Richardson Wants The Call From Derrick Brooks

March 29th, 2012

Trent Richardson ran around in shorts at his Pro Day today in Alabama and had plenty to say for the BSPN cameras afterwards. Check out the video below.

Of note, Merril Hoge and Richardson talk about new Bucs running backs coach Earnest Byner giving Richardson a rigorous workout. Plus Richardson talks about the joy he’d get from getting a draft-day call from one of his “hometowns,” fellow Pensacolan Derrick Brooks. Joe would much prefer Morris Claiborne get a call from Ronde Barber, but that’s a rant for another day.

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  1. J 2.0 Says:


  2. J 2.0 Says:

    Claiborne is as good as a Buccaneer!

  3. Rrsrq Says:

    Will rock star ask d brooks opinion in the in depth interview process when he ask about his pop warner days

  4. Eric Says:

    kid looks like a prime candidate to play the new buccaneer way. And practice the new buccaneer way.

    Schiano wants one guy to feed the ball to.

    This is the guy. Ray Rice 2.0.

  5. jvato24 Says:

    If Claiborne is truly a shutdown corner he is the better value pick. I wish I could find film on Claiborne and not just a highlight reel. I don’t like going off media gurus opinions on draft prospects as they all basically repeat what another guy said with the exception of Mayock. At least we would get what appears to be a Dang good RB if we did go Richardson.

  6. jvato24 Says:

    What’s funny on the interview before this the guys mentioned TR may go Cleveland he got like a blank look on his face like he found out he was going on a blind date with a chubby chick. Haha. Was too funny

  7. ClayBURN94 Says:

    I would to if i heard i was going to cleveland. Lol

  8. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I’ve been of the mind that we would take Claiborne at #5, but I’m really starting to believe we are taking TR, assuming he’s still there. I know there has been some controversy about his 40 time (they said 4.4 on the video, others are reporting 4.58), but it is ridiculous to say he is slow. Nobody ever catches the guy. Also, watch his quickness and power in the video. Tell me anyone on our roster that possesses that? Cleveland has a very good chance to take him, and I think the will unless they decide to make the mistake to draft Tannehill. It is Cleveland so I guess that’s a possibility, but I have a bad feeling Richardson will be gone by #5. If not, Joe better pull out the next “bust in waiting” type nickname for TR.

  9. tonytwocents Says:

    Is it just me or did he just put Claiborne on blast? It sounded like he said Alabama would line him up in the slot against LSU to get their “best corner” to cover him, and Bama basically kept “him” out the game, plus “he” was holding the whole time.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but it definitely sounded like he took a shot at Claiborne there. Maybe to make a push for to be picked ahead of Mo.

  10. Cmurda Says:

    I’m sure MO would like to field that call too. Don’t eff this up Rockstar.

  11. tonytwocents Says:

    Or maybe he’s trying to convince Dom & the G-Men to consider him over Claiborne because he wants to be close to home.

  12. Eric Says:

    i read a couple of scouting reorts that claiborne has poor tackling technique.

    dang sure dont need that.

  13. Tylund Says:

    Weird complaint i don’t like the way he talks. I think you can tell alot about someone just from the way they talk

  14. canadianbuc Says:

    At the end of the day we could be on the clock with both TR and Mo on the board there is rumors stirring up about Cleveland swaying towards Tannehill and the vikings are still going to draft Kalil unless they want Ponder dead by the second half of the first game. So in the end its going to be a hard decision but with adding TR were adding luxury Drafting Mo is a need. From the looks of it its not looking like were going to sign a LB which will make our defense weak again and if Mo is what everyone says he is we gotta take him………Guys we have to play against
    Matt Ryan
    Cam Newton
    Drew Brees
    all passing guys we need at least a decent secondary to get anywhere i think we saw Blount can pound the ball already…..Just watch the Packer game highlight!

