Bucs “Would Love To Have The Guy”

January 31st, 2012

Most NFL fans have at least breathed a heavy sniff of the Peyton Manning saga.

In short, Manning’s surgically repaired neck is supposed to be football-ready for the 2012 season, but nobody knows 100 percent right now. However, the Colts owe Manning a $20 million+ roster bonus in early March. Outside of renegotiating Manning’s contract, the Colts would have to cut Manning to avoid cutting him that massive check.

The speculation is Manning, who turns 36 soon, will be cut and become a free agent and the Colts will draft allegedly can’t-miss quarterback Andrew Luck with the No. 1 overall pick.

So where would Manning play in 2012? Well, if he’s a free agent, expect the Bucs to be among teams interested, says Tampa Tribune beat writer Woody Cummings.

Speaking today on Primetime on WHBO-AM 1040, Cummings said the Bucs would join the rest of the league in their interest in the certain Hall of Fame QB.

“There’s 31 other teams, including the Buccaneers, that would love to have the guy,” Cummings said.

Of course, Cummings is exaggerating a bit when it comes to 31 other teams having some form of interest in Manning.. Joe suspects the Packers, Steelers, Giants, Patriots, Saints, Chargers, Panthers and a few others would have no interest Manning.

But Joe wouldn’t put the Bucs on that list, as crazy as that sounds.

Joe’s hardly advocating for Manning to join Tampa Bay, but he would fill the stadium, provide tremendous leadership, and likely bring winning football back to the Bucs. Obviously, the Bucs have the money to pay him, and Joe can only imagine what kind of bounty the Bucs could fetch in a trade of Josh Freeman.

It’s crazy talk. But don’t blame Joe. Cummings started it.

100 Responses to “Bucs “Would Love To Have The Guy””

  1. Big Picture Guy Says:

    The risk that Manning is never the same ever again far out weighs the risk of Josh Freeman not panning out to be a franchise QB.

    This would be worse than selling 4 draft picks and 8 mil to get Jon Gruden IMO.

  2. Jdog Says:

    Not gonna happen. He wouldn’t come here anyway.

  3. RastaMon Says:

    well we could save by not having to hire an offensive cooridator

  4. Patrick Says:

    Personally, I think Manning will still be a great player. And I think he’ll be ready to play too.

    But really, I think he’s taking a risk if he comes back. It would be very bad if he re-injured that neck again and possibly suffer a permanently injured neck that ruins his life.

    If they got Manning, I would be completely shocked. It would mean that they’re completely changing their philosophy from the previous go young youth movement while Raheem was here.

  5. Matthew Says:

    The dumbest thing ever! Joe you wasted 45 seconds of my life by this! Why would the bucs give up on freeman to pay manning 28 million to maybe, maaaybe get two years out of manning. Not happening!

  6. Brad Says:

    Not worth maybe a two year run when you have a franchise QB in the waiting. That would be a risky dumb move..

  7. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Even if we did really want him, there is no way in the world we would outbid the rest of the league for his services (nor should we). There are so many other teams in so much worse situations with QB’s that would give up everything to get Manning.

  8. Garv Says:

    Yes Joe, it’s crazy talk and has as much chance of happening as an All in the Family reunion show.
    Makes no sense on so many levels I wondered if this was an achieved post from April 1.

    As a fan I truly hope Peyton makes it back and plays somewhere next season. He is a joy to watch and as fierce a competitor to ever play the game.

  9. K2theSoldier Says:

    Haha I love how people say this is impossible, but think Ray Rice is possible. One thing going for us is that Manning doesn’t like the lime light, something he wont get here. Who knows where he’ll go. I would obviously love Peyton here. Hes my favorite non Buc player. But at this point it doesn’t seem likely.

  10. Luther Says:

    If he was healthy, I would love this. Fact is, he’s not healthy and just one big hit from possible career ending injury. I would pass on him. It’s too risky.

  11. Mr. Patrick Says:

    OH HELL NO!!! Bucs have their franchise QB, just need a few better players around him and a better O.C. and play system. Peyton will go down in history as one of the best QB’s ever, but should retire now and not risk his health to satisfy his ego. He does have a family. I have full confidence that Josh will be very good for Bucs for a lot of years.

