Whither Mark Dominik?

December 16th, 2011

Joe has been a Bucs fan ever since watching Doug Williams and Jimmie Giles and Batman Wood from his boyhood home amid the Illinois cornfields.

Though Joe has only been a resident of the Tampa Bay area since the 1990’s, Joe has never, ever, seen anything in this area like the current state of the Bucs and the outrage of the Bucs fanbase.

Since the seal-clubbing at the hands of the Jags (on a short week for the Jags no less), yes, the same Jags that were alley-beaten last night by the Falcons like they were some Division I-AA team, the unrest among Bucs fans has risen each day that embattled Bucs coach Raheem Morris remains in power.

Turn on local sports radio shows and it is a non-stop din of wailing from Bucs fans — if not the hosts themselves — who seem to be one step away from storming One Buc Palace in rebellion and who refuse to buy a ticket next year if Morris is retained.

Joe suspects that if Dallass jumps out to a big lead Saturday night, after Bucs fans have had all day to lubricate themselves, it could be the ugliest scene ever witnessed at the football stadium on Dale Mabry Highway.

Seemingly, each day a new ugly rumor surfaces, whether it is a perceived leak from the inside that Morris covets troubled cornerback Aqib Talib too much, to a crazy story that Morris would have been jettisoned Monday if the Bucs had enough coaches on staff to take over his duties.

Interestingly, all the while Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik has been strangely quiet. Yes, Dominik is still around, Joe saw him with his own eyes prior to the beat down by Carolina.

Tampa Tribune humorist Martin Fennelly has noticed this too. He believes Dominik is laying low for one of two reasons if not both: he’s distancing himself from Morris, or Dominik himself, despite just signing a four-year contract extension, is concerned about his own job security.

You can almost feel the separation right now between the coach and GM, friends or no. It’s nothing new. I mean, does anyone recall Rich McKay resigning over Tony Dungy’s dismissal?

Yes, the Talib thing always worried us. It’s the smoking gun in so many ways, because it spoke to Raheem having favorites, or double standards. It was cool at 10-6, but it was always lurking, always.

I’ll bet Dominik thought and worried about that, too. But a lot of the decisions he was in on, team building that he was behind, have also conspired against Raheem and in their own way have helped doom the head coach.

Let’s not get carried away. Doom the head coach? Was Morris doomed when the Bucs jumped out to a 4-2 record this season with wins over NFC South rivals New Orleans and Atlanta? Was Morris doomed when the Bucs won 10 games last year?

Did Dominik conspire to knife Morris in the back when Dominik helped sign/acquire/secure a franchise quarterback, a veteran offensive line with two Pro Bowlers among the ranks, one of the better tight ends in the game and a running back who averages over four yards a carry?

How exactly is it Dominik’s fault that the offense has been a trainwreck these last seven games and could only muster 14 points against the putrid Jags?

How did Dominik undercut Morris when he drafted a pair of solid rookie defensive ends, one of which has already been the best defensive end the Bucs have had in years?

Now if one wants to finger Dominik for the signing of Quincy Black, that’s fair if not accurate. No question that was a deal gone very wrong (except for Black’s portfolio, or course).

But the fact that Dominik is laying low does have the appearance that the front office is letting Morris twist in the wind while each day Morris has to answer questions about alleged clashes he has had with the administration or answer questions about his job status.

Sometimes, silence is deafening.

57 Responses to “Whither Mark Dominik?”

  1. Brad Says:

    This is the first time I’m not excited about the draft. We’ll draft 2 linebackers that will start immediately making us even younger than this year. We will hear about how it’s all about 5 and then go out in the 5th round and pick up a 3rd down back which will be the only offensive weapon we’ll add. Then we will hear why we can’t sign any FA cause we want to teach them the Buc way. Then we will win 3 games next year and probably get the first pick. We’ll draft 2 cornerbacks that will start immediately making us the you gets team…..no FA…. About 5. Draft a wr in 4th round….

    This is how Dominic Operates and as long as he stays the GM this will how the team will remain no matter if Raheem is here or not.

    A formula guaranteed not to work. Stay young, add no FA, dont spend money..

    Owners do us a favor and fire Dominic, open your wallets and add competetion at every position and make the players earn a roster spot no matter where their drafted.

