“The Status Of Raheem Morris”

December 27th, 2011

In his “10 Things You Need to Know” about the NFL after Week 16, Mike Florio, the creator, curator and overall guru of ProFootballTalk.com explains on NBC SportsTalk “The Status of Raheem Morris.” The subject is No. 9.

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2 Responses to ““The Status Of Raheem Morris””

  1. Tampa2 Says:

    If silence is deafening, then the Glazers should go deaf next year if they keep Morris for 2012, because the stadium will become a ghost town when true Buc fans stay away in protest.

  2. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Relax Tampa2, if my information is correct, Morris is gone as soon as the season is over. I was told the Glazers really want to win, and are not the “evil owners” some of us tampa football fans make them out to be.
    I DO think they have been sold a bill of goods by Mark Dominik, and need to take a long hard look at his failed plan though.
    I was told a new coach has already been unofficially chosen in a handshake, hush hush kind of deal.
    Mark Dominik will be staying, but will no longer have the final say, as far as talent procurement goes.
    I was told the Glazers have our back, and want to bring a winner to tampa.

    I accidentally met Joel Glazer briefly in an elevator in a downtown tampa office building. I kept looking at him in the elavator, and finally said “Hey, you are Joel Glazer” He said he was, and I was impressed at the confident way he carried himself.

    WHY he chooses to “stay so far in the background” as far as his Football Team goes is beyond me ? This allows the rumor mill to run rampant.
    I do believe the Glazers will try their best to fix our team, and will do what is necessary to win.
    And, as down as I usually am on Mark Dominik, I must admit he ‘has his moments”.
    Perhaps the Rockstar, with some additional help and wisdom from our new coach, and some key free agent acquisitions, will be salvageable ?