“It’s Not The Coaching”

December 18th, 2011

Veteran defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth was one of the few Bucs players willing to talk after yet another beat down, this time by the Dallass Cowboys.

It’s not that the players were rude, it looked like they were in a wake. The locker room was a virtual morgue. Big Frank Okam sat in a folding chair, body language screamed frustration. Okam just stared ahead with an empty look in his eyes, as if he was staring down nothing in particular.

He looked like he just learned someone ran over his dog.

Albert Haynesworth spoke and attempted to a mount a massive defensive for his embattled coach Raheem Morris. But in doing so he mentioned some damning things.

Haynesworth kept saying how the blame should go on the players, not Morris. Then he said of when with his previous team, the Patriots, they were about to play the Bucs in the preseason, “Bill [Belicheat] talked about, how much talent this team had. How fast they are, how they can run away with the game.

“We have to put that all together and play like that now. We don’t need to be down 28-0 and have Raheem come in here at halftime and tell us to suck it up. We don’t need that. We need that at the beginning of the game so we don’t have to rally at the end.”

13 Responses to ““It’s Not The Coaching””

  1. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    He’s right…for the most part, it’s nothing to do with the majority of these players. The talent is there for a good coach to have a winning record. The problem is the coaching. Plain and simple. Change that and you change the fortunes of this dreadful team. The solution couldn’t be clearer. Let’s get to it.

  2. Eric Says:

    Getting down 28 to 0 is bad.

    Thanks for that clarification Haynseworth.

    No wonder he is a mentor now.

  3. GenocideD Says:

    ^^^^^^Hahahahahaha! I just LOL’d, Eric. Nice. Very true though.

  4. Garv Says:

    Oh Merry Christmas anyway………………..

  5. marks Says:

    All I want for Christmas is a new head coach!

  6. Anthony Says:

    Belicheat? LOL, whatever.

  7. K2theSoldier Says:

    Are you f’ing serious FLboy? There’s talent on this team to make the playoffs against a legit NFL schedule? What are you smoking dude. “it’s nothing to do with the majority of these players”. You’ve gotta be f’ing crazy to say something like that. The entire defense sans Barber Clayborn Foster and Bowers has piss poor effort. You can’t seriously think that simply replacing the head coach will fix all the problems. Crazy talk. The new coach will gut this roster and replace a lot of the crap players infesting it.

  8. K2theSoldier Says:

    Guys that show zero effort on the field bring down the whole team. Say what you will about Talib being a moron, but at least he’s out there competing and not loafing like that joke Sean Jones. (Obviously not tonight, hammy must have heated up again, ouch and anybody thats tweaked a hammy knows that).

  9. sandbagrudy Says:

    the clock has struck 12 terrible number Gruden had a few twelve loss seasons if I’m correct his piss poor drafting and inability to coach and train has left us with this roster filter out his mistakes and rebuild and you end up here. Morris is a victom of circumstance and the beneficiary of this roster. They won ten games last year with smoking mirrors and a little more discipline. open the wallet or sell the stock Glasers make something happen. You can bring Tebow, God, Jesus, and last last tribe of Judah, along with Vince Lombardi to coach this team and you don’t win 7 games occupy 1 Buc break out the tents demand a legit attempt in free agency 35 million under the cap is blatantly pissing in the feet of the fans

  10. Thomas 2.2.. Says:

    Haynesworth just did what rah rah cliche does: start by saying “no excuses” and then rattle off a list of canned excuses I.e. Youth, lockout etc.

    Haynesworth said ” it’s not the coaching” then rattled a list of problems with the coach. Hilarious

    95% of this team’s problems are that they are coached (or not coached) by Rah Rah cliche Morris and his staff of fools. Any coach who had a legit resume – Jags, Bates, Mangurian, Richy B. Has been run-off because of Rah Rah’s (much deserved) inferiority complex. Now you see the results when Rah Rah is left alone in charge.

    The importance of veteran and disciplined assistants being removed from this team left coach/buddy in charge of his homeees.

  11. j lynch Says:

    Really fat albert?? Real coaching got your lazy ass out of foxboro!! This is your last stop before leaving the league,the coaching here is great right??

  12. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    Haynesworth has played solid so far. A welcome addition. I can’t wait to pair him with McCoy, Bennett and Clayborne and watch this line become dominant.

    The team as a whole is just bad. SOmething has got to change and the fastest way to change is by changing the top.

  13. holymoly Says:

    I have never seen a team as inept as my Bucs are playing now . Rah is a joke , like the guy , just not as HC for the Bucs . What I see is a team not tackling , o-line is not opening holes , receivers are not getting open , other than Clayborn , defense looks lethargic , and I put it on the coaches ! Hate the idea of starting over again but we can’t continue like this . Fire them all and find a coach who can motivate and won’t put up with this losing .