Bucs Must Spend To Pacify Fans

February 20th, 2012

Joe hears it every day despite the fact it is sheer nonsense:

“The Glazers are cheap.”

For the life of Joe, he cannot fathom, using his vivid imagination, someone or some firm being cheap yet shelling out $20 million for a couple of guys to do nothing but fish, golf and curse out high school referees.

Sadly, the perception is ingrained among too many Bucs fans who are staying away from the stadium on Dale Mabry Highway, in part, as a result.

It is because of this that popcorn-munching, coffee-slurping, fried chicken-eating, oatmeal-loving, beer-chugging Peter King of Sports Illustrated believes Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik must channel his inner Danny Snyder in order to quell the angry masses, so King writes in his weekly must-read “Monday Morning Quarterback” column.

Some teams with monstrous cap room (Tampa Bay, with $67 million under the cap) are going to have to spend to justify to their fans that they’re trying to win. In Tampa, it won’t be good enough for GM Mark Dominik to sign quarterback Josh Freeman to a rich extension. He’s got to go out and spend big on a free agent or two — even though player development, not player purchasing, will be the hallmark of the Greg Schiano regime — to spur fans to come back and buy season tickets in a depressed NFL market.

Joe is of the mind Dominik should be cautious in his free agent shopping. First, off, forget a kicker. Last year Dominik splurged and got Michael Koenen who was actually pretty good. But when you have so many other holes to fill, especially on defense, it doesn’t matter if you have Ray Guy on the roster, your team will still stink out loud.

Joe would strive to get either a wide receiver and/or a cornerback quickly. If the Chiefs franchise Dwayne Bowe, then cornerback Brandon Carr is ripe for the picking. Joe also likes the idea of grabbing Brent Grimes from the Dixie Chicks. That’s a win-win. You strengthen your squad while weakening a division opponent.

Sign Carr or Grimes and draft Morris Claiborne, and all of a sudden you have a studly secondary and a major weakness is quickly erased.

69 Responses to “Bucs Must Spend To Pacify Fans”

  1. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    I like where your head is at, Joe. I’m all about Grimes and Bowe.

    Still need to find a fix for LB. We can’t continue to allow 100 yards every other game to tight ends.

  2. Kevin Says:

    I would love to sign Grimes just so Freeman doesn’t have to face him twice a year. Grimes has had Freeman’s number the last few meetings.


    Much like Grimes, I’d like to see TB pick up Meachem or Colston from NO.

  4. jvato24 Says:

    Grimes wants like 10 million a year. That’s crazy. He’s good but not that good. If were gonna give someone 10 mill a yr go get Vincent Jackson

  5. Thomas 2.2... Says:


    Is it really hard for you to grasp that it is CHEAP to fire the respected HC and GM for not agreeing to take the payroll down an additional 20 million per year for 3 years = 60 million, then when you replace them with cheap incompetent fools (instead of a Bill Cowher for 5 million per) meanwhile profiting 40 million or so with the savings?

    When your instruction to the HC and GM are take down the payroll and not spend up to the cap to win a Super Bowl, you are being cheap.

    The entire decision to hand incompetent rahrah the job was insanely cheap.

    This team is Dead Last in player salaries since 2004 – Cheap.

    Farming out home games to London for an extra couple million = cheap.

    The examples are everwhere, your head is in the sand.

  6. Theodore Says:

    The Glazers aren’t cheap. Butch Davis just didn’t really really really want to be a “coach”. Really.

    And I’d stay away from the non-Colston NO WRs. They ain’t nothing without Brees. V Jackson, Bowe, get some real WRs.

  7. mjmoody Says:

    Joe’s secondary idea has the added bonus of developing the D-line. Giving them the 3 seconds they didn’t get last year to work on their craft together as a unit. Grow together by playing together in a more positive environment–not 3 TD’s down in the 2nd. Sounds like player development to me, and in a place where the Bucs’ have 2 years worth of top draft picks.

