Banging The Table For Trent Richardson

February 28th, 2012

Two of Joe’s favorite draft/personnel gurus, Mike Mayock of NFL Network and Pat Kirwan of Sirius NFL Radio, seem all in favor of the Bucs drafting Trent Richardson.

In an interview Friday on The Dan Sileo Show on WDAE-AM 620, Kirwan, a former Bucs scout and Jets linebackers coach and personnel executuve, said if he evaluated Richardson to be an elite every down back than he’d stand up and make a case for him with the No. 5 pick. “His grade is going to be staring you in the face,” Kirwan said.

Kirwan said if the Bucs pass on Richardson than they likely will have a tough call between receiver Justin Blackmon and cornerback Morris Claiborne. While Kirwan prefers a veteran receiver for Josh Freeman, he said the Bucs need to be careful not to take “someone’s No. 2” and making him your “No. 1.”  Kirwan’s of the opinion that Freeman can be an elite quarterback but hasn’t “had a chance yet with the people around him.”

Regardless, Kirwan says he’ll call the Bucs geniuses if they draft Claiborne, Blackmon or Richardson.

As for Mayock, he keeps screaming from the rooftops on NFL Network that no running back since Adrian Peterson makes draft gurus “bang the table” harder than Richardson.

On the surface, before free agency signings, Joe prefers the Bucs snag Claiborne. But if the Bucs already have their cornerbacks come draft day, and Richardson is that good, Joe couldn’t hang rockstar general manager Mark Dominik for drafting him. But Dominik would have no excuse if Richardson wasn’t a homerun, given that good running backs are not hard to find and there’s on on the roster.

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  1. D Says:

    No one since AP… the Vikings RB who hasn’t been to a bowl and hasn’t gone deep into the play offs without a HOF QB.

    Let’s see, who else is as good… Beast Mode? Jones-Drew? Any other elite RBs who couldn’t elevate their team the way a good wide receiver could?

  2. stevek Says:

    Beast Mode beat the Saints in the Playoffs,

    Jones-Drew is a HORSE and on a bad team

    Ray Rice type of production will come from T-Rich.

    Richardson is an awesome player, and the Bucs would be lucky to have him.

  3. MTM Says:

    The Bucs should pick the best player on the board at 5. They have so many holes to fill that it will probably work in their favor. If for some crazy reason RG3 is on the board at that point. I wonder what the Bucs would do.

  4. stevek Says:


    RGIII will be gone with the #2 pick.

    No way, he is still there at #5.

    Bucs will have a more “talented” roster with the addition of a top flight CB in FA, and a playmaker like Richardson in the backfield. That would be the best of both worlds for TB.

  5. thegregwitul Says:

    I’ll be more than happy with Trent Richardson so long as the Bucs sign a top level CB in free agency. I’m hoping the team brings in two or three new CBs in free agency and the draft to compete, especially if Ronde retires or signs with another team.

    I do think both Claiborne and Richardson will be very good players. I’m not sure if Blackmon is worth a top five pick, though, but if the other two guys are gone, he would be my next choice (barring a trade down option).

  6. TrueBlue Says:

    The Bucs have already taken the most important step in upgrading the team. They changed out the coaching staff. You don’t have an epic failure like last year without it being primarily a coaching failure. There is talent on this team that is just waiting to be guided and developed.

    My bet is that they go for DB, then Linebacker, then O line, then RB. O line and RB may go the other way around depending on who’s still available.

  7. Jarret Says:

    This is the first year in a long time I have no clue who the Bucs will pick. Claiborne, Blackmon, or Richardson. I still feel like Claiborne is the safest and smartest pick. I dont think Blackmon will still be available and a RB with a top five pick just seems risky nowadays. It should be an interesting draft for the Bucs

  8. Brasho Says:

    Since when do great RBs mean great success for NFL teams? You know what does constitute success? Great LBs… and we should trade down in round 1 and pickup Luke Kuechly of Boston College.

    Kuechly had unmatched amazing production in college. In 3 seasons he amassed 532 tackles and 7 ints… those are better than Ray Lewis-type numbers. Then he went to the combine and put on an athletic display that would have made Urlacher and Patrick Willis proud. Checking in at 6’3 247 and blazing to a blistering 4.58 40 and putting up a very solid 27 reps on bench. The guy is a football savant at MLB and now we know he’s also got the athletic gifts to be truly special. By all means, trade down, get more picks, but most importantly, get Kuechly.

  9. George Says:

    “then” is not equal to “than”

  10. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    Wow Joe, this:

    if the Bucs already have their cornerbacks come draft day, and Richardson is that good, Joe couldn’t hang rockstar general manager Mark Dominik for drafting him.

    Is certainly different than this from only a couple days ago:

    No. Just no to Trent Richardson

    Glad you’re coming around, but you’re 100% correct… all depends on what (if any) moves the make in FA

  11. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Everything the Bucs do in the draft is 100% dependent on one thing and one thing only: what they accomplish in free agency. Until I see what they do with free agency I’m not even going to bother speculating on the draft. It’s all just hot air until we know what pieces are in place.

