Depressing Times For Raheem Morris

December 27th, 2011

If people think Joe takes some morbid pleasure over the way the Bucs have sunk from a promising season into a complete and total tailspin, well, that perception cannot be further from the truth.

When a Bucs embattled coach may just be days away from being jettisoned, it’s sad for Joe because that means the team is doing terribly.

Not only is Morris a virtual pinata for fans in recent weeks, he’s starting to catch heat from national media types, like Sports Illustrated’s Peter King via Twitter.

@FootballPost: Morris doesn’t believe he should be fired. Says everyone bought youth plan

@SI_PeterKing: It’d be wise to start coaching said youth.

The blast from King also seemed to perhaps offer a ray of sunshine for Morris, if you read between the characters, that if Morris coaches up his young squad for an upset over the Dixie Chicks Sunday, there is a glimmer of hope for Morris’ return.

Or, has the dye already been cast?

26 Responses to “Depressing Times For Raheem Morris”

  1. Meh Says:

    A win over a playoff-bound, resting Falcons team with nothing to play for is meaningless. In no way should that be enough to save his job when we’ve been drilled in blowout after blowout after blowout.

    There should be nothing at this point that saves his job short of incriminating pictures of the Glazers.

  2. Captain Stagger Says:

    While resting their starters the falcons roll to a 41-14 win. And to the fans demise Morris is extended.

  3. advertise here! Says:

    this potential win over a falcons team with nothing to play for needs to be put to rest. this is a preseason game at best and means nothing. why do you keep suggesting that if hell were to freeze over and the bucs win by 30 that it means anything? this season and all its ugliness has been cemented in stone regardless of the last game on sunday. lets put more of an effort in getting something, anything from the real cuprit here, mark dominick. go catch him in a parking lot somewhere (see: riley, rock). i want some comments from this clown not continuous speculation about what a win on sunday might mean.

  4. thomas 2.2 Says:

    Joe, your imagination is running wild on you again. I am beginning think, for traffic reasons, you may be enjoying this historically bad football and coaching.

    Obviously what King is saying is, rather than making excuses that implicate others for the cause of your team and defenses being one of the worst in history, at a minimum recent memory- you may want to do your job of coaching them.

    Youth has pros and cons, but no matter how young an NFL team is, you shouldnt lose 41- whatever to the Jags, you shouldnt be down 48-10 to the Panthers with a quarterleft to play, lose 41 to 3 to the 9ers, be down 28-0 at half to the Cowboys – your team is getting Blown out, as a Fox broadcaster said – “not competitive” for over 2 months.

    It is really sad and comical to see a head coach stoop to this level. Can you imagine a Cowher or Bellichick or Parcells or Tomlin or Dungy coming out and saying: “we are getting blown out week after week because of the age of my players, and we aregiving up a NFL record yards per play because I have a rookie middle linebacker.”

    This just in: the Titans are starting a rookie 4th round draft pick middle linebacker named Colin McCarthy – there defense is excellent. The Broncos have Von Miller at outside backer and they are the NFL’s best defense.

    Youth, when coached adequately, doesn’t necessarily mean bad football. Cam Newton isn’t too bad last time I checked.

    Our O-Line is a veteran Group, Our secondary is a veteran group – our tight end is a vet – our qb is a 3 year pro. Haynesworth is an 11 year pro. Sure they lack experienced depth – but this team’s core 22 are not 75% rookies – they have enough experience to compete.

    Under this disaster coach – they don’t. Making blame-shifting excuses just looks pathetic.

  5. Anthony Says:

    The NFL is a young league. No other team quits like this one.

  6. gotbbucs Says:

    one more week and then i get to find out if next fall will be spent watching football or going out duck and goose hunting.

  7. Buddhaboy Says:

    Why on earth is sean jones still playing?

  8. Garv Says:

    It’s going to be a tough week for a lot of people at One Buc.
    I think it DOES matter how they respond to this.
    I’ll be watching the game as I do all the games. Especially Josh and his
    new passing freedom. I liked that last week, it showed promise.

    As for those who would really give up going to games they never did go to in the first place, or threaten to shoot birds or mow lawns instead of viewing football on Sundays when things don’t go the way they want them to at One Buc?

    I hardly think they matter much honestly. The very definition of the bandwagon fan I have little use for. Their money counts when they DO pay for seats though and HOPEFULLY that’s enough motivation for the Royal Glazerbaum’s to upgrade this team.

    I wish only the best for Raheem, no matter the outcome. I think he’s done his best and has been let down by too many players who talk the talk but don’t yet walk the walk. K2 comes to mind week after week after week.

    Happy New Year!!!

  9. Jon in Tampa Says:

    My first thought after Saints tromped the Falcons. . . we’ll still lose to them by 48 points.

  10. Bucnjim Says:

    The Jag’s game was the beginning of the end! You just can’t get beat by a team with 20 players on injured reserve. Not to mention a rookie QB and an interim head coach. Then you put the icing on the cake when a Panther’s teams blows us out not once, but twice with a rookie QB and a team that is also plagued by injuries. The youth movement does not hold water when teams are beating us with second and third stringers. Besides; aren’t the Packers the third or fourth youngest team in the league? Part of the plan is to build through the draft, but what is the rest of the plan? I know; play fast, play smart, and play physical. This could be the slowest, weakest, and least smart team in the NFL right now. So if that is the plan then Morris has failed terribly. I don’t care what anyone says about the talent! This is an 8-8 team that is trying to build a solid foundation through the draft. For whatever reason these guys mailed it in weeks ago and that is about coaching and nothing else. Even less talented teams put up a fight and make it close. This team rolled over!

