Peter King Says Panthers By Three Touchdowns

December 22nd, 2011

Popcorn-munching, coffee-slurping, fried chicken-eating, oatmeal-loving, beer-chugging Peter King is down on the Bucs. Big time.

So much so that the vaunted Sports Illustrated scribe sees the Panthers giving the Bucs yet another alley-beating this weekend. By three touchdowns to a nine-loss team no less!

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-10) at Carolina Panthers (5-9)
“You know what I love about Cam?” owner Jerry Richardson of the Panthers told me the other day about Cam Newton. “He hates to lose. He really hates to lose. That’s something I really like to see in our team leaders.” It’s taken Newton about five months to become one of the main ones on this team.

King predicts the score to be Panthers 34, Bucs 13.

That’s how bad the Bucs have sunk in this ugly eight-game tailspin. People expect the Bucs to have their teeth kicked in each week.

31 Responses to “Peter King Says Panthers By Three Touchdowns”

  1. Captain Stagger Says:

    Curious….how are we going to put up 13?

  2. Bucnjim Says:

    The Panthers should be upset that he shorted them a touchdown. 41-14

  3. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Yes…41-14. And our MVP Barth makes BOTH extra points too!

  4. Jrock Says:

    Last game vs Panthers, Cam Newton broke the QB touchdown record. This time he will break the rookie QB total yards thrown in a season record.

    I bet Cam likes where the Panthers are sitting in the division in relation to the Bucs. Man..

  5. Bucnjim Says:

    Another team that’s been decimated by injuries with a rookie QB that’s picked to beat us by 3 TD’s. There are people still talking about Raheem keeping his job? These guys threw in the towel after the Bears game! This has really become an embarrassing joke to the fans & even the owners of the team. You can’t tell me they are the slightest bit happy with ANYONE’S performance on this team. Especially the lack of effort on Sunday’s!

  6. Tye Says:

    “Curious….how are we going to put up 13?”

    Most likely the same way we have been doing lately…. One lucky turn over for 6 plus FG makes 7 and 2 Field goals seperated over the course of the game!……The Best and most valuable Bucs player, Connor Barth {FGK}….. UGH!

  7. Sporty Doug Says:

    It would be a huge moral victory for our defense if they could hold the Cam show to only 34…

  8. bucfanlostiniowa Says:

    King is being pretty generous I don’t think this team can score 13, 10 is a long shot, more like 6 or 7.

  9. Snook Says:

    I like that score. Sounds good. I actually think Carolina will score more than that.

    Remember the days when most of the people on this site thought the Bucs would get past the Jags and have a chance against the Panthers?

    What a joke.

  10. Meh Says:

    Only 3 touchdowns?

  11. Lunch Bag Al Says:

    I will say that the BUCS win in a very decisive manner, making us fans scratch our heads even more…either that or Steve Smith will BLOW UP with Talib out…(play Smith if you have him on your fantasy team!)

  12. eric Says:

    does it matter?

  13. Patrick Says:

    You know what people forget? After the collapse in 2008, everyone just immediately pointed the finger at Gruden calling for him to be fired, even though he doesn’t control the defense!

    Do people forget that Raheem was a huge part of the collapse of 08′ and was even more responsible for it than Gruden was? He was the “defensive backs” coach and It was HIS secondary that blew it for us in December and couldn’t stop anyone! But he gets rewarded for it by being promoted from position coach to head coach? And Gruden gets fired when he doesn’t even control the defense? What a joke.

  14. Bobby Says:

    Yeah, yeah…and everybody has been scrambling to bring Gruden on board as their head coach….no wait…they haven’t. You want to blame Morris for his watch fine but going back to the Gruden years….that’s pathetic.

  15. Patrick Says:

    I’m just saying…..why wasn’t there criticism after the ’08 season for Raheem when his DB’s couldn’t stop anyone in December? Seems like he got a free pass.

    Look, I didn’t think Jon Gruden was anything great either, but if you fire him, actually have a coaching search and hire someone BETTER. The next day, I was like “WHO??”

  16. jimmy Says:

    People forget when RahRah was announced as the Bucs new defensive coordinator in 2008, the defense collapsed.

    Sign of things to come.

  17. Rickster Says:

    Oh god I hope so…
    All I want for christmas is a new hc, oc, dc.

  18. thomas 2.2 Says:

    If Rah Rah is allowed on the sidelines, Panthers by 30. If someone prevents Rah from interacting with the team on Sunday – it would be a very close game.

  19. Bobby Says:

    Bucs may win just to make you miserable Thomas….

  20. Aceofaerospace Says:

    I don’t get it. Did Carolina cheat and have OTA’s this past off season? That has to be it. If you didn’t have OTA’S, you should be 4-10 right now. Right?

  21. Garv Says:

    Cam Newton really DOES want to win and is motivated to do so.
    The Buccaneers have looked like they don’t give a DAMN right in front of their fans for WEEKS!

    Why the hell shouldn’t the Panthers be favorites? The deserve to be and are.

  22. AtlBucsFan Says:

    The Panthers could spot us 10 points before we come out of the locker room and still win 31-13. It will take very little for this team of ‘highly motivated’ players to give in and give up. Poor Rhonde. Has to be painful for him to be associated with this group of players. At least Raheem will be cheering from the sidelines! There, I feel better now.

  23. Aceofaerospace Says:

    If we win the coin toss, Raheem better chest bump the team captains. That’ll be his last chance to celebrate Saturday.

  24. MTM Says:

    The Panthers could have practice squad players fill in and beat the Buc’s by 3 TD’s. The Buc’s have been the nail for awhile and forgot how to be the hammer.

  25. Champkind Says:

    The funny thing is, NOBODY thinks that is going overboard

  26. Pete422 Says:

    Who cares what Peter King thinks, or the “Buc fans” commenting here.

    GO BUCS!!!

  27. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Cam Newton is the real deal. The ONLY way I see the Bucs ever beating a Cam Newton lead Panther team is to persuade Talib to shoot him.
    Under Mark Dominik, we have severely fallen behind not only the NFC South, but the rest of the NFL.

  28. Anthony Says:

    Panthers by 3 touchdowns, funny because after looking at that photo of him I think Peter King has me by 3 bills.

  29. Anthony Says:

    I had no idea Norm was still around the bar.

  30. Joe Says:


    Who cares what Peter King thinks

    Oh, only the 700,000+ people that follow him on Twitter not counting the hundreds of thousands if not millions that read him in Sports Illustrated.

    Other than that, yeah, who cares what Peter King thinks. :^/

  31. Pete422 Says:

    OK Joe, let me re-phrase. I don’t care what Peter King thinks.

    Go Bucs!!