Marty Chokenheimer “Intrigued” By Bucs

January 10th, 2012

Given the lackluster if not retread list of coaches Team Glazer and Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik have interviewed, or are scheduled to interview thus far (candidates we know of), clearly the coach that raises an eyebrow more than others is Marty Chokenheimer.

Chokenheimer is one of the best regular season coaches in recent decades in the NFL. But as far as postseason success, well, his teams shut down just like the regular season shuts down.

Despite the awful playoff record, Chokenheimer seems excited about the possibility of being the next Bucs coach, succeeding jettisoned Raheem Morris, so Chokenheimer told Woody Cummings of the Tampa Tribune.

“I think it’s an interesting situation they have there in Tampa with so many talented young players,” said Marty Schottenheimer, 68, who is slated to interview with the Bucs today in Tampa.

“When I started to look at the team a little more closely, I was amazed at all the young players they have. There are a lot of guys 28 and younger there. It’s very intriguing.”

Interesting. Joe was under the impression from some that the Bucs are barren of talent.

Joe can say one thing about Chokenheimer: If he comes to the Bucs this team will be whipped into shape. None of the nonsense that Morris tolerated if not enabled would happen under the boot of Chokenheimer.

Players that ran wrong routes, players that committed a bunch of penalities, players that regarded meetings as voluntary would either fly right from Day 1 or they would be launched without much warning.

And players that played ole’ football in the final weeks of the Morris regime, they’d likely not even make it to the Bucs first session of OTAs this spring.

The more Joe thinks about it, maybe Chokenheimer is just the right guy for this young team?

59 Responses to “Marty Chokenheimer “Intrigued” By Bucs”

  1. Tommy Boy Says:

    Exactly my thoughts. Playoff record be damned. He will at least get us back to competitive play in the regular season.

  2. NJBucsFan Says:

    Perry Fewell

  3. Ash Says:

    I bet San Diego and Washington wish they still had him. Dude went 14-2 in his last season!!! We havent had a consistent playoff team since the Dungy days. I’m all for Marty.

  4. PDUB Says:

    Let’s go out and get this guy. Free’s knack for late game comebacks cancels out the choke in chokenheimer. Plus one has to make the playoffs to choke in the playoffs.

  5. Brad Says:

    @joe.. Nice you finally came around to thinking its a good idea. You were definitely in the minority (unless it was the other Joe). I still want the team to interview the top coordinators and just because Raheem ( and Dominik) failed that shouldn’t scare them from looking at young coaches as well. But Marty is for sure the best candidate so far.

  6. eric Says:

    chilly hung ip the phone on the times reporter?

    That guy needs to be committed.

    At this point those chucky 05 and07 one and done teams look like the walsh dynasty.

    Hire Marty.

  7. raphael Says:


  8. ZanyZack Says:

    Marty Ball will win games and bring good old fashioned dignity back to this franchise. If the Glazers get this guy, I’ll go to and buy a custom made Schottenheimer 69 jersey. I’m serious. Let’s start to win again. Marty will know how to move the chains with this team.

  9. bucfanjeff Says:

    I’ll pass. He has typically run very conservative offenses and I’m going to continue to beat the drum of ‘we are not a run first team’. It’s a passing league and his time has past. I don’t want a coach for ‘right now’. I want a coach for now and the future. IMO, Marty isn’t it. (Surely at some point he would hire his son from the Jets – no thanks)

  10. BucsfaninMi Says:


  11. Bucs55 Says:

    I would love the hire he seems right for the bucs the only thing that makes me worried is the offense and defensive coordinaters we have spent so much time and money staying wit the 4-3 systems on defense is he goin to come here and switch to 3-4 I don’t think we have the players to play it on offense who’s goin to help freeman get better I don’t really like his son as a offensive coordinater he couldn’t even help sanchez get better ….

  12. I_Miss#40 Says:

    I like the idea of Marty the more I think about it, give him a young rising star as one of his coordinators to groom and in 3-4 years when he is ready to retire you have his replacement on staff…Tom Clements anyone?

