Firing Raheem Morris Will “Ruin” Bucs

December 14th, 2011

With the Bucs seemingly imploding from within, with the wolves at the door of One Buc Place, drooling, wanting red meat and that meat is the carcass of Bucs coach Raheem Morris, the embattled Bucs leader knows at least one person has his back.

Joe’s good friend Justin Pawlowski of WDAE-AM 620 fired off a missive on his Facebook page from One Buc Palace today where Bucs tight end Kellen Winslow came out swinging in defense of the only Bucs coach he has known.

Bucs TE Kellen Winslow said today that losing Raheem would “ruin the Buccaneers.”

Woody Cummings of the Tampa Tribune had more to offer from Winslow.

“Rah is the heart and soul of this team. If something were to happen to him our hearts (would) be broken. We’re playing for him.”

Winslow reiterated a point many of his teammates made in recent weeks, saying the problems such as turnovers and penalties that have plagued the Bucs this season “are not (Morris’) fault.”

Winslow’s a veteran and he should know as much as anyone that the NFL stands for “Not for long” if you are not winning, and the Bucs aren’t just not winning, but are getting chain-whipped by garbage teams.

If the Bucs were just losing close games to decent teams, that’s a different story. But getting rolled up on for 41 points by a putrid team that hasn’t scored more than 20 points in the previous 12 games is a perfect way to have your head coach jettisoned at season’s end.

87 Responses to “Firing Raheem Morris Will “Ruin” Bucs”

  1. stevek Says:

    Winslow and Co. need to worry about playing hard the rest of the season.

    If they pack it in, and get handed their 3rd consecutive blow out, then we need to get rid of Morris and Winslow and “rebuild” some more.

  2. RastaMon Says:

    It’s ruin alot of non productive players cash flow dreams…..

  3. Captain Stagger Says:

    The list of Raheem supporters included: Winslow, Black, Hayes, Talib, and Jones……would you reall miss any of them????

    And I find it interesting that these are all Raheem’s Guys….you know the ones he likes to make excuses for…….Big Cheetah just got paid like a superstar, yet would be lucky to be a 3rd stringer on any other team….you know he’s got Raheem’s back….

  4. Brandon Says:

    Winslow’s no dummy. He knows if another coach were to come in he might get rid of Winslow…or worse than that, force him to block or keep his mouth shut and run his routes. So if K2 thinks it will ruin the team, and considering he thinks of himself as the team, he is right, it will ruin Winslow and rightfully should.

  5. mindyr Says:

    can someone deeine ruin, over the past three years they have won 17 games that sounds ruined already

  6. mindyr Says:

    can someone define ruin, over the past three years they have won 17 games that sounds ruined already

  7. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Why wouldn’t this undisciplined team want their gravy train to keep on rollin’? They know if Raheem is gone, so is their free ride. A new sheriff is what this town needs, despite what K2 and other players may want. Let’s get this thing moving, shall we? ‘Bout time already.

  8. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    A) does he mean that they are not yet ruined? That another coach could somehow go 0-8 over a 7 game stretch, that another coach would do worse than 4th in a 4 team division?

    B) winslow is correct that it would ruin the party and ruin the free pass to not practice and not be accountable and have a buddy instead of a boss.

    I remember when my parents fired the babysitter that let us run completely loose with no rules, we stomped and cried and begged and argued how unfair and mean my parents were – then when I grew up I realized that nothing positive was going to come out of that situation.

    Rah needs to be shown the door and this cancer needs to go with him.

  9. BigMacAttack Says:

    Thomas, so when was it that you actually grew up. Maybe they should have kept the sitter for you.

  10. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    I am starting to come around to the idea that rah should stay.

    I think under rah that we have a chance to tie the NFL record of 26 straight losses (10 this year and 16 next year). Just think how much attention we would get by chasing after our own coveted record.

    I believe under rah that we have a great shot at it. Why ruin our chances now by bringing in an actual coach who may actually prepare these players to win a game?

    We are slotted perfectly right now as the 32nd best team in the NFL over the 2nd half of the season – we are destined to be record losers – if you are going to lose, lose badly – hey maybe we should call our coach and players “Yosers.”

