Giving Up On Josh Freeman Is Crazy

January 14th, 2012

Recently, former Bucs defensive end Chidi Ahanotu typed a column for in which he detailed what was wrong with the Bucs after their grotesque 10-game tailspin to end the season, which led to Raheem Morris being jettisoned.

Boy, Ahanotu sure had a lot to write about.

Ahanotu is no fan of Josh Freeman. In fact, Ahanotu believes the Bucs must throw Freeman overboard for the 2011 season and start anew by drafting Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Robert Griffin (RGIII) of Baylor.

The Bucs, having won the fifth pick of the 2012 NFL Draft, may have a slight chance to select a quarterback like Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III. Freemen is a suspect and must go.

For Joe, this is simply crazytalk.

Now Joe has no beef whatsoever with Ahanotu. Joe’s had cocktails with him before and he’s a good guy. That typed, was the 2010 season simply a mirage? So the Bucs should run Freeman a year after he tosses 25 touchdowns against six interceptions? Really?

Innkeeper, Bushmills and water on the rocks, please!

No one, not one person knows if RGIII can play on the NFL level. He should be able to, but right now that’s nothing more than guessing.

Freeman has already shown he can play on the NFL level, and at a high level in fact. Now no one knows if the 2010 season was a fluke for him or not, but to suggest the Bucs — who have mega-millions of dollars invested in Freeman — should wash their hands of him after one bad season is bordering on outrageous.

Per Rotoworld, Freeman has two more seasons left in his contract. If the Bucs’ new coach and a new coordinator (and hopefully new toys to play with) can’t turn him around in two years, then Joe can easily see the Bucs letting him walk after the 2013 season.

56 Responses to “Giving Up On Josh Freeman Is Crazy”

  1. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    It’s not bordering on outrageous…it’s the very definition of outrageous. Pure idiocy, plain and simple. Any fan who agrees with Ahanotu is just as much an idiot regarding Freeman.

  2. Pete 422 Says:

    Pewter report desperate for columnists…..Ahanotu desperate for a job……

  3. Tye Says:

    RGIII could be much worse……..There is no guarantees…. Not every QB high draft pick has panned out… The Bucs do need a proven QB in this league on the roster to either push Freeman or replace him just incase he has already peaked and can’t return to the level he once played at…. 1 year wonders do happen in the NFL!

  4. BucFan South Tampa Says:

    Freeman is the real deal. Give hi some receivers and an OC (Hue Jackson), and we have a football team again. Oh, and get a Running Back who was at least drafted instead of our undrafted posers in the backfield. No. 5 is the least of our problems. Enough of this fooling around Joel and Bryan. Get Zimmer signed up as HC and lets start working the Combine for some talent.

  5. Garv Says:


    That typed, I’d have to seriously consider Luck if the 1 pick was ours.
    Or get one hell of a trade for it.

  6. Big Picture Guy Says:

    Joe, I would even argue he had that miracle season in spite of all the factors surrounding him. I mean how often did Freeman have to put this team on his shoulders and win the game in the 4th quarter???

    Imagine what he can do with some experienced coaches and another weapon or 2 at his disposal, not to mention the return of a real NFL offseason.

    Chidi must be hanging out with too many housewives who have nothing better to do with their time than remodel their living rooms and replace their Italian drapes on a bi-yearly basis.

    Talk about a real kick to the nuts to Freeman on his birthday yesterday by Ahanotu. Classy guy.

  7. Keith Says:

    JFree just turned 24 years old yesterday and already has 2.5 years of NFL experience. He is a proud man and will learn from this year… The bucs need to give him some legit weapons! JFree will be just fine

  8. bucfanlostiniowa Says:

    Bust -in-waiting, 2012, the wait will be over.

  9. RCH Says:

    Im not suggesting to get rid of Freeman by any means and am anticipating on him bouncing back with having a full offseason and some potential new toys to play with. With that said I gotta say if RG3 is still on the board at number five I do hope that we take a good strong look at taking him. I think it could bring us some real strong trade value and if not imediate in the future and would be a great upgrade at back up compaired to Josh Johnson and then could shop him around after a year or two. Also would be good competition to keep Freeman on top of his game.

  10. jdog Says:

    Does anyone even go to that site anymore?

