Aqib Talib Trial Now Pushed Back Past Draft

March 26th, 2012
“Conflicts and discovery” have yet again pushed back judgment day for Talib

The odds of the Bucs drafting stud cornerback Morris Claiborne just got ramped up a bit as troubled Bucs cornerback Aqib Talib’s trial for gun-related assault charges has been pushed back further.

Dallas County court records show “conflicts and discovery” listed as reasons for the rescheduled date. Now the trial is scheduled to begin June 25, nearly two months after the draft. Talib’s mother’s trial for the same charge, scheduled to start today, also was pushed back to the same date.

“We have no desire to reach a plea agreement with the state regarding this case,” Perez told Mark Cook of “We look forward to getting this behind us and behind Aqib before the (NFL) season starts.”

Whether sentenced or not, a Texas judge is not the only long arm of the law Talib will have to face. If Talib pleads out, it is likely NFL warden commissioner Roger Goodell will give Talib a time out of a few games.

Not knowing if Talib will be around this year — or beyond — increases the likelihood of Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik drafting Clairborne.

At this point Joe’s not sure which area of the porous Bucs back seven needs more help, linebackers or secondary?

66 Responses to “Aqib Talib Trial Now Pushed Back Past Draft”

  1. canadianbuc Says:

    Ok Mo Claibourne time

  2. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    I could of sworn just a few days ago i read on this site that the trial date that was already pushed back was set and couldnt be pushed back any further…. this is getting rediculous… just move on already.

  3. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    At this point Joe’s not sure which area of the porous Bucs back seven needs more help, linebackers or secondary?

    At DB we have Wright, Talib, Barber (3 DB’s capable of starting)
    At LB we have Black and Foster (haven’t given up on Foster yet, but he still hasn’t shown much)

    Really? You’re not sure which needs more help?

  4. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    If Talib pleads out, it is likely NFL warden commissioner Roger Goodell will give Talib a time out of a few games.

    This incident took place during the lockout….from what I can recall players are not going to be punished for acts that took place while the lockout was on.

    Talib will be on this roster all season long. If you think a jury in TX is going to convict him on a gun charge then you don’t know TX (my advice…..don’t mess with it)

  5. Macabee Says:

    There are reports that the defense asked for this delay – not a good sign. If this pushes up the probabiltity that the Bucs take Claiborne at #5 if he’s there, this may be a good thing.

    I’ve also heard that the prosecution has filed a motion to have Talib’s prior record of aggravated assault be admitted as evidence. This may have prompted the defense to rethink it’s strategy.

  6. bucfat Says:

    I see tampa building around our QB in the draft.
    I dont expect Tampa to draft Claiborne

  7. Joe Says:


    At DB we have Wright, Talib, Barber (3 DB’s capable of starting)

    Really? You’re not sure which needs more help?

    Perhaps you may have missed the entire focus of the post, so it may help you to re-read.

    Talib may not be on the Bucs roster for the full season — or at all. So then you have a 37-year old corner, Eric Wright, Myron Lewis and E.J. Biggers.


    Besides a change of pace speed back, Tampa already built around Freeman in free agency. I have given up hope of dumping Winslow until next year.

    Looking for a back like James in the middle rounds, plus lots of defense. CB, LB, S, DT (for depth).

    Defensive minded coach, who inherited a terrible terrible defense, will have a defensive laden draft.

  9. Lion Says:


    You are wrong, they did that in free agency. The draft will focus on defense, starting with the #5 pick/Mo Claiborne. But I will say they will pick up a RB at some point in the draft.

  10. Joe Says:


    This incident took place during the lockout….from what I can recall players are not going to be punished for acts that took place while the lockout was on.

    Roger Goodell made no such promise. In fact, Goodell went easy on Talib since his defense attorney was so adamant to Goodell that his client would be found innocent in a trial. Goodell offered to wait until after the trial before he would make a decision on suspending or not suspending Talib, who by the way is a repeat offender in the eyes of the NFL.

  11. Capt.Tim Says:

    Creamsicle- Talib and Barber.
    Our starting secondary last year.
    You know, the secondary that gave up record points
    Oh yeah. We good.

