could get 2 of them for around the price of VJs new contract!!

  32. ALSOTTSMART! Says:

    So what Bobby,

    All NFL teams are exactly alike? Is that what you are saying?

    So the 49ers hired a new coach, and had a great year, so, that’s exactly what is to transpire with the Bucs?

    I simply have a different opinion than you do. I think the Dominick is mediocre, and the Tampa’s lowest tier payroll since 2006 have taken it’s toll on talent across the board.

  33. Bobby Says:

    @ALSOTTSMART!…. No…all NFL teams aren’t alike but what happens with one team can certainly happen with another. There have been many teams turn around with a coaching change for the better.

    I definitely disagree with you about the talent level on this team. I think you will be shocked at how much better the same talent looks this coming season with proper coaching and more importantly…the proper culture.

  34. stevek Says:


    GMC Sucks bc he is paid more than Troy Polamalu, WTH!

    8th highest paid player in the NFL and he has done nothing but suck, get injured, and tweet.

    Don’t take shots at Alstott’s words, the man has a right to an opinion.

    He is spot in that the Buc’s front brass is NOT ANYWHERE CLOSE to the 49er’s front office. The 49er’s actually SPEND money to IMPROVE their team in FA…..

    One question about the 49ers, do they make it to the playoffs without their upgrade at CB- Carlos Rogers? IMO, nope.

    Did we have the same oppurtunity to sign this guy in the offseason? Yup!!!

    One problem remains, cheap @$$ soccer nanny owners, assisted by a karaoke star.

  35. eric Says:

    Hell these people tried to save themselves by signing fat Albert last year, surely we can do better than that this offseason.

    Then again maybe not.

  36. ALSOTTSMART! Says:

    Alright, compare the two rosters. Off the top of my head, SF is superior at TE, RB, WR (only because Tampa WR’s did nothing this year), LB, S, CB, DE, DT. Even OL would be close (Staley, Iupati). SF had 8 players named to the the Pro Bowl.

    And how did SF get the superior roster? Better drafting and better free agent signings. Something Dominick and the Glazers have struggled with to date. Which is exactly what I initially mentioned, when you talked about the turnaround that SF had.

    I would love nothing more than to have SF results. I just don’t see it. I drank the kool aid for a long time. No more for me. I’ll believe it when I see it.

  37. ALSOTTSMART! Says:

    No Eric,

    Fat Albert is thrown out as a POSITIVE sign that they will open their wallets. Trying not to laugh.

    These are TB best examples they will spend money: Quincy Black (we will develop and spend on our roster) and Haynesworth (we will spend on FA talent). Seriously?

  38. stevek Says:

    Fat Albert was a “necessary” sign to help fill our lack of “depth”.

    Fat Albert was “move of desperation” to make up for “and inexcusable lack of spending”.

    Look at it any way you want to, but I am not drinking another ounce of Kool- Aid.

    The Glazers and Domminick need to think really hard about not being salary cap “challenged”.

    This offseason will truly tell where our Owner’s “hearts” are in regards to turning the Bucs into a winner.

    We suck and we lost 10 straight games bc we had 1/2 @$$ coaches with 1/2 @$$ game planning, AND a 1/2 @$$ SALARY CAP!

  39. ALSOTTSMART! Says:

    “We suck and we lost 10 straight games bc we had 1/2 @$$ coaches with 1/2 @$$ game planning, AND a 1/2 @$$ SALARY CAP!”


  40. Bobby Says:

    @ALSOTTSMART! You just don’t get it do you…. I said that this is the same team we kicked the living crap out of 21-0 in 2010 and now you act like they replaced the whole damn team. NO THEY DID NOT!!!! Now try to grasp this…they did get a new coach and it made a HUGE difference with the talent they already had. Now maybe Stevek would have you believe that Rogers is the reason they went 13-3. He would believe that. He seems to think Trent Richardson will put us in the Super Bowl. I believe the big difference was a new coach and a new attitude. Now…is that clear enough for you or do you need equally clueless Stevek to come to your rescue again?

  41. stevek Says:

    17-31 over the last 3 years, and a payroll mirroring 50% of it’s potential.

    Looks to me the like Bucs are roughly 50% of what a good team is… on the record books and in the owner’s checkbooks……

  42. stevek Says:


    You couldn’t hit water if your fell out of a boat!