  12. Meh Says:

    Last year Ingram was ‘the next Peterson’. I would only consider Richardson if Claiborne is gone.

  13. Dave Says:

    I respect Mayock’s opinion greatly but completely disagree on this one. Actually, I will completely disagree every single draft forever when someone says “draft a RB in the top 15 picks”

    Just not necessary.

    I say get your WR or CB with pick 5, and a LB and a speedy RB in Rds 2 -3.

  14. BonesMahoney Says:

    The Bucs need to take whoever they feel is the BPA at 5. Whether that is Claiborne, Richardson, Blackmon or whoever. With that said, I gotta laugh at the people that talk about RBs like AD, MJD and Jackson not winning anything and using that as a reason as to why we shouldn’t take Richardson. Are you kidding me? Those teams have put together poor rosters around those RBs. They aren’t losing games because they run the ball, they lose games because their defense is bad and/or they have no passing game.

    Frank Gore and Ray Rice, 2 of the best RBs in the league, were both a FG away from being in the Superbowl this past season. This whole “great RBs can’t win nowadays” argument is flawed and just the media looking at half of the picture.

    Also, you’re a Bucs fan. How can you be so elitist and act like the Bucs will even sniff the Superbowl any time soon? Whether the pick is Claiborne, Richardson, Blackmon or someone completely random, the Bucs aren’t even close. They need elite talent everywhere. I have no idea how anyone could be upset if we took Richardson.

  15. Pete Dutcher Says:

    If we hit draft day with 2 new CBs already in hand…I expect the Bucs to trade down and look for a Defensive Tackle, Linebacker* or Safety.

    Schiano has talked about being aggressive, that’s where he’ll do it.

    * Most likely

  16. Pete Dutcher Says:

    One could argue that AP has not looked as good in recent times.

  17. deminion Says:

    Claiborne Kalil T Rich

  18. Pete Dutcher Says:

    The only way I would be fine with Trent is if:

    1) We fill the needs at CB (both sides)
    2) We bolster the offensive line with Free Agency

    If those two needs are met first? Go for it!

    I don’t know anything really about Blackmon…is he anywhere close to megatron potential? If so, take him instead.

  19. Dave Says:


    The more I start to look at this and evaluate it, I agree. IF (it is a BIG IF), they could trade dwon and get Kuechly at MLB and add a 2nd & 4th … THEN DO IT!!!!!

    Foster moves to the Outside.

    They could still get an outstanding CB Kirkpatrick/Boykin/Jenkins/Dennard/Gilmore …. in RD 2 pick 5 and then they could get a speedy RB in round 3 and STILL have the other RD 2 pick.

    They land a MLB, a CB, a RB and another player (WR or LB or TE). All would be potential starters.

    AND this does not even account for what they could add in free agency.

    Trading down is ALWAYS the way to go in my opinion… with ONE exception: a franchise QB.

    Otherwise, the more picks the better the odds of hitting on a bunch.

  20. eric Says:

    yea we wouldnt want to break Dom’s “sure thing” drafting streak with a guy like Richardson.

    After all the man has assembled a 3-13 and 4-12 team under his guruism.

    Not to mention the ten game losing sterak where his draftees shined like new money.

  21. Brain Says:

    I’ve been banging the table for LUKE KUECHLY for a while. Surprised you guys still aren’t talking about him after he (unsurprisingly) dominated the combine. We have the worst LB corps I’ve ever seen, and Kuechly is a flawless All-Pro caliber prospect. It’s a no-brainer.

  22. BonesMahoney Says:

    @ Brain

    Kuechly is not an elite prospect in this draft class. He is very very good but not on the same level as guys like Claiborne, Blackmon, Richardson, Kalil, RG3, Luck. Taking Kuechly at 5 would be a reach.

  23. George Says:

    Trade DOWN!

  24. Pete Dutcher Says:

    So, other than party like it’s 1999, what are you going to do if Schiano has this team winning 10-12 games with most of the same players within 2 years?

  25. Pete Dutcher Says:

    What if the Bucs traded down and took Dre?

  26. bucfanjeff Says:

    I think the common theme is we need CB’s and a RB.
    I’m definitely in the Richardson camp and I honestly think Claiborne might be gone anyway.

    Whatever we do, I just hope it’s a good pick, not a head scratcher.

  27. Wienaman Says:


    Why does everyone think that signing a top five pick for a four year contract, then letting him go at the end, is an alright investment? You pick a player in the top five that you expect to contribute for the next ten years or more…THAT is why a RB is a bad investment in the top 5, top 10, heck maybe even in the first round.


    For all those screaming “trade back!! trade back!” It takes two to tango; before you continue with this rhetoric, try to come up with some situation where a team would be willing to trade up the less than handful of spots required for us to get Kuechly in the top ten, AND would give up anything really worth having (like the 2nd and 4th king’s ransom people seem to think we can get). I never thought I would say this, because the comment always annoyed me personally, but you guys really ARE acting like you are playing a game of Madden.

  28. JLM Says:

    Bucs might even trade the pic to get a 4th round pic back.