  15. Capt. Tim Says:

    Sporting news mock draft- posted a few hoes ago, has Richardson gong to the Bengals at 17.
    The real Workout of interest today was Tannehill
    Browns take him at 4. We get Claibourne at 5
    Richardson still goes higher than his Heisman winning buddy, Ingram.
    Sounds about right

  16. Marques Says:

    And with the 5th pick the bucs select T. RICH.

    We need playmakers. He kinda reminds me of Thurman Thomas but faster.

    Great role model in Brooks.

    Seems like a very humble guy.

    Humble guys are usually great team guys.

  17. canadianbuc Says:

    @capt so im guessing your not a Richerdson fan?

  18. Sensiblebuc Says:


  19. Patrick Says:


    You serious? No way he falls that far.

  20. thegregwitul Says:

    @Marques; If he’s anywhere near as good as Thurman, man, the Bucs better grab T-Rich at #5. Growing up in Buffalo, my three favorite football players were Reggie Cobb, Thurman Thomas and Bo Jackson. I didn’t get to see Cobb play live (until he went to NY at the end of his career), but I got to see Thurman and he was unreal.

    I’d love for the Bucs to have their very own Thurman Thomas, it would elevate Josh Freeman to the next level.

  21. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    So what exactly was so impressive about those You Tube highlights?

  22. Brandon Says:

    Marques Says:

    March 29th, 2012 at 10:20 pm
    And with the 5th pick the bucs select T. RICH.

    We need playmakers. He kinda reminds me of Thurman Thomas but faster.

    Great role model in Brooks.

    Seems like a very humble guy.

    Humble guys are usually great team guys.


    What? Thomas was quite a bit faster than RIchardson… and Richardson is quite a bit bigger than THomas… this is the worst comparison I’ve seen in a while.

  23. Nick Says:

    I say we take him. We can get a good corner in the second. He can do it all. Pretty sure I saw a one handed catch.

  24. Capt. Tim Says:

    I had this exact same discussion all last spring. Tons of guys( some of the same ones!) saying that- if in the unlikely event that Ingram falls to us at 23 – we gotta take him
    I said all spring we would draft Adrian Clayborn.

    We did! He looks great – right choice
    We will draft Mo Claiborne. He will be the best Cb in the NFC south for years to come
    Richardson goes in the mid teens to late twenties.

    He’s a great back. But he’s ten years to late.
    It’s a passing league- not a power running league
    RBs are devalued. QBs, Wrs,LTs, DEs, and CBs are the important commodity!

    Don’t worry T-Rich! I know how ya feel

    Yes I am a pirate
    Born a little to late
    The cannons don’t thunder
    There’s nothing to plunder
    I’m an over 40 victim of fate
    Arriving to late
    Arriving to late
    Jimmy Buffett- ” a pirate looks at 40″

    Ah, Jimmy! It’s like ya know me!

  25. JT Says:

    All fluff aside… TR should be our pick for multiple reasons. I will not be upset with other options but if TR is still there when we pick @ #5 he should be the top choice.

  26. Capt. Tim Says:

    CanadianBuc- no, I actually love the guy. His speed limits him a bit, but he will excell at many other things

    But my favorite anology

    We own a car with a blown motor( our back 7 on defense)

    The “draft Richardson”boys wanna spend all our money buying a new Stereo for the Car!! We already have a great Stereo!

    Let’s fix the motor( defense) first
    Richarson is a luxury! After getting our sss stomped by 40 points a game-
    – we draft need first, then wants!

  27. JT Says:

    Ahh. Tim being dumb as ever…

    It may be a passing league with teams stacking their roster to stop the pass but the fact remains that the best way to keep an opposing offense off the field is to have a ball control offense of your own! The ultimate goal in football is to win the game and if you can keep your defense off the field you are already winning.

  28. Lion Says:


    He wasn’t taking shots or calling out Claiborne, he was saying how Alabama would line him up as a receiver (decoy) so that LSU would line up Claiborne with him even though they had no intention of passing to him. Thus freeing up the other receivers on the field. How did you misconstrue that so bad? My goodness did you even listen to what he was saying?