  11. BucfaninMI Says:

    I can’t believe he had the b***s to say anything, then I remembered who was talking. What a jackass! Has he not noticed their record? Ruined? Too late!

  12. bucfanlostiniowa Says:

    What a clown , do these idiots think before they speak, “raheem is the heart and soul of the team we are playing for him” yet you got blown out by the Jags. If that is the best effort you can muster for the heart and soul of the team then he is already dead.

  13. Thomas 2.2.. Says:

    Therein lies the problem: rah rah cliche is supposedly the heart and soul, well he is completely worthless leaving the team without a heart and soul.

    No wonder they play completely careless.

  14. Jon in Tampa Says:


    You and a few teammates are the only ones who truly believe Raheem should not bear the brunt of responsibility. If you think that you and your teammates are truly talented, and you think Raheem (not Coach Morriss) is a great coach, what could be. . . the veal?

    You and the chosen few teammates are dealing with cognitive dissonance. Look it up. (After you open your Football 101 guide that says, ‘a good receive catches the ball.”

  15. tj Says:

    Sorry I like winslow but he is just afraid that the next coach will make him practice everyday

  16. NickinMelb Says:

    This is almost hilarious. Winslow, Talib are all Raheems thugs. Now after dodging the media Winslow says this??? How about figuring out how not to offensively pass interfere Winslow?? That might have saved his job. Winslow had it part right. HIRING Raheem ruined the Bucs. Firing him would be the best move that can be made.

  17. BucfaninMI Says:

    I did like Winslow, but his BS wears thin real fast, and it should have w/ his coaches. He’s a great TE, but needs to grow up. Stark contrast to the way his dad handled himself on the field.

  18. BigMacAttack Says:

    I want Raheem to stay. I want him to hire a new OC and a new DC. Having said that, I believe the Glazers & Dominick will be patient and do both of these things. I could go for Norv Turner as an OC if he gets fired and Steve Spagnuolo for the DC, or Derrick brooks as a DC if he’ll give up the Storm gig. If they get rid of anyone, please let it be Lumpkin. He is the worst blocker in NFL history, bar none. I alos think we will spoil the Cowboy’s party with Help from Time-out Garrett and Chokey Romo.

  19. BigMacAttack Says:

    As I said before, I am going to enjoy having the whole Stadium to myself. I may even get a suite before its all said and done.

  20. Bucnnole Says:

    Let them ride off unto the sunset together. Winslow produces when he wants but more often than not his routes look terrible. As far as blocking, he may be the worst in the league. The Glazer Nerds want to save money? Start by cutting the following overpriced, unproductive BUMS…Winslow, Faine, Penn, Talib, and the entire linebacker and safety group. Blow this whole thing up because losing has become the norm and the current regime has lost it’s way.

  21. gotbbucs Says:

    you’re not going to get an unbiased quote out of one of these guys. of course they’re going to back thier coach, and they should. it’s just a sad deal all the way around.

  22. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I really don’t understand this newfound hatred for Winslow. I don’t necessarily like the way he acts on the field (how he always seems to be irritated by the other team tackling him), but I certainly don’t want him off the team. I have never once heard a complaint of him being a bad teammate since he got to Tampa. He has never missed a game, despite the fact he plays on bad knees. He hasn’t gotten in any off the field trouble. He hasn’t caused any problems. He has produced on the field as well. Why the hatred? It makes no sense to me. Yes he had an argument with Freeman. So what? Every sideline in the NFL has those. I fail to see how he could be the problem.

  23. Y. Busch Says:

    Will RUIN the Bucs?? They already are in ruin! I guess you can’t tell your in a wreck when you’re in the middle of the wreck.

  24. j lynch Says:

    The team is already ruined guys who dont practice throw fits need to go. He is on top of the dead wood pile with faine black hayes jones miller to name a few.

  25. Bucnnole Says:

    Hawiian, I’ve been reading your opinions for a long time now and realize you are a glass half full kinda guy. That’s fine, but my beef isn’t with Winslow fir his play but rather his lack of leadership. With an offensive roster full of youth you hardly ever see or hear Winslow being the veteran voice needed. At the price tag he carries and the lack of blocking combined with his sloppy routes and dropped passes, my thought is to let the high priced vets go in order to hire a new staff, bring in stud free agents( how great would Sproles, Tulloch, or even a Kevin Walter/Laurent Robinson look right now, and start this whole failed expierment again.