  29. Dylan Says:

    like i said a couple months ago, trent richardson is too good to pass up on, and adds explosiveness to the bucs offense and josh freeman. everyone called me stupid but just watch, he is a freak and such a rare talent to pass up on. corner can easily be addressed in free agency or even in the 2nd round, and with schiano saying he will give aqib another shot thats probably the route there going to take. its gonna be trent richardson or justin blackmon if he falls.

  30. Rrsrq Says:

    Who is exactly is going to trade up with Bucs at #5, if they do what do you get an additional 4th or 5thnround pick. This draft is a good draft and only deep ata a couple of positions, so nobody is fighting to get to the #5 pick if RGIII is gone

  31. MichiganBucsFan Says:


    You don’t seem to understand what the value of a 5th overall pick is. Last Year the Falcons traded a 1st, 2nd, 4th and the next years 1st and 4th round picks for the 6th overall pick in the draft. With players like Morris Claiborne, Justin Blackmon and Trent Richardson all getting as much hype as they are, it is easily imaginable that someone would fall in love with them and want to trade up to get them.

  32. eric Says:

    @ pete

    Id be delighted. Im sold on schiano.

    Md causes me stress.

  33. Wienaman Says:


    And they were touted around the league as being idiots (read between the politically correct lines and that is what you see). I am still going to laugh my arse off when Greg Little (2nd round, one of the MANY players the Browns got for Julio Jones) ends up having a better overall career than Julio Jones.

  34. MichiganBucsFan Says:

    What’s that have to do with teams willingness to trade up? The fact is a 2nd and a 4th for a top 5 pick is not ridiculous. Crazy stuff happens in the draft every year. If Tampa traded the number 5 pick for anything less than that THEY would be touted as idiots and you wouldn’t have to “read between the lines” because people would be laughing in their face.

  35. thibs5599 Says:


    I am with you on Kuechly, the kid is an animal and will be the cornerstone of whatever defense he goes to for the next 10 years. Even if we can not trade down and Claiborne is off the board I say Luke it is. With the new pay scale teams can basically draft whoever they want, he is better than Richardson and will be around a lot longer most likely. Plus this draft is extremely deep at Running back, cornerback, and even wide reciever. There are a lack of quality linebackers however.

  36. Wienaman Says:

    I agree with you completely MichiganBucsFan, a 2nd and a 4th for the 5th pick would be an awesome trade for the team getting the 5th pick…but when you then throw in a top ten pick to boot, which is what you are going to have to have to get Kuechly, the deal is not happening.

  37. Macabee Says:

    There are several draft experts that believe Trent Richardson is the best pick for the Bucs at #5 in round 1. I agree with their analysis regarding Blount and the need to take some pressure off of Freeman. While I would not be upset if that is the Buc’s choice, but it would not be my recommendation. I believe the best way to take pressure off of Freeman is to not be behind going into the 3rd quarter.

    I have a different opinion and it’s not because of his recent surgery, although that is a legitimate concern. It’s his risk/reward quotient. It is his running style and the transition of that power running style to the NFL, that makes him high risk. He has made a living in college gaining yards after contact – which means he runs over people more often than he runs around people. He is a likely candidate to join the top 4 RBs selected in last year’s draft (Ingram, Williams, LeShoure, and Murray), on IR sooner than later.

    The game eventually catches up to the best, as in the case of AP, who has ended up on IR and has had to delay his plan to start running again due to injury complications. Will he ever be the same again? Time will tell. None of the greats are immune – Forte, McFadden, Charles, Foster, Mendenhall – I could go on.

    This is not your father’s NFL. There are LBs and SSs watering at the mouth waiting for Richardson to bring that running style to the NFL. With all due respect to a truly outstanding RB, I will pass in the 1st round.

  38. Brasho Says:


    Kuechly is elite, it’s just that ILBs don’t usually go in the top 10… however, RBs are among the least valued position in both the draft and free agency and considering LBs usually last a lot longer than LBs, even at #5, Kyechly would be a better choice.

    How is a guy getting 190 tackles this past season not considered elite… how about 7 INTs in three seasons? Plus he has the athleticism to back it up in the NFL. If we could draft all over again… would youi prefer Patrick Willis or Adrian Peterson? Peterson, like most RBs eventually do, just destroyed his ACL, while Willis is going strong… besides that… Richardson is no Adrian Peterson.

    By the way, thanks for proving everybody’s point… Ray Rice and Frank Gore WERE a couple plays away from being in the Super Bowl… a 2nd rounder and a 3rd rounder… hence proving that a pick on an early first round pick is wasted when there are great RBs to be had had later (Doug Martin, Isaiah Pead, David Wilson, Ronnie Hillman, LaMichael James, Lamar Miller, Chris Polk to name 7).

  39. David Says:

    How about bolstering the Offensive Line so that it doesn’t matter who runs the ball? They already have Blount and draft a mid-range talent to pair with him. I think there’s also some pressing needs on defense. LB, CB as has been stated.

