Bucs Sniffing Shoop

February 8th, 2012
“Jimminy Christmas! Get the fu*k out of my damn coaching tree. Shoop, man, I love that guy. He and Greezy used to work their asses off.”

Chucky’s old QB coach John Shoop (2004), a former Bears offensive coordinator (2001-2003), is the latest name to swirl around the Bucs and their many coaching vacancies.

Alex Marvez at FOXSports.com — does this guy have One Buc bugged? — recently Twittered that Shoop is interviewing with the Bucs today for the offensive coordinator gig.

At least Shoop lived and breathed quality NFL football with the Bears back in 2001, when Chicago went 13-3 with Jim Miller and Shane Matthews as QBs before losing to Philadelphia in the playoffs. Coaching under Dick Jauron, Joe suspects Shoop was no puppet for his defensive head coach. Shoop was fired after the Bears went 7-9 in 2003, when they tried to revive Kordell Stewart’s career — bad idea.

Does this mean Ron Turner is a no-go? Joe sure hopes so.

Hopefully Shoop believes the Benn’d around play is something that should only be seen at Mons Venus.

89 Responses to “Bucs Sniffing Shoop”

  1. jvato24 Says:

    John Shoop was also Butch Davis’ guy at UNC.

  2. Jared Says:

    Yeah, would he be comfortable working with Davis? I’d like to think so.

    What’s with all the former Bears OC’s?

  3. flmike Says:

    I can live w/Shoop

  4. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    “Hopefully Shoop believes the Benn’d around play is something that should only be seen at Mons Venus.”

    And now Joe owes me a new monitor as I just spit water all over mine. lmao
    Good stuff.

  5. Jared Says:

    Although this could also just be Shoop’s agent trying to generate some buzz.

  6. Jared Says:

    Joe, that is a great one liner.

  7. eric Says:

    gotta be better than Turner.

    Interesting connection to Butch Davis.

    Might not slit my wrists if it happens.

  8. jvato24 Says:

    True .. If Davis comes with him .. Maybe only slit one of them

  9. Brad Says:

    I never missed Gruden more than right now.

  10. CC Says:

    One question. Why are we still interviewing?

  11. slick Says:

    Throw some money at this guy and let’s be done with it.

  12. Patrick Says:

    Funny thing is that Gruden is the best choice out there for us. Lmao.

    Shouldve just kept him here and let him finish out his contract. We didn’t accomplish anything in the last 3 years anyway.

  13. Buddhaboy Says:

    Dang Joe, i know this has become a joke, but the old Benn’d around again. I cant wait until Benn takes a reverse one day to the house. Run rejus run.

  14. SensibleBuc Says:

    “Jimminy Christmas! Get the fu*k out of my damn coaching tree. Shoop, man, I love that guy. He and Greezy used to work their asses off.”


  15. jLM Says:

    Maybe a Davis and Shoop reunion???

  16. jLM Says:

    Jimmy Raye ll hired as offensive assistant.

  17. stimpy Says:

    From Salt n Peppa

    Shoop shoop ba-doop
    Shoop ba-doop
    Shoop ba-doop ba-doop ba-doop
    Shoop ba-doop
    Shoop ba-doop
    Shoop ba-doop ba-doop ba-doop

  18. SensibleBuc Says:

    Larry Asante just tweeting saying that Hafley will be the ASSISTANT DBs coach. Not the head guy.


  19. Traew Says:

    I get more enjoyment reading about the Rays farm system than another Bucs interview story. The entire process has been a joke. At this point it’s Christmas Eve, the stores close in 5 minutes, and you are left with the scraps.

  20. jvato24 Says:

    Maybe we can Salt N Peppa to sing at our pre-game .. kinda like our own Hank Williams JR

  21. Macabee Says:

    Some of us are fretting over the coaching staff that is going to take us to the SuperBowl. Relax guys, 50% of the 2012 coaching staff will likely turn over next year when unavailable candidates become available, like McNulty and McAdoo. That is why the Bucs have been adamant about offering 1 year contracts with a 1 year option.

