Rumors Of Raheem’s Demise Land On

December 15th, 2011

Raheem Morris calls the chatter for his head and critcism of his team “gray matter.”

Well, reports of the head coach’s near beheading on Monday just made it to That’s some painful, prominent gray matter.

In addition to BSPN’s John Clayton’s skewering report that Raheem would have been fired Monday if the Bucs had enough coaches left after his ousting, and NFL Network insider Jason LaCanfora is now guaging the temeperature of Raheem’s hot seat.

NFL Network insider Jason La Canfora reported that Morris is under review and in danger of being fired. He will have to win at least one game to have a chance to retain his job, according to league sources, who said that coaching staff changes in the mail regardless, particularly on the offensive side.

Joe wonders whether there will be a response about these reports from One Buc Palace  (No, Joe hasn’t asked for one.) One might classify the silence as more gray matter for Raheem.

28 Responses to “Rumors Of Raheem’s Demise Land On”

  1. Meh Says:

    Even if he wins out (not happening) he needs to go. They should have fired him after the Carolina blow out. The Jags blowout was just more evidence.

  2. gotbbucs Says:

    dominik and the glazers are out guaging interest right now, probably have been for weeks. morris and this staff have been walking the green mile for a couple of weeks already, it’s only a matter of time till they get to the chair.

  3. Pete Dutcher Says:

    This just in, Raheem Morris extended for 2 years.

  4. flmike Says:

    Regardless, the snowball has already started and gained more than enough momentum that they have no choice at this point, they (the Glazers) have to make a move.

  5. simeon Says:

    Setting the bar pretty high, at least 1 more game to keep his job.

  6. NickinMelbourne Says:

    Please God have this be true. We are all in misery as Buc fans and need hope for the New Year!!!

  7. simeon Says:

    If we get blown out on national TV Saturday, its gotta be over. I think if Raheem wins vs a somewhat quality opponent in Dallas, he has a good shot of keeping his job for now.
    We’ll find out how much his players really care about him on saturday.

  8. Anthony Says:


    Not guaging.

  9. Snook Says:

    Has to win at least 1 game for a chance to keep his job?

    Well, we don’t have to worry about that. 4-12, here we come!!!

  10. Bobby Says:

    I really don’t think he has to win if he’s in all three games. If we beat Carolina and we’re in the game till the end against Dallas and Atlanta then I think we’ll see another year of Morris.

  11. eric Says:


    The Glazer boys would absolutely love to keep Rah and keep the payroll super low in 2012, but if they go on a ten game losing streak they may have to fire him.

    However, if they only lose 9 out of last ten, they can happily go forward with another year of BS.

    0-10 or 1-9 is the difference in a man’s job?

    If this is true it provides further demonstration of the totally clueless and tone deaf nature of the owners.

    The season is a total disaster if they miraculously win all three IMO.

  12. Jrock Says:

    Is everyone overlooking the quote that says “coaching changes are definitely coming, particularly on the offensive side” ? (P.S. how does one quote in here?)

    I’m happy about Greg Olsen being GONE! Gsus

    [quote] Test [/quote]

  13. Pete Dutcher Says:


    It’s “” with “blockquote” and “/blockquote” between them

    Eric…if you were owner of the team, and your current coach turned things around, wouldn’t that be a good thing? Regardless of the dollars?

    And even considering the dollars, paying him less than another isn’t a bad thing, if he can turn the team into a winner.

    But…even so…I think you are wrong.

    I think the Glazer’s have no choice but to fire him now (which I hate to see) because of the public relations issue. They need to sell tickets, and the media knows it.

    I think it would be a horrible idea to fire him before the final game is played. First, if we’re going to suck, we may as well get a good draft pick out of it. Second, the key term here is lack of “suitable” coaching staff. Really, do we care to see Olsen running the last couple games? What if, somehow, he ends up winning them all?

    The Glazer’s might feel obliged to give him a couple years then.

    No…Let Raheem finish the year. There is no reason to disrespect him.

    And clearly, they plan on replacing Olsen in the off season. I wish Morris could be demoted to DC and we could bring in a good offensive head coach.