    C’mon man, why don’t you like Richardson?

    The value is there at the # 5 selection, and we would be getting as close to a proven commodity as possible.

    Richardson is praised for his work ethic, physical gifts both on the field off the field and in the weight room.

    IMO, Tampa Bay could not have a better pick then Richardson.

    Schiano wants “Buc Men”, well Richardson would be one heckuva “Buc Man”.

  43. ALSOTTSMART! Says:

    LOL. Sure, I’m the clueless one…..

    Look, I generally like most of the new coaching staff. I’m just not sold on a good portion of the roster, or the people who are still making those decisions to add to it (Dominick, and by extension, the Glazer sons.

    Sure, Harbaugh improved who he had on the team, because they had the ability to improve. Because, they drafted better players. What I am saying is, I have doubt many of these players can be improved that dramatically. You can’t shine a turd.

    Tell you what, let’s watch the season unfold, and see exactly how well the players on the roster currently, do, as well, as how many are actually still on the roster by end of season.

    Then, we’ll see who the clueless one is. Okay, kiddo?

  44. stevek Says:

    Look at Ozzie Newsome, not only an awesome tight end, but an even better GM.

    He picked Terrel Suggs when everyone was shying away from him bc of his slow 40 time.

    I will tell you all right now, we need a GM than can bring in talent.

    Everyone is up in arms about drafting a CB. We did that: Talib and Lewis. Time to fix those two boo boos with some proven FA talent.

  45. stevek Says:


    San Francisco went 13-3 bc they are a hard nosed football team.

    From the HC all the way down, SF has a strong mental grasp of their goal.

    They were by far a superior team when we played them last year.

    The Bucs gave up, almost like they knew their owner’s only care 1/2 as much about winning as the rest of the NFL.

  46. Bobby Says:

    Haven’t any of you cry babies learned that payroll means next to nothing when it comes to winning or losing?? If that were true then the highest spending teams would always win the super bowl. That’s just not the case. I’m not saying the Bucs shouldn’t spend money. They should and they will but it is certainly no guarantee that we will suddenly be contenders. The Browns, Vikings, Redskins, and Cowboys always spend a ton of money but what does it get them? It has to be money spent wisely and then that talent has to be coached properly..the latter being the most important. New England is probably the biggest spenders in football but I contend that without Brady and Belichick all that money wouldn’t matter.

  47. Joe Says:


    Haven’t any of you cry babies learned that payroll means next to nothing when it comes to winning or losing??

    Ssshh! Joe gets flamed whenever he writes that propaganda.


    Bobby, it’s been show the most successful for team’s (I’ll try to find the graph) have been one’s that are in the upper middle tier of the payrolls, meaning from around midway (#16) to upper mid (8th).

    The Bucs have not sniffed that consistantly since 2005. Since then they’ve been 25th or below almost every single year.

    Show me a team who is consistantly in the last third of payroll in the NFL that are consistantly good. Look at Green Bay, NY Giants, New England Patriots, etc. How often are they below 25th in payroll?

    Who ever asked them to be 1st in spending??? Is it wrong to expect them to be 16th????

  49. Bobby Says:

    @Stevek….’sigh’..let’s try this one more time. OK. I agree they were mentally tougher, physically tougher, just all around better last year. Now, having said that you would have to agree that the year prior we were physically tougher, mentally tougher, just all around better when we beat them 21-0. What changed in 1 year??? Rogers the CB? He made the difference?? Please…

    I contend it was the new attitude that Harbaugh brought in and a better all around game plan. He took that same talent and made them believe in themselves and demanded performance. They weren’t big players in FA. Smith looked like a new QB didn’t he? What do YOU attribute that to other than coaching?

  50. Thomas 2.2.. Says:

    High payroll doesn’t guarantee championships but when high payroll is spent prudently it almost always guarantees playoffs.

    Lowest payroll doesn’t guarantee losing but it very highly correlates with losing across all sports. Being 32 out of 32 in payroll is virtually insuring no playoffs.

    Spending wisely in the upper tier of teams makes sense. Unless RahRah and Dom are running your team, well then you will be 17-31 no matter how much you spend.

