Throwing Away A High First-Round Pick

January 19th, 2012

Joe will need a straightjacket if the Bucs draft Alabama RB Trent Richardson with the fifth overall pick.

While the Bucs are embroiled in a search to fill the void left by jettisoned coach Raheem Morris, it isn’t too early to talk draft.

Apparently, BSPN’s Mel Kiper has a mock draft out — keyword: mock — and Kiper claims, via Pat Yasinskas, the Bucs are going to throw away their fifth overall pick by selecting Alabama running back Trent Richardson.

Kiper has the Tampa Bay Buccaneers taking Alabama running back Trent Richardson with the No. 5 overall pick. Kiper also cautions that fans shouldn’t assume the Bucs won’t take a running back here because they already have LeGarrette Blount. If anything, the 2011 season showed that Blount probably never will be an every-down back. He simply isn’t a pass-catcher and never could pick up the pass protections well enough for the previous coaching staff to leave him on the field as a pass-blocker. I’m not sure the Bucs are going to be willing to lock up Blount with any sort of long-term deal. Blount still could have a role because he is a good power runner. But drafting Richardson makes plenty of sense because he’s an all-around running back. Also, drafting an offensive skill-position player usually generates a lot of excitement. I’m not saying the Bucs would simply draft a player to generate excitement, but this is a franchise that could use anything that might generate a little positive interest.

This is a pet peeve of Joe’s. Short of the next Barry Sanders on the board, drafting a running back with the fifth pick is an absolute waste.

Not only do running backs have short shelf lives — which means paying a running back fifth overall-cash is a pathetic investment — the best running backs in the NFL can be found off the streets.

Hell, the Bucs already have a damned good running back, LeGarrette Blount, who was found on the sidewalk when the Bucs picked him up.

Of all the dire needs the Bucs have (linebacker, wide receiver, secondary), to draft a guy at a position not needed at No. 5 overall is outrageous.

Drafting Richardson at No. 5, barring using him as trade bait, would be about as nonsensical as drafting a quarterback at No. 5.

198 Responses to “Throwing Away A High First-Round Pick”

  1. Hunter Says:

    Joe, I disagree with you 100 percent on this. I love Blount, but he is killing the offense right now. Richardson is everything the Bucs wish Blount would become..why not take that version now, instead of waiting 5 years until Blount learns how to block and catch, and, IMO won’t be nearly as good as Richardson is now even when he learns how to do those things.

  2. Bobby C Says:

    Funny that pulling up that article at bhsn, it shows the bucs record at 5-11, really, i do remember 12 beatdowns, but thats just me i guess.

  3. bucfanjeff Says:

    I like Richardson, yet agree with you Joe. If we didn’t have so many holes, I would take him. I wouldn’t be terribly upset though, I think Richardson is that good.
    Blount is good, not great. He doesn’t catch passes out of the backfield well, can’t seem to get a handle on pass pro (and now he’ll have a new offense to learn), and he hesitates at the hole. (“Other than THAT, Mrs Kennedy, how did you like Dallas?”)

    That said, there are other RB’s with the 5th pick of the 2nd round we could look at if necessary.

  4. flmike Says:

    Other than the obvious #1, has helmet head ever been right about any pick?
    Claiborne or Blackmon @ #5 , one or the other should be available & both fulfill a need. Whats Mayock say?

  5. jdog Says:

    T Rich reminds me so much of MJD. If he’s anything close its not wasted at all. If Mo Claiborne and blackmon are gone you hve to think about it.

  6. HFXBUC Says:

    I’ve been in the Mo Claiboure or trade the pick camp but I’m starting to sway into the Richardson camp…Why? Adrian Peterson. If it is all about #5, Richardson (if he is Adrian Petersonesque) makes #5 better. He also makes our WR’s and TE’s better by sucking a safety into the box, changing the assignments the LB’s, and making CB’s hesitate.

    I’m a LaGarrett Blount fan….and maybe he just wasn’t used right and he can give us the same production.

  7. jvato24 Says:

    The only way Claiborne and Blackmon are gone is if RG3 is on the board, then we can trade back. Look at the leagues top backs, Foster, Blount, even a guy like Starks on GB is pretty Damn good. They are all 6th round picks or undrafted.

    Go Blackmon, Claiborne or Jon Martin and I only say Martin because he is the top Run blocking OT and gives Freeman insurance if Penn went down.

  8. flmike Says:

    Blount was absolutely misused by those who shall forever remain nameless, you have a hammer, everything should look like a nail. He was never given the chance in camp to learn passpro, this season I expect him to blossom, He played in Chip Kelly’s offense as the starting RB, I’m pretty sure if Kelly had him starting that he can catch and block.

  9. Meh Says:

    Claiborne please. If he’s gone we should trade back for more picks if we can, and then I wouldn’t mind grabbing Richardson 15ish, plus or minus.

  10. paul Says:

    A receiver might be smart if its Blackmon.

    I didn’t realize how terrible Arrelious Benn was until I read that PFF article today. Wow, what an awful excuse for an NFL player. #91/91 of the receivers studied. He should be canned immediately do not pass go.

  11. Mitsurugi Says:

    We need an offensive game changer/superstar. If he is there at #5, it would be hard for me to pass him up. Yes, RB’s have shorter shelf lives but if you keep Blount, and then get another back (free agent, off the streets), he will be preserved. We need to build this team like the 90s Dallas Cowboys…We “may” have our QB, now we need our RB, and then go for a #1 WR in free agency–strong at all 3 positions. Use our other picks 2-7 to build our defense!!!

    I hated it so much when the Bucs passed on Adrian Peterson.

    When was the last time the Bucs got an above average to great running back in the later rounds of a draft.

  12. Brain Says:

    I think Richardson is a special talent, but I still agree Joe. RB is not a high-value position in the NFL anymore because of the risk and the ease at which you can find good backs. Spending a top 5 pick on a guy just to make him part of a 2-back system makes no sense.

    It also doesn’t make sense to draft a WR in the top 5 unless they’re a freak talent like Calvin Johnson. Again, I’m a huge Blackmon fan but receivers just don’t bring the value to a team that other positions do. I’m hoping for Kuechly, Claiborne or Reiff with our pick.

  13. paul Says:

    I’ll probably get flamed by this one, but Kuechly looks suspect to me. Gentle tackler that stood out amongst a bad team.

  14. chargedcbh Says:

    Whatever! Who knows what’s going to happen! Can we hire a coach first…. I hoping our new coach will have a little bit of input on that pick. LOL

  15. hamilton Says:

    if blackmom is gone,this is a good pick.

  16. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    No matter WHO we can draft in the first round, we should trade out of our spot and down, for more picks. We have far too many needs everywhere, and can’t afford the luxury of Trent Richardson.

  17. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    Key quote: T.R. would “generate a lot of excitement.” He’ll also put butts in the stands.
    Though, Claiborne would be the wiser pick if he’s available.

  18. Paul W. Says:

    I agree with chargedcbh….

    I don’t think we can predict anything in the upcoming draft until we know who the coach is gonna be based on whether he is defensive minded or offensive minded.

  19. King lewis Says:

    Are you kidding me? Maybe u too need to be reminded of 2007 when we didn’t trade up to take Calvin Johnson and we took Gaines Adams (r.i.p.) with ap still on the board. There’s no point in taking a corner with terrible linebackers. It doesn’t work ask the Philadelphia Eagles.

  20. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    You’re right, he’s considered a two down back by many. His coverage skills are suspect, too. As well, he’s a bit slow sideline to sideline. He’s still a good LB.

  21. Brad Says:

    @paul. Benn is our best deep threat WR now. The problem with him as with Blount was Olsen was terrible excuse for an offensive coordinator. I think in the next year or two Benn will be ahead of Williams and he has more potential. If and when we decide to go after a true #1 receiver I believe Benn will end up #2 with Williams being 3rd. As far as Blackmon unless the Bucs could trade up there’s no way he will be there at 5. I’m not sure where the top linebackers grade out as far as the draft but I hope we draft a mean nasty one that can change the play of our pathetic D. It’s really hard to get too much into the draft until we know who are next coach is going to be and what the team is going to do about FA. Unless the owners are going to spend money I don’t care who they draft.

  22. BKNYfootballhead Says:


  23. Jared Says:

    Joe, Richardson is worth drafting at #5. Anyone remember not drafting Adrian Peterson. I don’t think we can pass on him. If Blackmon is available at 5 you have to take him, but if not I say Richardson is the safest pick there. There isn’t any toptier linebackers this year, and forgive me for having a differing opinion on Claiborne, but I am flat out unimpressed with him. There, I said it. Other than Blackmon there are no toptier receivers available either. Floyd is unimpressive and Jeffrey isn’t worth such a high pick. So I say draft Richardson.

  24. Mitsurugi Says:

    @ King Lewis

    I agree!!!

  25. Buc Neckid Says:

    Bucs have lots of weaknesses but RB is not at the top of the list.
    Mid to late first round pick of Richardson would be better. if Bucs really wanted him, trade back (if they can find a Trade Partner).
    Otherwise, there should be options worthy of #5 pick on the board at that time.
    Claiborne would fill a big weakness. Aqib and Ronde’s futures are in doubt and we all know what is left after them on the depth chart.

  26. Dave Says:

    Completely agree Joe. What they need is a LaMichael James or Demps (although he is opting for track) or someone shifty and speedy to compliment Blount and those backs you get in round 3-5.

    They NEED Blackmon (WR) but will probably have to take Claiborn (CB), either one is fine with me as long as round 2 is a LB and whichever they do not get (WR or CB) they get in Free Agency

  27. Meh Says:

    How could you be unimpressed with Claiborne? He shuts down an entire side of the field every game.

  28. chris Says:

    I don’t get it why nobody wants this guy.. he’s a straight up beast and when have we ever had a legit two back system and don’t give me graham and Williams. The year Carolina came on the scene with deangelo Williams and stewart they ran all over us. Freeman needs a potent rushing attack. Who’s to say dom will find a undrafted rb he sure didn’t find any good ones this past seasoning oh wait lumpkin I forgot. You guys don’t know football.. there aren’t any Arian fosters this yr. If the Bucs do draft him trust they will have a plan to fill other needs in FA

  29. Jared Says:

    CB’s are more of a waste than Rb’s early in the draft.

