Chip Kelly Blew Off Recruiting Visit Tonight

January 22nd, 2012

The lifeblood of a college coach is recruiting. Don’t recruit and your chances of winning are pretty poor.

As a result, most coaches could be on their deathbed and at least make an attempt to call a recruit. Not showing up for a home visit — usually reserved for only a cherished few coveted players — is akin to giving up… or perhaps changing jobs.

That seems to be the case with Oregon coach and would-be Bucs coach Chip Kelly. Justin Hopkins, the publisher of, reports (behind a paywall), that Kelly did not show up for a home visit this evening. He added this on Twitter.

@JHopkins247: Chip Kelly did not make his scheduled in-home visit tonight.

In Joe’s eyes, this is pretty significant. College coaches, especially so close to Signing Day (Feb. 1) do not blow off a home visit without good reason.

62 Responses to “Chip Kelly Blew Off Recruiting Visit Tonight”

  1. JS Says:

    If he’s the guy I’m not super excited but I’ll give him three years assuming he’s not as awful a game day manager as Raheem.

  2. eric Says:

    joe you are all over this story.

    great work.

  3. Joe Says:

    Thanks Eric!!

    This is big news.

  4. ClayBURN94 Says:

    T.G.F.JBF (thank god for JOEBUCSFAN)

  5. Eric Says:

    T.G.I.N.S. (thank god it’s not Sherman)

  6. buCncRazy Says:

    Mike Sherman as OC or Tom Clements maybe? DC Dlin e coach a San Fran orJimLevett

  7. Jerry Says:


    Exactly how is a college coach that has never done anything on the NFL level supposed to coach the youngest team in the NFL?

    This is disaster waiting to happen. His spread offense is even less complex than Spurrior’s and that was destroyed by NFL defenses.

    Im really starting to buy into the theory that the Glazers are getting ready to sell the team. Because it’s obvious they dont give a damn about winning anymore. They don’t want ANYONE with any NFL experience to step foot into One Buc Place.

  8. RodfromOKC Says:

    It’s a lock!!! I love it!!!

  9. ClayBURN94 Says:

  10. marks Says:

    I love this, NFC south equals offense, he’s an offensive guru. Add a good DC, and we are back on track to something exciting. I think back to Olsen’s offense and I can’t help but smile. Think positive people, this is way better than any retread, even 96 year old Marty. Glazers are gonna pay hefty for thi$, good sign of things to come?

  11. Joe Says:


    Joe buys that report about as much as Joe bought the “Paterno died” report last night.

  12. K2theSoldier Says:

    AWESOME hire. This guy dominated Kiffins defense, dominated Harbaughs defense. People are gonna be STUNNED by how much Team Glazer pays this guy. It will be outrageous. The Glazers are cheap talk will be put to rest once and for all after 1) This man becomes wicked rich, and 2) we hit free agency hard.

    Chip is a firery guy and will command respect in that locker room.
    @Jerry, think before you type. He coached kids in college. He’ll be coaching kids on the Bucs. What in the world is your point? C’mon playa. This is a perfect fit.

  13. Patrick Says:

    Please offer Mknte tens of millions to come back here and be our DC! Cause we’re gonna need it if Kellys spread fails miserably!

  14. eric Says:

    jim leavit as dc is interesting idea.

    the dc pool is thin.

  15. K2theSoldier Says:

    The biggest thing is finding a good staff to put around him. Jim Tomsula from the Niners would make for a great D coordinator, IMO. I can’t WAIT to see the massive amounts of money we give this guy Kelly. He’s going to be a rich, rich man.

  16. Jorge Says:

    done deal is reporting Chip Kelly has signed with the Bucs…assembling staff as of right now!!!

  17. K2theSoldier Says:

    AND he won’t be running the f’ing spread option here! Enough with that crap! We don’t have the personal for that, there will be no option in Tampa. You may see a lot more 4 and 5 wide receiver stuff (we’ll be taking Blackmon if him and Claiborne are both available). But there will be no Tim Tebow/Vince Young stuff. You’ll be seeing a Packers/Pats/Giants/Saints approach. Lots of wide receivers.

  18. ClayBURN94 Says:

    Lol joe, I dont beleive it yet until i see it from a main trusted source!!