  11. bucfanlostiniowa Says:

    Keith ,what are you his dad or something?

  12. Sensiblebuc Says:

    Obviously, Chidi took it too far but nobody on this roster is above reproach. Everybody regressed this year save a handful of guys. The fact of the matter is, everybody moaned and groaned when Freeman was drafted because he was less than spectacular in college. He didnt win many games, he turned the ball over and he was said to be immature. To be perfectly honest, we’ve seen more of that player than we have seen of the focused stud leader that we saw from him in 2010. At this moment in his career he’s more Ryan Fitzpatrick than Big Ben

  13. Brain Says:

    People who blame Freeman have no idea how to analyze football. Freeman has the goods, as we saw last year and times last year. It’s hard to be a productive QB with an abomination of an OC calling plays and WRs that can’t get open or catch a football, not to mention all the penalties. It’s easy to just point blame at whatever is on the surface instead of identifying underlying root problems.

    Last time I read what Ahanotu has to say!

  14. Brain Says:

    RG3 is a special, special player though. I’m very confident he’ll be a better player than Freeman, but Freeman is good enough to win a Super Bowl and we’re better off filling other needs than restarting.

  15. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Outrageous is calling the 17-31, 4pm GM a rock star. Not a good idea = giving up on Free. Free’s receivers are just plain not very good. His tight end group is below average, worst in the division. The running back group – not very talented.

    Give Free a legit #1 wr, a reliable RB check down and blocker, and a big athletic tight end – he will be fine. Really, Freeman’s upside is that he could be the equivalent of Big Ben.

  16. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I read that entire article, and the entire thing was incredibly stupid and unrealistic. I was surprised because he has written some pretty good articles since joining PR, but this one was pure rubbish. Not only Freeman, he was lobbying for us to get rid of pretty much everyone. He played in the NFL, he should know better than to write garbage like that. Yeah, let’s just get rid of the whole team, right before most of them are at the point where they should actually start to get it, as well as not allowing a new coach to come in and try to fix this mess. Embarrassing read from Mr. Ahanotu.

  17. Deminion Says:

    Free is the man he had no weapons no speed at WR no threats at all on Offensive i admit he had a rough season but whn i look back at the gms he forced alot of balls cause no one was ever open!!!! with that being said get him some weapons!

  18. eric Says:

    Surely not the time to give up on him.

    However drafting or signing a legit back up qb just in case isn’t a bad idea. Late rounds.

    Give him just a little competition. And the other josh needs to be replaced.

  19. Macabee Says:

    While you’re at it, you’d better get him a decent LG and a RT. Your eyes don’t lie!

  20. Sgt Mike Says:

    RGIII is intriguing but is he the next Peyton Manning or the next Ryan Leaf? Free has proven he can get the job done sometimes with limited talent. There was no way he could have looked good with a bunch of quitters. Not easy to come back from a 24 point deficit in the 4th quarter. Definitely more mistakes are made when you are behind and have to force things to try to jump start your mid grade weapons. Can’t blame Free for at least half of his picks maybe more. How many times did we see WR/TE/RB’s tip or not make the catch and it ended up in the defenders hand. Stick with Freeman he still has the skills that can be brought out with good coaching, something he hasn’t had since K-State. Mahamatu is nuts.

  21. Tommy Boy Says:

    Chidi has a personal vendetta against Freeman. Josh apparently dissed Chidi a couple of times because he didn’t know who Chidi Ahanotu was. Big whoop. You don’t give up on Freeman after one bad year. Ahanotu’s credibility goes right out the window. Stay objective big man.

  22. sandbagrudy Says:

    I’d take any of the other tight ends in the nc south over winslow. shockey olsen and obviously graham the league is utilizing tight ends in the game who are athletic and can block come on man if your going to hurdle over a tackle at least hold on to the ball frog mouth what happened to we are playing to save our coaches job.

  23. Trox Says:

    I’m not in favor of drafting a QB, rather sign a veteran who has actually played in the league. It’s too bad Chad Pennington has nothing left in the tank, I think he would be the perfect type of back-up for Freeman. I’m sure there are other veteran QBs like Pennington available, I just can’t think of one off the top of my head.