  12. Tampa2 Says:

    i though “Joe” wasnt a fan of “RumorMongering”

    C’mon Man!!!!!!!!!!!

    Geeeeeeeeeeez ……………..

    @Tampa2 – You are inches from getting banned. Primary rule here is don’t lie about Joe. …Joe is not spreading rumors with this post. Joe is merely passing on a Bucs beat writer’s comments and offering Joe’s opinion on the subject. Either your reading skills are horrendous, or you’re coming after Joe with lies. Joe suspects it’s the latter. –Joe

  13. Jarret Says:

    We can blame you for posting this useless article. The Bucs wont even consider pursuing manning no matter what a bored columnist writes…and btw he’s going to retire. Anyone wanna bet on that let me know..

  14. kh Says:

    So dumb. C’mon Joe, you’re better than this! Sometimes even the messenger needs shooting.

  15. sandbagrudy Says:

    Adrianna Laserva has a better chance playing for the Buccaneers than Manning does. Honsetly if he not in Indi next year he’s not anywhere

  16. sandbagrudy Says:

    The word on the street is Feetch Lamana is going to be the new special teams coach The warden at rahwaypronised him if he told him where he got the t.v. from he’s parole him to Tampa

  17. sandbagrudy Says:

    Victor Cruz is going to do some serious dancing sunday night. The Buccaneers need that kind of spped at wideout

  18. Brad Says:

    Where’s the coordinator news? The Bucs have to be talking to someone. What are sources doing Joe? We need real Buc news.

  19. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Why would we spend 20 million for a once injured first ballot hall of famer like Peyton when we have a 20 million dollar player like Softy McCoy? Lmao

    Listen, Free won me over but on his best day he is about 60% of an 80% Peyton Manning.

    However, it is a pipe dream bc the Glazers and Dom only pay 20 million dollars for injured defensive tackles not injured hall of fame qb’s.

    We won’t even inquire about Peyton and he has no interest in coming here with a horrible receiving Corp and no tight end.

  20. eric Says:

    id like to be there for his first practice.

    “who is the coach again?” “he came from where????”

    “please tell me we have other receivers”

    “whats fools gold?”

  21. eric Says:

    u guys lighten up. long time till season opener.


  22. K2theSoldier Says:

    LOL @ ”no tightend” from Thomas. 20 NFL teams would love to have a tightend as talented as Kellen. Bank on it, buddy.

  23. MTM Says:

    It would be brilliant to sign Manning for 2 yrs. The experience that Freeman would gain watching Manning would be priceless. The Bucs would be entertaining to watch. I believe Freeman should be kept. But Manning is light years ahead of Freeman at this point. Then when Manning retires Freeman has the knowledge to run the offense. It won’t happen though.

  24. Tom Says:


  25. Mr Lucky Says:

    What a bunch of stuff. Manning isn’t coming to Tampa because Peyton Manning isn’t stupid!

    1. Manning is taking a REAL chance of returning to football. He wouldn’t do it for the money.

    2. Manning would only risk his life for a REAL chance to win a SuperBowl – Tampa, with a new unproven coaching staff, piecemeal defense and offensive line that is, well OFFENSIVE, won’t be appearing in the SuperBowl in the next two years.

    3. Freeman is NOT the answer for the Tampa Bay Bucs, unless you’re happy with a subpar franchise that will continue to be the 3rd or 4th best in the NFC South – yes people Drew Brees, Cam Newton and Matty Ice are ALL better QB’s than Freeman.

  26. ClayBURN94 Says:

    I would love to have assistant coaches by now…

  27. ClayBURN94 Says:

    @mrlucky How do ypu explain Freemans 25 td 6 int year with a rookie rb and wr. Also combine that with 7-8 comeback wins and you think hes not the answer?! C’MON MAN!!

  28. McBuc Says:

    homas, are you back to making every post about GMC? You are a fool.

  29. Jersuza Says:

    Hittin’ the cocktail parties, huh?, Joe ??