  13. eric Says:

    Marty had the sixth ranked offense in sd in 06.

    Remember the alternatives…

  14. Cannon Says:

    Marty as HC combined with a top shelf OC and DC.

    That sounds like a solid plan to me.

  15. Brown Bag Might Get Crumpled Says:

    Joe, I agree on MArty. He’s the best bet in the senior, experienced NFL coach group. While his NFL playoff record isn’t so good, eh just took another league championship. I’m betting he wants to prove everyone wrong about his ability to go the distance int eh NFL.

  16. Bobby Says:

    Listen, I like Marty as a choice for head coach. For all the griping about boring offenses or ‘he’d bring his son in as OC and he couldn’t help Sanchez’ that’s BS. First of all, the OC is NOT a QB coach. Ask Aaron Rogers who has helped him and he’ll tell you it’s Tom Clements who happens to be the QB coach. The OC runs the offensive scheme and draws up the plays. He may or may not call the plays during the game. Sean Peyton calls the plays for the Saints but he is not the OC. Sometimes HC’s get too much credit if teams have brilliant OC’s and DC’s and sometimes HC’s get crucified when in fact they have lousy OC’s and DC’s. The ‘team’ of coaches is every bit as important as the ‘team’ of players. As a leader I think Marty would be a great choice for this young team and he has the pedigree to draw good coordinators and position coaches to work with him. This would be a much better hire in my opinion than Mike Sherman but I would support either.

  17. flmike Says:

    This team needs a disciplinarian father figure type coach, at least to get them and the org going in the right direction, I can see Marty (my second choice behind Fisher) coming in and getting these guys whipped into a disciplined unit, guiding them thru two or three seasons then handing off the reins to Brian who will no doubt be the OC if his dad gets another shot as an HC in the NFL.

  18. flmike Says:

    No one, but no one is going to make Mark Sanchez any better than he is right now. What you see with Sanchez is what you are going to get for his career. He’s a game manager at best, a game mangler at worst. Carroll was absolutely correct, Sanchez needed another year of college ball.

  19. Nick Says:

    I really hope he gets the job. The worst thing I can think about when I hear Mike Sherman is “west coast offense”. Please God no more of the dink and dunk

  20. ty Says:

    i dont see how people can be so impressed with jeff fisher and give marty a look like he is a joke. yes fisher got to a superbowl but lost and marty other than having never made a superbowl has a way more impressive resume

  21. McBuc Says:

    FLMike, why would he be behind Fisher? His track record is better than Fisher, exc ept Fiosher did lose a Super Bowl. Fisher made the play offs 6 times in sixteen years! Why all the love for the dude with the creepy mustach? I just do not get it. Marty has won a ton of games. In fact, I would prefer Wade over Fisher, I am glad Fisher and the Bucs are not interested in eachother.

  22. mjmoody Says:

    If the Bucs’ could work it to have Schottenheimer come in to right the ship–possibly a 3 year deal–with some very talented “up and coming” College level OC or DC behind him to take the reins…but that would cost $$. You still get the young mind with the young team concept in the end. I hear bucfanjeff on the conservative nature of Martyball. Does a team still want to be run first in today’s league? Philosophy–coaching style–should dictate coach. NO vs SF is one to watch. SF is the best in the NFC at great D with ball control O. They are playing on a field similar to RJS. At the end of that game I wonder if everybody will still be comfortable with Martyball coming to the NFC South.

  23. bucfanjeff Says:

    It appears people on here are ‘settling for’ or ‘talking themselves into’ a coach.
    Big name be damned. Pick the right freaking guy with eyes on the long term success.
    Here’s a novel idea, how about the Glazers keep looking and interview the likes of Clements, Zimmer, Billick, etc?

  24. bucfanjeff Says:

    You don’t have to be an old, experienced coach to have and instill discipline. We got rid of the whole coaching staff, there are no loyalties. Expecting and demanding your beliefs should be easy. “Do it or go somewhere else” “My way or the highway”

  25. Brown Bag Might Get Crumpled Says:

    Joe, maybe consider calling him Schottenheimer in case anyone from Bucs reads this.

