“We Have Not Made Meaningful Progress”

December 12th, 2011

"How bout them Chiefs, Olie"

The proud Hunt family, owners of the historic Kansas City Chiefs, fired head coach Todd Haley today.

In what sure are eery coincidences, Haley was a first-time head coach in his third season, coming off a 10-6 season in 2010 that followed a 3-13 campaign in 2009. Sound familiar?

Haley also was a top Coach of the Year candidate in 2010 and had his 2011 team at 5-8. Sound familiar?

As part of the brief official Chiefs statement, team CEO Clark Hunt said of his team, “We have not made meaningful progress.”

Joe thought that quote had a nice ring to it. Perhaps Team Glazer might want to snag that one-liner in case they need it one day.

32 Responses to ““We Have Not Made Meaningful Progress””

  1. lightningbuc Says:

    “in case they need it one day.” How about using it today – there’s no time like the present.

  2. Mr lucky Says:

    Glazers what are waiting for? The Bucs have made NO progress. The longer you wait the less likely you’re able to get Jeff Fischer!

    Can anyone say empty stadium?

  3. Meh Says:

    Agreed, make ‘one day’ today.

  4. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Maybe Raheem will be Yunemployed today ?

  5. Buddhaboy Says:

    Yeah, Rahs press conferences are like Hillary Clinton hitting the Reset button..What a joke. Glazers are absent owners. Sitting up on their purches counting all the jack in their pockets. Why dont they just go away for good. Sell the team to someone that will give a damn. Wish we couldve got that Khan dude to buy our team out. Say what you want about Jerry Jones, at least you can tell he is passionate about his “Dallasss Cowboy”..

  6. BucfaninMI Says:

    Yunemployed that’s a good one!

  7. Buddhaboy Says:

    unfortunately this team has become a running joke.

  8. Baja Alabama Says:

    If one of the Glazer boys came out of hiding long enough to say that, couldn’t we get a more meaningful comment than that? Something like “We have not made meaningful progress, therefore we’re selling the team.”

  9. Baja Alabama Says:

    @ Buddhaboy: Can’t be a running joke with their current level of effort! Maybe a loafing joke…

  10. BucFan South Tampa Says:

    Looks like to you are starting to have an opinion rather than just stating facts about Raheem. Look no one wants to see someone without a job, but being head coach of an NFL team is tough, not everyone can do it. Morris cannot do the job.

  11. CC Says:

    Maybe “Rah” can coach the Cheifs.

  12. macabee Says:

    We should not assume that Todd Haley’s record was the only thing that got him fired. The GM’s words were tactful and what you would expect for him to say publicly. But the feedback that I’m getting from various analyst is that Haley is a rather contentious fellow that is difficult to work for/with and did not have a good relationship with the front office. I know personally that Weis left because he could no longer work for him. He demeaned his players publicly and last week he even cut an OT, Jared Gaither, during the game (next day signed with the Chargers) for committing a false start penalty.

  13. Keith Says:

    Joe, when I woke up this morning and heard the news, I thought the exact same thing. The Buccaneers have not made meaningful progress in any phase of the game. It is clear to see the players all gave up yesterday, it was as if they knew it was coming and they did nothing to stop it.

    I’m not saying the Bucs need to Fire Raheem now (I dont believe in firing during the season), but they need to Fire him and most of his staff the moment he arrives back in Tampa after the loss to the Falcons at the end of the year.

  14. Patrick Says:

    I’m pretty surprised by the Haley firing. His team is techically still alive in their division.

    If Haley got fired, I won’t be surprised if the same happens to Raheem

  15. Snook Says:

    You could copy the whole speech by Pioli, too…

    I like this part:

    “Unfortunately, we have not been able to establish the kind of consistency we need to continue to build a strong foundation for the future and we believe a change is important at this time.”

    Sound familiar?

  16. RCH Says:

    Its pretty sad when were talking about our team giving up to a team that is garbage. This performance shouldve put the nail in the coffin and if Rah was going to get fired this is what had to happen. As pointed out earlier there is no reason to fire him now. Who are you going to promote to interm coach our OC(who is a joke) our DC? Not only are we more likely to loss out the rest of the season its not far fetched that we could get blown out in all those games too. SMDH!!!