  40. Dave Says:

    For those saying they would not get much trading down from 5 to say 12-15:

    HISTORICALLY – they would get a 2nd and a 3rd or possibly a 4th in return.

    If they could land Kuechly at MLB and add 2 more picks to go with there 2nd and 3rd… I WOULD DO IT!

    They could get a great CB in round 2, a speedy RB in round 3 and still have another pick in round 2 and 4 for LB or WR or whatever they deem necessary.

  41. MichiganBucsFan Says:


    I’m not trying to predict that it will happen, or say that it should. I am just saying imo it is possible. I never watched Kuechly (spelling?) in college so I don’t even know if he would be worth it. I do kind of like the idea of trading down however because I feel like the more new guys we get in here the better. I believe we have a lot of talent on this team but for us to go on a 10 game losing streak to me says a lot of negative about the locker room chemistry. We need a lot of new faces.

  42. Dave Says:

    First round RBs have faired no better than RBs taken later in the draft this past decade. For every AP there is a Ronnie Brown and Caddy Williams. Good RBs who had injuries early and often.

    Teams are passing more and more.
    RBs are sharing carries more and more
    RBs are getting hurt and missing time more and more.

    Picking a RB with pick 5 is, in a nutshell, stupid.

    They can grab Miller from Miami or Wilson from Va Tech or Martin from Boise or James from Oregon or Pead from Cincy in RD 3-4.
    One of these players would add a speedy, shifty complement to Blount.

    I am also not sure why so many are ready to give up on Blount.

    The guy has 385 carries and 1788 yards (4.6 per) and 11 TDs.
    He is young and getting better at blocking and receiving.
    he has played with, what most of you admit, was an OC that had not a clue on how to use him.

    The big downfall is fumbles (he has lost 6 in 2 years).
    That and going more north-south can be addressed through coaching.

    Add a speedy RB to complement him and get him 20 touches a game and the speedster 15 between runs and passes…. you do that and Williams and Benn will start to have some big plays downfield


  43. Big Marlon B Says:

    for u people making the argument about how much Atlanta gave up to get the #6 pick….that most likely doesn’t translate to us. it all depends on where the other team would be trading up from. if they trade from the 26 spot like Atlanta did, yes it would take a ton to move up to #6. Jacksonville moved from 16 to 10, and i believe they had to give up a 2nd rounder to make it happen.

    u cant just look at the spot a team is trading INTO to determine how much they will give up, u also have to consider the spot they are trading OUT OF. that makes a huge difference. a team picking around 10-12 wont have to give up as much as a team picking around 25. its not rocket science.

  44. Dave Says:

    @Pete Dutcher February

    I don’t know anything really about Blackmon…is he anywhere close to megatron potential? If so, take him instead.”

    I have made my feelings known: NO to ANY RB in the top half of round 1.

    And YES to Blackmon if available. I have seen him several times the last couple of years. He was a man amongst boys. He reminds me of T.O. without the mental issues.

    They may clock him slow in the 40, but do not be fooled. The man can fly. he gets open. he has great hands and can run every route. He is big and strong and knows how to use his body and strength. All that is partly why he played faster than he times.

    Most the greats did not post a 4.45 or less.

    I truly believe that Blackmon is a game changer. He is a number one AND can stretch the field. Add him with Benn and Williams …. and then Blount and a speedy RB (LaMichael James? LaMar Miller? David Wilson?) underneath…. Could be the makings of a great offense.

  45. bucthis Says:

    Clairborne not having a eye opening combine. The only thing impressing the guys on nfl network is his length of body and arms though he is only 5’11. He better have long arms being under 6 ft with the huge receivers now days. Why is he not standing out head over heals over the other DB’S . A 5’11 db with 4.5 speed with the 5th pick? Just compare this to TR’s numbers and you will find the wisdom of making him the #5 pick. I believe the player #5 will will appreciate this the most.

  46. Big Marlon B Says:

    while i’m not impressed that Claiborne had a slower 40 time than Kirkpatrick and Gilmore (both widely considered to be slower), its not a deal breaker either. he didn’t run a 4.7, so its not like its a huge deal….as most evaluators will say, if theres a slight difference from what u expected, u go by the game speed not track speed. in close situations like that game tape will always win out.


    Who has the shortest career span by position?

  48. MichiganBucsFan Says:

    @Big Marlon B

    that is a given. I never once claimed a team would give up the same as Atl did from a lower spot. The point is when teams who believe they are one or two players away fall in love with a guy they are willing to give up a lot to get him. I have seen recent mock drafts with teams trading to get ahead of Miami to get the 3rd QB (Tannehill) off the board. A team that believes they are just 1 WR (like Atl last year) or RB away will try to trade up. Teams like that can be extorted.

  49. bucthis Says:

    It is not the quantity of a career that is of most importance then it is the quality of it… A RB like TR with less years can provide a longer lasting impact in Buc’s history…

  50. Brain Says:

    what up brasho. I’m etk, in case you’re wondering who the other sane person is who thinks Kuechly is elite.

