Bucs’ Goal: “Make It Look Like The NFL Again”

January 9th, 2012

Bucs beat writer Rick Stroud says money is an issue in the Bucs' head coaching search. Stroud also is no fan the Bucs' current list of candidates.

Looking for a guy thoroughly disgusted by the Bucs’ head coaching search? Joe’s got one for you, beat writer Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times.

Stroud said the Bucs’ current candidate list of older retread types is one that would have no interest to other teams around the NFL.

“It just slays me how organizations overreact, overadjust and go to the polar opposite of what they had,” said Stroud, speaking today on The Dan Sileo Show on WDAE-AM 620. “You had a young coach, never been a head coach, yungry guy, relates to players, you know, and when you don’t win that means you’re not disciplined. Now you’re going to go to the oldest head coach you can find, a guy that’s been there multiple times, you know, elder statesman. …

“And it just seems like a bridge to, I don’t know, to somebody else some day, you know, to get the train kind of back on the tracks. They want someone to come in here, be organized, be able to put together a staff, make it look like the NFL again.”

Stroud went on to say the Bucs have seemingly “pigeon-holed” themselves looking at only longtime veteran coaches.

“Where are the young coordinators?” Stroud asked rhetorically. “Todd Haley, same thing, too close to what [the Bucs] just had.”

Stroud also questioned Team Glazer’s willingness to spend money, just a week after Team Glazer said they’ll spend “whatever it takes.”

“Let’s not ignore the elephant in the room. What kind of salaries are [the hot candidates leaguewide] going to ask for?” Stroud asked, implying that the older veteran coaches will take less money to get another shot at head coaching.

Stroud also said Jeff Fisher wasn’t interested in the Bucs job, in part, because the Bucs wouldn’t spend freely.

Joe’s hardly feeling so negative at this point. It’s still early in the coaching search. Loads of names could emerge this week.

35 Responses to “Bucs’ Goal: “Make It Look Like The NFL Again””

  1. Brad Says:

    If they take the approach with the players that means trading all our drat picks and sign nothing but FA’s. I have to say the Glazer boys looked lost and confused. I think it’s time to start thinking of our next owner instead of what lame coach we are going to get.

  2. justin Says:

    cheap coach who wont demand they spend money they this offseason still no spending on free agents then right before they have to spend in 2013 they sell the team

  3. frige bob Says:

    *Slays,* not sleighs. Methinks Joe is still in the holiday spirit.

    Joe thinks you’re correct.–Joe

  4. Brad Says:

    Maybe the Glazers are sabotaging the whole team so fans get po’d and they can move to LA.

  5. stevek Says:

    If they go cheap this year, and do not spend to produce a winner, then ppl should file outside one buc place with their torches and pitch forks!

    Spend to have a winner, and stop being stupid and cheap.

    More Glazer cheapness= More blackouts.

    These dumb @$$ Glazers couldn’t hit water if they fell out of a boat.

    Take your sissy soccer passion back across the pond. You are an embarassment to the American Sunday.

  6. bucfanjeff Says:

    Discipline is needed, I would agree, but going after some of these really old guys? To Stroud’s point, how long would they actually be here?
    We’re better off getting a guy that can and will grow into the position. Zimmer, for example, is 55 – room to grow. Marty? He’s past retirement already.
    We’re just hearing names and it doesn’t mean much right now – that we know of.
    I still think Billick needs an interview. After hearing all these other reported names, Billick is still my top preference.

  7. BajaAlabama Says:

    College coach not named Sherman please!

  8. Bucworld Says:

    It’s obvious that they do not want to spend money and get a good coach. They want some one that will do what Dominik says and take a smaller pay check. Why is Billick not even in the discussion?

  9. Patrick Says:

    Maybe 69 year old Marty will be our HC. And Maybe 77 year old Ron Paul will be our president. Hell, let’s see if George Bush senior wants to give it another try for a second term!

  10. NunPuncher Says:

    Would’nt it suck if Kellen Winslow was right?

  11. Nick Says:

    i’ll take marty

  12. BajaAlabama Says:

    Please Glazers! Don’t raid the old folks home! How about a Peterson from Boise State or Greg Schiano from Rutgers?

