Bucs Players, Raheem Morris Not On Same Page

December 29th, 2011

Joe has heard constantly how the Bucs, gosh darn it, will bust their tails in their next game because they owe it to their coach, embattled Bucs leader Raheem Morris.

Then the team goes out and gets drilled by 30 points to the likes of the Jags.

For so many players to be playing for their coach, it makes one wonder if that’s just lip service or if the Bucs are indeed in a heap of trouble personnel-wise.

Joe’s good friend Justin Pawlowski has spoken to a number of Bucs players and, though Pawlowski didn’t name said players, he was told in so many words that the players aren’t exactly on the same page as their head coach, so Pawlowski wrote on WDAE-AM 620’s website.

“No,” player said when I asked if the defense was playing as a collective unit. “I don’t think some players ever fully bought into the scheme.”

Not buying in might lend some credence as to why the players are not giving full effort to try and save their head coaches job.

“We all like Raheem Morris because he’s a nice guy, but it is very apparent that we are not playing for him.”

The article is eyebrow-raising to Joe and is very much worth the read. Joe does know saying a team will play for its coach and actually playing for the coach are two different things.

The difference in points scored the past few weeks speaks louder than what a few players are saying, on or off the record.

52 Responses to “Bucs Players, Raheem Morris Not On Same Page”

  1. Anthony Says:

    This is nothing new if you are a listener to the player shows. Many times this season, I hear a player say they practice and prepare for one thing during the week and on Sunday, the opposing team shows them something totally different that they aren’t ready for.

    Which leads to coaching. FIRE HIM.

  2. Sooner in Tampa Says:

    Thank God this is our last game!!!! This is REALLY starting to get ugly…if this isn’t a case study on what you need to do to get your coach fired…I don’t know what is

  3. ClayBURN94 Says:

    Thats why ive been saying raheem is a fighin idiot!! He continues to play his bs defense “tampa 2.1” and it dosent work! Thats why i believe we would have been better going back to montes tampa2/ 8 in the box cover 3. Its a bend but dont brake defense that works. But rah rahs ignorant to do that

  4. Patrick Says:

    Dungy got fired after a playoff season. Gruden got fired after going 9-7, when he had us at 9-3 at once and all of us were excited about a #1 seed. And Raheem could stay if he wins on Sunday improving us to 5-11? Pure bull**!t.

  5. Buddhaboy Says:

    sounds like the person justin was interviewing was either ronde or davin joseph. Only those two are that eloquent and quick to respond to a question.

  6. Bobby Says:

    Probably Sean Jones….

  7. Adam L. Says:

    I thought BLAHeem had to get fired before these stories leaked out. Looks like the players want him gone as much as the fans!!

  8. Garv Says:

    One would HOPE they’re not “on the same page” because that “page” is for quitters.
    I blame the players for lying down and letting down their coaches, fans, city and most of all themselves. Heads will roll, plenty of them. And they should. I’m just not convinced this is all on Raheem or that he should be fired. If he is so be it but these players who have quit and/or are not able to control themselves or follow directions and/or the system have got to be help accountable too IMO.

    Happy New Year!!!

  9. Bobby Says:

    I can guarantee one thing…the players who have been laying down will be gone when and if a new coach comes in. A new coach will make that top priority just to send a message..”Like it or not, if you don’t buy in to MY system and play your ass off like we pay you to do..you will be history!!” I don’t blame Morris for that crap..I blame the players. You don’t get payed to coach, you get paid to play and you get paid to do it whether you ‘buy into it’ or not. What a bunch of BS from these players. That sounds like the Albert Haynesworth attitude.

  10. Bobby Says:

    Looks like we’re ‘on the same page’ Garv. ‘smile’

  11. Garv Says:

    Right ON Bobby! That’s how I feel and a lot of other fans do as well. There is NO excuse for quitting and laying down in front of paying fans and a supporting public.


    Happy New Year!!!

  12. Buddhaboy Says:

    If this whole regime and a laundry list of crappy players arent fired, we should start an “occupy one buc place” movement. What say you Joe?

  13. Joe Says:

    If this whole regime and a laundry list of crappy players arent fired, we should start an “occupy one buc place” movement. What say you Joe?

    Joe’s pretty sure Hillsborough County deputies will be interested in a pack of Bucs fans trying to block traffic coming in and out of One Buc Palace if Raheem Morris is brought back.