  51. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    First of all, no one in their right mind would ever compare Mark Ingram to AP. That’s an idiotic comparison on so many levels its not even worthy of arguing. Everyone in Tuscaloosa has been saying Richardson is considerably better than Ingram ever since he stepped on campus. Ingram has more speed, and is much more explosive. In fact, Ingram is rare in the fact that he literally has no weaknesses. He has good speed, vision, balance, quickness, pass-catching, blocking, and attitude. Most of you who are saying he’s not worthy have probably never seen him play other than that dreadful national championship game. Look at what he has done in the SEC. Look at how many long runs he had – in every single game! His stats are better than AP, in a much better conference. Regardless of stats, if you’ve seen him play, you would know better. Mark Ingram isn’t worthy of fetching this guy water.

    Then there’s this ridiculous notion that the elite RB’s in the league don’t win Super Bowls. I have a news flash for everyone who believes this nonsense – you don’t win SB’s in the NFL without a QB, period. Look at all the elite CB’s in the league, they have no SB either. The teams that win have great play at the QB position. Not sure if you heard the news, but QB’s tend to play better when they have a good running game (shocking, I know).

    It’s not a wise move to not draft someone because you don’t expect him to play for 10+ years. It is very rare in today’s NFL for any player to stay on one team that long. I’d much rather have 6 great years from a RB than 10 good years from a CB. RB’s just have more of an impact on the game. More importantly, he would make an immediate impact on our team. The only downside I can see in getting him is that we will see a whole lot less of Blount. However, perhaps the competition could light a fire for Blount and he would work hard (if the rumors are true that he’s not a real hard worker).

  52. bucthis Says:

    My goodness, what would the history of the NFL be is those these that selected Brown, Payton, Dorsett, Faulk etc. felt like many here concerning the expiration date a a RB. you simply look and the player as any other and if he grades higher you take him plain and simple. Only exception is if you already have a beast at that position and not that you think you might.

  53. stevek Says:

    Trent Richardson is our guy.

    He will bring the Bucs back to relevancy.

  54. Joe Says:


    My goodness, what would the history of the NFL be is those these that selected Brown, Payton, Dorsett, Faulk etc. felt like many here concerning the expiration date a a RB. you simply look and the player as any other and if he grades higher you take him plain and simple.

    Two things:

    1) When Brown, Payton and Dorsett played, there was no salary cap and salaries were not that prohibitive.

    2) When you are an owner, or for that matter a front office type, and you can draft at another position where the player on average could play three times as long as a running back (possibly having a bigger impact since this is a passing league), and factor in you can get just as good if not better talent at running back late in the draft or even off the street, the option is clear.

    Joe remembers this same argument used last year for the Bucs to draft Mark Ingram, the annual “can’t-miss”/running back flavor of the year. He was selected late in the first round and was a complete non-factor for the Saints last year.

  55. Bobby Says:

    @Bucthis…If you think the experts are letting the combine dictate how they draft you are nuts. All they use it for is to confirm what they see on tape. Claiborne was a monster in the SEC and you think a 4.5 40 is gonna change their minds??? LOL!! There’s game speed and there’s track speed. 4.5 is by no means slow and especially if you can make the kind of on-field adjustments this kid makes. I don’t care if someone runs a 4.3 if they get faked out of their jock every play. Just watch some highlight reels and relax. Claiborne is the real deal.

  56. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    I see no problem with drafting Richardson. This may be a passing league but a dominate run game can neutralize that. True a RBs shelf life could be short but so could any other position. Luck, could very well get injured on his very first professional snap… Injuries are apart of football and could happen to any position. Yes, we have Blount… and all above could be said for Blount as well as Richardson. Blount is also not making HUGE money so we wouldnt have 2 high priced backs on our roster. Richardson is an elite talent and, in my opinion better than Blount. Blount would be his compliment… and would form an outstanding RB tandem… And that would instantly upgrade Freeman. I rather have a veteran CB rather than a rookie CB.. And the CB crop in free agency is deep… Load up on Vet CBs and maybe draft a CB later… But Richardson in my opinion would help this team much more right now. And this is a “Win Now” league… coaches today dont have the luxury of waiting around years for players to develop.

    With that being said.. I also would love the Bucs to draft Martin in the 2nd if they dont get Richardson in the first… Or James in the 3rd.. any of those 3 I would be happy with.. But we do need to draft a RB cuz there wont be anyone of major significance in free agency this year for us to sign.

  57. Dave Says:

    Claiborne does or any CB does not need a 4.4 40 time. What they need to show is a good 10 yard split and shuttle time (just like RBs)

    The other thing they need to show is: GAME FILM.
    THAT is the only thing that really matters.

  58. gotbbucs Says:

    Lord give me the patience to listen to all this draft BS and not erupt on people on the comment poard on

  59. stevek Says:


    Please show the TB Buc Fans the “light”.

    Please let Trent Richardson be “the” guy for the Bucs on draft day.

  60. MichiganBucsFan Says:

    One thing I think people are forgetting is that we also have Blount. If we were to use Richardson and Blount about 50/50, it could eliminate the “shelf life” problem of both backs. Could extend both of their careers quite a bit. If Richardson is as good as advertised I wouldn’t mind the pick, but personally I have my fingers crossed for Claiborne or a trade down.