    Let Schiano make decisions and let Dom water glazer lawns.

  51. Bobby Says:

    I’ll give you one off the top of my head. Atlanta spent 103 mil in 2010 and led the NFC South. There is a time to spend and a time not to. The time for the Bucs to spend is now and I’m sure they will. A good example is all the money that Atlanta spent last year and they had a worse record than 2010. Like I said, it has to be money wisely spent but with the new CBA all this cheap talk is going out the window because all teams below the cap have to spend.

  52. stevek Says:

    $ 60 million in untouched resource towards the salary cap?

    Inexcusable, looks like our owner’s “Give a sh!t” is broken again?


    2005 26th (73.7m)
    2006 31st (78.7m)
    2007 23rd (98.1m)
    2008 23rd (104.3m)
    2009 31st (84.5m)
    2010 23rd (104.3m)
    2011 31st (92.9m)

    That’s the Tampa Bay Buccaneer “wisely spent” recent payrolls. You get what you pay for. No one wants the highest spending team, but, when you are spending at the bottom consistently, you guarantee exactly what we have now.

    2002 16th (64.4m) That’s the Super Bowl team, in case you are interested.

  54. 941-Bucs Says:

    I truly believe it was the Cockiness “Over confidence” that ultimately destroyed this team. Everyone including “most” fans thought the team was right on track and making a run for the playoffs.

    Dom thought he was a genius with his pick ups, Raheem believed all his coaching techinques were working, and the players believed they could just do it all over again. Why not see what this team really has underneath that skin? We still didn’t know what the teams strengths or weaknesses were.

    Now we have to again find out where the real holes are on this team. Last year isn’t a fair assessment of what we have. a bunch of first and second year players with no off season isn’t fair.

    After last year the biggest problem was overall coaching. Second is veteran leadership on the field.

    As for talent. None of us really know what this team has. But this year will weed at the men from the boys mark my words.

  55. 941-Bucs Says:

    You know for so many claiming to be True Bucs fans or football fans in general. Most seem to miss the one, most obvious fact in the NFL is the unexpected. No one can predict anything that’s going to happen. It’s the beauty of sports. It isn’t always about Talent or money. There is no one simple answer or comparison to another. That will equate the same answer every time.

    I’ll explain. Example: Rhonde Barber. I’m going to use him to prove this point as most (even wayfarer) fans will be able to relate. He isn’t the most Talented player at his position. What he lacks in Talent and Natural ability he has made up for in dedication, Hard work, study and mastering of his craft, and the steady perseverance to stay at the top of his game. Same can be said for someone like Derrick Brooks.

    Point being, Most of this team has at least SOME decent talent. You don’t just go out and win 10 games in the NFL with out it. But it’s going to be “who wants it more” just like always in the NFL. Talent only carries you so far. It will rely on the hard work, dedication, and preparation of these players as to what the end result will really be.

    All i am saying is i wish more fans would give these guys a chance to prove us Wrong. It’s not like it will take a miracle as it happens every single year. Again the beauty of sports. Anyone at anytime can end up winning it all. Whether it is a group of nobodies or a group of elites.

  56. 941-Bucs Says:

    Sorry for the rant. Just thinking these guys need all the support we can give. Hate to see so many people hate on them. We should be cheering for them to turn it around with or with out the big names. This is OUR team! Go Bucs!

  57. Joe Says:


    Sorry for the rant.

    Rants are good! 🙂

  58. Patrick Says:

    Things we know about 2010:

    1. Our defense was horrible even though we were 10-6.

    2. SLOW STARTS constantly throughout the year! Josh had to constantly bail us out, so we had to come back because we played like sh!t for 3 quarters quite often!

    3. Easy schedule. Don’t deny it anyone, it was a huge reason for 10-6.

    4. Lucky finishes! See: Bengals and Redskins games for examples

    Some of the young guys displayed talent that year (Williams, etc….)but let’s see if they get back to that production this year.

    But that team was really not 10-6 caliber. Probably one of the worst 10-6 teams ever.

  59. Bobby Says:

    @Patrick….LOL! “Probably one of the worst 10-6 teams ever.” Now that is funny! Nearly beat Atlanta twice that year. Could have easily been 12-4. You don’t get to 10-6 without talent, I don’t care how you spin it.