Report: Ronde Barber Will Return

March 15th, 2012

Joe heard it. And Joe even heard it a few times.

Speaking yesterday on his afternoon drive show on WQYK-AM 1010, host J.P. Peterson said Ronde Barber will return to the Buccaneers for his 16th season.

“I have it on very good information that Ronde Barber will be back, as well, someone very close to the source,” Peterson said to new Bucs cornerback Eric Wright on the air Wednesday.

So should fans believe Peterson? Joe does.

Frankly, Joe’s been keeping an ear on Peterson thinking he would be the one to break any news regarding Barber’s future. Years ago on WFLA-TV, Ch. 8, when Peterson was a sportscaster there, he produced an in-depth feature on Barber and Joe knows the two strengthened their relationship at that time. In recent years, Barber has often given Peterson candid, long radio interviews.

So Joe suspects the person “close to the source” is Barber himself.

Imagine if Barber returns, the Bucs draft Morris Claiborne, and Aqib Talib comes back. That’s some serious depth with the versatile Wright in the mix.

50 Responses to “Report: Ronde Barber Will Return”

  1. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    Imagine if Barber returns, the Bucs draft Morris Claiborne, and Aqib Talib comes back. That’s some serious depth with the versatile Wright in the mix.

    For a team with this many holes, “some serious depth” is a luxury we can’t afford. If we go into the season with 4 corners capable of starting and 0 LB’s, or the fear-inducing one-two punch at RB of Blount and Lumpkin we will be screwed. Give me Richardson or Kuechly please

  2. raphael Says:

    draft Claiborne and trade Talib to Washington. Ronde can be the nickel

  3. Architek Says:

    I’m sorry but Aqib leash should be cut and he should be let go…his play doesn’t merit that much more patience with his decision-making.

  4. Dave D. Says:

    You guys are nuts. Talib is still our bets cornerback for 2012 in this scenario.

  5. Tylund Says:

    Exactly and talib will be gone after his contract runs out and Ronde definitely won’t play again after this season

  6. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    Talib (and Winslow) will be staying put. I can pretty much guarantee that.

    They have too much talent and Schiano, like every good football coach I’ve ever met, has an ego that has him convinced he can get these guys on the right page. They will both be given at least one more year to prove themselves to the new regime, as they should be.


    Just how many breaks do people want to give Talib?

    By my count, he has had at least 6 already, starting in 2004 with a burglary conviction. I just don’t get how people think he will somehow change. What makes you think he will change after he has pissed away every opportunity afforded to him?

    It’s like a battered wife. “This time, he won’t hit me again.”

    Stop paying violent thugs. Stop rewarding people who don’t change.

  8. TonyP Says:

    Could a Ronde move to safety be in the offing in such a scenario?

  9. the_buc_realist Says:


    wrong, Win-slow had talent. Had as many fumbles as touchdowns this year (which was 2) he does not pull any double teams or special coverage. And just like when the Giants let go of Shockey and Eli became a better quarterback so will Freeman, When we trade or release Win-slow

  10. bucfan1979 Says:

    Hell ya thank god he is back.. GO BUCS

  11. Chris FWC Says:

    I’d love for the Bucs to trade down and grab a few more picks. If we don’t trade down get Claiborne.

    I’d sign old man London Fletcher. He’s durable, consistent, a leader and a true pro. Then I’d draft a Mlb.

    Rook Mlb’s don’t step in and lead a D. I.e. last year with Foster. Way too demanding of a position to give a kid.

    I also would grab another S because ours are either not durable/inconsistent or can’t tackle, Sean Jones/TJax.

  12. bucfanjeff Says:

    Welcome back Barber.
    I still think Claiborne is gone by #5 and we take T Rich.
    The Bucs have been telling us we are going to be a power running physical team.
    So whom besides Blount will punish people? T Rich. It would be a helluva combo.

  13. RodfromOKC Says:

    If he and Talib come back, I don’t see us draft Claiborne.

  14. Chris FWC Says:


    Barber Wright Talib

    Foster Fletcher(I hope) Black(sucks)

    Clayborn McCoy Price Bowers

    Still need to replace Black and get some blue-collar DT’s

  15. Macabee Says:

    Talib and Winslow will not be cut. However they may be traded. If It is true that the Bucs attempted to trade Winslow to the Bears, and I believe it is, then they now have other plans and he will be gone.

    Talib has 17 INTs and 3 defensive touchdowns in 4 years – something the top 2 CBs who just signed 50mil contracts can’t claim. The Bengals will take that trade in a NY minute. The only thing that will cut Talib is a Texas jury. Like Faine, when the Bucs have an able replacement, he may be traded and that’s a maybe!

  16. Macabee Says:

    My last sentence meant to imply that Faine was not cut until there was a signed replacement.

