Cody Grimm Not A Sure Bet For 2012

March 7th, 2012

Now before Joe gets going, let him clarify something right away:

For all intents and purposes, Cody Grimm will be on the Bucs roster when training camp begins this July. That stated, what Cody Grimm can Bucs fans expect?

Joe likes Grimm. He’s Joe’s kind of player. While limited physically, he uses his head and his heart to overcome what the big guy upstairs didn’t bless him with.

There is no question that when Grimm went down in the third game of the season, not long thereafter the Bucs’ rush defense was, well, porous.

(It didn’t help that Gerald McCoy was also lost for the season shortly after Grimm went down.)

No one can ever suggest Grimm is fleet of foot. The last two years he has suffered leg injuries that have ended his season. This concerns Joe a great deal. A guy without blazing speed and having major injuries to his wheels in less than a year.

Grimm blew his MCL last year and the year prior, suffered a broken leg. That’s not good.

Last year Grimm admitted he struggled early in training camp due to his once-broken leg. After suffering a knee injury last fall, there is no guarantee Grimm will be anywhere close to what he was his rookie year when he was a promising prospect.

If Grimm has struggles recapturing his previous form, that means the Bucs secondary is woefully thin. Sean Jones has very likely played his last snap for the Bucs. Ronde Barber may retire. No one knows what troubled Aqib Talib’s outcome will be in a Texas courthouse, much less the verdict that will be rendered by Honorable Judge NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, regardless of what a jury/judge says in Texas. Tanard Jackson really fell off the face of the earth after a strong start, and we all know he is one slip-up away from being banished from the NFL for good.

It’s not a stretch to suggest the Bucs could lose their entire starting secondary from last year. What once was a strength is now thin as a cobweb. With Drew Brees, Matty Ice and Cam Newton facing the Bucs twice a year, it’s frightening to think of what could be.

Armed with this information, it is imperative Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik load up on secondary players both in free agency, and high in the draft as well.

Otherwise, it could be a very, very ugly 2012.

50 Responses to “Cody Grimm Not A Sure Bet For 2012”

  1. Meh Says:

    Not to mention Mack won’t be getting a new contract.

    We need 3 corners and 2 safeties.

  2. Have A Nice Day Says:

    “Armed with this information, it is imperative Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik load up on secondary players both in free agency, and high in the draft as well.”

    It is amazing that given this telling info so many still are stuck on Richardson.

  3. jvato24 Says:

    The 2012 draft is considered to be the weakest in years for a safety.

    Gerald McCoy recently tweeted to some old sooners to come join the team .. Reggie Smith .. Who I believe was solid for 49ers and Curtis Lofton who was McCoys teammate as well.

    ANother option is Laron Landry on a 1 year deal with good upside but inujured lately.

    I dont believe Cody Grimm is injury prone, the injuries he suffered were both friendly fire and would have injured anyone the way he was hit.

    Cody Grimm was def not the guy Schiano saw loafing … lol … 110% all day and also his knee injury has healed much quicker than first feared.

  4. SensibleBuc Says:

    “It is amazing that given this telling info so many still are stuck on Richardson.”

    Because getting not getting a corner 1st round would preclude us from taking a corner in any other round or in free agency…oh wait..

  5. Have A Nice Day Says:

    Defense is far worse off than offense. A RB like Richardson has little value without a strong defense. Pretty easy to understand why you draft defense first in our situation. Well, pretty easy for most sensible people.

  6. Meh Says:

    The safety market is terrible this year. Draft, free agency, doesn’t matter. All around terrible.

  7. Meh Says:


  8. Mikeck Says:

    Problem is cody is a FS…not big enough to play strong side. Hes battleing with TJAX isnt he? So would he start anyway?

  9. bucfanjeff Says:

    FA will dictate our draft. Looking forward to Monday.

  10. Meh Says:

    Grimm could play SS in a pinch. He’s better than Jones assuming he’s healthy. It would not be a goos answer long term, but may be our best bet this year since safety options are so limited in the draft and free agency.

  11. jvato24 Says:

    MiKeck .. Size is all relative … Sean Jones was ideal .. 6’1 220 LBS … He SUCKED

    Grimm is around 5’11 202 LBS but he is a Mad Dog when it comes to tackling.

    I believe if Cody Grimm is healthy, he would start over Tanard Jackson … Call me crazy if you like but Schiano has made references to the Bucs being an attacking team and it being critical the guys in the back get the ball carrier down if the play pops. Thats not Jacksons strength as of last year.

  12. ATLBuc Says:

    Totally agree, Joe. Drafting Mo is a must. Richardson would be a (damn fine) luxury pick, not a pick for need.

