The Raheem Morris Watch Is On

December 11th, 2011

OK, prior to last week’s curb-stomping at home to the hapless Panthers, on the Bucs’ home soil no less, Joe was confident Raheem Morris would return in 2012 as the Bucs coach, despite the howls from the anti-Raheem forces.

After that loss, Joe wasn’t as confident.

Now, Joe is even less confident.

“Embarrassment” doesn’t begin to describe the disaster in Jacksonville today. Everything that gets a coach launched could just about be summed up in today’s game.

Despite Morris seemingly saying (each week) that the hammer is going to come down on discipline, penalties racked up just as bad today as they were two months ago. Turnovers killed the Bucs, many of which were thoughtless.

The defense — Raheem’s defense; he’s the coordinator — got gashed once again and actually made rookie Blaine Gabbert, who until today was the reincarnation of Cade McNown, look like a budding star.

Look, Joe has no idea what Team Glazer will do. No one but Team Glazer does. Arguments can be made both pro and con for Morris to return or be ordered to clean out his office. Remember how outraged Bucs fans were that Morris lost to Bill Belicheat for NFL coach of the year last year? Remember how a robbery of a call in the Lions game cost the Bucs a playoff berth?

Joe’s not saying Morris should stay or should be fired. Clearly when a team does the same things each and every week like the Bucs are doing, sooner or later it falls on the desk of the coach. That’s just how the NFL works.

Is it fair? No, it’s a business and that’s what the NFL is. Eventually, a coach has to answer for the ills of his team. That’s why the title is “head coach.”

Whether Morris is the Bucs coach come the end of January is anyone’s guess. But Joe is pretty confident that Team Glazer won’t announce their decision on Morris’ near-future job status until the end of the season.

79 Responses to “The Raheem Morris Watch Is On”

  1. Baja Alabama Says:

    Bye Bye Coach Rah, You lost your team worse than Chucky did…

  2. Meh Says:

    He should be fired tonight. This is really, really awful football.

  3. Baja Alabama Says:

    Way, way, way worse…

  4. dr. buc Says:

    gruden n dungy got fired for much less. MUUUUCHHH less than this

  5. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Joe, that is so so soft, is Rah a sponsor or something. This is the worst coached, unprepared, undisciplined, embarrassing NFL team that anyone can remember – if this is termination worthy nothing is.

    Just admit: the team is horrible and getting worse.

  6. Patrick Says:

    @Baja Alabama

    This isn’t even comparable to the 2008 team. That 2008 team was 9-3 at one point, remember that. We were a possible contender for the #1 seed. That team was 100 times better than this one.

  7. Fear The Glow Says:

    The Bucs got beat by damn near 30 points by a team that has played so bad that they ALREADY fired their head coach!

    How low has the bar been set at One Buc?

    Enough is enough.

  8. Joe Says:


    Joe is just trying to be fair. There is no excuse for the way the season has spiraled out of control but Shaun King makes a good point: Rarely is a near-coach of the year canned less than a year later.

  9. stimpy Says:

    i am lmao….this is just ridonculous….

    Guys. Who else is out there that would want to come here?

  10. Bill Says:

    This is an owner who fired a Super Bowl winning coach after a 9-7 season, and a coach who was in the playoffs 4 out of 6 years, after a 9-7 season. If they do not fire THIS coach then it is a clear indication that they have no interest in this team winning..

  11. Meh Says:

    Joe, Fear the Glow has it right. We got curb stomped by a team that was so bad they already fired their head coach. He needs to be fired, and the sooner the better.

  12. Bucnnole Says:

    Joe, you are being too kind. Raheem is the worst coach in the league and the garbage Glazer clan should make him take a Greyhound home. This team is laughable.

  13. tj Says:

    Well said Thomas can’t even add to what you said. Amen

  14. Architek Says:

    The office should already be neatly packed in a Uhaul or Penske 16 foot moving truck now. No presser or anything and forfeit the last three games by default to save face. Also fire the GM and fire yourselves for extending this sloppy 4A high school football team. Lastly call state farm and get the double discount and teach freeman to do the dance.