  30. GenocideD Says:

    Never gonna happen. I could see Miami bringing him to FL though…

  31. RCH Says:

    Not gonna happen but I wouldn’t be opposed to it. It would only be a year or two fix so if we wanted to go a different direction or create some competition I think we could make better use of our number 5 pick at QB because I don’t want to be picking this early again anytime soon.

  32. eric Says:

    can we can rock and bring polian in while were fantasizing?

    eddy d as owner?

    might as well get bellichick for coach too..

  33. thibs5599 Says:

    I will take Freeman. Getting Manning would be a slap in the face to Freeman. What about Trust, Belief, and Accountability, that would be thrown right out the door if we did this. I know it will never happen to begin with buy i will take a 24 year old kid who has his whole life ahead of him, rather a HOF who has 2, those type of things never work out. Manning will not be the same.

  34. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    I hate Peyton Manning.

    Yet, his congenital forehead could play better football than Josh Freeman at this point in it’s career.

  35. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Tampa2 – You are inches from getting banned. Primary rule here is don’t lie about Joe. …Joe is not spreading rumors with this post. Joe is merely passing on a Bucs beat writer’s comments and offering Joe’s opinion on the subject.

    Either your reading skills are horrendous, or you’re coming after Joe with lies. Joe suspects it’s the latter.

  36. Meh Says:


  37. Vic Says:

    It would be a brilliant shot in the arm for the franchise and a hell of a lot of fun. It’s like all you guys don’t want to have fun.

    The real value would be in what the Bucs would get for Freeman, and you’d think Peyton would consider it given the strength of the Bucs offensive line in pass blocking. THere won’t be many safer spots physically for him.

  38. Mr Lucky Says:

    Clayburn94 – Josh Freeman is NOT the long term answer.

    You want to live in 2010 and keep looking at Josh’s numbers go ahead – I look at last year’s numbers and realize that Freeman is AVERAGE at best.

    At 36 years old with 3 neck surgeries I’d prefer Payton Manning over Josh Freeman anyday – if you don’t then you’re crazy.

  39. Cmurda Says:

    Crazy talk? Yes. I’m just hoping for us to get any free agents.

  40. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    To those asking Joe to produce coordinator/assistants news, obviously Joe will deliver when he has something. Joe can’t pull sh*t out of thin air.

  41. eric Says:

    who knows what skins would give up. might be like walker trade.

    id pursue that without manning.

    then sign flynn

  42. Steve From Oregon Says:

    Mr. Lucky…..You say that Freeman is not the long term answer and that you discount what he did in 2010 and will only use last years numbers to pass judgement on his ability….my question to you is what makes your opinion carry any more weight then anybody elses?

    Im a being passionate and sharing your opinions; however, when you make a statement indicating that if you dont share my opinion your crazy, it just makes you look ignorant.

    Know…as far as Manning goes, here is my opinion only….Even he is healthy and we could get him, I would be against it. Bringing him on board is the same band aid approach that Bruce and Jon were famous for, yes, in the short term it may look good, but it stunts the growth of your young talented quarterback of the future…..agree or disagree…thats up to you;)

  43. Steve From Oregon Says:

    I apologize for some of the grammer errors…im broke my hand and am typing with my left…

  44. K2theSoldier Says:

    @ Mr. Lucky. Your evaluation of Freeman is really narrow minded. Tunnel vision.

    Rookie year=Just that, rookie year. Rarely counts in any evaluation.

    2010=Had an incredible TD-INT ratio, all time great in fact. Took shots down the field, showed a lot of trust in his guys and it paid off. Footwork and pocket presence were good enough. Mike Williams and Kellen did him a lot of favors.

    2011=Regression in every single area. Footwork was terrible, forced way too many passes to Kellen and basically only trusted Kellen to make plays. Wasn’t on the same page as his wide outs and made really bad decisions. Footwork was awful, another regression. Checked down constantly. The receivers did him NO favors, with Winslow (that guy that everybody hates) his only consistent target.

