Missing Gerald McCoy

December 2nd, 2011

The Bucs are in a tailspin and much of the problem has been their defense. In particular, the Bucs’ rushing defense has been dismal.

There are lots of reasons, but the Bucs inability to stop the run can be pointed to one element: no Gerald McCoy.

GMC in just his second year not only became a team leader and mentor of sorts, but the numbers the Bucs have given up after he left the lineup with a torn bicep are alarming.

Evan Silva, who among other employers works for NBC Sports, documents just how bad the Bucs miss GMC.

@evansilva: Opposing RBs vs Buccaneers D in Gerald McCoy’s 5 missed games so far: 8 rushing TDs, 677 rushing yards on 122 carries (5.55 YPC).

Coincidence? Joe thinks not. GMC got some decent penetration up front. When a defensive lineman gets penetration, he also disrupts a play. Sometimes this is as important as a tackle or a sack.

So if Bucs fans are frustrated with how the Bucs season has turned out, this is a good place to start, the void left by GMC.

23 Responses to “Missing Gerald McCoy”

  1. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Come on, Joe. You know this article is going to be hijacked by Thomas. Never mind putting up facts, it doesn’t matter. GMC is the worst football player EVER in his eyes. Don’t believe me, just wait ……..

  2. knucknbuc Says:

    This is screaming for Thomas 2.2 to come in with his so called “facts” and state how Gerald Mccoy or (aka the big softie as he would call him) makes no difference at all in our defensive play, and that were better off not having him in the lineup and he’s a bust. Any normal person could see that our defense was a whole lot better with him in then out but go ahead 2.2 cant wait to see what you say to this one.

  3. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    He is sorely missed. Hopefully when his arms heal he will be back to top form, which is a wonderful thing. The guy was doing great work this year and made those around him better. Hurt the team badly when he went down. And to think he has only played 14 or 15 full games and he is already a force to be reckoned with. He is only gonna get better too.

    Get healthy, McCoy. We need you in the middle badly.

  4. k2thesoldier Says:

    Don’t let Thomas see this post, he’ll likely have a heart attack.

  5. k2thesoldier Says:

    By the way, nobody wants to talk about how much we miss Cody Grimm, I’d argue even MORE than Gerald. Cody was the single best tackler on the entire defense and I have to believe if he were healthy Sean Jones would be riding the pine and Cody would be playing SS.

  6. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Same thing happened last year when he went down against the Redskins. They started running the ball extremely effectively against us and it continued the rest of the season.

    While I agree with 2.2 about Raheem, I completely disagree with his stance on McCoy. I think GMC is a very good player who will become an exceptional player in the next 1-2 years.

    Not his fault he was born with two faulty bicep tendons. Now that those are fixed (and sports surgeons routinely make such repairs in a way that they are even stronger than before the injury), I believe he’ll be good to go and I’m looking forward to watching him next season more so than anyone else on this team. Even Blount.

  7. flmike Says:

    Paging Thomas2.2, paging Thomas2.2

  8. Bobby Says:

    Agree that Grimm and McCoy are really missed in the run D. Grimm was just fearless and it’s a shame that both of his injuries have come from friendly fire. Oh well, he’ll be back. McCoy just wreaks havoc and misdirects a lot of plays. He’ll be a force next year.

  9. the_buc_realist Says:

    Your not suppose to make the club, if your in the tub.

  10. jvato24 Says:

    IMO Cody Grimm being out on Defense hurts more than most realize … The Bucs almost had a GOOD Run Defense before he got hurt last year.

  11. RCH Says:

    Grimm has been a great surprise these last 2 seasons. The only problem is that he seems injury prone.

  12. Jrock Says:

    Grimm wasn’t tackling good this year before he got injured, FYI. I think he has some fear in him.

    NOT hating on the dude, rookie season was spectacular. Haven’t seen him return to that form since.

  13. jvato24 Says:

    JRock I agree he wasnt quite the same … But also hard to tell from the 2 games or so he played this year … I dont think he was quite 100% yet. If you watch the way he threw himself into the play where he got injured I didnt see Fear … But maybe some hesitation at other times.

  14. Patrick Says:

    “but the Bucs inability to stop the run can be pointed to one element: no Gerald McCoy.”

    This is why you need to have depth!! Dominick has no one to blame but himself for this. He’s the one I’m blaming most overall for this $h!tty season we’re having. Leaving our roster way too young and with no depth at key positions like this. This is why free agency exists.

  15. Forrest Gumpkin Says:

    So we went from really sucking vs. the run when McCoy (who I like to call the “Disrupticon”) was playing to REALLY, really sucking when he injured himself again. awesome.

  16. Nick S Says:

    As much as the Bucs miss Mccoy, I have to admit that the man I miss the most is Earnest Graham. the Last game he had a hand in was the last win we had. He runs. He catchs, he blocks on 3rd down. It isnt hard to see that the Bucs were ill prepared for injuries. Blount got hurt. Graham got hurt. We had nobody to fill in. We lost Mccoy, we have nobody who can fill in. Nest season has to be about filling needs and getting depth. We cant rely on Haynesworth. Or Lumpkin. Or Freeman not getting hurt. Johnson will be gone. Carpenter wont win games. We need depth at QB, RB, DT, WR, LB, DB. We have great kickers!!!!! Its time to openup to the idea of signing free agents. Not only practice squads, but players who have proven they can play. Grahams injury turned this team around. Since he went down we are 0-5. Lumpkin doesnt get it done. Blount gets it done, but needds help on passing downs. SIGN DEPTH TAMPA. ITS KILLING ME TO WATCH ARE GUYS LOSE GAMES THAT WE SHOULD BE WINNING

  17. ElioT Says:

    I think it’s too early to call McCoy a “bust” or a “force” at this point. It’s no doubt that he was doing good early on; we still need to see this guy play a whole season and stay on the field.

    I also think they need to let Brian Price sit out for a while if not the season. He has been overachieving his whole career so far without being close to 100%. He’s getting beat up too much, let the guy rest so he might be ready by next year. I

    I think a consistent, healthy pairing of McCoy and Price for years to come would be awesome. Especially with Clayborn on the outside, and hopefully Bowers…

  18. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    I agree with K2, Cody Grimm is a BIG loss for us.

  19. Thomas Says:

    Great post Joe! This is why I visit your site everyday. Thank you for your hard wok!!!

  20. Thomas Says:

    Work….not wok

  21. Dan Says:

    i think thomas hit his head lol

  22. Patrick Says:

    I think it’s a different one lol. It doesn’t say 2.2

  23. Capt.Tim Says:

    The lose of McCoy is insurmountable. He has already become so disruptive. He has been hurt twice. Both times trying to do to much- like reaching to grab a RB galloping thru the gap that Quincy Jane is SUPPOSED to be covering.
    Haynesworth is playing with a lot of energy, but needs to learn the D to be really effective. But even at that, McCoy is so fast, he is a unique talent. He singlehandedly upgrades this D. Just has to play within himself.

    Cody Grimm is the One player in our secondary who is a run stuffer. Problem is, the opponents keep throwing Deadwood Hayes and Black at his legs. Those to are so frozen, they are are projectiles for the oppenents