Blount Grins At Thought Of Schiano

February 7th, 2012

LeGarrette Blount doesn’t get too much time in front of the camera, so Joe wants to be sure you see this recent Network interview of the Bucs’ beastly running back.

Just click on the link and the video will open.

You’ll see great NFL Films views of some of Blount’s runs, plus Blount clearly is excited by the thought of a head coach that is committed to running the football.

40 Responses to “Blount Grins At Thought Of Schiano”

  1. stevek Says:

    Big boy needs to eat…. Schiano will food this monster!!!!

    Go Bucs!

    Wouldn’t mind getting Blount a partner in crime, Trent Richardson anyone?

    C’mon Pete Dutcher, you know the Bucs would be balling hard with two beast RB’s…

  2. Jared Says:

    Richardson will be ready to step into a #1 back role. If the Bucs draft him they will move Blount. I don’t see the Bucs drafting Richardson.

  3. Joe Says:


    Richardson will be ready to step into a #1 back role If the Bucs draft him they will move Blount.


  4. Bricen Says:

    Blount to FB? that is very unlikely, but would be awsome. (provided he could learn the position)

  5. Jared Says:

    Blount isn’t a # 2 back we can all agree. If you draft a RB that high, the money paid and the public would demand to see the RB drafted run the ball a majority of the time. We would be wasting Blounts talents. So I see us drafting a compliment to Blount, a change of pace. Maybe a smaller faster back. If we draft Richardson, to me, it says we are moving on from Blount.

  6. Northend Says:

    how about we add a fb to blow open some holes for blount,and give him the ball more than 5 times a half and see what we”really” got.

  7. Jared Says:

    Amen Northend, Amen! I think Blount should be our feature back.

  8. sunrisejeff Says:

    I have a feeling Schiano will definetly want to have a true FB. Doesn’t have to be a stud but even a guy like the Saints have in Collins makes a big difference.

  9. Cmurda Says:


    Why would you assume he would be a #2 back if we draft Trent. A 2 headed dragon with that mix would be brutal on defenses and could make Freeman and company thrive. I love the idea of both of them and even Blount would be happy with it. He’d still get lots of touches and we could win ball games. You know who comes to mind #40 #28.

  10. Jared Says:

    Good point murda, but we can get a good back later in the draft to compliment Blount. A #5 overall pick, especially a RB, will expect to be the starter. Might create a conflict that isn’t necessary. If I’m not mistaken this is a draft deep with RB talent.

  11. John Q Pirate Says:

    Doesn’t matter if we draft Trent and he and Blount both run for 1500yds, if we don’t fix the D, we’ll have two feature running backs sitting on the bench in the second half as we go 5 wide trying to play catch up from a 35- 7 deficit. Morris Claiborne is the pick we need and pray that Janoris Jenkins off field trouble causes him to fall to 2nd round. Then maybe add a couple LB in FA.

  12. BigMacAttack Says:

    Let’s go Bolts!!!

  13. FreemanBomb5 Says:

    We would be so nasty if we landed Claiborne and Jenkins and retained Talib. If things go down like that I will no longer fear Cam, Ryan, and Brees as much as I would if we drafted a running back fifth.

  14. bucfanlostiniowa Says:

    convert Stocker to full back get some use out of him

  15. sunrisejeff Says:

    Yea Stocker is clearly a bust after one injury hampered season with no off season.

  16. Fatmosh Says:

    Blount was in on less than 40% of the snaps last year. We could easily draft Richardson, use him on the other 60%, and still use Blount as much as we did this year.

  17. Patrick Says:

    Having Richardson will be a waste if our defense is still giving up 40 points a game. Take Claiborne with the pick.

  18. jLM Says:

    Blunt didn’t get the ball as much because we kept playing catch up. Which clearly didn’t work out either.

  19. Cmurda Says:

    Disagree with the defense argument. I don’t disagree that our defense was pitiful and needs to be addressed but if we have 2 stud RB’s, I don’t expect to be giving up 40 points a game. No defense is that bad, not even ours. However, I certainly won’t be upset if we take Claiborne.

