Chip Kelly To The Bucs?

January 22nd, 2012

Per reports out of Portland, KGW-TV, word is that Oregon football coach Chip Kelly is working to finalize a contract with the Bucs, writes Michael Berk.

Kelly is in the process of finalizing a deal that would make him the head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
A source close to the situation said Kelly will make the jump to the NFL if he can come to terms on a contract.
Kelly has been Oregon’s head coach for three years, winning the conference title in all three, reaching three straight BCS games. The crowning achievement coming three weeks ago, when the Ducks won their first Rose Bowl game in 95 years.

This would fit the pattern of Team Glazer: a splash move that was totally off the radar.

This doesn’t shock Joe but it’s a surprise.

Before Joe gets carried away, this is just a rumor. But like Urban Meyer, Kelly is one of these spread-offense types. He does not run a pro-style offense. While it’s fun as hell to watch in college, exactly how will that work with Josh Freeman?

As Jenna Laine of Yahoo! Sports Twittered, this is not the first time this offseason rumors of Kelly coming to an NFL team have surfaced.

75 Responses to “Chip Kelly To The Bucs?”

  1. Brad Says:

    Holycrap.. Is that good? I have no idea

  2. jvato24 Says:

    Who??? Wtf

  3. Adam L. Says:

    I gotta find a new team.

  4. Trox Says:

    He certainly is a mad scientist in college with offense. There would certainly be a lot of Freeman in the shot gun with 3 and 4 WR sets. Not a lot of 3 yards and clould of dust.

  5. Burg Says:

    This would be good for blounts chances of sticking around

  6. Brad Says:

    He started off as a defensive coach so looks to be well rounded.

  7. s.marco Says:

    Definitely rolling the dice here. Hopefully he’s allowed to pick up a few free agents, otherwise it won’t really matter.

  8. eric Says:


    i mentioned this a few days ago but was half kidding.

    dungy likes the guy as does chucky.

    very exciting if true!!!!!!!!! and by no means cheap.

  9. Aldo Says:

    i would LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this hiring!!!!!

  10. Burg Says:

    Does this mean we try to get RG3 to run a spread????????????????????

  11. Bill Says:

    His offense is based on tempo and speed at the skill positions..Do we have that?

  12. Nick Says:

    Huh? Just cause it may not be cheap doesn’t mean its right


    Wow. If true, the Glazers really were operating on the slick. I know Kelly is talented, I just worry about the college to NFL transition. It’s bitten many great college coaches.

  14. Joe Says:


    com’ on jvato. 🙁

  15. ClayBURN94 Says:

    Idk much about him. Hes a disciplinarian at least????

  16. BigMacAttack Says:

    Interesting choice but very risky. I can see it now, no free agents either.

    Why not Billick? or Cowher? It’s only money. Cheap Bastards.

  17. Patrick Says:

    Why!?! Why the f’k do you pick him over Marty or Zimmer? Those are the best candidates!!

    I knew they’d f’k this up. Another reach hire if the report is true.

  18. eric Says:

    i found an interesting story on the guy. he personally wrote a fan a check for traveling expenses and ticket after the guy complained about the teams performance.

    vs boise state. same games blount wilded out.

    sounds like the perfect guy to pump some dang excitement and innovation into this team.

    hope its true. hats off to rockstar too.

    and i dont say that lightly!

  19. Nick Says:

    Are we gonna trade for Tebow now?

  20. yar Says:

    He would be great. I told you guys not to get your panties in a wad a couple of days ago over the candidates. I thought they were working on something.

  21. BigMacAttack Says:

    I hope he proves me wrong but I’ve watched Oregon enough the last few years to say that this doesn’t excite me. WTF???

    What about defense???

    Tiki is flabbergasted.

  22. GenocideD Says:

    Thank God it’s not Mike Sherman or Childress. :/ Billick, a star coordinator or a helluva college coach. I’m good with the gamble if it’s true. You can’t argue with his accomplishments.

  23. Free5 Says:

    Harbough did it why not Kelly. If Dungy and Chucky are pumping him up good enuff for me. Just glad it’s not Sherman, Childress or another retread.

  24. Jake Says:

    Won’t get this guy cheap! Could this be a good sign that our owners are going to open the checkbook again? Hope so!

  25. jb Says:

    I LIKE IT!

  26. paul Says:

    Its simple, in this division we need to score points. Its a big risk but why not generate some excitement. He has Dungy’s endorsement and thats all i need.

  27. eric Says:

    hey people what the hell have we got to lose?

  28. Z-Buc fan Says:

    Good news for LeGarrette, but we’ll need to see who comes with him as coaches, and who they bring in from free agency.