  61. Bobby Says:

    @Stevek….I don’t think anyone is going to cry if the Bucs select Richardson at #5. He certainly isn’t going to hurt the team. I’m just not sold that he will be the best value if Claiborne is on the board and we can get someone like Doug Martin in the second but if they choose to go Richardson I’d be an idiot to complain. I think he’s a beast and I’m not sold on Blount at all as an every down back.

  62. gruss222 Says:

    The Bucs need to ensure the signing of either Dwayne Bowe or Brandon Carr, which ever is left unprotected by KC. With the Saints dealing with Brees lucrative contract, OG Carl Nicks should be next. If Carr is protected Fennigan is a must. If ILB Curtis Lofton is left unprotected by Atlanta, and it looks very probable, grab him. That is 5 FAs that I would have a spotlight on for which I could grab. Two would weaken a division rival while strengthening the Bucs.

    1st round : CB Morris Claiborne (LSU)
    2nd round: RB Doug Martin (Boise State)
    3rd round: TE Orsen Charles (Georgia)

  63. Capt.Tim Says:

    By the way, to everyone who wants to draft Richardson. Don’t you wish we had signed one of the great FA CBS last year? There were some great CBs available, yet a lot of people argued that we didnt need one.

    We didn’t. We needed two. If we had signed one last year, we could get a good CB in the 2nd round, and signing Richardson would be the right move.
    Now, our need at CB is so desperate, we are almost forced to draft Claiborne- even wig we get one CB in FA.

    Cause the idea of Biggers and Myron Lewis being our starting CBs should scare any Buc fan to death

  64. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    To answer your question in one word, yes. I think we need to sign 2 CB’s in free agency this year in order to draft Richardson. We also need to show up at Ronde’s doorstep and beg him to stay. I also think a lot also depends on Talib. I know you hate him (which is fine, he deserves it), but if he plays, he is at minimum a starting-caliber CB (Lewis and Biggers, not so much). Hopefully he will respond better to a more disciplined coach. I have a feeling he is not going to face jail time, but possibly a 4-6 game suspension. You just can’t trust Talib, though, so I think we probably should assume he won’t be here. If we do that, Ronde stays, and Talib is here, I think our secondary will be just fine. Then we can get us some LB’s that are halfway decent.

  65. bucthis Says:

    I think Clairborne will be a real good pro,however DB”s picked that high in the draft have usually has great size speed combination or just rare speed and athleticism like a Deon Sanders. I knoe Claiborne is a football player on the field but I don’t know if I’ve seen a corner with average workout and measurement numbers drafted that high. This is what will give TR the higher grade. Also, if I was a owner I would also look at what player will provide the excitement to put some butts in them seats and to sell buccaneer items and give national exposure the best…My bet is with TR. I will pay to watch a Faulk but not Revis…

  66. bucthis Says:

    forced to take Claiborne? like Bucs were forced to take Gains Adams instead of AP? Hard to be successful drafting with that mindset. Oh, Peterson will be back to continue his HOF career btw

  67. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:


    you don’t use the number 5 pick in the draft to select a Running Back to play a 50/50 role in your offense. Makes zero sense and the value is not even close if thats your plan!

  68. Brandon Says:

    Brain Says:

    February 28th, 2012 at 5:05 pm
    what up brasho. I’m etk, in case you’re wondering who the other sane person is who thinks Kuechly is elite.

    What’s up, fellow draft-junkie brother?

    You’re sane in your thoughts because like me, you think of, and are driven by the draft 365 days of the year, not from February to April… draft season starts when the previous one ends. Guys like you and I watch college football because we want to unearth the next great prospects and not act like some of the schmoes that only know their favorite 3-4 players from their favorite teams and the national champs and that’s it.

    I’d much rather have intelligent draft talk on draftcountdown in December than have to debate with casual draft fans here in February.

  69. Capt.Tim Says:

    It’s a passing league. The days of great Running backs dominating a season seem to be over. Richardson is a great back, but we will win by passing the ball, and preventing everyone else from being able to pass the ball.

    Claiborne is the best player, at the position of greatest need. Remember the teams throwing on us at will, racking up scores in the thirtys and fourties?

    We will not win, until we have new CBs and LBers

    Blount is quite capable of running down teams throats.

  70. Brandon Says:

    BTW, great mock on GBNreport

    Has Bucs taking 1) CB Claiborne 2) LB Zack Brown 3) RB Doug Martin-who I don’t see as much of a downgrade over Richardson

    I’d still prefer the next stud MLB of the NFL, Luke Kuechly. This past season he posted 190 tackles for BC… had 7 INTS in 3 college seasons… ran 4.58 at 247 lbs… this dude is a stud…. great MLB careers often span nearly twice as long as great RB careers. Many great MLBs play well to 35, most great RBs are not longer playing well at 29.

    So here’s the question… if you knew the Bucs had the chance to draft the next Ray Lewis (sans murder charges).. would you pass on him for a RB whose career won’t last more than 8 seasons?