  24. Bucnjim Says:

    Young kid trying to do to much and a poor coaching staff that let him try to do to much. While doing so they also completely messed up his mechanics as well. This guy is going to be a very good QB in this league for a long time. If you think any different; you probably don’t pay much attention to Bucs games. An interception is an interception, but the fact that almost half are a direct result of bouncing off receivers hands; (or running into each other) then those have to be considered as well.

  25. mainebuc Says:


  26. 941-Bucs Says:

    I would prefer to NOT throw Freeman out the door just yet. Last season wasn’t just Freeman. It was the ENTIRE team and coaching staff. All around just a disaster. Let’s give him, Blount, The WR’s a chance to have thier 1st full off-season program together. With hopefully coaches who know what they are doing. If next year the look just as bad. Time for change, but then and only then.

    I don’t want Freeman to become the next Doug Williams, Steve Young, or (dare I even say it) Trent Dilfer and go win a Super Bowl with another team.

  27. 941-Bucs Says:

    I hope we use Josh Johnson as trade bait. I am sure John (or is it Jim? lols) Harbough wouldn’t mind having his understudy take over his newly minted team over Alex Smith? It’s obvious he wont be able to get Andrew Luck. Would he be interested in having the one who came before Andrew again ?

    Just a thought. Could get us more draft picks or one of those yummy LBer’s they have =)

  28. gotbbucs Says:

    941-Bucs, can’t really use a FA as trade bait.
    Josh Johnson would probably only fetch a very late round pick anyway.

  29. A REAL Bucs Fan Says:

    Chidi Ahanotu is not right about Josh Freeman…but there is a certain level of sense in taking a quarterback with that pick.

    There is also a good chance of it, depending on if the new coach wants his own guy or not.

    But even so…how often does a team get to pick this high? Of all the positions to be taken with a top 5 pick, I would think QB would be at the top of the list.

    We take RG3 and trade him to someone further down for their 1st and 2nd pick….maybe more.

    OR we bring in RG3 to compete. If Freeman is as good as we think, it won’t make a difference. If RG3 is good, we have him to fall back on. If both are good, we get 2 1st round picks next year by trading him.

    So a case can be made for it.

  30. ScottB Says:

    Was that Josh Freeman at QB this season.. I thought it was Vinny Testaverde. They’re both mediocre at best.

  31. Bucnjim Says:

    The QB position has more high draft busts than probably all other positions combined. If you think about it; there is four Superstar QB’s and one of them has a career ending injury. So that leave’s Roger’s, Bree’s, and Brady. I’d much rather them take a chance on a defensive player in the secondary or a LB.

  32. jdog Says:

    This doesn’t matter because RG3 won’t be there at 5. You can take that to the bank.

  33. Nano Says:

    Another has been with an opinion. Clueless!!!!

  34. Buzzsaw Says:

    Tommy Boy is absolutely right about Chidi having a personal grudge against Josh. That insight came from an article written by Ahanotu himself. But Josh did know who he was because he was told by his dad who Chidi was. Chidi thought Josh disrespected him by not wanting to hang out and talk to him.

    Joe, Chidi is not such a “good guy” … look at his arrest record. I think that Josh knows Chidi’s reputation and that’s why he didn’t want to “hang out with Chidi”. I wouldn’t want to either. He is not a class guy.

    So Chidi now disses Josh every chance he gets.

  35. A REAL Bucs Fan Says:

    I won’t sit here and bash Chidi because I don’t care for his opinion or because it differs from mine…unlike most people here. For some reason, if someone has a different opinion than you guys, you think you need to gang up on that person.

    Not very adult.

    I disagree with Chidi…but I’m not going to insult him either. I JUST DON’T AGREE with him. Period.

    I also don’t believe that we SHOULD take a QB with the pick, but I do see how a new coach might think we should.

    But JOSH FREEMAN is not a bust. Period. Blaming just him for this year is ignorant at best. The fall this year happened to everyone, and no one player was responsible. Neither was one coach. Or one GM. Or one owner.

    The failure this year was a group effort. Just as succeeding will be a group effort.

  36. Northend Says:

    2010 great year bought freeman 2 years of capitol.he was mediocre this year,statistically not horrible, but my eyes don’t lie.gets a mulligan for olsens sh%#ty play calling and 0 free agent help,no off season.
    We should take cullen moore late in the draft(he’s a brees clone with sick skills and comp%)pick up a vet(garrad ???)and with a new oc and some coaching he will be back on track.
    Oh and lets give him some targets Finnley?blackmon?bowe? lamichael james

  37. Mr Lucky Says:

    Wow I must have been watching a different Tampa Bay Bucs play in 2011 because while many of you apologists write, “give Freeman some legit weapons” must be BLIND.