  29. Macabee Says:

    I have changed my mind. Not on who I would pick at #5, I would still pick Claiborne if he were there at 5. I’ve changed my mind about who I think the Bucs will pick if both Claiborne and Richardson are there.

    I Think they are going to favor the offense over the defense this year and I now believe the Bucs will take Richardson. If Schiano was trying to smokescreen with his comments about Blount and Richardson this week, he’s convinced me that he’s seen his bell-cow and he likes what he sees.

    I know that Claiborne, Gilmore, Kirkpatrick and perhaps even Jenkins will be gone in the 1st round. I don’t know enough about Dennard, Minnefield, the kid from UCF, or any of the other CBs to know if they are worth a draft pick.

    I just know that the thought of E.J. Biggers chasing a WR down the sideline for a 40 yd TD next season makes me cringe in fear. I have to hope somebody’s got a plan!

  30. SensibleBuc Says:

    @ Scotty

    Are you referring to the Claiborne highlights I posted or the ESPN highlights up top?

  31. SensibleBuc Says:

    @ Macabee

    Yes! Come to the Dark Side! Welcome brother!


    Your Friendly Neighborhood T-Rich Fan Club President

  32. Lion Says:

    “I just know that the thought of E.J. Biggers chasing a WR down the sideline for a 40 yd TD next season makes me cringe in fear. I have to hope somebody’s got a plan!”

    Amen brother.

  33. Have A Nice Day Says:

    Kids sounds great. I would love to have him as a Buccaneer but I cannot get over the defensive hole our team will be in.

    Perhaps last years defense was a fluke caused by our coaching staff. Perhaps the 2010 offense was a fluke caused by the coaching staff. I understand those guys were fired, but the offense was effected severely by the ineptitude of last year’s defense.

    If Schiano watched the tape and firmly believes our defensive woes were directly related to a lack of quality scheme/coaching that he believes his staff and he can provide, and also believes Richardson is the way to go, I will back his decision with the same awkward look that came over my face when the Bucs drafted Freeman(which I now believe was the right choice even though, at the time, I was completely and overwhelmingly perplexed.)

  34. Cmurda Says:

    I’m pretty sure I didn’t understand one word Richardson said.

  35. Macabee Says:


    Just because you had a bad experience with Mike Tyson at the Scripps-Howard spelling bee is no reason for you to believe that because Richardson doesn’t command the King’s English that he cannot score touchdowns! lol

    (Tylund, I hope you got a laff out of this, but trust me, there is no correlation.)

  36. CoachG Says:

    I like Claiborne at 5, or trade down a few spots and get Kuechly and an extra pick. I just have a hard time believeing Gilmore will be a first round pick but I do think he is better than Kilpatrick. If Gilmore slips to the second we could be in luck. Take a shot on Lamichael James at some point if he is still available

  37. Nick Says:

    Capt. Tim,

    Two Hundred years too late. not born a little too late.

    Hey lyric cop is better than grammar cop.

  38. tonytwocents Says:

    Lion says:

    “How did you misconstrue that so bad? My goodness did you even listen to what he was saying?”

    Oh I understood exactly what he was saying. But by claiming that he took Claiborne out of the entire game (roughly took him out of 60 plays)?! Really? Sounds a bit far fetched. I would think Mo (or at least his coaches) would be able to catch on to that sort of gimmick.

    Plus he claimed that Mo “was holding me the whole time”. A bit of an exaggeration. I think he’s drinking his own kool-aid.

    And it seems like he tends to exaggerate a bit. Never trusted guys that exaggerate too much.

  39. Capt. Tim Says:

    My god! Jt has enlightened me!
    What was I thinking? Ya gotta have a great RB to win nowadays!
    Just look at the Patriots and Giants!!
    Er, no, I guess not them.
    But The Saints, and Packers, and Chargers!!
    No, stil nothing

    Nah- JT, yer still clueless, and Richardson won’t go top ten
    Neither did his buddy Mark Igram- who went 28th, and had no impact on the saints whatsoever!

