“I Don’t Know If He Has That Kind Of Voodoo”

February 20th, 2012

Former Bucs defensive end Steve White remembers all the crazy Bryan Cox stories, and he said he heard lots of them during his season on the New York Jets after Cox had left the team.

Speaking Friday evening on Primetime on WHBO-AM 1040, White said he likes the hire of Cox, who likely will be the Bucs new linebackers coach. But White’s not about to believe Cox has witch-doctor powers and the ability to work miracles.

White was asked whether Cox likely was a guy who could light a fire under sixth-year linebacker Quincy Black.

“I don’t think Bryan Cox is going to make somebody that much better,” White said. “I like Bryan Cox, but Quincy Black is going to still have to go out there and make some tackles on his own.

“So hopefully [Cox] can get the best out of the guys in whatever position he ends up coaching, but I don’t know if he has that kind of voodoo in his back pocket to turn, you know, Quincy Black into some kind of front line player. Sometimes it just has to be the guy; you have to have something to work with.” 

Overall, White threw a little splash of cold water on fans’ enthusiasm for the Bucs’ coaching staff. White reminded fans coaches need players with a winning attitude.

“You got to have guys who don’t need a coach to push them,” White said. “… If anything, we need some attitude upgrades around here anyway, coaching aside. We need some players who want to be better. You know what I mean, who stand out on their own, who are begging the coaches to help them sit down with to watch film, who are begging the coaches to be on them. … I’m not sure that we have enough of those guys on the team right now.”

How much the Bucs clean house will be interesting, but Joe suspects it will run deep. Every new head coach wants his players. Plus the Bucs have a pile of guys with heinous film from last year, even if they are solid players with potential.

20 Responses to ““I Don’t Know If He Has That Kind Of Voodoo””

  1. Jimmy Says:

    I’m not sure a genie could turn Quincy Black into a decent linebacker. Doubt some witchdoctor with voodoo skills could.

    This guy is as pathetic as they come for a linebacker. Bucs could have gotten better play from a lawn chair.

  2. Vic Says:

    I for one refuse to pay to watch Quincy Black play football next season. If Schiano wants accountability, then start right there.

  3. ClayBURN94 Says:

    I cant wait till they start cleaning house!! Talib aka snoop dog better be gone as should half the team. Most of our roster is made up practice squad players, its time to start bring in real talent for depth.

  4. Buddhaboy Says:

    Quincy did make a play, an interception in the end zone against Drew Brees to seal the win…….I remember that one, and his one sack as a rushing end on a stunt that crushed matt moore. That is all i remember of him.


    Heading into his sixth year…SIXTH YEAR.

    How did anyone ever think this guy would pan out? He had 59 tackles last year, in 14 games.

    You know how many tackles Derrick Brooks has in his fifth year? 153.

    Resigning Black is all on Dominick.

  6. SensibleBuc Says:

    Quincy Black 2011 Resume

    * $11.5 million guaranteed
    * 14 games played
    * 60 Tackles
    * 0 Sacks
    * 1 INT
    * Can’t even do the pregame breakdown correctly (fast forward to :19)


  7. SensibleBuc Says:

    * fast forward to :11

    My b.

  8. Architek Says:

    Bunch of quitters and they didn’t realize it was an indicment on themselves also. Raheem is gone and so should 65% of them be gone. Talib, K2, Biggers, Lewis, Black, Hayes, Jones, Faine, Trueblood, and more. Either they are subpar or they quit. Clean house, all the way.

  9. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    Poor Quincy. Dude never had a chance. At least he got his money.

  10. Big Picture Guy Says:

    Architek must not design many remodels. Can’t clean everyone out at once, but many need to be phased out and given the Carl Crawford treatment once their contracts run out.

    Quincy is an average LB who should be the 4th guy on the unit depth chart. Come in off the bench and spell anyone who needs a rest. Surely he can handle that, but he hasn’t earned the starter paycheck he is getting.

  11. Capt.Tim Says:

    I’m not sure, but I get the impression that The articulate Mr.White doesn’t believe Quincy Black is an NFL Linebacker.

    I’m in good company. Because neither do I

  12. jvato24 Says:

    Hey Jimmy,

    A Lawnchair could Futch someone up on a dark, drunk night.

  13. Thomas 2.2... Says:

    Only pop star and rahrah thought quincy jane black was a nfl linebacker – in fact those two dolts paid him elite LB money – LOL – they are clueless.

    I wonder if SGW was including the great Games Missed Constantly in his category of players who need attitude upgrades. Sapp says mccoy needs to stop being soft.

  14. Mr Lucky Says:

    The problem that the new coaches have is talent and attitude doesn’t necessarily match up.

    For example Tanard Jackson should have NEVER been brought back to the team.

    Talib needs to be traded or released as well.

    Jeremy Trueblood needs to put out of the starting role and Jeff Faine put on notice as well.

  15. Capt.Tim Says:

    Thomas- if you read Mr.White’s columns, he believes- like every intelligent NFL insider, that GMC is a great talent.

    Mr.Lucky- you are absolutely spot on!

  16. Thomas 2.2.. Says:

    First of all, whether or not he has potential is a different argument.

    Many, if not all, NFL insiders agree that he has been a huge disappointment by not reaching his potential due to injury and lack of productivity when not injured.

    I believe that earlier this year SGW said that McCoy had improved in run defense but was still ineffective in his pass rush game – concepts basically consistent with what Millard said.

    Then of course GMC went on IR again, after just missing the Saints win bc of an ankle injury after missing a pre-season game due to a shoulder injury after missing the end of last season with a bicep tear. LOL

  17. Capt.Tim Says:

    Well Thomas, at least you know agree he has tremendous potential!
    About time!

    DTs get injured alot. It’s sorta a contact support, and they frequently get smashed by 2- 300#pound NFL caliber lineman. Even great talents like GMC get hurt! You should try it sometime! Lol

    Think the bicep thing was a combination of genetics, and trying to overcompensate for having Store mannequins for LBers. Hopefully, it’s behind him. He had no injury issues in college.

    Of course, their LBers were far superior to ours. EVERYONE’S LBers are far superior to ours. If he spends most of this season on IR, we’ll get concerned.
    If you buddies the Glazers spend a few bucks on decent LBers, I think it will help keep all of our D-Linemen healthy. Having dead meat for LBers allowed offenses to brutalize our line with double teams. A real LB Corp, and real safeties, would go a long way toward helping our line.

  18. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    LOL, they are all “good in College” until they run into big and nasty NFL offensive linemen.

  19. Thomas 2.2... Says:

    You have never played football if you think DT’s “overcompensate” based on who is playing LB behind them.

    Tackles in a Tampa 2 – 1 gap style defense are charged with getting off the ball quickly and into their gap before the O lineman gains an advantage.

    The LB has gap fill and then turn and run responsibility. Nothing McCoy does changes bc black is a LB. It is insanely dumb to suggest thst is a LBs fault that he has had 4 serious injuries in about 16 games.

    How many games has Ngata, Atkins, Suh, etc missed due to injury? How about Sapp and Culpepper?


    Have they said that Schiano/Davis will continue with the Tampa 2?

    I know it will continue to be a 4-3, but, besides that, will the defense have a similar scheme, or something totally different…(not Bates different, but different)?