  17. Have A Nice Day Says:

    Here is the deal:
    Wright was clearly signed to be a starter. Given that he is widely recognized as a slot CB, Barber’s role is diminished and that is a good thing. Talib is still being paid starter money even if he goes to prison , if he plays the first game of the season we are on the line for the total cap hit of his contract. If we release Talib we are still on the line for practically the same cap hit. Biggers is still on contract, and Lewis is still on a rookie contract so Lewis is not going anywhere.
    That means right now 5 CBs are on pay roll. The more I think of it, the more I lean away from Claiborne from a money stand point(which the Glazers are clearly about money) but the more I lean towards a production stand point.

    Bucs have a guy that might be suspended as well as the oldest/slowest CB the league has seen in a long while. CB ia a clear need. RB for some crazy reason never comes into my mind as a decent pick @#5. Regardless of who is there.

  18. Captain Stagger Says:

    Lavonte David @ 36 please.

  19. Have A Nice Day Says:

    Oh, and anyone who thinks the Bucs will be a power run first team is clearly not listening to the new coach’s words.

    Bucs are now a pass first team. Hence the Nicks/Jackson signings.

  20. Bobby Says:

    @Have A Nice Day.. “Oh, and anyone who thinks the Bucs will be a power run first team is clearly not listening to the new coach’s words.

    Bucs are now a pass first team. Hence the Nicks/Jackson signings.”

    Apparently you are the one who hasn’t been listening. When they asked Nicks why he came to Tampa he said it was because Tampa plans to run the ball first and in New Orleans it was pass, pass, pass. We will be a run first team and then we will take our shots down the field. Nicks is an excellent pass blocker. Schiano himself said his plans are to run the football first and then at times take the top off of the defense.

  21. Bobby Says:

    I meant to say Nicks is an excellent run blocker.

  22. jvato24 Says:

    So who gets cut if we draft Claiborne or a corner in Rd 2?? 7 corners ??

    Talib – 1 more season ??
    Barber – GOAT
    Eric Wright – 2 or 3 CB
    EJ Biggers – Not bad as a nickel back
    Myron Lewis – physically gifted press corner better under Cooper ??
    Anthony Gaitor – Supposedly coaches are high on this guy

  23. 941Buc Says:

    Great news about Ronde, we need him. I still think we need to send a message to the team and our fan base and release Talib. If we cannot trade back I would draft Claiborne and move Ronde back to saftey. I really think he can excel there. In a prefect world we would trade back and get a DB and a LB.

  24. ClayBURN94 Says:

    Still need starting Safetys, Linebacker, and Running back.

  25. Theodore Says:

    ESPN FA Tracker says Bucs signed Colts QB Dan Orlovsky.

  26. Nate Says:

    Yes Ronde Barber is awesome glad he came back!

  27. Sensiblebuc Says:


    I can almost guarantee they move MyLew to safety. He doesn’t have the quick twitch moves or fluid hips to stay at corner. He’d be a perfect fit at safety. He’s got the same height/weight/speed as Malcolm Jenkins.

  28. Chris FWC Says:

    The Bucs will be solid smash-mouth running team and will ‘blow the top off’ the D by also taking shots down field. Think old skool like Fins’ of the late 60’s early 70’s or Skins of the mid 80’s. Schiano is risk taker but his backbone is the stud/power RB.

  29. Chris FWC Says:

    @ Jvato I hope they cut Biggers like they did Willie Mays Hayes in Major League; waking up in a parking lot.

  30. Chris FWC Says:

    Ronde isn’t playing/switching to safety. Are you kiddin me? The dude is a blitz corner. Have i missed something the last 15 years? LOL!

  31. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    AdamSchefter: Buccaneers announced they signed QB Dan Orlovsky to a two-year contract.

  32. Sensiblebuc Says:


    I get the knee jerk reaction to cutting Biggers but from a football perspective you can’t cut him right now. He was in the bottom 10 corners in the NFL last year in Football Outsiders’ Success Rate, etc. because he consistently had to cover #1 receivers. In 2010 in was in the top 10 corners in success rate while chiefly covering #2s and 3s. What does that tell you? He’s probably best suited as a nickel back. Is that so bad? He can and should have a place on this team until he shows further proof that 2010 was a fluke.

  33. jvato24 Says:

    Wow … If there ever was a season comparable to the movie Major League it was last season …

  34. Macabee Says:

    Jvato24, Dominik gets his wish – you can never have too many CBs. And don’t forget about Elbert Mack. He played very well last year. He may just be starting to come on as did Barber in his career.

    Myron Lewis was a natural FS coming out of Vandy. He has all the measurables and had an impressive combine and never had an injury history before coming to the bucs. Ron Cooper could make a difference.

    Gaitor is a keeper and not sure but I think he may still be eligible for the PS if necessary. And yes, I think they draft a CB in 1st or 2nd.