  8. CC Says:

    Sorry Joe. Gotta agree with 2.2. You can’t deny the facts. Lets see if they change their ways.

  9. flmike Says:

    I used to be a “fill in the team name” fan, then the “fill in the owners name” bought them and turned them into a farce for many years, I hated the “fill in the owners name” for destroying a storied franchise, so you know what I did, I left the “fill in the team name” behind, never went to another game, never bought another cap or tee-shirt, I even stopped watching them on TV, to the point today where they are invisible to me…

    There’s a lesson here…

  10. CC Says:

    Perception is reality on the Glazers being cheap. They have a sweetheart deal with the stadium and the city. It’s time to bring in some proven talent and leaders to compliment the youth on this team. The fans deserve better entertainment for their hard earned $$$.

  11. Vic Says:


    If the Glazers were so cheap, why would they insist on a rookie franchise QB who would eventually command outrageous dollars when they could have kept going with Gruden’s recycled QB corps. They could have at least rolled with Garcia, Gruden, Brooks and a little more for another year, all while saving a pile on a new coaching staff.

  12. Brad Says:

    I think it’s obvious to anyone that until the Glazers spend money that perception is reality. I personally believe they are not cheap and will spend it this year. I really think Dominik missed the boat last year and should have added several FA to improve the team. His ego got the best of him. With that said if Dominik has plans to stay as the GM after this year then money he will have to spend and wisely. If for some crazy reason money is not spent this year if to do nothing but show the fans a willingness then I will be on the side of calling the Glazers cheap. Even if they get some FA signings wrong the willingness to go out and try to improve the team and put a winner on the field will go far. I just think most fans got it wrong but I’m in the minority so spend money on some key FA and hope that is enough. I’m afraid until this team starts to win consistently none of the fans will be happy and even that might not be enough. Some will need new ownership in place to make them happy. I agree with something I heard on the radio last week. This is no longer a football town. It’s more of a baseball town. I for one will always love football first but the attendance at the games proves otherwise. The Glazers need to figure out how to win the fans back. I do think signing a couple top tier FA is a good start.


    Using the payouts to Gruden as proof the Bucs aren’t cheap?

    D’Nile ain’t just river in Africa….

  14. Meh Says:

    Claiborne/Carr and who is going to play nickel? Grampa Barber? Biggers? It isn’t a strength unless we pick up a 3rd corner too.

  15. justin Says:

    joe u defended raheem morris over and over again during his 10 game losing streak and now you say the glazers are not cheap even thou every fact out there says they are, Lol

    Justin, your comment about Raheem is false and ridiculous. Please refrain from lies and distortion. –Joe

  16. justin Says:

    and the only reason gruden and bruce was fired is because they went public saying they were gonna spend all our cap money

  17. jvato24 Says:

    How many millions have been spent on FAs in last few years ??_? How many of those players have made their team Super Bowl contenders ??

    There have only been a few out there worth signing and the Bucs have been in a rebuild mode. Last year Joseph would have been ideal.

    This year the Bucs must strike and strike smart. FA may dwindle with players available under new CBA starting next year.

    MLB is potentially a deep FA class. Get someone.

  18. Fatmosh Says:

    There is absolutely no reason to not sign two of the Top FAs. We can easily, EASILY structure their contracts (and other players’) to avoid long-term cap concerns (HA!).

    If they don’t spend this year, after saying they will…I’ll finally believe the CHEAP story.

  19. BigMacAttack Says:

    I refrained from calling the Glosers cheap until this past season when they made zero effort to shore up the team with free agents as promised. Now they are making the same promise as before and its wait and see for me. It is easy to say they are not cheap but their actions speak otherwise and talk is cheap, just like them. Prove it Dom. Just prove it. STFU and prove it. They have been very cheap. Maybe they will finally chose to change their ways and spend, but it will not change the fact that they have been CHEAP!!!

  20. Theodore Says:

    The salary floor doesn’t take effect until 2013. That is all you need to know about the Glazer’s willingness to spend.