    This year is decision time on Freeman. Basically all his regression is correctable from good coaching and a nice offseason. I have 100% faith that Josh is gonna come back strong next year if we add another wide out and offensive linemen.

  45. kh Says:

    Thomas hows about I tear your pectoral muscle in half so you can see how soft McCoy is.

  46. K2theSoldier Says:

    In fact, I’ll just say it; Freeman has a better season than Matt Ryan and Cam Newton next year. I think we’ll make it a premium in the offseason to get him weapons, along with a really good offensive coordinator and QB coach.
    Call me crazy or whatever, but it’s really how I feel. Josh has too much talent to not be a top 10 QB at some point.

  47. Pete 422 Says:

    I agree that Manning is taking a big risk coming back. This is his neck he would be messing with. That could be life threatening. If I was the Bucs, I’d bring him in to talk about being the O- coordinator. Manning should swallow his pride, think clearly & hang it up.

  48. Pete Dutcher Says:

    How many years more of development do people predict Freeman to need. He is pretty young.

    Even if Manning we hear 2 years, it wouldn’t mean the Bucs have given up on Freeman. He would still be the future.

    Peyton Manning is MORE than a quarterback. He is the true offensive coordinator of the Colts, which is why without him they did nothing.

    It would be no different from Rodgers sitting while Favre played, except Freeman has some good games under his belt.

    It would not be a departure from a philosophy…the new coach has not really made his philosophy known yet.

    AND it would make the Bucs an instant offensive contender.

    But it still won’t happen…

    All of this talk of Peyton becoming available is nothing more than talk. Even if the Colts draft their new QB, they will want to keep Manning at least one more year.

    They’re not stupid.

  49. K2theSoldier Says:

    And regarding Manning himself, I really refuse to talk about how healthy he may or may not be. It’s all conjecture and bull crap, nobody knows what they’re talking about or if he’ll be healthy enough.

  50. eric Says:

    i pulled a hammy getting up for my third beer

  51. Pete Dutcher Says:

    As to his neck…the same was said of Lynch.

  52. Brad Says:

    @lucky.. Are you realbucfan in disguise? Your comments are as ridiculous as the things he use to say. Funny he has been mia for quite awhile. Freeman is without a doubt going to be a great QB. Now that the weak minded Olson is gone, Freeman will his best self even without Morris.

  53. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @KH – Let’s please not imply or threaten bodily harm to Thomas 2.2.

  54. Steve From Oregon Says:

    Pete…you really think the Colts are going to pay him his 28Million dollar bonus due here shortly without knowing if he will be even able to play?

    Again…my opinion only…but Peyton is getting released, they are rebuilding in Indy and he will not want to be or have an option to be part of that process.

  55. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Freeman is progressing in much the same way Big Ben did…their numbers are very close over the same number of games.

    Freeman is doing very well…better than most we could have ended up with.

    Another quick note though…Before the Saints got Drew, the question of the BUcs getting him arose and most of the fans said he was washed up. That he should retire because he had nothing left.

    That’s right…WE could have had Drew. So before you jump so quickly at discounting Peyton, a player that has missed very few games do to injury over his career, think about that.

    Taking Peyton would not mean giving up on Freeman, it would mean giving a quality, future talent the chance to develop under one of the all time greats.

    But as I said…it won’t happen.

  56. Brad Says:

    @lucky. Matty Ice is overrated.. Cam Newton is too cocky and too full of himself to mature into a great QB ( he was the most embarrassing at the pro bowl with that half arse smile), Brees only has a few years left. Freeman I believe will be the best after 2 more years.

  57. ClayBURN94 Says:

    Anyone know why the assistant coaching search is taking so damn long when schiano already a feww people in mind? I mean its been almost a week and theres going to be no one left.

