Should Bucs Give Rich Bisaccia An Interview?

January 13th, 2012

Strange thoughts dance through Joe’s head when he’s getting a hand job.

No, freaks, Joe literally had a hand massage from a licensed, practicing masseuse. You would need one as well if you typed as much as Joe.

While having his knuckles worked over last night, Joe was thinking of the Bucs’ coaching opening.

As the Bucs’ coaching search grinds to a nearly two-week stretch as Team Glazer and Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik span the continental United States looking for a coach to replace jettisoned Raheem Morris, Joe knows two prominent local individuals who have strongly pushed for a blast from the past.

That past would be former Bucs special teams coach Rich Bisaccia.

Joe normally cringes at the thought of a special teams coach being promoted to such a high rank. Most of the time, a special teams coach has never coached any other position. If people screamed that Morris wasn’t experienced enough as a position coach, then how could a special teams coach be?

For every person that tells Joe about John Harbaugh, the Ravens coach who was special teams coach with the Eagles, Joe remembers Frank Gansz.

At the time in the mid-1980s, Gansz was widely considered one of if not the game’s top special teams coach. When the Chiefs let go of John Mackovic, Gansz was named his successor and in two years won just eight games and his teams were dreadfully woeful.

(Oddly enough, current Bucs coaching candidate Marty Schottenheimer replaced Gansz in Kansas City.)

So Joe was always spooked about special teams coaches.

Last year, when the University of South Florida had an opening after Jim Leavitt allegedly went MMA on a player, Bisaccia openly courted the job but was not granted an interview.

It said something to Joe that USF wouldn’t grant Bisaccia an interview.

So when the dean of Tampa Bay sports radio, “The Big Dog,” Steve Duemig, and “The Commish,” Justin Pawlowski, both of WDAE-AM 620, both pushed for Bisaccia to interview with the Bucs, as much as Joe respects those two, Joe just shook his head.

Enter Mike Mayock. Yesterday, the elite NFL Network draftnik and NFL color analyst made a rare, local radio appearance with Duemig. Mayock and Bisaccia have a relationship that dates back some 30 years and Mayock strongly urged some NFL team to do itself a favor and hire Bisaccia. He made a compelling case.

“If you are a special teams coach, you are painted into a corner. I had this conversation with John Harbaugh. I helped him get college interviews and pushed the Baltimore Ravens to just get him in the building and let it go from there,” Mayock said.

“As strong as I felt about John Harbaugh as an elite level of a coaching candidate, I feel the same way about Rich Bisaccia.”

Mayock cited Bisaccia’s attention to detail, his discipline and his organizational skills as qualities the Bucs currently crave for in a coach.

When Duemig later asked Mayock if Bisaccia would have trouble assembling a quality staff, Mayock scoffed out loud and said, “Are you kidding me?’

In Joe’s eyes, if Mike Mayock loves you, there is substantial merit there. The guy has a reputation to uphold, a stellar reputation, so Mayock isn’t going to just throw names out there and look like a fool.

Consider Joe’s mind changed. While Joe isn’t exactly pushing for Bisaccia, why not grant the guy an interview? If, in his interview, he blows Team Glazer and Dominik away to warrant a second interview, or further, what exactly is the harm?

This is how Mike Tomlin became the Steelers coach. Tomlin was little more than a courtesy interview. He so impressed Dan Rooney that he succeeded Bill Cowher. Two Super Bowl appearances and four years later, it doesn’t seem like such a bad move, does it?

So if Team Glazer is serious about not leaving any stone unturned in finding the next Bucs coach, what harm or cost is there in granting Bisaccia a mere couple of hours of time?

48 Responses to “Should Bucs Give Rich Bisaccia An Interview?”

  1. Wisconsin Bucs fan Says:

    No, hire Marty.