  21. TrueBlue Says:

    While all this whinny cheap nonsense is going on, consider how much money the Glazer’s lost by not filling the stands. Do you cheapers really think they don’t know that a full stadium equals more money? 25,000 empty seats is a lot of lost income. The Glazers didn’t get rich missing so obvious a reality. Firing Gruden was not a cheap move. He had to be paid regardless.

    The Glazers have made some big mistakes, but that doesn’t necessarily equate to being cheap. It’s a better argument to say they are incompetent when it comes to winning football. Smart people learn from their mistakes, and this new coaching staff may be an example of lessons learned.

    Was last year a result of bad players or bad coaching? I see it as some of each, but mostly coaching. Probably 80-20 bad coaching over bad players. I’m calling 10 and 6 this year if we get some quality help at corner and linebacker. Another quality running back would be good too.

  22. deminion Says:

    like i bn sayin since the season ended were gunna spend in F/A im bankin on it

  23. RustyRhino Says:

    Well, now knowing that Thomas I will sell the farm to get my Season Tickets for the 2013 season, as according to some here and there, FA $ will have to be spent. And that always works out for the push over the top to Division & Conference Championships and Super Bowl participation. Always…..

    ♫♪♫ Oh, Where have you been Joe DiMaggio.. Washington Redskins, Dallas Cowboys haven’t played for a super bowl in sometime.. da da da ta da da ♫♪♫

    Lest spend some $ sure but lets not throw good $ after bad … Chose wisely

  24. Nick Says:

    Speaking of…did anyone see who came in at #2 in the all time worst free agent signings on NFL network? Yep Alvin Harper

  25. NickinMelbourne Says:

    The fan apathy began with the perfect storm of hiring Raheem Morris and Mark Dominick both of whom came with very little experience and much less payroll than someone with more experience. You throw in only taking a kicker last year as your big splash free agent acquisition and 10 straight losses do to a completely clueless head coach who never should have been hired and there you have it. The Glazers look cheap plain and simple. They need to do something this year or else. Spend the money now so when they are league mandated to it will look like they care.

  26. RustyRhino Says:

    That was Theodore not Thomas..

  27. eric Says:

    Don’t worry Joe, Dominik and the Glazers will be “cautious”.

    Very, very cautious.

    Goodnes knows we wouldn’t want to alter the plan that has worked so well.

    BTW, just how many drafts does it take to kick in?

  28. justin Says:

    trueblue i heard the glazers have some kind of deal where even if 5 people showed up to every home game they will still make the same amount of money as if 55 thousand were there ron and ian were talking about it not to long ago

  29. raphael Says:

    I don’t think the glazers are cheap at all.They signed alot of their own players last year. This year they have to get CARL NICKS and a CORNER and SAFETY cause Jones is horrendous.Draft Claiborne or move down and get a OT and/or LB…

  30. bucfan0316 Says:

    joe i like the idea of grimes and carr but my feeling is we need to find a true number 1 wideout and this market is rich bowe is the obvious guy to go after unless he is tagged but vincent jackson or a colston would work too.

  31. Big Picture Guy Says:

    The NFL league-wide TV contract payout per team, pays for each team’s payroll alone. There could be exactly ZERO people in the stands, and the Glazers would still profit off of each game.

    We have so many rules, that I’m not sure we can fill them all. We need a S, 2-3 CB’s, 1-2 LB’s, and a vet backup DT. On offense we need a WR, TE, OL depth, RB and backup QB. That’s about 10-12 players, and we only have 6 draft picks this year.

    This team is still young, and NOT winning the superbowl next season. If the right guy isn’t out there in FA this year, I hope we don’t just throw money at a body (quincy black ring a bell???) just for the sake of throwing money to say “look who isn’t cheap anymore!”

    Fixing this team is still likely a 2 year job AT LEAST. I don’t care if they spend royally, just that they make a commitment to getting better talent. And sadly, you can get a few mid-level guys in FA that would upgrade this team in a heartbeat.