  29. Mike3100 Says:

    leggo!!! i liike this hire!!!!

  30. MOBucs Says:

    He would have to tweek his offense quite a bit for it to work in the NFL in my opinion. Very surprising if true! Has to be a pricey deal.

  31. BigMacAttack Says:

    Why not hire Chip as a coordinator first? Haven’t we already been to this movie???

  32. Northend Says:

    Nice!!!! l James 2-3 round.well have an all oregon backfield.

  33. Joe Says:


    Harbough did it why not Kelly

    What about Spurrier, Petrino, Saban… Joe could go on and on. For every Harbaugh (wasn’t like he didn’t know about the NFL), there are a dozen other college coaches who flopped in the NFL.

    Besides, Harbaugh ran a pro-style offense at Stanford. Kelly runs a spread-option.

    If Dungy and Chucky are pumping him up good enuff for me

    1. Dungy’s kid plays for Oregon. You really think Dungy would claim Kelly would suck in the NFL and then see his son benched?

    2. Someone please alert Joe to any time Chucky publicly ripped anyone.

  34. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Well we just had a coach for 3 years who didn’t run a pro-style team, and many of you sheep were praising the ineptitude.

    My take is this: Kelly will be a huge improvement to the joke of a staff that we just fired. But how much better is hard to gauge.

    The up tempo offense could be a huge success or failure, Freeman will need to lose weight. One thing I love about Kelly, he prioritizes speed – so Dom can quit drafting slow Captains and can start drafting players who can run at all positions.

    You may see the Nick aliotti come, the d coordinator – he runs a 3-4/4-3 hybrid defense with a Dekoda Watson being an ideal hybrid player.

    One down side is I hope that Kelly isn’t a) using the Bucs to get more Nike $ or b) hightailing it bc he fearful of forthcoming NCAA sanctions which are expected.

  35. bucfanjeff Says:

    My only concern is the spread option crap wont work in the nfl. Tebow got hammered with rib and lung problems and defenses have started to figure it out. You just cant do that in the pros. Im all for a spread passing attack though.
    Still not sure why we dont interview billick.

  36. Eric Says:

    Exsqueeze me? PAC 10 NFL?

  37. ClayBURN94 Says:

    Rick stroud:Oregon coach Chip Kelly is finalizing a deal to become the Bucs head coach, sources confirmed to the Tampa Bay Times Sunday

  38. Picked Off Says:

    I could be wrong, but didn’t Freeman run the spread in college? Again, I could be making that up, but I thought KSU ran the spread with him…

    Anyways, this move would be quite the splash and I’m pretty much up for anything after this last year…

  39. Brad Says:

    @Joe.. I’m sure the Glazers were limited in who could work with Dominik. It was either going to be Sherman/Chilly or a college coach. You like the pop star so you are going to have to accept the hire.

  40. Bucbacker59 Says:

    Kelly might be the most innovative offensive mind in football today. He will have no problem transitioning to the NFL. Josh will be in the shotgun more – where he is best. I envision an offense similar to Carolina with a little more quick (3 step) game and not so much QB run game. We aren’t too far off personel-wise to run this. This could be a homerun hire! Get a quality DC and look for a very quick Bucs turnaround!


    Willie Lyles – head scout??

  42. Architek Says:

    Doesn’t matter who they hire, get the talent.

  43. Brad Says:

    I don’t think this guy is going to force a spread offense on our team all of a sudden. A good coach constructs an offense around the players he has. At least I hope. I don’t want our offense to look like the Broncos.

  44. Brad Says:

    Something I found on the web:

    In the end, Chip will most likely end up coaching somewhere in the NFL; maybe even as the head coach for the Colts. He has a great reputation among NFL circles and is highly regarded by famous personas such as Dungy, Tom Coughlin, and Jon Gruden. He has the same characters traits- motivator, player’s coach, yet also tough and no-nonsense- that nearly every successful coach in the NFL has. Ducks fans will pray that he stays to keep demolishing foes in the Autzen Zoo, but this is a huge opportunity for him and one that he should take.

  45. Brad Says:

    The above was written before this latest news but he seems to a favorite of many.

  46. Joe Says:


    I don’t think this guy is going to force a spread offense on our team all of a sudden. A good coach constructs an offense around the players he has.

    You would hope so.

  47. Steve From Oregon Says:

    Wow…this story is blwoing up the news here…I personally do not watch college games, but being in Oregon, your force fed Ducks games and from what ive seen Chip is very creative.

    Somehow, I think he would figure out a way to use Freeman’s skillset to bring out the best of him as well as our other players, thats before we bring in some new blood.

