Tampa Bay No. 23

February 22nd, 2012

Oh, those numbers crunchers at ProFootballFocus.com. They’re at it again.

Now last year under Pat Morris, Joe thought the offensive line made some improvement. Granted, Donald Penn wasn’t his normal self towards the end of the grotesque 10-game losing streak, probably because he knew it was all over.

But Jeremy Trueblood played better than in 2010 and Jeff Faine played OK, probably because for the first time in two years he was able to play the entire season (minus one game). Though the spreadsheet warriors at Pro Football Focus weren’t as impressed as Joe. They decided to break down each team’s offensive line and have ranked the Bucs at No. 23.

23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (30th)
Run Rank 19th, Pass Rank 21st, Penalties Rank 29th
The Bucs haven’t been short in investing in their offensive line, but for what? How many of their players do you think they can build a line around? While Davin Joseph (-6.8) had one of his better years, it was still below average. Moves like the one for Jeff Faine (-11.4) just haven’t worked out, and they’ve done a poor job in general of drafting talent for this area.
Best Player: He’s not a top tier left tackle, but you could do plenty worse than Donald Penn (+5.4), even if he does give up a bit too much pressure.
Worst Player: Why did the Buccaneers re-sign Jeremy Trueblood (-30.6)? Since his impressive 2008, he’s been terrible, and he had no place playing 962 snaps this year.

Well, if the Bucs offensive line jumped up seven spots from the previous season, yes, that is improvement.

As Joe has written before, if Jeremy Zuttah lands a new contract, it just may trigger some movement on the offensive line.

And no, Joe doesn’t think Davin Joseph is overrated. Far from it, in fact.

15 Responses to “Tampa Bay No. 23”

  1. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Wouldn’t it shock us all if the #5 was spent on oline?

    I also felt the offensives line did bad last year. It was clear Freeman did not trust them.

  2. bUcncRaZy Says:

    Free agency WISH list Nicks at left guard,Lofton at LB,Carr at CB. Use the draft for offense Trent Richardson(unless we can trade down)grab the best RT in the second round,then go back to Defense LBs and CBs!
    hey joe did you read the pft post about lofton maybe the Bucs will over pay?

  3. Kevin Says:

    @ Pete – If Matt Kalil is still available at 5, I would have no issue picking him up. Push Penn at LT or let him start off at RT. Granted, they way all the mock drafts are shaking out right now, there is a very slim chance that Kalil will fall to 5.

  4. bucfanjeff Says:

    What FA OL will there be?
    I feel the Bucs want to win out of the gate. Not that we’ll light the world on fire, but I bet there are at least 8-8 expectations. That said, you’ll have to sign several FA’s to fill holes on D on OL. Everyone knows one draft won’t fix all the issues. We’ve done fairly well drafting, jury still out though.

  5. FlBoy84 Says:

    Like the fact that the O-line wasn’t more highly rated. Seems that most players respond well to being slighted, so hopefully that little extra motivation will spur an even bigger improvement in 2012. Would like to see a guard added in FA and a center like Konz, Brewster or Jones added in the draft.

  6. gotbbucs Says:

    It’s all relative. If you have a defense that doesn’t keep games close, doesn’t give your offense very many possessions, and puts your offense in bad field position consistently then your offense is going to be one dimensional. That and at least one offensive penalty on every possession doesn’t help.
    Penn and Joseph are both very capable starters, Zuttah is servicable but inconsistent. Faine is servicable but ineffective at getting up to the 2nd level, Trueblood should be no higher than a 3rd Tackle, he’s a guy that should be brought in as a TE in obvious running downs.

  7. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Everyone just remember and keep in mind, in his last year at Rutgers under Coach Schiano Jeremy Zuttah played right tackle. Just sayin’


    A high quality tackle at 5 would be great. Top 5 picks for me personally are only to be used for a handful of positions, OT, DL, QB (if it’s a sure thing), and CB, and the occasional WR or LB.

    A bookend for Penn would be nice.

  9. K2theSoldier Says:

    Carl Nicks instantly gives this line elite status. Nicks, Joseph and Penn, then I don’t care about the rest. Bring Nicks here!

  10. Have A Nice Day :) Says:

    Keep Zuttah either at center or LG. Depending on how you use him, we will need to pick up whatever position he isn’t going to play. Plenty of quality centers and guards in free agency.

    RT is the OLs weakest spot. Immediate replacement is necessary. No tackle outside of Bell is worth anything in free agency. Will need to be taken care of in the draft.

  11. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Finally, we take a good look at the O Line, supposedly a “strength” of the team.
    When Sears played, it was good, but since we lost Sears, the only good play was when Pete Mangurian was coaching it. We were 10 and 6, but wait, there’s more!
    We turned around and FIRED the O Line Coach of our 10 and 6 team.

    Guys here on JBF cry out for Trent Richardson, when we already have one of the most dangerous backs in the NFL with Blount. Get Blount through the line, and he is a nightmare for any Linebacker/Safety to tackle.

    Coach Bostad coached at Wisconsin, and knows good linemen when he sees them. Tampa will not win w/o a good O Line.
    Do not be surprised to see Tampa draft an O Lineman, or go after some in free agency.

  12. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Oh, I thought I read somewhere that Davin Joseph refused to resign with Tampa, unless we tendered a deal to Jeremy Trueblood ?

  13. mjmoody Says:

    Never thought the O-line was as good as many of the articles I have read, but the profootballtalk piece is a little harsh. The Bostad hire gives me some hope. Just from a building stand point, Penn seems like a guy you’d want to keep for now. Build from the inside out. Bigger needs there, that require lower picks. So I don’t see the 5 pick being used, but the 2 or 3 pick could be. (I still have hope for the Stocker pick to work out, but that 4th rounder sure got expensive.) I believe True’s contract was only 2 years–which allows the Bucs’ to wait until next year to “need” a replacement. Again, inside out.

  14. thibs5599 Says:

    @Apple Roof

    Your right about Trueblood, Joseph only wanted to come back if his buddy could, however it is time for his buddy to go or at least ride the pine. Would have no trouble with Trueblood being a back up, he has plenty of experience.

    I love ProFootballFocus, and I have brought them up plenty. However sometimes I just don’t understand them, or care about their stats. Joseph was voted in by players and coaches, they obviously see something that the stat geeks don’t see. I do think this O line would improve greatly by having Zuttah at center, a new left guard and a new left tackle. They don’t have to be elite but Trueblood is awful at times, and drags down/makes Joseph look bad at times.

  15. Derek Says:

    people forget about losing sears and how good he was. if we had him penn,sears,zuttah,joseph,and even with trueblood thats pretty solid. its a shame what happend to sears hopefully hes doing better life wise