  58. sandbagrudy Says:

    @Clayburn94 would you settle for Chris Moltasanti as D coordinator and possibly go with Patsy Parisi and th Offensive coordinator or do you prefer they go with Bobby Bacala and Janice Soprano

  59. Rob in Orlando Says:

    Peyton would fill the stadium, be our offensive coordinator on or off the field, he would show Josh how to make proper reads as a QB and not freak out and throw pick after pick. Josh is a stud athlete and has all the tools except the ability to be accurate 65% of the time. We would be idiots not to take Manning, if available, for multiple reasons. I don’t care about Freeman’s “feelings”. He (Josh) is a millionaire professional who would get over it and learn from one of the greatest QBs of all time. We would win more games with Manning guys. Freeman could benefit from an expert QB coach like Manning. I’m just sayin! Go Bucs!

  60. sandbagrudy Says:

    I hear Uncle Junior likes to run the Power I and focus on a lot of misdirection plays. I might go with Phil Leatardo as d line coach

  61. gotbbucs Says:

    Not a chance in hell. Delaying the development of Freeman and not finding out if he’s worth a second contract is all we would be accomplishing by signing Manning. Besides that, there’s also no way in hell that he would want to come to a team that is still trying to develop so many young players.

  62. eric Says:

    maybe bellichick will throw schiano a bone after sb and give him his qb coach for oc.

    or waiting for someone on giants staff?

  63. sandbagrudy Says:

    possibly the queen of england will give us all a reach around and the sugarplum fairy will have twenty five interceptions for the Buccaneers next season

  64. ClayBURN94 Says:

    @sandbagrudy yes i would because they probably could develop Talibs skills…

  65. gotbbucs Says:

    Why is everybody always so convinced that older players are eager to help develop younger players? Young players threaten the jobs of old players. Sure looked like Peyton Manning taught Curtis Painter alot in their time together…..NOT.

  66. Dave Says:

    I like Freeman and think he has a great future…. but………..

    IF IF IF Manning is 100% healthy he probably has 4 years left at a very high level because of the way he plays. He gets rid of the ball and rarely gets hit.
    They could get a 1st and 2nd for Freeman most likely.

    This team could be turned around and playoff ready almost immediately.

    I don’t see it happening, and like I said, I am a huge Freeman fan, but I am also a huge Manning fan and would love to see him come back and win another SB, so why not as a Buc?

    Pipe dreams, I know, but interesting to contemplate

  67. Phenom4498 Says:

    Amazing how quick people forget Freemans year in 2010….Freeman is the man, last year was a write off for the whole team….I’d rather just forget about it and move on….Buc nation should do the same

  68. Dave Says:


    I am almost positive Buch Davis will end up as DC and they are working out the details and figuring out the OC since the Arizon dude was blocked…. which pisses me off by the way

  69. ClayBURN94 Says:

    @Dave i hope so, he would be a great hire.

  70. K2theSoldier Says:

    God, Butch Davis would be such an awesome hire….

  71. OptimisTroll Says:

    on Manning: HELL NO!

  72. ElioT Says:

    Not a chance P. Manning would want to come to Tampa… However, to anyone that would not trade Josh Freeman for Peyton Manning, you’re a bit off the mark. This guy is a 1st ballot “Hall of Famer” and the consummate pro. Manning may be a bit overly territorial and carry a big ego, but his ability to read a defense makes Freeman look like an amateur.

    Clearly you would hope Freeman was just in a funk last year and that the Bucs have bigger needs other than the QB position, but to doubt Manning being a huge upgrade to this team is just foolish.

    With that said, I am still in favor of giving Freeman another year to see if he can get back to playing at a high level while addressing needs at other key positions.

  73. Nick Says:

    chucky would do it

  74. BigMacAttack Says:

    Joe, I don’t blame you for no Coordinator news, I just hope that the word comes down soon. I know where to find it when it does. You’s are doing a fine job.

  75. Dave Says:

    For those getting on Freeman’s progress… he has played 2.5 years. He has had 2 offensive coordinators and has really only had 1 full offseason as a starter. Plus he came out early and is as young as most the rookies from last year.
    He has YEARS to progress.
    They have to get him another WR and RB with speed.
    Most importantly, they have to get him an OC who will stick for the next 4 years +

  76. 941-Bucs Says:

    Newton is a better QB then Freeman? C’Mon man. That can’t be a serious statement.
    Cam’s best year:310 517 60.0 4,05 7.84 21 91 17 3 84.5

    Freeman’s = 291 474 61.4 3,451 7.28 25 64 6 5 95.

