Bucs Grilling Candidates In Texas

January 17th, 2012

The crazy stalker-type Bucs fans filing in and out of fancy Tampa hotel lobbies and ducking their heads into posh restaurants hoping to catch a glimpse of a Bucs head coaching candidate chuckling at a bad joke by Team Glazer need to give it a rest.

Joe Philbin, Tom Clements and the rest of the crew making their best pitch for the Bucs’ field general gig are 1,000+ miles away, so says Chris Mortensen of BSPN. (Yes, Joe forced himself to watch BSPN’s 6 o’clock NFL show last night.)

Team Glazer and rockstar general manager are sporting cowboy hats interviewing candidates this week in Dallas. Mortensen claims Team Glazer chose Dallas as a central meeting point as the ownership group players currently are spread across the country.

Initially, the interview site felt very odd to Joe, as one might think the Bucs would want to impress a candidate with a tour of One Buc Palace. Seemingly, a hot candidate might need to be wooed. But it’s reasonable to think a second interview in Tampa could be scheduled in a matter of hours, so Joe sees no harm.

Mortensen went on to say the Bucs would be interviewing “a bunch” of candidates through the week.

22 Responses to “Bucs Grilling Candidates In Texas”

  1. TurnThePage Says:

    Perhaps the Glazers hate the local Tampa media hounds.

    No soup for you!

  2. ZanyZack Says:

    If I had a private jet and a craving for barbecue, I’d be there too.

  3. justin Says:

    just hire marty then bring in the old rams coach or del rio as dc and clemets or philbin or billick as oc

  4. jarrett Says:

    i heard we will be interviewing mike mcoy as well

  5. jvato24 Says:

    The Bucs can take all of the time in the world to get this done …. They just better be finished By Saturday ..

    If the HC is not in place for Senior Bowl week they will lose quality position coaches. FACT

    They would also lose time to personally scout the Senior Bowl and this years looks pretty Solid. Watch out for Doug Martin RB from Boise St

  6. TpaBayFlyFisher Says:


    The Bucs were told that Tampa Plant Head Coach Robert Weiner had no interest in the job……………

  7. TurnThePage Says:

    Me thinks the Bucs are less interested in the draft this year, and want a talented coach that they can trust to go out and spend their money on free agents… gotta get to the floor.

  8. bucfanjeff Says:

    I appreciate them interview more than the typical 2-3 candidates that most teams do, historically speaking. I think we know by the weeks end whom they are zeroing in on.

  9. eric Says:

    C’mon Joe, get out to Texas man, were counting on you!

  10. adam ant Says:

    This doesn’t surprise me a bit. The Glazers are weird.

  11. sensiblebuc Says:

    @ TurnThePage

    I hope you’re right. They don’t actually HAVE to spend until 2013 but I hope they try to get a head start!


  12. eric Says:

    i suppose they will be bringing us stockholders in for a conference call before anything is finalized.

    Everybody wait by your phone.

  13. eric Says:

    Rick Perry may open fire on these guys………….

  14. flmike Says:

    Living in WPB, I occasionally get a quick glimpse of the very well camouflaged and all to hard to spot Glazer herd roaming the wilds of “THE Island”, then I am stopped by “The Island’s” private police force and am asked to turn my non-luxury vehicle around and exit said private playground of the rich and really not very beautiful, ever get a look at one of these people?

  15. A REAL Bucs Fan Says:

    TurnThePage Says:
    January 17th, 2012 at 11:37 am

    Perhaps the Glazers hate the local Tampa media hounds.

    Which means the local guys will be inventing the news again soon.

  16. bob ross Says:

    Satire rings true sometimes:


  17. Tampa Tom Says:

    maybe the glazers are smarter than we thought?

  18. stimpy Says:


    or mexiCAN…

  19. A REAL Bucs Fan Says:

    Former Minnesota head coach Brad Childress said he has yet to hear back from the Bucs after interviewing for their job. Childress said the team told him the search would take some time. He also said he wouldn’t be opposed to coming to Tampa Bay as an offensive coordinator, if another candidate is hired.

    – Pat, ESPN

  20. lightningbuc Says:

    As cheap as the Glazers are, I’m surprised they aren’t interviewing these guys via Skype!

  21. thomas 2.2 Says:

    @Tampa Tom Says:”maybe the glazers are smarter than we thought?”

    These are the bozos who hired RahRah Morris and the 4pm GM. Then again, their mission is to save $ and not win football games so those decisions were actually brilliant.!

  22. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Anyone who doesn’t think the Glazers will rake in as much profit as possible in 2012 doesn’t know how these guys operate. They may sign a few mid-level free agents, but you won’t see any serious budgetary largesse until the 2013 season. They will be busy making hay while the no-salary-floor sun is still shining in 2012. You can count on it.