    Judging from how the secondary performed last year, it might be a good problem to have!

  35. T in Orlando Says:

    @ jvato

    I don’t think the decision to cut one or more of our corners will be as difficult as you think, even if we draft Clairborne. Reviewing your list;

    Claiborne, clearly he stays if drafted, lines up Day 1 as the 3rd corner, like Talib did.
    Barber, If he’s willing to come back, after the Bucs just paid Wright to be a Top 2 guy, and I’m sure he’s talked with the Bucs about their intentions in the draft if he stays, so either he’s comfortable that they won’t draft a corner, or is ok with the idea of being as low as the 4th corner (against teams like the Saints and Falcons, still means he’ll see plenty of action).
    Eric Wright, signed on as 1st or 2nd CB
    EJ Biggers, not a bad Nickle corner, but not as good as Claiborne or Barber would be in the same role
    Myron Lewis, Maybe better under Cooper, may not. Will likely have the off-season and pre-season to prove it. I do like the idea of moving him to Saftey
    Anthony Gaitor, Did show some flashes, but it was the last coaching regime that really loved this guy. I don’t think the current regime has any real feelings for him one way or the other.
    Talib, huge x-factor, as it may not be up to the bucs whether or not he plays this year. I think if he’s able to play, he’ll have the off season and preseason to show this coaching staff how committed he is (or isn’t). He’s too talented and too cheap (last year of a rookie deal that wasn’t a top 10 pick) to just kick to the curb.

    I think they will keep at least 5 CBs (need insurance for Talib), so Biggers, Lewis and Gaitor will fight for the last spot (or two if no Talib).

  36. Chris FWC Says:

    @Sensi, He’s the worst player I’ve ever seen. CUT!

  37. bucbelevr Says:

    We need a LB. Best to move Foster to his strength, know that he knows that position, then fill MLB, draft another OLB 3rd pick. We need a LB. Most interesting quandary will be if Bucs trade down from #5, as there probably will be alot more interest in someone wanting to come up to 5 for Tannehill, Blackmon, or Richardson. Maybe trade down to 12, 15 area, take that Kuechly guy some talk about, then pick up a pick or two. Might be a good idea for us.

  38. Sensiblebuc Says:


    E Mack is a free agent : (

  39. Brandon Says:

    I know he’s small, but no DB can play in the box like Barber. Despite his size, he would be a natural fit at SS if his body could hold up. He pretty much is assigned the other team’s TEs when we are in all man coverage anyway.

  40. cspann Says:


    That sounds like a good idea to make MyLewis a Saftey. If he stays it makes perfect sense.

  41. Sensiblebuc Says:


    Context is everything. Hes a 7th rounder playing bump and run coverge against #1s last year.

  42. Chris FWC Says:

    @Sensi…not this year! Black was a mistake, Letting Ruud go was a mistake and putting no talent on talent is a mistake. Where is Rah? Oh yeah GONE!

  43. Sensiblebuc Says:

    @ Chris

    Don’t give up on the young guy so soon. The last time we cut a young corner who got beat up a little he went on to lead the Pats in picks this year (Kyle Arrington). Patience brother. Patience.

  44. Macabee Says:

    SensibleBuc, I know E-Mack is a free agent. Doesn’t mean the Bucs don’t re-sign him after he tries FA. Other than the Redskins, I don’t Know if there will be any demand. Not on my list either, but not a bad nickel last year.

  45. Sensiblebuc Says:


    That’s why I thought he was a great draft pick initially. He could play either position, never had an injury in college, All-SEC Academic team, 4.4 speed, etc.

    That’s why all the people asking for us to pick up a safety may need to pump the brakes on that. We’ve got T Jax locked in at one safety (he just signed an extension so hes not going anywhere) and we’ve got Grimm/MyLew/Asante (7th rd/3rd Rd/5th rd) to plug in at the other safety spot.

  46. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Wow…so many comments to address here. But first…to Ronde:

    If this story is true (and we don’t know that it is) I welcome you back with open arms. We need you to play this year, to lead…even if it is not in a starting role. Your willingness to play again shows you are truly a team guy.

    As to the rest of the comments…

    I think it’s been pretty clear that I’ve supported Talib in the past. When the shooting thing happened, I was the only one here that defended him from the start. Eventually, people learned more and changed their views. Even Joe criticized me at the time.

    That said…Talib is history…talent or no talent.

    This coming year is the last in his contract. If he is suspended (and he will be regardless of the result in court) it will be for a year…the Bucs will have no choice but to cut him. They certainly won’t sign him to an extension.

    This is a lock, plain and simple. It all comes down to reliability. The team cannot count on him starting any season without a suspension. Look at his past history.

    It’s a numbers game.

