The “1-on-5” Process

February 27th, 2012

Yeah, Joe is watching his share of the wall-to-wall coverage of the NFL Scouting Combine on NFL Network. But it’s far less exciting than in recent seasons, when it was clear the Bucs would draft positions like defensive end, wide receiver and quarterback, which are among the ones fun to watch at the combine. 

(For those without NFL Network at home, Joe can’t vouch for your manhood.)

One day, Joe hopes the NFL gets its cameras inside the grueling interviews teams conduct with potential draftees. That would be riveting television, especially as players have become better coached for the interviews and teams are forced to counter that preparation with difficult questioning.

So are the Bucs doing their share of grilling?

Greg Schiano seemed to imply they are, especially with the smirks he drops in this video on Schiano talks about the interview process and how players are “1-on-5” in the room.

Presumably, the Bucs’ pentagonal attack is led by rockstar general manager Mark Dominik, scouting chief Dennis Hickey, Schiano and Butch Davis. Who’s No. 5?

Joe’s not convinced these interviews aren’t good for much more than weeding out complete morons, mental midgets, as Raheem Morris might say, and troublemakers. But those guys get drafted by teams every year anyway.

35 Responses to “The “1-on-5” Process”

  1. deminion Says:

    draft him in 2nd round plz

    Stephen Hill didn’t get the chance to showcase his abilities as a receiver much in college, as Georgia Tech’s run-heavy option offense limited the 6’4″, 215-pound junior to only 28 receptions in 2011.

    However, Hill also averaged a gaudy 29.29 yards per reception last season, and the speed he displayed on Sunday while running a 4.36-second 40-yard dash (tied for fastest among wide receivers), combined with his height, undoubtedly thrust him onto some NFL teams’ radars

  2. Big Picture Guy Says:

    Jimmy Raye could be the 5th?

  3. eric Says:

    Rockstar counts as two people.

  4. mbaby Says:

    @Joe Did U see that beast Mr.Robert Turbin ? This kid is big(BEAST) powerful and fast

  5. deminion Says:

    anyone see stephen hill ? 6’4 215 4.36 forty we could use a tall speedster like that your thoughts joe?

  6. Captain Stagger Says:

    After the interviews Burfict might be had in the third…..

  7. deminion Says:

    i would grab him in the 3rd

  8. Paul Says:

    probably the respective coordinator.

  9. Bob Fox Says:

    The NFL Scouting Combine is a very interesting process. The interviewing of the players is a key part of that process.

    Anyway, I did a Bucs mock draft a couple of weeks ago before the Bucs added Bob Bostad and Ron Cooper to their coaching staff.

  10. BucsnBeer Says:

    Double negative there in the last sentence.

  11. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:


    Off topic…but I’m sure you are watching the combine right now. What do you think about Ronnell Lewis out of Oklahoma??? He put up 36 reps and had a 31″ vertical. And just ran a 4.6 40. They put him in the same category as Melvin Ingram and Courtney Upshaw. All are just under 6’2″ and all are a tweener between DE and OLB. The Oklahoma kid is helping his draft stock out more than just about any other d lineman so far.

    I know he isn’t as good as Upshaw but if we can’t get Courtney then we should look at this guy. IF Mo is gone at #5 and we can’t trade down. I would either draft an OT. Kalil could fall to us if Minnesota doesn’t draft him. If Kalil is gone maybe Reily Reiff. Or we could go defense, and honestly I would draft Upshaw. I know its a little early. Trading down 5-8 spots would be more preferable. But it is hard to trade down. So his talent and overall knowledge of the game make Upshaw the best LB in the draft. Mayock has him over the Kulechy kid from BC. We need a stud LB that reacts and doesn’t think too much. That is Upshaw’s best characteristic. He is always around the ball and makes the plays. He doesn’t miss tackles and can play against the run and pass!! I love this guy personally!!!

  12. gotbbucs Says:

    @Captain Stagger

    After the interviews, Burfict is undraftable for this team.

  13. Pete Dutcher Says:

    I’m guessing the 5th person is the coordinator that applies?

  14. Bobby Says:

    Yes, I love Stephen Hill. I thought the catch he made when he laid out was sick. 6’4″ and runs a 4.37 40…what’s not to like?

  15. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:


    I saw your mock draft last week and really liked it. I would love Mo and Markelle. That would instantly improve our D!! And the LB from TCU is nasty. Thats what we need. DT from South Carolina does fill a need and he has potential to be a good player. Great value for the 6th round!!

    Do you think the TCU kid will be around in maybe the 4th round?? We could trade back in to get him. I want a RB like LaMichael James or Ronnie Hillman in the 3rd Round. Pead is nice though. If James is gone I would definetly consider Pead or Hillman.

    And I love bleacherreport. They have more realistic mock drafts. Way better than BSPN!!

    Keep up the good work Bob!!

  16. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    Pead in the 5th would be awesome! Not sure if he will still be there though. I think the 3rd round is where we need to get our RB!!

  17. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    And Burfict might fall to the 4th or 5th round because of his immaturity. No thanks unless its like round 6 or 7. I know he is talented. But he doesn’t play in his gaps and has a major attitude issue.

  18. gotbbucs Says:


    We won’t be drafting Courtney Upshaw in the 1st round, or any other tweener for that matter. I’m sorry, but that makes absolutely no sense.