  2. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Jaqs got BILLY_CLUBBED last night by the same score that they BILLY-CLUBBED us…41-14. If that isnt KARMA, I don’t know what is.

  3. Meh Says:

    1. Dom picked the coaches. He promoted a position coach to HC. Dom set up a rookie head coach with 2 coordinators that were fired, one before his first season and one only partly into his first season. Then Olson got promoted to OC for a rookie HC, and that rookie HC was allowed to be the DC. Disaster.

    2. Dom has refused to plug obvious holes in free agency. Lots of holes. Lots of positions that could be filled with competent (not even star) free agents. He got a punter.

    3. Dom gave horrendous contracts to Clayton and Black.

    Dom should be worried about his job. If it wasn’t for his long contract I’d expect him to be canned, but he’ll probably hang on just barely. Is he responsible for all the problems? Of course not. But he sure had his hand in a lot of the biggest mistakes.

  4. Nick Says:

    Geez Joe, its like you listened to Shaun King two days ago…is there an echo in the room?

  5. Tampa2 Says:

    Dominick isn’t dumb. It’s every man for himself in crunch time. The main problem with the Bucs is Malcolm isn’t in charge anymore, his kids are. And when they took over the noose tightened on the moneybelt of the Bucs. Too bad they couldn’t just Keep the Bucs Franchise Name without having to put coaches and Players on the field. They would love to just collect the revenue money without spending a dime. But they did the next best thing and hired the cheapest coaches & players available. And now the amateur is the scapegoat. (not that he shouldn’t be). Raheem needs to go, but so do the owners that made the decision to Hire an Amateur so they could make more money by saving on a Name Coaches salary. Their “money saving plan” has been obvious to most fans in Tampa. And now that the Raheem story is getting National press, the rest of the USA may begin to see what tightwads we have as owners.

  6. ClayBURN94 Says:

    @meh actually the glazer boys hired raheem not dominick. They were both promoted at the same time by the glazers.

  7. Meh Says:

    I don’t believe for a second Dom had nothing to do with picking the HC. That is the GM’s responsibility. I’m certain that they were speaking with Dom about it during the hire.

  8. Bobby Says:

    Some of these comments are just stupid. Every year we draft we get younger??? What happens to the players from prior drafts…are they frozen in time? Players become vets as they mature and the players on this team will become vets quicker than most because Clayborne, Foster, Bowers, Blount, Freeman, Williams, Benn, Parker, Briscoe, Price, McCoy, etc. these guys got thrown into the fire as rookies. We played a brutal schedule this year and the bitter taste of defeat will stay with these guys throughout the offseason. It’s a taste they will want to get rid of as quickly as possible next year and I think with the right changes we’ll see a completely different team next year. I’m not saying we shouldn’t acquire key FA’s but this idea that building only through the draft keeps us young really doesn’t wash in the long run. It’s only true at the beginning of a rebuild.

  9. mark2001 Says:

    I find it very curious that more hasn’t been said about Dom relative to what has happened this year. Rah got stuck with an ever younger team with no veteran leadership and one of the lowest payroll’s in the league and yet many are saying he’s an incompetent coach. I sincerely doubt any HC could be successful under those circumstances. About half of our players are a bunch of big kids that Rah is trying to mold into a mature, consistant, and dedicated bunch of adults.

    That being said, the old adage that you can’t change the entire team but you can change the coach has weight. So I could understand a change. If Rah truly believed that we didn’t need to bring or retain the veteran leadership we had, he helped “make his own bed”. On the other hand, if he was basically “told” what the philosophy and story line was to be, I think a great deal of the fault lies with Dom and the Glazers, and I’ve said so before. If that is the case, I’d rather see us move for a big time coach and new GM. If not, we are simply moving from one conflict to another without really solving a major part of the problem.

  10. Joe Says:


    Geez Joe, its like you listened to Shaun King two days ago…is there an echo in the room?

    Um, Shaun has been calling for Dominik’s head for about a month. Difference here is Joe is not in any way calling for Dominik’s job, and Joe thinks he was quite clear about that in this post.

    May want to re-read the post.

  11. Anthony Says:

    Anthony thinks Fennelly is dumb and likes to stir up crap that doesn’t exist.