  15. Trox Says:

    I don’t think Dom is even safe now.

  16. BigMacAttack Says:

    This was so hard to watch. I’ve done everything I can to defend this team and staff, but I feel like an idiot now. We may just be the worst team EVER. There are some very good players on the team, but the horrible players and mistakes continue to shine through. Even Josh Freeman after he got slammed early, imploded. Raheem should have put JJ in right after Freeman got hurt, when it was still 14-0. They were running the ball well in the 3’rd quarter and stopped again, opting to pass into the abyss of continued suckdom. I don’t think it can get any worse and I expect to see a number of paper bags at the Cowboy’s game.

  17. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    This pains me so much to say, but you are right. This is a terrible football team. This team is clearly not responding to Raheem, so a change needs to be made. This is not the same team as last year. Hell, this isn’t the same team as 2009. We are much more talented than we were both of those years, so it’s obvious what must be the problem. Unlike you, I won’t celebrate his firing, but it is more than justified. That was a miserable excuse for a football team I witnesses today.

  18. holymoly Says:

    Butt kicking to a QB who is terrible ! Most unprepared team ever to step foot on a football field . Can’t tackle , block , 7 turnovers , 10 penalties ! Raheem should be fires before he gets on the bus . Embarrassing !!!

  19. StilettoPat Says:

    Today’s game had me thinking that the Bucs were trying to save “Rah”s job in the first quarter, but then they completely self destructed and made a pitiful Jax team look good… I mean, 41 unanswered points? Even the national commentators can no longer make excuses for this type of poor play….

  20. passthebuc Says:

    Well the Lightning are fun to watch. Again I would not spend money to watch a bunch of crybabies with bad attitudes and major lazy streaks.
    I left go of my season tickets when Chuck y was hired and still have no interest in reclaiming them at any price.

  21. passthebuc Says:

    Well the Lightning are fun to watch. Again I would not spend money to watch a bunch of crybabies with bad attitudes and major lazy streaks.
    I left go of my season tickets when Chuck y was hired and still have no interest in reclaiming them at any price.

  22. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    And this is not a result of a harder schedule. We could play University of Hawaii and I don’t know if we could win. It’s not injuries, it’s not bad luck, it’s not the referees.

  23. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    But they DID make progress. They scored 7 points in the 1st quarter.

  24. Brain Says:

    I wanted to be a Raheem supporter and I still think he has a bright coaching future, but turnovers, penalties and missed tackles speak to horrible coaching….the kind of horrid coaching that’s rarely seen at the professional level. Raheem should be fired immediately.

  25. Meh Says:

    Scotty: hahahaha

  26. Buc Neckid Says:

    Morris stays through the year end
    However, you cannot sell tickets to watch this product next year.
    The whole staff will go and then the Glazers will have a tough decision on whether to eat Dominik’s salary to hire an autocratic big name coach or stick it out with Dominik and hire a second tier head coach.
    Maybe a big name coach will take the job with the GM already in place, but i don’t see it.
    Good bye Rah.
    Even if it is for the sake of change, the effort here does not justify keeping the coach.

  27. StilettoPat Says:

    It’s just pathetic how far the Bucs have fallen.. Do we have to see them completely humiliated before we get a new coach and new team discipline? It’s just become painful…

  28. TJ Says:

    Sorry Joe I have to disagree with you there have been alot of coaches near Coach of the year fired. Romeo Cornell, Jeff Fischer , Herm Edwards with the Jets, Brain Billick , Marty SHothinmer . THere is no excuses the Galziers hired him cause they thought he was like TOmlin but he is 100 % nothing like him . Tomlin will never get blown out 5 times in a year . Raheem but worry about if he will ever be a assitant in the NFL

  29. Joe Says:

    Buc Neckid:

    Dominik just reupped for four years. Raheem is a lame duck. Follow the money.