  26. flmike Says:

    I have always liked Fisher, for whatever reason, I have always liked his coaching style. Plus, he’s willing to work with any GM, as he has never demanded even after 17 years with one team total control over personel, as we witnessed with the Titans drafts, where he was vocally against drafting Vince Young, but coached him as best he could, I guess it’s the loyal soldier thing. Anyway, like I said, this team needs a father figure disciplinarian type and Marty does fit that bill, and also has a winning history, plus I think Brian has been shortchanged in NY, Sanchez is as good as he’s ever going to get, LT is 3 years past his expiration date and Shone Green is looking more like a rotation guy than a bell-cow type back who can carry a team.

  27. Brown Bag Might Get Crumpled Says:

    Just thinking we should give the BUcs any negative vibe if they are having trouble deciding which coach to pick. MArty is a safe bet and will excite the fans as they get to know him.

  28. TurnThePage Says:

    [Cool. And since you are an enemy of Joe’s, you are history here. — Joe]

  29. ty Says:

    well clements i would prefer to have as oc but not so much as head coach without at least having experience as a cordinator. you go experience like marty at hc and someone like clements as oc so when marty is done you have someone to take over.

  30. flmike Says:

    one off topic point.
    Claiborne over Richardson, in the draft, Mo Claiborne did his job, Richardson couldn’t get going and looks like a 3rd pick, maybe.

  31. Brad Says:

    @ty.. Your right on. Talking about the future you do exactly what you said. You bring in solid coordinators to learn under Marty and then you let them take over in 2-4 years. The key no matter the head coach are the coordinators. Even though people think Marty is too old he can bring in young enthusiastic coordinators to get the most out of both sides of the ball. All eyes are on the Glazers and what they spend on their coaches. We need a true leader and disciplinarian as the HC and guys that know how to teach and coach at the position coaches. Then if we still have Dom (God help us) he needs to hire the best talent evaluater out there to target key FA’s to come in to help the young guys out. I would even consider trading some draft choices to bring in that Hardy Nickerson type.

  32. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Why can Joe use this nickname for a coaching legend but Joe objected to those (including ESPN) that branded Rah Radio?

    How about some consistency other than consistent lust for the pimple-faced, 4pm GM?

  33. raphael Says:

    Richardson really benches 550 plus ?? !!! wow holy crap dude is strong…
    Bucs should hire Marty and cancel the remaining interviews

  34. stevek Says:

    How about some consistency other than consistent lust for the pimple-faced, 4pm GM?


    “Chokenheimer” should be Dom’s nickname. Marty is a “Rockstar” compared to the sorry 4 pm GM

  35. ty Says:

    i will say i am suprised they have not contacted billick. also i still like blackmon i think free could use the weapon for me it would go in this order 1.blackmon
    i think free could use the confidence and belief that his orginization stands behind him

  36. Ash Says:

    4pm GM? Surprised Del Rio isnt on Dom’s radar. hahaha

  37. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    I agree Joe, If you can find it in your big heart, please stop calling him Chokenheimer.
    IMHO, he is by FAR the best choice so far for Tampa Head Coach, and has the demonstrated ability to turn teams around.

  38. TurnThePage Says:


    “He was hired to be the head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on January 11, 2012.”

    First paragraph.

  39. ty Says:

    it doesnt say he was hired what it says is far more hilarious and insulting

  40. stevek Says:



  41. MTM Says:

    Dom is hiring Sherm. The Marty, Chilly and Lil Bum interviews are just for show. Dom doesn’t want Billick because he would challenge his inexperience and show his incompetence. Rule one in management. Don’t hire people with potential to cost you your own job.

  42. ty Says:

    @ mtm

    i agree but why not give him an interview to apease the fans

  43. Nick Says:

    Turn the Page? Learn how to read first before you start turning pages.