  26. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    I think Mark Dominick needs to go, and maybe, just maybe, Raheem is salvageable with new O and D Coordinators.
    Let him be Mr Motivation, he seems to be great at that.
    Mark Dominick worked in Tampa under 3 different bosses who got new jobs in the NFL.
    NONE of them took Mark Dominick with them. WHY people call him a “Rock Star” is beyond me. With all the turmoil going on with his team, he is silent.
    I have a feeling Mr Teflon is going to try and spin this whole downward spiral on Raheem, and buy himself some more time to screw Tampa up some more in the next draft.
    Raheem is only as good as the players Mark Dominick procured.
    Remember people, Mark Dominick picked a punter in this last draft that couldn’t kick. This forced Tampa to take Koenen in the free agent market.
    Mark gave us D Ward, and gave huge contracts to Black and Jackson.
    McCoy arm tackles, and can’t stay healthy because of it.
    How did Mark Dominick miss this fundamental flaw of McCoy’s, on such a high draft pick ?
    I watched Jason Pierre Paul of USF take over a Football game last week, and Cody from Alabama has made it near impossible to run on the ravens.
    We COULD have easily had either player, had we traded out of the McCoy pick.
    Wake up People, if all 3 of Mark Dominick’s ex bosses left him behind when they left Tampa, this should tell you something about his lack of ability to evaluate talent ?
    Rock Star My Ass.

  27. Rickster Says:

    Only thing that will be ruined is k2’s job security.

  28. Tommy Boy Says:

    What exactly would firing Morris ruin? A horrible team? Oh without Rah we can’t be our best selfs…

    They definitely aren’t their best with Rah either. Heart and soul my ass, this team has no heart.

  29. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    I see your point, but I would argue that not everyone is a leader, even if they are a veteran. I don’t consider Ronde Barber much of a leader. I think both Winslow and Barber both lead by example. Leading in other ways would just be fake. Others pick up on that, trust me.

    As for him not blocking well, that’s always been the case with him. It’s not like it’s something that has developed lately. He’s never been a good blocker, going back to his college days. He is a glorified WR playing TE. I don’t know about him dropping a bunch of passes. He did drop that 2 point conversion in GB, which was a critical mistake. However, I don’t remember any other drops. I think his hands are definitely his best quality. I’ve also never heard anyone complain about his route running being sloppy. In fact, I’ve heard the exact opposite. I’m not saying he’s the best TE in the league, but my point is that I don’t understand why all these fans are all of a sudden spewing hate at him like he’s T.O.

  30. Thomas 2.2.. Says:

    If you want to know wins low’s value ask yourself this? Where does he rank among the divisions tight ends? Answer = 5th.

    Graham, Gonzalez, Shockey, Olson, Winslow. .

    Winslow refuses to practice and cliche let’s him get away with it which pisses off freeman bc it throws off their timing. Cliche doesn’t have the respect to tell this cancer to practice or be cut.

  31. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    He doesn’t refuse to practice moron. They choose to do so to prolong his career. It seems to be working, as he has played in every single game since he got here. I know for a fact other coaches do the same thing (I know Gruden did it with Galloway). Saying he refuses is 100% false. Once again, you lie to prove a point. Pathetic.

    As for him being 5th in the division, exactly what is your basis for that argument? He has more reception and yards than both Olson and Shockey (this season and over their careers. Even if you take the average per season, he still ranks higher). But I guess the trained eye of the GM in waiting Thomas 2.2 knows something we don’t know. But go ahead and twist things up to prove your worthless point against anyone wearing red and pewter.

  32. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    And before you correct me, he doesn’t have better overall numbers that Shockey. But only a fool would rather have Shockey over Winslow.

  33. yightningyuc Says:

    Maybe Yellen Yinslow can loan his motorcycle to Yah Yah!

  34. espo Says:

    Are you guys seriously jumping on the guy for defending his head coach? Id much rather this be the storyline than an internal meltdown.