  13. Bobby Says:

    I don’t have a problem with the Bucs going the established route with coaches. This team looked so undisciplined that they need someone to come in that has a track record of being able to maintain discipline. I’m way more concerned with who comes in as OC and DC. That will determine more the actual schemes the team runs next year.

  14. Hillbilly Heaven Says:

    Marty is interviewing!!
    Just posted on PFT

    Now we’re talking…

    Long term answer, obviously not. But with a strong co-ordinator (HC in waiting) this will get the ship headed in the right direction.

    I would expect that his son comes with him as OC. Not my choice, but it’s an upgrade and I’ll settle to get some leadership from the HC

  15. Vince Says:

    Sober me up when it’s over!!

  16. eric Says:

    Marty ball!!!!!

  17. Sensiblebuc Says:

    @ HillBilly

    That OC in waiting will be none other than…his son Brian, currently captaining the 26th (I think) ranked NY Jets offense…ugh.

    Marty would be a small letdown but he’s better than a lot of the names being bandied about.

  18. sandbagrudy Says:

    why are my feet yellow gosh darn it I keep missing the toilet He said Boom I said Bang Ya ya you see this guy went that way and pow right in the end zone

  19. Dave Says:

    It is no these owners . . . it is every owner who ever fired a coach. They always hire the opposite. The pendulum keeps on swinging.
    This young team NEEDS an older, proven disciplinarian coach.

  20. crazy Says:

    Favoring veteran HC’s over young coordinators indicates the Glazers believe the last guy had as many problems managing the staff as he did bringing out the best in his players, regardless of how much potential they may have believed he had. That doesn’t seem like a ringing endorsement of the current GM either.

  21. KWBUCFAN Says:

    Posters just want the guy the Bucs don’t. Just want to disagree. No buddy liked Gruden, couldnt develop a QB, bla bla. Then Raheem is to nice. Now these coaches are to old. I think Marty would be awesome, but like a poster said, who are the OC and DC. One will be HC in waiting. The one thing Marty always had was the most talented teams. Look it up. I really like Billick but Marty would be good fit.

  22. jarrett Says:

    Joe Change that last line to” loads of crap could emerge this week.” Im scared to hear the next wave of names,what dennis green, dan reeves and jim mora sr want a piece of this.

  23. Mean D Says:

    Hiring a coach that no other team will consider is a must. We need an old weakling that agrees to work with Dom. BTW, congrats to Joe and Dom who are expecting their first baby.

  24. Sensiblebuc Says:

    LMAO Mean D! You are Thomas-like in your consistency.

  25. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    All you guys who are trashing Schottenheimer are idiots who have no knowledge of the NFL coaching landscape. This is a guy who only had two losing seasons in a 20+ year coaching career and a higher winning percentage than any guy who’s considered a “hot” candidate right now. With Marty you don’t need to speculate, you know he gets it done. Every time.

    He also has the most impressive coaching tree of anyone I’ve seen. Check this out:

    Bill Cowher
    Tony Dungy
    Herm Edwards
    Cam Cameron
    Mike Tomlin
    Rod Marinelli
    Lovie Smith
    Ken Whisenhunt
    Marvin Lewis
    Gunther Cunningham
    Mike McCarthy
    Wade Phillips
    Tony Sparano

    No coach in recent memory can compete with that list!!!! Hire this guy right now, with his son Brian as OC and the Bucs will be turned around in no time.

  26. Patrick Says:

    If Marty brings his son here as OC, then I don’t want him here. The Jets offense has really sucked under him

  27. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    The Jets offense sucks for one reason and one reason only: Mark Sanchez.

  28. White Tiger Says:

    This, Dr Stroud, is why you don’t fire a coach who doesn’t lose and replace him with a coach who cannot win.

    Stuff looks good to people who don’t really know what they’re talking about. I mean, just because you report on sports…it really doesn’t qualify you to pass judgement on coaching, management, finance, personnel.

    Sometimes, even if you know people that know stuff, it still doesn’t qualify you as knowing that same stuff – or even that you understand what they tell you.

    You offer Todd Haley as an alternative to a guy with a PROVEN track record? REALLY?

    More proof that you should limit your “reporting” to what you saw on the field, what you heard in the locker room…

    No matter HOW much you think you know, DR STROUD, there’s a reason you don’t cash a check from the Glazers…or any other SPORTS franchise.