    Now about that SuperBowl trip! We need to adjust our expectations for a first-time NFL coach; a less-than-spectacular coaching staff; an extremely young team with questionable talent that just came off of a non-competitive 10 game losing streak; playing the difficult NFC-South, the ever dangerous NFC-East, and the no-pushover AFC-West.

    I’m calling the 2012 season a right-the-ship season where I will be totally okay if we win 4-6 games and is competitive in the rest. We will improve the team and we will improve the coaching staff.

    If I’m going to agonize over an asst. coach, it would be the DC. Make no mistake, the OC and QB coach is important. But I think where Schiano is likely to make the biggest improvement is with the defense. Now having said that, don’t go throwing Josh Freeman under the bus if he doesn’t make the Pro Bowl. If he can regain his confidence and his form from 2010, he gets back on the franchise career path.

    Patience, growth, and progress should be the mantras for 2012. Don’t worry too much about the names that are being thrown around in this first round of asst. coaches. Some may work out and some may not. Whoever they pick may end up being merely rest stops on that long and arduous highway to the SuperBowl!

  22. jvato24 Says:

    and Shoop can do the Get DOWN n DIRTY Dance … wow

  23. Patrick Says:


    “Patience, growth, and progress”

    I think we’ve had enough patience since January 2009. Time to set the standards higher.

    We heard growth and progress constantly from ’09-’11 and in the end it turned out to be BS.

    It’s either you win or you don’t. Make the playoffs otherwise the season is a failure.

    We already had 3 drafts and have invested a crapload into the D line. No
    excuse for another 4 or 5 win season.

    They must have kept the magnificent “rockstar” for a reason right? We have to have some talent on this team.

    Not saying fire Schiano if he has a disappointing first year, just saying that PLAYOFFS need to be our goal, not “progress”/5 or 6 win season.

  24. Macabee Says:

    Best resume I’ve seen so far. His relationship with Butch Davis makes him interesting!


  25. Bobby Says:

    You’re right Patrick. I think it’s perfectly reasonable to assume that with a new coach and all new assistants, coordinators, etc. that we’ll be going to the Superbowl this year. That way when it doesn’t happen we have the right to be all negative and bitch after every game we lose because damn it…we should have won our division!!! Let everyone else be patient…I want results and I want them NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. BucFan South Tampa Says:

    Marvez is also saying that the Bucs hired Jimmy Raye II as offensive coaching assistant. He was OC for the 49s under Singletary, and used to coach the Raiders and Jets. This guy is really old school.


  27. jvato24 Says:

    Bobby … hate to pee on your parade. Even Vince Lombardi couldnt get your results right NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! … because well dude … Football season is over.

  28. Patrick Says:

    You obviously didn’t read my post. I said we should set our standards higher and really……is it unrealistic to want more than 5-6 wins next year? Sad how far this organization and expectations have sunk. We have some talent and with likliehood of us finally being active in free agency, there’s no excuse why we can’t have a successful season this year.

    Oh and mention where I said we should expect a Super bowl next year or else. Go ahead, I’m waiting.

  29. Joe Says:

    BucFan South Tampa:

    He was OC for the 49s under Singletary


  30. gotbbucs Says:

    Think you may have missed Bobby’s point.

  31. Hudbud Says:

    Isn’t Shoop a West Coast Offense guy? That doesn’t seem to fit into “the long shots down the field” mentality Coach Schiano promised us. Not saying I dislike the guy. Just saying it doesn’t match up.


    I’m ok with Jimmy Raye as an Asst, just not calling plays. He has a ton of NFL experience. TB needs guys like this around. Just not calling plays.

  33. knucknbuc Says:

    Shoop really as OC?? I doubt it? I hope this is some type of joke because our qb’s sucked in 2004 when he was with gruden. In my opinion this guy will be worse then Ron Turner honestly.