  19. sensiblebuc Says:

    Del Rio for DC would make me feel better : )

  20. FlBoy84 Says:

    Loved this quote from an article I read:

    “Chip is very insightful, and not pretentious. Gary Crowton had a good offensive mind, and Chip has taken that and expanded that, created new things, new concepts, new offensive ideas. And I think Chip will continue to do that. He has a mind for offensive football. He’s bright enough to know you have to match your offense with the talent you have. Not all coaches have that — the ability to make changes or adaptations, and the foresight to analyze and evaluate the personnel you have, and create the best offense for your personnel. Some of that is being stubborn, and some of it is not being inventive, not understanding the game that well. They don’t have that ability. They take what they’ve learned, but they cannot create themselves. Chip is one of those guys that can create. And I don’t think there are many guys in college that are creative themselves. They’re copycats. They’ll go other places and copy what other people do. Chip has done that. But he also has the ability to be creative himself.”

  21. eric Says:

    glad the words “visit” was included. as well as the ing.

    could have been a whole new set of problems.

  22. knucknbuc Says:

    Love this hire, honestly. To all the people b*****g about him coming here having to coach grown men and not college kids. NEWS FLASH people, our whole roster is filled with majority of players that have 3 years experience tops anyways so why does that matter? He’s not gonna bring the spread option here cmon now, not gonna happen. You will see innovative plays, players getting the ball in space and agressive play calling. Pretty much the opposite of what we seen the past O…idk… the last 6-8 years. Well get a good dc in here ( I read a week ago on, Jim Tomsula the DL coach of the 49ers was interviewed last week, not as a hc tho as a dc)and fill out the staff honestly idc about the super bowl now Im just ready for the bucs to get started when this deal gets done!!!

  23. patrickbucs Says:

    I like the poetntial for innovation with Chip Kelly, still like to see whom he’s surrounded by especiallt on defense. You don’t sign a guy like this and sit on your hands at the this draft and in free agency which is also something to get excited about.

    The Glazers have to spend a ton of money next year as it is like it or not. They need to spend some of it this year; I really can’t think of anyone on the Bucs who is due a big extension.. maybe a small 1 or 2 years if they are up for free agency or restricted like Bennett.

  24. sensiblebuc Says:

    @ knucknbuc

    “To all the people b*****g about him coming here having to coach grown men and not college kids.NEWS FLASH people, our whole roster is filled with majority of players that have 3 years experience tops anyways so why does that matter?”

    Two words: Money. Respect.

    The moment Gerald McCoy got $35 million guaranteed he stopped being a kid and became a man. These guys aren’t kids anymore. The NFL is about getting grown men with kids and families of their own to buy in to your system — right now.

    Are you going to buy into a system/coach that hasn’t even been tested in the NFL? Are you going to respect/listen to a guy that has NEVER coached in the NFL at all?

    No matter what, Chip Kelly’s GOING to have to adjust his game to the NFL. His coaching style, his player management style, his weekly schedule, his game day management, etc. My beef with this potential hire is that this guy is going to have to learn on the job…just like the last coach. It feels like we’re taking a step back.

  25. Garv Says:

    I think it’s an exciting and positive development.
    Sky’s the limit, can’t wait to see what happens!

  26. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    I HOPE this is the right move. When USC got into a lot of trouble, many of the star west coast athletes USC would have got, went to Oregon instead.

  27. Garv Says:

    We still have the youngest team in the NFL, this could work!
    It’s a surprise and could be innovated, original.

    I am generally a positive fan and just feel very good about this tonight.
    I certainly hope most fans give the man a big welcome when he comes to Tampa and CERTAINLY the benefit of the doubt.

    I LIKE IT!!!!

  28. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Marty as OC.

  29. Bob Ross Says:

    Some very successful college coaches — John McKay and Steve Spurrier come to mind — have flopped in the pros. It’s because college kids have to do what the coach tells them, while pros are more likely to resist a guy who makes a lot lower salary. Let’s hope Mr. Duck becomes a winning Buc.

  30. Pete Dutcher Says:

    A great HC is made so by great coordinators. If you wait to see his staff…you might just be pleased.

  31. Garv Says:

    Mr. Ross.

    John McKay did not get in the Buccaneer Ring of Honor for “flopping in the pros.”
    Jim Harbaugh of the 49ers was at Stanford a year ago.

    Come on man.

  32. sensiblebuc Says:

    @ Pete

    “A great HC is made so by great coordinators.”

    That’s why you hire an NFL COACH. An NFL HC can attract NFL-level coaches.

    …you may bring up Harbaugh. I just briefly looked at the Niners coaching staff and they mostly all had previous NFL coaching or playing time. I imagine that he could attract those types of coaches because he played in the NFL and his father is a well-respected coach. In other words, he had the cache to be able get talented coaches in under him.