  17. NunPuncher Says:

    The Bucs have gotten their 4 wins by 6 points and under. Freeman has the most interceptions in the league and the defense is at the bottom of the barrel in just about every category. Progress?

  18. Jim J Says:

    Sounds really good….perhaps this will give the Glazers a push to do the same..how about Rob Ryan next season?

  19. Sgt Mike Says:

    As the “Hot Seat” coaches around the leaguestart to work towards there final demise, I hope the Glazers do not wait too long like they did with Gruden. By that time the better available coaching candidates may already be off the market. If not prior to the end of our season then the minute they finish the game with ATL. Hopefully they have already started doing there due diligence and sending out silent feelers to some candidates. That might be a little too much like “Right” for the Glazer boys though.

  20. flmike Says:

    Based upon recent events, I may have to pick another team to root for, because if Raheem is here next season I will not be. I am starting to study the 49ers roster, with a new QB and a younger not so banged up RB this team will dominate for a long time in that div.

  21. Raheemstinks Says:

    Pull the trigger team glazer he is YunGarbage

  22. Snook Says:


    I’m with you. I’ve already stopped watching this year’s games live. There’s too much other good football on to watch a predictably terrible Bucs team.

    There’s nothing like NFL Sundays. No longer can I watch the team I love. Because I already know what’s coming. And so do other teams. That’s why this team sucks so bad.

  23. flmike Says:

    I dvr all the games, but I do the 1st qtr rule, I watch the 1st qtr live without switching to any of the other games I have at my disposal. If we look ok, I stay around if not I switch and come back periodically. Yesterday I watched the whole game, from start to finish, and I was shell shocked by the end, even my wife who hates the Bucs was feeling sorry for them and asked “Why does he still have a job?”

    I am so embarrassed by this team I can’t even wear my gear anymore. Unfortunately, I have a Bucs Florida license plate, really can’t hide that damn thing.

  24. eric Says:

    It is really impossible to say whether we are a talented team ruined by bad coaching, or a bad team no coach could get results, or maybe a mediocre team with lousy coaching.

    I vote for mediocre team and horrible coaching.

    All I know is that if you fire everybody you will have eliminated the responsible parties.

    If you fire just the coach, or just the GM, you risk not eliminating the responsible parties.

    This siuation calls for full scale operations. Complete frog marching is in order at One Buc Place.

  25. Rob in Orlando Says:

    Here’s Raheem’s press conference today. We just gotta play better, gotta coach better, gotta catch better, gotta tackle better, gotta block better, gotta field punts better, gotta make more throws, gotta hold onto the ball better, gotta capitalize on our opponents mistakes better, gotta call better plays, gotta execute our plays better, gotta stop making bone headed penalties better. Oh my god I’m gonna puke if I hear that again. Good grief, Malcolm. Fire him and get on with it.

  26. sandbagrudy Says:

    Yeah who are the glasers going to hire that rapist from penn state

  27. JC De La Torre Says:

    Ah, FLMike – the epitome of a Bucs’ fan.

    I think Raheem would be fired if there was a decent interim option. Then again, with the firestorm that’s brewing, it may be just a matter of time.

  28. NickinMelbourne Says:

    Yeah joe save it for later on today!!!

  29. flmike Says:

    The only meaningful progress I’m interested in at this point is Raheem progressing out the door.

  30. flmike Says:

    @JC De La Torre
    I’ve been following this team for going on 20 years now, through thick and thin, but this is way to much, if the Bucs were a manufacturing company they would have shuttered the company based on the product they are producing today.

  31. Bobby Says:

    Ahhh yes…Bucs fans. They are the best aren’t they? They deal with adversity exhibiting grace and patience every time. Not so much in Jacksonville. I mean that team was 3-9 up until yesterday and they barely sold that game out. Those fans won’t support a team whose coach just got fired and is playing that poorly…..er…wait…did I just say they sold the game out??? Hmmmmmm. I guess it’s the Bucs fans that really suck.

  32. Mitsurugi Says:


    I could be wrong but I believe the Jax owners bought up the tickets to prevent a black out.