Mike Sherman A “Finalist” For Bucs Job

January 25th, 2012

It appears with each passing day Bucs fans better brace themselves that former Packers and Texas A&M coach,and Warren Sapp antagonist Mike Sherman may very well end up as the ninth head coach in franchise history.

Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times has read the tealeaves and connected the dots and has written that Sherman is “obviously a finalist” for the job left vacant after Raheem Morris was jettisoned to start the new year.

If they’re making progress and none of those other coaches they’ve interviewed have been contacted, maybe Sherman will be the Bucs’ choice after all. Until an agreement is reached on a contract, why not keep the others in play by telling them nothing? Also, at least one or more of those candidates may become members of Sherman’s staff and the Bucs want to keep them available.

It could also mean that Sherman is not the only finalist. Why else would the Bucs keep so many other coaches, some of whom are already under contract with teams, in limbo?

Stroud goes on to type — and it’s looking like a slim hope — that keeping Sherman as a finalist could be little more than trying to keep people off the scent, an elaborate ruse, a smoke screen, as the Bucs fish for someone no one else has identified.

That is the pattern of Team Glazer in coaching searches. They seem to crave the espionage-like angle of finding a new coach.

They nearly pulled it off with Chip Kelly. Perhaps they pull it off again?

44 Responses to “Mike Sherman A “Finalist” For Bucs Job”

  1. Wisconsin Bucs fan Says:

    Anyone but Sherman, Please!

  2. Bucnnole Says:

    As time passes and all these other teams hire their coaches, assemble a staff, scout the Senior Bowl, ect.. we as Bucs fans continue to look like idiots. These Dumbass Glazer Turds are screwing this up so bad. We are the ugliest kid at prom preparing to beg the homeliest girl for a dance. This will end poorly and continue the streak of bad football in Tampa. Sell you Idiots, SELL!!!!!!!!!

  3. Brown Bag Back On? Says:

    Let’s be realistic folks. The Glazers have never been forthcoming with their actual moves, plans or intentions. If they are letting Stroud know that Sherman is the only finalist, Sherman is is the only non-finalist.

    It doesn’t fit their M.O. to be this open.

    What doesn’t make sense is that they are being secretive anymore. Why, because all the popular candidates are gone. They might as well open the curtains and turn on the lights.

  4. L.J. Says:

    If Mike Sherman becomes the next head coach, the Bucs can kiss my Club Seat renewal GOODBYE!!!! This shows me that the Glazers are not committed to winning just maintaining status quo….CHEAP!!! Also, I am against Sherman because of the situation with Warren Sapp who is one of our greatest Buc players ever. I guess I will be doing something else when the Bucs play home games because all the home games will be BLACKED OUT!!!! Do you think the Glazers are ruining this team for a reason??? Makes you wonder!!!! Season ticket holder since 1980 and I am totally fed up with the Bucs management, ownership and disregard for their fan base!!! Looks like I will be going to more Lightning games!!!

  5. MTM Says:

    I like the spin on the do diligence for a new HC by team pop star and the Glazers. This idea that they just want to get it right is BS. They had at least 8 weeks to look over candidates. Most of the league has a coach in place now. The assistants are being hired up and they are still spinning the 2nd interview BS.
    The problem the Glazers have is assuming their Pop star is the smartest one in the room. That’s why the good coaches are staying away and Billick hasn’t gotten a sniff. This is going to end badly.

  6. Brad Says:

    Has always been the Glazer way. Won’t believe it till its official. I don’t think the Glazers will spit in the face of a dwindling fanbase. I just don’t see them offering up 6 mill to get their guy and then say oh Sherman was our second choice lets give him 1.2 mill. This is a Domonik play all the way and if the people around here support the pop star you have to accept the hire of Sherman. I just think the Glazers will step in and cut him off at the knees disempowering him like they did Rich. Why on earth would Mark, who has to know he’s on thin ice, and quickly becoming hated more and more by the fanbase, hang his star on Sherman. Ignoring the fans and former players. He got rid of Williams and he will cutoff the rest of former players by this hire. The media better start digging if this happens. The Glazers might have plans of moving the team and what better way than to hire a coach 90% of the people hate and 100% of the former players hate. I just don’t think that.. I believe the Glazers have a dark horse their working on. That’s how they roll.

  7. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    Didn’t someone on here brag about a source for over about a week that he knew exactly what was going to happen? Of course it never happened. I just wonder what this “source” excuse is for being incorrect.