  12. Capt.Tim Says:

    Yeah, if Talib plays-we’re saved!
    He played soooo good last year
    Again- lmao

  13. Garv Says:

    I don’t think it matters, or rather it doesn’t to me…..IF Claiborne is there at 5 he would be my choice, Talib or no Talib. I think he’d be the BPA at 5 and we should take him for sure.

  14. Capt.Tim Says:

    Claiborne and Dennard solve our CB ills for next ten years!

  15. Snook Says:

    Cut him!

  16. jvato24 Says:

    The victim will be sitting in court in a striped outfit and shackles for sexual Assault (twice) in last year. Talib was never tested for residue. This may come down to Talibs word vs the rapists word.

    I feel Talib will be dismissed and we will have Talib for most of the season.

    Regarding LB or CB … Its gotta be LB !!!

    Starters Quincy Black, Mason Foster Adam Hayward ???

    Backups Dekoda Watson, Jacob Cutrera, Rennie Curran ???

  17. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    [CreamsicleBananaHammock: Say “hello” to the blocked button. Call out Joe like that and this is the result. — Joe]

  18. Eric Says:

    Defense attorneys are never this cavalier unless the state truly hasnt got Didley Squat.

  19. Thomas2.2 Says:

    Perez asked for the continuance and Talib’s mother’s trial was moved to the same date.

    It is obvious what is happening. Talib probably walks if the mother falls on her sword saying that she fired all 5 shots. If she doesn’t Talib likely goes down. On the other hand, if Talib protects mom and cops to firing all shots mom walks.

    The state holds a strong hand here. Because the state has bullet casings. One of the two, or both, will be convicted. The odds if both walking is next to nil.

    Perez wants time to get mom to take the fall, he certainly doesnt want her to testify that she didn’t fire weapon all 5 times bc Talib would be in trouble. Quite a predicament.

  20. Dave D. Says:

    If the state had anything Talib would have made a deal long, long ago.

  21. Kujolw Says:

    He’ll be fine and that being said we still need to take Claiborne at #5 if he’s there. He’s too good to pass up on. Personally I don’t think he’ll be there at #5.

  22. Eric Says:

    When the victim is in jail on sex charges that ain’t a strong hand.

    Not even a pair of 2’s.

  23. Sensiblebuc Says:

    @HolderStephen: “There was no attempt to hide the fact that Bucs think highly of Trent Richardson, but I also could paint a few other scenarios on draft day”

    Awww yeah.


    The T-Rich Fan Club

  24. Capt.Tim Says:

    Creamsicle deserved to be blocked- just for posting that Talib or Wright are capable starters!!
    Wright- ok, I’ll give him a chance, and hope Don landed a diamond in the rough
    Talib? We’ve watched him for years now.
    He sucks. When he plays- our secondary sucks!
    When he’s off the field -he sucks
    When we play a 3-3-5 defense, to cover for him- he still sucks!

    Still baffled by some of you
    You think Talib and Biggers are great,
    Yet our secondary totally sucked last year

    You think Black, Foster, and Hayes are talented, but we had the worst LB unit in the league! Meybe in the history of the league!!

    I feel bad for Coach Schiano!!
    He’s inherited a terrible, 4-12 team.
    Yet all the fans around here think its stocked with great players!!!
    Even though these “Great players” have always stunk!

    This guy’s job will be hard enough. Some of you gotta get in touch with reality
    That piece if crap team from last year has more losers than Allpros
    Good players don’t get stomped in the ground by 40 points every week.

  25. bucoooobruceAlstott Says:

    Peter kings promblem is he sucks his first name to much.Go bucs super bowl 2012

  26. bucoooobruceAlstott Says:

    Im sick of people talking sh-t on the bucs.We have a new coach and great free agents and a draft ahead.come on get off of here if u have nothin positve 2 say.

  27. J 2.0 Says:

    I am just glad I don’t have to see a Creamsicle Bannana Hammack anymore on these boards.

    I think the T Rich fan club will not be Buc fans next year. I hope they stay loyal to the Bucs when we make a logical draft pick. The only way we draft T Rich is if we trade down and Keuchly isn’t available at that point and T Rich is still there. Even so, I still think there are too many holes to fill other than RB. Whereas I will agree that drafting T Rich pretty much sets our offense up for the next 5 years (besides RT obviously.) I also get that we aren’t going to fix our team in one offseason, I still say we gotta go best defensive player available with our #5 and if Claiborne is still there, that has to be the pick.