  35. BigMacAttack Says:

    If all you guys go jump off the Skyway, I will too, but only after you go first.

    The sky is falling, the sky is falling. Gimme a Break. Fans my @$$!!!

  36. BigMacAttack Says:

    What a bunch of crybabies. A little adversity, a few close bullets and everybody starts running for the hills.

  37. BigMacAttack Says:

    I’d take Raheem any day over all you losers.

  38. Rob in Orlando Says:

    Let’s just get to the facts guys. No matter how much you like or dislike the current “regime”, one vital point remains through all the bickering and comments. We are not showing signs of improvement. Freeman looks terrible with his horendous decision making and inacurate throws. No one can concentrate on even the basics like tackling correctly, remembering their blocking assisgnment, catching more than they drop, holding onto the football, controlling emotions and not getting flagged for embicile penalties like unsportsmanlike, off sides, lining up wrong, too many on the field. These coaches are not able to get these players to execute for some reason. Pay Raheem, Cut he and staff, admit the mistakes, and right the freaking ship

  39. Tye Says:

    How nieve and delusional can one person be…… “Ruined”……. He’s joking , RIGHT?…. He must not know the history of the Bucs…. Many have coached and have been horrible (So morris is not alone) but NONE have “Ruined” The Bucs!…. They were all proven replaceable (just as Morris Most definately is) and sooner or later one would come along and make the Bucs a winning team.. Hopefully the guy who will soon replace Morris will be that guy!

  40. Rob in Orlando Says:

    Let’s just get to the facts guys. No matter how much you like or dislike the current “regime”, one vital point remains through all the bickering and comments. We are not showing signs of improvement. Freeman looks terrible with his horendous decision making and inacurate throws. No one can concentrate on even the basics like tackling correctly, remembering their blocking assisgnment, catching more than they drop, holding onto the football, controlling emotions and not getting flagged for embicile penalties like unsportsmanlike, off sides, lining up wrong, too many on the field. These coaches are not able to get these players to execute for some reason. Pay Raheem, Cut he and staff, admit the mistakes, and right the freaking ship.

  41. Architek Says:

    Why do you all continue to argue about fruitless points? This is sad. Hawaiian you have a positive spin, homerism and Thomas is a realist (often negative) but he’s earned the right to make outlandish statements because he called this demise before the season.

    Hawaiian, I don’t see the negative responses to Winslow as a bad thing and actually everyone in the Bucs organization she undergo evaluation. If I may dissect Winslow’s reputation. He has talent and has been productive over his career. I do not have a personal beef with his pass catching ability. I have a problem with his salary. He has become a HUGE liability if he is not targeted and in the run game. He is no longer overly explosive and he is sometimes a distraction to a team that lacks leadership. Thomas is right in saying he is not the dynamic TE he use to be but his salary says he should be.

    For him to make a strong statement about the Bucs being ruined is odd and it shows me that team believe’s they are suppose to be good and they dont deserve this record. The players will be ruined because a new coach will not let the foolishness and mistakes in practice happen. A new coach will have no emotional ties to spoiled and comfortable players. It wouldn’t be so bad if they just lost a couple of close games but they have been defeated for weeks.

    Another telling sign of a ruined organization is Saturday night game is going to be a home game for Dallas. The Cowboys organization constantly attempts to compete and field a competitive team and talk champion every year. The ruined faction is the Bucs owners. We aren’t even in the ball park business wise and organization wise with Dallas. It’s no knock on Dallas because there are other teams like Green Bay, Pitts, Giants, New Orleans, and New England. These teams are premium and treat their fans like they care. So don’t let Winslow off the hook for such a ignorant statement because Saturday after the clock strikes 00:00 the Bucs will have another reminder that ruined was in the pre-season against the Pats and the record is the results of ruined.