  11. TurnThePage Says:

    JBF’s mojo is to write 5-8 articles a day. Its not like he is somehow piling on Raheem Morris all of a sudden now that the inevitable is out there.

    No, this is what JBF does. This website did this even during the lockout. Why would anyone expect him to change now?

  12. Snook Says:

    Who says the Falcons will be resting their starters? Aren’t they playing for a potential #5 seed instead of #6?

    Besides, it doesn’t matter. Chris Redman will tear Quincy Black & Co. apart just the same. Its been a LONG time since I’ve seen a Bucs team this bad. Thanks Raheem! Enjoy your new job in Pittsburgh with Mike Tomlin as his do-boy. If he even wants you…

  13. Snook Says:

    “The Jag’s game was the beginning of the end! ”

    What have you been smoking? That was the beginning? Are you kidding? Raheem has been getting outcoached since 2009. You just got blinded by Freeman’s comebacks against mediocre teams last year. People tend to forget all of those games in which we were actually LOSING to bad teams only to have #5 bail us out. From Game 1 of 2009 to Game 15 of 2011… NOTHING HAS CHANGED.

  14. Bucnjim Says:


    You are right about being outcoached, but at least the players played hard and gave maximum effort. Now none of them could care less! My point being that Bucs have better talent than what is being show on the field right now.

  15. Snook Says:


    That’s because they’ve finally figured out he’s just a bag of wind.

    I don’t blame the players for quitting on Raheem. I quit on him a long time ago.

    I know the Bucs have better talent than what’s showing. But they also have some guys who wouldn’t have a job anywhere else in the NFL (Sean Jones, Quincy Black, Lumpkin, Trueblood, etc.)

  16. Bucnjim Says:

    Like I said in a previous post: Raheem is responsible for 2 of the 6 worst seasons the Bucs have had in franchise history. There have been so many more Bucs teams with less talent than this one.

  17. crazy Says:

    Inexperienced owners, GM, HC, later round draft picks and undrafted free agents – all with potential – all who have flashed at times – all who are underperforming since week 5. The only ones guaranteed to be here next year are the inexperienced owners. Who they’ll choose to steer the pirate ship and man the sails remains to be seen, but don’t be surprised if they decide to stick with their plan for another year.

  18. Greg Says:

    No thomass, it is YOU that is enjoying this historically bad football and coaching, just look at your posts the last two months! Don’t tell us it’s because you are a fan, it’s because you are a hater!

  19. feel Says:

    The phrase is “the DIE has already been cast,” not the “dye.”

    I thought you were a writer of some description?

  20. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Joe gets in these moods sometimes where he loves playing devil’s advocate just to be contrary. He probably believes he’s presenting both sides. Bollocks. He’s really just trying to annoy Bucs fans by letting them know he can never be counted on to stay consistent in the long term with his opinions. I guess flip flopping or refusing to take a firm stand (and remain there) on anything gets more comments. Glad I’m not a sports blogger.

    Appreciate your passion FLBoyInDallas, but you’re way off the mark. What opinion in here from Joe is inconsistent? Good luck with that, pal. Joe can’t help you with your reading skills. If Joe was fishing for comments and bringing the attitude you suggest, Joe would have a very different site, complete with all the great, credible insider information he gets nearly everyday. But Joe doesn’t play that game. Also, ironically, Joe gets blasted from readers and others for his firm takes and relentless pounding of themes and positions. Joe knows you can’t please everyone and certainty has no interest in trying. –Joe

  21. Mark Says:

    FLBoyInDallas…now you’ve done it! You’ve made Joe angry. He will smite you with a verbal vengeance. It’s coming…right about…NOW!!!

    LOL…oh Joe…at least you keep us entertained.

  22. Hillbilly Heaven Says:

    I woke up this morning with only one thought in my head — it’s the Glazer plan.

    Raheem stays, no FA are signed and the team is sold during 2012 – before the date when the CBA requires the Bucs to spend alot money.

    By doing nothing, the Glazers will max-out their profitability and then run off into the night.

    Makes perfect business sense.

  23. eric Says:

    I agree with Joe in that the Glazer boys might use that as an excuse to retain him.

    Clearly, Joe is not advocating that as the right thing to do.

    Remember, the Glazer boys are the ones that hired this guy to begin with!

    I will not be the least bit surprised is they hold a press conference next week, or issue a statement, that they are sticking with the plan and keeping him. A win against the Falcons, no matter who is playing, will provide a little cover for them.

    We think team. Glazers think $$$$$$$$$$$$$$,

  24. Tampa2 Says:

    No Greg, Thomas is not a Buc hater, he is simply a hater of an amateur running his team into the ground. He is just more vocal than most & didn’t drink the Kool-aid that some of you did. Why does anyone have to be a hater or band-wagoner if they do not care for their team being the laughingstock of the NFL? Can you imagine what a Forbes 500 Corporation would be like if the stock holders voted the mail room clerk in as the CEO? After all, what does the stock room clerk know about running a Billion Dollar Corporation, right? Well that is exactly what happened when the Glazers made the ass’t DB coach the Head Coach. He ran the Organization into the ground! Can you deny that? And please note that my name is not Thomas. There are quite a few of us that feel what Thomas says.

  25. Greg Says:

    Tampa2, I by no means want raheem, or dom for that matter, to stay either. My beef with thomas is that he has been over the top with his comments. Great, you want rah gone, so do 99% of us, but to keep going on and on about, telling everyone how they are f***ed up for supporting rah, dom or the bucs, is wrong, and I’m sick of him trying to hijack this site!

  26. BucFan South Tampa Says:

    I had the same thought, Glazers are selling the team prior to paying a new coach and increased cap. Of course my theory was more in depth. They hired Morris, ran the numbers down, so fan base would’nt mind if the new owners move the team to Los Angeles.