  30. RCH Says:

    WTF unacceptable doesn’t even explain this mess and embarrassment is an understatement good thing for bud light SMDH!!!!!

  31. gotbbucs Says:

    20….thats the most points the jags had put up this year before today.

  32. flmike Says:

    If they don’t fire him and this continues they’ll lose their fan base and then they might as well pack and move to London.

  33. 2goodbucs Says:

    Double dipping again in the draft, but this time for linebackers….

  34. crazy Says:

    The Glazers are unlikely to do much until they have a solution in hand but wonder if Raheem quits first…

  35. Mark Says:

    At least he didn’t call the end-a-round this week!!!!

    Morris should be gone tonight and the Glazers need to start calling Cowher & Fisher and begging them with boat loads of cash and ownership in the team to come in and right the ship.. Failing in that they could always go to Gruden or Dungy and say they didn’t mean it when they fired them after winning seasons.

  36. McBuc Says:

    I have been flip flopping on Morris the last few weeks, but I am now all in on replacing him. I agree with Thomas, and I hate saying that, we need a change sooner than later. The Bucs just got blown out by a rookie QB and a bunch of back ups. This is a sorry excuse for football!

  37. bucsman27 Says:

    @mark we faked one though haha

  38. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    It is a sad day for Tampa that Mark Dominick was able to re up, before the pitiful excuses for football players he stocked us with revealed themselves as the pretenders they really are.
    ALL of them need to go, starting with the Glazers, for putting our team in the hands of an unproven secondary coach (Raheem) and a glorified scout (Dominick)
    Just LOOK at the result ?

  39. below me Says:

    When Thomas 2.2 becomes the voice of reason, it is time to fire the coach.

  40. chris Says:

    Hey Joe,

    You need to put Dominic on watch too, he picked the talent.

  41. D-Rome Says:

    I’ll bet unnamed afternoon drive-time radio host will continue to give Raheem Morris the pass that unnamed afternoon drive-time radio host never gave Gruden.

  42. Joe Says:


    How do you know that talent isn’t being developed properly?

    First three picks this past year are getting the job done, aren’t they?

  43. Joe Says:


    Better. Thanks.

  44. Mitsurugi Says:

    I will go out and say that Morris will not be fired and that he will be back next year. Unfortunate, but true. The Glazers are going to focus on Manchester United, this and next year.

  45. eric Says:

    Absolutely epic collapse.

  46. lightningbuc Says:

    I said last Monday he should be fired that day and everyone ridiculed me. Dead Man Walking!

  47. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Joe, you are not being fair though, fair to the fan who does not want to wait until 2020 to contend for the playoffs.

    That almost coach of the year argument is ridiculous; the team was not good and was eaking out wins over horrid teams, also it was based in part on Rah’s horrid 3 win season the year before. Rah cant coach, keeping him means ensuring this brand of football – and the evaporation of a fanbase and franchise.

    No Joe, Clay, Bowers and Foster arent being developed – their athleticism allows them to make a play or two per game but they are out of position constantly in the run game – nobody had been developed under Rah – nobody.

    Well maybe Connor Barth. The single best thing that could happen to this franchise would be to insert Rah into Atl or NO.

  48. Mark Says:


    Couldn’t agree more

  49. Bucnjim Says:

    The Glaziers might not be football smart, but they are business smart and they can see a sinking ship when they see one. This was Raheem’s one chance to turn things around and he failed miserably. The Jag’s have 21 players on injured reserve, they haven’t scored more than 20 points all year, they have ONE offensive weapon, a rookie QB, and a interem head coach. The Bucs go on to lose by 27 points!!!! This isn’t just an embarrassment to the team, but the entire organization. No way Raheem is brought back next year! The players give up on him mid game and there is NO WAY he can ever fix this problem. Not in TEN years!

