Yahoo Rumor Hound Calls Raheem-Dominik Divide

December 14th, 2011

Joe’s loyal readers know he’s no fan of anonymous sources and rumors. Why if Joe were, Joe could fill these pages with all the dirt he has heard and seen. (Perhaps Joe will write a book one day when he hangs up his keyboard.)

That brings Joe to NFL writer Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports, who seemingly last checked in with the Bucs when he was hot on the trail of Aqib Talib and assured his readers that his trusted sources knew Talib would be suspended four games to start this season, punishment for allegedly shooting at a fleeing criminal in Texas.

Of course, the suspension never happened. But that hasn’t made Cole check out of the rumor business.

Last night he served up “a team source” telling him that rockstar general manager Mark Dominik wanted to cut Aqib Talib before the 2011 season but Raheem Morris talked him out of it during the lockout. And Cole found a mystery Bucs player to all but say Talib is a cancer.

“Wrong message,” a Bucs player said this week. “Raheem believes he can get through to anybody and he can, to an extent. Guys do listen to him. But sometimes they have to see that you’re going to back it up … [Talib] is a huge talent, but you have to know there are certain guys who are impossible to get through to.”

Again, Joe wouldn’t bet on Cole being accurate. This is the same Bucs management that gave Tanard Jackson an early contract extention and embraced, and asked fans to embrace, Jerramy Stevens. Plus they signed Albert Haynesworth. They’re very much about giving guys lots of chances. But it’s hardly a stretch to think that Morris lobbied hard to the higher-ups for Talib as the team considered the cornerback’s future this past offseason.

As for a potential double-standard of discipline for Talib, Joe really doesn’t find this to be a big deal. Surely it didn’t stop the Bucs from tackling and hustling and executing in 2010. Joe suspects nearly all the Bucs have witnessed preferential treatment on previous teams. That’s life. You deal with it.

42 Responses to “Yahoo Rumor Hound Calls Raheem-Dominik Divide”

  1. Meh Says:

    I don’t take this as lightly as you, Joe. Poor discipline is this teams calling card, and Talib is exhibit A.

  2. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    If it were true that A Bucs player said anything, my bet would be that Jeff Faine was the rat ba$tard.

    On another note, I see where our boy Ruud was placed on IR yesterday by the Titans.

  3. Meh Says:

    Hah I was thinking Faine too but I have nothing but a hunch. Sounds like something he’d say.

  4. mjmoody Says:

    I have waved the Talib flag in the past. Through the practice “fight” and through the disgruntled cabbie as well as the child-touching abusive boyfriend. I was in the process of washing it when the Blount thing went down but the story didn’t have legs so I folded it and put it away. How bad does the secondary need to be? Grimm, A. Black, Gaitor, Mack…is there a midget, sorry–little person, out there that can play corner? Where is the sports fan out there who is over 30 that thinks the Suh stuff is bunk. An angry DT? Really? How unfortunate. I apologize Romanowski. (I know, LB) Thank god you probably are unaware of how ridiculous its gotten. Talib isn’t Keyshawn Johnson. Barber doesn’t think so. If he did he’d say so. The winds of change will blow how they may. The HC should be a motivator, but he needs–as does the rest of the team–some experienced sure hands on the rudder who are task masters. Good cop, bad cop. Yahoo sports reporter…Joe gets a table before this jack-leg does. Doesn’t he?

  5. raphael Says:

    cut : talib aquib – sean jones – tanard jackson and biggers

  6. Bucnjim Says:

    Job saving stratagies have been at work since before the Jag’s game. There will be some rats going down with this ship! I don’t think the Glazers will be able to tolerate the lack of passion coming from the players and lack of motivation coming from coaches. If the Bucs stink up the field Saturday night and continue their inept ways; then the guillotine will surely fall swiftly. Watch out for that head rolling down S. Dale Mabry!

  7. flmike Says:

    I don’t know, if they didn’t move after last Sunday’s seal clubbing (damn I love that saying) then I don’t think they will until the Falcon’s game, but they have to move swiftly, like maybe fire him the day before and let him coach out the game.

  8. Jimmy Says:

    “Job saving stratagies have been at work since before the Jag’s game.”

    No kidding. When’s the last time we’ve seen or heard from Dominik. It’s like he’s in the Witness Protection Program.

