Super Bowl Madness Begins

January 31st, 2012

Joe’s in the building!

Joe’s annual jaunt to the Super Bowl has commenced, following a chat with Peter King last night and cold beers in not-so-cold Indianapolis. Hopefully, Joe will find someone with a clue who Greg Schaino wants as his offensive coordinator.

9 Responses to “Super Bowl Madness Begins”

  1. raphael Says:

    Shiano wants Mcnulty and if Mcnulty has his way ,he will be here.

  2. jvato24 Says:

    If they told him no … I dont see how he will convince the Cardinals otherwise. Good Luck to him.

  3. Buddhaboy Says:

    Why not go after marty morningwheg

  4. eric Says:

    Al Saunders may come available from Raiders.

    Pretty impressive credentials.

  5. Brad Says:

    I have to believe there will not be a shortage of candidates. With the opportunity to work with a veteran o line, josh Freeman, Blount, has to have many foaming at the mouth.

  6. Buddhaboy Says:

    Sign me up to work with Lumpkin…..:)

  7. Cmurda Says:

    This just in…No news on the Bucs coordinator vacancies. Ugh. Come on already.

  8. Bulldog Says:

    No rush.Take all the time you need. There’s a deep well of high quality candidates just lining up for the job.

  9. Buc N' A Says:

    You’re a lucky man, Joe! YEARLY Super bowl trip. Awesome, man. Enjoy.