  50. Tampa2 Says:

    1st of all, Morris was “never” experienced enough to be Dc, much less a Head Coach. I don’t blame him for taking a few Million from the Glazers. It’s the Glazers fault for putting an inexperienced guy in there to begin with. And if they keep him even one more day it will only prove that it was a scam to make more money for them. I sincerely hope that Jerry Jones or one of the other ‘legitimate” NFL team owners sues the NFL to block the Glazers from getting a share of the Revenue money. After all, Legitimate owners try to field ‘professional’ coaches and the best players to try and win games. The Glazers just simply look at the Bucs as a “cash cow”.

  51. Joe Says:


    Clay, Bowers and Foster arent being developed

    LOL Put the bourbon down. Clayborn has double-digit sacks for a season within reach as a rookie. Last time a Bucs defensive end had 10 sacks was 2005.

    In Bowers first start, dude had five tackles for a loss and 1.5 sacks. Nah, he’s not being developed either.

    Foster is the only guy doing anything at linebacker week in and week out.

    Yeah, all three are worthless.

  52. MTM Says:

    The ownership has done a remarkable job killing this franchise. Thus giving them the out they need to ask to move the team. Why else would you make every piss poor decision. Hire a G.M. and HC that have never even worked in that position. Completely avoid free agency and draft horribly(other than Freeman).

  53. Joe Says:


    Thus giving them the out they need to ask to move the team.

    If you ever read the lease the Bucs have on the stadium and realize how much cash they spent to erect One Buc Palace, you would know how silly that is.

  54. eric Says:

    Picking out a couple of rookies having good seasons is hardly good enough reason to give Dom a pass. The GM position involves a lot more than that.

    Overall performance of the team is the measure. They are in a seven game losing streak, and ten is around the corner.

    Jags hadnt scored more than 20 pts all season…………….and they get 41 on us?

    and our GM is great?????? If he is we really do have the worst coach in the NFL.

  55. Rickster Says:

    I don’t think they will let him go till after the season. Who will be dc if raheem gets the boot?

  56. Jake Says:

    The first season ticket renewal payment for 2012 is due Dec. 22. Without an immediate firing by the Glazers, I predict a landslide of non renewals of season tickets. Why would anyone want to make a financial commitment for next year before they are sure the owners are willing to make such a commitment? I know I will not be renewing at this point without an immediate firing of the head coach. Really, what difference does it make at this point who the interim coach is. Can’t get any worse.

  57. bucsfansince1997 Says:

    The Bucs won their first Super Bowl after 26 years. There are 32 teams in the NFL; if each team went in order and won a Super Bowl, and then waited for their time again, the Bucs won theirs ahead of the curve, and would be due their next set of rings in 2034. Of course no team wants to wait 32 years to win one Super Bowl, but we all are well aware that the Bucs are setting themselves up for a multi-Super Bowl run in the middle of the decade. Right now, they are getting quality players through the draft, letting those players have some playing time to learn the NFL. Most of the players on the offense have shown true potential, and the defense front will be one of the better ones in the NFL shortly.

    The Bucs organization have decided to let Dominik build this contending team, and he has begun, but has not had enough drafts to get all the pieces in place.

    Although, it seems painful, it will be worth it in a few years. Raheem will definitely be a great coach in the future, although I agree that he may need some new coordinator help asap both on defense and offense.

    Freeman has definitely struggled this season, but who knows why. It may be injury, or perhaps he just can’t. I am positive that the front office has evaluated what has gone wrong, and if there is truly a problem going forward, they will rectify the issue.

    I am perfectly content to “suffer” a couple of down seasons to get a shot at several Super Bowls in a couple of years. I think it would be much worse to be like the Jets and Rex Ryan and compete only until the conference championship game and then go home.

    The NFC South has always been known for drastic turnarounds each season, and although the Saints have had a couple of good years in a row, that will surely come to an end, and the Bucs fortunes will rise.

    I say keep Raheem, extend his contract to show faith in him for as long as you are willing to, and then keep adding more talent to the roster each year and set yourself up to dominate.

  58. Thomas 2.2 Says:


    Stop. Tell the patriots, steelers and packers that you should wait 32 years to win a super bowl. Total loser mentality. Even if Dom is assembling talent it is being ruined by disgraceful coaching. No coached team looks like this.