  14. thibs5599 Says:


    thats what i got out of that also that olson is gone no matter what come offseason. With that said bring in a defensive coordinator with discipline and we win two of the next three games they will probbaly give RAH an extra chance. Who knows the season is not too far away from being over so we will find out shortly whats going on

  15. eric Says:

    How come olson can’t save his job in the last three games?

    But Rah can?

    Bucs offense has outperformed Rah’s defense since the man was hired.

  16. Meh Says:

    Neither should have any chance of saving their jobs.

  17. Brandon Says:

    Guage? is that a new word?

    If Raheem stays, Ron Meeks for the defensive side of the ball…and anybody on offense. Mike Sherman, Norv Turner, Bruce Arians, etc…

  18. foxworth Says:

    I think they both should and will be gone , and this is too good of site to leave racial jabs , joe deserves more respect than that and its not funny,the higher percentage of o/c’s are white ,that was just so dumb to say

  19. foxworth Says:

    Wonder how Martz and Freeman would get along.

  20. Bobby Says:

    “”Blockquote”Above all, Noll put an emphasis on winning against teams that finished under .500. During an eight-year span beginning in 1972, they won an incredible 59 of 60 games against the so-called weaker teams. His record at the same time against teams finishing above .500 was an undistinguished 29-26-1. In post-season play, however, his Steelers were 13-4 during that period.”/Blockquote””

    So Chuck Noll starts off with 3 losing seasons. The fans are screaming for a new coach who actually has experience. They wanted him fired after Pittsburg chose some guy named Joe Greene instead of going after a QB in the draft. After all, fans know best how to build through the draft and they certainly could tell that this Noll guy was a bust was three losing seasons under his belt. Yeah…a new coach could turn this thing right around. Noll didin’t deserve another chance. He’d had three years for crying out loud!! Hmmmmmm. What if the owners had listened to the fans instead of geiving it a little more time??

  21. Niko (The Optimist) Says:

    I wouldn’t put much into these Clayton rumors. Jon Gruden was fired 3 weeks after season ended, and there were NO rumors until the day of. Same with Tony Dungy, rumors swirled around morning of the game on Sunday. Monday he was fired. No rumors. There was always some talk, like we see now, but no “sources say…” nope, that is BS. the Glazers talk to no one, when you hear it out of their mouth its the first you hear of it, and thats a fact.

  22. jvato24 Says:

    Raheem Morris has another test tonight. The Jags will play division rival Falcons. If the Jags get pummelled by our division opponent I think last weeks loss gets even worse.

  23. BigMacAttack Says:

    They would be fools to fire Raheem. Chucky went 4-12 and kept his job, and there is no logical candidate to replace Raheem with. He’s a good coach and will get them back on track. Our D line is going to be awesome very soon, but we need a couple LB’s.

  24. Patrick Says:

    Give me a f’n break. Raheem is NOT Chuck Noll. I’m sure even in those losing seasons, the Steelers were probably still a MUCH more talented team than we are.

    It’s not just the losing we’re angry about, it’s the fact that our team is horrible in almost EVERY phase of the game right now. There’s a severe lack of talent at numerous positions, our team is getting worse each week, and we’re not showing ANY positive signs at all!

    If I had a reason to be confident and hopeful about next year, I’d probably be more in favor of Rah being given one more chance. But right now that’s not the case.

  25. Rickster Says:

    Lol, jags are getting killed by the falcons 34-0 right now…
    smh, we suck.

  26. Rickster Says:

    Sorry unrelated comment above^.

  27. Patrick Says:

    And also……can someone PLEASE explain to me why the Jags keep getting primetime games?! We had a better record than them last year, and we’re just getting our 2nd one on Saturday. They’ve had their 2nd in the last 3 weeks and at least 2 others I believe.

  28. Tampa2 Says:

    @bigmac. Gruden won us a Superbowl and Had Put the Raiders in position to be in the Superbowl, and was a proven Head Coach. And the Glazers pulled the rug out from under him after the Superbowl by cutting off funds.
    Yes, he had a 4-12 season, then he went out and got Old and troubled players on the cheap and kept winning. So how can you even think of comparing the Amateur (Morris) to gruden. Morris is not a Head Coach, even if he was named one.