It’s Not The Talent, Says Derrick Brooks

December 21st, 2011

Bucs icon Derrick Brooks says he believes Raheem Morris will return next year, the Bucs have plenty of talent, and the team will benefit immensely from a full offseason.

“This didn’t become a talentless football team overnight,” said Brooks, speaking today on WDAE-AM 620 in defense of the quality of the Bucs roster.

Brooks also scoffed at the notion that the Bucs would have any problem hiring new assistant coaches if Raheem is a “lame duck” coach for the 2012 season.

Now Brooks is almost always a pro-regime kind of guy in public, during interviews and as a guest on WDAE and as a personality on NFL Radio. It’s almost like Brooks spent so many years masterfully towing the Bucs’ company line that he doesn’t know another way to be. And this isn’t just Bucs stuff, Brooks often falls on the side of any organization and coaches and players regardless of the sport.

Joe’s unsure of what to make of Brooks’ comments. Is it possible to believe the Bucs simply need more time to gel with the current plan and to stay the course? Joe’s not in that camp, and neither are most fans, especially with what’s developing around the Bucs in the NFC South.

But a plugged in Bucs icon has spoken. Whether Brooks is strictly offering an outsider’s opinion or there’s more juice to his words is anyone’s guess.

36 Responses to “It’s Not The Talent, Says Derrick Brooks”

  1. TurnThePage Says:

    Told you its not the players.

    Time to get a REAL NFL head coach.

  2. Patrick Says:

    Sorry….I don’t want to risk another wasted season in 2012. In fact, I actually think this is a team that could go 0-16 the way we’ve seen them play this season.

  3. K2theSoldier Says:

    If we’re able to hire some legit coordinators on offense and defense like Derrick said then I’m fine for letting Raheem finish out his contract. I don’t know if any sort of established coordinator would come here for a lame duck coach but if Derrick says its possible then maybe it’s possible.

  4. RastaMon Says:

    I just heard Brooks on Justins interview….and I catch him on the guy he is sitting in for show…..
    the guy that won’t say sh** about the Bucs when he has a mouth full,…errr binding contract…
    Back to Derrick Brooks…
    the more I watched him as a player the more I liked what I saw……the more I listen to him speak,about all things, the more I like what I hear…..
    55 in a more than a treasure…he is a resource…
    tap it !

  5. canada buc fan Says:

    Just got myself the old florida orang double nickel Jersey today! Maybe they will have no issue hiring coordinators because Derrick is going to come in and be D Co-ordinator. I can dream can’t I?

  6. James Says:

    Derrick needs to come as a lb coach or something. Or atleast spend some time with the lb and entire defense for that matter

  7. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    “This didn’t become a talentless football team overnight”

    He’s right…it took 3 years.

  8. Jerry Says:

    If the lockout was the problem, why did the Bucs start out 4-2? It makes no sense.

  9. Thomas 2.2. Says:

    Excellent point Jerry.

    All of the arguments being set forth by rah apologists don’t make sense – you just highlighted one of the most ridiculously flawed excuses – that the lockout was a disadvantage when they started out much better than they are now.

    Remember, during the offseason most of these apologists were arguing how much of an advantage to us the limited offseason was bc free was conducting practices.

    The legit argument is that the Bucs were helped by the limited offseason bc free organized practices and that is why they started 4-2 – when really under rah’s coaching they are probably a 1 or 2 win team.

    As to your references to the [You know better than to try to be sneaky Thomas. — Joe], he has lost all credibility bc he has completely reversed previous positions about the impact coaches have on play – while coincidentally,IMO, having a contractual connection to the team. He is basically TJ “softball” Rives being paid to sway public opinion – whether credible or not.

    I stopped listening after repeated contradictions, day after day, show after show. Sorry Joe, just my opinion.

  10. sandbagrudy Says:

    Brooks was a perfectionist on the field guys like him expect players that don’t have the same instincts as him to see and do what he did on the field instinctively some of the players on this team can’t be helped Quincy Black is a guy who came in as a big muscle bound lumbering player not quick not instinctive. Tanard Jackson has great instincts on the field as well as Barber and Grim but Kody has terrible luck with injuries.

  11. Thomas 2.2 Says:


    I tried to make my comment as sanitary as possible and consistent with the rules, i realized that my initial comment was prob crossing the line so I tried to scale it back to a comment that didnt.