    Also Bucnnole, I feel your pain. I use to watch the Bucs pass on players that become dominant and get jealous and I realize we are who we are and thats a third world organization in the league. No one has passed over so many prospects than Tampa. Even when we KNEW this core was subpar and under performing we could have signed Bernard Beririan or Laurent Robinson and guess what he burning up in the slot and flanker in Dallas. You don’t hear “oh he don’t know the system or we have all the talent we need” coming from teams like Dallas. They say get him if we can use him and we will coach him up until he learns the system. Thats an excuse for lack of a front office in scouting and just flat out low quality. As a matter of fact The Cowboys signed Sammy Morris this week after their beasty weapon RB Murray went to IR and guess what, he doesn’t know the system and you don’t think he could have been better than Lumpkin. Bucnnole you are right…we don’t like weapons in tampa it makes too much sense. Looking forward to the great game on Saturday when the Cowboys embarrass the Bucs on national TV and they show a picture of Jerry Jones smiling because he loves his organization and the TV shows Raheem looking defeated dropping F bombs from giving 200 yards on the ground. (No Glazers or Dominik to be found…)

  42. BigMacAttack Says:

    Did this site have a 10PM meltdown or something???

  43. Thomas 2.2.. Says:

    1) Winslow does refuse to practice and that was part of the reason that Cleveland got tired of him and traded him for less than their investment; yes the excuse for not practicing is his knee but many teams, like Cleveland, would not tolerate it (I agree that rah rah supports this condition but I think it is bad for the tea);

    2) there is more to playing TE than number of receptions and yards; you may not know this but tight ends are asked to block and Winslow gives poor effort in this area; Winslow also drops balls, runs unreliable routes which causes interceptions; he commits too many penalties – all of these things are included in the analysis of who are the best tight ends;

    3) I, and many others, disagreed with Galloway not practicing and knew his career was over when he was relegated to only playing on Sunday; just bc it happens elsewhere doesn’t make it right.

    My understanding is that the team basically leaves it up to Winslow to decide if he is healthy enough to practice and he usually refuses to or if you prefer elects not to or exercises the option provided to him not to practice.

    There are many people who have questioned Winslow’s true value to an offense all these considered, including the Browns (who traded a 1st round and 2nd round pick to trade up and pick Winslow 6th overall – then they got fed up with him (even after a 1,000 yard season) and traded him to us for a 2nd and a 5th rounder).

    Winslow has caught a lot of passes here but he has never produced yardage totals like in Cleveland, he is a decent shorter yardage receiving tight end who won’t give full effort to block. Yes, I prefer those other 4 tight ends.

  44. Architek Says:

    Everyone should be scrutinized after losing 12 straight to be. No truth in Winslow statement.

  45. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    You are wrong Thomas. That is no why Cleveland wanted to get rid of him. Get your facts straight

  46. BigMacAttack Says:

    So if you fire Raheem, who are you going to hire???
    Bill Cowher? The only job he wants is the NY Giants and he’ll wait for it.

    Jeff Fisher? You really think he’ll come to Tampa Bay? Fogetaboutit, it ain’t happening, 3 other teams already have the jump on him.

    That leaves Brian Billick as the most qualified Coach, not having been RECENTLY fired. I don’t Billick going anywhere because he loves his job and gets paid very well.

    I like Derrick Brooks but he is no more ready to be a HC than Raheem, but he’d make a great DC first, and HC in a few more years. What’s to say Brooks even wants to be an NFL Coach. I’m sure Vinik is paying him pretty well.

    Then you have to go to either College Coaches or Fired NFL Coaches. Either will set the team back further than they are now.

    This is really turning into a conversation of the Gallactically Stupid.

    We definitely have some players that need to be upgraded and phased out, replaced, but we have some excellent players with great potential. Raheem has potential too. Everyone calling for Raheem’s head now are the same ones that were loving him last year.

    I’m not saying their plan is working to perfection, or that Dominick has not made some bad calls. He has but he can fix it. They may have to do some of the things that fans want, but firing RAHEEM, I’m convinced, would be a huge mistake IN THE LONG RUN, and will set the team back.

  47. Architek Says:

    I agree to an extent. Firing raheem does not fix the organization. Also getting a new HC means Dominik has to go or go a different direction, especially for a proven name. But no proven HC will coach under a GM that he doesn’t have a relationship with and understands how he evaluate talent.

    However, keeping Raheem risks the message to the community and the perception of lack of discipline and double-standard when it comes to producing on Sunday if you are his buddy. It is all jacked up because they have invested heavy into paying the McCoy’s, Price, Bowers, and Clayborn’s of the world so that limits 4-3 HC defensive philosophies.