  8. Macabee Says:

    If Mike Sherman is called a finalist and no other finalist are named, the search is not over or he is the next coach. I think it is the former and Sherman is the fall back option if all else fails. They had to name him a finalist to hold him in place because he is starting to get interest as an OC from other teams like Miami.

    If Chip Kelly was the model that they are looking for, they must be getting turned down because there are other college coaches with winning records and high octane offenses like Mike Gundy, Mike Leach, or even Lane Kiffen (two fer).

    I don’t think they’re just looking for a coach. They’re looking for a coaching package – HC, OC, and DC. Which if true, is bothersome because it implies that the coaching staff and players will be dictated by Mark Dominik.

  9. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    I’ll have a hard time “pulling it off” if Sherman is the next coach.

  10. Garv Says:

    I really wonder…….do we really have a fan base that would actually give up on their NFL team because they didn’t like a man they have never met, never interviewed, don’t know at all based on the perception created by a block and a reaction to it on a play over ten years ago? Really?

    I submit that anyone who still has season tickets through this economy and all this team has been through the last few years is not going to cancel them over what might happen with Mike Sherman. Think about how ridiculous that is, how absurd. Frankly, it’s an empty threat from people who either don’t have season tickets in the first place or who actually believe their threat will be taken seriously enough to change the hire.

    I still like Rich Basaccia or Mike Zimmer personally but will not go 2.whatever PITA over hiring a man who has not coached one practice here yet either.
    I really have to wonder sometimes.

  11. stevek Says:

    Please no Sherman, if the Bucs Owner’s give a sh!t about their fans this won’t happen.

    Judgement Day!

  12. RustyRhino Says:

    How many other teams have the GM chose the corrdinators and coaching staff, is it just the Bucs?
    We need a coach soon.I’m Not a Sherman fan, I will support whoever the owners decide on.
    My favorites are, Marty, Billick, Zimmer. Yeah two retreads and a NFL vet DC. I find it very odd that Billick has not been mentioned or even Refered to as a possible candiate, very successful OC & HC won where ever he was a coach. Won the super bowl with Great Defence & with Trent Dillfer as his QB.

  13. JLM Says:

    Contact everyone you know and go place “for sale by fans” in the grass in front of the stadium. At least grab their attention. Do they really know how most of the fans feel about them?

  14. Brad Says:

    @Garv. I don’t like Sherman because he was fired by the Packers after 4 wins and 12 loses. The same record we fired Morris from. He didn’t have the respect of his QB and he was an average college coach. The Buc connection is just more of a reason and shows no respect for the history of this franchise. You can support him all you want but I’m not going to and won’t believe he’s going to be our coach until I hear it from the Glazers. I’m hoping this is just a favor from Dominik to make him marketable somewhere else.

  15. Picked Off Says:

    I’m trying to not be a fair-weather fan here, but Mike Sherman? Really? Mike Sherman? I would be at a total loss if that happened. Not saying I’m dropping the team or something dramatic like that but damn, I just don’t get it.

  16. stevek Says:

    Dom should not be allowed to appoint Assistant Coaches and Coordinators.

    He has failed at that, and needs to be stripped off those decisions.

    Please bring in a guy that can bring in his own staff.

    Dom screwed over Raheem with his poor Coordinator decisions, and would not let him bring in his guys.

  17. jimmy Says:

    “Dom screwed over Raheem with his poor Coordinator decisions, and would not let him bring in his guys.”

    No, Rah Rah screwed himself over because he was clueless as clueless is. Glorified high school coach.

  18. Joe Says:


    How many other teams have the GM chose the corrdinators and coaching staff, is it just the Bucs?

    Scott Pioli springs to mind. Probably Ozzie Newsome as well.

  19. stevek Says:

    Rightfully so for Ozzie Newsome, that guy can call the shots about as well as he played back in his day.

    Let’s make Ozzie the HC and GM.

  20. Northend Says:

    There is no way Sherman is the man.It would have been done already,wrapped up nice and neat if he is who they”really’ wanted.They are keeping him on the hook as a safety net if the bottom falls out again.
    I think half this stuff is generated by strouds speculation alone. everyday he puts out another story about Sherminator.I don’t live in the bay area so i can’t comment on his reporting chops but does he ever get inside scoop or have inside track at 1buc.Just pretty much the same vanilla crap each day and then when news does break its way different than they thought.am i off base here?