    Does Chip have than cache?

  33. Patrick Says:


    Jim Harbaugh ran a pro style offense at Stanford.

    Name one coach that has ran the spread offense in the NFL and succeeded. Do that, and I’ll feel better.

    Anybody know what kind of offense Jimmy Johnson ran at Miami? I’m trying to find out.

    What about Barry Switzer?

  34. Fear The Glow Says:

    The guy has 3 years head coaching experience in college. That’s it. 3 years.

    This is a HUGE gamble for Dominik.

    This also makes me wonder if the whole “power” thing with Dominik and more experienced head coaches was a bigger issue than they said it would be.

  35. Big Picture Guy Says:

    This is happening. And Dungy’s seal of approval, scouted by Mike Florio a couple weeks back, re-assures me that this is a good “outside the box” risk to take. And that’s exactly the Glazer’s style. They take risks, and often pay off.

    Patrick: What do you think the Saints, Packers, Patriots and (former) Colts offenses all are!? Come on brother, use your eyes and your mind.

  36. Garv Says:

    Yeah, I think it’s clear the spread is used by successful teams in the pros.
    Sure it’s a risk, but IMO it’s a good one. The man is successful and may be a perfect fit here.

    Let’s give him a chance. I want to hear more and see who he brings in but this could be the shot in the arm this young team needs. That, another draft and some key FA’s will help too of course.

  37. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    First off, I have to be honest and say that this is not the guy I wanted to hire, mainly because there is a very low percentage of success with coaches going from college to the NFL. I would have preferred a much safer hire, such as Marty. That being said, Kelly probably has the biggest boom or bust potential of any of the guys getting interviewed for HC gigs.

    I know most of you don’t see too much Oregon because you are SEC-biased (for good reason), but they are hands down the most exciting team in college football. It’s not even close. It’s almost as if they are playing against the Bucs defense every week the way they run up and down the field. You can downplay that all you want because it’s the Pac-10, but you would be discounting the fact that 2 of the best 5 teams in the country were from the Pac-10 (and they beat the hell out of one of those 2).

    And to all those “fans” that are already b!tching and moaning, give it a rest. First of all, there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s going to happen, get over it. If you want to cry like a baby and be negative, then that’s your problem. Second, none of you were there for the interviews, nor do you know a damn thing about Oregon or Kelly. So in reality, your opinion (by definition) is ignorant. Regardless if Dominik is the worst GM in the history of the NFL and the Glazers are the worst owners in the history of the NFL, they are still a million times more knowledgeable than you (and myself as well). You wouldn’t even know the first question to ask a potential HC, so please stop pretending that you would have this ship righted, because you just sound stupid. Lastly, why don’t you just support the team? I’m not crazy about the hire either, but I will support him like he’s Bill Bellicheck from now on.

  38. Patrick Says:

    Anybody know what offense Jimmy Johnson ran at Miami?

    Barry Switzer?

    Just wondering.

  39. Big Picture Guy Says:

    HB: Well said man.

    Patrick, I think you’re being a little extreme. We all know college coaches are a mixed bag, and clearly Kelly will have to adapt his offense to some degree. But he has good potential, and is a great fit with the youngest team in the NFL.

    If anything, a college coach could be perfect, and he is the best one actually available. This move doesn’t come without risk, but I like the call.

  40. Big Picture Guy Says:

    I just read this on TBO’s article about the negotiations, and this is what has me sold:

    “While at Oregon, Kelly, 48, coached Bucs running back LeGarrette Blount, earning praise for his handling of Blount’s altercation with a Boise State player after a 19-8 loss early in the 2010 season. After a Ducks season ticket holder sent a letter to the school demanding a refund for his expenses after traveling to see the game, Kelly wrote a personal check to the man for his $439 travel costs.”

  41. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Jimmy Johnson ran more of a pro style offense. Barry Switzer ran the wishbone at Oklahoma. He did not run the wishbone option at Dallas, yet he still won a Super Bowl. Some coaches can actually adapt their offense to the game (although I grant you that not many can)

  42. Joe Says:

    OK guys, it’s 1:45 a.m. and Joe just finished checking Twitter for the night, and the Oregonian (Portland paper) and nothing is newsworthy is in either place.

    The Eugene, Ore. paper has a story that the Oregon players had a scheduled workout Sunday night and they knew nothing of the rumors. The paper also claimed Oregon assistants have not been informed of anything.