    Repeat after me” the 80’s are over! The 80’s are over”

  40. tonytwocents Says:

    Exactly Capt. We are in a point in the NFL where Madden meets reality. And the NFL South, has one of the best group of QB/WR threats.

    FA was for offense, got our deep threat, ALREADY HAVE OUR STUD NFL RAGING BULL RB (and imagine how much better he’ll be with Nicks).

    I would have no problem if they went ALL DEFENSE with every pick (they could always find a 3rd down RB & TE depth in the 2nd tier FA.

  41. Have A Nice Day Says:

    Pierre Thomas is no joke…… Outside of that, Capt Tim is on to something, clearly.

  42. Capt. Tim Says:

    WalterFootball has us taking
    1) Morris Claiborne- Cb
    2) Lavonte David- OLB
    3) LaMichael James- RB
    5) Jazen Jackson- S

    Now that is a draft that would help us turn the corner
    But still need A MLB( London calling?),
    And a starting CB

    But at least it’s an intelligent draft
    Ok- Richardson boys- lets see yer “ideal draft!
    With T-rich as first pick!
    If you can adress our horrible defensive needs, ya might get me to sign on-
    But at least show that you’ve thought about more than ” t rich run fast!! Is goooodd!”
    Which is where most of ya landed!

  43. Have A Nice Day Says:

    Now Capt, was it a lack of talent that led the Buc’s DB’s to positive grades in 2010 or was it a lack of talent that led to the negative grades in 2011?

    Or was it good coaching2010/bad coaching 2011?

  44. Capt. Tim Says:

    Tonytwocents- exactly! If I was to turn a blind eye on our defense( and God! I wanted to last season!!!), I’d be looking at what would really make our offense dangerous- Justin Blackmon!
    Every team in our division runs more 3 WR sets, than they play Fullbacks or Tightends
    We are much better now. Vincent Jackson will be a monster here!
    Winslow is a miss match for the defense

    Williams – shows skills. Benn? Briscoe? Parker?
    All have talent
    But exceptional talent?
    Blackmon is an exceptional talent
    Freeman can kill a defense deep times 3
    Can post up with power players times 3
    Can count on his guy winning a one on one every time

    Now that’s a guy that changes your offense in today’s NFL

    Honestly, for a Rb- you want a guy who blocks and catches, even better than he runs!
    That’s what’s important in a back now days

  45. Capt. Tim Says:

    Have a nice day.
    If you remember, we ran a 3-3-5 defense as our base defense all year. On three WR sets, we ran a 3-2-6.
    Raheem did this to protect our weak secondary! I noted it, and talked about it all that season. Actually it was rather brilliant of Raheem

    He did this- because our secondary got totally scorched the year before- thus that sweet 3-13 record

    A secondary with an extra man makes it easy!

    Of course- we sucked trying to stop the run

    It’s all easy to figure, when ya know yer Football!
    But I really like you guys, and love explaining stuff- cause I love football!

  46. tonytwocents Says:

    Capt, With all the T-Rich/Mo Claiborn hoopla, I never even thought of the Blackmon effect.

    If Claiborn was there at #5, I would have to go with him. But if he’s taken, I originally thought the best move was to trade down for some decent LB & DB help.

    But now if Blackmon’s there, he may be the way to go – even if Rich is avail (like I said, we already have our Bulldozing Rabid 6ft hurdling Knockout King RB).

    Blackmon would be the only offensive player I wouldn’t have a problem with drafting. So good point Capt.

  47. Capt. Tim Says:

    Thank you.

  48. SensibleBuc Says:


    1) T-Rich
    2) Lavonte David
    3) Brandon Boykin, Dwight Bentley or Josh Robinson
    5) Janzen Jackson
    6) Audie Cole

  49. SensibleBuc Says:

    LaMichael James is a major thumbs down from my perspective. Why? Because getting him would require getting yet another mid-sized back to compliment him/pick up the short yardage carries if Blount goes down.