  71. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I agree with that Captain, but the problem is you always will have to run the football to open up the passing game, unless you have elite WR’s and OL. We have neither. A great running back greatly helps the OL, and it demoralizes a defense to have the ball run down their throat over and over (see the 2008-2011 Tampa Bay Buccaneers). I like Blount a lot, and agree that he is very capable. However, one back simply isn’t enough, and not to mention the fact that he has yet to be a factor in the passing game (although I hope and think he could be). Richardson is also excellent catching the ball and pass protecting, which are often overlooked as the duties of a RB. I think he and Blount would be an unbelievable tandem, and the greatest benefactor would be Josh Freeman. If the running game is going well, you will control the clock, pass the ball better, and typically win the game. That never changes.

    If we draft Claiborne, I’ll be happy. I’m sure he will be a very good player. I just don’t think that one CB can have even close to the same type of impact as a great RB. Nowadays, teams have so many different weapons on offense that shutting down one guy doesn’t mean as much because there are others that can kill you. I think we really need to get more weapons for Freeman. I don’t care how good our defense becomes, if we can’t score, we aren’t beating NO, Atlanta, and Carolina. We need some explosiveness. Everytime we score a TD, it doesn’t have to be a 13 play drive.

  72. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Luke Kuechly is a good player, but come on – Ray Lewis! You are joking, right? Do you remember Ray Lewis in college? This combine stuff is getting completely out of hand.

    As for Martin being just as good as Richardson – WOW! I am almost certain you have never seen either play, or you wouldn’t say such a thing. He’s a nice player, but look at what he did against good defenses. Oh wait, he only played against one all year. That was 57 yards on 24 attempts against Georgia. Go ahead and insert the standard “Alabama’s line is better” argument. I would then point out that the defenses in the SEC are 10 times better than the Mountain West (if not more), and Richardson’s stats still blow him out of the water.

  73. Says:

    We’ve tried to draft running backs in later rounds and it never works for us. Allen Bradford? Moses w/e? We passed on AD and look what that got us.
    The NFL is a passing league but one cant pass without a run game. I think they get him if that receiver is gone. Offense sells tickets. I say roll the dice and take a chance. It cant get much worse.

  74. Stevek Says:

    That sumb!tch from Bama is ELITE.

    Bucs are still lacking an “ELITE” playmaker on offense. It’s a no brainer, even a rock star couldn’t miss it. Or could he…… ?

  75. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    @Hawaiian Buc

    I don’t know if you saw Kuechly play or not but the kid IS that good. FYI Ray Lewis went 26th overall, after RB’s like Tim Biakabatuka and Lawrence Phillips and after the Bucs took Regan Upshaw. I’m a big Trent Richardson fan and I’m hoping we take him but I’ll definitely admit that RB is fairly boom or bust in the first round.

    That being said, I’d rather see us take a MLB than a CB in our spot. I just think this team needs guys who can make a difference on an every down basis…..IMO MLB and RB fit that description more than any position on the field other than QB and I know we aren’t doing that. WR/CB can affect the gameplan of the opposing teams but they just don’t have the opportunities to make plays the way other positions do.

  76. Capt.Tim Says:

    Love Luke Kuechly- will be a great MLB. If we can trade down, and get him and a good Cb( Alphonso Dennard!), then we have gotten two guys that would immediately help the back 7. I would applaud that move- if it’s possible

  77. Pete Dutcher Says:

    I’m against drafting him at this point in time, but in the interest of fairness, how long did Emmett play? The are good RBs that have played well over 6 years. It’s hard, but it has happened. Who are we to say Richardson won’t be one of the treats that play 10 years?

    Already the NFL is coming up with new ways to protect players. So far as RBS, it’s only a matter of time before someone develops leg braces that will protect the knees without hampering movement.

    Right now the focus is on QBs & WRs. IT Will focus on RBs eventually.

  78. bucthis Says:

    How much of the offense is Josh Freeman when he is going good? How much better would Trent Richardson make him with the improved running and passing game?…yes, the passing game, he has excellent hands out of the back field, a threat to go all the way, is also a willing and tenacious blocker who will only improve in the NFL.. The offense will be the best ever. Just get a couple of good FA DB’s, rush the QB, you will then see more fans in the seats, more games on TV, playoffs…playoffs??? Superbowl, national limelight yada yada yada or can remain the same blah Buc’s…

  79. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    No, I haven’t seen him play all that much, so I admit my opinion is a little uneducated. Regardless, he’s definitely not a top 5 pick, but if we trade down, then I’m all for it. The little I have seen of him, I do not see Ray Lewis. If he’s anywhere near that good, I would love to take him, as I think MLB is probably our biggest need (don’t think Foster is a real MLB). I agree with everything else you said 100%.