    That’s the last Joe has. He’s going to hit the sack for a few hours but rest assured Joe will be busy today. Thanks guys! — Joe

  43. marks Says:

    Good post HB! Some people r always negative.

  44. Patrick Says:


  45. Nate Says:

    Hell Yah I said Chip kelly had the best shot how long ago?

  46. Pete Dutcher Says:

    I like the hire a lot…if it happens. Part of me wonders if it actually is true. We’ve seen local & national “reporters” make things up before. If it is true the local rags need to hire the reporter who broke because he did what no one else could. Everyone is using that same source article…though pewterreport is trying to spin it their way.

    Idon’t agree with you, but your concerns are valid. How would Kelly build a pro staff? Some things to consider:

    • Clements will not be OC in Tampa…and with Kelly I don’t think it would be the best fit anyway

    • Dungy. He may not be returning but it’s interesting that Kelly was interview around the same time Tony suggested him. Did Dungy help facilitate things? If so, Tony may help Kelly assemble a pro staff. A call from Tony goes a long way

    • The other interviewers. The Bucs could have been looking for potential staff members.

    • When one comes others will follow…if that one is respected

    • Marty. He is all about legacie. If the Bucs offer him enough, he may be willing to be OC. Maybe Dungy could help convince him

  47. 2goodbucs Says:

    I heard that Marty will be hired also. I don’t know in what form though. Crossing my fingers for that to happen also.

  48. internet Says:

  49. FreemanBomb5 Says:


    Link from an Oregon newspaper.

    Just goes to show how lowly the Buccaneer name is now. I didn’t even want Jeff Fisher, but when he didn’t even want an interview I knew we were regarded as basically the LEAST attractive opening in the league.

    Stroud and LaCanfora great effin job. Just like Talib was going to be released right after the lockout, Stroud has to be one of the most un-reliable beat writers in the NFL.

  50. Jerry Says:


    He declined the offer!

    Good job Glazers. This franchise is officially a laughing stock!

  51. stanglassman Says:

    Bob Ross. I don’t know many Bucs fans that share your Opinion that John McKay ‘flopped’ in the NFL. Do you think the Buccaneer organization thinks so? If so why was he the 2nd person to be put in the ring of honer? I think he and Dungy were are two finest coaches and I hope one day I will be thinking as highly of Chip kelly. Go Bucs!

  52. scott Says:

    Maybe the Glazer brothers are so insecure that they are just trying to imitate other’s success. Gee Mike Tomlin is doing good; let’s get a young black assistant coach. Gee that Harbaugh guy did great going from Stanford to the NFL; let’s get a west coast college guy.

    Could it be that simple?

  53. Bucnasty05 Says:

    so i guess he is not coming after all!

  54. Bucnasty05 Says:

    so it seems he is not coming after all!

  55. FreemanBomb5 Says:

    too bad that west coast college guy doesn’t even want to come here

  56. Deeg Says:


  57. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    And for DC….not that he ever left, but the new DC and Asst Head Coach will be Keith Millard. Why else would he be secretative?. JMHO… I think everyone in the FO saw that Millard was toooo valuable to let get away.

  58. Alexander Smirnov Says:

    I have a feeling that with the NCAA taking a hard look at Oregon’s recruiting tactics in the last year or two he got while the getting was good. Unfortunately, coming off a win like that, that’s what can happen. I have a feeling he’ll have a much harder time once he does hit the NFL. A lot of Oregon’s players have a lot of beefing up to do before they go pro. I’m willing to bet he has a lot of learning to do before he becomes successful in the pros..2012 is going to be an interesting year! Go Ducks!

  59. Alexandr Smirnov Says:

    Good riddance! I’ve got a feeling that a bunch of NCAA sanctions are coming Oregon’s way and he’s jumping ship like the captain of that cruise ship off of the shores of Italy. Maybe Oregon’s next coach will bring a little integrity back to the football program.

  60. Wade Says:

    Professional sports is nothing but a scam. You F-tards will eventually see the light.

  61. Garv Says:

    Thanks Wade, nice of you to point that out here on a message board concerning the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It was thoughtful, classy, helpful and brilliantly put.


  62. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Pete Dutcher Says:
    January 23rd, 2012 at 3:40 am

    I like the hire a lot…if it happens. Part of me wonders if it actually is true. We’ve seen local & national “reporters” make things up before.

    The nose knows, people.

    BTW…last night it was reported that the Bucs declined to admit they’d made an offer…and reporters assumed that meant they did.

    It still hasn’t been proven that they ever did make that offer.