  20. K2theSoldier Says:

    Drafting a RB at #5 is just stupid……the running back is a deep position in this draft. You can get guys later. Passing on Blackmon or Claiborne for a running back that high is just a ridiculous dream. I would hope our guys are smarter than that. Gimme Lamichael James to compliment Blount.

  21. Cmurda Says:


    Let me guess. You said the same thing about the 2007 Draft. Adrian Peterson? Come on.

  22. K2theSoldier Says:

    Besides, when you have a pitiful defense like we do you need a strong passing attack (see Packers, Saints, Pats, Giants). Drafting another running back and putting that kind of stock into one (the 5th pick) would be useless, because most of the time we’re giving up 35 points to the opponent and being forced to pass. Richardson wouldn’t see enough use to make him worth a 5th pick. You don’t draft a running back 5th to be a compliment. C’mon people.

  23. K2theSoldier Says:

    And Cmurda, Richardson is no where near the talent of Peterson. Not even in the same sentence in terms of talent and physical ability.

  24. jvato24 Says:

    T- Rich isnt close to AP.

  25. Pete Dutcher Says:

    bucfanlostiniowa Says:
    February 7th, 2012 at 8:35 pm

    convert Stocker to full back get some use out of him

    Stocker is fine. The time will come when people who call him a bust will have to eat crow.

    He was a rookie who came into the season with no off season program and struggled with injuries…not to mention having an OC that didn’t know how to use him.

    HOWEVER…I do agree we need a fullback…more so than a running back. If we had a Lorenzo Neal type of stud to run block, Blount would plow the field…and almost any other back could be productive as well…certainly a free agent back.

    Our offensive line is the greatest need on offense, but not so much so that the defense should not get our first pick…which brings me to…

    Cmurda Says:
    February 7th, 2012 at 9:06 pm

    Disagree with the defense argument. I don’t disagree that our defense was pitiful and needs to be addressed but if we have 2 stud RB’s, I don’t expect to be giving up 40 points a game. No defense is that bad, not even ours. However, I certainly won’t be upset if we take Claiborne.

    Our defense was the worse in Bucs history…you don’t have to believe it…it’s a fact. It’s in writing. It show statistically.

    Our defense WAS that bad. Why? Secondary and outside linebackers. If we address those, our defense will be competing again.

    So…we NEED to take a CB with our first pick because it is our biggest need:

    – Talib is facing suspension and jail time
    – Ronde is good, but may not be playing anymore at all, and he’s too old to be a starter
    – Biggers quit on the team before anyone else…while we were winning. He sucks badly and we all saw him give up on chasing guys he couldn’t cover. He doesn’t even deserve to play football. He’s the Dexter Jackson of Cornerbacks.

    So we have ZERO Cornerbacks we can rely on at this time. WE NEED TO DRAFT A CB AND GET ONE IN FA.

  26. Cmurda Says:

    Maybe not but I’m willing to find out. I see the argument for Claiborne. Dont get me wrong. Guy is a stud in flat out our weakest area. That said, Claiborne isn’t rushing the passer. Opposing Qbs were eating doughnuts in the pocket against us. I think Richardson will change our team dynamic. A corner, even a shutdown corner cant do that. Particularly if it’s once a Haley’s Comet when we get to the quarterback.

  27. eric Says:

    The two headed monster argument brings back bad memories.

    Blount is a head case IMO that cannot be relied upon long term and it would be a huge mistake to count on the man to hold himself together.

    Richardson is the man. Hes got the character and work ethic Schiano likes similar to A-train and Dunn.

    Blounts a thug. Sits out plays too.

    Purge him.

  28. K2theSoldier Says:

    @Cmurda, I think a shut down corner in a division with elite offenses would be big time. I’m not worried about our pass rush at all; Clayborn and Bowers are going to be great, I’m sure of it. Then add Bennett for depth, along with Mccoy and Price if they can stay healthy and we have a nice line.