  21. Matt D Says:


    I agree 100%. I keep reading all these posts about people saying they will not support the Bucs anymore if they hire Sherman, or someone else they don’t prefer.

    To all that threaten to leave the Bucs camp, please feel free to leave now. Tampa doesn’t need fans like that. It needs real fans that stick through the good times, and the bad.

    Could any new coach really be as unmotivating as our last coach? Would any new offensive coordinator be worse than Olson? I would prefer a coach that brings in some innovation and new ideas, but if that isn’t what the Glazers ultimately pick then so be it. I’m with the Bucs and their decisions. If I’m labeled as “blind” by the rest of the people, then that’s fine. Have faith in the product.

  22. k1ngAdroc Says:

    “why not keep the others in play by telling them nothing?” = miss management

  23. k1ngAdroc Says:

    @ Matt D – Yes, and Glazericks have him on the hook. You need to remember that it is the same group making the choices that brought you the last set of coaches, so how can you say “have faith in the product”?

    not sure i follow your logic. No, i’m sure…. I can’t follow your logic

  24. GenocideD Says:

    This is so simple to see through and everyone on here seems to be biting for it. Sherman is a smokescreen. The Bucs will hire someone else. And they(Glazers) want that someone else to think the Bucs are interested in Sherman so they can pay that someone else less money. Settle down, people. My teenaged daughter is less of a drama queen than half of the people on here.

  25. eric Says:

    Be funny if Sherm turned em down and decided to keep his A@M pay out and fish in Texas or work with Philbin in Miami.

    I am not reading him as a yes man for rockstar. He had his battles in Green Bay and went after the A&M President for calling him on the phone to fire him. He said “were better than that” and held his own press conference. And we saw the man go after Sapp on the field.

    If he does get the hire I hope he has some power on draft day and FAs and the staff for God’s sake. Rockstar sucks at staffing.

  26. Patrick Says:

    TO ALL YOU PISS POOR FANS on here, why does a possible Sherman hiring make you want abandon this team?! He won games at Green Bay and had very nice offenses at A&M….they went 6-6 because of their defense and several close losses!

    Go ahead, don’t support this team or buy tickets. The team will move in a few years then you won’t gave to worry about them again. Sherman is qualified.

  27. L.J. Says:

    Garv & Matt D,

    I have lasted through the Culverhouse era, now the 2nd coming of Culverhouse the Cheap Glazer era and have Club seats that I dish out thousands of dollars for each year. We all forget that this is entertainment and the Glazers are responsible for putting a good product on the field in order to earn my money. I LOVE the Bucs and it is hard for me to walk away. I was at the first ever Bucs home win, I went to the Superbowl and have supported this team since it started, but now I feel that they are concerned more about their pockets than me, so I PROMISE you that I will cancel my tickets if they Hire Mike Sherman. Don’t think that it is not a difficult thing for me to do his, but I can not go through another year of what I saw last year. I have always supported this team, but what have they done to keep my business? NOTHING!!!


    Re: Green Bay – Sherman got blown out of 3 out of 4 playoff games with a stacked roster that he did not have to build.

    Re: A&M offenses. If you look at the numbers HALF the Big 12 had gaudy numbers. It shows that there was not a lot of defense being played. Texas, Oklahoma, Texas Tech, A&M, Nebraska, Mizzou…..It’s not like A&M was the only team with a good offense. Unless he is being hired as the OC, I would rather look at his record, which as head coach, he is responsible for….which was crap.

    Honest question: This team needs a good bit of work. This is not like Gruden hopping into the finely tuned race car. Where has Sherman ever shown that he can rebuild and improve a team? NFL?? College?? Anything?

  29. eric Says:

    Your right Mr. ALSTOTTSMART!

    I’m going to set myself on fire………………………

  30. MTM Says:

    Sherman is not the answer in Tampa. I keep seeing posts from ” Buc fans” who feel that whatever the Glazers do or not do. The fans should just shut up and take it. Sorry not everybody is a sheep.

    The Glazers will never be confused with the Rooneys or Krafts.
    Profiting comes first for the Glazers and product is a distant 2nd. The gap is widening.

  31. Matt D Says:


    Well, I didn’t mean the coaching staff as the “product.” I meant the actual roster. I’ll specify for you next time.