    Mumbling cliches and making up dumb phrases isnt coaching. You will never know how Dom does if rah rah is the coach – he ruins Players and teams.

  59. bucsfansince1997 Says:

    Thomas 2.2

    Read my entire post.

    I said that they are building to win in 2 years. To build through the draft, if you get 4 good players a year, it takes 6 years. Dom and Raheem have 3 draft classes. Give them three more and see what type of team takes the field. One where it doesn’t take 32 years to repeat.

    I also suggest you become an Andy Reid/Eagles fan so you can make the playoffs most years, but never see a ring and wonder why.

    All good things take patience.

    The Patriots and Packers were terrible until they had enough time for their strategy to work.

  60. bucsfansince1997 Says:

    You just got troll-called.

  61. Patrick Says:


    I actually think you’ve been a fan since 1983. You got so used to all the losing through the creamsicle years so you’re willing to give them “THREE” more draft classes.

    And please…….the Patriots and Packers are FAR superior to this team. Quit drinking the over optimistic kool aid.

    What has Raheem done to deserve to keep his job?

  62. bucsfansince1997 Says:


    Luckily, I was pre-conception in 1983, so I didn’t have to suffer through those years.

    I do remember watching Drew Bledsoe and the Patriots in the 1990s and wondering how they called themselves a football since they were not even trying to win a Super Bowl. It took them drafting a key player, Tom Brady, to begin winning Super Bowls. They also switched coaches from Pete Carroll to Bellichick, but neither are shabby.

    The chances of the Bucs winning the Super Bowl next year, whether Raheem is the coach, Bill Bellichick is the coach, Mike McCarthy is the coach, or Mike Tomlin is, is essentially equal: nearly zero. The Bucs are still building the team they need to win, and no coaching change will drastically change that. Coaches don’t win Super Bowls, players do. The Bucs won their Super Bowl despite Gruden. The Patriots win because of Brady. The Packers win because of Aaron Rodgers. The Saints win because of Drew Brees. The Colts used to win because of Peyton Manning; he is gone, the same coach is there, they suck.

    NFL teams are about winning the Super Bowl, something that is monumentally difficult to do. The players are learning. Give them time and confidence to do their jobs, and you will have a great team.

    I suggest that you get your season tickets now, while the good seats are available, because in a couple years, there will be none left.

  63. Mark Says:


    Push away from the table the kool aid is spiked……spit it out and come back to reality…..Rah Rah is not a good coach, believe me the kool aid is making you believe things that are not reality.

  64. Andrew Says:

    I would love to see Rah and Greg fired tomorrow, but who would take over? Raheem and Freeman remind me of a rookie pitcher who comes in (last year) and blows batters away…..and then….batters start to watch film on the guy and figure him out…and then…said pitcher gets rocked. Raheem and Josh are getting rocked this year. This loss and season is as sad as can be.

  65. bucsfansince1997 Says:


    It doesn’t matter if Raheem is a good coach. Coaches barely matter in the NFL. In college they matter because players are developing. In the NFL, players quickly adjust to NFL speed and then whether they are good are not depends on their natural talent and their willingness to work hard. No coach will bring out the best in the players under him.

    This is why quality quarterbacks matter. They are the leaders of the team. Freeman has had a bad year, but is young, and it probably was a fluke. He needs to get his mental game together, which we know he has from the previous two years, and be the leader his team needs.

    I don’t think that getting rid of Raheem now will fix any problems. It would only create more. I think the team would be best off if the Glazers or Dominik came out, gave their support to Raheem, so that the players have confidence in their future with the team, not that they are playing for a lame duck and nothing matters.

    That way, Raheem can help the players gain confidence in themselves and the team can play at the level they are capable of.

    Anyway, imagine if the Packers hadn’t won the Super Bowl last year, because the refs didn’t screw up the K2 play in the endzone. I doubt that the team would have the confidence they are playing with this year, where they are just destroying other teams.