  14. Buddhaboy Says:

    touche joe.

    Any interest from the Debartolo group

  15. Patrick Says:

    I just called in to Justin’s show as “Rodney”. Anyone hear me talk?

    he seems to think that if players like Price and McCoy have a full offseason then that’ll make a big difference. I would’ve said more but I only got so much time to talk.

    Does anyone on here ever call into the radio shows?

  16. Buddhaboy Says:

    thanks patrick, “welcome to the party pal” as

    bruce willis said on die hard to that fat cop from the old steve erkel show.

  17. eric Says:

    Not sure I would gut the whole team. Maybe some of these guys would gel under a new coach.

    That last gutting wasn’t very effective.

    Very short leash yes. Gutting no.

    A good dependable veteran backup Qb to help Free by example would be high on my list. If such a guy exists.

  18. bucfansouth Says:

    Luke McCown

  19. Patrick Says:


    “thanks patrick”

    why are you thanking me? you work at WDAE 620?

  20. Bobby Says:

    No….but as Buddha he knows everything……

  21. passthebuc Says:

    I think we should bring Morris back for at least 4 more years to see if we can make this youth movement work. I have not had this much fun listening to his post game monologue’s since listening to the Cub’s fans talk about this is their year for the world series.

  22. Buddhaboy Says:

    I was thanking you for letting all of us know that you called into 620 using an alias “Rodney”.

    Now we know a little bit more about the people that call into these shows.

  23. BigMacAttack Says:

    How do you know Patrick isn’t his alias???

  24. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I can actually side with the players on this one. Although I never played football, I played basketball at the small college level. Trust me, it’s very hard to give your full effort if you don’t trust the coaching. It’s not that you are quitting or even don’t like him, it’s just that you don’t feel comfortable, so you naturally give less effort. As a player, you play harder when you feel you have the opportunity for success. When you don’t feel that opportunity is there, your effort lacks.

  25. Patrick Says:

    No, Patrick is my actual name BigMac. I just wanted to use a different name on the radio.

  26. Nick Says:

    So after a 10-6 year and a 4-2 start while beating the saints and falcons they decide to stop buying into the defense? Alrighty then. No wonder these guys aren’t physicists

  27. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Great points Hawaiian. It’s a shame that it took three frustrating years of just 17 wins and 31 losses for us to find common ground.

    This team, mostly defense, clearly plays like it doesnt respect the coaching. I agree that the players know bc they have experienced that the coaching puts them in disadvantageous.

    Rah needs to find a job as a d backs coach, I wish him luck at that – probably restarting with Tomlin or the College level.

  28. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I would imagine a couple things factor in. First off, I would guess the scheme has changed with time. Although I am no coach, I have noticed a lot more man to man than what we played last year. Also, I would imagine injuries have played a factor as well. Maybe they changed the scheme (or didn’t change the scheme) in reaction to these injuries, and the players simply didn’t believe in what he was doing. None of us have any idea the real reasons why they stopped buying into the system, but it appears they did. I would alsp point out we weren’t 10-6 last year or 4-2 this year as a result of excellent defense. Our offense won us a bunch of games last year.

  29. BigMacAttack Says:

    It only takes a couple of bad apples to spoil the whole bunch, and that is a big problem with this defense. We all know the bad ones. Another big problem is that neither Raheem, nor his players have figured out how to make adjustments during a game. The 49’r game was good example, and it hasn’t changed. IMO, if you have to go back and look at the film to see what you did wrong, you’re a blithering idiot. Film, I understand is important, but how do these rookies know what they are looking at when they study the tape? Obviously they don’t know what to look for and what to correct, where they should be. I can not believe that all of a sudden this year that all these teams have created entirely new offensive wrinkles that can’t be countered. But you would think that every team the Bucs have played has the best OC in the world. If a team runs a play against the Bucs that gains a lot of yardage, they can run it repeatedly with the same results, because the defense can’t figure out how to stop it. This may be a player problem but if it is, its because of a lack of teaching, coaching, and proper practice. I have been behind Raheem for as much of the season as I could stomach, but if they bring him back, I can only imagine how loud the uproar will be. I bet they won’t sell 10,000 season tickets if he returns. I just can’t see it. Every Buc fan I see and talk to all say the same thing, “When, Who, Could it get any worse, and I’m done”. Patience is 27-24, not blowouts game after game. If ATL rests all their starters, the Bucs will still lose by 4 TD’s.