    Anthony also thinks Fennelly is trying to find an out for Raheem the same way he always did for Dungy.

  12. mbaby Says:

    @Scotty I would call it karma but for Freeman and the bucs because yesterday on the radio Freeman said when we was up by 14 points he went 2 the sideline n told the coaches let’s get a blowout it would feel good 2 blow them out u c they was trying 2 b a bully 2 a team they thought was less talent and with a rookie QB that don’t step n 2 the pocket. Its was like an older kid picking on a younger one and when the younger one fought back everyone was shock.They mindset should have been just 2 get a win instead of trying 2 embarrass a lesser team. I was kinda mad when I heard Freeman said this because 2 me y pick on a lesser team? have this mindset every time u go out n play not just the Jags.

  13. Brad Says:

    Bobby your dumb. I believe Black and Hayes have
    been in the league 3-5 years. When they get cut and get replaced by 2 rookies we get younger. We did it with our entire defensive line and middle linebacker the last 2 years.

    Lets not forget Dom also cut our veterans too including Mr Brooks.
    Dom also said he wasn’t restricted by money or the ability to sign FA’s.
    It’s also telling he approved the coaches and not one of them is good enough to be an intrim coach till the end of year. These are the same coaches that are supposedly teaching our young team how to play in the NFL

  14. mbaby Says:


  15. BucFan South Tampa Says:

    No information gets released from One Buc unless the Glazers release it.

    Separate Issue, have you noticed that Jim Leavitt is starting to do a lot more local interviews? He was on 1010 AM the other day for almost 20 min, then he was on another station. As you may remember he is the LB Coach of the playoff / Super Bowl bound 49ers. Also, the other day, Derrick Sharpe on 620 brought his name up as a possible replacement for Raheem in either HC or DC positions. Local guy comes back, etc. I see a plan coming together….

  16. Nick Says:

    But the fact that Dominik is laying low does have the appearance that the front office is letting Morris twist in the wind while each day Morris has to answer questions about alleged clashes he has had with the administration or answer questions about his job status.

    Joe, this is the line i was referring to. He said this exact thing. Not trying to start up a who was here first debate. But, I think fans of the site should acknowledge King as a formidable, reasonable, keepin it real, radio host. Just my opinion

  17. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    I honestly think that both of these clowns should be sent packing.

    Dominik is nearly as lost as rah.

  18. eric Says:

    Must have learned the fine art of “culling” in those same cornfields.

    Dom gets credit for the offensive line? He wasnt the GM then. So, would that mean he gets credit for Gaines Adams and Dexter Jackson too?

    THe franchise QB is showing strong signs of severe regression. Leads legue in INT’s

    Mccoy tackles like a pop warner. Cant stay on the field.

    Ward, Clayton, Nugent, black – horrific decisions. Ruud/Caddy also.

    Benn has had negligable impact for his draft position. Lewis too.

    Price is hobbled.

    Even Williams has regressed to paultry 11 yard per catch average.

    No effort to supplement through free agency.

    Bates/Jag first year fiascos.

    plugged in rookie ML and expected it to work.

    GM’s are measure by performance on the field, the team he assembled is mired in one of the most horrific losing streaks in team history. In the third year of a rebuilding plan.

    Did you see the Falcons last night? Smith’s fourth year after taking over 1-15 team – that was in shambles and far worse shape than 08 Bucs. playoffs every year. exciting rookie wideout. Went out and got guys like Gonzalez and Turner. You know, a pro-football team.

    If our GM is a rock star, Atlanta’s must be God Almighty.

    Severe case of delusional cherry picking.

    Drain the swamp!

  19. Anthony Says:

    If Leavitt coaches the Bucs, we are really screwed

  20. jvato24 Says:

    I cant for the life of me figure out why you genius message boarders arent in an NFL front office. You are all elite!

  21. Capt.Tim Says:

    Mbaby- those are are some tender hearted concerns. Buuuut, this isn’t a big kid picking on a lil kid. This is PRO football. They are all grown men, getting payed millions to play.
    I don’t think Josh wanted to abuse them. Having been” the beaten” for weeks, I think he was hoping to give a beating.
    Didn’t matter. No matter his hopes, he ended up on the wrong end of the whipping stick again.
    Gotta suck. Poor kid deserved to dish out a beating, instead of taking one for once.