    Even RahRah’s buddies in the media like Shaun King and that guy in the afternoon are distancing themselves from RahRah, just listen to how they talk about how since the Jags game.

    Handwriting is on the wall. Maybe RahRah can teach linguistics at some high school next year? Everything starts with a Y, but how the word ends can be tricky.

  9. tj Says:

    This is the problem there us obvious favortism with the bucs . I am sorry I am from the old school you have to earn your spot back tanard . Corey Lynch is not the greatest but he was servicable. But rah gift wrapped the position for tanard . Then talib is rapping pistol whipping. And getting. Unsportsman like penalty s verse the bears that changed the game but rah don’t send him home he sends the second year DT home . What a joke

  10. stevek Says:

    TJ: Agreed 100%, there needs to be a new voice leading this team.


    Dungy, far and away should be the next coach. He is just what we need. The Bucs have lost there Defensive Identity.

    What a better way to get back to our roots?

    Bring back Godfather Dungy. He will lead us back to the promise land.

  11. Joe Says:


    Bring back Godfather Dungy. He will lead us back to the promise land.

    How can Father Dungy lead the Bucs back to the promised land when He couldn’t pull off that trick the first time around?

  12. jvato24 Says:

    I think Talibs off the field troubles are attributed to stupidity no neccesarily being a Bad Guy. He was black out drunk when he smacked the cabbie. The gun incident in Texas was family related and could happen to alot of people. Maybe not with a gun but out of control with family domestic disputes.

    But I thought it would be ok if we cut Talib after he basically cost us the game against the Bears. He put himself before everyone in what was now … the beginning of the end.

    One thing is for sure, The best will address CB in Rd 1 or 2 and also bring in a FA. Watch for Brent Grimes or Cortland Finnegan if they make it to FA.

  13. stevek Says:

    Dungy’s Defense won us our superbowl.

    It was Ronde’s pick off of McNabb that got us there, and it was our D that shined bright on the big stage.

    Dungy eventually won a Superbowl of this own.

    There is no doubt in my mind that Dungy still has the “IT” factor.

    @ JOE- Dungy did win a superbowl, and it was his D that won us our superbowl. One can argue, that with a stable QB, Dungy would’ve won several superbowls in Tampa.

  14. sunrisejeff Says:

    Pretty sure Monte’s defense won us a SB……

  15. Nick Says:

    Dungy would only work as an advisor and mentor. Thats it. How much would the Bucs have to pay him for that? And is it worth it?

  16. Greg Says:

    @ mjmoody

    Lay off the meth bro, that post was all over the place!

  17. eric Says:

    I dont believe this story because Raheem doesn’t have the juice at One Buc Place.

    And all this “poison locker room” stuff is way overblown. The Bucs lose because they have bad football players poorly coached.

    The bad football creates the poison, not the other way around.

    If other players suck just because of Talib, then we have a bigger group of incompetents than even I imagined.

    And yes Joe, Dungy brought us to the promise land as compared to what we had before.

  18. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    @Jvato Brent Grimes is not leaving Atlanta. And why would you get rid of one trouble maker(Talib) to hire another(Finnegan)?

  19. Joe Says:


    And yes Joe, Dungy brought us to the promise land as compared to what we had before.

    Joe’s idea of “promised land” is watching the Bucs kiss the Lombardi Trophy in celebrating a Super Bowl.

    Chucky did, and Joe will forever be grateful.

    Father Dungy didn’t, and was jettisoned for his failure.

  20. Joe Says:

    @ JOE- Dungy did win a superbowl, and it was his D that won us our superbowl.

    Monte’s defense, don’t ever forget that.

    Dungy had the power and influence to have Richie McKay go out and get a QB. He didn’t.

  21. tj Says:

    Don’t know if dungy would be the answer besides why would he be intrested in a team that gave him the boot. I think domminck has to go too. They are building through the draft like the steelers colts an packers. Question would the packers steelers colts deal with talib and Jackson ? Then why are we

  22. eric Says:


    Its all relative. When your dating the ugliest girl in school, with hideous warts (like the Bucs between McKay and Dungy – a fiften year period), the girl next door looks pretty damn good.

    I dont think the players or even Monte would say that was solely “his” defense. Dungy had a hell of a lot to do with it.