    “He was expected to be hired to be the head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on January 11, 2012, but has since decided to take a job at a local high school instead working for free.”

  44. eric Says:

    Notice the way Marty strokes Dom’s ego with the good young talent remark.

    Very savy indeed.

    Will probably tell the Glazers how much he admires their plan.

    Guys a pro obviously, unlike Chilly who hung up the phone on the guy.

  45. Bucbeliever Says:

    If Shottenheimer comes here, is this his inaugural speech? Sure sounds applicable to the Bucs.

    GO BUCS!

  46. knucknbuc Says:

    In 1 way I want marty to coach here in another way you could maybe say the game has passed him up at his age. Remember Joe Gibbs trying to come back to the skins? But then I think his philophy will be perfect for our team. Smash blount, play good D, and have free use the medium to deep parts of the field off of play action. It could work. Dom get marty not SHERMAN!!!

  47. k1ngAdroc Says:

    I like Marty and he seems like the right fit for us. Older, experienced HC with a burning desire to coach and younger family still coaching and very involved in the NFL. He is not “outta touch” and will whip this team into shape before day 1.
    That said, I do agree with bucfanjeff. Interview and hire the right for the job!

    Come on MD, do your job! Show us that you/ownership mean business and you might get ours!

  48. ty Says:

    @ bucbeliever

    that speech was amazing he has a very smooth very almost stereotypical like movie coach way about him in that speech

  49. Sensiblebuc Says:


    I don’t see a lack of consistency on Joe’s part with choose to put the kibosh on the “Radio” moniker while using “Chokenheimer”. One is a criticism of a successful big time coach with a bit of a rep for coming up small in big games…the other is a lazy and offensive (both race-based and mentally challenged-based) attack on the way a nervous 1st time (and ultimately, underqualified) head coach spoke to the media.

    Unjustified criticism on your part.

  50. Brent Says:

    Well I think Marty is a better choice that Sherman at this point. I like the control of the team he can bring. As for his age 68 I think its not a problem. Vermeil was 63 when he won SB with Rams. I still would like Nolan fo DC as for OC, Marty I’m sure will have a special talent for that spot.

  51. Joe Says:


    Nice you finally came around to thinking its a good idea.

    No, Joe didn’t “come around.” But if the list of known candidates are the only ones Team Glazer is considering, out of that group, Chokenheimer is the best. That’s not saying much.

  52. Joe Says:


    Why can Joe use this nickname for a coaching legend but Joe objected to those (including ESPN) that branded Rah Radio?

    How about some consistency other than consistent lust for the pimple-faced, 4pm GM?

    You are generally a very savvy commenter. This is a troll attempt of a 14-year old. You are better than this. 🙂

  53. eric Says:

    I agree with Joe on Marty, given the list.

    Id rank them as follows:


    Wade’s record is better than prople give him credit, having to work for Bills and Jerry Jones in particular.

    Maybe Clements could be pried away from GB with a coordinator/assistant Head Coach position under him. Wade sure does a good job with defenses.

  54. Joe Says:


    Thanks. Thomas is just having a bad day. He’s reaching for material for some reason this morning. 🙂

  55. Vince Says:

    Gotta agree with Joe, of the clowns this franchise has brought in for an interview Marty is the only one I would NOT refer to as a clown.

  56. Bucboi2280 Says:

    Ok so i will take Marty at HC, Tom Clements as OC, and Spags or Del Rio as DC. Anyone on board?

  57. Sensiblebuc Says:

    Sounds good Bucboi except that Brian Schotenheimer will be the OC. Del Rio, Spags and even Ron Meeks would be great here.

  58. flmike Says:

    Would love to see Spags but I have a feeling either the G-men or the Eagles are going to rehire him. Ron Meeks is a name I haven’t heard for a while.

  59. A REAL Bucs Fan Says:

    Joe Says:

    January 10th, 2012 at 12:24 pm

    You are generally a very savvy commenter. This is a troll attempt of a 14-year old. You are better than this.
    Now that was funny! 😉