  80. Brain Says:

    Kuechly is more of a Derrick Brooks type than Ray Lewis imo. Lewis is physical and powerful at the point of attack. He makes a ton of impact tackles in the backfield and blows up plays inside. Kuechly isn’t that type of player. His role at BC was similar to Brooks’ in Tampa. He played further from the line of scrimmage and had to play sideline to sideline and mop up plays all over the field. He had heavy coverage responsibilities and was often 25+ yards down the field covering WRs in zone. I think Kuechly will be a 10+ year All-Pro guy and likely Hall of Famer. He has elite instincts, intelligence, range, leadership and coverage ability. He makes tackles all over the field, gets great depth and range in coverage, and just generally plays great assignment football while making plays all over the field. I like him better at WLB than MLB though. At WLB he’ll be free off blocks more, giving him more opportunities to use his instincts and range to make plays. He can play MLB but he’s not as good at taking on blocks inside and fighting in the wash. Mason Foster is good at that stuff so we should keep him there.

    As for Martin vs. Richardson…Brandon/Brasho overstated how comparable they are, but I agree with the general premise. Martin is an every-down back who can be a power runner and also pass protect and catch passes. Richardson is the same guy but much more explosive, powerful and just more athletic in general. Who has more value, Richardson at 5 or Martin in the 3rd? Martin, easily for me. I actually like a lot of the backs in this draft from the 2nd round onwards. As usual there are plenty of steals to be found at RB if you look in the right places. The days of drafting RBs in the top 10 are over, even for an elite prospect like Richardson.

    So my ideal mock is:

    1) Kuechly
    2) David Wilson/Kendall Wright/Dwayne Allen/Cordy Glenn/Trumaine Johnson…any of these will do. Allen would be my pick if Winslow gets cut. If not then I lean towards a trade down for Wilson or LaMichael James.
    3) James or Sean Spence. Dominik double-dipping on OLB like DE and DT wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

  81. Number 41 Says:

    What NFL is everyone here watching? Successful teams — the Packers, the Giants, the Patriots, the Saints, even the Steelers — pass to set up the run. If there’s a recurring theme over the past few years it’s the diminishing role of the “feature” back. Teams that rely on big-time backs either stink outright (Jacksonville, Minnesota) or can’t get over the hump because their passing games are too inconsistent (Baltimore, San Francisco).

    Pass the football.
    Defend the pass.

    That’s how you win in the modern NFL.


    Another thing that it seems that fans are failing to grasp is that liability and the threat of litigation has forever changed the way the game is played. Unfortunately, this gives a huge advantage to teams passing the ball.

    So, you better hope you have 2-3 superior cornerbacks.

  83. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Number 41,
    Don’t you think the success of those teams has something to do with their All-Pro QB’s. The teams you mentioned are the top QB’s in the game. That’s why they don’t have to run as much. Freeman is not a top 5 Qb right now, not even close. He needs a great running game.

    Besides, perhaps you missed the last Super Bowl. The Giants won because they ran the ball well and the Patriots didn’t. When the Giants went on their losing streak, it was because they couldn’t run the ball. Guess what happened when their running game got going?

  84. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:


    First, a great CB can shut down other teams top WRs and also take that half of the field away. If you can cut the field in half you are able to do a ton more defensively on that side that is open. Whether it be LBs other DBs or even Dlinemen dropping back. A great RB gives you the potential to move the ball. Blount can do that. So can LaMichael James, Ronnie Hillman, and Isaih Pead, along with a few others. They can get gotten in the 3rd or 4th round. The #5 pick is way to high to draft a RB period, especially one with a knee issue. The value just isn’t there.

    If we can’t get Mo then I want to see us draft either Kalil or Riley Reiff to sure up our OLine. That would help Josh out way more than Richardson can. If we don’t have the OL it doesn’t matter who our RB is!

  85. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    The only CB that has EVER shut down half the field was Deion Sanders. He’s the only CB that would regularly get INT’s (in man to man defense) when the ball wasn’t even thrown at his man. Revis doesn’t do that, neither does Nnamdi. If Claiborne is the second coming of Deion Sanders, then we should do whatever it takes to get him. To expect him to shut down half the field is very wishful thinking, but I sure as hell hope he does (because I still think we are going to draft him). Besides, is he going to return kicks like a Patrick Peterson? I don’t think he will.

    As for those other guys being able to move the ball, they may be able to, but not the way Richardson can. The all have clear weaknesses that Richardson doesn’t. That is why everyone has Richardson as the clear cut best RB in the draft. He is head and shoulders above the rest. He adds not only a home run threat, but the ability to catch the ball, pass protect, and be your short yardage back. If we get someone like James (who I love by the way), who’s going to pick up those 3rd and 1’s?

  86. Bobby Says:

    Ideally I would LOVE to see us trade down and pick up Kuechly. He is an absolute beast! I just don’t see a scenario where someone is going to want to trade up to #5 for a RB if Richardson is the BPA. However, if Blackmon is available then there is a possibility. I would be all for making the trade, getting Kuechly and some extra picks and landing Stephen Hill in the second, then best RB available in the third. We could fill the DB need in FA. I still think that Anthony Gaitor can ball but he just hasn’t had the chance. If we got Kuechly, Hill, and Doug Martin in the draft (or even LaMichael James) and then got Finnegan and Hicks in FA….I could see an instant improvement.