  13. Bobby Says:

    Cody is the ideal SS. He just has a nasty streak when it comes to tackling. He played LB in college for crying out loud. This guy plays much bigger than his size. I really hope he recovers from his injuries enough to start for us. I really like the way he plays. FEARLESS.

  14. thomas 2.2 Says:

    Everything Joe said about Cody is correct, he really is a mini-John Lynch. 3 inches and 25lbs smaller – he plays with smarts, discipline and toughness.

    Cody really is the anti-rahrah type player and epitomizes what the Schiano bucs will be about.

    With that said, just like Games Missed Constantly (“GMC”) the evidence suggests that Cody as well can’t hold up physically to the 4 month NFL pounding. Cody has a much better excuse being 100lbs smaller and a league minimum 7th round draft pick. Cody has suffered 2 injuries, not 4 like Games Missed.

    I desperately hope that Cody gets healthy, but just like Games Missed Constantly, you would not be smart to bet on 2012 being any different than history tells you it will be for those 2 players.

    The run defense did suffer some by Grimm being out. Cody can play strong safety and some would tell you that he is more suited for that position in the run game. Rahrah’s thought was that he didnt want Cody to end up man or even zone isolated on the tight ends (Tony G, Jimmy G etc) in the south creating an unfavorable size mismatch.

    However, in the run game Cody is a natural 8th man in the box which is typically the strong safety before the free safety. Experienced coordinators can shift their safety play so that it maximizes the strength of both safeties i.e. on run downs you try to have Cody play strong saftey with 8th man run responsibility and then on passing downs flip it so that Cody does not get isolated but can remain free to support/double another player downfield in the passing game.

  15. Meh Says:

    Thomas, can you go for a single thread without bring up McCoy and Morris?

  16. Kryq Says:

    Laron Landry ?

  17. thomas 2.2 Says:

    Meh: I have, but its hard.

    Especially when their names are injected into the article.

  18. thomas 2.2 Says:

    Joe says:

    “Otherwise, it could be a very, very ugly 2012.”

    You mean like the last 3 years?

  19. Jrock(mobile) Says:

    I think we draft richardson to belp our secondary. Dude have you seen his athleticism? Other team will never get the ball with him pounding the rock! And if they do just put him in the slot, I bet he will pick-6 ALL DAY!

    Richardson 2012!!

  20. Meh Says:

    Richardson can also heal the injured with the touch of his hands.

  21. BucsFan007 Says:

    LaTin Pandrup is very risky since heis only strength is his upper body. His lower body of his archillies tendon needs to have surgey but he told his doctor that he would not acquire surfery. And thatvis a bug mistake, because if he does get injured on that same spot his career will be over. If we do attend to sign him we nees very careful with him and watch his every move, a definitely one year deal would he an ideal comtract for Landry

  22. thibs5599 Says:

    FS and SS are pretty interchangeable in today’s NFL, with all the passing going on there are not too many safeties who are pure SS.

    ANYWAY, i have first hand knowledge on Grimm’s injury. At the end of last October I completely tore my MCL and partially tore my Meniscus. I did this right before i was suppose to go to basic training for the Army. My doctor cleared my on the 16th of January, a little over two months after I had surgery. Usually you don’t even need surgery on an MCL, but because I tore more than that and I am heading to Basic we opted to do the surgery. I run, jump, sprint, lift weights 4 or 5 days a week, and will be doing more than that at Basic when i go shortly. I am sure Cody Grimm will not be held back from the MCL tear. He has had much more physical therapy and rehab than I have and I am fine. Now Grimm might

  23. thibs5599 Says:

    sorry about that, Grimm might get injured again, I sure hope not because I think he can be a damn good player for us. However, it won’t be from the MCL tear that causes it.

  24. BucsFan007 Says:

    LaRon Landry I ment

  25. Bobby Says:

    Well, according to Thomas…anyone who gets injured in the NFL just can’t hold up and should be let go.

  26. SensibleBuc Says:

    @ Meh

    So once again I ask, do we HAVE to draft a corner at #5 if we spend the rest of our picks and free agent dollars on the defense?

    Two safeties?!?!?! Grimm will be back at some point. Tanard Jackson is a Pro Bowl level talent who just signed a new deal so he’s not going anywhere. MyLew could/should be moved to safety because he’s too slow to play corner. We just spent a 5th rounder on Ahmad Black and the other young safeties on the roster could get a look. Sign a vet FA or use a Day 3 pick on safety and we’ll be golden.