  48. JC De La Torre Says:

    Gosh, if we get rid of Raheem we’ll be ruined. Man, we may even get blown out by the bad teams….oh wait…

  49. BigMacAttack Says:

    That D line you just mentioned may turn out to be tops in the NFL in a couple of years. They need a few thing though. Price needs and off season, like Hainesworth to get in top physical condition. They both need to lose about 30 pounds of fat, and if they can or will, look out. The Bucs are in a funk right now, but it really isn’t as bad as fans are making it out to be. I remember when Chucky went 4-12 or 5-11, and his teams bounced back the next year. Raheem’s team can too, just the same, but now we have a real QB, which we’ve really haven’t had in decades. Chucky won the Superbowl with a horrible QB. We have 2 good QB’s. It can happen, I promise you, it can happen. It is definitely hard to watch at times, going through the growing pains, but we still aren’t that far away, but it will take a change in philosophy when it comes to filling holes and signing proven free agents. I wish we would have got Sproles now, but no way we can get him away from the Saints. We may still be able to get Asante Samuels or Reggie Bush, and drafting LB’s has to be a top priority. Ahmad Black can play, but he needs some time too.

  50. K2theSoldier Says:

    John Clayton reported tonight that Raheem was to be fired Monday but there were no suitable replacements on the roster. HMMMM tells you a little something about the support he has doesnt it?

  51. BigMacAttack Says:

    Lastly, I’m still going to the games, regardless. I don’t care because I love doing it, win or lose, I’ll make the most of it, even if I am all alone. And chances are my already great seats are going to get a little better.

    If Obama gets re-elected, then maybe I’ll throw in the towel, and move to Costa Rica, but I still have almost a whole nother season.

  52. Brad Says:

    @hawiianbuc-totally agree with you on Winslow. I think he’s a good tight end. I also know he doesn’t practice by design. He’s he having an off year, sure but the whole damn team is. I still am shocked I don’t see any bloggers blasting Dominic. He’s created this mess and I think he should be fired before Morris. And I don’t care if his contract just got extended.
    If Morris is somehow retained I do think just about every assistant coach should be fired starting with Olson. I agree Turner would be a good OC. We definetly need a DC. Being Brooks as no coaching experience but has a wealth of knowledge would be a great linebackers coach to start.
    The fact the way this team is playing is horrendous needs to be traced back to the position coaches and these guys are not getting it done.
    We then need to be active in FA and replace all the loafers. Making these moves would maybe buy Raheem another year. As far as loafers Raheem needs to stop being nice and giving playing time to players that don’t deserve it…(see Biggers, Black etc). If he’s going to stay he has to be a hard ass and to set an example I would cut Talib to show the team he means business.

  53. Oahubuc Says:

    Heart and soul of the team, eh? Well the team sucks.

    And Winslow blocks like a girl.

  54. Brad Says:

    @k2.. I think the fact we don’t have any position coaches suitable enough to get us thru 3 games speaks volumes and is just another example of how bad our position coaches are and another black mark against Dominic and Morris. And these guys are responsible for coaching our young players. What a freakin mess the Glazers have put themselves in. We can’t fire Morris, what established coach is going to work under Dominic, and what position coaches will come here if Morris is a lame duck coach next year. A disaster.

  55. Brad Says:

    @oahubuc… His dad didn’t block either but was considered one of the best tight ends in the history of the game.

  56. Tj Says:

    Winslow is viewed as selfish Player I live in Ohio and I know that for a fact . Winslow hurt his Knee in his rookie year on a onside attempt verse dallas , then the next year he hurt it again during a bike accident he had in canton doing stunts on his bike. Then Winslow got a a new coaching staff Romeo Cornell came in and did not baby him like Butch Davis who recurited Winslow to come to Mami. When Cornell and new Gm I beleive was Phill savage Winslow would talk bad to the media about them because of a staph infection . I saw Winslow at the Bengals game last year he stretch’s alone gets pumped up alone the buccaneers were no where close to him it was like he was a prince . And I agree 100 when have you seen Winslow be a vet and help someone out . Only energy I see out of him is when he is getting tackled. Not saying he is the worst but he is not a top 5 TE but the bucs are paying he to be one. Lets not even talk about the I am a soldier rant.