  30. TurnThePage Says:

    The players needto play for themselves and not for this retarded coach. There is no way that they even understand him with his made up lingo. How can anyone understand Raheem?

    Once a team is out of the playoffs, its the players job to take care of themselves.

  31. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I think me and you share the exact same feelings. Never in a million years would I have thought this would happen to this team under Morris, but it has so changes need to be made. Each week I think we couldn’t possibly get any worse, and then we proceed to look worse. This may very well be the most pathetic team I have ever seem in the NFL.

  32. Captain Stagger Says:

    Anyone remember last year when Morris moved McCoy to DE???? McCoy himself said how frustrated he was and how this process just wasn’t working for him.

    Yeah, if I were the players I might not buy in either.

  33. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Tampa has become Stevie Wonder driving Ray Charles around.
    This stuff must end, and it will, as soon as the season is over.

  34. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    We didn’t need these anonymous players to tell us this. We as fans could see that the players weren’t inspired by Morris’ leadership most of this season.

    However, the revelation that teams would show a different look than what was on the film the Bucs had studied, and that they were completely baffled and unsure of how to respond, is the most damning statement I’ve heard all year long about Morris. I don’t know how many fans will realize it, but that little revelation is a bombshell that shows Morris is woefully unprepared to be an NFL head coach. And this comes from players, not critics.


  35. Patrick Says:

    Just watched Raheem’s Wednesday PC…….seriously this guy talked about how he beat one of his friends at street basketball and how that’s motivating him for the Falcons game…..LOL he really says the stupidest crap.

  36. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Just read PR’s newest Fab 5 entry in the December magazine, out today. Scott Reynolds says that his sources say it is “incredibly likely that Morris will coach his last game in Tampa Bay on Sunday and that he and the rest of the coaching staff could be let go by Monday, January 2.”

    I may just indulge in an adult beverage tonight in celebration!

  37. BigMacAttack Says:

    Apple, I think you’re pretty close with the Stevie / Ray thing, but I think that Stevie is using GPS with Mayhem in the the box. Turn left now!!!

    I just listened to Shaun King with Florio on PFT and King has some good points about Morris and The team’s talent level, no marquis FA’s, and him thinking they should keep Raheem. I don’t know about that, because I think he has totally lost the locker room and the Players and COACHES have quit on him. Shaun did say that if they keep Rah, they almost have to give him an extension to bring in more quality help. Honestly, I like Raheem, but due to the lack of defensive adjustments, the lack of defensive preparedness, and the overall lack of effort displayed by Coaches and Players, I think it would be prolonging the inevitable. Raheem and his whole staff, except Millard, should be terminated.

    I hated the Raheem hiring/promotion when it happened and I didn’t get on board until he fired Bates and the defense got better, but I didn’t want Gruden to go. I also at the time though Rich Bissacia would have a made a good head coach, and may still. If they can get some good Coordinators (AND ARE WILLING TO SPEND THE MONEY TO GET THE BEST) then the head coach becomes more about experience, leadership, and discipline.

  38. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    I like Raheem too, as a person. How can you help but like him ?
    But it is clear he has lost the team. We need an ass kicker now. I didn’t want Gruden to go either, and was in absolute shock when this pairing of coach/GM was unveiled.

  39. Paul Says:

    Bucs need to bring in a ball-busting disciplinarian. Some of these guys aren’t even UFL material, but they walk around the building disrespecting the coach and organization.

  40. TurnThePage Says:

    They don’t understand what Raheem is even saying.

    When Raheem talks about bulldogs chasing grandmas the players can’t even get past that awkward moment to even hear him out about “renembering their core beliefs” of playing youngry and renembering to stay yangry.

    Raheem Morris makes ZERO sense!!!

  41. gotbbucs Says:

    i dont really care all that much about morris the motivator. really, how hard should it be to motivate a pro football player to go out and earn millions of dollars. it’s morris’ lack of football knowledge that’s going to see him fired.

  42. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    I think Joe might consider a “Raheem Is Gone” Party for all us JBF Posters, who have been through so much this past year, once the announcement is made ?
    Maybe we could all go to Honey’s again, or somewhere friendly ?
    It has got to get better next year, it simply couldn’t get any worse.
    We looked so good last year (on paper).
    Never in any of our wildest dreams did any of us think it was going to be like this.
    I went through some of the blog archives, and there most of us were, predicting playoffs, including me.