    Cam has Steve Smith, Greg Olsen, Jeremy Shockey, A great running game with DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart. Along with a really good OC in Chud

    Freeman has had Williams, Benn, Briscoe/Parker?, and K2. Has Blount (but misused) and Lumpkin. Along with Olsen calling plays.

    Not taking anything away from Cam. But lets see how he does after everyone in the league has had a chance to study him before we compare him with Freeman.

  77. 941-Bucs Says:

    didn’t line up the way i hoped, so i will make it a bit more clear.

    Cam: CMP-310, ATT-517, CMP%-60.0, YDS-4,051, TD-21, INT-17, FUM-3, QBrating-84.5

    Freeman: CMP- 291, ATT-474, CMP%- 61.4, YDS-3,451, TD-25, INT-6, FUM-5, QBrating- 95.9

  78. BigMacAttack Says:

    Has Clyde Christensen come up as an OC candidate???

    Cam Newton won’t last very long running with reckless abandon the he does. The Bucs lit him a couple of times this season, worst one being on the sidelines in the red zone. A QB can only take so many hard hits likt that before he becomes crippled and brain dead. Why do running backs have such a short career span. Cam won’t be much different if they don’t change things up a little. Running a Qb is great when you have to, but the risk far outweighs the gain of doing it so frequently. One good shot on one good play, and POW, that’s it for Clark Kent Jr. in Carolgina.

  79. Brent Says:

    Payton for OC he’s got my vote… That’s where he should be now… One of the best all time! We would get 100% more national face time with him as an OC or involved somehow thats worth 20 mil over a period of time….


    Since we’re going out on a limb, let’s say we sign Peyton, draft RG3, have him watch peyton for a couple years and trade freeman. Not goona happen I know..

  81. White Tiger Says:

    Is there no end to the stupidity of what has become – Tampa Bay Tabloid Sports?

    Cummings is a complete tool if he thinks we’re going to sign an overpriced surgical nightmare…we’re good…thanks “Woody”.

    Regarding football knowledge…this is the guy who said firing Gruden was a good idea, and hiring Raheem was also good…

    You’re 0-3 with this one moron.

  82. Bobby C Says:


  83. Meh Says:

    Bobby, ridiculous. Freeman proved his ceiling was sky high. He regressed badly. That is not unusual. It would be a huge mistake to give up on him now. He has 2 years left on his rookie contract. He deserves a chance with the new coaches and a little more talent around him.

  84. Tampa2 Says:

    @Joe, Please check the registration for the Tampa2 that you aren’t very happy with. It is not me. I have been registered with you for over one year and you should be able to see that the other Tampa2 is not me in the registration.

  85. Mr Lucky Says:

    @Steve, my post of ‘crazy talk’ is to just dismiss Payton Manning because you have Josh Freeman.

    Payton will be/is a Hall of Fame QB

    Freeman is average at best.

    To all the Freeman ‘lovers’ my biggest beef with Josh Freeman is his lack or unwillingness to step up and be a leader on the team. Go back and watch the tapes last season of what Josh did after the offense went off the field THEN watch was QB’s Brees, Rodgers and Brady did after the offense went off the field.

    Freeman doesn’t appear to care – then again not many on the Bucs did either.

    Freeman will be servicable but he’s not an ELITE QB. Right now Freeman is the Bucs Franchise QB and the Bucs Franchise sucks – so yeah maybe you’re right.

  86. OAR Says:

    Manning to Bucs? Really? What does Sodapop Curtis thinks about that?

  87. bucfanjeff Says:

    Manning is one hit from retirement. Freeman’s future looks bright. And as far as Cam Newton…good QB? Are you kidding me? He has a strong, inaccurate arm and scrambles. That sh!t won’t last – scrambling option garbage. Did you even watch the Pro Bowl? He was aweful and SO out of place…against vanilla 4-3 basic defense that played like practice…worse even.