  57. BigMacAttack Says:

    Biggers doesn’t loaf. Jones does but not Biggers. He plays hard to the whistle, gets beat occasionally, but has done pretty well for the limited experience he has. Biggers will continue to improve. I remember watching him in practice 2 years ago bfore he got hurt and went on IR. The kid can sky and made some freakish interceptions in practice. He isn’t very tall but he palys most WR’s pretty tight and doesn’t lose too many battles.

    All good points Brad.

  58. BigMacAttack Says:

    The Bucs would have been 6-10 instead of 10-6 last season without K2, and that’s a fact.

  59. Tj Says:

    @ BigMACattack the bucs would have been 11-5 if was not for Winslow Pushing off !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Except that wasn’t a push off. Ask the NFL

  61. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Although I completely agree with almost everything you say, it’s no use. It’s like trying to argue with a woman – you will never win.

  62. eric Says:

    winslow is one of the best players on a bad team.

    i admire him defending his coach.

  63. NickinMelb Says:

    After seeing Winslow commit numerous drive killing penalties I find him overvalued. Yes he’ll get you a 20 yard reception and then commit a 10 yard holding penaltiy when another receiver is running for a touchdown. I was at the Texan game and he had his man completely beat running down the sidelines for a huge play which would have shifted momentum and then wham the guy pushes off for no reason (actually had to turn backwards to do it because his man was beat) and the rest of that game was history. His attitude sucks, point in case the New Orleans game at home one of Josh Freemans best Winslow has the nerve to cuss Josh out on the sidelines after a freakin touchdown no less by Preston Parker. What??? Are you kidding me?? Your a team player and upset that a touchdown was not thrown to you?? Then Raheem did nothing showing how worthless he is and I hear Raheem calling Winslow “Top Dog” on his radio show? If I am head coach my quarterback is Top Dog. Winslow is garbage plain and simple cut him.

  64. NickinMelb Says:

    BigMacAttack did you say Biggers gets beat OCASSIONALLY?? Come on man the guy is french toast against almost any quality receiver. Definitely a week link. Our best corner is Rhonde Barber.

  65. Tj Says:

    Ask the NFL hawaiian buc. Ok it would be different if he only did it once . Winslow has been called for pushoffs more than once .How bout the green bay game was that not big. I am not on here to insult anyone at all but If anybody played football knows when you pushoff it is 1 or 2 things you are not running good enough routes to get seperation or you dont have the speed to get enough seperation. I dont dislike Winslow he is good but I know Witten Grahm Hernedez and Tony Gonzales are not pushing off and they block

  66. eric Says:

    hey its better than that coward clayton crying about chucky wben he totally sucked himself.

    hate crybaby snitches.

  67. BigMacAttack Says:

    TJ, 1-5, good comeback. LOL

  68. BigMacAttack Says:

    oops 11-5

  69. K2theSoldier Says:

    Kellen is the best weapon Josh has to throw to. And unfortunately Josh isn’t mature enough to know when to throw him the ball and when not to. Kellen has a perception amongst the fans about him being selfish or whatever. No doubt about that. But some of you clowns need to realize that his attitude is well worth the talent. You would rather have Luke Stocker taking his snaps because he’s a nice guy? Gimme a break.

  70. Sgt Mike Says:

    I guess if he thinks that they are playing for Raheem they really don’t want him to stay either. As far as “Ruin the Bucs”, there are currently only three (3) teams that have a worse record than us. I think they have already been somewhat ruined. They certainly got Ruined by the lowly Jags and the stinking Panthers. I feel that the OC job held by Olsen is in the process of setting Freeman back leaps and bounds possibly Ruining this once promising franchise QB. Take a look in the mirror Winslow. If your “Buddy” of a coach gets fired it’s you and your teams fault not the fans!