  43. BigMacAttack Says:

    I stand by my 13-3 prediction……………………… in a steaming pile of horse dung. Thank you Bucs.

  44. Joe Says:


    There will be no dancing on Raheem’s grave should he be jettisoned.

    Just means the franchise is in bad shape when a coach is let go.

  45. Patrick Says:

    Call me crazy, but I feel that this team could be a strong candidate for 0-16 next year if major changes aren’t made. The way this team has played for the last 2 months, I don’t think that’s a ridiculous thought.

  46. Architek Says:

    Countdown to Sunday, New Years or New Head Coach????

    Watch the ball drop or watch “Fire Raheem” coverage on NFL network?

    Umm Both.

  47. adam from ny Says:

    mike williams can barely talk proper english…..college degree and all and he sounds like a dropout…that is most likely translating into a low on field iq which can be quite a problem when defenses have figured out ways to contain you……same with blount not knowing the system for a year and a half…..low iq…..any successful athlete has or develops a high on the field iq or they wallow in mediocrity….free has a good on field sense and is actually getting quite frustrated at the dummies and inneptitude around him…thats pretty obvious….but the season is over and a win on sunday means nothing…..and a loss means nothing because we don’t draft all that well either

    adam from ny

    maybe get rid of faine next season and put pawlauski in there instead (big paw)

  48. Wisconsin Bucs fan Says:

    Same page? Does not seem like they even have the same book! Raheem looks so lost when game is going on, like a deer in headlights.

  49. Everyone Have Your Paper Bags? Says:

    PFT Florio has a good 18 minute interview with Shaun King about Rah and the Bucs. King makes a logical argument for retaining Rah based on the owners and GM not giving him the right weapons and coordinators for success.

    Let’s be rational, Rah might have been a good choice for coach, and if given the right coordinators and players he may have done well. But that is not how it turned out and now Rah is tainted goods for the team. There is a chance that the Bucs retain him. If so, that would be a giant double-down on an already bad bet. If correct, they would be heros. If wrong, devastation for the team and future fan base.

    Time and again, you see traders make a bad bet, then keep doubling down hoping for a direction change. More times that not, they bankrupt the organization. Bucs need not gamble. If you are going to blow up the team anyway, get a new leader.

  50. Bobby Says:

    The fact that most of you were predicting playoffs tells me that you DID buy into Morris as being a good coach and you DID believe this team had talent. Well, I got news for you…this team does have talent. Dominick IS a good GM and he has done an excellent job in the drafts. Anyone who tells me Clayborne, Bowers, Price, McCoy, Williams, Benn, Freeman have been a bust should not be posting. They are absolutely clueless. Anyone who thinks we need to ‘blow the team up and start over’ should get a lobotomy. Yes we did go 10-6 last year and yes we did start out 4-2 this year while being one of only 3 teams all year to beat the Saints.
    I’m sorry, you don’t beat the Saints unless you have talent and you execute both offensively and defensively. We certainly haven’t been consistent and we definitely need FA vets and new LB’s and DB help but we do have a good core of talent on both sides of the ball. Morris should NOT, I repeat NOT be the DC…period. He should not be anything but the HC if he is retained. I respect that he took a group of young kids that everyone thought would go 3-13 last year and led them to a 10-6 season. I personally thought we would go .500 this year because of the schedule but I never expected this kind of unraveling in spite of the injuries to key players. New coaching is a must on defense and on offense. I still believe that Morris may be fine as just HC but if he goes I’m not going to be crying. My point is…the talent is there. Whatever it takes to get the most out of the talent, I’m all for it.

  51. Garv Says:

    Talent is one thing, will, desire and self respect are quite other things. Thing lacking in far too many players this past season.

    THAT is the biggest problem IMO and I’m not sure it can be fixed so easily.
    We keep the players who want to be here, and there are quite a few, and build aqround them taking our lumps along the way. Whomever is HC next year faces that task IMO.

    Happy New Year!!!

  52. MTM Says:

    Just heard Raheem talk about a sophomore slump. Rah its year 3 of your debacle. The players are not on the same page as the coach. Did tackling get crossed off that page. That might explain their defensive issues.