  28. JT Says:

    The defense asked for the trial to be pushed back because they want Billings showing up in a prison jumpsuit when making his allegation. The only thing they really have is the gun that fired the shots was registered to Talib. If he gave it to him mom he committed a felony providing a firearm to a convicted felon. There are no direct witnesses and it really boils down to he said, she said…

  29. Macabee Says:

    Capt. Tim,

    On the moral issue, no argument, you win hands down!

    On the issue of whether Talib is an above average CB, I pose a complex question (one in which no matter how you answer, it is likely to make my point. Unfair? Maybe).

    QUESTION: Name 5 CBs in the NFL that have 17 ints and 3 defensive TDs in the last four years?

    If you can’t, then you must recognize his accomplishment.

    If you can and they are the top CBs in the league, then you have placed him in elite company.

    Go ahead Capt. Enamor me! Answer the question and make my day! lol

  30. Capt.Tim Says:

    J 2.0- man! After some of the really rediculious post that have been in here lately, its really nice to read one that makes perfect sense!

  31. Drew Says:

    Let’s give the D a chance to prove or disprove the D play calling was terrible last year. No matter how good you are you’ll look bad if the D coordinator sucks.

  32. Patrick Says:

    What the f’k is with this judge? Didn’t they say last time that the date couldn’t be changed again after being changed once before? Liars!

    So what if he’s innocent? We’ll have Claiborne and we could’ve taken a LB or Richardson instead.

  33. Capt.Tim Says:

    Macabee- the answer is rather obvious!
    Nnamandi, Revis, Joseph, etc., frequently have very low int numbers!
    Because only an idiot throws at them.
    Talib is a terrible Cb. Not because of his skills.
    Because of his attitude. First rule of a CB- contain- don’t allow the score!
    Talib has given up more long TDs, then most pairs of CBs!
    Because he is about himself- he gambles the TD, to go for the interception.
    So, QBs love him. They throw at him constantly. It’s a good exchange for them, they will give up the occasional int, for the frequent TD.
    That’s why we get beat by 40 points. That’s why Talib gets interceptions. That’s why Raheem ran a 3-3-5 defense- an extra CB, to try and shore up our secondary!
    Even Biggers- who absolutely could not stop a completion- knew enough to get behind them, and wrap ’em up. Then they didn’t score.

    Macabee- my turn! Do you really believe we have talented CBs- after the way they have Been totally bombed, both in 2009, and 2011?
    Last two outta three years- Talib started- and we set records for TDs over 20 yards, total scores, total passing yardage, etc!!

    How can you think Talib is any good- when our secondary in the worst in history- with him starting

    His being a scumbag isn’t just an off the field occurrence. its a lifestyle. And it continues to hurt this team

  34. Thomas2.2 Says:


    TDs for a corner is an odd stat to base your argument on. For example, a corner recovering a touchdown in the end zone after a hit by a linebacker hardly equates to good corner play.

    No way in creation does Talib belong in a category with:

    Revis, Champ Bailey, Asmoungha, Samuel, Woodson, Mccourty, Winfield, Rogers. Many would argue that Brent Grimes, Ronde, Tracy Porter, Eric Wright, Ike Taylor, Finnnegan, Hall, Cromartie, Tramon Williams are all superior.

    Talib ranks in the lower category after his pathetic season last year, he is even lower as a human being.

  35. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Word of advice: don’t even try to argue with Capt. Tim on Talib. It’s no different than trying to argue with Thomas on GMC. You are wasting your time. I speak from experience on this one.

  36. Sensiblebuc Says:

    @ J

    1) I can say with almost completely certainty that there aren’t any T-Rich fans posting on JBF who will stop being fans if we don’t draft him. I haven’t seen that level of zealotry in any of the posts.

    2) Logical moves in the Draft are based on getting the best talent you can at your pick while filling needs. We can still draft top talent and maximize our value at each pick by taking T-Rich. T-Rich is an elite prospect at a position with little depth in the draft and free agency. The cornerback and linebacker classes are pretty deep and talented at the top. Gilmore has a 1st rd grade. Dennard has 1st round talent. Linebackers are usually pushed down a round so they can be had in the 2nd/3rd round (Zach Brown/ Lavonte David maybe, Sean Spence, Bruce Irvin definitely). Great corners come around every year. Great RBs are much more rare.