  22. DieHard_Bob Says:

    @ mbaby – What you heard on the radio last night was Jeff Faine on the Jeff Faine show say that HE went to the coach on the sideline and said, “let’s get a blowout”, not Freeman. As for the average Bucs fan – they suck and always have. I’ve never seen a bigger bunch of fair weather fans anywhere. Here is something to think about for all you so called fans who want to blow out our coach. Most coaches in the NFL get a 3 year window to succeed. In his first year he had a major setback right out of the gate with the wrong signings at offensive and defensive coordinators which he was not entirely responsible for. He had to try to correct the defense on the fly after they spent the offseason bulking up to play a different scheme. In the second year coach had to deal with the loss of most of the vets because the owners and GM decided to rebuild through the draft and did a great job of putting together a winning season with rookies and second and third stringers due to a lot of injuries. Yes, he was aided by a weak schedule and by the fact that some of the rookies were playing very well and other teams had very little film on them to figure out how to defend them. Then coach had to deal with the lockout and no OTA’s. All the “experts” said that the teams most affected by the lockout would be the youngest teams. All the young players that did well in year 2 now had a year’s worth of film out on them so defenses could see their tendencies but there were no OTA’s for the coaches to teach them how to respond to the adjustments made against them. That had a huge effect regarding the stunted growth of this young team. Now add in 2 trips to London in those 3 years and I think you would have to agree that coach has had to deal with a lot more adversity than most coaches in their first 3 years. When the owners decided to go with an inexperienced head coach and all young players they knew going in that it would take longer for this team to be a consistent winner. I think the owners would be foolish to abandon the plan at this point. If they want to make a change I think they should start by renewing coach for 2 more years so he doesn’t have the “lame duck coach” label on him, then hire a defensive coordinator to take that off his plate, then sign a few free agents in the off season to start filling some holes and put some more veteran experience back in this team. The owners hired coach in the first place because they knew that he has what it takes to be a great head coach one day and if they didn’t hire him someone else would. They knew there would be growing pains and there are. Why would you go through most of the growing pains and then just before things get better, fire him and start all over again?

  23. gotbbucs Says:

    the atlanta and new orleans games this year prove that talent isnt the issue. inconsistent game plans and the ability to stick to a game plan are, and not being able to make the right call in big situations.

  24. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    Raheem and Morris were both hired on the same day. That means Dominik didn’t even interview Morris.

    Galzer’s hired Morris, not Dominik.

  25. yightningyuc Says:

    Blowhard Bob – Why, when a fan has a beef with their team, they are “fair weather”? I will still be a Bucs fan if Morris is kept, just won’t spend any money on the product. My choice. I guess in order to be a “diehard” like you, we have to put on the rose colored glasses to watch every game. I hate losing, I hate incompetence, I hate ineptitude, and I hate goober smoochers like you who are content with a team that hasn’t won a playoff game in nearly 9 years.

  26. eric Says:

    Actually, the way I remember this going down is that the Glazer boys called Bruce in and instructed him to fire Jon Gruden. He refused, and he was fired too. Then they fired Jon over the phone.

    So Bruce would have been kept if he had agreed to fire Jon. Wasn’t like they were clamering to hire Mark Dominik.

    Dom wasnt the person who hired Raheem. That stroke of genius is the Glazer Boys.

    Dom and Rah happened to be in the building when they decided to do all this, and would go along with their “plan”.

    And they have……..right to loserville.

  27. Meh Says:

    No Bucs fan is a fair weather fan, because the weather has not been fair for most of the last 3 decades with a small window of non-suck.

  28. Capt.Tim Says:

    Javato24- as the one person who predicted this mess( OL, Meybe I didn’t think it’d be THIS bad), and was screaming to to get rid ofquincy, Geno, and Aqib all spring, you’re right! I think I should be in the Bucs front office also!

