Teacher Marty Says He’ll Talk Again To Bucs

January 10th, 2012

"You, 25, come here. Let me tell you a story."

As Chokenheimer fever sweeps the Bay area like gonorrhea through a frat house, Bucs head coaching candidate Marty Schottenheimer is fired up to teach the young Buccaneers.

The 68-year-old with 200 wins and an abysmal playoff record spoke to Stephen Holder of the Tampa Bay Times after meeting with Team Glazer and rockstar general manager Mark Dominik today. As Raheem Morris might say, Schottenheimer was vibin’ to Holder and said he’ll be talking to Team Glazer again soon.

“I think they’ve got some great young players on that team,” he said. “They’ve also  got some really solid veterans. And when you see the opportunity to work  with youngsters and see them develop, that’s always very exciting for  every coach. In my particular case, I like to work with kids. I refer to  them as kids, even though I know they’re grown men. But I like to give  them the benefit of my insight as to what I’ve seen and experienced in  this business. I’m a teacher is what I am in my view.

“And to watch these young men take the information that me and the (coaching) staff  provide to them and they, in kind, combine that with the skill set that they have, I live vicariously through their play. It’s like it’s me out there doing it.”

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As Joe has written, if the Bucs are seeking a retread type head coach, which sure seems to be the case, then Schottenheimer is the cream of their current short list.

38 Responses to “Teacher Marty Says He’ll Talk Again To Bucs”

  1. BucForce Says:

    He lost me when he said this “They’ve also got some really solid veterans.” I stopped reading because he obviously knows nothing about the makeup of this Bucs team. Didn’t he know we were “yungry” and got rid of any veteran that may have challenged Rah’s voice in the locker room?


  2. raphael Says:

    why the tease glazers just sign the man already…..pen meet paper

  3. Fired Greg Olson! Says:

    Which solid veterans is he talking about

  4. knucknbuc Says:

    GET HIM NOW! Gotta say Joe this is the best coach honestly thats out there that’s a proven commodity. Knows what he’s doing and has a chance to win games. He wants to hoist the lombardi before his last hurrah. Why not here? He can get these young players on track and I’ve never really heard of a team turning on and not giving Marty full effort. In 20 years he has had 2 losing seasons 2!!!!!!!!!! That’s crazy I don’t care what era it was. He has a track record with hiring great assistants. Cmon Dom don’t be stupid here and hire some idiot coach thats a loser to come in here (cough…Mike sherman…cough…Brad Childress). Marty might even actually O you know help fill that empty stadium on gamedays 2 🙂

  5. bucswin Says:

    “As Chokenheimer fever sweeps the Bay area like gonorrhea through a frat house,”

    Anybody need more evidence that this site is as unprofessional as they come? I guess I just don’t have a sense of humor, right Joe?

    Great links and transcripts on this site but the lack of professionalism, at times, is glaring.

  6. bucswin Says:

    The Bucs DO have some solid veterans in Joseph and Penn.

  7. JT Says:


    We do have some vets… on the O-line! That is key to his type of offense.

  8. RCH Says:

    If this is the list we have to choose from I say Marty as HC Sherman as OC and Nolan as DC.

  9. Brown Bag Replaced by Marty and the Bucs? Says:

    “As Chokenheimer fever sweeps the Bay area like gonorrhea through a frat house”

    Ok, that was a pretty witty opening. But the Chokenheimer thing gets old.

  10. BucsfaninMi Says:

    @bucswin it’s a fan site,lighten up, that’s why most of us visit this site.

  11. 941-Bucs Says:

    This team isn’t as bad as some call into question. YES! they quite this year ( but they are kids). You deflate their confidence and they are done. But more then anything these young guys just need TRUE direction.

    Veterans in question is anyone with more then 2 years (IMO). With that in mind this team is scattered with young talented “veterans” players. More are growing every year.

    Most of the problem with this team was coaching and the lack of direction a.k.a. identity Everyone agrees on that, when you look at all the penalties, lack of discipline, and stupid decisions. I fully believe the right coach can make this roster (of what people like to think is “talent less”) show their true talents and shine in this league. No matter what you say about 2010vs 2011 Much of these newly acquired players have shown they can actually play at some point or another. They key will be to keep it consistent.

