Could Bucs Score A Trade-Down Windfall?

March 11th, 2012

What might a team offer to ensure it can draft Ryan Tannehill?

In case you’ve been disconnnected from all things NFL over the last day, the Rams traded the No. 2 overall pick in next month’s draft to the Redskins for their No. 6 overall pick and first-round picks in 2012 and 2013, plus this year’s second-round pick. It was a stunning deal that will let the Rams stockpile premium talent in a huge way.

So Joe must wonder, might the Bucs be propositioned with such a windfall for their No. 5 overall pick?

No team will cough up that kind of bounty. But after Joe listened to Charlie Casserly on SiriusXM NFL Radio this morning, Joe wouldn’t be stunned if someone makes an intriguing offer to the Bucs in order to move up and draft former Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

A former NFL general manager and front office excutive for a quarter century who now works for CBS Sports and NFL Radio, Casserly said he rates Tannehill as a better rookie prospect than Josh Freeman or Joe Flacco, both of whom he liked coming out of college.

Maybe the Dolphins don’t land Peyton Manning or Matt Flynn and dangle their No. 8 pick and a first-rounder in 2013 to the Bucs in order to ensure they grab Tannehill, assuming the Browns don’t grab him with the No. 4 pick? Perhaps the Browns package their second pick in the first round (22nd) to the Bucs with a host a second- and third-round picks?

Teams do crazy things to land potential franchise quarterbacks. Joe can’t rule out an offer coming the Bucs’ way.

24 Responses to “Could Bucs Score A Trade-Down Windfall?”

  1. Brad Says:

    Rather be discussing Free Agency which starts Tuesday. Where’s the rumors about that and who’s working on finding out who the Bucs are going after. I dont care about Mccoys workout or what might happen in the draft until I know what the Bucs do Tuesday. If Dominik doesn’t land some solid deals early I predict he gets run out of town quickly. I’m just hoping the Finnegan/Jackson package is true.

  2. bucbelevr Says:

    Exactly. Like I was sayin, trade down from 5 to 12 maybe, pick up a pick, then trade #12 to Pittsburgh for Mike Wallace with massive signing bonus contract, making it financially impossible for Steelers to match?..or like Casserly said, take #22 from Cleveland, trade down, pick up a pick, then send #22 to Pittsburgh. Wallace is proven.

  3. bucbelevr Says:

    good point Brad, where are the sources finding out who the Bucs are looking at in FA, before…it gets here. Not just reporting it after it transpires.

  4. Pete Dutcher Says:

    This would be awesome if it happened. Why? Because if the Dolphins have a rookie QB, the chances are good that their 2013 pick will be near the top of the draft, so even if Schiano does very well, we could have a good pick next year.

  5. Macabee Says:

    The stars are beginning to align for the Bucs. Let’s assume that the Buc’s got a starting CB in FA and Talib escaped by the skin of his teeth in Texas. The option to trade down just got much better. In my opinion, there was not enough daylight between Claiborne, Kirkpatrick, Jenkins, or Gilmore at the combine or on tape for me to conclude that Claiborne is a once-in-a-decade CB.
    Picks 1 and 2 have been made now. The Vikings will take Kalil and the Browns are still in search of a QB. They are not in the Manning sweepstakes. If they don’t get Flynn and Tannehill has a good pro day on March 29, they will take him.

    The impressive pro day by Blackmon puts the Bucs in a favorable position to trade down. The Browns could take Blackmon or Claiborne. But, 3 of the group of Tannehill, Blackmon, Claiborne, and Richardson are going to be there at 5 and lots of teams will have an interest. Somebody, including the Rams is going to want to trade up to ensure they get Blackmon if he is there. And there is plenty of demand for any of the others at 5. The Rams, Browns, and Bengals have the needs and the extra picks to make the trade.

    Just think of the possibilities. If we could scare the Rams into believing that Carolina wanted Blackmon for Cam Newton (we better hope that doesn’t happen either) or some other team needing a #1 WR, we could trade down 1, pick up 2 extra picks and still have a shot at Claiborne or Richardson or trade down again and continue to warehouse picks. I’m going to stop now while my pants are still dry!