    Linebacker is still probably the biggest need; I know everybody says Talib is gone, but I think that’s bull crap. He’s not going to jail, there’s no case against him. If Talib is healthy he’s a great player. He’ll start out healthy next year.

    IMO, we NEED to find a way to get another 2nd round pick. Trade something. Draft a linebacker with one of the 2nd rounders, and a running back with the other one. Then get a wide out in free agency.

  29. Cmurda Says:

    In other news, I was checking out the 2011 Bucs Cheerleader photo to the right. I said to myself “yuck, she’s got nasty moles all over her stomach”. I then realized how dirty my laptop was.

  30. K2theSoldier Says:

    Blounts a thug Eric? Based on what? A college incident? Or what his friends did while he was protecting his handicapped cousin? I really hate when people say bull crap things about a players attitude (Thomas).

  31. eric Says:

    He wasn’t protecting his cousin, he was pissed over a car mirror.

    And K-2 has got a piss poor attitude too.

  32. K2theSoldier Says:

    You need to check the facts behind the story Eric. Blount said in an interview that he didn’t stop his friends from their attack on the couple because he was afraid for his cousins safety and wanted to stay with him.

    K2 may not be the friendliest guy on Earth, but he shows up and gives 100% effort and has led the team in receptions the last 3 years. I’ll take his attitude as long as he’s still respected by his coaches and teammates and shows up Sundays. Which he is and does.

  33. eric Says:

    yeah right protecting his cousin. Sure he was. Like the guy was gonna get out of his car and get to his cousin while getting pummeled and having his windshield smashed. If he sticks to that dumb version of events the other attorney wil leat him alive. Idiots like this rarely change in my experience.

    Well see.

    Hopefully K-2 cleans up his act a bit. Don’t think the new Sherrif in town is gonna put up with a whole lot.

    I hope not anyhow.

  34. D-Rome Says:

    Big boy needs to eat…. Schiano will food this monster!!!!

    Yes, YES!!!!!! We must food the monster!!!

  35. Mitsurugi Says:

    I am sorry but this (Bucs) offense needs playmakers!!! No point having a shut down corner, if your offense can’t score. I think an offensive player helps the defense than a defensive player helps an offense. Not saying that the Bucs should draft Richardson but if they did, he could, like Cmurda said, “Change the dynamic of the offense.” Running the ball, keeps the other team off the field and it helps keep your defense fresh. I say draft a couple offensive playmakers that can immediately step in and score touchdowns and then draft defense.

  36. Mitsurugi Says:

    *keeps the other teams offense off the field.

  37. gotbbucs Says:

    Unless Richardson runs a 4.4 flat or lower he isn’t worth a top 5 pick. I said it before and I’ll say it again, he will get picked closer to 15 than 5. Fans always value RB’s way more than NFL General Managers do.
    Keep Blount, sign a 2nd tier FA Running Back, and draft a middle round RB. I personally like Cyrus Gray, but there are others that will work.

  38. Pete Dutcher Says:

    That is completely not true. A shut down corner can be the difference between winning and losing. Or were you not a fan when Dungy used almost no offense to turn the Bucs into winners…with defense?

    They used to say if our ofense scored 2 TDs, the def would win the game.

    Also, with a young QB & young offensive weapons, being able to trust your defense to get the ball back quickly when mistakes are made is a must.

    {posted with Kindle}

  39. chrisfwc. :) Says:

    Lumpkin should improve. Biggers is great and will also improve. Geno Hayes and QBlack just had an off year they are also great. Sean Jones is a STUD! Talib will be back no jail time, he’s too good to go to prison. I think if we keep these mentioned players the Bucs should be great. And this new coach, bringing his cohorts from college to coach in the NFL, WOW! What a nice guy. Glazernhausen broke the bank getting him here!

  40. Cmurda Says:

    Glazernhausen. Haha. +3