    Tho, there is also some dead weight on this team that needs to go to the scrap yard this off season.

  12. eric Says:

    I thought that was a hilarious line Mr. Joe.

    “Chokenheimer fever”

    catch it!

    Wonder if Chucky is amused by all this over in his mansion.

  13. A REAL Bucs Fan Says:

    gotta say, joe, if he comes here that nickname will have to go or i will

  14. 941-Bucs Says:

    I’m seriously happy to see Marty so enthusiastic about being the HC of the Bucs. That just proves to me he would be a great call. Marty is licking his chops at the chance. Which blows my mind but also makes me have faith there really is something special here in Tampa( it just got diminished a bit with the collapse last year). Shotty is right this team is only a few pieces away from being true contenders. This team is really young and will have the growing pains. But they have shined tremendous talent from time to time. They are so close to turning the corner i can feel it.

    Say what you want i still have faith with the right coach “Marty” we will save this from being a disaster. Let’s just hope the Glazers truly understand how important this is. If they choose wrong these players are doomed for failure in the future. But if they get it right. These boys will shine!

  15. 941-Bucs Says:

    He’s a winner. A couple of bad kicks by a (pro bowler) kicker and 2 yards stopped him from 3 SB visits. He wasn’t the choker. The kicker was! Plus just this last year he took the UFL team to and won the championship!

    All the man does is make winning teams. Better then anything any other candidate out there can say right now.

    I also believe he wants that dam ring before he retires. If he wants to do that here i am all for it. Let the man achieve his dream with the Bucs!

  16. eric Says:

    My balls just turned black and im peaing razors…………………………, hope thats a good sign.

  17. sensiblebuc Says:

    Twitter tells me that Mularkey is going to be hired by the Jags…

    Guess I can hop on the Marty Bandwagon : )

  18. new coach Says:

    Sign him up already and let’s move on to coordinator then draft talk!!

  19. A REAL Bucs Fan Says:

    malarkey to jags

  20. knucknbuc Says:

    Hurry the f*** on glazers what can be so hard about this? Marty sign here and here. Its not rocket science

  21. vince Says:

    Marty! Marty! Marty! Watch his speech! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XOXK0NIqg8E

    I have compiled all the pros and cons from him that I’ve gathered from my own research and people posting here.

    here is what i like about marty

    1. 21 seasons as a headcoach, only two losing records.
    2. A proven, experienced commodity that will instill discipline, hope, and have a plan for our franchise.
    3. He has stayed sharp and in the game of football–he just coached the Virginia Destroyers to a championship win. He surely didn’t need money, it’s for his love and passion for the game.
    4. Two of the Bucs’ strengths–our RB and run blocking–Marty has elite coaching talent with.
    5. He WANTS to coach us–his agent contacted us. He obviously thinks he can win with us, and likes our group of players for his purposes.
    6. He grooms great staff. Guys he hired that went on to be headcoaches: Bill Cowher, Tony Dungy, Mike McCarthy, Herm Edwards, Wade Phillips, Gunther Cunningham, Tony Sparono, Cam Cameron, Lindy Infante. So bring in Marty, let him win for us, then when he dies–throw in one of his staff members and hopefully he is the next Mike McCarthy.
    7. He will instill hope in the fans and players, sell tickets, and everyone can get behind him.

    His main con is his playoff record, making it 13 times and never advancing very far. HOWEVER, I think he obviously has a chip on his shoulder and wants to prove the doubters wrong. And getting to the postseason PERIOD would be nice right now, and Marty is 13 for 21…that’s very, very good. His last season in the NFL, he was 14-2 with the Chargers. Now just get us a guy who can develop Freeman, a new QB coach or OC, aka Tom Clements…and let’s go

  22. Mainebuc Says:

    They need to hire him…lets be real here, the guy has nothing to prove. Schottenheimer has forgotten more about football than anyone in that front office knows.