    Very exciting….hope its true…the Glazers are taking on Nike…

  48. Matthew Says:

    Any idiots slamming Kelly don’t follow college football. Runs a great offensive, innovative scheme focused on using advance metrics and high risk high reward style of play. For people saying “oh make him a coordinator” he’s not leaving a HC as a top level HC to be a coordinator. He’s getting paid tons of dough at Oregon cause of Phil Knight and NIKE. This is NOT A CHEAP HIRE! It’s ballsy and it like any hire could back fire. However, I love that the Glazers went and got their guy, no one had him on our radar. They used the other interviews as smoke screens and went and got their guy. Instead of focusing on the negative, let’s celebrate and hope that we might have the Next Harbaugh!

  49. eric Says:

    id bet we will score more than one offensive td in the first quarter nextel years!

    dont forget john mckay on your college coach list.

    didnt the panthers wreak havic with the appr

  50. too much rust on the pewter Says:

    I say give him a chance, unlike our other leading candidate m. Sherman atleast he won at the college level. Plus i wouldnt mind seeing lemicheal james and l blount pounding the rock in bucs gear.

  51. Steve From Oregon Says:

    Thomas 2.2…..I have no problem with your opinions, in fact in most cases, you bring out very good well thought out points; however, when you use terms like “sheep”, it really makes you seem ignorant…..just saying….

  52. Joe Says:

    Steve from Oregon:

    I personally do not watch college games, but being in Oregon, your force fed Ducks games

    Good grief, just the ability to gawk at the Ducks cheerleaders is enough to watch Oregon games, even if they were winless!

  53. Patrick Says:

    Let’s face it, the Glazers have been morons on the last 3 coaching searches for us.

    In 2002, they fired Dungy and couldn’t find anyone. Parcells turned them down, etc. It was embarrassing. They were lucky that Al agreed to make that ridiculous trade for Gruden. Really, AT THE TIME it was just laughable and insane.Traded all our top picks for the next two years for him. It was an act of desperation because they fired the coach who turned the franchise around. Now don’t get me wrong, it all worked out. I really liked Chucky and he got us a Super Bowl in his first year. But still, that was way two risky of a thing they did at the time.

    In 09, they hired Raheem and didn’t even have a coaching search! Hired the cheapest and most unqualified person out there.

    Now they’re going to hire a college coach when history shows majority of college coaches fail in the NFL. A coach that runs the speed option.

    Harbough and J. Johnson are the only ones I can think of that did it. Remember, Harbough ran a pro style offense.

  54. Joe Says:


    Let’s face it, the Glazers have been morons on the last 3 coaching searches for us.

    Um, the Glazers found their Super Bowl winning coach in 2002.

  55. TMG6969 Says:

    If its true its good hire, Freeman played in some spread in KST, plus the mad scientist he is, he’ll make the adjustment. We need to get another wideout hopefully Blackmon around, if not I take late pick on the the kid from OU Broyles

  56. buCncRazy Says:

    This scares the hell out of me¡#I will support it though.Hope he can bring in some good coordinators and a I mean NFL coordinators!

  57. FlBoy84 Says:

    From what I’ve read Kelly is a great offensive mind, and not just with the spread option. And those that have worked with and played under him have really great things to say about him. Two that sum it up well were “Chip Kelly has done a marvelous job. He’s a cutting-edge thinker, but he has a real football toughness to him.” from AD and “He’s the mastermind behind everything, I just try to be around him as much as possible and just soak it up like a sponge and try to learn everything that he has to teach. I don’t know if you can put your finger on one thing that he does that helps us excel so much, he just has something about him that makes him special. We’re really lucky to have him.” from players.

  58. Raphael Says:

    This is not PAC 10… Bad move….what a mess…..

  59. Matthew Says:

    Raphael=typical knee jerk hates anything Bucs/Glazers do fair weather fan.

    You know who also came from the Pac 10 last year, the guy coaching the team leading the NFC championship right now.

  60. Matthew Says:

    The guy knows offense. And in today’s NFL you can lineup in 3 and 4 WR’s sets a lot of the time. I don’t think this guy is bringing the Oregon O with him. Think he’s going to build one from his Oregon days to fit the NFL.

  61. Gt40bear Says:

    What the Duck???

  62. Patrick Says:

    Steve Spurrier and Nick Saban are two of the best coaches in college football history.

    Ask them how the NFL worked out for them.

    I’ll support Chip Kelley if he’s the HC, I just have serious doubts about this.

  63. Bvert38 Says:

    Josh johnson will fit his offense perfectly….not josh freeman.