  88. Bobby Says:

    It figures that Thomas would be the one to think trading Freeman for Manning would be a good move…..and to think that he believes Dom is poor at evaluating drafts and trades….Sure Thomas, let’s get a player who only has a few years left (if that) and build a team around him just to have to draft a QB in the draft again and start all over in a few years. Brilliant! You’re an Einstein!
    You thought that through so thoroughly. You should be GM Thomas. Geeeeeeez…

  89. RustyRhino Says:

    Let’s see, we get a injured P.Manning put him behind the same Oline we have had now for several years. That same Oline who couldn’t keep a Big healthy Mobil QB off the turf, what happens when we put a big injured slow nonmobil QB behind this Oline… With our Oline Manning might make it to game #3 might make it. We fool ourselves with how well the Oline is playing, we dont have 2 sec to pass the ball, our running lanes are few and far between. How would this be any better with P. Manning? How many crushing hits do you really think manning can take?
    Manning is a HOF player, who has gotten older and taken lots of hits, we can not protect a young faster player why do we think we could protect a slower older player?
    I say no, to Payton Manning. I don’t want to see him get crushed and injured behind our suspect at best Oline.

  90. flmike Says:


    Manning is one hit from retirement.

    No, he’s one hit from a wheel-chair.
    My nephew had the exact surgery at 22 y/o, his doctors flatout told him, do not ever play contact sports again, ever. Peyton is 36 has more money than he could ever spend, and I’m sure the doctors have already told him the same. I wish he would just retire gracefully and not risk his health or his familiers well being, also, I’m sure the man at 280 Park Ave sure as hell doesn’t want or need the world to see Peyton carted off the field on a backboard.

  91. Jared Says:

    Car drag queen hippopotamus elephant mound hound clay turd frog possum early worm bird dung toe jam ankle bite bed wet …. oh I thought the point of this post was to spew insanity. I’ll take a 24 year old Freeman over an injure 36 year old Manning any day. The move would’ve been great 6 years ago.

  92. Meh Says:

    haha Jared.

  93. chargedcbh Says:

    it wouldn’t shock me if they did bring him in, trade Josh for a first round pick, they have all the money in the world. Bring in Reggie Wayne, it wouldn’t surprise me at all…..

  94. Bobby Says:

    @chargedcbh….and what universe have you been living in that would make you think there’s even a remote possibility of that happening???

  95. Burg Says:

    Joe this may be the worst P.O.S. blurb you have ever put on your site, I’m embarrassed for both of us.

  96. BucFan813 Says:

    try to banned ppl..joe that new..trying to do me for years

    Joe knows you’re GoodfellaJay. –Joe

  97. Thomas 2.2 Says:


    I never said anything about trading Freeman, I like free. Free is no manning though.

    If I knew manning were healthy enough to play 3 years and he wanted to play here, I would strongly consider it. Those are huge ifs.

    Manning’s neck injury is not one that compromises his spinal cord, it was one that was effecting an exiting motor nerve – the one that controls the tricep – it causes weakness and loss of sensation – problems for a qb.

    The surgery takes pressure off of the nerve so it can regenerate and regain strength. He is no more prone to a neck injury that affects his spinal cord than any other qb. If reinjured it could damage the nerve further possibly – he wouldn’t be wheelchair bound.

    Stop acting like Free is in manning’s ballpark as a qb – he isn’t – never will be.

  98. Bobby Says:

    This is why we are so glad you are not running the Bucs. To strongly consider bringing Manning here is stupidity with a capital S. Don’t ever criticize Dom again.

  99. Mr Lucky Says:

    Bobby the only reason it’s a stupid idea is because Payton would never come to Tampa. To think that Josh Freeman’s ability to play and win is better than Mannings in 2012 and 2013 – now THAT’s complete STUPIDITY.

  100. sharkcoasttactical.com Says:

    Joe, like the article and I love the site. Football is a business. If he is available, they would be fools to not consider him. Schiano is no bullsh*t. He knows how good Freeman is and he knows what Peyton can do for the Bucs and Freeman’s training. Schiano is not going to fill that stadium. Odds are, it will get worse before it gets better. Cummings is silly bit he might be on to something.