    Leave that to the fans…

    See, when the DEFENSE collapses, and your the DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR…you suck. When you spend two years worth of TOP draft picks on defense and they’re routinely giving up more than 30 points per game…it doesn’t matter how well you’re BELIEVED to have been…it means you suck as a defensive coordinator.

    When you’re also the head coach that FIRED the defenisve coordinator that the FRANCHISE felt you needed – it means you REALLY SUCK and you have no one left to blame.

    No matter how many words you helped Raheem craft to describe his Young and Hungry team…it won’t help him coach any better.

    Sports Journalism degree + working for a 2nd rate fishwrap = writer for a fishwrap…NOT someone we look to for your opinion on coaches who can get this very expensive sports franchise BACK ON TRACK.

    Maybe SOME of the folks in the Tampa area believed you when you asserted it was time to fire the superbowl winning coach, and maybe they helped influence the owners to make a change, and maybe the owners listened to you about where to LOOK for that change…

    …but in the end…order will be restored because you’ve been revealed as a writer…with an opinion.

    …and in the words of an pro-wrestler, turned actor, who plys sports figures sometimes: “IT DOESN’T MATTER (to us) WHAT YOU THINK!”

  29. TpaBayFlyFisher Says:

    Let’s be honest. Who would want to coach here now? It will be someone looking for a “last” or “first” chance. Of the names mentioned, I prefer Wade Phillips. He knows defense and how to fix one that is broken as is ours. He was run out of Dallas simply because his owner is too demanding. Perhaps he could hire D. Brooks to be a LB coach and get some “young” leadership. If I were the owner, I would hire Rob. Chud but the Glazers have done the young guy thing and we know how that went.

  30. White Tiger Says:

    Who would want to coach here?

    Are you KIDDING!?

    Prospects for landing FA’s: Massive room under the salary cap,

    Personnel: a team STOCKED with top draft picks, a bruising running back, a great QB that needs some help attaining top tier status, a great young group of recivers that need some help developing, a pretty decent group of offensive linemen – a fantastic and athletic defensive front four, some decent linebackers, and great secondary talent

    Not to mention that the owners do not meddle and the GM has a proven track record of assessing & acquiring talent (when given a free hand).

    This is one of the TOP divisions in Football – how many times has someone from the NFC South played in or WON a superbowl?

    Add in the weather – and this is THE top location in football. It’s why the Glazers can imply finaces will be a factor…they’re not going to back up a brinks truck to land a good coach.

    We are a VERY desirable franchise, in a very desirable division, in a highly desirable region of the country with a a team stocked with great talent on both sides of the ball.

    You just have to find someone who knows what they’ve got and isn’t looking to tear it to the ground to rebuild it all again.

  31. White Tiger Says:

    Gotta be Schotty

  32. A REAL Bucs Fan Says:

    FLBoyInDallas Says:
    January 9th, 2012 at 2:06 pm

    The Jets offense sucks for one reason and one reason only: Mark Sanchez.

    I don’t get it. You say people don’t know crap, but then you say one player can be the reason an offense sucks? It is never JUST one player.

    White Tiger Says:
    January 9th, 2012 at 2:21 pm

    When you’re also the head coach that FIRED the defenisve coordinator that the FRANCHISE felt you needed – it means you REALLY SUCK and you have no one left to blame.

    Raheem Morris fired nobody. Dominick did. Morris probably convinced him to not hired someone else…and btw…it worked at first.

    As for Stroud…he was consistently butting heads with Morris. Morris even called him out a few times in PCs.

  33. passthebuc Says:

    I fear that most of these old legends, will be over matched.

    They will be bringing a knife to a gun fight.

  34. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Pete: you’re right with one exception…when that ONE player is the QB it can make all the difference in the world. Haven’t you been watching the same NFL as the rest of us? Peyton Manning had his Colts at 10 and 6 and then the same exact team with the same exact coaches and the same exact schemes goes 2 and 14 with only ONE player missing: the QB. It is BY FAR the most important position on a team, and second place isn’t even in the same universe. Try actually thinking through your responses before typing them.

  35. White Tiger Says:

    A Real – lots of stuff “looked” like it worked…at first.

    When we started playing real teams – that “stuff” didn’t work.

    Rick Stroud is an idiot, that he argued football with Raheem makes no difference.