  30. DallasBuc Says:

    If good RBs were sitting on the sidewalk waiting to get picked up like so many of our undocumented day workers then why did we have to put up with the likes of Lumpkin and Madu? These guys were aweful. You get what you pay for most of the time. Let’s pay for TR. Odds are this pick will pay for itself many times over

  31. Matthew Says:

    For the people that foolishly love the idea of a “high draft pick” RB allow me to offer some real context to what drafting one entails. Go look at the last 10 Superbowl winners and check out their starting RBs, most are no names & only a handful (Antwoine Smith) were even first round picks. None of them were top 10 NFL RBs. That’s because the top teams/SB winners either have relentless passing attacks or dominant defenses. The reason is just like Joe pointed out, the top RBs command huge $ (which if we draft Richardson we obviously hope he’s a top RB). Thus after his rookie deal ends, you mortgage your team to keep him which in turn kills the rest of your team since you can’t spend at other positions. I’m all for drafting the best player & not pigeon holing the Bucs into one guy just cause of need (ala Gerald McCoy). However, drafting Trent at #5 would be a mistake.

  32. Tampa2 Says:

    Richarson all the way. Gotta get Freeman & the offense going
    #1 helps the defense
    #2 helps Freeman before he becomes a “head case”
    #3 offense becomes less predictable
    #4 with Blount we can pound teams
    #5 You take a RB high if he’s a franchise guy. best RB in draft in 3 years
    #6 from day 1, strongest guy on team. players can learn from him in weight room

  33. Bucfish Says:

    I disagree as well. I heard the same cliche about 100 times this past season: “A solid running game is a best friend to any QB…” Blount obviously has the ability to be awesome, but seems to lack the mental makeup that usually accompanies his running style – a firey, non-stop motor that gets into high gear 2 hours before the game even starts and lasts all the way until the post-game shower! If body language says anything, then it was clear to me that Blount checked out very early last year, and we can’t have that – that’s not a QB’s best friend.

    Because the FA market is so deep at WR and CB, I think we can fill our needs that way. I don’t buy into the crap that the Glazers are cheap, so this is a viable option. We do need a LB, but there isn’t one at #5 that warrants such a high pick. Assuming that we stay at #5 and if we fill at least one of our CB spots with a Carlos Rogers or a C. Finnegan, then I see us not only going Richardson with the 5th pick, but I would also love to see us get LaMichael James with our 3rd rounder! This would certainly be better than Blount/Lumpkin and would surround Freeman with best friends for years!

  34. scott Says:

    Money has nothing to do with it. With the new CBA the draft pick is slotted and far less money than before the new CBA. Don’t get fooled thinking a top 5 pick RB would command huge $. It’s easier to take a chance on a draft pick because they are no longer automatically the top paid at their position (or close to it). I agree Blackmon, if available, if not, Richardson. If it’s all about #5, he still needs a lot of help.

  35. thibs5599 Says:

    Claiborne, Trade back, Richardson. I believe we will get a WR in free ageny who is a number 1 or number 1 potential with said of Claiborne is off the board love to trade down. We need to tackle on defense. Then get Hightower or Upshaw and we will have some friggen tackling on defense. Both are big strong physical linebackers who will knock people out, which is exactly what we need. Only draft trent if we are stuck with the pick and he is best available. I would love to get chris polk in the second round if he fell has power speed and can catch the ball. Or doug martin who would compliment blount very nicely. But let’s get a coach before that happens then go to free agency

  36. Matthew Says:

    Last ten Super Bowl Starting Winning RBs
    2010 James Starks (6th Rnd Draft Pick)
    2009 Pierre Thomas (Undrafted)
    2008 Willie Parker (Undrafted)
    2007 Brandon Jacobs (4th Rnd)
    2006 Dominic Rhodes (Undrafted)
    2005 Willie Parker (Undrafted)
    2004 Corey Dillon (2nd Rnd)
    2003 Antowain Smith (late 1st Rnd)
    2002 Micheal Pittman (4th Rnd)
    2001 Antowain Smith (late 1st Rnd)

    Someone please show me a TOP 10 back in the group cause there isn’t one. The myth of the RB is over, it’s a passing league now. Richardson is a great player, but he ain’t worth the 5th pick.

  37. Rob in Orlando Says:

    I believe the Bucs will probably trade their 5th pick and gain an extra 2nd or 3rd in addition to the 1 round pick they will get in the swap. Too many holes to fill to draft Richardson at #5. Someone will want him as their missing piece and will trade to steal him from the other teams. Once again, unless the Cheapsters are going to pay for quality coaches this time, and quality high priced free agent players at linebacker, wide reciever, cornerback, wide reciever, and safety, it won’t matter.

  38. Matthew Says:

    Scott intially you are right Richardson will be cheap but if he’s “great” like those on here wanting us to pick him think he will be; you’ll have to pay eventually. Once his 4 or 5 year rookie deal ends, he’ll want Chris Johnson/AP money, which absolutely kills teams. That’s my point. The best teams in the league (NE, GB, NO, Pitt) have shown you can win without top paid prime RBs.

  39. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    Ask the Vikings if taking a RB in the top 5 is a wasted pick

  40. Paul Says:

    Brad, Benn was absolute garbage considering that he dropped over 21% of catchable balls according to this PFF article

    He’s not just bad, but bad by a large margin of 91 receivers. Dropping catchable balls doesn’t have anything to do with playcalling…

  41. Matthew Says:

    Creamsicle I will ask them if it’s a wasted pick since they haven’t won or even appeared in a Super Bowl with AP, and are now drafting IN FRONT of our crappiest Buc’s team in years. Thanks for proving my point while trying to prove the opposite.

  42. Paul Says:

    IMO 1st claiborn, 2nd blackmon. If they’re gone and RGIII is on the board, then trade down.

  43. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Matthew, you are so right. remember when we used to take the best athlete we could, regardless of need ? That’s how you get super stars and difference makers.
    Did the NY Giants NEED Jason Paul Pierre ? Hell No, they already had a D Line full of studs. But, Jason Paul Pierre was the best overall athlete when they picked, and now look ? He has 16.5 sacks, and the Giants are probably super bowl bound.

    IMHO, drafting only for need is like buying groceries at the store when you are hungry.

  44. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    Here is my issues with this “blount can’t be the guy” crowd.

    1: Everyone continues to say he can’t pas block. Name one time he allowed pressure or a sack…… I’ll tell you now, Blount did better than most RBs in pass protection. According to PFF he was tenth in pass blocking efficiency of all backs with at least 50 pass block attempts. That is not bad at all. Its way better than Cadillac.

    2: Everyone continues to say he can’t catch. He dropped one pass all year. That left him with a 6.25% drop rate, which is lower and better than Jones-Drew, C. Johnson, Foster, Earnest Graham, all New York RBs…..

    3: Everyone says he didn’t run well this year. According to PFF, Blount was the second most elusive back with at least 150 rushing carries. 34 forced missed tackles when rushing and 7 missed tackles when receiving.(That’s right. On the 15 receptions he had, he broke a very high 7 tackles. No other RB had a higher percentage of broken tackles per reception).

    The stats show Blount can do it all when given the chance. The problem isn’t that he can’t do it, because when given the chance he has performed well.

    So, stop saying he can’t block because he clearly can. Stop saying he can’t catch because he clearly can. Stop saying he isn’t an every down back because he clearly is. It just sounds stupid when people parrot pundits but never research for themselves.

    Of all the low lights of the season, Blount was certainly not one of them.

  45. Bucfish Says:

    Matthew, I understand your point, but who else would you take? Blackmon? Think about it, if he runs a sub 4.5, then he won’t be there at #5; if he runs slower, then we don’t want him. We already have a group of 6′ -1″ 210# receivers that can’t stretch the field. Plus, we need a veteran WR – it just so happens that the FA WR class this year is crazy deep too. A veteran will help communicate the coverages he’s seeing and relay that info to Freeman whick makes in-game adjustmenst that much quicker.

    Claiborne? There are just as many late rounders/undrafted CB picks that make it big as well – you could actually say that about any position, so that argument that a ton of posts are making gets tired quickly. Using the same list you provided, how many top 10 (1st round) CBs do you see on those teams? I can only see one off the top of my head: Charles Woodson and he was a FA pick-up by the Packers.

    LB? We do need one, but not that high, and you have to factor in that they take a while to develop. I want our team better right now!

    RBs can start and produce from Day 1. You are right that it is more of a passing game today, but a solid run game only helps open things up for a QB. Richardson can also catch the ball out of the backfield, so this is an added benefit.

    Assuming that we stay at #5, then the best player available will most likely be Richardson. Personally, I would be ecstatic if it turned out that way. We’d be a better team the second his name is called.

  46. Tampa2 Says:

    Richardson would be the best RB this team has ever had
    That’s good enuff for me

  47. Meh Says:

    I agree completely with Advo on Blount. He was badly misued by Olson. His blocking was terrible his rookie year, but last year it was MUCH improved. He catches the ball fine when given the chance, which isn’t nearly often enough. His only serious problem right now is fumbling, and that is correctable.

    He may not be a superstar, but Blount is clearly a capable all around back.

  48. Matthew Says:

    Forgive me for wanting the Buc’s to try and compete/win Superbowls in the new era passing league (supported by Facts/history) then drafting a mistake at RB but it being “good enough for message board” guy.

  49. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    Matthew, that could be the most ignorant thing I’ve ever seen written. By your rationale, you would take Trent Dilfer over Barry Sanders.

    Also, this whole notion that “it’s too high of a pick to take position X” is completely out the window now with the rookie wage scale. If you need a MLB at the #1 overall pick then take him. If you think that JPP is going to be better than Gerald McCoy then you take him at #3 overall regardless of where he’s projected to go.

    For me, I’d rather take a guy with a top 5 pick that’s going to touch the ball 300+ times a year than a DB who, if you’re lucky, will touch the ball 6 times a yr. This team has way too many holes to take a CB with their first round pick.

    Seriously…..we passed on AP because we had Cadillac. If we pass on Trent bc we have Blount, or pass on Kuechly or Belifant because we have Mason Foster we will look back in 5 years in disgust.

  50. k1ngAdroc Says:

    We don’t know what Blount can be in the new offense, but we know he can carry the ball for over 1,000 yds in 12 games, which is pretty ok in my book.

    IMO the Bucs need to use their high draft picks on positions that the players have more life than a couple of years…. like CB or WR, LB and OL. It’s a fact that you can pick up a good running back in the later rounds/off the street and we really need a true change of pace back with speed to fill a role.