    Joe, His offensive ranks with the Bears and his last oc gig with the raiders – 26,29, 28, 32. Sounds pretty terrible to me. Ron Turner at least had some offenses that were in the middle of the pack with the bears. And were actually quite good for being in the windy city. Honestly I don’t get your beef with Turner other then his illinois struggles. Illinois still sucks right now. But in the nfl his resume is much better then Shoop’s.

  34. eric Says:

    Jimmy Raye that was OC here under Bennett?

  35. Jared Says:

    Ummmm guys, Jimmy Raye II was the OC for the Bucs in the 80’s. I am not thrilled by this if it is true.

  36. eric Says:

    Hugh Jackson had a top ten offense in Oakland in 2010 as OC, and also as head coach in 2011.

    Plus he likes the vertical pasing game with strong rushing attack.

    Why not him?

  37. bucfanjeff Says:

    @Macabee, “Relax guys, 50% of the 2012 coaching staff will likely turn over next year when unavailable candidates become available, like McNulty and McAdoo.”
    Do you really think it’s wise to switch OC again next year? Uh, no. Let’s just make all our young talent basket cases.

  38. bucfanjeff Says:

    Anything Gruden or Olsen or dink and dunk related is forbidden.


    Raye has been coaching in the NFL since 1977. If he isn’t calling plays, what is wrong with him on the staff? Look at all the positions he has coached, and teams he has been with. If he had nothing to offer, I can’t believe he would keep getting picked up by teams.

    I agree about him not being OC, but, as an assistant? Why not? We have to have some NFL guys along with the college coaches.

  40. Jared Says:

    I swear to God if someone brings up Hue Jackson again I’ll scream.

  41. bucfanjeff Says:

    @eric, “Hugh Jackson…Why not him?”

    Instability, because he will leave for a HC job within a year, maybe 2.
    Otherwise, I like him.

  42. jvato24 Says:

    What about some like Hue Jackson ??!!

  43. eric Says:

    Jimmy Raye??????????????????????????????

    Back to back 2-14 when he was here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Consult about what?

  44. Macabee Says:

    Bucfanjeff, No, not a good idea, but 6-9 head coaches are changed every year – some after just one year.

  45. deminion Says:


    dude hilarious

  46. eric Says:

    Coaches come and go all the time, nobody else worries about it. If Spags does well in NO somebody will hire him. Same with Haley in Pittsburgh.

    Personally id like to have a coach others would want! That means he will have done well and put us in the playoffs or something. God we wouldn’t want that!!!!!!!!!!!

    What kind of mentality is this?

  47. Chris FWC Says:

    Billy Ray Valentine??

  48. jvato24 Says:

    Billy Ray Cyrus???

  49. Joe Says:

    Is it too much to ask for the Bucs to hire an offensive coordinator who has had some success somewhere other than one fluke year in college?

    Joe is anxiously awaiting a Kurt Kittner acquisition.

  50. Joe Says:

    Billy Ray Cyrus???

    Billy Bob Thorton. At least he won a championship.

  51. Bobby Says:

    No, Billy Bob lost.

  52. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Why not Jim Zorn? It looks like the KC Chiefs are going to let him walk away per PFT a few minutes ago.

  53. Bobby Says:

    @jvato24 & @ Patrick….it was sarcasm OK??? I predict we will go 9-7 next year. If we don’t I won’t be screaming as long as we’re competitive.

  54. jvato24 Says:

    Bobby ..
    Thats my bad … with some posts over the last few weeks I have the lost the ability to differentiate between who is being totally sarcastic and who is serious.

  55. bucfanjeff Says:

    Zorn is not a bad option at all IMO.

  56. Joe Says:

    Zorn is not a bad option at all IMO.

    John Davis at Clearwater Central Catholic is a better option than Ron Turner.