  2. kh Says:


  3. Garv Says:

    Yes, absolutely he should be given an interview.
    The more I hear the more I like and he is Buccaneer ready to go as far as knowing the personnel.
    I did hear the Mayock interview with Steve Duemig yesterday and have to type I was very, very impressed.

    Like some of us have said earlier, it’s not like some other team is going to hire any of the coaches we have interviewed so far first. In fact, Rich Bisaccia himself may go to another team before any of the other candidates do.

    Let’s hear from Rich!

  4. Garv Says:

    I happened to have heard the Mayock interview with Steve Duemig yesterday and was very impressed.
    I also believe he will be hired before any of the other HC candidates we have interviewed so far.

    Let’s hear from Rich, I think he is a solid candidate and given his knowledge of this team he has an advantage in getting started.

  5. Jake Says:

    I like Bisaccia and would not at all mind if he were selected. However, I don’t think it is helpful to him that a sportstalk show host is actively leading a campaign for his hire. The owners may very well not like being pressured by this radio campaign or want to give the perception that a radio host gets to pick the coach. It is possible that this is all being done by the radio host gratutitously without Bissacia’s knowledge or consent but I think he would be better served if the full court press by this sportsradio host lets up. Just don’t think he is helping his cause.

  6. Garv Says:

    Yes, absolutely.
    He’s qualified and comes recommended by one of the best.
    I see no reason at all not to at least interview the man. He may well be the best man for the job.

  7. Fatmosh Says:

    Tell me who his coordinators will be first.

    He does seem like a good head coach material in that he has all of the intangibles.

    But I highly doubt he can run an offense or a defense. Paired with great, independent coordinators, it might be worth a shot.

    (Aside: Does anyone think Harbaugh could have gone from special teams to head coach without having the name Harbaugh?)

  8. Garv Says:

    I have a lot of respect for Mike Mayock and that is the recommendation I was referring to. I also happen to think Steve Duemig is on the right track.

    Besides, who is going to snatch Chilly or even Marty away while we continue to interview?

  9. Sooner in Tampa Says:

    They don’t need to bring him in…he is a know commodity after all of the time he spent with Bucs.

    I don’t want him at ALL since a certain radio [EASY Sooner. — Joe] has been gushing about HE endorses this hire

  10. CC Says:

    Why the hell not? As long as he can bring in a quality staff. It will work. But again it all comes down to the Glazers commitment to winning. They could hire Vince Lombardi but untill they commit to winning by bringing in qualified veterans and a coaching staff nothing is going to change.

  11. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    Don’t do it.

  12. Macabee Says:

    I don’t care who they interview, but if Rich Bisaccia is deserving of an interview, Then Rod Marinelli is too!

  13. ClayBURN94 Says:

    Bucs to interview zimmer, chudzinksky

  14. rhenry Says:

    No to Rich, sorry. We need a clean break from our past. Marty is the only candidate who 1. has a winning record 2. has years of experience 3. has the respect of the players and 4. excites the fans. It is a no brainer compared to the other candidates. Just do it already!!!!!!!!!

  15. jdog Says:

    Nothing on chud? This is who I’ve wanted from the start! I mean the guy made Derek Anderson and Braylon Edwards pro bowlers and tutored killa cam into having best qb rookie season ever

  16. Bucnjim Says:

    Does he even want to be a head coach? If he does do you think he’d want to work for the Glazers again?

  17. Wade Says:

    That same radio host was certain that Chris Simms was going to be the kind of quarterback that would make an impact somewhere. That same radio host was certain Joey Galloway and Derrick Brooks would continue on with their careers in a big way with other teams. That same radio host was certain that not using free agents was the way to go. That same radio host believes in giving taxpayers dollars to billionaires for stadiums. That same radio host doesn’t believe Joe Maddon can coach. That same radio host was certain Tim Tebow would get cut. That same radio host wast certain Tim Tebow would never start. That same radio host was certain Tim Tebow would never win. That same radio host said that Tim Tebow was the “worst NFL quarterback” he has ever seen. This is coming from someone who proclaims to know everything and everyone as it pertains to football Yeah, he’s relevant.

