Bucs Dooming Raheem Morris’ Future

December 21st, 2011

The Bucs are in a sad state of affairs.

Just over two years ago, the Bucs pulled the trigger on the heinous Jim Bates Experiment as opposing offenses looked akin to a cattle stampede the way they ran through the Bucs defense.

Head coach Raheem Morris took over the defense and, for a variety of reasons, that defense has reverted to levels worse than the heinous Jim Bates Experiment.

The offense isn’t that much better after the Bucs were curb-stomped by the Panthers, chain-whipped by the woeful Jags and alley-beaten by the Cowboys, on national TV no less.

And while the embattled Morris may very well pay for this mess with his job, Steve Wyche of NFL.com is of the mind Morris’ players are Pearl Harboring Morris’ tenure with the Bucs.

Players resoundingly say that they really like Morris and want to play for him. But liking Morris and respecting him are two different things. There’s a good chance that some Patriots players don’t like Bill Belichick, but they respect him. The fact that the Bucs want to play for Morris could signal that they are too comfortable with him.

That the Bucs are 4-10 also tells me that they don’t like playing for him that much. Getting blown out in their past three games — a 41-14 loss to Jacksonville being particularly inexcusable — also tells me that they’re really not playing to save Morris’ job.

That shouldn’t matter. What should is players playing to save their own jobs. The film won’t disappear if Morris is fired. A new coach will come in, see that lack of effort and start making changes.

Now Joe has made it clear he has no idea if Morris will be jettisoned at season’s end or retained. Joe’s quite certain Morris will finish out the season unless he unexpectedly resigns, which is not in his DNA.

But Joe is certain whoever the coach is, as Wyche hints, there will be wholesale changes in the roster.

The eye in the sky doesn’t lie.

39 Responses to “Bucs Dooming Raheem Morris’ Future”

  1. Anthony Says:

    Exactly. When you lose this many in a row, everyone is suddenly vulnerable.

  2. Meh Says:

    Does Dom stay or does Dom go? That’s the only big question left. Morris is a dead man walking. Is this a complete coaching overhaul or a complete team overhaul? I’m starting to think it will be the latter.

  3. flmike Says:

    I think Dom stays, he has basically grown up in the organization, and he did his job, we don’t know what constraints were placed on him by ownership, but from my view he did he job and did it well.

  4. Nick2 Says:

    I have to totally agree with this analysis. If the players really really really want Raheem to stay why are they giving such little effort? Lack of effort in the 49er, Texan and Cowboy game to the point Raheem has to even admit it. Throw out that Raheem is not the great Defensive strategy guy he was propped up to be and his main job is to motivate which he has done a terrible job of this year. This is why Raheem must go. His main asset last year, energy guy who can fire up his troops and get maximize their talents has been his downfall. Please end this disaster Glazers.

  5. RastaMon Says:

    Raheem is simply not ready to be a HC in the NFL…..

  6. the_buc_realist Says:

    Dominick and the Glazers must be dancing at One Buc right now. They are happy because the Fans are pointing at Raheem and calling for his head. Clearly not recognizing the true problems.

  7. Macabee Says:

    I buy that Morris has not done a good job coaching in general and a worst job as DC. I buy that the team is playing beneath it’s talent level. I buy that some players have booked it in and are looking forward to the offseason. I also buy that they are not responding like their lives or that Morris’ life is at stake. I don’t buy that they don’t like playing for Morris and are intentionally trying to get him replaced! They are in a “what’s the use” death spiral that has sapped their reason to believe and lack the veteran team leadership to help pull them out of it!

  8. adam ant Says:

    Mark Dominik is not going anywhere, at least next year. He has done what the Glazers have asked him to do. He has 3-4 more years on his contract, where Morris only has one. The Morris experiment has failed. He has shown and proven he is not ready to be a HC in the NFL. Time for a whole new coaching staff and philosophy. These guys can adjust to a new system during the off season.

  9. Macabee Says:

    I watched Morris’ presser yesterday and he didn’t sound like a guy who thought he might be gone next year when he talked about Talib and his plans next year for him. He may be delusional, but he is sure playing the part of an intended survivor very well!

  10. Meh Says:

    Dom himself said the Glazers were not hamstringing his spending. Out of his own mouth, the lack of free agent signings were entirely his choice.

  11. Cleggly Says:

    I like Jeff Fisher.

  12. stevek Says:

    Everyone must go sale,

    New Coaches, New GM, New Owners!!!!!