  57. Jonny Says:

    Jim Zorn is a WCO guy, why would anyone want him here?

  58. bucfanjeff Says:

    Joe, ? – “John Davis at Clearwater Central Catholic is a better option than Ron Turner.”
    I said Zorn, not Turner. I dont’ want Turner.

  59. bowtie502 Says:

    bubba ray dudley?
    no sunday tickey next year for me

  60. Macabee Says:

    Patrick/jvato/Bobby, There was no sarcasm in my opinion. I meant it and will stand by my 6-10 prediction. You can’t complain about the coaching staff, ignore next years schedule, expect the Glazers to make a Philly dream team plunge into free agency, decry the performance of last years team without some acknowledgment of the difficulty of making the playoffs this year. Perhaps you guys see some similarity with the 49ers – I don’t.

    While I admire your enthusiasm, I’ve been around long enough to know that you can’t jump a canyon in two quantum leaps. You have every right to expect this team to perform better, but one could argue that they are farther behind now than when they started to rebuild in 2009. The results have not been achieved – blame who you want!

    Forgive me for trying to be a realist and I have no hesitation to hope that I am wrong and you guys are right!

  61. Buc You 2.2 Says:

    Pretty sure this is why the Bucs didn’t sign any decent free agents last year. We lost out on them all… well, other than the punter.

  62. Jonny Says:


    Look at the comments of all Bears fans under that article. Looks like Shoop based on his time from Chicago was one of the worst OCs ever in the last decade. Give me Ron Turner over all these failures please.

  63. Pete Dutcher Says:

    You are not wrong. Personally, I’d be amazed and delighted if we ended up batting .500 or better the first year.

    That’s at current status. We still have yet to learn who all the coaches are, which draftees are coming and which FAs.

    So, things could get better still. I’m not making ANY predictions at this point.

  64. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Still nothing more than rumors.

    So far, I’ve seen or heard rumors of:

    Brian Billick
    Mike Martz

    and a few other guys.

    I know this is a way out there suggestion, but Clyde Christianson (sp?) sucked while he was here before. Dungy got him the job at the Colts and he was exposed to some good football there.

    Maybe we should consider….naw…I can’t do it…it’s just wrong to mess with people this way, lol.

  65. big007hed Says:

    What about Hue Jackson? I like his aggressive play calling… LOL sorry jared I just had to…. I know nothing of Shoop but at least he could have his own intro song (Salt N Pepa Shoop)

  66. Hudbud Says:

    Jonny, all those responses to that article made me want to throw up. Surely Coach Schiano and the “Rock Star” are aware of such info. I guess we can’t do any better but that is just too hard to believe.

  67. Bobby Says:

    @Jonny…I don’t know why the Bears fans would cry too much. They won their division the first year he was OC in 2001.

  68. Joe Says:


    So far, I’ve seen or heard rumors of:

    Brian Billick
    Mike Martz

    and a few other guys.

    You are getting very reckless with your rumors. Where exactly did you read/hear about Billick and Martz being linked to the Bucs. No guessing, specifically where? Links please.

  69. big007hed Says:

    Where is the talk of DC??? Outside of the Gators dude there hasn’t been anyone really linked, sorry I don’t take Dan Sileo saying Butch Davis as a serious link, to the Bucs for DC?!?!

  70. eric Says:

    I like Hugh Jackson!

  71. Pete Dutcher Says:

    I’m just talking about overall rumors…things I’ve seen mentioned in various places…not any scoops. Perhaps including Turner in that list led you to believe I meant over the last day or so, sorry.

    My point was that everything has been rumors so far.

  72. Macabee Says:

    Schiano would never agree to hiring Hue Jackson. That is tantamount to hiring your own replacement. And Jackson wouldn’t take it anyway. Jackson is a HC-in-waiting who doesn’t believe his record justifies his release from the Raiders. And he may be right! He has a nice cushion from the Raiders contract to sit comfortably for a year or so and wait for the next round of firings, which has been 6-9 coaches a year for the last 5 years. Won’t happen! Move on!