    Give Coach and Freeman your confidence and convince others around you to do the same and good things will follow.

  66. Danny Says:

    If Raheem worked for Al Davis or Jerry Jones, he’d be gone after the first season. Perhaps his buddy Mike Tomlin will give him a job in Pittsburgh.

  67. Mark Says:

    I have to say that kool-aid has really taken hold of you.

    But I’ve been a buc fan since 1977 and I’ve seen some bad teams over the years but this team has to be one of the worst I have ever seen. Since our inception in 1976 the Buccaneers have been known for having good to great defenses year in and year out. From Abe Gibron to Tom Bass to Wayne Fontes to Doug Graber to Floyd Peters to Monte Kiffen we always could say we had a good defense but Raheem has taken us from a top 10 defense to # 30…..face the facts the man can not coach a defense never mind a whole team as a head coach.
    He kicks Brian Price off the team after having his 1st personal foul penalty in his career and keep Preston Parker on the team after his horrendus play today but wait I forgot Parker is one of his boys……like Talib, Black, Lumpkin, Penn & Faine. Bring in a real head coach and staff and see the change that can happen, just look to the 49ers.
    You almost sound like the radio host in the afternoon……just keep on losing it’s OK, we can build for years like the Bills, Rams, Cardinals & Browns. I for one will take a Rex Ryan or Andy Reid and have a CHANCE at winning a superbowl over what we see week in week out from RAH RAH any day!!!!!!!!

  68. RichinNC Says:

    Wow Bucsfansince1997 you sure you weren’t born yesterday? That or you are definitely trolling.

  69. bucsfansince1997 Says:

    It is easy for you Mark,

    Switching loyalty that it. Head on over to NFL shop, pick up some Texan’s Jerseys, since they have the best D this year and stop calling yourself a Bucs fan.

    The Bucs defense struggles because they are missing 2 linebackers and 2 cornerbacks, not because the head coach/defensive coordinator is bad. Next year Dom will get half those players and the following year the other half. If Dom doesn’t, then he should be let go, not Raheem. Only when the players are in place and the coach fails, like the Dungy era, should the coach go and a new coach brought in.

    You have been a fan for 34 years, what is another 2? BTW out of those 34 years, the team only has seven 10-win seasons and Raheem and Dom own one of them.

  70. bucsfansince1997 Says:


    I was born in 1985, and have watched 90%+ of the Bucs games since 1997, when I finally started caring about pro football (I was 11).

    I want the Bucs to win as badly as anyone here, but I do not see how firing Raheem will solve any of the team’s issues.

    If things are not better by next year, and then the Bucs don’t make it deep into the playoffs in 2013, then Raheem and company need to be jettisoned, but until then, they need our support while they do what they promised us: build a championship team through the draft.

  71. Thomas 2.2.. Says:


    They are not building through the draft you sheep, it’s called a budget. Rah isn’t the head coach bc he deserves it, it’s called a budget.

    Sure head coaches don’t matter- the Patriots were perennial champs pre-Bellichick. The Singletary and Harbaugh miners are identical. The Mcdaniels and Fox Broncos are identical – sure coaches don’t matter. Last time I checked, those 2 are engineering 1 year turnarounds.

    It doesn’t take 5 seasons to turn a team around, unless you have terrible leadership and a shoestring budget.

    By the way – Noone disputes that quarterbacks are important but we won one with Brad Johnson (love him but hardly a franchise qb), Dilfer, Eli won super bowls in your lifetime – but those teams were well coached and disciplined, and your Bucs offense – loaded with veteran non-draft acquisitions.

    It’s not building through the draft it’s a budget, you’ll realize that after your balls drop.

  72. bucsfansince1997 Says:

    The Bucs, with the new salary cap floor in 2013, will not be allowed to be “cheap.” They will save their money until then, and sign quality players where they need them most. The Bucs are not cheap to their coaches when they need to be, the are still paying Gruden well. Winning takes time and effort. When the time comes, Coach(Raheem or other) will get paid, or he will go elsewhere.