    But, can’t afford the paycut or lose of prestige 🙂

  29. Bobby Says:

    @ Brad….I’ll type s-l-o-w-l-y for you Brad since your comprehension skills are obviously sub par. We are at the beginning of a rebuild. Our entire D-line is made up of first and second year players. Our MLB is a rookie. Our WR’s are second year players. Our RB is a second year player. Our QB is in his second full year. But in your mind Black and Hayes make us a veteran team. OOOOKKKKKK….and I’m the dumb one.

  30. Bobby Says:

    @Capt. Tim….what a crock! LOL! I’ve read your posts pal. You drift like a politician. @jvato24 All these posters know exactly how to run an NFL team if only McDonalds would release them long enough to apply at 1Buc…. Like Brad who thinks that we are going to be perenially young because we are in the middle of a rebuild and we still might have a few more pieces to put into place. ‘Drain the swamp’ is always the answer to ‘knowledgeable’ fans. Patience is always the last thing a fan needs.

  31. yightningyuc Says:

    @Bobby “We are at the beginning of a rebuild.”

    No, we’re three years into the rebuild, and the building has collapsed due to piss poor building from all involved. How long are we to be patient for this “rebuild” to come to fruition? They say the average career for an NFL’er is like 2.5 years, so really the “rebuild” mantra is an excuse for not spending much money.

  32. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Dominik has done a good job with the draft, but I have to admit that his free agency track record looks pretty bad right now outside of Penn, Joseph & Koenen. Just about every other free agency signing, both inside & outside the Bucs organization, has been a failure.

    To wit: Mark Clayton, Angelo Crowell, Derrick Ward, Reggie Brown (actually a trade), Mike Nugent, Sean Jones, Quincy Black, Kregg Lumpkin, Tyrone McKenzie (PS pickup), Keydrick Vincent.

    Now that I look at that list again, that’s a damn piss poor track record. Rock star? My ASS!

  33. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    FlBoyDallas, has Mark Dominick really done a great job in the draft, LOL

    RD1 Josh Freeman: Horrible 2/3 seasons
    RD3 Roy Miller: ZERO production
    RD4 Kyle Moore: ZERO production
    RD 5 Xavier Fulton: ZERO production
    RD7 EJ Biggers: isn’t a starter in this league on ANY team other than TAMPA
    RD 7 Sammie Stroughter: ZERO production

    RD 1 Gerald McCoy: injured more than he plays…looks like a bust at this point
    RD 2 Brian Price: Decent starter but nothing special, injury prone
    RD 2 Arrelious Benn: number 3 starter at BEST
    RD 3 Myron Lewis: ZERO production
    RD 4 Mike Williams: no. 2 WR at best…not a number TRUE number 1 option
    RD 6 Brent Bowden: ZERO production
    RD 7 Cody Grimm: Decent starter, would be a backup on most teams
    RD 7 Dakota Watson: ok backup nothing special
    RD 7 Eric Lorig: backup FB at best

    RD 1: Adrian Clayborne: quality starter
    RD 2: DaQuan Bowers: quality starter
    RD 3: Mason Foster: quality starter
    RD 4: Luke Stocker: backup at best
    RD 5: Ahmad Black: Zero production
    RD 6: Allen Bradford: Zero production
    RD: 7: Gaitor: Zero production
    RD 7: Hardy: Zero Production

    Dom has been terrible as I don’t see ONE pro bowl player drafted

  34. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Apple: I didn’t say he did “great” in the draft, only “good”. And I agree he’s had some misses there as well, although nothing like he’s had in free agency. However, everyone has misses in the draft and they fill those holes with free agents. At least they’re supposed to, anyway. While I’m certain Raheem needs to go, I’m still 50/50 on Dominik. But I agree with you that there’s a case to be made for his ouster, too.

  35. Capt.Tim Says:

    Bobby- WHAT?? How Dare you impune my Football Genius, Sirrah!!! Lol
    No , I don’t drift. I am a fan of this team. I jumped up and down this spring, about several issues.
    1) I said this team would make the playoffs if we resigned Ruud and Caddy, but without them, we wouldn’t have a winning record.
    PROPHET!! Although we don’t know if signing them would have got us in the playoffs.
    2) I said Black and Hayes were the worst LBers in the NFL, and we had to sign FAs if we wanted to improve against the run
    3) I said Talib was the one bad apple, and his presence would ruin Discipline!
    I also said we needed a shut down corner, as our Secondary was a weakness.
    Everyone else cried the Secondary was a team Strenght( lmfao!!!)
    See, I’m already WAaaaY ahead of Dominick! If he had done those things, bet we wouldn’t be the pathetic team we have turned into
    Crazy stuff- keep vet leaders, upgrade horriblly bad players thru FA, and get rid of undisciplined trouble makers, before they ruin team chemistry
    Apparently that’s Genius!! Or GM didn’t think of it!!

