Pat Kirwan Pulls No Punches

December 23rd, 2011

NFL analyst Pat Kirwan explains to Jason Horowitz in blunt detail what a “mess” the Bucs are right now. And Kirwan also exposes the crock that is the excuse many Bucs defenders use about no offseason thanks to the asinine lockout by highlighting the development of rookie quarterback Cam Newton in this video.

2 Responses to “Pat Kirwan Pulls No Punches”

  1. foxworth Says:

    With all that being said how could he feel that morris should not be fired ,this team needs a major overhaul and believe me its comming even if the bucs win the last two games by a landslide it would be the players earning time next season .cam will seal the deal this weekend ,i love the bucs but this just has to happen ,change is welcome

  2. foxworth Says:

    We have a defence that has given up 30 touch dows in how many games yet there are still fans that call and write that Rah should not be fired … will the glazer jury please soon read the verdict .