  18. Patrick Says:

    I’m glad they’re interviewing Zimmer.

    Really, I don’t think they have to rush this thing. The Jags already got their guy in Malarky, the Chiefs already kept Crennel as HC and Fisher will either go to the Rams or Dolphins. So that just leaves the Raiders/Dolphins and Dolphins (two teams) who we’re trying to beat for a good coach.

    Don’t screw this up Glazers.

  19. Big Picture Guy Says:

    Joe, 150+ thesis has to be done within a month…. Where can I get these hand jobs you speak of!?!?!?

  20. DieHard_Bob Says:

    Sileo said this morning that Bisaccia kept butting heads with Dominik and couldn’t get along with him so I think that would be the main reason why Bisaccia hasn’t been concidered for the HC job.

  21. Meh Says:

    An interview? Sure. A head coaching job? No thanks, not even close to the best choice.

  22. admin Says:

    Big Picture:

    Where can I get these hand jobs you speak of!?!?!?


  23. Big Picture Guy Says:

    Regarding Bissaccia…. I am for him getting an interview. But I’m not sold on him being a HC without knowing what kind of a staff he will get. I hear he is respected and won’t have a problem finding guys, but that is just all surface talk for now. And who is to say that suddenly the burden of running the whole show instead of the lesser of the 3 facets of a football game, becomes too much for a 1st time guy?

    I’d like to see him get some Assistant head coach time first on his resume to maybe buoy that concern, and yes I am aware he was a RB coach under Gruden too.

    And what happens in 3 years if he doesn’t succeed? [Easy Big Picture! — Joe]

  24. eric Says:

    Was rex Ryan there too?

  25. eric Says:

    Im warming up to joe’s coordinator preference.

    Chud in particular.

    Might even score a td in first quarter.

    Of course im in a traumatized state from the Sherman/chilly summits.

  26. Brandon Says:

    Yes, I think they should leave no stone unturned. Interview Bisaccia, then interview Chudzinski, Grimm, Philbin, Clements, Pete Carmichael, Ron Meeks, Zimmer, and whomever else has the qualifications.

    Though it’s true that the coordinators can really make or break a team, we have to have a general to get the message across.

  27. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Please, no more “experiments” in Tampa.
    Just hire a proven head coach.

  28. kh Says:

    I like Mike Mayock but I’m getting a bit tired of this notion that he’s some sort of football savant and everything he says is gold. He’s better than most of the TV talking heads but I feel like he’s been trumpeted so much now that his opinions are highly over rated.

  29. McBuc Says:

    rhenry…Wade and Sherman have winning records…just saying…

  30. kh Says:

    On top of that it sounds like he’s just hyping up his buddy.

  31. Buddhaboy Says:

    I would say we need to move on from old bucs acquantances.

  32. Eric Says:

    Zimmer over all the candidates, no nonsense kind od guy who demands respect, I like it. Also like to see Dom Capers get an interview, no stones unturned.

  33. jvato24 Says:

    I am not so sure about Chud … Cam Newton may just be a hell of a talent … Not enough experience for me to be comfortable and would be in the “experiment” area.

    Also a note for an Offensive coordinator/HC. If an OC sucks you can just fire him .. If the HC is the OC it is alot harder to fire him.

  34. jvato24 Says:

    Could be wrong … But I think Zimmer may be top target.

  35. Garv Says:

    Sorry for all the repeat posts, thought I was not getting through, posts not showing up et al.

    Like Zimmer too and I’m glad the buccaneers are really doing due diligence in this manner.

  36. OAR Says:

    Sure, why not? Not sure if he’s who I would want, but why not an interview?
    Special team coordinators do work with both defensive and offensive players, both starters and second/third stringers, which is probablly why Harbaugh has succeeded. Besides, the fact he was one for 9 years and under Andy Reid with the Eagles.