  12. Garv Says:

    I know I’LL be back, hopefully with even better seats. Bail front-runners BAIL!
    I do hope the future is resolved one way or the other ASAP.
    Not a fan of lame duck seasons so I’m hoping to see either a change or an extension so the team and it’s season ticket holders are aware of what is going
    on. I’m hoping against hope that the Royal Glazerbaum’s are forthcoming
    and honest with their customers. That they act like and walk like they
    care about our Buccaneers as far as spending goes. If they are going to wait until 2013 to spend mandated CAP money I want to know why and on
    whom. I want to hear the freaking London “home” game is a thing of the past.

    New owners would be wonderful but I’m hardly expecting that.

    Merry Christmas!

  13. BucfaninMI Says:

    Lack of depth and leadership, a new coach a few key FA’s and problem solved ATL did it, SF did it! This can be turned around quickly and should be! Also I think Mr Brooks would be an awesome LBs coach, hell bring John Lynch in too! He very smart and football savvy. Other’s will notice, both will be on the sidelines somewhere, it would be a shame if it wasn’t in TB.

  14. BucfaninMI Says:

    He’s not he. ( me not smart)

  15. Jake Says:

    If what Brooks suggests is what actually happens, you will have one irate fan base and the stadium will resemble a mausoleum on game day. I know that I will immediately cancel my 5 season tickets.

  16. NickinMelb Says:

    So its not the players talent hmm……. ok so that means its the coaching right??????? I love Derrick but his thoughts do not make sense. So basically there is no fall guy in this horrendous season? I am sorry but if I have to listen to Raheem tell us how great Talib is again and what a “warrior” he and Winslow are just to suit up each Sunday (but never practice) I will hurl. This coach is so out of touch with the fanbase and in love with his thugs who are cancers to the team that he just doesn’t get it. Thats fine I guess those are his men but I pray he hits the road along with them. Winslow has destroyed Freeman by helping to ruin his confidence demanding the ball whether double or triple teamed and Talib with his lobby coach cussing, cab driver beating, sisters boyfriend shooting self I don’t even know where to start. I hope Rah gets to coach Talib when he is secondary coach on the Saskatchewan Rough Riders next year. That would be my fantasy but I am sure some team will claim him in the NFL. Raheem I doubt will be a coach anywhere in the NFL if the Glazers have the intelligence to dump him.

  17. Hector Says:


  18. Anthony Says:

    if it’s not the talent, it’s the coach.

  19. CC Says:

    Derrick we love you but this season is inexcusable. Loosing 8 in a row and getting blown out several times is pathetic. “Rah” has to go. Worst defense I have ever seen. And an offense that is also horrible . Just can’t listen to any more excuses.

  20. BigMacAttack Says:

    When Chucky got fired were they not 9-3 and lost their final 4 games in a row, with Monti, Brooks & a decent team. Then Raheem took over and lost another 7 in a row, for a total of 11 straight losses.

    Now the Lightning are also imploding, just gave up 5 goals to the Sharks in the first period. What in the Sam Hell is going on here. The Rays might want to think about cancelling their season the way everything else is going. I wouldn’t be surprised if they lose their first 10 games.

    Maybe it’s time to change up the uniforms again. Wear Camo and throw all the Creamsicle Throwback stuff in the garbage.

  21. Patrick Says:

    Guys, I love Derrick, but he has ZERO coaching experience at any level. And some of you want him as the DC? Sorry……I want a proven veteran coach with a good track record heading our defense. However, it would make sense to make him a LB coach!

  22. eric Says:

    when everybody agrees that un named coordinators know more than the head coach it says it all.

    kinda like if somebody said “if only joe had a good writer”

    jk of course on joe but u see my point.

  23. 941-Bucs Says:

    I really hope we land a solid draft this year. We can shore up the front 7 and add some talent to the secondary. Personally i would like to see the first 3 rounds go as such:
    Round 1: Morris Claiborne CB
    Round 2: Lavonte David OLB
    Round 3:Manti Te’o ILB

    That would be a huge Draft of talent and needs. Can use Te’o as the MLB kick Foster to Sam and let David play Will (which he is highly considered perfect for a Tampa 2 Will backer). cut Quincy Black. Allow Hayes, Hayward, and Watson compete for the starting spots against the rookies. Competition, Experience, and Talented Depth. Would complete our rebuild of the front 7.

    Plus Claiborne is a HUGE HUGE upgrade to our secondary.