  36. Greg Says:

    Captain Tim, kinda gotta agree with Bobby, you do drift from time to time! 🙂

  37. Greg Says:

    Captain Tim, I agree you brought up those arguments this summer, but I also recall you jumping all over Eric, Thomass and JimBuc last year when they were saying the Bucs were overrated, playing a soft schedule, etc., and you pounded them for not being Bucs fan. I think that’s what Bobby is talking about.

  38. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Bobby is correct that the team is mostly young.

    However, Bobby is dead wrong that we are at the beginning of a rebuild, we are at least 3 years in which means if we are at the beginning Bobby was expecting a 9 plus year re-build.

    In 9 years, 80% of this roster will be turned over, a rebuild in today’s NFL is a maximum of 3 years if you know what you are doing.

    We have a veteran and very good offensive line, we have a veteran and not bad, not good, but acceptable veteran secondary with THC, Jones, Ronde and Talib.

    Our D Line and Offensive skill positions are green, but receivers and rbs have shorter periods of acclimating to the NFL (with the exception of blocking).

    There is no excuse for the team being this bad 3 years under a regime. The only explanation has been obvious to me: Rah and to some extent Dom are not qualified and are failing to make this team collectively better.

    Yes they may win a game, they may win a few, but they are subject to more games where they arent even competitive – which is a sign of a horribly coach football team.

  39. MacArthur Boykins Says:

    Dominik is in the witness protection program over at One Buc. He is in a precarious position, but he is in no imminent danger. First, let’s get beyond whether Morris is going to be fired or not. The mere fact that we’re even discussing Dominik’s whereabouts and the fact that there was no immediate response to the dog whistle blown by the Clayton revelation is prima facie evidence that Morris is history since no one questioned the veracity of his reporting. And if that were true then, it implies that nothing can be done in the future that would change that outcome!
    Dominik is not going anywhere for the same reason that Clayton said that Morris hadn’t been fired already – somebody has to clean up the blood (steady the ship until a new coach and staff is in place), and the Glazers are background , not foreground operators and will not be visibly involved in those details.
    Dominik is the keeper of the Flame (ombudsman for the strategy), and is critical to maintaining the status quo regarding the budget for football operations.There are only two questions remaining to be answered. What will be Dominik’s role going forward? And what type of coach (high-profile or Morris version 2) can/will the Bucs pursue? I think the answers should be pretty obvious!

  40. eric Says:

    I just regret surrendering like the Japs on the USS Missouri last year when I was right all along!

    (just kidding I know I’m a head case)

    Fire everyone at One Buc, and within two degres of consanguinity!

  41. Macabee Says:

    Dominik is safe!

  42. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Oh really? Is that just because you say so? What influence do you have inside the Bucs organization? Yeah…that’s what I thought.

  43. K2theSoldier Says:

    I’ve sort of switched my gear on the whole Dominick thing over the last few weeks. Apple Roof did a nice job of breaking down all the picks, and really we haven’t drafted a pro bowl caliber player yet, aside from Adrian Clayborn, maybe. It may be time to go for Raheem AND Dom. Also, what kind of dick doesn’t come out and at least say something about his head coach? Dom has been DEATHLY silent the last few weeks, and all that shouts to me is coward. What an absolute coward Dom looks like to me now. He’s put this mess in front of Raheem and won’t even speak up about it. Coward.

  44. Macabee Says:

    Flyboy, Why don’t we wait and see. Time turns all opinions into either truth or lies!

  45. K2theSoldier Says:

    And dude, Capt. Tim, quit beating on your chest about being right, it makes you look like a little kid and is wicked annoying.