    Spend, but spend wisely, Dominik.

  32. Big Picture Guy Says:

    holes* not rules sorry haha

  33. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    I have no problems with the Glazers running their business how they please. No big deal. I am not gonna buy tickets because of free agent signings. I am not gonna buy tickets for coach signings. I am not gonna buy tickets from for drafting highly touted collegians. I will only buy tickets, parking, concessions and gear when the cost of the experience is worth the value of entertainment attained from being in the stands. Until then, Tampa Bay Buccaneers won’t receive a dime of my money.


    Revenue sharing has allowed the Glazers to be a low spender, year after year, and still collect large amount of profits every year.

    Could they have made more ($ at gate) by spending more (salaries)? Sure, but, that would be a calculated risk. By simply not spending on salaries and going “youngry”, My Three Doofs had a guaranteed revenue source.

    Sure, they’ll say they are committed and every once in a while, there were possibilites (Favre, Haynesworth), but, those were clearly isolated incidents to pique interest.

  35. TrueBlue Says:


    “trueblue i heard the glazers have some kind of deal where even if 5 people showed up to every home game they will still make the same amount of money as if 55 thousand were there”

    Ron and Ion huh… No doubt that settles it. Don’t ya think there might be a little more to it than that? And what about the money for the other 20 thousand or so seats? Who gets that money if they are filled?

    It’s kind of telling that just as many people (often the same ones) complaining about Glazer cheapness, also complain just as loudly about over-paying the free agents they do sign. For some the real fun in the game is finding stuff to complain about.

  36. jvato24 Says:

    Ok .. . this means nothing … But if I were GM for a day … Here is WHat i DO

    Ben Grubbs – Nasty Left Guard to give the OL the ability to take control of a close game especially in the 3rd and 4th quarter.

    Mike TOlbert – 245LB 3rd down back that is versatile, can catch, break tackles in short yardage and a weapon in the passing game ( Gives depth so we dont have to reach for a RB )

    David Hawthorne – One of the Solid and TOP FA MLB available. Can also play OLB.

    Best value CB left after resignings and Franchise Tags

    Martellus Bennett – TE who was drafted to be a receiving TE and turned out to be a better blocker and could still develop a receiving game. Mike Bennett’s brother.

    Look for value at WR and DT in FA and possibly go big with WR if right situation presents itself.

  37. justin Says:

    trublue did you not read the other comments who said the exact same thing as me if no one shows up they still make the same amount of money its online check facts before you try and argue

  38. eric Says:

    Fixing this team is another two year job?

    That will be five drafts!

    Mckay won the Division and made in to the championship game in his fourth year. From absolute ground zero at a time with no FA’s at all.

    If the boy wonder cant produce a team to at least make a wild card appearance, this year, he needs to be jettisoned.

  39. 941Buc Says:

    Ownership and the rockstar have out themselves out there that they will be players in FA. We will see what that means, but I agree we are at least ten quality players away from being contenders. Besides QB and P we could use an upgrade at each position.

  40. jvato24 Says:


    No ways 10 players dude … this team won 10 games two years ago.. Better coaches and some of our crappy players may actually be decent.

    Sean Jones blowing every damn play wide open made our Defense look Horrific. Sean Jones is not on the team as of now. We are already better!

  41. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    @eric McKay hired Dungy. Dominik didn’t hire Raheem. Dominik did hire Schiano however, so now would be the time to make full blown assessments of him.

  42. Bobby Says:

    For those that think that the Glazers are cheap and Dominik is clueless let’s look at this one more time and then hopefully we can put this to rest. Let’s try to look at this logically. Can we do that?? Let’s pretend YOU own the Bucs and it’s your money.