    The Bucs should, at minimum, get a 2nd and a 4th in the most likely scenario. With 2 extra picks and 2 more comp picks for Ruud and Cadillac (total of 10 picks), we should be good to go!

  6. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    Theres no way, Tannehill goes at #5 and I cant see them giving up another 1st rounder for him either… Would love to see it happen, no doubt. But realistically I cant see that happening. Wierder things have happened though. 1 never knows..

  7. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Brad, @bucbelevr – Most of the time “sources” before free agency are agents putting out bogus information to try and craft buzz and drive up interest in their clients. Joe doesn’t do rumors, and rarely does unnamed sources. Has Joe heard stuff from knowledgeable people? Sure. But Joe wouldn’t bet on any of it, so Joe doesn’t bother to share.

    THis isn’t a lockout year. Outside of the few guys that might sign on Day 1 with giant checks, ie: Vincent Jackson, look for players to go on visits to One Buc and other destinations. That’s when you’ll know something is really happening.

  8. 941-Bucs Says:

    Teams go crazy for any number of reasons. It will solely fall on what team feels they need a player more. It doesn’t just have to be a QB. IE Julio Jones -WR last year.

    With QB’s going picks 1 and 2 over all that still leaves a handful of players worth teams moving up to grab.

  9. Dave D. Says:

    Joe, I heard Press Pass this morning too. And Randy Cross was talking about how much hype Tannehill is going to get in the coming weeks. He was saying if we thought Ponder rocketed up, Tannehill will be that much and more.

  10. eric Says:

    Lets hope the glazer boys dont get weak kneed this week, and dom doesnt get all full of himself thinking he can fix all this just through the draft.

    Likely wishful thinking.

  11. Jrock Says:

    Joe’s been spitting out stories on free agency for the past two weeks. Bunch of whiney babies getting to the first comments today, aish

  12. jLM Says:

    Get some studs in FA, and that would be Great.

  13. bucbelevr Says:

    Appreciate puttin in the 2 cents, @Joe. Wasn’t referring to stuff from agents, more stuff within One Buc, like Alex Marvez of FoxSports, seems, like you’ve said in past, he has the place tapped or something. Enjoy the site.

    On another topic, where would we all be here, without JRock and his knowledge, just not sure.

  14. Jessup Says:

    If someone wants Tannerhill that bad, why not trade down with the Rams at #6? It’s not like the Rams are going to take a QB.

  15. MikeWilliamsLiver Says:

    I’m pretty sure i heard Joe Bucs Fan call into Sirius NFL Radio about an Hour ago

  16. Joe Says:


    Joe has never called SiriusXM NFL Radio.

  17. SensibleBuc Says:

    Lofa Tatupu to the Falcons. Curtis Lofton to the Bucs?

  18. Nate Says:

    If we can trade down our team will be way better!

  19. FlBoy84 Says:

    @Nate, that depends on who is selected with the acquired picks. lol

    It’s very possible the Browns grab Tannehill at 4 being that they lost out on RG3. If that happens, you’d have to figure the haul would be a bit less for a team to move up to draft Morris, Richardson or Blackmon. Definitely like the idea of trading down to acquire more picks though, as the team has so many needs and lacks quality depth.

  20. FlBoy84 Says:

    *Morris Claiborne

  21. aj Says:

    The other big benefit of the new cap on rookie contracts. Makes the top 10 picks more valuable, makes trading up/down easier. St Louis just cashed in on the bonanza.

  22. bricen Says:

    I did a fanpost very similar to this on bucsnation

  23. RustyRhino Says:

    If we get “lucky” and someone wants to trade with us, How long before the “Cheap Glazer’s can’t pay top five Draft Pick contracts….” comments start? 10 seconds is my bet.
    All teams want to draft good players not just the Buccaneers. Who is to say that we even get someone who wants to trade with us, I hope that we do get to drop down to about 12-16 and we get a PLAYER at this spot. The thing I don’t like about the deal the Skins & Rams did is that it gives the Rams two years of two #1 Draft picks. We need that kind of drafting leverage.

  24. mikemalarkey Says:

    Trent Richardson