    I believe Claiborne is a great pick @ 5 because every team in our division have fantastic receivers such as Megatron, Smith or JJ (and their supporting casts) that will need to be shut down.

    I would not be against Blackmon at #5. We need a talented go-to receiver that would make Mike Wil and AB that much more dangerous. Free Agency?

    Obviously we need both positions desperately but the Bucs need at least 2 CB’s that can play and contribute immediately. A CB would be a better pick here, hopefully play for a long time and we would get a good return on the investment.

  51. Meh Says:

    But you’d pass on Claiborne because we have who? Biggers?

  52. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    Here are some of the backs and their pick position taken in the first round during the past decade: Ron Dayne(11), Trung Candidate(31), Deuce McAllister(23), Michael Bennett(27), Wlliam Green(16), T.J. Duckett(18), Chris Perry(26), Kevin Jones(30), Ronnie Brown(2), Cedric Benson(4), Carnel Williams(5), Reggie Bush(2), Laurence Maroney(21), Joseph Addai(30), Marshawn Lynch(12), Darren McFadden(4), Felix Jones(22), Knowshon Moreno(12), Donald Brown(27), Beanie Wells(31), C.J.Spiller(9), Ryan Mathews(12), Jahvid Best(30)….. That is a long list of wastes of first round picks on RBs.

    Brown, Williams, Benson, Bush, McFadden, Dayne, Lynch, Moreno, Spiller and Mathews in the top 15!? Does this look like a promising move?

    Only guys taken in the first round during the past decade who have played consistently well are Tomlinson, Peterson, and Steven Jackson.

    That’s a whole lot of risk for a position in which Blount has been better than most of the 1st draft picks of the past decade.

  53. Matthew Says:

    Guy’s like Creamsicle will never understand because they build & understand football only through Madden Video games and Fantasy football. If you can get near to similar production out of a undrafted RB (Blount) that you could get out of a high draft pick Richardson, you can spend money elsewhere and improve your overall team where talent is sorely lacking below the league avg i.e. Biggers, Black, Trueblood. Barry Sanders over Trent Dilfer?!?! Not only does your analogy not make sense since Dilfer wasn’t in Sander’s draft, but you had to go all the way back to Barry Sanders to get a RB worth a 1st round pick, who oh by the way never made it to the Super Bowl. You fail to address the point that the league has significantly changed since the era of Barry Sanders. You’ve yet to refute any of THE FACTS i’ve posted on here (last 10 super bowl starting RBs not being elite or the fact that the Vikings are worse then the Bucs even with AP). Instead you rely on name calling/conjecture…and yet you claim I am the one who is ignorant? Pot meet kettle.

  54. Matthew Says:

    In no specific order of preference for Bucs draft (Claiborne, Blackmon, Best player available not named Richardson, or trade back for more picks if we see value in a player & can get more picks via a trade) Obviously it will all depend on coach/FA signings targeted.

  55. Tampa2 Says:

    you can’t compare Richardson to those other bums. He was better than Mark Ingram as a Freshman.

    Bucs Draft scenario
    1 Richardson RB
    2 Stephon Gilmore CB
    3 Sean Spence OLB


    1. Richardson RB
    2. Alshon Jeffrey WR
    3. Brandon Boykin CB


    1. Mo Claiborne CB
    2. Alshon Jeffrey WR
    3. LaMichael James RB

  56. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    You guys who are mentioning Adrian Peterson in this context don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. What have the Vikings done since they drafted AP? Consistently win? Playoffs regularly? Super bowl, perhaps? The answer is no, no and no.

    If the dimbulbs want Madden-like stats then draft Richardson, but if you want wins and playoff appearances go in another direction. Taking TR at the #5 spot would be as stupid as Buffalo drafting Spiller. What a moronic idea.

  57. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    @Mathew “….you can spend money elsewhere and improve your overall team where talent is sorely lacking below the league avg i.e. Biggers, Black, Trueblood.”

    Nailed it, sir.

  58. A REAL Bucs Fan Says:

    I say trust our new coach to make the right decision. But on the surface, I agree with you, Joe.

    Although…there might be a small chance that the new coach will want his own QB with the pick, or he might decide he wants a beast at DT. Anything can happen, and except for when we took Freeman, I can never predict their pick…which means I’m not ruling anything out as a possibility.

    Heck, they could even go Oline with it.

  59. stevek Says:

    Richardson is a Ray Rice/ MJD hybrid.

    He will be more than worth the 5th pick.

    Adrian Peterson talents don’t grow on trees.

    Richardson would help out #5. This pick has got to be Blackmon or Richardson, or we trade back for a king’s ransom.

  60. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    People just love the idea of “skill position” picks in the first. It doesn’t matter what else is on the team so long as every year they have that newfangled toy to boast about. I honestly think a lot of people would love it if we got a top five pick every year just so they can fantasize and talk about their shiny new toy to all their friends.

    If you want the offense to play better as a whole, draft a new RT. Doesn’t have to be at that pick. Move back if possible and pick up a solid RT so Freeman has more than 1.4 seconds before Trueblood lets a defender by lol

    If you want defense, take Claiborne or move back and take a LB.

    But no RB can fix the atrocity that is the right side of our OL.

  61. OAR Says:

    According to the Buccaneers, it says thier next Running Back is – hey, that’s weird. No college given, no high school. It just says he’s been a resident of the state of Florida for the last two years and two months, and that he likes to embroider.

  62. Dave Says:

    I do not get those wanting TR when Blount is well on his way to being an every down player. His blocking was pretty good last year and his catching is getting better.
    What they need is a speedy compliment back like a Sproles.

    Teams do not need a dominant RB, they need a combination of at least 2.
    Drafting a RB at #5…. or anywhere in the first round, is just plain stupid in today’s NFL.

    They need to take Blackmon (WR) if available and Claiborne (CB) if he is not.
    Then they need a LB in round 2 and a speedy RB in round 3 (James maybe available then).

    Whichever they do not get (WR or CB) they need to pick up a very good one in FA.

    I like trading down for quantity usually, but I think Blackmon and Claiborne are too good at positions that are too valuable in todays NFL and to this team. So they should NOT trade down unless both are gone and they do not move back too far.

  63. stevek Says:


    Great point! I would love to have a Top 5 pick “toy” to be paired with Freeman, but you are right. RT is atrocious.

    Pick Kalil if he falls to #5, or trade back and gather some picks.

    We need to take a page out of the Patriot Draft Model.

  64. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    If you spend a 1st round pick on a RB or WR it is a waste so long as Trueblood is on the line. He can’t do anything well. The offense will not transcend the pits until there is better RT play. It is actually that simple.

    A new RT would give Freeman time to throw and open up more holes for the RB. No point in drafting a new RB when there is no where for him to run and no point in drafting a new WR when there is no time for the QB to get the ball to him.

  65. Bucfish Says:


    I did all my research with my eyes on Sunday and Blount is far from a complete back. Using your 3 arguments posted above, I will lay out what my eyes saw:

    Pass Blocking: how many times was Blount asked to pass block on “obvious” pass downs? Your numbers only reflect that Blount was in the game during a pass play that didn’t allow a sack, but how many of those were play-action passes when the RB is only called to chip the first man through? A solid pass-blocking RB is made from knowing who to block, then stepping up to make that block without the defender having an effect on the pass. My eyes very rarely saw Blount in the game on an obvious pass downs, so he must be lost is practice. When I did get to see him pass block in passing situations, he was slow to react and less than aggressive which lends to him not knowing what to do.

    Catching: he was only thrown to 16 times then, if the stats you posted are correct – 16 passes doesn’t reflect confidence from the coaching staff or from Freeman. And how many of those passes were screens, drags, or passes to flat? I would say all of them – my 6 yr old son can make those catches. Good pass catchers go on wheel routes, angle routes, and they get split out wide to run the entire route tree. He either doesn’t know the routes or he can catch the ball over the shoulder or when he’s running full speed – this actually happens a lot to football players.

    2011 Rushing: this part I agree with you…sort of. His numbers were down because our team was down in the blink of an eye. I’d get a glass of water, come back, and the Bucs would be down by 14 points. A 14-0 hole changes any offensive game plan and Blount’s numbers were affected most by this fact alone. However, Blount’s body language spoke loudly during games. Some games he would take that first hand-off, explode through the hole, drag 7 guys, and you just knew he was gonna have a big day. Some games though, he take the ball and go down with the first hand that hit him – the last Carolina game comes to mind. A complete back is consistent.

    A “complete” back plays all 3 downs and Blount came out on 3rd down for a reason. The coaches aren’t stupid – they wouldn’t pull their best back out in favor of Lumpkin unless they had a good reason. Lumpkin was bad at pass blocking, so that tells me that Blount was worse.

    Without the benefit of being at practice during the season, niether of us can say for sure. I coached football for HS-aged kids for 8 years, and I can tell you that if the kids didn’t do it right in practice, they weren’t going to get a chance to do it in the games. In my opinion, Blount must have been making tons of mistakes in practice. If you can’t get things right after 2 years in the pros, then you aren’t going to get it. Blount is NOT our back for the future.

  66. OAR Says:

    Adrian Peterson IS NOT the reason the Vikings haven’t done anything since they drafted him.

  67. stevek Says:

    I like trading back, and picking up the OT from Stanford: Martin.

  68. Tampa2 Says:

    Richardson is no “toy” he has Zero weaknesses
    LaMichael James is a “toy”

  69. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    @stevek Just watching Martins draft analysis on YT. Dude is fast and has long arms. Great footwork. He looks a bit light but I doubt he’ll have trouble putting on weight if necessary.

    I like the pick so far, sir. Gonna look into this guy some more. He he holds up would be a great move considering we would gain extra picks moving back to get him.

  70. stevek Says:

    Tampa 2,

    I am on board with you. Richardson has a chance to be the next great RB, I really hope we get him some how, but we do need a lot of help: CB, OLB, RT, both safeties.

  71. Matthew Says:

    TheProsUseAdvoCare, FlyboyD, Apple, ect. it’s hopeless trying to convince these Richardson lovers. They won’t let a simple thing like FACTS get in their way. Let’s grant them their wish with Richardson, and say even if he was better then Blount an above avg back by all NFL metrics that Richardsons gains (a theory no NFL proof yet to prove he’d be better then Blount) would be incrimental at best (i.e. negligible improvement). Where as replacing positions where we have below avg talent LB, CB, RT, or even WR (by all NFL metrics) would improve the team greater since the gap is far larger if you can find a stud to replace a bum vs a stud to replace a really good player. They are caught in fantasy football/madden world, while the rest of us want the Bucs to you know ACTUALLY WIN THE GAMES & try to win a Super Bowl. Just let them be.