    Dilfer won a Super Bowl, because the “quarterback”, Ray Lewis lead a dominant defense. The Bucs won their Super Bowl with their “quarterback”, Derrick Brooks. Teams have discipline because leadership on the field.

    The Bucs are bad because they are missing that. Freeman showed it last year, and tried to continue it in the offseason, but after the new CBA, he just lost it. It may come back, or it might come from another place. It won’t come from the head coach, no matter how pricey.

    When the Bucs find a leader, they will pay him. Until then, it is not worth throwing money away at losers, just to lose in the first round.

  73. Cleggly Says:

    I like Jeff Fisher.

  74. Rob in Orlando Says:

    To Bucsfansince1997, I have been a die hard Bucs fan since 1980 and feel you really don’t understand football or you are on the Buc’s payroll as a community relations person. Where to start? The Glazers are very cheap and should not have to be mandated by the freaking NFL to spend money on improving our team. Always being at or near the bottom on salaries shows you how much the Glazers care about winning now. The Glazers spent money initially with Gruden, got a Superbowl win, and totally went cheap. They gutted the leadership by letting Lynch go without so much as a contract offer. Summarily disrespected future HOF Brooks with how he was let go too. Two or three key FA signings (LB, CB, WR) could have made all the difference. Glazers- better start spending $$ and get us a proven HC or play in a ghost town

  75. bucsfansince1997 Says:


    31 Football teams each season don’t understand Football. Since 2000, the only owners that get football are those who own the: Ravens, Patriots, Bucs, Steelers, Colts, Giants, Saints, and Packers. (8/32 or 25%)

    The Glazers have had more good seasons than most of the owners of the NFL. In the NFL, TWO things matter: WINNING THE SUPERBOWL and MAKING MONEY. The Glazers have done both. Getting to the playoffs doesn’t matter, it gets the head coach fired. Look at the Rays, they barely spend money, they have good seasons and bad, but no one complains, or screams for Maddon to be axed.

    Lynch’s career was over, so was Brook’s. Ronde had a couple more in him. When it is time to retire, it is time to retire so you don’t hurt your team.

    And Rob, you were a diehard Buc’s fan from 1980 until October 2011. It is time to stop pretending, and realize that you are no longer a Buc’s fan and it is time to retire. If you don’t like it and can’t change it, leave it. Go join Jerry Jones and the Cowboys if you want overpaid, overrated players that stay around too long. You won’t win a Super Bowl any time soon, but you at least will know the team is spending money to lose.

    The Glazers and Bucs are playing for the future, and so should the fans.

  76. bucsfansince1997 Says:

    P.S. The Bucs are too cheap for me to work for. I like my luxuries.

  77. Wisconsin Bucs fan Says:

    Should be wining and dining Jeff Fisher right now. The 0-26 team was not this bad. Wow!

  78. Morgan Says:

    What was Morris to do? He was a DB coach, he was given the DC job, then immediately offered the HC job. He’d have been stupid to give up that opportunity – one that may never come his way again. I don’t blame him.

    I blame the Glazers for their selection.

    It feels like were back to square one with this team with a long, long road ahead before we see a consistently competitive team again.

  79. Bobby Says:

    So, what everyone is saying is that if we had a different coach yesterday that Preston Parker wouldn’t have fumbled the ball twice and Freeman wouldn’t have thrown any picks, Blount wouldn’t have coughed the ball up and everything would have been roses?? This was Morris’ fault?? At what point do these players have to be accountable for fundamentals that they have been coached on since Pop Warner? I’m not saying that changes don’t have to be made. Heck, I’m beginning to think we may need a new QB after watching Freeman this year but bucsfansince1997 is right about one thing….all the pieces aren’t in place yet. I really can’t explain this year. I don’t think anyone can. It’s easy to say that Morris sucks as a coach but that is certainly not what the concensus was last year when we nearly made the playoffs. Part of me says the smart thing to do would be to give things one more year and part of me says things need a total shake up. Ultimately, that decision lays with the Glazers.