  73. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Let me throw this name out to you…Rich Gannon for QB coach?

  74. eric Says:

    You guys hve more excuses than the Glazers about why they cant bring top guys in.

    I notice the Saints and Steelers dont have that mentality.

    No wonder we suck.

  75. jvato24 Says:

    This flow chart must have multiple pages.

  76. Teddy Says:

    I wonder if Schiano considered Al Saunders. He’s currently serving as the dreaded “senior offensive assistant” for the Raiders, but he’s been a very successful OC in the past, particularly in KC under Dick Vermeil.

    Maybe the Bucs gave him a sniff already, because his Wikipedia page says he interviewed for a number of open OC positions before agreeing to return to the Raiders.

  77. Macabee Says:

    Eric, we’re not the reason the Bucs suck. Dominik and the Glazers don’t drop by JBF every evening to get directions on what they should do. There are some who post here that believe otherwise. My philosophy on website opinion is that I’m amused by some, informed by others, respect all. I’m taking a guess here but I think the Bucs suck because they’re good at it!

  78. Bobby Says:

    After researching Shoop and Turner I’d have to say that I prefer Turner. He sucked as a HC but did pretty well as an OC for the Bears. Coached some of the most prolific offense they had.

  79. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I’m with you on the Hugh Jackson thing Eric. I do find it rather odd that his name hasn’t been coming up anywhere as a candidate. Perhaps he wants to sit around and make his money from the Raiders for doing nothing (can’t say I blame him). I know that coaches like to hire people they know, and I get that, but there comes a point where desperation has to start. Everyone we try to get either turns us down or is turned down by the team he currently works for. Hugh Jackson has had success in the NFL, and is very much available. Hopefully we are being very secretive (like we always are) and have at least given him an interview. I really don’t think there’s anyone available that is any better.

  80. bucfanlostiniowa Says:

    Lou Holtz is in the mix, my neighbor used to play for Norte Dame so it must be true

  81. jvato24 Says:

    Word on the streets Bucs looking at Al Pacino to give half-time speeches.

  82. jLM Says:

    Bring in Hue Jackson even if it’s for a year. If Schiano is stuck on McNulty than get him when he is available. Don’t bring in a scrub.

  83. Capt.Tim 2.2 Says:

    There There are still good, qualified coordinators out there.
    The problem is two fold- will the Slumlords pay them enough to work here?
    Do they want to work for a totally inexperienced head coach, who is in over his head?

    So far, all the answers have been “no”.

  84. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    You are starting to repeat yourself like the other 2.2. You’ve written that exact same statement at least 5 times this week alone. We get it!

  85. eric Says:

    I cant believe they brought jimmy raye back.

    Of all the names i expected to hear his was the last.

    Only a “consultant” I know, but still Jimmy Raye.

    This guy couldnt do anything with Steve Young while he was here. Led to the Perkins era, drafting of Vinnie and trading of Young.

    And Bo Jackson spurned us for baseball.

    My God what horrific memories. May have to seek counseling just hearing his name.

    Flabbergasting. Rockstar sure moves in mysterious ways IMO.

  86. eric Says:

    And STILL no coordinators?

    Hey rockstar the Super Bowl is over!!!!!!!!!!

    Your blockbuster announcements can no longer interfere with the game!

  87. marks Says:

    Just get it over with already, I can’t take the crying anymore!

  88. Bobby Says:

    Thomas to Capt Tim: “Hey Capt. Tim…did you know that I’m schizophrenic?” Capt Tim to Thomas: “Really?! So are We!”

    Capt…you are beginning to mysteriously sound a lot more like Thomas 2.2 and it’s kind of strange that when you post he’s not posting…..hmmmmmmm.

  89. mark2001 Says:

    Less sniffing and more signing shortly, hopefully.