  72. Meh Says:

    #5 is way too early for a RT. Really, I don’t want one in the first round at all considering all our other holes. We could grab someone like Mike Adams in the 2nd or Zerbie Sanders in the 3rd and it would be a huge upgrade to the line.

  73. eric Says:

    If Marty is the coach he loves a back like Trent. Look at his history with guys like Byner, Marcus Allen, LT.

    That would be quite exciting I believe. Blount cant be trusted IMO, on the field or off.

    The reality is that most draftees dont make it, which we are all to familiar with here in Tampa. You could make this same argument about DT’s as there have been many busts at that position, and QB too. Busts are in no way unique to RB’s. We have had them at virtually every position in our storied history, but for the magnificent 95/96 drafts. Remember Reidel Anthony? J. Green? Dilfer? Adams? “Toast”Jones, Broderick Thomas, McCants, ets etc etc.

  74. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    Watching that analysis and Luck looks terrible. At least in the Oregon game. Yikes.

  75. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    @Meh Wasn’t gonna take one at #5. Talking about moving back for picks.

    RT is a huge concern. I’d put it right on par with LB and CB. Trueblood is that bad lol

  76. Meh Says:

    Sure, I TOTALLY agree with you on Trueblood. He should be cut.

    But you can make a huge improvement at RT with a 2nd or 3rd round pick, or a non star free agent. I’d go that route, maybe try to get Grubbs/Nicks in free agency for the LG spot, slide Zuttah to center, cut Faine and Trueblood. That would be a monster of an offensive line and we’d still have Claiborne in the secondary.

  77. Dylan Says:

    @Trent Richardson Haters,

    This guy is what the bucs need you are tripping if you say no. This is the best running back to come out since AP. This guy is a absolute animal and would automatically take the bucs offense to a new level. Trent Richardson was the #1 Running back to come out of highschool and is the number 1 running back coming out of college. I watched this kid at the all american senior bowl for high school kids and his talent is un believable. 5’11 224 and bench maxes 475 plus, clean and jerks 375lbs.. like come on this is a once in a decade player. He will run you over, burn you, shake you, and will not fumble the ball, and oh, he can BLOCK and CATCH. him and legarrette could make one of the best RB duo;s in the league and by far the more intimidating duo for opposing defenses. Only person i see the bucs drafting over Trent richardson is Justin Blackmon. Bucs need to draft Trent Richardson, Sign a WR FA and look at that, our offense has some respect and swagger with just 2 players added. If aqib does not go to prison, there is no reason why a corner could not be addressed in the 2nd or 3rd round.

  78. Meh Says:

    Mike Adams / Joseph / Zuttah / Grubbs / Penn. I’m drooling already.

  79. Tampa2 Says:

    I’d go Claiborne 100% if i didnt think Richardson was a true, special frachise back. and WR Blackmon is same height, weight as Mike Williams but a half-step faster (no way i draft him)

  80. Dylan Says: Please watch and see, that link will show you clips of everything i named, him catching, burning corners and safeties, running over defensive tackles and LBs.. all top college teams btw. Shows a couple blocks, and oh him catching the ball!!

  81. Meh Says:

    Nobody said Trent Richardson wasn’t a great player. That doesn’t mean he is a great pick at #5.

  82. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    @Meh Lmao I’d be drooling too. If they can pull that off, our offense would dominate in the run. I would not complain at all.

    Honestly, it wouldn’t take much to upgrade from Trueblood. You are certainly right on that note. None of that was my preference just options instead of a RB. Just trying to point out that drafting a RB is meaningless if there are guys crashing in every other play because the RG is constantly trying to carry the extra weight created by the RT.

  83. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    @Dylan Let me compare that to a lowlight video and I’ll take a look. Any RB looks amazing if you only show the highlights.

  84. Meh Says:

    Totally agree with you. And I like Martin a lot, I just think we have better options than RT in the first even if we trade back. I’d hardly be crying if we ended up with Martin or Reiff.

  85. Dylan Says:

    Who is better? bucs have holes like freaking swiss cheese. Taking a corner top 5 is UN HEARD of before patrick peterson, and wow he can return a couple punts, not even like he is shutting down his side of the field. With the bucs D line healthy and back, and crossing fingers aqib is back, corner is not worth taking at 5. Trent richardson and blount would be ingram and richardson all over again. those 2 would be crazy, and you cant tackle them in the 4th quarter, what trent richardson gets tired and blount comes in and runs over half of the team. then when he gets tired here comes trent. it would be amazing. add dwayne bo in FA or a desean jackson and our offence can actually compete now with our fellow division rivals. buccaneers offence is trash. O line minus trueblood is the best thing going along with #5, now we need to be able to keep up with the saints, falcons and panthers and we need WEAPONS!! trent richardson and blount would be to good to be true, then if the glazers fork over some cash and get a solid #1 and move mike to #2, and arrelious to #3… drooling at the possibility of imagining that offense. aqib has the same exact talent level as any corner you name, and there is absolutely no reason to draft a corner that high when he has proven he can be a #1 corner. blount proved he can run the ball, but not catch or block and FML if i have to watch freaking kregg lumpkin next year…

  86. k1ngAdroc Says:

    The better you can defend the pass in our pass happy league, the better team you are, period. Can’t just play zone and blast receivers anymore (man i miss Friendly Fire!!). Teams (especially in our division) must have (2) true shut down CB’s to compete and the Bucs have one that may or may not be on the team next year. . The bucs cannot afford to use their high pick on anything other the best CB they can get.

    And i don’t know about you, but I love when the D get’s to the QB, and that’s exactly what will happen with Bowers/Clayborne/McCoy upfront and great coverage.

  87. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    @Meh I think there are better options as well.

    Who do you even think might request a trade with us and what would you require in return?

  88. Dylan Says:


    haha lets see, mark ingram won the heisman in 2010, so trent richardson wasn’t the starter, but still made a highlight real and rushed for what 800 yards on 117 carries?, and this was his full season as a starter since ingram left. he busted one in the BCS game the past 2 years. this guy is the real deal, please show me a freaking low light.. please. there isent one, he is that good.. exactly why the bucs should draft him to help our offence compete with just our division cause everyone else is on a whole different level and we need to catch up real quick. adding trent richardson is a very good way to start.

  89. The D Says:

    @Dylan- so what happens if Ronde retires and Talib goes to jail? Who are we gonna start, Biggers and Lewis? WHO CARES AT LEAST WE HAVE TRENT RICHARDSON

  90. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    I’d rather see us address the secondary through FA than in the draft

  91. Matthew Says:

    You can show a thousand Trent Richardson highlight tapes. It’s not people hating on him, it’s that he isn’t what the Bucs need to fix this team. I’m still waiting for all these Richardson Man-Crush fanboys to point out a Super Bowl Winning team with a TOP 5 RB or a RB who was picked high in the first round. Also, all of these guys keep mentioning AP (who’s great) BUT Arian Foster an undrafted RB has outplayed the guy the last 2yrs. Tom Brady, Pro Bowl LTs, Darrelle Revis, don’t get outplayed by undrafted guys every other year. Also, I DON’T WANT TO BE THE MINNESOTA VIKINGS or the Jacksonville Jaguars! Richardson guys keep holding AP as this gold standard that comes when you draft a Franchise RB. I want the Bucs to be GB, NO, Pitt, or NE not Minnesota or Jacksonville!

  92. Tampa2 Says:

    if RB’s are so easy to pick up in later rounds, why has this franchise never been able to find an excellent all-purpose back. Take Richardson and that never ending quest is over.

  93. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    @Dylan There hasn’t been a low light put together but it certainly exists. Every NFL footballer makes mistakes. Fact of life. I just want to compare the two to get a better understanding.
    It is easy to get caught up in hype and highlights. This is why I want to see the bad plays as well.
    Heck even from the highlight you sent most of his big gains were directly because of fantastic downfield blocking. I won’t give him credit for someone elses’ great blocking.

  94. Meh Says:

    Depends on whether RG3 is there or not when we pick. If he is, Washington, Seattle, and Miami are all real possibilities. As for how much we’d get, I honestly have no idea. I could see a bidding war for RG3.

    If RG3 is gone I think we have a whole lot less trade options, even with the new CBA. And the return on a trade even if we got one probably wouldn’t be nearly as high.

  95. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    @meh Pretty what what I was thinking. Thanks.

  96. Dylan Says:

    aqib isent going to jail read up on it, there expecting it to go to a mis demeanor. and ok draft a corner and keep our same garbage offense. i dont care who you get, your not shutting down cam newton or drew brees get that through your head. its not going to happen, you can “Tame” them at best. now bucs offense? 11 teams shut it down in a row! bucs offense is like watching paint dry. this is not 02′.and ronde needs to retire he is old. if its “all about #5” draft who ever, but ruin our franchise QB because mike williams is the biggest threat. now if there was a VON MILLER caliber player coming out that is a completely different story, then i saw draft draft draft that elite talent LB, but guess what? there isn’t. Trent Richardson is a once in a decade player, he is a freak in the weightroom, a freak on the football field and lives and die’s to play football, i have followed this kid since i watched him in the senior bowl and he is ridiculous, who ever drafts him is getting the next best RB. and all these people saying pass are gonna be the people complaining 5 years down the road like why didnt we draft this guy.

  97. Meh Says:

    If Talib’s convicted of a misdemeanor he’s looking at probably a 4 game suspension. And he didn’t even have a good year last year outside of 2 or 3 games. Even IF he comes back, who are you going to start alongside him? Biggers and Lewis? Ronde’s probably retired. We’ll be eaten alive by Cam, Brees, and Ryan 6 times. We need 3 corners, and we need 2 shutdown corners. Claiborne should be the first.

    This defense was historically bad least year and we are probably losing our top 2 corners. The offense was middle of the road even with the worst playcalling I’ve ever seen. I agree we need to beef up the offense some, but we’re hardly in the same dire straights we are with the defense right now.

  98. Dylan Says:

    And that whole highlight real was downfield blockin? haha, lets try this, re watch that video and count the broken tackles and opposing defenders ankles he breaks from shaking. against arkansas he what broke 6 tackles ? then burned the corner and safety?.. that was some awesome downfield blocking right there.