    Three corners? The only “need” is to find a replacement for Barber when he retires after this season. Bring in an FA (Finnegan or Carr) or a high 2nd rd corner (with 1st rd talent) #1 . Talib slides to #2 (he’s probably going to get off…I mean, did you see the Perrish Cox case?). Ronde to nickel for 1 more year. Biggers to Dime (where he should be) and Gaitor/Mack fight it out for the last spot.

  27. eric Says:

    Talib has a March 26, 2012 trial date. I suspect he will enter a plea to a lesser charge and his attorneys have been in touch with Goodell as to what sanctions might be imposed for the plea.

    So, it is unlikely it will be cleared up before FA, but maybe prior to the draft.

    Dominik neds to have his thinking cap on to navigate this minefield.


    Who actually wants to keep Talib on the team? Whether he is acquitted, or suspended?

    He was a character concern before the draft, after the draft, and all the way up to today. Off the field violent dirt bag. The sooner they replace and cut him, the better.

    He is a constant embarrassment to the team and to the fans. I hate guys like that, and the sooner we stop rewarding them, the better.

    There’s a whole lot more that goes into being an NFL payer than athletic ability. Stop rewarding thugs. When has he EVER exhibited the ability to not cause problems? I mean, all the way up the London trip (altercation with his own coach).

  29. Jonny 3.3 Says:

    Grimm was good in 2010, but he sucked out loud, more than any other player in secondary in 2011 when he played. Part of it may be due to never completely recovering from his previous injury, but it could also be because he isn’t that good. What ever it is, in the next 2 years he has to show he can stay healthy for a full season and be better than serviceable as a SS or FS.

  30. Meh Says:

    Tanard was the worst tackler in the NFL last year. It wasn’t even close.

    Grimm is a good backup.

    Sean Jones won’t be given a new contract.

    Talib might be in jail.

    Ronde might retire.

    Mack won’t be given a new contract.

    Even IF we kept all three of those corners, we still needed to upgrade Biggers.

    Myron Lewis is looking like a bust.

    Ahmad Black was small and slow and looked terrible.

    I repeat, we need 3 corners and 2 safeties. Minimum.

  31. BucsFan007 Says:

    1 voter in the draft and 2 corners in free agency. Morris Claiborne should be our logical pick enough

  32. thibs5599 Says:

    I want to keep Talib, the kid is a ball hawk straight up. He has 17 pics in 4 seasons, and has had a few cut short. If he can stay healthy, and Schiano talks some sense into him we would be dumb to get rid of him. People talk about not getting rid of Faine or Winslow because that would hurt the team, getting rid of Talib would hurt the team more than getting rid of one of them. If the guy comes back has a trouble free year, I have not problem with the Bucs extending his contract, plus I like his SWAG.

  33. Meh Says:

    Talib lets people get by him deep more than he picks up INTs. A ball hawk doesn’t drop as many sure INTs as Talib did last year. He did not play well last year, is an off field problem, is a locker room problem, and might be in jail.


    SWAG? Oh good lord. That is so played out and lame.

    Dude is a scum bag. This team needs to get back to great players who are great people. Brooks > Dunn > Lynch, etc. Sapp was a wildchild, but never a cancer off the field.

    Stop rewarding thugs. Stop letting them embarrass and assault our community.

    He won’t change. When, in all these years, has he shown the ability to change? How many chances do we give the criminals?

  35. FreemanBomb5 Says:

    Yes because the posters here are so perfect that they never once made a mistake growing up. Talib knows he is on thin ice and this is his last chance, he and Schiano had a heart to heart and apparently Schiano liked what he heard. Talib is much better than you all want to give credit for and if he had a competent safety playing behind him instead of Sean Jones I can count at least 2-3 TDS that would’ve just been a pass breakup or at worst a fairly long completion. We need some dudes on defense that actually have a set, obviously captain Quincy wasn’t the man for the job.

  36. ATLBuc Says:

    If Schiano can get Talib and Jackson to get their heads on straight and play like they are capable of playing I’m for all it. They both have so much potential but are too dumb for their own good.

  37. RIs_Buc Says:

    Grimm is a beast… are you guys serious?
    before Grimm – we were the worst run defense in the league.
    with him 10-6 season.
    As soon as he went down (yes, Grimm, not McCoy) we instantly became a joke on defense again.

    I would go as far as to say that when healthy – hes one of our top 5 players on Def.

    Watch the tape – the guy gets his fits and makes his tackles.
    … wish we had 10 more Grimms.

  38. Meh Says:

    It isn’t ‘a mistake’ – it is issue after issue after issue. The cab punch. The shooting. Swinging a helmet at a teamate. The London altercation. To players walking around on eggshells in the locker room so Talib doesn’t blow up.

    It is not one mistake.