    Furthermore, I was reading a study about the value and fungibility of RBs the other day and it got me thinking: if Blount goes down, what happens to Schiano’s pound the rock offense? Is a guy like LaMichael James/Isiah Pead going to carry the load for the rest of the season? Not likely. Conversely, if a corner goes down, how easy would it be to replace him/scheme help for his replacement? That happens all the time. It’d be difficult but not impossible to overcome.

    My point: There’s more than one way to make the Draft work and grabbing T-Rich is the best way I can think of to (potentially) turn us into an elite offense in an offense-first league.

  37. J 2.0 Says:

    Talib is a functional CB at best, which for a 1st rd pick makes him a bust.

  38. Capt.Tim Says:

    Me personally- im tired if spending every Spring, listening to People discuss if Talib is innocent or not. Its the only thing about him that is noteworthy- his play wouldn’t draw any attention

    I’d rather spend CB discussions on if Claiborne can continue to shut down Roddy White every meeting, or how Mo looked good in Hawaii.

    Wasted enough time on a guy that gets us beat by 40

  39. Pete Dutcher Says:

    When are you people going to get it??? I’ve been saying all along the Bucs DON’T WANT A JUDGEMENT before the draft. If that happens, Talib will be suspended before the draft, and once he is suspended he cannot be cut.

    The Bucs would have cut him by now, but for the draft. First, they are trying to keep some people guess that they’ll take Richardson so no one trades up to get Mo before us. Second, they need to make sure they have another starting CB before they cut him.

    This delay actually plays into the hands of the Bucs.

    Aspic, the last delay was requested by the prosecution because the prosecuter was due to give birth at that time. Maybe, unless there has been a report otherwise, they needed more time for recovery.

  40. Macabee Says:

    Capt. The first rule in courtroom law is never ask a question unless you already know the answer. I kid with you some, but I was also making a point. Your answer does in fact put Talib in the company of some of the best CBs in the league.

    But I get your point and it’s well made. No, we do not have good CBs at all and Eric Wright can’t command an island. But the answer to your question regarding Talib is that he’s not been on the field. And this past year when he was he didn’t play well because of injuries. I draw that conclusion from the fact that his performance in 2010 was much better when he was not injured.

    Let me be clear. I’m willing to let the coaches make the call on Talib. If they keep, cut, or trade him, I am not emotionally tied to that decision.

    Take away the moral issues, and I know they play a part in any coaches decision, but the Bucs could do a lot worst than Talib and they are!

  41. Bricen Says:

    I wouldn’t say he’s only “functional”, he’s hot and cold which, in some circles, makes him less than functional, but I wouldn’t call him a bust. (though he has regressed, like everyone, the past year or two.) I like Talib as a player, he definantly needs work off the field. I believe he’ll either sink or swim with Schiano, he’ll either embrace the disipline or rebel and be worse than before. As for the trial, what evidence, besides the police report, do any of you have?! Talking like a lawyer doesn’t make you one in real life. All this being said we most likely get MoClai in the first or try our hardest to trade down for depth. I wouldn’t be surprised if we only got one offensive player the entire draft. As someone stated earlier we pretty much are set on the ofensive side of the ball sans a FB or TE. (RT only if Khalil is available.)

  42. Capt.Tim Says:

    Lol- its ’cause I’m right! That’s why it’s a such a tough debate.
    No way you walk away feeling good about yourself- after trying to fly Talibs Banner!
    Macabee stated up front- Talib loses any character debates.

    I thought we discussed it civil

    And again J 2.0, with a concise, clear point!

  43. Macabee Says:

    Thomas, I could have been clearer by saying ints returned for a touchdown – a stat made famous by the man Dieon Sanders who invented the term “shutdown corner”.

    You gentlemen may argue the merits of Talib moral judgment or misjudgment before Thomas corrects me. lol. But I stand by my stat and try if you might, you can’t discuss that stat without mentioning the names of the best CBS in the league.

    I realize I’m being too clever by half, but its my argument and I’m sticking to it! lol

  44. bucoooobruceAlstott Says:

    I know the bucs will win another super bowl in the next 5 years and I think we just might be a dynsaty.

    I cant wait for the draft.