  99. Dylan Says:

    corners are never drafted top 5, why follow the trend of the cardinals.. its retarded.if justin blackmon doesn’t make it to the bucs then draft BPA. there is a 2nd or 3rd round to draft a corner.

  100. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    Oh Dylan, how I wish to have a simple mindset like yours. I never said nothing but downfield blocking. I said “most of his big gains were directly because of fantastic downfield blocking”. The bucs do not block like that team blocks for him. We already have a guy leading the league in broken tackles. Why spend a pick on a guy who breaks tackles when we already have one. Why not spend the pick on a CB when we don’t have any, or a OLB when we don’t have any, or a RT when we don’t have any etc. RB is not a position of need at all.

    Whats a bigger upgrade: Richardson over Blount or any OLB/CB/RT over Black/Hayes/Biggers/Lewis/Trueblood?

    Choose wisely.

  101. Meh Says:

    I don’t think you understand how good Claiborne is. Honestly. He is BPA over Richardson by a mile.

    And this pattern talk is silly. You’d rather follow the pattern of the Vikings? See, easy to turn around.

  102. K2theSoldier Says:

    I agree that the best running backs are found on the streets. And if Blackmon, Claiborne and Richardson were available, Richardson would be a distant 3rd.

  103. K2theSoldier Says:

    And there is absolutely zero way RG3 is available when we pick. I expect the Vikings or Rams to trade the pick. The bidding war for RG3 is gonna be insane.

  104. Nate Says:

    We need to trade down so bad.. We have tons of needs… If you all are so sold on drafting the best player and RG3 is there then take him.. But you wont say that will you… Trading down makes sense..

  105. Tampa2 Says:

    Trent Richardson changes the entire offense and takes pressure off of Freeman (now that’s an IMPACT PLAYER) then use Blount to cave-in chest cavities. Plus, drafting Richardson should light a FIRE under Blount’s butt and teach him how to lift weights and block

  106. K2theSoldier Says:

    @Tampa2, I hope that a new coach can light a fire under Blount.

  107. Dylan Says:

    Blount can not catch the ball, blount can not hold onto the ball, blount is not a full time back. lets start with our “Needs” @Pro Matt the tackle from USC will be gone, there eliminated the tackle need according to you, lets go to LB, please name a LB worth a top 5 pick? dont say that white kuekly guy from boston college cause that is a joke. now down to cornerbacks. Mo claibourne thats it, its down to mo claibourne and trent richardson. pick or choose, but if your expecting this guy to come in and have a immediate impact? thats a joke, especially if aqib is suspened for 4 games. Blount is clearly not a full time back, if raheem didn’t see it, then no way in heck is a new coach gonna see it. CORNERS do NO go TOP 5. only corner in the LEAGUE that is worth a top 5 pick is revis. lets go to RBs. Foster would be a top 5 pick in his draft class, AP would be top 2, CJ2k would be top 5, matt forte would be top 5, DMC is a playmaker if he could just stay healthy. simple mindset? no its a logical one. its real simple here, you draft trent richardson, you sign dwayne bo, or desean jackson. hey look!!! your offense has suddenly become a threat in the national football league!! something clearly bucs fans are not use to seeing. there is absolutely no reason why you could not draft a corner in the 2nd round, with the bucs 4th overall pick. corners will emerge at the combine. Trent richardsons draft stock will go even higher at the combine when he reps 225 like 40times and clocks a 4.4, i think saving josh freeman is WAY MORE important to the bucs franchise rather than save the corner spot for 4 games while aqib is supposably suspended when we dont even know.

  108. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    Dylan I already explained that Blount can catch fine. He was catching at a better rate than Foster, Jones-Drew, Sproles etc. He was blocking better than almost every RB. ANd he was second in the league in broken tackles per attempt. Go back and read.

    So, you are talking without knowledge of what you speak.

  109. Meh Says:

    Blount had I think 1 drop? Fumbling is his only real issue, but is correctable. Ask Tiki. And Kuechly is a joke because he’s white? Dude is the best LB in the draft by a mile and would be a MUCH bigger upgrade than Richardson over Blount.

    And yes, guys would go a lot higher if you could look into the future and see how they do. LOL. How is that even an argument?

    And if you want to upgrade this offense, defense be damned, I’d start with the line before a RB. RT, LG, and C all need upgrading way more than Blount does.

  110. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    How does a new RB save Freeman? How is he gonna block DEs? How is he gonna run without anywhere to go? Think with your brain not your excitement!

    You are arguing absent of logic. Circular thought is a requirement in honest debate.

  111. A REAL Bucs Fan Says:

    Couple things:

    1) Any of these guys could be studs…or busts. Its a gamble no matter who we take.

    2) We have had trouble finding a good RT since the Dungy years. First Walker, now Trueblood. If spending a top 5 pick means finally getting it right, then do it. If we finslly get the right guy, not a person here will complain about the pick in three years.

    First, we need depth. Second, we will need him to play a little longer until the new guy is ready.

    4) I have never bought into the too high to pick such and such in the top 5 bit. To me you get the first round talent that can successfully fill the biggest need. Who is to say that if you trade down you won’t see someone else take the guy you want before he drops to you? Take him while you can!

    5) I don’t see a point in taking WR or RB when the oline cannot bloc worth crap…and it wasn’t just RT this year.

    6) It may indeed be time to move on from Faine, but I’m not sold on Zuttah being center. He’s been a good backup in a pinch…but he is not a starter. I know that’s not the popular opinion, but right now it is true.

    I would rather see us check Free Agency or draft someone. Or take a couple undrafted guys (centers) into camp and keep 2 of them on the PS for a year…hope we strike gold that way. But Faine, I THINK, has one more year left on his contract, doesn’t he? If we have to pay the guy, then use that time to prepare a replacement.

    7) Finally…if Mo is the best CB to come out in years…then he’s a valid pick at #5, just like anyone else that is the top of their position.

    Truthfully, I think we need to wait and see who the next coach is and what system we’ll have. Then we need to know if the Glazers are finally willing to spend in Free Agency. And if so, are any of those needed spots able to be filled there?

    The way I see it, our needs are:

    2 CBs
    (don’t think Talib will be here, either because suspended, jailed or cut; Biggers is crap right now. Maybe he will get better…but he is miles from it right now. And frankly, I think he takes plays off far too often)

    2 OLBs
    This is pretty obvious.

    1 DT
    I’m sorry, but Price is not impressing me. He’s solid, but he reminds me of McFarlane…and we need a Sapp guy badly. I think GMC, with a decent off season training program and another year, will become all we’ve hoped he will be. I don’t think he will ever be a Sapp…but he may not have to be. If we get a beast DT next to him, and Clayborn/Bowers/Bennett on the ends, those guys will be taking turns racking up sacks.

    1 RT
    Before we even consider WR or RB, we need to shore up our line.

    1 OG
    The line sucked…and it was NOT just Trueblood, regardless of popular opinion.

    1 WR
    We need a field stretcher, yes. It’s possible we have the right guys already, but it’s clear they need help. I think if a good FA pops up, we should snag him.

    1 RB
    A speedy guy. I don’t care about Trent Richards. Sure, for what he does, he is great. But I remember Mike Alstott being criticized for not blocking well and not being a pass catcher. Guess what he did? HE GOT BETTER. Same as Blount can.

    1 FB
    We need a Lorenzo Neal guy that can lead block like a freight train. I don’t even care if he’s a pass catcher. Just get someone that can lead block and run.

    1 Safety
    Yeah, I said it. I’ve seen Tampa burned too many times by Tanard. Keep him around, but bring in a replacement and get him ready to step up. Odds are he’ll need to.

  112. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    @Dylan And saying a guy won’t be good because he is white…. Nevermind. It is beyond pointless and a waste of time going back and forth with you as you are incapable of realistic debate and sensible thought. Peace.

  113. Dylan Says:

    all i gotta say is prove it, show me when blount was catching like fire? show me this, its un heard of. theres a reason why they did not trust him, trust me. clearly your a blount fan, don’t get me wrong im a huge blount fan. but he is not a full time back period. him and trent richardson could go down as the best duo in history if they played to their full potential, and who wouldn’t want that on the bucs offense?? if the bucs are drafting a corner at 5, you should just go richardson. corners are easily available where the bucs will pick in the 2nd. i played against trent richardson my junior year, trust me.. he is worth the pick, he only proved it this year as a full time starter rushing for 1700 yards with 21 TDs, and also 400 yards receiving with 3 TDs. This caliber player comes around not so often, so why not jump on the wagon when blount has proven he cant block, the bucs offense is top 4 worse in the league and our franchise QB is begging for some help on offense.

  114. Dylan Says:

    hahahaah its not because he is white, why don’t you watch his low lights bud, he has a whole video of them. Ive been watching these players since mid season mock drafts came out. Im just a overall huge fan of the draft, not just because of the bucs.

  115. Meh Says:

    That’s close to my list.

    3xCB Realistically we need to focus on getting corners this year and next year

    2xLB I’d move foster outside and get a FA MLB, and either FA/draft for the other

    RT Cut Trueblood

    LG Cut Faine and move Zuttah over to C

    C Zuttah could play center this year reasonably well. I’d replace Zuttah last, maybe next offseason and even then I’d keep him as great depth

    1xDT but not to replace Price, we just need some depth

    3rd down RB

    2xS Tanard forgot how to tackle, Jones is terrible, and Grimm is just depth

    WR I’d get a vet in FA

  116. Meh Says:

    For a huge fan you can’t even spell his name. And you’re the one who called him white.

  117. Big Marlon B Says:

    I would rather see Richardson over Blackmon at #5, I think he would have a much more significant impact on the game. However, if Claiborne is there, it would be awfully hard to say no (even tho I think Kirkpatrick will be an absolute stud as well).

  118. Meh Says:

    If Kirkpatrick falls because of his toking maybe we can get both lol. I seriously doubt he falls that far, but just think of him and Claiborne out there together. Wow.

  119. A REAL Bucs Fan Says:

    Dylan Says:
    January 19th, 2012 at 1:37 pm

    Blount can not catch the ball, blount can not hold onto the ball, blount is not a full time back.


    Blount has been improving on pass catching, and IF Olson had stuck with it, he would be much better by now.

    Blount has not once shown wear and tear. He can do the full time thing if called upon.

    Tiki Barber had 8 or 9 fumbles for 4 years straight, and he was still considered one of the best.