    You hire Raheem Morris and the second year the team goes 10-6 and just misses the playoffs. Now, how do you feel about FA? Are you feeling like your team is a sieve and there’s a million holes to plug or do you feel like you’ll have a healthy McCoy back, Brian Price is getting healthy, and you can address the DE issue in the draft? I mean, you just went 10-6 and you don’t want to screw up the chemistry of this young team too bad. Now, having said that….I do think it was a mistake to get rid of Caddy because he was valuable to this offense as a third down back and more importantly as a veteran leader. Barrett Ruud….ehhh…not so much because he was going to want paid more than he was worth. The defense sucked with him and it sucked without him so I don’t see him being a huge difference maker other than his veteran presence but how much are you gonna pay for that? His performance wasn’t up to par with his ‘presence’.

    Well, we know how it turned out. OK. Now it’s time to change the parameter. We definitely should spend this year because we didn’t just go 10-6, we went 4-12 in a very ugly fashion. I’m absolutely sure they will spend in FA this year because it’s warranted but I don’t think we’ll see a Philadelphia like frenzy. I expect a couple of key acquisitions and maybe getting some depth players for backup. The draft will still be the main mine we find our gold in. So…how would you have done things differently? Oh, and don’t forget we have players like Freeman, Williams, Blount, Benn, McCoy, etc. who are going to need new contracts in the near future so don’t act like you just have all the money in the world to spend on long term contracts with FA.

  43. eric Says:

    I am talking about John Mckay, the original coach of our bucs.

    Hugh Culverhouse hired him.

    Dominik didnt hire raheem but he has been fully in charge of all personell decisions for three years. Going into his fourth. More than enough time to produce a winner.

  44. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    Sign Carr or Grimes and draft Morris Claiborne, and all of a sudden you have a studly secondary and a major weakness is quickly erased.

    Wow, what a difference a yr makes huh Joe? Remember how critical you were last offseason to those of us pleading w management to sign Asomugha, Jonathon Joseph, or Carlos Rogers? Now you want us to go sign one of the top FA CB’s PLUS use a top 5 pick.

    It also seems that you’re assuming both Ronde and Talib will not be with this team next year. I beg to differ on that. If Talib is back and we do sign a FA CB do you really still think we should spend a top 5 pick on CB when there are soooo many other holes to fill? When the best playmaker on offense is our TE?


    Talib is a trainwreck. Whether it’s his trial, or the possible future suspension, or the next violent, embarrasing to the franchise, stunt he pulls, the guy is just a mess.

    The sooner the team starts pulling in talented AND responsible players, that can be depended upon on and off the field, the better.

    Do you know how appreciative Talib was that they kept him on the team last year? He let Radio know how much while in London.

    Clean house of all unreliable, selfish players. There’s actually not that many…

  46. eric Says:

    If freeman, mccoy, williams, blount, benn, price, etc play well enough to warrant big new contracts everyone will be happy and we likely are on our way to the promise land.

    It’s a bit iffy at this pont though.

    Freeman being the most critical “if”.

  47. Patrick Says:


    Freeman, Benn, and McCoy are going to have to prove they’re worth having their contracts extended.

  48. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    I guess we are easy to please ? My Son and I are getting Tampa Seasons Tickets again. I am very impressed with all we have been doing lately, as far as coaching goes.
    I have been critical of Mark Dominik’s draft picks. I hope I am proved wrong.
    More then wanting to be “right”, I just want my team to win, for Tampa to be competitive again.
    I honestly feel we are poised for a big turnaround this year.

  49. Capt.Tim Says:

    Agree with Thomas.
    Like BigMac, I had defended the Glazers until last year. But we had the same horrible LBers and Secondary we have now, and they refused to spend a penny. Instead, they actually refused to resign two team Captains, which futher weakened the team.

    They have been rejected by coaches this year, for offering Cheap contracts with bad benefits. Again, maintaining the cheapest payroll and cheapest coaching staff. Doesn’t sound like winning is part of that formula- only making Max money for minimum expenditure!

    We’ll see what happens during FA, if anything. I expect to see a signing or two, but bet there are offset by dumping players like Winslow and Faine.

    Sadly, since Malcom Glazer stopped being hands on with this club, it has been ran into the ground.