  23. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    WHO can be better for Tampa then Marty that’s out there, and will come here ?
    Let’s be real, the Glazers and Mark Dominik are a liability, not an asset in attracting a quality head coach. Fisher said NO to Tampa, Cowher ain’t coming, and neither is Billick. What other PROVEN Coach is out there for us.
    After Raheem, we want Proven, no more experiments.

  24. Hudbud Says:

    Vince, thanks for posting that link to Marty’s speech. Wow! Super inspiring! I want that kind of attitude here. The man making that speech is far, far younger than his physical years. You can hear and feel the burning desire to win in his words. Thanks again Vince.

  25. stimpy Says:


    Oh man, i just watched the vid and i was sold. I want him to come to my house and give me a motivational speech.

    This gentleman is exactly what out young TALENTED players NEED. We actually DO have telent on this team that is just waiting t be molded. If this guy is for real in what he was preaching in that vid then i want him here.

    Make me buy jerseys!

  26. stimpy Says:


    I don’t know if i can post this here. But check this out fans!


    In 26yrs the guy had ONE season below .500…ONE!

  27. canada buc fan Says:

    Vince you forgot a con. He will probably bring his kid with him.
    Marty- Yes please.
    Brian- No thanks.

  28. marks Says:

    Really Joe, gonorreah. Come on how about wildfire or butter but gonorreah?

  29. SantosDatDude Says:

    Brian schottenheimer leaves jets……sign of things to come????

  30. SteveK Says:

    From now on:


    LOL, gotcha Señor Joe :).

  31. K2theSoldier Says:

    LOL Joe, that opening line was hilarious. Like gonorrhea through a frat house. Classic. But seriously, bring Marty here. His record is outstanding, he’s a PERFECT FIT. If the Glazers are paying somebody to scout out online forums to get a feeling for the fan sentiment towards potential coaches, I really hope they read this; HIRE MARTY SCHOTTENHEIMER! I CANNOT POSSIBLY EMPHASIZE HOW MUCH I WANT THIS MAN TO COACH HERE. IF I COULD MAKE THESE LETTERS BIGGER I WOULD. HIRE MARTY!!!!!!!!!

  32. K2theSoldier Says:

    Oh, and BTW Joe, that Chokenheimer label needs to go if he’s hired. It’s clever and whatever, but like the Rockstar tag it’s a little annoying. Of course I know that since it bothers people you’ll probably keep it. Oh well 🙁

  33. Brad Says:

    I’m not sure what’s more shocking. The Chargers fire Marty after going 14-2 (they haven’t gotten any better or closer to SB with Turner, who’s the choker) or no other team was smart enough to hire this guy after that great season.

  34. Joe Says:


    Oh, and BTW Joe, that Chokenheimer label needs to go if he’s hired. It’s clever and whatever, but like the Rockstar tag it’s a little annoying.

    “Chokenheimer” goes if he is hired. “Rock star” stays. Sorry.

  35. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I know I’ve said previously that Dominik and the Glazers could care less what we think, but I don’t know if that’s entirely true. I can’t imagine them being so oblivious to the pulse of the town (hell, I live in Hawaii and even I’ve got a decent feel) that it wouldn’t be able to influence them. If there was a poll by the fans to choose the next coach, (besides Cowher and maybe Fisher) I would imagine an overwhelming majority would vote for Marty. Big name, proven winner, itching to coach again. Do they really think they can sell Sherman, Childress, Phillips to us over Marty? They opened the can of worms by interviewing him, if they don’t hire him there are going to be some pissed off fans. I can’t imagine they would want to piss any fans off more than they already have. At this point, it should be about time to just give the fans what they want. If they hire a Brad Childress and we have a bad year next year, can you imagine how bad things will become for them?

  36. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    @Joe, I think you should call Dominik “The greatest GM/Rockstar in the history of professional sports”, just to piss people off!

  37. McBuc Says:

    Marty > Fisher…People keep mentioning Fisher, I would take Marty of Fisher all day ling. I would take most of the guys they have talked to over Fisher, infact Chilly would be the only one I would take Fisher over. I still do not get why you guys love him so much.

  38. RustyRhino Says:

    A story about a guy told to hit the bricks..because he didn’t toe the line.. on or off the field…