  32. Raphael Says:

    My hope is Chudzinski I think that is who it will be ….book it !

  33. Raphael Says:

    I heard word at the senior bowl is Chud will get a second interview as well

  34. Pete Dutcher Says:

    @Rick Stroud
    Sherman got a second interview, so it’s obvious he’s supposed to seem like a finalist.

    Honestly…if we’re not hearing about others it’s a good sign. The Bucs are probably working in secrecy again.

    As far as additional staff, I’m not worried. There are plenty of proven guys out there that people have forgotten about. Guys from last year for example. Or guys who went into media after getting canned as head coaches. These are guys that would be good coordinators.

  35. Northend Says:

    What has chud done?? Sherman is way more qualified.You all saw the numbers posted over the last few days.if he does get the gig we will be fine .

  36. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    The Glazers fooled all you guys with the Chip Kelly deal, after dangling Sherman out there as a decoy…and you’re all STILL whining about Sherman being hired? Seriously? They fooled you once and they’re already on the way to fooling you dimwits twice, and you still can’t figure out the game they’re running on you. Not the sharpest tools in the shed are the Bucs fans, are you?

  37. MTM Says:


    Trusting the Glazers to do the right thing at this point just makes you a tool. You don’t have to be sharp to figure that out. Stop with the defense of the Glazer boys and Pop star GM.

  38. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    MTM…read it again you moron. I didn’t defend anyone or anything. My point is that you guys think you know what the Glazers are doing with Sherman and you don’t have a damn clue. They fooled you completely already and they’ll probably do the same thing again. I’m not a Glazer supporter, but I’m also not an idiot who assumes he knows what they’re doing in their coaching search. Get a clue.



    I was hoping what happened with Kelly was occurring all along (jangling keys around in one hand, and having the other in a pocket, so to speak). So, it’s not hard to believe they are doing it again.

    However, this is the same group that hired both a head coach and general manager, both with zero past experience, at the exact same time. So, I’m sure you can understand the reluctance of some to believe they are going to make the right hire this time.

  40. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Alstott…I agree to a certain extent about the reluctance, but it’s also true that the “right” hire is open to interpretation. Ask the people on this site what that means and you’ll get 20 different head coach suggestions. Just because a fan says something is “right”, does that make it “right”? No, it doesn’t. This upcoming hire will only be proven right or wrong after the next 3 seasons play out, like with Raheem, and we see how they perform. Calling a hire before they’ve have a chance to be proven is like calling a coin flip before it lands. There’s no way of knowing ahead of time and anyone who tells you differently is trying to sell you oceanfront property in Oklahoma.

  41. MTM Says:

    Easy there Tex no need to start throwing names around. Your right I don’t know what the Glazers are going to do next. All I have to base my opinion on is the last 4 yrs of incompetence. And that big move to hire Kelly. How did that turn out? Get off the Glazers jock and get a grip.

  42. mark2001 Says:


    I would dare say that some marriages are barely holding on during these economic times. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a “last straw”.

    I don’t have season tickets….can’t afford them. But if I was hanging on to them as my hard earned discressionary income, which has been shrinking the last few years and maybe is down to these tickets or a summer family vacation and eating out every week or two. And if that is the case, I would think that the word “entertainment” might be a stretch should a guy that gives you little or no hope for the next few years…at least…be hired. That may be 20 or 50 or 500 families. I don’t know the actual numbers, but with nearly half the homes underwater, why would giving up the tickets be far fetched. And honestly, I prefer football, but given the choice between the Rays and Bucs….especially if Shermy is the HC, it would be a relatively easy choice for the better entertainment product between two teams you try to support.

  43. Garv Says:


    I get not being able to afford tickets, or having higher priorities…..I really do.
    But people insisting they are going to give up their season tickets solely based on whether or not Mike Sherman gets the job a FOS. I’m sure they either do not have them to begin with or are making idol threats that will not be heard.

    Would they have kept them if Jon Gruden or Raheem Morris were still here? LOL
    I have no idea. I know this, I pay to go to NFL games in Tampa to see my Buccaneers play, not to watch clipboards strut the sidelines and I most certainly do not care if that HC got into an altercation with a former Buccaneer TEN YEARS AGO to stand up for a player he felt needed it.

    Again, OF COURSE I GET THE ECONOMY IS A FACTOR! Family first, no doubt about it.

  44. L.J. Says:

    Garv you just don’t get it!!!!