  19. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    Stephen Hill is nice. So is Travis Benjamin from Miami! Both guys can fly. I think Benjamin is a little bit better because of the offense in Miami. GTs offense is a triple option. Hard to judge WRs because they are never used except to block.

  20. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:


    Upshaw is the best LB in the draft! Watch his tape in the SEC. He dominated his games. Look at the National Championship game…straight beasted LSU. The guy is amazing and your crazy if you can’t see that. He gives us a stud LB that we haven’t had since Brooks. LB is our 2nd biggest need besides CB.

    He is a lot like LaMar Woodley. Except better reactions. Woodley fell in his draft and has made 31 teams look dumb since then. Upshaw is insane and would be awesome to pair with Foster on the outside. His tape does the talking. Maybe you should give it a look!! If we sign a Mike in FA. Someone like Tulloch would be perfect! That would give us one of the top LB cores in football!

  21. Northend Says:

    Heres a scenario to hearing the eagles want to move up from about we swap spots,take desean jackson a 2nd and a 4.
    And would assante samuels also be trade bait.we would pick up a burner,still get a great pick and bolster 2 other quality picks.

  22. Meh Says:

    Bobby, what’s not to like about Stephen Hill is his film. Lots of drops. Goes quiet for long stretches. Doesn’t have the film to back up his combine performance. He’ll rise up draft boards, and might end up being very good because of his athleticism, but his film on the field is just not that great.

  23. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    To swap down to 15 would get us DJ and a #2. Not sure about the 4. But do you really think they would trade DJ to move up to #5??? Who would they be after??? But if we could somehow get DJ and their #2 I would be all for it. We could get Upshaw at 15 and another 2nd. That would allow us to get a CB and S with the 2 seconds. Or whatever else they may want. If we could get a starting CB, Safety, LB, and Desean!!! That would instantly make us better. I wouldn’t want Samuels. He likes to play off the ball and we need in your face jammers at the line of scrimage.

    The CB out of Virigina Minnifield and Markelle Martin could both be ours in the 2nd round. Talk about a brand new defense!!!

  24. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    Did anyone see Dontaries Poe run his 40??? My God….that kid is awesome. a 4.8 40 and he is 6’3″ 346 lbs. 44 reps on the bench! He would be a possible target if we could trade down to 10-15 in the 1st. Still want Upshaw if we are around those picks. But Poe is a monster on paper! There is some really good DTs in this draft class!!

  25. Bobby Says:

    @Meh….the kid is 6’4″ and runs a 4.37…….you care about some drops in college where he doesn’t get that many chances and I care about the catch he DID make at the combine under pressure. You can coach a kid like that with those attributes. Put him in Sullivans hands and I like his chances of development.

  26. deminion Says:


    Sullivan cn coach him up and make him Megatron-like #5 needs a guy just like tht to target

  27. Meh Says:

    I’m just saying he is a risky pick because despite all those excellent physical attributes he only got average production against college defenses. Every year guys like this rise up draft boards, but film should be the #1 thing evaluated.

  28. Meh Says:

    Poe has had an amazing combine, but he is not a target for us. He’s a 3-4 node tackle. Schematically he’s a terrible fit here. He won’t even be under consideration for us.

  29. deminion Says:


    Good point he does seem like another Demariyus Thomas(broncos) but Sullivan cn coach him up i believe

  30. Bobby Says:

    Funny…I don’t remember guys being 6’4″ and running 4.37 40’s ‘every year’. Refresh my memory?

  31. Meh Says:

    I didn’t mean guys run those numbers specifically. I meant every year we have workout warriors that do great at the combine but have bad film.

  32. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    I would say no to the GT WR. I would much rather have Benjamin from Miami. He has the film to prove he can play. And ran a fast time. If Kendall Wright somehow slipped to the 2nd round I would jump all over him. Other than that I think we can fix our WR problem with FAs. No need to draft them. Maybe Blackmon at #5 but I would rather have Mo Claiborne. There isn’t another WR I would get. As Joe said, we have enough young guys to catch the ball. Its time for a veteran to come in here and produce at a high level and teach the young WRs we already have, how to be a pro!

  33. Big Marlon B Says:

    can’t necessarily judge Poe based on his size alone. just because he is almost 350 lbs doesn’t mean he’s limited to NT in a 3-4. Frank Okam is 350, and he would be a bad fit in that scheme. i think Poe showed he has enough athletic ability to possibly be considered as a 4-3 NT as well. he can take up double teams, but can also use his athletic ability to make the occasional play in the backfield.

    i’m not saying he will or should be a target for the Bucs, i’m just saying u cant pigeon hole the guy based solely on his size. he could even drop a few more pounds to make a transition a little more likely.

  34. mcbucig Says:

    Bobby, I hear ya, not that they are close but Dexter Jackson was fast too. At least Hill comes from a big program and played well in big games. Not 100% sold, but I would not be upset with Hill as a pick either.

  35. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    Poe is athletic enough to play anywhere in the middle of a DLine. Dude is a straight freak. Amazing watching that guy. He reminds me of Warren Sapp!! If we could trade down with Cincy and get their 2 #1s we could draft Poe and Mark Barron. Thats 2 instant starters. And draft someone like Chase Minnifield in the 2nd at CB. And there is a chance that Janoris Jenkins could fall to the 2nd round. If he were there I think thats a no brainer. Off field issues or not. 2nd round pick for 1st round talent. Could be a top 10 pick if he didn’t have the off field problems.