  39. thibs5599 Says:

    I was messing around with the SWAG, however the guy has fire. I like when he gets in Roddy White’s face and they argue and fight. It shows that he has some passion. Why are people thinking of him as a cancer, last time I checked Talib and Ronde were not getting into fights and things of that nature. People just leave Talib alone, and if it is because they are worried they will piss him off then so be it, he is not a problem in the locker room. Does he have off the field problems, sure does, but so do a lot of people. If the law says he is innocent and the Comish says he can play, then lets let him play. As FREEMANBOMB stated the safety play has been atrocious many people blame things on the CB’s but it is really the safeties fault. I remember several Sean Jones saying more than once that he screwed up on a long TD that looked like it was Talib’s fault, but it was really his.

  40. eric Says:

    How come the “new coach will get a lot more out of these guys” doesnt apply to Talib?

    May be the most talented guy on the team.

    Why cut him before the new coach can even get him on the field to evaluate?


  41. Meh Says:

    It is a problem in the locker room, and there have been multiple reports that it is a big problem. Dude has serious anger management problems. And no, talib dropping sure INTs is not the safeties fault. Neither is taking huge chances to get INTs and rack up your individual stats when you could have easily stopped that TD.


    “Never once made a mistake growing up”

    Are we talking about the same person? This is now a grown arse man.

    2004 – Burglary

    UKansas – Multiple positive drug tests (I have no prob with herb, it’s his lack of commitment to the team, which he hurts with the poz tests)

    Fight at the NFL rookie symposium

    Hitting Torrie Cox in the face with a helmet

    Assaulting a cab driver

    Aggravated assault with a deadly weapon

    Altercation with Raheem Morris at team hotel

    And these are just the things we know about. I’m still laughing at the mistake line. That is classic. I’ll remember that when he succeeds and shoots someone or maims a cab driver, or a teammate.

    He should never have been drafted. A criminal is a criminal, no matter how anyone wants to spin it.

    So, tell me, please answer this one… there ANY point for the apologists, when enough is enough? Given the list above, just exactly what does it take? Actual murder???????

  43. SensibleBuc Says:

    @ Meh

    You didn’t answer my question. Do we HAVE to take a corner #5? Or can we still fill our needs through lower picks and free agency? Of course we can. That’s why you didn’t answer me.

    To answer your other points:

    1) T Jax hadn’t played football in a year. Is it more likely that he play like he did last year or how he played from 2007-2010?

    2) If Grimm is a backup (that’s debatable) then we can replace him in the starting lineup with a stop gap on the roster, a draft pick or free agent. That’s one guy we may or may not have to replace.

    3) Talib: With the way the legal system works, deep pockets win. Perrish Cox raped an innocent young woman and got off. Talib shot at some low life and missed. He’s most likely going to get off and be back on the team as the #2.

    4) If Ronde wanted to retire he probably would’ve done it already. He’ll be back.

    5) If Mack doesn’t come back for a bargain basement deal, insert Gaitor (another draft pick they need to take a look at) and you’ve got your #5 CB

    6) Biggers is fine as the dime back. He was a top 10 cornerback in the League in Success Rate (Football Outsiders) playing #2 & #3 WRs. This year he was playing #1s and got exposed. That’s hardly reason to give up on him.

    7) My Lew was always a tweener. He played both safety and corner at Vandy. Move him to a free safety role a la Malcolm Jenkins and watch him flourish.

    8) We spent a 5th rounder on Ahmad Black so he’s not going anywhere unless he’s completely inept. He’ll get ever opportunity to show he can play. He was slowed all year by a high ankle sprain last year. This year he’ll have no excuse or he’s gone.

    We “need” two moves tops. Here’s how the secondary should look this year:

    #1: 2nd rounder/Free Agent (Carr or Finnegan)
    #2: Talib
    #3: Ronde
    #4: Biggers
    #5: Gaitor/Mack


    T Jax & Cody or MyLew/Some FA/Draft Pick
    Black & Asante/Lynch (if he re-signs)

  44. SensibleBuc Says:

    @ Alstott

    “So, tell me, please answer this one… there ANY point for the apologists, when enough is enough? Given the list above, just exactly what does it take? Actual murder???????”

    Doesn’t matter at this point. If the Bucs wanted to prove a point they would’ve traded him when he had value or cut him for his earlier discretions. The money has already been spent so why not get what you can out of it? He’s a talented and cheap starter in a contract year. Let him play/prove himself until his contract is up and if the new regime doesn’t want to be bothered with him anymore then don’t resign him. Mercurial talent is still talent. If he gets to defend #2 WRs instead of #1s we’ll be a better defense.