    Blount had 5 fumbles this year…wow, that’s really bad, huh? Let’s see…could it be worse?

    Yes. He could have had 8 like Tiki…OR LIKE PRESTON PARKER.

  120. A REAL Bucs Fan Says:

    That’s what I said the other day, lol. You never know. The draft can be unpredictable…but that would ROCK.

  121. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    PFF overall grades and ranking of our OL: Penn(+5.4,10th LT), Zuttah(+1.5, 10th LG), Faine(-11.4, 28th Center), Joseph(-6.8, 20th RG), Trueblood(31st RT)

    Left side looked good. Right side looked bad. I’m blaming Trueblood and Faine for Josephs grade. He has to make up for their inefficiencies..

    There are only 8 RBs ranked higher overall than Blount with less snaps than him. Only two of them have a better run grade. He was the second highest graded player on our offense(Penn was highest) with nearly 1/3 of the snaps.

    But hey, lets draft another RB in the first!!!!

  122. Tampa2 Says:

    when you have a do-it-all Richardson, the Bucs are less predictable and can open up the offense. (fyi – CJ Spiller had trouble blocking & running in between the tackles ->>> Richardson doesnt have those flaws) Blount fumbles too and is one dimensional.

  123. Meh Says:

    I’d die of ecstasy if we got them both lol. Talk about totally revamping your secondary.

  124. A REAL Bucs Fan Says:

    It wasn’t that they did not trust Blount, it’s that we were playing from behind constantly so the running game was abandoned. Olson clearly abandoned the plan to “improve” Blounts pass catching skills because he needed proven hands on the field.

    Of course, even the proven hands sucked this year.

  125. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    Oh, Trueblood had a grade of -30.6 LMAO

  126. Meh Says:

    That Joseph grade is really suspect. He had the best year of any of the oline by a mile by my eyes, and the pro bowl spot kind of confirms my opinion of him.

  127. Brandon Says:

    Wow, rarely, if ever, do I agree with Joe on anything. I agree 1000% here. No RB is worth a top 5 pick unless he is an absolute, can’t miss, 2000 yard guaranteed stud that won’t get hurt, or wear down early. I haven’t seen that back since Tomlinson came out, and even then I wonder.

    Great RBs can be found all over the place. Late 1st round (Chris Johnson), 2nd round (Jones-Drew, Rice), 6th roundor later (Terrell Davis, Ahmad Bradshaw, Brandon Jacobs), or undrafted (Arian Foster, Priest Holmes, Blount, Ryan Grant, etc). It is absurd to throw all a team’s eggs in one RB basket and draft a RB so high when fantastic RBs can be found much later in the draft.

    Drafting a RB top 10 is akin to drafting an an OG/K/P in round 1, it should never be done, unless the guy is a sure-fire hall-of-fame player… which Richardson isn’t. He’s a good player, better than Mark Ingram, definitely worthy of top 20 status, but not top 5.

  128. Meh Says:

    How is Lumpkin proven hands? Just face it, Olson just clicked the “Ask Madden” button for every play.

  129. A REAL Bucs Fan Says:

    TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:
    January 19th, 2012 at 2:03 pm

    PFF overall grades and ranking of our OL: Penn(+5.4,10th LT), Zuttah(+1.5, 10th LG), Faine(-11.4, 28th Center), Joseph(-6.8, 20th RG), Trueblood(31st RT)

    Left side looked good. Right side looked bad. I’m blaming Trueblood and Faine for Josephs grade. He has to make up for their inefficiencies..

    How were those numbers compared to the same players grades the year before? Out of curiosity?

    In fairness, the whole team played badly this year…some players are reparable. Others are not. Just wondering if track records will help show those weaknesses.

  130. Brandon Says:

    You guys are stupid if you think that we can’t find a great complement to Blount in rounds 2 or 3 (David Wilson, Doug Martin, etc).

  131. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    @Meh It was all from Josephs run blocking. He had a positive pass blocking grade. If I tried to count on both hands and feet the amount of times he was beaten by LBs and DTs in the run game this year I’d run out of digits. He didn’t do well at all in that aspect.

  132. ty Says:

    anyone who says we should take richardson i pose you this question lets say t rich is the next ap but lets say claiborne is the next revis which would you rather have ? personaly id take revis.

  133. Deminion Says:

    def Claiborne u cn make a Rb but u cnt make a shutdown corner i love trent but claiborne is amazing he is champ baileyesque not to mention or only good cb is talib how many times u see biggers gettin burnt or missin a tackle whn did u ever c myron lewis on the field beside whn he got beat by jordy in the GB game? elbert mack is ok but thts not good enough, also i say no to blackmon great talent but we can always address in F/A if glazers gunna spend somethin tells me this yr the will anyways GO BUCS

  134. Dylan Says:

    @Real Buc fan,

    no sir. Clearly he was not showing any progress in practice to get him the full time roll. There was a reason behind him not gettin any 3rd down play, catches or trusted to block. Clearly he had to have been doing it wrong in practice. The coaching staff is not idiots, they watch practice and see how they pick up the blitz they send him ect. Blount could learn im sure, but drafting trent richardson would be better for the bucs and for blount. Richardson is going to be the next AP and possibly better now that AP has torn his ACL. It adds another weapon to the bucs offense, and if the glazers sign a WR, like i said 10 times, the bucs offense has got respect. Everyone can agree the most important player on the team is josh freeman, so adding pieces for him only makes it better. and at the combine every year corners emerge, and get recognized and come out of no where to be projected to late first round, top of the 2nd. there is no reason why the bucs couldnt darft richardson and help out the offense so we can compete with drew brees, cam newton and matty ice in the division, probally sell some tickets, and adress corner in the 2nd if its that big of a hole that cant be fixed in FA. Trent richardson is the #1back coming out of highschool, #1 leaving college. will set records at the combine for bench probally, and clock a 4.4.. he is a imeadiate impact and a once a decade talent level player. kind of like a calvin joshson at wideout, how his vert is so high, he is so tall, he runs a 4.5 being 6-6. trent richardson is that at RB, 5’11, 225 runs a 4.4 benches 475+ squats like 600lbs.

  135. Meh Says:

    I didn’t see him get beat as much as you say, but I did see people burn alongside him through Faine constantly and hit Blount in the backfield.

  136. Deminion Says:

    good poiny Ty

  137. Meh Says:

    There was a reason behind him not gettin any 3rd down play, catches or trusted to block. Clearly he had to have been doing it wrong in practice. The coaching staff is not idiots

    The entire coaching staff got fired because they were terrible.

  138. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    Last years grades: Penn(-10.5), Larsen(-10.3), Faine(-10.6) and Zuttah(-0.9) split the Center spot, Joseph(-28.4), Trueblood(-17.0).

    These are overall grades. They grade them in individually in pass block, screen block, run block, and penalties. These are the totals.

  139. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    @Meh Like I said, Joseph has been having to carry Faine and Trueblood for a long time. If those guys were even decent along side of him I’m sure he would be playing better.

  140. Meh Says:

    Let’s find out next year!

  141. Big Marlon B Says:

    @ Brandon

    I def think we can find a complement to Blount after the 1st round. Problem is, I think Blount is the one who should be the complementary back, not the other way around.

    I wouldn’t argue against Morris Claiborne, my point was Richardson vs. Blackmon. And the reason I feel that way is because (assuming FA is actually a realistic option this year) I think we have a better chance to find a FA WR FOR WHAT THIS OFFENSE NEEDS, as opposed to a FA RB. We have a lot of holes, and not enough draft picks to address all of them. Richardson makes a bigger impact than Blackmon….but if available, I wouldn’t be upset with Claiborne.

    Screw the trends, screw how the “rest of the league values” guys and particular positions. If u think a guy is a special player, a true impact player, u take him….end of story.

  142. K2theSoldier Says:

    Anybody saying Blount can’t catch doesn’t know what they’re talking about. He had numerous big gains off of catches this season. It’s the coaches responsibility to put the blockers in front of him and get him some space to work with. Once Blount gets to the 2nd level it’s game over.

    Kuelechy from Boston College isn’t worth a top 5 draft pick, but he broke the NCAA record for career tackles. I read some where above somebody call him a soft tackler. Absolutely stupid comment. He’s gonna be a good player.

    In my mind it comes down to Claiborne or Blackmon.

  143. Tampa2 Says:

    i do think Richardson is an Adrian Peterson. That’s the ONLY reason i take him over Claiborne. If they do take Morris, then I’m fine with it. But they better bring in another good back and not an experiment

  144. K2theSoldier Says:

    A PERFECT compliment to Blount would be Lamichael James. We could find him in the 2nd or 3rd round and he can be that perfect change of pace guy. Could you imagine Blackmon, Lamichael, Kellen, Blount, Mike Will, Briscoe, a solid offensive line, Freeman, and a legitimate play caller?

  145. Deminion Says:

    no way to Kuechly seems Rudd like best lb is Burfict hands down

  146. K2theSoldier Says:

    Burfict? Burfict is a personal foul machine with a terrible attitude. I’ll take the guy that’s got the NCAA record.

  147. K2theSoldier Says:

    We have enough immature punks on this team, why add one in Burfict who isn’t even that great.

  148. raphael Says:

    If claiborne and blackmon are gone you take either the OT from stanford or Richardson….its the best player available..

  149. Tampa2 Says:

    is LaMichael James gonna be able to block on 3rd down? We’ll have the same problems. he’s a luxury. we have too many needs.

  150. GenocideD Says:

    TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    January 19th, 2012 at 11:23 am
    Here is my issues with this “blount can’t be the guy” crowd.

    1: Everyone continues to say he can’t pas block. Name one time he allowed pressure or a sack…… I’ll tell you now, Blount did better than most RBs in pass protection. According to PFF he was tenth in pass blocking efficiency of all backs with at least 50 pass block attempts. That is not bad at all. Its way better than Cadillac.

    2: Everyone continues to say he can’t catch. He dropped one pass all year. That left him with a 6.25% drop rate, which is lower and better than Jones-Drew, C. Johnson, Foster, Earnest Graham, all New York RBs…..

    3: Everyone says he didn’t run well this year. According to PFF, Blount was the second most elusive back with at least 150 rushing carries. 34 forced missed tackles when rushing and 7 missed tackles when receiving.(That’s right. On the 15 receptions he had, he broke a very high 7 tackles. No other RB had a higher percentage of broken tackles per reception).

    The stats show Blount can do it all when given the chance. The problem isn’t that he can’t do it, because when given the chance he has performed well.