    Dungy came awfully close to that Super Bowl in 1999.

    werent you the one who said Raheem saved his job with the “almost” Green Bay win?

    You seem to have a hopeless double standard.

    I understand that Dom is “your guy” and all, but its geting rediculous.

    @Eric – No, Joe didn’t say Raheem saved his job with an “almost” win in Green Bay. There’s no double standard anywhere. –Joe

  23. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    Why is anyone even talking about Dungy? It will never happen. Ever. He isn’t interested at all.

  24. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    If the Buc’s defense was Dungy’s, what the hell happened in Indy? They were up and down his entire tenure.

  25. jvato24 Says:

    AdvoCare … Finnegan has no off the field issues as far as I know and has a pretty big program he does for kids … Finnegan got beat up by Andre Johnson but he is fiesty as hell and not a thug.

    To compare Talib to Finnegan is not quite fair.

  26. OAR Says:

    Not sure, I’d want to wait the eleven years it took Dungy to get that SB win, again?
    Also, I find it funny that if QB was really all we needed, why did it take Dungy 5 years with one of the best?

    BTW if your handing out credit for our SB win, then give Sam Wyche lots for his draft picks of Sapp, Brooks, and Lynch!

  27. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Dungy led this team to being perennial contenders. Rah rah cliche led this team to worst team in the nfl status in 3 seasons.

    We would give just about anything to have a playoff team, rah has no chance of accomplishing that.

  28. eric Says:


    Your fairness doctrine does not appear to apply to Tony Dungy.

    If Rah makes the playoffs next three years, and an NFC CHampionship game appearance, I eagerly await your call for his Jettison. (even that wouldnt match Tony since he was 4/6 on playoff appearances)

    We all know that would never happen. You would be singing his praises from every roof top.

    You go on and on about Rah “almost” being coach of the year and robbed of a playoff appearance because of a bad call , yet you criticize Tony for losing in the NFC Championship game. (and the bucs were robbed in that game).

    I shutter to think what you would say about Tony if his team played like Rah’s………which it didnt.

    With all due respect, its a huge double standard.

  29. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    Finnegan gets in fights on the field, get arrested, got a DUI, talks bad about his fellow players in specifics to the press, and is an all around a-hole. I don’t see a big difference between the two.

  30. Joe Says:


    Your fairness doctrine does not appear to apply to Tony Dungy.


    Joe thinks the absolute world of Dungy as a person and has stated many times Dungy would be a good front office guy just for the sole reason his eye for picking defensive coaches was uncanny.

    To Joe, the best coaches adapt; Father Dungy never did. As a result, he likely cost the Bucs two Super Bowl rings. That nonsense about running the ball “was the way we did it in Pittsburgh” was a con and simply not true; even Dungy’s ex-teammate Mel Blount explained why on the NFL Network.

    Dungy was handed a Hall of Fame quarterback and still only reached one Super Bowl. Belicheat coached rings around the guy annually.

    All of the above is why Joe doesn’t sing hosannas for Father Dungy.

  31. Joe Says:


    Dungy led this team to being perennial contenders. Rah rah cliche led this team to worst team in the nfl status in 3 seasons.

    We would give just about anything to have a playoff team, rah has no chance of accomplishing that.

    Yangry? 🙂

  32. macabee Says:

    Joe, I think it’s fair to say that Dungy led the Bucs to the promised land, and you’re right he didn’t go in. The biblical parallel to this is after wandering for 40 years in the wilderness, Moses led the Israelites to the Promised Land, but he too was not allowed to go in. Now as big of a sinner as I am, I’m uncomfortable quoting the bible, so if there is a real christian out there, feel free to correct me if I got that wrong! So, I’m OK with Dungy being coach or even Moses if he is still around! lol.

  33. Tommy Boy Says:

    Rah’s preferential treatment of Talib does send a bad message. That message is this…

    I have no control over this guy because he knows we need his talent. Therefore, I will let him wreak havoc and bitch me out and act a fool as long as he still produces.

    Rah has shown no backbone when it comes to Talib so no wonder our entire team is undisciplined and SOFT. Teams take on the mentality of their head coach. Our head coach soft and does not command respect.

  34. eric Says:


    Yeah, losing to Bellichick is a disgrace! And didnt he have his own Hall of Famer at QB?