  46. marcus Says:

    I just don’t know if i can handle it if another coach is hired for this team and the players having to learn a new system AGAIN…with the same result….not saying it can be better but its absolutley not a 100% gurantee either. Be careful what you ask for…you might just get it

  47. Thomas 2.2.. Says:


    Are you clueless? This team hasn’t learned a system. There is no system, just a bunch of cute words, chest bumping and rap music dance practices.

  48. McBuc Says:

    WOW, you guys can tell if a player is a probowler or not after less than 3 years! Really! Did you say that about Sapp and Lynch? How about Alstott? How about Steve Young? I get that things are hard right now, but that is just crazy talk. And to judge anyone on 5th, 6th, and 7th round players is nuts. Go look at other teams, just because Brady was one does not mean they will all be awesome…most never make it. Thank GOD you people are not running a team, or the Bucs would never win another game. Geez, get over yourselves.

  49. marcus Says:


    No I’m not clueless…I’m just saying that turning over a new coaching staff with a young team with whom most of these guys are just learning to be a professional can be detrimental. The question is, is this team better off with a new system to learn AGAIN and if it does none of us can be sure that its the better option. All of us are just speculaters at this point, what ever happens i’m all for it, raheem coming back or not. Like i said IF we get a new coach we might have to wait for another few years for a contender, are you willing to wait that long?

  50. Macabee Says:

    I don’t know who the new coach will be, but he’s going to need a kevlar vest and asbestos shorts, because I’ve just seen the schedule for 2012 at Buccaneer.com and I think it gets harder – our 6 division games, 4 games (1) with each team from the NFC-East, 4 games (1) with each team from the AFC-West, and 2 games to be decided from (1) the weakest team in the NFC-West and (1) the weakest team in the NFC-North. If everything stays the same, that would be the Rams and the Vikings.

  51. Brad Says:

    Bobby. Ill type S L O W E R for you. I know what our d line and lineckers are as far as years of service. When in the hell did I say we had a veteran team you moron. I was clarifying in this years draft if Dominic continues to ignore FA’s ( that stands for FREE AGENGY), that he we likely draft two Linebackers to replace Black and Hayes making us even younger than what we are. My point if you can grasp it is this team needs to add some veteran leadership and depth thru FA ( see above in case u forgot what that means). Dominic is the main culprit in this teams poor play by going too young in key positions and ignoring the biggest FA signing period in the history of the NFL ( that stands for National Football League) and and cutting key veterans. This has set the team back. He should be fired before Morris.

  52. eric Says:

    the schedule will be tough if there are professional football teams on it.

  53. Macabee Says:

    Eric, Then by your definition, the 2010 schedule was not easy. Therefore Morris deserves more credit than he is being given. You agree?

  54. eric Says:


    give him credit. no win is easy.

  55. Capt.Tim Says:

    K2- especially irratating to you- since you were all” Talib is Elite, and we are playoff bound!” – one of the main people who argued( incorrectly) with me

    I didn’t drift, simple folk. Last year, I predicted a winning record. Everyone else predicted 4 wins. I was right last year, and reveled in it.

    I was right this year, and am pissed about it. I am not a Football genius, yet even I could see the glaring holes in the lineup, the undisciplined players, the horrible linebackers!

    If I could see it, and alot of other people here, then why did our million dollar GM and headcoach not see and correct it!

    Frankly, if I can see it- everyone but Thomas and possibly K2( nah, you probably knew deep down), could see it!! Why didn’t our football brainpool??

  56. Jesse j Says:

    Look at what has happened to us. DUNGY!!!!!!! Please come back. Were turning on eachother. I’m pretty sure I just saw the ol capt sizing up crew for meat value.

  57. Capt.Tim Says:

    JesseJ- lol. Nah, we all remain Bucs fans. This is just the highest level of malcontent we’ve seen around here in years- and deservedly so! The team has pretty much layed down and quit the last four week, with the exception of Clayborn and Bowers.
    And no, i don’t think I bash Eric and Thomas. A long time ago, true. But over time, I’ve grown to respect and appreciate some of their comment. I think I was accused of being on “their side” all spring, when I was predicted doom and thugism.
    Other than Thomas’s crusade against McCoy( where he’s flat wrong), they both have intelligent, if slanted, post.
    And recent events certainly have vindicated them in many counts.
    They may be annoying at times, but they weren’t entirely offbase, either.