  45. Sensiblebuc Says:


    I don’t see it. He’ll skate right on by these charges, take his 4 game suspension and be with us for his last year in town.

    He makes nothing. He’s in the last year of his deal. He’s, at least, in the top half of the League of cornerbacks in talent and production. He has every incentive to come and play balls to the wall for his next contract.

    Plus, if the team hasn’t cut him yet based on his misdeeds why do it after the Draft? If they wanted to make a statement like “This is the last straw!” the they would’ve cut him as soon as the news broke…but they didn’t. Dom/Schiano are thinking that they just need to get every ounce out of that contract as they can and let him walk after this season.

  46. Capt.Tim Says:

    Macabee- last counterpoint
    From the play of our secondary, with Talib as a starter- it would be nearly impossible to do worse. With him as our “cornerstone”, we have given up the most points, most yardage, most completions, and most TDs over 20 yards in team history. Also in the league

    That alone defines his play

    And during the first 8 games last year, I kept pointing out that he wasn’t playing the #1, or # 2, WRs. And he was playing horribly.

    Even I said he was marginally better than that. I asked if he was hurt
    Raheem said , during a press conference, that Talib was not hurt. This was in response to Talibs bad play.
    Talib was not listed on any injury report. And before any thug lovers( and I know you are not a thug lover, Macabee) say they were lying on the I Rs- no- that is a big violation in the NFL. Teams exaggerate that players are worse than they are. They do not lie about hurt players being healthy
    He wasn’t hurt- he sucked

    And I’m sure you guys remember Coach Schiano calling out a certain CB, for quitting on Running plays!

    Again- this salami is nothing but trouble

    Draft Claiborne. Then draft a RB in the 2nd
    Then Draft Alphonso Dennard

    We will be set at DE, DT, And CB for years to come.
    Guess we sign Fletcher( get, I love dat guy!!)
    And another random Lb- and fix LB and safety next year!
    What the Heck- cant build Rome in a day

    But if we keep allowing Talib to fail us,
    He will keep failing us! He’s consistent!

  47. NJBucsFan Says:

    Chris Sims is a coach for the patriots.

  48. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Just FYI, we got beat by 40 with Talib, and also without Talib. He neither helped or hurt us, and it is absolutely ridiculous to blame him (solely) for our miserable 10 game losing streak. I know you hate the guy, which is fine, but stop bending the facts to fit your agenda. He had a poor season last year, but so did about 45 guys on our team last year (if not more). You do not have the skills to break down film to determine where the blame lies on our horrendous defense (and neither do I), so your opinion must be taken with a grain of salt. I do know this: if he was anywhere near as bad as you make him out to be, he would have been cut long ago. You can spin that fact any which way you choose, but it is the truth.

  49. Capt.Tim Says:

    Ugh- Bucs get no compensatory draft picks.
    Didn’t really see a way to get one. Didn’t stop me from wanting one!

  50. J 2.0 Says:

    @ Hawaiin

    Talib did have a bad season last year, but it isn’t his only one. Anytime I hear Talib’s name I get the mental image of him getting torched in Buffalo against an aged Terrell Owens. That play alone made me down on Talib, and there have been many others since. He is a functional CB at best and his problems far outweigh his production. He does need to go.

  51. Capt.Tim Says:

    Nah- what? Are you kidding me?
    Blame a CB- for giving up most TDs, Yardage, and receptions in team history?
    What, Are you Crazy?
    Obviously, that is the ball boys fault!
    Who else could it be, on a team of

    That would be like blaming a guy for breaking his teammates face with a helmet.or hitting a father of 4 on the head while he’s driving.
    Or shooting at your brother in law.
    Or threatening to kill a 60 year old grandma!
    Don’t be rediculious!!
    Again- its obviously the ball boy

    When you were a lil boy- did you play a special version of “cowboys and Indians”?

    Did you run around , until you found a fresh, hot, steaming pile of sh#%,
    And then defend it to the death?
    Just wondering how you build an apologist.

    Don’t worry, I’m sure it’s not your fault, Either!

    Lol, again, I don’t care which side you are on- that was dang Funny!!

    Now- can I please not have ta talk about Talib anymore?

    Claibourne and Dennard are both twice the talent he is!

  52. J 2.0 Says:

    Also Talib hasn’t been cut because he was a 1st rd pick. Though he wasn’t Dom’s so not a lot of pride would have to be swallowed, you don’t cut 1st rd picks that are “ok.”