  13. Captain Stagger Says:

    With out knowing what goes on behind closed doors everything is speculation. Who was the driving force in the personnel decisions, Rah or Dom? Who is making the final say on talent evaluation? Clayton, Black, Ward, Trueblood, Penn, Caddy, Jones, Ruud, Tulloch, J. Joseph, ….There have been allot of mistakes made that are piling up higher than the success’s. Other than a punter, Clayborn, and a RB who is now rumored to have a bit of an attitude and focus issue, I don’t see many other big wins. Yes there maybe potential, but you can put potential in one hand and crap in the other and tell me which fills up first. It’s really hard to know who is at fault for the poor decisions, if Rah was telling Dom he could win with a rookie Sam Backer calling the D, if Clayton could hold onto a ball, if Biggers and Lewis were legit. If that’s the case than maybe a coach more adept at evaluating talent could better advise Dom on what to do.

  14. gotbbucs Says:

    Meh, do you really think Dominik would go on record and bad mouth his boss?
    I think Dominik may have let a couple players slip through his fingers last year that we really could have used. I expect a much more active free agency period this offseason and a more aggressive Mark Dominik. I think the front office wanted so badly for some of these guys to work out for them that they overestimated talent(Black, Hayes, Trueblood, Lumpkin).

  15. eric Says:

    All this “players love him” stuff is just a carry over from the Gruden Jettison where it was alleged certain players didnt like him (it was actually more that the local media hacks didn’t “like” him)

    As if a guy the players “love” would matter. I heard Phil Simms on 620 this morning and he discussed how Parcells was on his ass every practice. And, he mentioned that Walsh was that way with Young.

    Heres what players want – a coach that puts them in position to win games- so they reach their bonuses and get playoff money, endorsements, etc.

    To get that you have to have competent, not “likable” coaching. Players arent wild about guys leading them down the path where they could be out of the league. Eventually you get the quiting we all saw Sat night.

    And, Dom is not a good GM, even with the super over hyped and in reality mediocre at best drafting.

  16. Meh Says:

    gotbbucs, no I wouldn’t expect him to throw the owners under the bus. I wouldn’t have expected him to make any comment at all on it if it wasn’t true.

    I’m going to believe Dom’s words on that because I don’t understand why he’d throw himself under the bus if it wasn’t the truth. He’d just close his mouth.

  17. sharkcoasttactical.com Says:

    This is such a bad dream


    Can we get a post who a realistic Head Coach and staff might be?

    For Christmas please Joe?

    Or an interview with Dinah? Out.

  18. OAR Says:

    No, Raheem is dooming Raheem’s future!

  19. David Says:

    Would you rather fire Raheem OR keep Raheem and bring in big free agents: Marques Colston, Carl Nicks, Brent Grimes, and LaRon Landry? I’ll take Raheem and the free agents…

  20. OAR Says:

    You really think those FAs are going to want to come play here with Raheem?

  21. David Says:

    What player has come out saying that they don’t love Raheem? Let’s not forget that this was a 10-6 team last year. Most of you, deniably so, were irrate when he wasn’t voted Head Coach of the Year…

  22. Thomas 2.2.. Says:

    David: all of those free agents would suck if rah was coaching them.

    Rah must go before anything improves. Wyche nailed it:

    Liking rah and respecting rah bc you like him and the work environment is totally different than respecting him bc he is the boss and you know that he is demanding, tough and successful.

    I will never forget how the Giants cried liked babies when Fassel was canned and the demanding Coughlin came in – in a short time they were Super Bowl champs defeating the perfect Pats.

    Players by their nature don’t like the best coach, they like the easiest coach.

  23. Patrick Says:

    Raheem has put himself in the position of being their buddy instead of their coach. The players dont fear accountability because there is none. A spoiled child will continue to be a spoiled child until the whip is cracked. Lack of veteran leadership is a concern and factor, but the head coach has to be the leader and set the tone. I really do like raheem and think he is a good man, just not ready for this position yet.

  24. Rob buc fan in Orlando Says:

    I like Raheem as a person and maybe even as a position coach, after all, Dungy had him coaching defensive backs I think. The problem is, he was hired as a knee jerk reaction thinking he would be the next successful Mike Tomlin (they are best friends I hear) and we knew he was to interview with Denver and were afraid Denver would steal him. He went from position coach to Defensive coordinator to head coach in days. Raheem was NOT READY yet, who would be? Then he mishires James Bates, fires him, and takes over the Defensive coordinator too (another position he never had). You have to work your way up through the ranks, not be dubbed head coach instantly. Politely let Raheem go, thank him for trying his best, and move on. We must hire an experienced head coach and experienced assistants and PAY THEM! The head coach they ultimately hire will determine if they keep Dominik or not. Go Bucs!