    LaMichael James is the ultimate luxury pick.

  50. Have A Nice Day Says:

    @Capt I have to start with this: I hope you mean we did the 3-3-5 during the 2010 season and not the 2011 season, because we did not run the 3-3-5 at all in 2011(generally speaking of course).

    You said “Neither”, but you go on to explain a failure of coaching a lack of talent while describing how both were the problem i.e. there was a lack of talent and the coached failed to maximize what little talent he had.

    They were a 4-3/3-4 hybrid in 2009 and sucked at everything. They switched to a 3-3-5 and sucked at run defense and were graced decent pass defense stats because the offense came back late which caused opponents to run early, and dominate so, and forfeit passing. They were a 4-3 in 2011 and sucked at everything again.

    Why the “neither” if it does not apply to your reply?

    Which brings me back to the original question/s: Was it the coaches fault or the talents fault?

  51. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    How many times have you ever seen Richardson play? I guarantee the answer is zero. He is not slow, that is a completely stupid response. Watch how he blows past people. You just don’t know what the hell you are talking about, especially when you compare him to Ingram. He is so different from Ingram it isn’t even funny, but I would be real careful before you trash Ingram. He still has the potential to destroy us for many years. I won’t talk trash until he’s gone. They are just completely different players. TR is much faster and quicker, it’s not even close. Ingram is pretty much an exclusively between the tackles type of runner, whereas Richardson can do both. If you want Claiborne that’s great, but stop pretending as if you’ve watched Richardson play, because you are really making yourself look foolish (because I know you are a smart guy and if you ever saw him play you wouldn’t make such foolish remarks).

  52. SensibleBuc Says:

    @ Hawaiian

    Quick sample of his long speed:

  53. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “CanadianBuc- no, I actually love the guy. His speed limits him a bit, but he will excell at many other things”


    How does his speed limit him? By running the second fastest 40 time of all RB’s??? I’m totally confused by this. Not to mention he allegedly slipped out of the blocks. What a joke. Do yourself a favor and at least watch his highlights before you go around pretending to know what you are talking about.

  54. SensibleBuc Says:

    Next, a longer sampling of the good and the bad…and there’s very little bad.

    North-South no-BS runner. Elite vision. Elite balance. Elite tackle breaking ability. Sharp & crisp in pass protection. Soft hands and explodes up the field on screens (1:22 mark). Very good top end speed and wiggle for a 230 pounder.

    What more can you ask for?

  55. SensibleBuc Says:

    *Powerful short yardage runner with a nose for the goal line

  56. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Nice link – he sure doesn’t look slow to me. He’s blowing by SEC guys like they are standing still. There’s another run he had against Tennessee where he literally ran the safety out of the screen. I can’t believe people have the audacity to say he’s not fast! It’s an absolute joke. I don’t mind people wanting us to draft someone else (hell that’s half the fun), but don’t just pull stuff out of your arse to support your side. It just makes them look foolish.

  57. SensibleBuc Says:


    I too could really care less who we get out of the two. Both Claiborne and T-Rich are absolute studs and we’d be lucky to have either one of them.

  58. tonytwocents Says:

    @Sensible & Hawaiian

    Lets not forget about what we already have:

    Run 1 – Better than each of those top 3 TRich runs against the elite – well,you know..

    Runs 2 – If you forgot about his endless highlight reel in 2010 (bonus knockout at the end)

    Not saying TRichs runs don’t impress. But our man Blount has proven to be consistenly as good as TRich- and this is against NFL defenses – not Ole Miss. He has that Alstott quality that’ll wear defenses out more than a speedy 3 second runner.

  59. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    That run at 6:15 was the one I am talking about. But according to some, he’s slow.