    So, stop saying he can’t block because he clearly can. Stop saying he can’t catch because he clearly can. Stop saying he isn’t an every down back because he clearly is. It just sounds stupid when people parrot pundits but never research for themselves.

    Of all the low lights of the season, Blount was certainly not one of them.

    This guy knows what’s up.
    Us taking Trent Richardson is just crazy talk. There is absolutely NO way we’re taking him. None. Zilch. Nada.

    The pick absolutely will be Claiborne. I don’t care who our next HC will be. It’s a no-brainer. The reason? Roddy White, Julio Jones, Steve Smith, all of the Saints WRs… We play to win OUR division and we have to combat our rivals’ passing attacks.

  151. Meh Says:

    I’d take Burfict. In the second round. Are we seriously talking about taking him #5? That’s way crazier than Richardson.

  152. K2theSoldier Says:

    @Tampa2, James has been touted as a pretty good blocker. So no, we won’t have the same problems.

  153. Traew Says:

    There is no doubt in my mind that the Bucs will be drafting Blackmon – unless someone trades up over Cleveland to draft RG3.

    If order stays same – St. Louis will draft Kalil and Minny Claiborne.

    No way St. Louis passed on a franchise left tackle. They gave up most sacks in NFL. Franchise left tackles are no brainer picks.

    The only thing missing on Minny’s D is secondary. They have great pass rush and Swiss cheese secondary.

    And I think Cleveland either trades up or stands pat, either way getting RG3.

    Blackmon falls to Bucs.

  154. thibs5599 Says:

    How did nobody get a positive grade, and joseph with the worst grade of them all, there clearly is a flaw in the system no way trueblood grades out better than joseph and no way penn has a negative grade. Yea maybe he had a bad last 4 weeks of the season but the previous 12 were great. Makes no sense to me. As for the T. Rich conversation, the more i read this post the more I agree with the anti Richardson people. you do not need a first round RB to win a super bowl, especially when you already have a good one and the draft is loaded with backs this year. I am on board for Claiborne, Blackmon, Kalil, trade down in that order.

  155. Bobby Says:

    I certainly wouldn’t be upset with Richardson at #5. He would give us exactly what we need with an everydown back and a legitimate breakaway threat. He isn’t ‘just another back’…he’s a rare combination of strength and quickness that can also catch coming out of the backfield.

  156. Tampa2 Says:

    If Blackmon runs a 4.5 forty yard dash (which is expected) then he’s the same height, weight and speed as Mikw Williams

    Do we still want him???? and why???

  157. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    @Thibs That was for last year. Look above that post for this years. Penn graded out very high this year.

  158. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    @Thibs By last year I meant the 2010 season and by this year I meant the 2011 season. Should have made my self clearer. My bad.

  159. Meh Says:

    I actually thought Penn had a better 2010 than 2011.

  160. Deminion Says:

    @k2 the soilder i never said he wasnt a problem i said he is the best prospect

  161. Deminion Says:

    no one said Burfict at 5 my pick would be Claiborne just too talented and t rich is great but RB’s are a dime a dozen

  162. James B. Says:

    Hallelujah Joe! I’ve been trying to convince my friend that TR is not necessary at all. Blount’s problems should be correctable, and though we do need depth at RB, we don’t need it as desperately as any defensive back that can actually play.

  163. I_Miss#40 Says:

    Okay, let me clear this up for people who don’t understand the wide out position.

    Blackmon’s speed has nothing to do with his effectiveness. He is an outstanding route runner, he uses his body to get separation, he has OUTSTANDING lateral movement and change of direction, and he could catch even if his hands were cuffed behind his back. He is better than any receiver on out roster without question.

    And for all you AL Davis’ out there who are wrapped up with speed, what did Jerry Rice run the 40 in?

    Here some recievers any of us would take in a heart beat
    Hakeem Nicks – 4.51
    Greg Jennings – 4.53
    Jordy Nelson – 4.51
    Brandon Llyod – 4.62
    All of these guys are listed around or under 6’1″ so shut up about 40 time already, speed doesn’t matter if you can’t get open, run routes, catch, or make plays with the ball.

  164. K2theSoldier Says:

    @I_Miss#40, good post there. All good points

  165. Tampa2 Says:

    Hakeem Nicks has the longest arms i’ve ever seen. So, is Blackmon that much better than Mike Williams and worth taking over Claiborne & Richardson?

  166. I_Miss#40 Says:

    If Claiborn, Blackmon, and Kalil are all gone at pick 5 and we can’t trade down, I would take Richardson as I believe he would be the BPA (could also make an argument for Reilly Reif or Devon Still as options there as well, but I don’t think Still makes an immediate impact (he’s a DT) and R.R. is a better pass protector than run blocker in my op. and since he would likely be at RT if drafted by the bucs I may shy away there.)

  167. I_Miss#40 Says:

    Yes Blackmon is that much better than Williams and I would take him in a heart beat over Richardson (as would most draftnics) Claiborn if available would be the better pick.

  168. stevek Says:

    TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    January 19th, 2012 at 12:43 pm
    @Dylan Let me compare that to a lowlight video and I’ll take a look. Any RB looks amazing if you only show the highlights.


    I laughed out loud at that post. You are clearly misinformed. You are telling me the checkdown to Lumpkin is an “amazing” highlight?

  169. BigMacAttack Says:

    I think you almost have to go with best available on your board at pick 5. If Kalil is there, or Claiborne, Richardson, Kirkpatrick, all worthy picks and potentially impact players. But as others have said, I would like to trade back if RG3 is still there and try for Upshaw, Hightower or Barron all from Bama. There are some good CB’s and WR’s that may be available in the mid 1’st round. We have so many needs it would nice to trade back a little bit,

  170. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Wow, that’s a lot of comments. I didn’t read them all, so I’m almost sure I’m repeating others. Anyway, I normally would agree with you on this Joe. However, there are rare cases where you would be wrong. For example, we passed on AP. I think it’s safe to say he has been worthy of a top 5 pick, wouldn’t you? Now I’m not saying Richardson is an AP talent, but by most accounts he’s pretty close. The guy is as complete of a back as there is, and he possesses both speed and incredible power. I think he would be the biggest immediate impact draft pick we could get, but as a running back and going with the percentages, would give us a much shorter shelf life. He would probably immediately be our best offensive player, and would make Freeman’s life a helluva lot easier. I also think Blount would benefit greatly from him as well, as he would have someone else soften up the defense and he could run through a tired defense. Obviously the big concern is the wear and tear a running back receives, but there have been many RB’s capable of being effective into their 30s (albeit not many). I personally would be very happy with this pick, but at the same time won’t go all Thomas 2.2 if we don’t pick him. All I want is a stud player that I can watch at Aloha Stadium every year.

  171. Joe Says:


    For example, we passed on AP.

    For good reason.

    This is J.P. Peterson revisionist history. The Bucs already had a young Caddy and were in salary cap hell. So the Bucs were supposed to draft yet another running back high in the first round and give him boat loads of cash, for the same position? Only Matt Millen was silly enough to try this (three wide receivers drafted in the first round) and look how that panned out for him?

  172. JS1506 Says:

    Take Morris Claiborn and don’t think back… we need help in the secondary desperately!

  173. BigMacAttack Says:

    Matt Millen???? Worst GM ever!!! Oh yeah, and let’s all blame Rod Marinelli on 3, for that debacle. Rod is still an excellent coach that the Bucs should talk to, just like Rich Bissacia.

  174. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    You are absolutely right, we did have Caddy. However, AP is such an unbelievable talent, I don’t care who is your RB, you take him. I’m not just saying that in hindsight, I said that the day of the draft, and every day since. Blount is a very good back too, but if Richardson really is the real deal, you take him.

    As for the cash given to him, I don’t think that’s true. Aside from QB, draft picks are paid in accordance to the slot they are picked. Running backs are not and were not paid more than DE’s (Peterson was paid 40 million over 6 years as the 7th pick, Adams got 46 million over 6 years also).

  175. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Yes, Matt Millen was horrible, and he made a mistake taking so many WR’s. That being said, picking Calvin Johnson was BY FAR his best draft pick as a GM. I’d say it worked out well for them, wouldn’t you. Even though they didn’t need a WR, he was so super talented they had to. If we feel the same about Richardson, we should take him, no question.

  176. Bangkok Buc Says:

    I think at the end of the day – we will all be happy with Clairborne or Blackmon or Richardson. They are all the best players at their position in this draft and all would make immediate impacts on the current roster. I would like to think that one or more of the above positions can be improved with F/A thus making whichever of these picks the best for the Bucs come draft time. Lets see what we do in F/A before freaking out over which if these 3 are the “best pick”

  177. matterhorn Says:

    I disagree. Richardson is a GREAT BACK, Ingram was good but Richardson is better. Why is taking a running back #5 “too risky given the life cycle” if you had a chance to draft Adrian Peterson at #5 would you? Or even knowing what Maurice Jone-Drew is now doing in the leage wouldnt you take him at #5 knowing what he can do, or Ray Rice. Richardson can run around through and over anyone, he can catch out of the backfield, he’s a physical phenom (bench press 475, he is 227lbs). Draft him at number 5 or the team that does around at pick #8-10 will look like geniuses. Claiboure is a fine CB but is he better than Peterson from LSU last year? who went at #8? NO. Draft the next GREAT RB in this league for years to come. He split carries with INGRAM Heisman Trophy winner (Richardson had better numbers this year) TWO of his THREE years at Bama he is FRESH.

  178. bucthis Says:

    Bucs somehow passed on AP, now they may have a second chance at a great back…TR of Alabama all the way. It would not be inconceivable if this guy becomes one of the all time 3 or 4 great backs of all time just based on his talent and work effort. Do you pass on this type talent with no glaring weaknesses for a player who might be a very good man cover guy, so so tackler, good player overall? ( I’m talking about Claiborne here) I think not. Richardson potentially greatest Buc of all time and Claiborne just another very solid player in buc ville..This is the way I felt when I was shocked Gruden and company passed on AD. Maybe if they took Willis the wound wouldn’t have been as big. I will be looking forward to the game Richardson runs over Claiborne…

  179. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Agreed bucthis. Aside from Deion Sanders, there is NO cornerback more valuable than a great RB. Most teams have several good receivers anyway, so even if you shut one down, there’s 2 or 3 others that can and will beat you. You think if we get Claiborne all of a sudden Brees is going to stop scoring points on us because he can’t throw to his #1 anymore? On the other hand, a great RB can completely take over a game and carry a team on his shoulder. We have a line best suited for running the ball and adding Richardson would give us 2 big-time weapons in the backfield. Not to mention the fact that he is a great pass catcher as well, which Blount has struggled with (thus far). Teams would have to load the box constantly, which makes Josh Freeman’s job a lot easier. I’m telling you right now, in our division if we can’t score, we aren’t beating anyone. I’m not saying we ignore defense by any means, but we need to be able to score. In today’s NFL, I don’t care how great your defense, if you can’t score, you can’t win. The days of winning 13-9 are pretty much over.