  25. OAR Says:

    “What player has come out saying that they don’t love Raheem?” Those are players already on the team and besides what players on a team would say they don’t love their coach? Besides, seems like only after headcoaches are fired, do you hear the player’s real affections towards them.
    Since your point is Raheem and new FAs, the better question is “what free agents have come out and said they would love playing for Raheem?”
    BTW I was not one of those last year.

  26. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Bates couldn’t do it, and neither can Raheem, with the players Mark Dominik has provided. IF it is true that it was his choice not to go after free agents, then Tampa is dealing with a true Egomaniac who thought his draft picks would pick up the slack.
    The players ARE playing hard, at first, but then the reality sets in, and that reality is they are not that good.
    They start being manhandled and dominated, until they just quit.
    A Sirloin will never be a Delmonico, no matter how you prepare it.

    It was Mark Dominik who provided the Groceries, and both Raheem and Jim Bates prepared them the best they could.
    This is not as much of a coaching problem, as it is a talent problem.

    Someone commented that the Glazers and Mark Dominik must be dancing with joy, because Raheem is about to become the scapegoat for this comedy of errors.

    Perhaps someday, Tampa will wake up, realize neither Jim Bates OR Raheem could do anything with this group of players, and place the blame squarely where it belongs ?

  27. Anthony Says:

    Yeah everyone on 620 hated Gruden and seems to love Raheem. don’t get it, myself.

  28. OAR Says:

    There is talented players on this team, as evidenced last year.
    Question is can talented players become less talented due to bad coaching?

  29. eric Says:

    I dont think Dungy ever had anything to do with Rah.

    Didnt he start in 2002 as a quality control adviser or something? He definately never was part of Dungy’s actual coaching staff

    He didnt become DB coach till 07.

    Ive heard people give Rah credit for the secondary, but in reality Kiffin had outstanding secondaries before he ever even heard of Rah. The only reason anyone else has even heard of rah is because he was on the staff of one of the best DC in the history of the league.

    The whole thing is rediculous.

  30. McBucs Says:

    OAR…It is not that they become less talented, but the coach is suppose to help them realise their full potential. It does not seem to be happening.

    Eric said…”Heres what players want – a coach that puts them in position to win games- so they reach their bonuses and get playoff money, endorsements, etc.”

    Eric, this part of your statement is right on. And they all want a Ring.

  31. Rob buc fan in Orlando Says:

    It’s plenty simple guys. If the Glazers decide once again that they want to win another championship, they will open up their checkbook and at least spend the max allowed, not get by on a “shoe string” budget. Their are plenty of veteran players with plenty left in the tank to step in and upgrade our team at LB, CB, safety, WR, RT and RB. We have money, the Glazers don’t want to spend it. Last year was a fluke due to an easier schedule and some games going our way with good bounces and good luck. Reality is what you see now with no depth and any position… Starter goes out and their is a free fall to the next guy up. Tired of cliches by Raheem. Whatever we do, we have to get more talented FA signings or continue to get our a$$ kicked each week. Glazers better pay attention to you fan base, we are not happy with the crap you are asking us to eat.

  32. David Says:

    Does Cohwer win with this team? Does Fisher? Does Gruden?

  33. OAR Says:

    Exactly! I didnt word it quite right, but that was my point though.

  34. OAR Says:

    I think so, I think so, and I think so! They all seem to have won with less before.
    And, I’m willing to take that chance! Can’t get any worse, can it?

  35. BigMacAttack Says:

    Raheem did sign on with the Bucs in 2002 as a defensive QC coach, basically Mike Tomlin’s assistant, who was defensive backs coach at the time. Before 2002 Raheem was at Hofstra coaching DB’s. I believe it was actually Herman Edwards that dug him up, and helped him get his start with the Bucs in the NFL.

  36. BigMacAttack Says:

    I don’t know if the Bucs could lure Cowher here, but I do believe he could kick some butt with this team, absolutely. You still need a couple LB’s, a CB & Safety, and could really use a speedy WR & RB. If not, I still believe that Bill Cowher would turn this franchise around and I think a 3-4 defense would suit these players very well as we discussed the other day, but McCoy could be the odd man out, but may have decent trade value.

  37. BigMacAttack Says:

    Bill Cowher is a hard nosed, hard coach, no BS like what goes on now.

  38. BigMacAttack Says:

    I also think Bill Cowher would most definitely take this team, but they have to show him the money. Make him the highest paid coach in the league and give him complete autonomy.

  39. BigMacAttack Says:

    Is there anyone out there that doesn’t have a price??? Anybody? I know I sure do.