  64. Jason SC Says:

    I just hope we surround him with NFL offensive (Bruce Arians, Cam Cameron) and defensive (Jack Del Rio, Chad Manusky) coordinators…just throwing out names

  65. Matthew Says:

    The guy is an innovator and very bright football mind. He knows he’ll have to adjust to the pro game. The point is no matter WHO we hired Cowher, Fisher, Schotty, Chud, Sherman, or anyone there’s risk/holes to everyones resume. I love that the Bucs are going aggressive and ballsy. Trust me Chip Kelly will not come cheap, a coordinator or retread could have been had for cheaper then what we’ll have to pay to get kelly out of his Nike money backed deal at Oregon. He could fail sure, but he could be Harbaugh and bring the Bucs our first high powered offense in franchise history. Why focus on the negative right now, when nothing’s been determined till he coaches. Get excited Bucs fans, c’mon.

  66. Felds Says:

    As a Duck fan and as a Bucs fan, I couldn’t be more excited for Bucs hiring Kelly. Granted, he’s not the best disciplinarian out there (as evidenced by Jeremiah Masoli and Cliff Harris fiascos), but he gets absolutely 100% of his players. You have to take a look at the Ducks rosters of the last two years to realise that this team generally (save for LaMichael James or any of our offensive stars) played well above their talent level. To those who question his abilty to run an offense in the NFL, I’d say not to worry: Kelly always emphasised available personnel over the system and actually ran a pass-first pro-style offense during his days as a New Hampshire OC (which is the fact that’s not to be taken highly, as New Hampshire is a Division I-AA program, but it still shows his diversity as the offensive mind). The spread that he ran in Oregan is explained by the abilities of Darron Thomas and LaMichael James mainly. Also, in the division Bucs are in, you have to be able to score a lot of points, and there’s hardly anyone better for that than Chip Kelly.

    I, however, worry that, coupled with the recent departure of Darron Thomas from Oregon, and various rumours over the Ducks program in recent years, Kelly may be running off the team that may actually be hit by NCAA sanctions – and that’s certainly a flag for me. I hope I’m wrong of course, but you always have to keep the worst in mind.

  67. kh Says:

    Joe Says:
    January 22nd, 2012 at 9:46 pm

    “1. Dungy’s kid plays for Oregon. You really think Dungy would claim Kelly would suck in the NFL and then see his son benched?”

    I doubt Tony would let his kid go to Oregon if he didn’t believe in Chip Kelly. In other words, Dungy’s fondness for Kelly surely predates the Bucs interest in hiring him as their head coach.

  68. Jason SC Says:

    Haha…Wikipedia already has him as the head coach of the Bucs!!!

  69. BucFan20 Says:

    Derrick Brooks said it during a FOX 13 interview while looking at players for the Storm. “Knowing how the Glazers operate and if they stay true to form, the name you are hearing none of them is the coach they want ” Looks like he was right. Father Dungy wanted him from day 1. So this answers my question from earlier in the week. What interviews have been conducted we don’t even know about. Now are any of the others for OC and DC?? Or will he be allowed to select his own??

  70. FlBoy84 Says:


    Seems like Kelly relates to his players much differently than both Spurrier and Saban. It could be said that was their biggest downfall when trying to coach MEN in the NFL.

  71. eric Says:

    agree mathew

    that sickening feeling ive had since rah was hired has subsided

    id think a lot of old time bucs fans will be back in the fóld.

    fire them cannons. tbe forward pass is alllowed in tampa.

  72. jeff Says:

    this is a great hire if you dont think so your an idiot

  73. Garv Says:

    I think I LIKE IT!
    Things are getting VERY interesting…..

  74. Capt.Tim Says:

    I like this hire. Everyone I talk to uses terms like “offensive innovator”. That sounds like a brave call by the Glazers. I think it’s a great idea to hire a young innovator, rather than an old retread as a stopgap.

    Now- can he enforce discipline on a team devoid of it? Does he have the Strenght of character to demand respect of all these young, clueless kids on this team? Meybe, Meybe not. He’s gonna need coordinators with credibility, and some Bertram leadership that provides staunch support.

    But that can be accomplished. I’m glad they brought in a fresh thinker, to add some jazz to this boring football we’ve been watching

  75. Bobby C Says:

    I have to agree with Eric, I love this move, i have also had a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach since they hired Rheem, anyone who has watched a lick of college football knows that Kelly’s offense is very creative and will be a pleasure to watch. Know were moving forward, and he is not leaving Oregon without getting paid, you can take that to the bank, and im sure he will. THat sickness i have had to carry is finally leaving, thank you God, for a good move.