  60. Miguel Grande Says:

    I believe that the Dolphin’s overwhelming lust for Tannehill will re-shape the draft. They will move up to the 3rd, 4th or 5th pick. Either way, the Buc’s fortunes will be improved. I believe that Kalil will fall into our laps at #5 and he will become a Hall of Fame Buccaneer. With him at right tackle and our new center and guard, Penn will shape up or lose his job, and any 3rd round running back will be able to gain 1000 yards. If the back gets hurt, plug in a new one. Blount might gain 2,000 yards. The best defense in our division is to keep the opponent’s offense off the field.

    Imagine with the best OL in the NFL, we can acquire some toys with blinding speed in the later rounds like LaMichael James, Demps or Rainey.
    That would sell some tickets.

    If the Dolphins offer us their 1st, 2nd, and 5th to move up to #5, we will gladly accept and pick up Richardson, Blackmon or another CB or LB stud at the #8 overall pick. Dominik and Schiano will be hailed as geniuses.

  61. Capt. Tim Says:

    Russ Lande- editor- Sporting news- mock draft
    Published 3-29-12 @ 3:00pm

    Browns draft Tannehill. Bucs draft Claiborne.
    Richardson goes 17 to bengals

    (yawn). I realize you won’t agree. I realize you will write a bunch of your opinions, and then treat them as if they are facts!
    (yawn) I don’t care. You are wrong so often now, I scan your post, just to make sure that if you are at the South pole, I’m at the north pole( opinion wise). I’m sure you’ll arrogantly state how you ‘know’ the Bucs will draft Richardson- because if you think it’s the right move, you can’t imagine anyone doing anything else- unless they are an idiot! So to you- it becomes fact!
    Bend easy over. Insert nose- breathe deeply!

    Me, I think I’ll trust Russ. Along with my own bit of “common sense”

  62. Macabee Says:

    I could only hope that the Browns pick Tannehill. If that were to happen, then the Rams would move up one to get Blackmon and prevent the Bucs from trading away the pick. They have already published the fact that they are interested in doing this. They would offer the 2nd round pick they got from the Redskins or we may ask for their 2nd round pick (earlier). We would presumably still have our choice of Claiborne or Richardson at pick #6.

  63. deminion Says:


  64. rdbucfan Says:


    “If you remember, we ran a 3-3-5 defense as our base defense all year. On three WR sets, we ran a 3-2-6.
    Raheem did this to protect our weak secondary! I noted it, and talked about it all that season. Actually it was rather brilliant of Raheem”

    You’ve just about lost any credibility with that last statement. Raheem and brilliant should never and I mean never be uttered together! Come on man!

    sensible and hawaiian,

    I agree 100% on Trent Richardson and having a franchise RB would be great. Most people say that Tebow is not a good QB saying the offense he ran the wildcat, but look at what he was able to accomplish with a very good running game. Most people say that the defense is the reason Denver won with Tebow the same defense that couldn’t win with Orton at QB. The difference was Tebow, under Orton in his 4.5 games Denver averaged 93 yards a game rushing. With Tebow Denver averaged 192 yards a game and made it to the playoffs averaging 137.5 yards in the playoffs with a wildcat QB according to all the armchair QB’s. My point is a good running game will help a young defense. It will keep them fresh if they’re not on the field all of the time.

    I know Trent is a little bigger but he reminds me a lot of Emmitt Smith in his style of running and his deceptive speed. Emmitt ran somewhere around 4.68 to 4.8 in the 40 but he was able to break long TD runs in Dallas.

    Google T Rich vs LSU if you want to see a couple of good runs against arguably the 2nd best defense in the NCAA last year. One was a 35 to 40 yard TD run in the NCG against LSU where you see Tim’s hero Claiborne take a bad angle and get cut off in the play and then T Rich run away from him.

    To me Claiborne is more of a product of the sytem (best or 2nd best front seven in college football last year) just like the greatest Bucs CB’s of all time Brian Kelly (2nd round pick), Donnie Abraham (3rd round pick) and Ronde Barber (3rd round pick). A good to great pass rush will make an average DB look all world. Not saying Claiborne is average but it helped that opposing QB’s were running for their lives.