  45. Meh Says:

    You suggestions just totally ignore reality.

    1. It is more likely he’ll play like last year, until he proves otherwise. And he’s one offense from a lifetime ban.

    2. Grimm is a back up. What free agent would you suggest? The good ones were all franchised, and the draft is very, very weak at safety.

    3. Talib is going to be suspended even if he’s innocent. He’s a cancer on the team and could implode at any moment. Maybe he comes back, but you sure as hell can’t depend on it.

    4. Even if Ronde doesn’t retire this year, his skills have dropped way off. He is a terrible tackler now, he has no speed. It is time to move on. And if it isn’t this year it will be next year.

    5. Gaitor showed absolutely nothing last year.

    6. If you want Biggers to be the dime back, you need 3 corners ahead of him. Since I’m not buying that Talib/Ronde will both be back (and good chance neither is back) I’m not buying your lineup at all.

    7. He looks like a bust to me. I don’t think he can play safety.

    8. Black will get another chance, but he is too small and slow to be anything other than a last resort. Not a serious option at all.

    Your plan is a recipe for disaster in the secondary. And we haven’t even gotten to linebacker. Taking Richardson with our first pick would be the most irresponsible move we could possibly make. If Claiborne is there, he needs to be the pick. It is a no brainer.

  46. jvato24 Says:

    Is there such a thing as a 7th round Bust ???

  47. jvato24 Says:

    Oh lewis .. My Bad … yeah hes a bust .. . But I give him a fresh start with a new staff

  48. Meh Says:

    I’d give him one more year too. My “we need 3 cbs” assumes Lewis, Gaitor, and Biggers are staying. I’m assuming Ronde, Talib, and Mack are gone. Mack is gone instead of Biggers just because it is time for a new contract for him, while Biggers is still under contract.

  49. jvato24 Says:

    No doubt we must address DB .. with starters .. and would be damn right risky to wait and address it with the crap shoot the draft is

  50. SensibleBuc Says:

    @ Meh

    1) LOL because safeties start to decline after the age of 26? Riiiight.

    2) Grimm should be in the mix as a starter. When on the field he has produced. For competition purposes MyLew (3rd Rd), Black (5th Rd) should get the first crack at the free safety position. If the staff doesn’t believe in them Laron Landry, Dwight Lowery and Mike Adams are available. If they don’t want to pick up a FA, draft any one of the safeties with 2nd or 3rd round grades in the 3rd to 4th round (every year safeties get pushed down) including Iloka, Markelle Martin, Brandon Taylor, or Antonio Allen and fill your linebacker needs through free agency (Erin Henderson and Dan Connor are available).

    3) Valid point. However, if/when he’s exonerated the League will suspend him for 4 games max because of his repeat offender status. 4 games is a temporary problem we can overcome in a multitude of ways including simply re-signing Mack.

    4/5/6) Nobody tackled last year. Nobody covered last year. Yet in 2010 we were middle of the road defensively (17th in yards & 9th in scoring). We can get back there with this new talented, defensive-based coaching staff. You have your opinion on Ronde and I have mine. Ronde can and will contribute at a high level if put in the proper situations. We’ll see coming up this year.

    7) MyLew: 6’0 203 4.42 40 yard dash. Malcolm Jenkins 6’0 204 4.51 40 yard dash.

    Per ESPN Insider:

    The Good
    “Very good size for the position. Stronger upper body than lower body. Controls blockers, finds the ball carrier and shows strong hands to disengage. Flashes a bit of a mean streak.” Good overall ball skills. Shows the ability to close quickly in front of him and times his jumps well. Hands are adequate to good. Much bigger playmaker in 2008, when he played with more confidence and took more calculated risks.

    The Bad
    “Shows good quickness when bursting out of his pedal and coming forward. However, he doesn’t recover well from false steps and he does not show the top-end speed to make up considerable ground when running downfield to cover the deep ball.” and “Displays very quick feet in his pedal. However, he is high cut and he clearly has some stiffness in his hips. He will occasionally get beaten by double moves and can be exposed by quicker WRs one-on-one (see: TD pass allowed with 3:15 remaining in second quarter of 2008 Georgia game).”

    Sounds like a safety playing out of position at corner to me.

    8) Black was rated as a 3rd Round talent on ESPN Insider. He was productive and instinctive at Florida. I’m not ready to say that his ceiling is X, Y or Z without actually seeing him on the field and with a training camp under his belt.

    There’s more than one way to skin a cat in the Draft and Free Agency. The cornerback and linebacker classes are deep so ostensibly we can/will get our luxury items at the top while still filling our needs in the middle or bottom.