  24. BigMacAttack Says:

    It is coaching and it is the players. Many reasons have been given for the Bucs going 10-6 last season, and strength of schedule is a big one, Freeman playing better, and the receivers all playing better. I also think that having the BACKUP O line was a major factor and is something hurting the Bucs now. Not that they haven’t done a decent job up until the last 2 weeks, but they don’t make the holes for Blount like the other guys did, they don’t give Freeman near the amount of time, and as a whole, one weak link on a line kills you overall. Much the failure this year on offense is the O line, even though they aren’t bad, they just aren’t great.

  25. Rickster Says:

    Te’o is not coming out.
    Rd 1: morris claboirne/ luke keulchy
    Rd: 2: vontaze burfict

  26. scott Says:

    The one reason the Bucs might get a good coordinator or two is because Morris is a lame duck. If they were to hire shrewdly they could get someone who is an up and comer at D or O coordinator.

    If Morris turns things around, fine, if not you have potential replacements on your staff. I don’t see any sign the Glazers are going to spend the money on a big name head coach, so maybe it would make sense to audition possible replacements for Morris through the coordinator positions.

    You may get people willing to work for a lame duck Morris knowing that the HC job may become available to them.

  27. Captain Stagger Says:

    Read carefully, Derrick said its not the players and it’s not the coach….talking out of both sides of our mouths a bit aren’t we. DB was great on the field, but off the field he is so vanilla. He will never point a finger, and always says the right things.

  28. Thomas 2.2. Says:


    Keep dreaming, no coordinator wants to come in and work under a proven-unqualified disaster of a head coach who is known for hastily scapegoating assistants when things go bad – which they typically do when he is in charge.

    Rah rah cliche’s history says that he will can an assistant mid-season to deflect criticism – unfortunately, there are so few even solid assistants that there is no one significant enough to can.

    This staff, led by its confused and mumbling head coach is a complete disaster. Maybe we can promote rah rah cliche’s buddy from k state (who wasnt even a coach) that he made an assistant to basically drive him around (and get dui’s) to head coach – that was what we did last time by making no experience a head coach.

  29. Freeman4President Says:

    How can you point fingers at anyone person, a losing streak like this takes a team effort. Next year there will be a new DC and possibly an new OC, but I don’t think Rah gets fired, the wagons have already started to circle and like it or not your not getting a big name coach in here either way.

  30. Freeman4President Says:


  31. Tampa2 Says:

    “This didn’t become a talentless football team overnight,” said Brooks” No, it took a concerned effort by an amateur and 3 idiot Brothers that went for the cash instead of the wins.

  32. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    @Thomas Problem is, we have fans all over scapegoating the assistants right now. Heck we have guys that want to fire every single position coach we have. Ridiculous. When the entire team equally falls apart you don’t blame every coach. You blame the head coach or GM that are the only ones involved on every level of the team.

  33. Meh Says:

    Thanks for the shout out Advo. Yep, can them all. We need a whole new coaching staff.

  34. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    @Meh My words must have stung. It confuses me how, but, whatever. Sorry for being logical and not over emotional. Its just the way I am.

  35. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Jerry Says:
    If the lockout was the problem, why did the Bucs start out 4-2? It makes no sense.

    Brace yourself…ready?

    Perhaps the Bucs were >b>not the only team affect by the lockout.

    See what I did there? Instead of launching into an agenda-driven commentary, I offered up the simplist and most likely explanation. Amazing how that works. 😉

    on to other matters…
    It amazes me…it really does…that fans and wanna be football players (the media dudes like kaufman, Holder and all the others) believe they know more than numerous football players (such as Brooks) and coaches (such as Dungy).

    Professionals who have been in the very same position have spoken up, but because it doesn’t validate the agenda of driving Morris out of here, it is an invalide opinion.

    Because Tampa fans know so much about football and running a franchise.

    Don’t give me that crap about spending yourt money where you like…you all know that if the Bucs kept Morris and he started winning steady next year, you would suddenly be wanting tickets…except Thomas of course, because he isn’t actually a fan of the Bucs.

    In fact, I find it ironic that so many of you are allowing yourselves to be played by Thomas (but of course, you will deny this; remain oblivious).

    Even more shocking…Joe, you’re letting the same irrational opinions and thought processes govern your own commentaries.

    It’s almost like Brooks spent so many years masterfully towing the Bucs’ company line that he doesn’t know another way to be.

    Even you are invalidating the words of a professional, knowledgeable and wise former player who experienced the highs and lows of this team.

    Shame, shame.

  36. Meh Says:

    Stung lol. No. I’m still laughing about you calling me Al Davis actually.