    I don’t agree with anybody in regards to Janzen Jackson, the same Janzen Jackson that was kicked out of the University of Tennessee. No thank you we don’t need clone of Talib on our team, 1 is too much. Just google Janzen Jackson and off field issues and you’ll see what I mean.

  65. tonytwocents Says:


    You just had to throw Tebow into this already over-analyzed argument. I have nothing against Tebow, and was impressed with what he accomplished last year.

    I just don’t think his success can be maintained over his career (unless he puts his pride aside and is willing to take a role as TE/FB, or a TE/FB hybrid). The main reason I feel this way is that coaches now have an entire offense to figure him out and his role in gimmick plays.

    But with that being said, I do hope he finds his niche in the NFL, because he elavates his teammates and is a full blooded baller. (Just not at QB)

  66. tonytwocents Says:

    But my main point is that coaches will figure out Tebows role in the wildcat. And once that’s negated, it’ll be all Mark Sanchez with Tebow used only as a goal line QB option.

  67. rdbucfan Says:


    You missed my point. I was pointing to the fact that Denver’s running game was the difference maker in their success after their 1-4 start and not totally their defense. I was trying to make a point that an exceptional running game will benefit the defense by keeping them off of the field and giving them much needed rest. Not to mention that the clock doesn’t stop.

    If the Bucs have the league’s best rushing attack (a 1 – 2 punch of T Rich and LGB) that would help the defense, having a QB that can complete 60% of his passes and that offense would be awfully hard to defend.

  68. tampa1 Says:

    draft a CB 1st, OLB second, RB 3rd

  69. Snook Says:

    I really can’t even believe this is a discussion on here. Richardson over Claiborne is a NO BRAINER.

    Schiano will improve our defense just with his coaching. Richardson improves our offense to a potentially unbelievable level. And as the Saints have proved in recent years, defense doesn’t really matter when you’re putting bunches of points on the board.

    However, I do think all of this is moot anyways. Cleveland will take TR. And the Bucs will yet again be burned by the team before them taking a big time player.

  70. Oahubuc Says:

    Didn’t know TR went to Escambia- just like Emmitt (and my folks). Cool.

  71. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Just reading your post Captain makes me laugh. Everything you just accused me of is EXACTLY what you do with every post you write. I have constantly said you have every right to want Claiborne, and I respect any and all that believe that. The same respect is never shown by you, plus you completely pull stuff out of your arse. He’s slow? Really? Whatever brother! I’ll have some of whatever you are smoking.

  72. K2theSoldier Says:

    @ Snook, Schiano is gonna make our linebackers tackle and EJ Biggers good? Sorry, but you’re insane. The football decision here is taking Claiborne, then taking an outside linebacker in the 2nd round.

    The fantasy football and Madden decision is taking Richardson. I would love to say I have faith enough in our front office to make the correct football decision, but I don’t. If both are available Im sure we’ll select Richardson to please fan boys that won’t show up to the stadium anyways.

  73. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    No, I highly doubt he will. I would, however, point to the fact that our defense was middle of the pack through the first 6 games of the season. We really started to go downhill due to injuries and a lack of depth. Of course it can also be attributed to poor coaching. Do I think we have a good defense? Not by any means. However, neither does Atlanta, NO, or Carolina. I just don’t believe one rookie CB is going to make much of a difference one way or another. We’ve drafted offense in the first 2 rounds the last 2 years. It’s time those picks start paying off. At some point you have to address the offense early too. This is a make or break year for Freeman. Otherwise, we are going to be like Cleveland, Washington, Miami, etc. next year and have to draft a QB. I don’t want to do that. Richardson can add to our offense in far greater ways than Claiborne(in my opinion of course). Besides obviously making our running game better, he will make our pass game considerably better. He can catch, pass-protect, and perhaps most importantly, keep guys in the box (opening up the WR’s and K2). That’s an element we desperately need.