    Hate to say it, and it has never happened before, but Thomas has been right about that all along. After 2 years of arguing with him about it, it has become crystal clear that he was right all along. Glazer Sr. Wanted a winning football team. Jr.Glazers want a winning kickball team, and a huge NFL profit to keep Man U rolling.

    And that’s just UnAmerican!

  50. eric Says:

    Captain Tim and Thomas may be exactly right. I have articulated the cheap position on many occasions.

    That being said, i also think the position of Joe and others may be true : that Dom has drafted well but the coaching staff was so poor the team fell apart. Best evidence of that is the 2010 season.

    If were sitting near the bottom of the league defensively in 2012, after concerted drafting efforts and changing coaches, then i think it can be concluded that the incompetence stretches much farther than Raheem Morris.

    While I hope FA nets some good vets, in reality how well the premium picks Dom has already selected play will tell the story – led by five.

  51. BigMacAttack Says:

    Maybe we should see if Websters will redefine the word “Cheap”, or make an exception when the name Glazer is involved. I hoped their cheap approach work, but it didn’t. They are still cheap. Very Cheap, especially when you compare their spending habits to an owner like Jeff Vinik. He just spent $50 Mil on the forum upgrades. He spent big money to get the best in Yzerman & Brooks for his teams. The Glazers wouldn’t even pay to have new HD Screens put in the Stadium. Jerry Jones just spent over a $Billion and you want to say the Glazers aren’t cheap. I agree they have made some savvy money moves, but they have a great deal of bonehead moves as well…………… and they are cheap, or else redefine the word cheap.

  52. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    @eric Ah. My apologies for the misunderstanding.

  53. Ryan Says:

    I really don’t think we need three great corners. Two is just fine. IF we get Carr and Grimes then that pick should either be BPA(Richardson) or trade down.

  54. eric Says:

    Institutionally frugal?

  55. Joe Says:


    IF we get Carr and Grimes then that pick should either be BPA(Richardson) or trade down.

    Dominik isn’t going to buy two corners. Joe’s hoping the Dixie Chicks don’t franchise Grimes.

  56. jvato24 Says:

    Call this Crazy .. I think the new coaches may get something out of Myron Lewis !!! Anyone remember that guy ??

  57. chipbuc Says:

    I have been reading all the comments on, are the glazers cheep. Well as a 25 year season ticket holder , i have seen cheep in its purest form,Culverhouse. NO they are not that cheep,and at the beginng they spent to the cap every year. But even the most ardent glazers fans have to admit that after they bought man u they have been. Now as far as the last few years during the morris years Culverhouse comes to mind.They now have to spend on players again just to make the bucs a normal nfl franchise.So do not give the Glazers to much credit, for something they owed the fans all along.

  58. Greig Says:

    The biggest issue with this type of thinking is that there might not be the talent out there with names big enough to be considered “splash signings” or worth paying big money.

    2 of the names Joe mentions are never going to hit FA, Bowe & Carr.
    KC is gonna have them locked up before FA even begins, they have a similar cap situation to us so what makes people think they will hit the market?

    People are making offseason shopping lists of who the Bucs “have to” sign but in reality most of thse names will never get away from their current teams. Ray Rice, yeah right. D’Quell Jackson, as if. DeSean Jackson, keep dreaming.
    There is well over $700 million in cap space to be used by teams this offseason, what makes people think other teams won’t be reigning their “name” players?

    Is it really going to get us anywhere spending just to spend?
    Don’t spend big, spend smart is going to be best way with this years FA group.

    Hell look at last years FAs, most of the best signings were 1 year cheap deals (Rogers, Tulloch) not the splash signings.

  59. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Thomas, don’t be stupid. Gruden & Allen were not fired out of cheapness. They were fired because the majority of fans wanted them gone.

    The Glaziers may not have been spending at the time, but it had nothing to do with why they fired those two (who they kept paying).