  53. Macabee Says:

    Capt. You’ve stated your case admirably! Good night until next time!

  54. Capt.Tim Says:

    And Hawiian- yes, I do have those skills.
    I break down tape for lottsa things

    After all- its Captain Tim- not “big kahuna Tim”
    Or”big tofu eating Tim”. Or ” BigSurfer boy Tim”

    Damn sure aint” apologist Tim!”

    Although, I gotta admit- Kahuna Tim sounds pretty sweet right now!
    You could be at the beach, riding some tasty waves, slurping down some Mia Tais, looking at Bikinis walking along the volcanic ash Sand!

    But noooo! You wanna set there, arguing with a knucklehead like me , about a bonehead like Talib

    It’s obvious your judgement is impaired- and cant be trusted!!

    Lol again- the kid is hot tonight!

  55. Capt.Tim Says:

    Macabee- goodnight Buddy! Evewhen I don’t agree with ya- always respect ya!
    Now that Damn Hawiian guy!!!
    Jus Kiffin- you know I love ya! Even though you are


    About that Talib kid

    Man! J 2.0 is spot on about Talib surviving- because he was a first round pick

    I ain’t ever gonna debate with that guy!!

  56. Capt.Tim Says:

    Thanks Joe! 🙂 another 50 plus Talib post!

  57. ElioT Says:

    You need to move on at the CB position and not worry about this A** clown’s hearing. If Claiborne is there at #5 he is the only option to consider. Then if Aqib’s dumb*** happens to get lucky and escape TX and Goodell then you make him earn his way back on the roster and earn his salary. If not you trade or cut him…

    If Claiborne is not there at #5 then you look to either trade down to add more pics or take the best athlete available.

    Pretty simple process of elimination for Dominik and Shiano.

  58. Stevek Says:

    I wish we would’ve bucked up and spent some cap a few years ago for Charles Woodson’s services.

    I bet with Woodson’s services, we would have been the 10-6, “Bay” team to win the Super Bowl.

  59. Stevek Says:

    Talib needs to get with Dungy, and hug it out.

    Dungy revitalized Vick, surely Talib can benefit from some help.

  60. Stevek Says:


    Deion Sanders and Aquib Talib mentioned in the same sentence.

    Ring…. Ring…..

    (It’s for you, it’s Coach Mora)

    “You kidding me! Shutdown corner?! You kidding me.
    We’re just trying not to get bombs dropped on us. “

  61. Capt. Tim Says:

    Nice! ElioT ends the night with another intelligent comment.
    It’s like the posters at Joe Buc redeemed themselves tonight!
    Well- except for Hawaiian!!

  62. Amar Says:

    Those of you that are saying this is not a good sign, it is a good sign. This is common practice in law. Pushing the case and extending it farther and farther helps in a persons defense. Trust me, unfortunately I know from experience. lol =\

  63. BigMacAttack Says:

    A shyster I ain’t and not that I’m Aqib’s biggest fan, but it sounds like the prosecution doesn’t have their $#!t together for a second time and he’s being denied the right to a speedy trial. Maybe the state atty was hoping for a plea and now they have zilch.

    Not Guilty

  64. Joe Says:


    Dungy revitalized Vick, surely Talib can benefit from some help.

    Joe thinks being locked in a federal cage for a couple of years did more for Vick than a hug from Father Dungy.

  65. Pete Dutcher Says:

    I think you are discounting the draft strategy angle. That statement can be made at any point before or after the draft as well.

  66. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Every remark I made was spot on:

    1. Never argue with capt. tim about Talib – Check.
    2. It’s not all his fault we lost 10 in a row. If you really believe that (which I know you don’t), then you are stupider than stupid.
    3. You don’t know how to analyze film. Even if you did know how, you don’t have the film (coaches don’t use fox broadcast as their film FYI), nor do you know what the defense that was called and the responsibilities of each player in that defense.

    Find me one sentence where I said Talib was great. I didn’t even say we should keep him. I didn’t say he was a good guy. All I am saying is that it is obvious that he could fart rainbows and you still wouldn’t be impressed. I hate no person that much to dedicate that much of my life to blasting him almost daily (well, I do that to Thomas, but it’s all in fun, lol).