    I’ll support whoever we draft, but I am really hoping for either Blackmon or Richardson. Of course every year we don’t pick who I want for one reason or another, so I just go with it and support whomever we draft. Good thing about picking #5 is that if you do your homework, you should be able to get a great player. We need a few of those.

  180. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    @stevek When did I ever compare Lumpkin to anyone in this post? I never ever mentioned his name. If you want to try and discredit me, fine. But for the sake of honesty, do not put words into my mouth.

  181. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    Let us not forget that AP may never play again after the injury he recently sustained.

    RBs come and go faster than any other position because it is by far the most taxing position in the game. Which is why utilizing a first pick on a player position that, regardless of how good they play in their few years, historically(and even recently) doesn’t last more than a year, should not be the pick.

    RB is a bigger gamble than QB in terms of years of service.

  182. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    Back to stevek: You can look at Lumpkin’s college career and pull out a highlight reel that looks phenomenal. That is the point of lowlights: to get a feel of how bad it gets when it gets bad. High lights are exactly that(the highest point in a players game). Which is why low lights are so important.

    For instance, people were so caught up with the Reggie Bush highlights that they could not see he had inadequate power, vision, or blocking skills. Every football fan(as well as the media) was caught up in the highlight footage. Guess who was not…… Houston. They drafted Mario Williams in front of him and everyone scratched their collective heads in confusion/disapproval….. Clearly Houston made the right pick.

    Every player at every position screws up at times. To think they don’t is absolute lunacy.

    Lowlights are just as important as highlights. Heck, if you only watched the highlights you might think Blount leaps a player every game.

  183. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “Let us not forget that AP may never play again after the injury he recently sustained.”


    A torn ACL means he may never play again? Nowadays a torn ACL is like a sprained ankle. People recover in 6 months! Caddy came back from 2 patella tendon injuries, which is a million times worse. That’s an absolutely ridiculous statement. I agree with you that RB’s typically have a shorter shelf life. However, Richardson is so incredibly powerful and such a hard worker that my money would be on him having a long, great career. This guy isn’t even allowed to max out on the bench, because the Alabama staff won’t let him bench beyond 475. 4 hundred freaking 75 pounds, for a running back! He can squat over 600 pounds. The guy is a freak of nature. I just don’t know if you pass up on this guy. He has the potential to be that good. Find me one weakness to his game. I challenge any of you. Speed? got that. Elusiveness? Check. Power? 475/600, need I say more. Vision? Yep. Pass-catching? Got that. Blocking? Yes sir. I just think it’s silly to let a rare talent get by us because he might get injured. Hell, this is the NFL, everyone can get injured! That’s a pansy attitude, and I hope we don’t think like that. Now if they don’t feel he’s going to be great, then don’t pick him, fine. But if they do think he’s an AP type talent and they don’t because there’s scared he’s going to get hurt, then that will be a huge mistake. But nah, let’s not take him for someone who may average 5-6 INT’s per season (if he’s the real deal). We all know how many championship teams have been built on the shoulders of a cornerback.

  184. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    @HB Adrian Peterson suffered what is called “the unhappy triad”. The hit he took not only tore a tendon that he had previously torn, but completely ripped through the ACL, MCL, and Meniscus. That basically means everything that held his calf to his thigh was disconnected or almost disconnected. That is far worse than a patellae tear.

    If it were only a torn ACL I would not have brought it up. His injury is far far worse than that. The fact that it is a reinjury to his ACL only makes it worse.

    So, what I said was not an “absolutely ridiculous statement”. As a licensed sports therapist I can attest to this. I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t know what I was talking about. I don’t talk/write out of my a$$.

  185. bucthis Says:

    Thing is I believe he might be better than Peterson, now how scary is that? He might have the same impact that Earl Campbell and Eric Dickerson had. The dude has that kind of unique talent. A running back version of Randy Moss only more complete player. Now, do you pass on this talent and the recognition it could give the bucs nationally for a good solid cover cornerback who has his issues in the run game? Hawaiian Buc you bring up an excellent point, there are so many good receivers and TE’s how can one decent 180 lb cover guy make the kind of difference as to turn a team around a bring them to national prominence. Offenses are too potent now day’s we need a potent one ourselves, just think what it would be like to have TR and #5 in the backfield…

  186. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I’m sure you know far more than me about these types of things, but I also know that Peterson’s injury is not career-threatening, provided he rehabs hard and doesn’t come back too soon. There is no way in hell Peterson is done. No way whatsoever! He may even be back by the first week. I suspect you know this too, but you were just trying to prove a point.

    Again, I’m not arguing with you that RB’s careers are usually shorter. That would be a stupid argument on my part. However, you really can’t bank on any player being on your team long term anymore. Do you think that the 5 teams that passed on AP regret that decision (not counting Detroit, who is probably okay with picking Megatron)? If you ask me would I rather take a great running back for 6 years or a great cornerback for 10, I’ll go with the RB every time. Great RB’s are just more valuable than CB’s (keep in mind when I say great, I mean elite, not just pretty good). I don’t even see how that can be argued. If he’s really that special, then we damn well better draft him. I’m just not a believer that you don’t pick someone because they might get hurt, unless they have previous serious injuries.

  187. bucthis Says:

    Don’t think drafting scared is a good idea, some times you have to trust yourself in the player you feel can be great and don’t settle for just good and play it safe…you could be passing on something special. It’s having faith on Greatness I guess you can say. But Richardson though to me is less likely to sustain injury than a Peterson or most of your top backs based on his body type that the good lord gave him, low to the ground ,thick body yet quick to avoid punishing contact. I could see him having a relatively long career for a RB

  188. A REAL Bucs Fan Says:

    No to Trent Richardson.

    Is he a great player? Yes. Could he be a future HoFer? Yes.

    Is he the best choice for the Bucs? NO.

    Sure, he would likely shore up the rb spot for a good long time, but there are great choices for rb in free agency this year.

    I would prefer either CB or OT with that first pick. That would help the team the most.

    And if Dre happens to fall to us in rnd 2, take him as well. To end up with the top 2 CBs in the draft would be an incredible boost to this team.

    Nicks won’t be available to us in FA when all is said and done, and I think we need to address the spot in the draft…assuming no surprises hit FA.

  189. bucthis Says:

    How can even Blackmon be considered over TR? a WR gets how many throws to him a game and production depending on the QB’S arm where as a RB gets how many more opportunities with the pig skin in his hands based on running and receiving? hell of a lot more and hence influencing the game substantially… of course assuming the offensive line can run run block which the Bucs can and the RB can catch which Richardson does quite well.

  190. bucthis Says:

    Oh ok Real bucsfan so lets pass on a Hall of fame player potentially knowing that you can get a serviceable FA RB instead, hum? and we might have a good corner in the draft too, right? Ok, now do you think opposing defensive and offensive coordinators are going to stay up all night trying to figure out how to game plan these additions to the team. This new RB that some team was not willing to keep? or the rookie CB that needs time to learn the physicality of the run game? Wow, this will really change things for the Bucs and bring people in to the stadium! lol…Hey, it’s about time the bucs make a slash play in the draft and get away from this mediocre way of thinking…

  191. Macabee Says:

    Real Bucsfan, Re Carl Nicks, He is going to be available to all NFL teams if it’s the big contract he’s looking for. If he wants to stay with the Saints so bad that he’s willing to give them a hometown discount, then you’re right. And there are some players that would not come to the Bucs no matter what the offer. The Saints problem is they are at or near the salary cap. They gave Jahri Evans, RG, a huge contract a year or so ago, and this year Drew Brees is going to get a Peyton Manning-like contract and they cannot afford to let Marques Colston walk. Most NFL analyst do not believe they can offer Nicks the most competitive contract.

  192. Bucfish Says:

    Hey Joe – think you should post more articles concerning the draft? 191 comments so far…nothing gets our Buccaneer blood boiling better that looking toward the future. I guess that comes with having a bad past.

  193. Jjoe Says:


    Hey Joe – think you should post more articles concerning the draft?

    Joe will, but it’s a bit early.

    First, the Bucs need a coach. Then there is free agency which is in March this year (it’s almost February!).

    Joe is still finalizing his draft coverage plans.

  194. BrianDorry55 Says:

    MJD, Adrian Peterson, blah, blah, blah…How many Championships do the best running backs have? Running Back is not a first round priority for us, and in today’s passing-based game, it really shouldn’t be for anybody.

  195. Bucfish Says:

    10-4. Can’t wait. BTW, I was a big PR follower and slowly started to warm up to your site over the last 18 months or so. At this time, your site blows PR out of the water. However, I think PR did a more complete job covering the draft last year. The draft/FA is a season that, in itself, can almost be as exciting as the regular season – especially after a season we (fans) endured. I would love to see Joe pass PR by in draft coverage like you have done on pretty much everything else Bucs.

  196. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    MJD, Adrian Peterson, blah, blah, blah…How many Championships do the best running backs have?


    How many championships do Darrelle Revis and Nnamdi Asomougha have? Aren’t they the two best corners? What does that prove? Are you really trying to say that you CB’s are a bigger priority to win championships than a RB? Wow is all I have to say to that theory. You need a QB’ to win championships, minus a few exceptions. We have a QB (I think). Now it’s time to build around him.

  197. Joe Says:


    In a passing league which the NFL is now, you can say with a straight face that a cornerback is more valuable than a running back.

  198. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I could say that a great secondary is better than a great running game, but not a great corner is better than a great running back. A great corner can only stop one guy. All good teams have more than one option, so just because you stop their #1 doesn’t mean you stop them. A great running back changes the way an entire defense plays. That opens things up for the QB and receivers. You’ve said it a million times, our entire offense revolves around Blount. So if we can get someone considerably better than Blount (and more well-rounded), why should we pass up on him? Blount + Richardson = a very sexy offense.