    How many forced passes did Freeman make this year? What good are weapons when the QB, in this case Freeman, throws the ball BEHIND the WR? Will a superquick WR be able to force Josh Freeman to actually get the ball out before the D-line are pulling him to the ground?

    Sure Freeman had some 4th quarter come from behind victories – in 2010. In 2011 Freeman was looser with the football than a streetwalker on Fowler Ave. If the QB from Baylor is on the board at the #5 pick the Bucs would be smart to take him. Freeman will be nothing more than Trent Dilfer.

    But then again all you were writing about how great Raheem was in 2010 too!

  38. GenocideD Says:

    Totally agree, Joe. Ridiculous talk. Freeman is an awesome QB and we’ll resign him after 2013. A simple Sophomore slump b/c of a combination of receivers that couldn’t get open, horrendous play calling and the obligation of trying to force balls under these circumstances while constantly playing from behind b/c of a crappy defense of ours. We’ll certainly pick up a no.1 speedster and a 2nd RB and this year will be a lot better than last.

  39. Sensiblebuc Says:

    @ Mr. Lucky

    “How many forced passes did Freeman make this year? What good are weapons when the QB, in this case Freeman, throws the ball BEHIND the WR? Will a superquick WR be able to force Josh Freeman to actually get the ball out before the D-line are pulling him to the ground?”

    I agree completely. Watch today’s Saints-49ers game. The Saints receivers arent doing anything special. Outside of Sproles & Henderson they arent super explosive. Most of the time theyre actually covered pretty well…but they catch the ball anyway. Drew Brees throws people open due to timing and ball location on his throws.

    It doesn’t matter if we get Blackmon or Desean Jackson or whoever in here if Free doesn’t clean up his accuracy or ability to read defenses quickly. Part if that is coaching but it’s mostly on his shoulders to do it.

  40. Thomas Says:

    arealbucsfan is absolutely correct! That is the best thing to do for our team imo

  41. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    IF Cleveland would give up the 4th and 22nd pick in the 1st round for him. Do it without looking back. We could get RG3, Claiborne, and Courtney Upshaw all in the first round!!! And add LaMichael James in the 2nd. We would have a WAY better offense and MUCH IMPROVED defense!!! Shutdown corner, OLB who can put pressure on the QB and make stops against the run. And then getting Griffin over Freeman makes sense on many levels. He is more accurate at passing. Better runner by far. Doesn’t throw a lot of picks. Picks up the playbook very easy and quick. The guy graduated in three years and did it with a real major. Not basket weaving or someting ridiculous like some players have.

    That would be the only way I would get rid of him. And thats only if RG3 is still there at pick #4. But the talent we could get in that deal would be amazing. Draft RG3 at 4, and one of the three guys Matt Kalil, Justin Blackmon, Morris Claiborne will be there at pick #5. All three will be day one starters with all pro talent. And at pick 22, hopefully Courtney Upshaw will still be there. He is Lamar Woodley 2.0 I love this guy and hate Bama with a passion. But you could see in the Championship game how he dominated a future NFL offensive line and RBs. He is the defensive version of Marshawn Lynchs Beast mode.

    What about signing Marshawn Lynch as a FA and drafting LaMichael James. Then trade Blount for atleast a 2nd round pick. Maybe a late 1st round pick. Lynch and James would be a SCARY combo and Lynch is still only 25 or 26 so he still has several years left. And I would rather have his hard running over Blounts fumble issue and attitude problem!!

  42. squadoosh Says:

    @941-Bucs……when you are referring to dudes I would try not using the word “yummy”!…just sayin

  43. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    I think Josh Freeman is fine and will have a good career. But RGIII is Cam Newton. We saw first hand what he does. As far as value goes, if he were there it would be nearly impossible to pass up – even if it was a trade value pick.

    It wont matter / he will be gone.

  44. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Chidi is a great guy, and was a tough player. Be careful running your mouth to Chidi, ask Sapp.