  37. k_bassuka Says:

    “N” what’s the other letter im looking for? Oh yea “O”

  38. espo Says:

    Wasn’t Bisaccia our assistant HC for years? I might be wrong about that please correct me if I am. If its true, I think it stands for something. Look how much we improved our first couple of seasons under Raheem and look at our season with his absence.

  39. OAR Says:

    I believe you are right about the assistant HC position with Rich.

  40. Armando Says:

    Yeah let’s hire another line of over hill coach. Marty? Childress? Sherman?
    If Raheem was amistake then you make note and move on but the NFL is for the young, look around the league and count the winning coahes over 50 Bellichik and………..Rich was very well respected here by all the players because ST coach, coaches everyone. Give him money to hire the best people and move on. You want a coach that will be with the team more than a few years, you need someone young enough to handle it.

  41. william Says:

    he’s a dumb ass for leaving, he could have been the interm coach.

  42. rhenry Says:

    McBuc Says:
    January 13th, 2012 at 2:47 pm
    rhenry…Wade and Sherman have winning records…just saying…

    You are right but not on the level of Marty.

  43. Morgan Says:

    Buc fans have been tortured enough over the last year. They shouldn’t have to endure anymore games where their team gives up 40+ points.

    I vote no on Bisaccia.

  44. too much rust on the pewter Says:

    Im all about moving on from the old bucs coaches to the next regime, but bisaccia may be the exception. And WADE if you dont like a certain radio then dont listen, for someone who seems to stand on the otherside of line of all his views and dont like him, you sure must listen a lot.

  45. 941-Bucs Says:

    YES YES YES! To many pluses to say why this guy deserve the shot. THE ONLY downside is the lack of Coordinator and HC experience. But this guy has proven to put a successful product on the field.

    Now the Big plus side to him. While always producing a SOLID Specials teams. He has worked with Every aspect of the team. From Offense, Defense, Rookies, Veterans, to the Practice Squad players. He has commanded respect from every player and didn’t put up with any nonsense. With that said, He also gets along with just about every player and can relate with them. He also loves to motivate the players. Ever notice who always lead the pre-game huddle after D-Brooks had to leave… Was Rich!

    At the very least give him an interview. Even if it’s for DC.

    Hue Jackson or Tom Clements OC
    Bisaccia – DC..

    I can definitely live with that!

  46. 941-Bucs Says:


    He wasn’t dumb for leaving. I believe he had reasons behind it. No one just goes laterally UNLESS they are after a SB ring with the next team.

    Simply put I believe there was a LOT more to this story then him just leaving. I believe he was ion line to be the Next HC but then Raheem gets pulled up from the DB coach ranks to be the HC. Then Raheem wanted to KEEP the DC job too. This didn’t allow Bisaccia to have much wiggle room. If i was him i would have been mad to. Bisaccia DESERVED the job before Raheem, But Dom and Co. chose Raheem! Just saying.

  47. A REAL Bucs Fan Says:

    No to Rich.

    Good guy, but come one…how many here are going to buy home game tickets because he is selected as HC?

    Hardly anyone. The Bucs need a bigger name. Now if not the time to take a chance on a lesser known guy. Sure, he has ST experience. Big deal.

    Raheem is one of the best DB coaches around, and look where we are now.

    We need someone who either has the exp in offense or defense (like Marty), or is ready to take that next step (like Zimmer, Grimm or Clements). And if it depends on the coordinators…then give one of THEM the HC job for gods sake!

    Cause if Rich can’t do the job without guys more skilled then himself in one of those areas, then he does not deserve the job. Period.

  48. steve Says:

    I’ve heard the interview that everyone is talking about. I’ve also heard to ringing endorsements from two former players, D. Brookes and Mike Alsttodt. They both said that he was just what the team needs now. That’s good enough for me. They know the man and the game and the team.