    Meantime Rah gets taken to the Woodshed by the immortal Mel Tuner with a rookie at QB!

    Looking forward to Rah’s second Super Bowl Ttile in 2014!

  35. Joe Says:

    LOL Mel Turner!

  36. adam from ny Says:

    i have no problem with faine saying this….he can kick talibs butt if they ever had a one on one….and i was thinking the same thing yesterday…i was just pondering the bucs yesterday afternoon, and then a boom, a lightbulb went off in my head as i though to myself “what is the biggest problem with the bucs?”….and clearly it struck me that aquib talib was the real problem, and it all trickles down from there…i really think all players in their hearts or minds do not respect raheem for the way he handles talib….

    we as bucs people always talk about the team needing leaders….and i believe aqub talib in some weird way is one of team leaders….and as rah would say, he is destroying this team from the core…..talib is the problem, talib is a team leader, and talib needs to be gotten rid of before this team becomes a big bowl of white rice….adam from ny

  37. adam from ny Says:

    dungy was fired in an ill manner….leaving in the night and in the rain…he would never come back anyway.

    ps tony is sort of an overated goof ball type who kind of got lucky…and his nerdy god-worshiping good guy mixture just soared with public perception at one point like a lightning bolt….payton manning built tony’s pedistal…and tony knows it…don’t get me wrong, i like dungy..always have…but he is clearly one of those overated people floating around in nfl circles..good guy…yes…good coach…yes…..great?…no way jose…..adam from ny

  38. adam from ny Says:

    also dungy doesn’t do so well on tv…i’m surprised he doesn’t get coached up for his tv act….he is a little off and stares at his cohosts a little oddly while they interact….just an assessment…

    and gruden on mnf is a walking fiasco….his act was downright appauling at first….now i listen with a grain of salt…and try to be amused….but long term his act is going to grow sour just like that attitude of his did while coaching…..that guy has real “little big man” issues that are so obvious when the camera shows the three guys standing there talking in the mnf booth….tirico eats it…and jaws has had it with the nonsense but knows this is his paycheck and realizes he is the number 2 guy and sort of accepts it…..i can tell you this….if i saw gruden in publics per say, and he spoke to me that way and put his hands in my face and my personal space, i would put my hand in his face and just cold mush him….he needs to be mushed in the face while he is talking….jaws should do it…gruden is a “personal space invader” and jaws should slam that miniature ken doll girly boy and make him feel like merrill hodge does these days…that would be the best mnf highlight of all time, next to some coward blowsell sh*t….adam from ny

  39. adam from ny Says:

    also there is something frail about tony dungy in a league filled with strapping beefed up men…and that secretly makes people grown infectuous toward mr. dungy…but that is some freudian sh*t….his whole image combined with his frail look makes him quite an intriging and oddly engaging figure….what really would be odd is if we trade josh freeman to denver in the off season for tim tebow and bring in dungy to coach…imagine dungy coaching tebow in tampa… would immediately sell out the stadiumand we would score 10 points a game….and guess what, elway might just go for the ole swaperooski….adam from ny

    ps elway in some weird way fears baby jesus…he thinks he is a quarterbacking joke with skills that could never match his…but he also sees him as a mesiah type who is quite powerful and can somehow dwarf him in some odd way…elway wants tebow out of there asap….elway wakes up in cold sweats at night fearing tebow on a podium hoisting a superbowl trophy and cutting into his legacy….its so obvious he fears for his legacy with tebow wearing broncos blue and orange….poor buck tooth elway…..maybe he will send tebow to tampa….imagine that… this point i would do it if i were the glazers and the option ever came about.


  40. sappalicious Says:

    Amen to you adam!

    Kickin’ the knowledge!

  41. eric Says:

    adam u ok man?

  42. Niko (The Optimist) Says:

    I would not pay attention to outside sources too much. They say things to increase their image, but unless they talk to an inside guy like someone from SpTimes, TBO, PewterRP, etc, they usually have the wrong image.

    How many times have you heard years after the Bucs defense was a force “The Bucs always rely on their defense” or Bucs love to hire veterans way after the last 30+ year old was hired. Take it with a grain of salt.

    Besides, Im sure Domink talks Raheem into this or that, and vice versa. Was it a wrong call? Isn’t Talib needed on this team? look what happened last week.