Bucs Are Emotionally Weak

December 11th, 2011

Raheem Morris talks about how this week's message didn't get through

Aside from being teachers, NFL coaches perhaps have their greatest impact in the area of molding the psyche and mentality of their team.

Today, even the most casual observer of the Bucs’ debacle in Jacksonville could see that the Bucs completely unraveled and imploded at the end of the first half. From a 12-men-on-the-field call on the defense with Jacksonville in the red zone, to a Preston Parker holding call, to Donald Penn crumbling on the goal line leading to a sack/fumble/TD for the Jags, to a Josh Freeman interception, the Bucs lost it in a matter of minutes and never recovered.

The Jaguars scored 41 unanswered points!!

Speaking on the Buccaneers Radio Network on WDAE-AM 620 after the loss, Raheem Morris his said strong yet failed team message leading up to this game was not to ride the emotional rollercoaster and to focus on playing with “one heartbeat” as “one-snappers” focusing on one play at a time.

“The message is not getting through,” Raheem said. “I’m not going to sit here and complain about a lack of talent. That’s not the issue.”

Raheem scoffed at another question during the interview that hinted at emotional breakdowns in the game. Raheem said nobody on his team needs a hug and the team needs to become “fundamentalists” and fix basic Pop Warner and high school fundamentals that are being missed in games.

As Joe wrote earlier, this truly is rock bottom for the Bucs.

17 Responses to “Bucs Are Emotionally Weak”

  1. D-Rome Says:

    Is Mark Dominick still a rock-star GM?

  2. Joe Says:


    Is Mark Dominick still a rock-star GM?

    Yes. Just look at the top three picks from last year’s draft. They’re balling.

  3. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    I want to hear from the Three Stooges EARLY this coming week on Raheem’s status. Even if it is only to give the KOD “show of confidence” phrase.

  4. eric Says:

    Only a rock star could assemble a team to play like this, after three years on the job. Totally humiliated by the Jags? With a rookie QB and noting to play for?

    I always thought Gm’s were measured in wins/losses, team progess, etc.

    Guess not.

    Couldnt be too many “balling” could there? (except fans watching this debacle)

  5. passthebuc Says:

    An easy fix.
    Trade freeman and blount for a 1 and 2nd round.
    Trade Joseph for a 1st Round.
    sell Trublood to the Canadian FL
    Trade Jackson and Talib for high round picks.
    Keep the 1+2+3 from this years draft
    Keep the 1+2 from last years draft
    keep the kicking game.
    Get rid of Wind-slow and give job to Stocker.
    shed your entire outside line backing corp.
    Get rid of Jones and the other wannabee defensive backs.
    bring in some guys that may be slower but hit. Some guys with real motors.
    and really start over with a lot of draft picks and a plan
    hire the best Head Coach, OC and DC’s out there.

  6. passthebuc Says:

    OK my rant is over and I feel better

  7. Luis Says:

    Joe is an excuse maker for Mark Bombminik. He’s a rock star where 75 percent of his defensive players need to be replaced.

  8. Garv Says:

    Emotionally, physically and mentally weak.
    This kind of weakness can hurt imune systems and make fans SICK……..and tired.

  9. DSZ Says:

    Funny. I thought the coaches job was to make sure the message got through. So, according to Rah, we have a genius coaching staff and an entire team of idiots who are not capable of grasping simple concepts. See ya Rah, I would say its been fun but it hasn’t.

  10. sandbagrudy Says:

    this team really sucks they have no will to win they are totally spineless and have no plan of action no idea of where to be on the field no gap integrity Penn went on to blame Blount for his inability to hit the hole but I saw Penn get shoved on his ass three times today his man was beating him like a drum all day. decisions decisions decisions keep on making the wrong ones and you end up getting gaffed for 41 unanswered points you lose 10 in a row your plan means nothing to me everyone is for sale what ever I can get for you I’m getting but this collection of misfits is not indicative of being called a team. biggers mccoy trueblood quincy black geno hayes sean jones roy miller have no reason to be on any roster let these unproductive losers go. when you look over your shoulder and ask the guy next to you where you should be and he can’t answer you neither one of you should be on the field you see this happen quite often during Buc’s games it’s like they are out there winging it hoping that they don’t get victomized

  11. Sam Says:

    Oh no, we suck again!

  12. Greg Says:

    What in the hell is a “one-snapper” anyway? So THAT’S the bucs problem–they are thinking too much about multiple snappers instead of the one in front of them! Hell, I have the same problem, but at least I can do my job!

  13. Patrick Says:


    Clayborn is the only one making a true impact.

  14. Rickster Says:

    ‘thinking to much about multiple snappers ‘
    Lol, that’s it!!

  15. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    I have been neutral Dom:

    But he is a 17-28 GM as well. The limited fa funds he has been allotted have been wasted – ie Clayton, Ward, Black, Leftwich, Crowell, Nugent etc. His drafts certainly appear less than stellar: Free is looking more questionable, Miller – bust; Mccoy – 50 million $ bust; Price – undetermined; Benn looks like a bust; Clay and Bowers look pretty good but so did Free after year 1. Williams – signs are favorable.

    But isnt Dom responsible at least in part for keeping this horrid HC and setting the franchise WAY back?

  16. Buc Neckid Says:

    I think that there is a better chance now that Raheem and staff will ALL be gone at the end of the year. While I am sure that the Glazers would have wanted, in a perfect world, the opportunity to start this all from scratch when it becomes mandatory (in two years when there is a salary Floor), but there will be absolutely zero fans in the stands. I still think that Rah was always a bandaid for the Gruden debacle. They will be done paying for that mistake this year and then have the ability/Coaching Budget to attract a Top Tier Coach.
    This is an ideal opportunity for any coach to come in and resurrect this team. Think about it – it really is a clean slate, high draft picks, lots of Cap Room and a Young Core group of Talented (yes i said talented) Players that could grow under new leadership.

  17. BuccaneerChris Says:

    This is ridiculous! If talent is not the issue, then coaching is the issue. Either our “talented” players are poorly coached, or our coaching staff can’t identify talent. The excuses are getting lame, I don”t want to hear again about how the lockout set our young team back! There are a lot of other young teams with rookie quarterbacks getting better as the season moves on. (Ex Cincinnati,Carolina,Denver)