    So the question isn’t if he gets cut, but when. My money is on it happening after the draft. By keeping him until then the Bucs will keep a slight element of uncertainty ass to what they will do in the draft.

    Most of us KNOW they will go after Mo…but there are some who think they will go after Richardson or Blackmon. If the Bucs remove that uncertainty, there is a greater chance that someone will trade ahead of us to get Mo.

    There is a fault in your reasoning. Greg Olson.

    The man simply did not know how to use Winslow best. Kellen is a vertical pass catcher…mid-range. Olson used him for check downs and slot.

    Winslow’s attitude last year came from the frustrations of watching his teammates quit on the field. Both he and Freeman felt like they had to do everything themselves. Frankly, I’d have an attitude as well if Parker were fumbling all over the place and getting more passes instead of me.

    A trade is the only scenario I see Winslow leaving under, unless we draft a replacement TE. As far as Talib…no team will take him knowing the Bucs will have to cut him and knowing a suspension and jail time are looming.

    I think there is a better than good chance you are right about Foster moving to the outside…but I think it’s unfair for people to assume he cannot do a good job at MLB (Thomas).

    EVERYONE admits Raheem Morris was a crappy defensive coordinator…worse than crappy. In fact, it could be argued that his defense did not have a book as bad as it was.

    So how was Foster supposed to do well at the position at all? He was set up for failure. He was:

    a) A rookie MLB…the quarterback of the defense.
    b) Thrown to the wolves, expected to learn a horrible defense, direct it and have success, without even an off season to learn it.

    Remember…not only did they not have an off season to train under coaches…they were not even allowed to get the playbooks.

    Foster was doomed from the start last year.

    This year, if they decide to keep him at MLB, I’d bet he does much, much better. He’d be commanding a new defense, yes, but he’d have time to learn it this time. He’d know the plays. He’d have direction from a true coordinator AND from a coach that knows his stuff…AND from a team adviser with experience.

    I think he would do well at OLB, sure. But I’m not sold that he can’t be a MLB just yet.

    I see your point. And it is a good one. But remember when Schiano mentioned about a CB quiting and how he would not put up with it? That wasn’t Talib he was talking about.

    In most cases, I think a rookie should be given a couple years to develop. And yes, last year was bad for everyone…so maybe it was as unfair to him as it was to Foster.

    But for the quitting.

    If I were a rookie CB out there and was confused…one thing I would know…if I blew a coverage and my guy caught the ball, I would need to be the one to bring him down.

    But Bigger flat out quit most of the time when he blew a coverage. He watched his WR catch and run…and only pursued when his teammates screamed at him to do so.

    I tell my kids all the time…it’s okay to try and fail…but it’s not okay to stop trying. Biggers stops trying the moment he makes a mistake.

  47. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Oh…and expect Dominick to sign a few CBs for camp fodder before the draft…as misdirection.

  48. MVPFreeman Says:

    “Imagine if Barber returns, the Bucs draft Morris Claiborne, and Aqib Talib comes back. That’s some serious depth with the versatile Wright in the mix.”

    Makes you wonder if we are actually targeting Richardson in the draft. Doesnt it?

  49. T in Orlando Says:

    @ Pete D

    I disagree that it is a slam dunk Talib is off the Bucs this year. If he’s suspended for a year, I didn’t think the year would count against his contract (I could be wrong on that point). In that case, next year would be his last year under contract. Why not hang on to him, much like T-Jax, and see how he is next year. Also, if he is suspended, I don’t think it will be longer than 4 games, IF he’s not found guilty.

    @ MVPFreeman

    I think you may be on to something about the Bucs targeting Richardson. Considering that they have 5 CBs under contract (6, once Barber actually resigns) and only 2 RBs under contract (Blount and Madu) with no apparent interest in any of the Tier 1 or Tier 2 RBs available in FA, it wouldn’t surprise me if we draft the Bama RB.

    Personally, I’d like to see Blackmon, Claiborne and Richardson available when we pick (possible if Browns draft Tanneyhill or trade the pick to someone who will). I hear the Rams are high on Blackmon, but so are the Jags, so we could drop back to 7, plus a 3rd maybe, and we could still draft Claiborne or Richardson (whichever is available).

  50. Sam Says:

    I think taking Luke Kuechly in the 1st round would be the best choice for the Bucs. Hes rated as the #7 overall prospect in this draft, if he woulda stayed his senior year at BC he would’ve shattered the NCAA career tackling record. The man is a machine, and as we all know LB is our biggest need. Yes even bigger than RB and taking Kuechly we would deffinatly be able to move Foster to outside. We could also possibly trade down a few picks maybe to #7 but i dont think we could get him any lower than #10. Then we can draft Lamar Miller with our first pick in the second rd, and with the additional picks that would give us we could possibly even get another Lb or maybe another DT.