  71. Architek Says:

    BigMac, I have reservations about McCoy becausee he lacks that finish and nastiness. I can’t call him a bust yet but he’s getting warm. As for Biggers I don’t have problem with him just his role.
    @K2 – honestly I was pissed at the Sticker draft pick and Ahmad Black because we needed more offense and they traded up for a blocking TE. His film didn’t lie. He’s not explosive and hands are ok. He’s smart and likes to block but its all moot when ur division has all studs. That was a big mistake

  72. Architek Says:

    BigMac, I have reservations about McCoy becausee he lacks that finish and nastiness. I can’t call him a bust yet but he’s getting warm. As for Biggers I don’t have problem with him just his role.
    @K2 – honestly I was pissed at the Sticker draft pick and Ahmad Black because we needed more offense and they traded up for a blocking TE. His film didn’t lie. He’s not explosive and hands are ok. He’s smart and likes to block but its all moot when ur division has all studs. That was a big mistake

  73. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    You were saying that we should have been 11-5 last year, had it not been because of Winslow pushing off. I was pointing out that it wasn’t a push off, but in fact it was a defensive interference. The league went so far as to apologize, which RARELY ever happens. He’s been called for 2 PI’s this year, which is bad, but not horrible. Not to mention the fact that it has nothing to do with last year.

  74. Sgt Mike Says:

    A lot of people keep saying why would one of the top coaching candidates want to come here? Well for starters we have a pretty solid young core of players including a solid franchise QB that just needs the proper coaching and preparation. We also will get, most likely, a top five darft choice. We also have plenty of room to spend on our current group of players and solid free agent acquisitions. We have a very interested and in-tune fan base. High profile stadium to play in where super bowls happen on a regular basis and Tampa Bay is an excellent place to live and bring up a family or retire to. Some of the coaching candidates are obvious others are not. We can only hope that we are not left outside the power curve due to loyalty to a bad coaching staff.

  75. Paul Says:

    “but are getting chain-whipped by garbage teams”

    Said it right there. You can’t ruin this team anymore than it already is.

  76. Y. Busch Says:

    Good points on Dominik. The Dominic Theory of no free agents really workin out great, huh? Hey Mark, this is the entertainment business. You don’t get people to come see your show if populate the roster with lazy good for nothins and young know nothins. A veteran performer here or there might have helped, doncha think?

  77. Thomas 2.2.. Says:


    Don’t forge to include the false Start, illegal formation and holding penalties, which there are a multiple, in a addition to his 2 PIs.

    Winslow is horribly average and could easily by replaced, heck the Patriots found 2 tight ends in the same draft that are MUCH better than Gay2.

  78. FloridaGirl Says:

    Man…if K2 thinks they’re playing for Raheem Morris, I’d hate to see what they play like when they’ve packed it up for the season. Not exactly a ringing endorsement.

    Be real…at this point they’re playing for paychecks and trying not to get hurt.

  79. eric Says:


    C’mon man, that aint right.

  80. tj Says:

    Hawiian nyc Thomas just came and proved everything I wanted to say. Read his last comment if you still want to debate

  81. OAR Says:

    I didnt know teams “that didnt want to get rid of a player” would go and TRADE said player? Hmm, interesting approach.

  82. OAR Says:

    Win-slow’s highest paid TE in the league contract does not reflect his production. Oops, Dom! Last I checked, he wasn’t the number one TE in the league. For that fact, he hasn’t even been in the top five, let alone number one, any of the years he’s been with us.
    BTW not sure if he blocks like a girl or not? One has to block to begin with.

  83. OAR Says:

    Private Win-slow reporting for R & R, sir!

  84. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    What I said was they didn’t get rid of him because he refused to practice. Obviously he had issues there, but those issues have not come up here.

    I debate he is an average TE. He was an alternate for the Pro Bowl, so he’s obviously better than average (it’s not easy to get to the Pro Bowl if you play for the Bucs). He has not had a great season, but aside from our kickers, who has? This season has been a disaster since London, but it is unfair to blame Winslow as if he is some sort of cancer or terrible player. But go ahead and do what so many of our fans do.

  85. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Sorry Oar, only the becoming of that was directed towards you.

  86. K2theSoldier Says:

    LOL he’s an average tight end? Really? How much football do you really watch Thomas? Or are you just a terrible evaluator of talent.

  87. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    He thinks Shockey and Olsen are better TE’s, so that should tell you all you need to know.