  45. Says:

    Tough call. Freeman was a pick machine when he first started. As we know, he grew and began balling but against a sh*tbag schedule. And then, he was a pick machine again against an equal schedule. Is he damaged now? Confidence gone? Is he on the pipe or butt-hurt over strippers in south Tampa?

    Here’s the deal: If RG3 is still on the board, then you have to consider it or just pick him up. How many times does a quarterback of his caliber come around and you have the high draft pick to get him? Also what is the new head coach going to want to do?

    Its an interesting situation but Chidi messed up the article by acting like a Girl freeman cheated on.

  46. ty Says:

    i say in fifth round we take a kellen moore or russel wilson for a back up qb since jj is leaving

  47. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    IF somehow we could get Russel Wilson in the 5th round! YEA BOY!! It sucks we are gonna lose JJ. I always wanted him to get his chance. But Wilson could be our starter if Freeman continues to be a “pick machine”. That could be like a Tom Brady type pick. Granted he isn’t Brady. But the guy can straight ball! Would love this guy as our #2. Still would prefer trading Freeman and getting RG3! Whoop Whoop

  48. MTM Says:

    The should Bucs should take the best player on the board at 5. They need everything.

  49. A REAL Bucs Fan Says:

    Mr. Lucky
    I disagree, but Josh is the one who will have to prove naysayers wrong. He and nearly every player on the team put himself into a position to be criticized this year.

    I think certain players are being underestimated:
    Freeman, Williams, Benn, Stroughter, GMC, Stocker, and Bowers.

    I think Clayborn is a destructive juggernaut destined to be counted among the best.

    To me, Parker has potential IF HE STOPS FUMBLING THE BALL.

    Blount is determined to fix his MINOR fumbling issue before it gets out of control like Parker. I think he’ll be fine. I hope the new coach can develop a good run attack.

    We need to be stronger at right takle,DT,OLB & CB…and we need a WR, RB& TE.

    Looks like 2 more years of rebuilding!

  50. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Give Freeman a receiver like Graham, a back who can block, and a scheme that is not obvious, and watch out.
    Josh Freeman is the real deal, he just needs some help.

  51. Buzzsaw Says:

    Yeah, Chidi is a warm, wonderful human being. Just don’t let him know you don’t want to hang out with him.

  52. Bucfan34 Says:

    2010 was a mirage. Josh only had 4th Q comebacks bc he was terrible in the first half. He has terrible mechanics, is inaccurate as can be, and threw less deep balls (21+ yards) than anyone else in the league with his number of attempts. An inaccurate, fundamental mess that’s gun-shy and 17-23 as a starter in 2.5 years isn’t exactly a godsend like some Bucs fans think he is.

    He has to be on a short leash to start this year. 2010 is cancelled out by 2011 and his rookie year was very “bleh”. Right now, Josh has no history. He has to earn snaps by playing well. If he starts 2012 poorly, move on.

  53. David Says:

    Really…after Morris COACHES the team to a 10-6 record he was fired….but the quarterback who gave away games because of turnovers can stay because we owe him “mega-millions”??? Ok, if we owed Morris mega millions you same people/media would be calling keeping Morris a “money issue” and talking about the “kickball” team across the pond. I liked Morris, thought he would be a good coach. Just thought he needed one coach or advisor on his staff that could be a mentor. I also like Josh Freeman but this is the NFL and we were 4-12 last year, therefore we should not rule out anyone being “jettisoned” including the head coach.

  54. Capt.Tim Says:

    I think Chidi may be right on this one. As Jeff Carlson said, his Mechanics were so bad this year, he needs a complete rework, ala Tim Tebow. He threw so many horrible interceptions this year, there is no excuse or blame that would explain them. How many in the end zone? Inside the 20? The guy was a one man drive killer. I’m sure the lock out hurt him. I’m sure his WRs hurt him. But he used the worst mechanics, and worst decision making , I’ve here since Jack Thompson! Can we rebuild him? Meybe.

    I’d rather throw him out with the Raheem bathwash, and use our pick to get a proven winner. Trade Freeman to Washington or Cleveland- get more picks.

  55. Burg Says:

    Maybe Chidi and Burger King can get a radio show, we can call it “Two washed up losers”

  56. Darren Says:

    Chidi was right…funny to look back on all you jackasses.