  60. FlBoy84 Says:

    Definitely agree with the spend smart mentality. Seemed like the Bucs paid Black the money they did last year almost just to be able to say “see, we’ll spend money”. NOT a smart investment though. And, while I agree some of the top names won’t make it to the market, you have to think the PLAYERS realize the same thing you do, in that there’s $700 MILLION in cap space out there. While some will resign with their teams, others will obviously want to test the market and a few others may not fit the future plans of the team. Either way there will be some quality football players available.

    As far as the Bucs CB situation goes, hope they’re able to land a quality starter like Carr or Grimes as well as a young middle-tier CB that they feel can be developed. If that happens, I’d definitely love to see them grab Claiborne at 5 and look to possibly trade Talib during the draft (depending on the outcome of the trial). May be able to get a low 1st or high/mid 2nd for him, as he is a talented CB who some teams will overlook the character issues and fork over a pick or two for him. Saw Asante Samuel almost went to Detroit for a 2nd Round pick and 2 third day picks, so you’d think the market should be out there for a talented CB like Tailb,

  61. jvato24 Says:

    Hopefully everyone pining to give Grimes 10 million a year wont be on here bitchin when megatron or Julio Jones makes him look like EJ Biggers .. He is small and is not a #1 corner

    5 year 36 million I am better with but still am not sure Grimes is elite ..

  62. patrickbucs Says:

    Joe, do you think there is this topic about the owners in New Orleans, either NY team, Atlanta, plus 25-28 other cities? Now there is a reason they haven’t spent money or signed free agents period. I have had Florida as a territory for about 10 years, I used to see Bucs billboards all over Central Florida boasting about their season ticket waiting list. Last 3-4 years nothing at all outside of the immediate area.

    Let’s see whom is available and what they truly do. Carr from KC will most likely be out there as recently reported, Bowe and many others I’m sure will not. Yes they do need to show this town they are interested in winning and they can’t do that through the draft in the near future.

  63. deminion Says:

    I know everyone gunna say im wrong but if Talib gets off scott free i keep him, we have a new regime in place that could change is off field issues thats just my opinion


    The word on Talib before the draft was character issues. And, what has happened since then?

    Character issues. Why would you want to keep a scum bag on this team? That’s what he is, a scum bag.

    I want players that the fans are proud of. Talib is everything I do not want in a Tampa Bay Buccaneer. And let’s not pretend his play on the field is worthy either. He’s been good, of late, but, nowhere near great.

  65. jvato24 Says:

    Talib is insurance until we Lock up the next Young Buc corner.

  66. stevek Says:


    All evidence and samples point to one thing, the owners SUCK @$$!!

  67. Thomas 2.2... Says:

    Gruden and Allen were fired bc they refused to take the payroll down further.

    Rahrah and dom were hired as replacements out of cheapness – then proceeded to go 17-31 with last and next to last division finishes and no playoffs.


    The stadium is empty bc the public (except for the blind) know this is not a NFL product. Fact.
    The payroll is 32 out of 32 for nearly a decade now. Fact.

    The sum = cheap.

    These owners have placed profits before winning, that is not illegal but it sucks when it’s your team’s owners who do it.

  68. Fritz50 Says:

    “There could be exactly ZERO people in the stands, and the Glazers would still profit off of each game.”

    This is true, and is, of course, based on the TV revinue shareing deal. It’s also how that Rat Bas…D Culverhouse managed to make the Bucs one of the most profitable teams in the NFL, even through the Williamson & Bennett years. This does not change the fact that more butts in the seats means more $ in the Glazers pockets. Since that money is split with the visiting team (you’ll have to look up the percentages) it’s small compared to the TV dollars, but it’s still there. I dn’t know if the Glazers are cheap, or just don’t want to be the next Dan Snyder clone. After all, we all know how many championship’s he’s bought, right?


    I saw a grid recently, in regards to team spending, that the most successful teams, were right in the middle. The less and most spending teams had a lower winning percentage.

    No one is asking for Snyder type spending. If Tampa could not be in the bottom third in spending, for once in a decade would be refreshing, to say the least.